Doujin Ideas

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  1. Both H and Non-H ideas are here
  2. Tags:Everything /pg/ can think of
  3. Demonfus that need doujins badly:Pixie, Ishtar, Lilith, Scathach, Lilim, Leanan Sidhe, Hua Po, Cybele, Parvati, Asherah, Norn, Yaksini
  5. Persona Doujin Ideas made up by Anons, along with add-ons and discussion of said ideas
  7. Misc Goro Ideas
  8. Selfcest probably.
  9. "Igor" giving him his Wild Card through sodomy
  10. Daddy kink
  11. Mom pimping his shota self out for cash
  12. Tons of Shidou forcing Goro to do sexual acts to please him or whore himself out to somebody
  13. Hatefuck with Joker
  14. Daddy kink
  15. Shadow Mob rape
  16. Dicking the crazy out of him
  17. Shidou x Goro Daddykink doujin where Shidou totally thought that it's all just a kink and gets really into it
  19. 1) Asagi Ryu-esque vanilla doujinshi set after the game with Sadayo and Phantom where we're given a brief retrospective of her previous delivery health profession and how it contrasts with her much deeper relationship with the protagonist. She understands that he can probably take care of himself, but resolves to be there for him in the event that he needs her. The Phantom gets uncharacteristically bashful towards the end, wanting to tell her something "important."
  21. 2) Futaba and Phantom being huge nerds and indulging in a number of huge geeky fetishes together over the months like that series of Hijiri Tsukasa Konata doujinshis from a few years back. Come his birthday, Futaba both anticipates and dreads what he'll ask of her considering how he let her XXXX his XXXX with XXXX during hers. He just wants to see how she'd look like wearing his glasses, because seeing them on the face of the girl he loves has been a fantasy of his since he got a pair..
  23. 3) A gag hentai faux-threesome manga featuring Phantom, Caroline, Justine, and eventually Lavenza with every cliche and attempt at sincerity undercut by how Igor, Margaret, and Elizabeth commenting on the carnalities on display. Theodore is revealed to be crying silently in the corner.
  25. 4) My Dearest Bro, Makoto: Makoto struggles with her growing attraction to the Phantom who despite his provactie nature, only sees her as a very, very, very, very good friend and wingman.
  27. 5) Tae tries to turn the Phantom to the Goth side with some very kinky incentives.
  30. >Hifumi x Joker doujin where she teaches him about shogi while fucking
  32. >Sae defeats the thieves and cuckqueans Makoto with Joker, with some forced-bi thrown in
  34. >Chihaya is wearing a vibrator and has to read lots of people's fortunes without exposing herself. Hilarity ensues when the power keeps increasing.
  36. >A series of vignettes where Ichiko coaxes more info about the Phantom Thieves out of Joker.
  38. >Non-H doujin of Joker spending the day with Lavenza, with her doing lots of cute things.
  40. Haru and Goro daddy kink with Haru pegging Goro.
  42. Makoto comes home to find Sae fucking Akira in the ass so they all have a threesome
  44. I fuck your mom in front of you and he makes an ahegao and the peace sign
  46. Shadow Sae fucking MC while Goro watches.
  48. Futaba getting the neet pusci succ from Potter while playing some online game, but before long she's an incoherent mess and doesn't object when he picks her up and plops her on the bed to start railing her
  49. Her sudden AFK leaves her team high and dry, but not really since she left the mic on
  51. MC doing the kinkiest shit with Futaba and after they find some Yakuza porn starring Makoto and it gets them ready to go again.
  53. MC brings Tae, Sadayo, Hifumi and Futaba up to his room for some naked wrestling. Sojiro decides to step out of the shop while they're having fun. Story follows Sojiro walking around the city trying to kill some time and reminiscing about his past
  55. Yusuke slowly teasing Potter to orgasm while observing his cute and desperate faces for later art.
  57. Framing device is Futaba complaining about how when she first met him, she thought that her would-be boyfriend (Phantom) was this cool and mysterious delinquent, but he turned out to be a huge dork which is made especially frustrating by how he acts all suave and stoic when they're with others while becoming geeky and slovenly when they're alone.
