Chapter 2 part 3

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  1. The soothing flow of the river calmed Elias down. Letting his adrenaline flow away with the stream of the river. The event of activating the affinity within him really set something off inside of him. He felt more energized, able to fulfil anything, he felt like he was at the top of the world. Running his hand through the cold mountain water took his worries away, giving him a clear head.
  2. ‘Better?’
  3. ‘Much better. This river take away all of my worries and burdens. I’ve been coming here for almost my whole life.’
  4. ‘I see. It’s been a long time since I could enjoy nature. Other colors than black didn’t exist in the Dynox Realm.’
  5. ‘Must have been horrible in there. How did you even survive?’
  6. ‘I’m a soul trapped within a sword. I don’t need food to survive. I’m trapped inside the sword until it breaks. After it breaks I am just like the sword: Broken and destroyed.’
  7. Elias nodded his head using his hand to cup some water inside of it, drinking the cold water. The refreshing water calmed him down even more. ‘I have this weird feeling.’
  8. ‘And that is?’ Rioja replied questioning.
  9. ‘I don’t know. But it feels like fire is flowing inside of my veins. Like where my blood should flow.’ Elias tried to describe it as good as possible. The feeling was the exact same feeling he had in the Dynox Realm, right before he grabbed Rioja.
  10.  ‘That’s the affinity. It has different effects on the holder their bodies. The effect of the same affinity can differ between bodies as well. You should be happy your head is not on fire.’
  11. ‘That is possible!?’ Panic in his voice Elias almost fell on his behind in the water. Rioja laughed a little at his reaction.
  12. ‘You’ll get used to it eventually. If you just keep your cool, everything will be fine.’
  13. ‘I hope you’re right.’ Elias replied with a little undertone. Rioja ignored it, there was no time for useless arguments.
  14. A small rustling came from behind Elias and Rioja, time froze for them, their voices discussing in their mind.
  15. ‘Did you hear that?’ Rioja asked.
  16. ‘I did. What was that?’
  17. ‘Not sure. But be ready to pull the sword.’
  18. ‘Noted.’ Elias replied as time went back to normal for them after their conversation. Quickly moving his hand to the handle of the sword Elias pulled it out. Turning to their “attacker”. The blade was inches away from the throat of the person sneaking up behind them.
  19. ‘Wow can you chill?!’
  20. The voice sounded familiar, the feminine tone. Elias turned around to see Lucia being threatened by the blade. He almost decapitated his best friend.
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