  58. The sex is great, but it's getting progressively odd and we see everything past their passionate first time is getting gradually more fetishy.
  59. But as she's writing and posting these complaints, she gradually begins to realize that Phantom only shows this side of himself because he's so comfortable being around her. And even this nerdy facet of his personality isn't so bad since they get to do all sorts of otaku stuff together, getting excited about the same developments, arguing over character and story turns, going to events hand-in-hand. That face of sincere jubilance, those expressions of genuine contentment, that's a side of himself that he's risked showing her. And she realizes she kind of likes it.
  60. Book ends with her getting into his bed and waking him up so the two of them can bang.
  62. Goro gets gangbanged by the PT as an initiation ceremony since they all think he's the traitor.
  64. MC gets gangbanged by Yaldy, Caroline and Justine.
  66. PT + Goro orgy above the coffee shop. Sojiro is left wondering what's with the sounds coming from the attic
  68. Phantom-kun comforting and having sex with Makoto after she has bad thoughts of what the yakuza did to her back then!
  70. Sadayo teaches Phantom how to give massages, but it turns sexual fast when she gets all jealous at the thought of him giving them to other girls.
  72. PT treats Goro a little nicer than in canon resulting in Goro deciding he's had enough of being treated like shit, confesses to the PT and end up helping them against his father
  73. Too bad Shidou knew and captured him, brought him to his dungeon and proceeds to rape him while making the the PT watch
  75. > Makoto
  76. Gangbang, drugs, NTR, phimosis, futanari, bestiality, mind break, rape, prostitution, waterworks
  77. > Haru
  78. Netori, hand holding, vanilla, meri kurisumasu, bukkake, scat
  79. > Futaba
  80. Exhibition, voyeur, web cam, public bathrooms, gangbang
  81. > Anne
  82. NTR, interracial, BLACKED, blackmail, rape, faceless men, mindbreak
  83. > Sae
  84. Healing, /ss/, FFM incest, bestiality, rape, femdom
  85. > Tae
  86. Femdom, impregnation, fellatio, anal, drugs, milking, alcohol, nakadashi, prostate play, analinguis
  87. > Sadayo
  88. Vanilla, , cosplay, meido, netori, ntr, prostitution, black mail, mind break, nakadashi
  89. > Hifumi
  90. Toys, exhibition, anal, food play, nakadashi, extreme nakadashi, ZR, jiiiiiiiii, ABC, 123
  91. > Chihaya
  92. Necrophilia
  93. > Ichiko
  94. Futanari, okama, shemale, ladyboy, pegging, blackmail
  95. > Goro
  96. Crossdressing, incest, rape, guro, scat, high impact sexual violence, beastiality, prostitution, drugs, mind break, gangbangs, male only, necrophilia, blood play, bdsm
  97. > Yusuke
  98. Avant garde shamisen jazz
  99. > Morgana
  100. A cat is fine too
  101. > Ryuji
  102. Solo Male, Male Only, Humiliation, NTR
  104. Shidou/Goro Scenarios
  105. Scenario 1 - Shidou thinks Goro is propositioning him when they first meet and fucks him
  107. Scenario 2 - Random fucking doujin where Shidou realizes Goro is his son because he sucks dick and fucks just like that chick he abandoned
  109. Scenario 3 - Shidou sells Goro to fat faceless politicians
  111. Scenario 4 - Shidou visits Kosei as a guest speaker, and fucks Goro in an empty classroom/ gym/ girls restroom
  113. Scenario 5 - Shidou's rewards Goro's good work by making him suck his dick.
  115. Scenario 6 - Goro has a roleplay fuck session that he's the son and Shidou is the dad and keeps yelling out "OTOUSAN!" as he gets fucked. This shit turns on Shidou.
  117. Scenario 7 - Good old fashioned rape
  119. Scenario 8 - Office fucking
  121. >Good old fashioned office rape where Goro accidentally blurts out "Stop it, dad!" or something like that and Shidou thinks that it's just a kink and got even more turned on when he realizes Goro suspiciously looks like that girl he abandoned years ago
  123. Futaba masturbating to bro/sis doujins online while thinking of Joker
  125. >Futaba installs a hidden cam in Joker's room.
  126. >Joker brings Anne/Makoto/Haru there and starts fucking while Futaba secretly watches (and masturbates).
  127. >Futaba accidentally hits the streaming button and broadcasts it to all Tokyo.
  129. Joker and Futaba playing video games while she bounces on his dick. They cum together when they beat the boss.
  130. Alternatively, Futaba bets that Joker can't finish the level before cumming as she jerks him off.
  132. Its' a doujin about the best girl
  134. >field trip to inaba where the group meets a tween Nanako whose turned into a genki as fuck kid
  135. You never said they had to be sexual anon.
  137. Joker describes to Sae, in detail, how he fucked Makoto.
  139. Haru raped by Fiance, then moves onto Netori with the MC.
  140. Best of both worlds.
  142. MC being drugged and raped by Goro
  144. Futaba kills herself and Goro fucks the body
  146. Makoto and faceless women
  148. futaba is horny while navigating and uses the necronomicon tentacles to help out
  150. futaba eats from a SALADBAR
  152. goro stuffs chairkun full of Viagra and rapes all the semen out of him
  154. Rooftop sex with Haru.
  155. with the tracksuit on.
  157. MC rapes Goro as punishment for his crimes and forces him to dress up as a girl while doing so, also maybe get him to crossdress in front of the PT as humiliation.
  158. Or, Goro doesn't actually die and is instead transported to his VR by fake Igor who gangrapes him along with shadows until he's revealed to MC that he's a fake. Real Igor takes MC to Goro's VR to find mind broken Goro who then gets double penetrated by MC and Igor.
  160. Sae joins in on one of Haru and Makoto's lesbian sex sessions while Ryuji, Goro and Akira watch through Makoto's window
  162. ryuji fucking goro, yusuke and chairkun while anne sits in the corner and cries at getting netorare'd/cucked
  164. Sae and Goro sex with /ss/ and wincest tones.
  165. Ryuji and Anne fucking and Morgana secretly watches
  166. Yusuke paints someone form The Phantom Thieves naked
  168. potter gives futaba the first bath she's gotten in months
  169. potter also gives futaba the dick
  171. The Phantom Thieves go skinny dipping that devolves into an orgy
  173. - Goro survives the Palace but is caught by Shidou who decides to punish him (since he failed to kill the PT, and also Shidou found out about Goro's revenge) by letting his men deal with him. Goro screams "I'M YOUR SON! I'M YOUR SON!" but Shidou just watches
  175. - Post-betrayal, Goro is caught by Joker who brings him in his room and punish him. Rough and light bondage involved, also humiliation (cross-dressing, and Joker forces Goro to say he likes it even if it's a lie)
  177. - The girls of the PT decide to have some fun time with an unwilling Goro, post-betrayal. Dildos and other sex toys are involved
  179. - Sae forces Goro in non-consentual sex because she's her superior and the boy really should know his place
  181. - Goro survives the Palace, but is weak and close to passing out, Fake Goro reappears and rapes him to make him know how much he's worthless
  183. - Pre-betrayal, Goro is at the cafe and Potter decides to make him visit his room. Goro removes Potter's glasses by accident and finds out Potter goes from beta meek boy to alpha dom, and they have dubious conscent sex, with Potter teasing and Goro refusing to admit he likes it
  185. - Pre-betrayal, Goro and Potter are a couple, Potter attends one of Goro's talk shows. During the 15 minutes break, Potter visits Goro behind the scenes and is very forceful in getting sex, even though Goro is embarrassed to do it in that specific place and in between the show. To spice things up, Potter forces Goro to put in a vibrator before the talk show resumes
  187. - Pre-betrayal, some healing Goro/Potter, where they bond over Goro's past. No sex
  189. Alternate re-telling where I kill Goro
  191. >Igor takes the twins out for ice cream and has to put up with their antics
  192. >Goro gets food poisoning from Sae's sushi and goes to Tae's clinic, where one thing leads to another and he inevitably gets sexually abused
  193. >Futaba asks Yusuke to draw her lewds of the PT boys
  194. >Joker calls Sadayo but she takes a wrong turn and ends up at Sojiro's house
  195. >Morgana invites the girls over for a romantic candlelit dinner and they play along to make him happy
  197. Joker has nightmares and his waifu comforts him
  199. Phantom starts to date Goro. Goro loses his viriginity to Phantom as they make love in the missionary position while holding hands. They have their moments of couple's conflict but still manage to stay together despite their differences. Eventually they get married and there are snippets of their married life throughout the years. The two even adopt two kids and raise them with love. It ends with them as two older men seeing their newly-wed daughter dance with her husband, and they hold hands or dance together.
  201. >Joker convinces Tae to become his maid for a day
  202. >She slips something into his drink for "research"
  203. >He grows a mega cock and boosts his libido
  204. >Proceeds to fuck her brains out
  206. Sickeningly-sweet vanilla doujin of Goro and Haru
  208. i just want a doujin where Shidou fucks Goro while Joker gets to watch
  210. >yakuza doujin with male makoto
  211. the prospect of uptight good boy student council president makoto having his virgin boipussy ravaged by the yakuza is always more appealing than if makoto was female for me. Kind of weird. Maybe because i prefer vanillas with girls
  213. Mark from Persona 1 and Mark from Revelations Persona yaoi.
  215. Kanamin and Rise in a threesome with Producer from idolm@ster.
  217. Maya and Ulala drunkenly lezing out on the floor of their messy apartment, while Other Side Tatsuya watches
  219. a sickeningly sweet vanilla deflowering story that warms your heart, of Maki x Peircy.
  220. a sickeningly sweet vanilla deflowering story that warms your heart, of Maya x Tatsuya.
  221. a sickeningly sweet vanilla deflowering story that warms your heart, of Yukari x Junpei.
  222. a sickeningly sweet vanilla deflowering story that warms your heart, of Marie x Narukami.
  223. a sickeningly sweet vanilla deflowering story that warms your heart, of Mitsuru-sama x Nanjo.
  224. a sickeningly sweet vanilla yuri story of Rise x Kanamin, neither of them have ever done anything with a boy though obviously.
  225. a Shirow drawn ghost in the shell cyber space illegal stim using robot fucking between Aegis and Labrys.
  226. a sickeningly sweet vanilla deflowering story that warms your heart, of Futaba x Potter.
  228. Joker x Makoto vanilla
  229. Ryuji x Anne vanilla
  230. I am a simple man
  232. SaexGoro femdom video that Futaba found in Sae's computer.
  234. While investigating Sae's computer files Futaba finds an entire folder of Goro porn
  235. then she finds Makoto's.
  237. Goro should just play a detective in a doujin where he arrests all the PT and does sexual things to thm in exchange for their freedom. Instead of letting them go, he kills them, just to make it edgy.
  239. Sae doms Joker while some guard jacks off to the security footage
  241. Tower shota beats a guy at the arcade, and in revenge the guy knocks him out when he leaves, and then the kid is in some place with several dudes and gets mob raped and becomes a cockslut that pleasures men behind the arcade.
  243. Yusuke dressed up as Nanako and gets adopted by an elderly couple.
  244. then gets molested by his new father/uncle/elder brother
  246. kamoshida raping shiho
  247. kamoshida raping anne
  248. kaneshiro raping makoto
  249. the entire mafia raping makoto
  250. sojiro raping futaba
  251. haru's fiance raping haru
  252. sae's boss raping sae
  253. fakeigor raping caroline, justine and lavenza
  254. hifumi's fans raping hifumi
  255. the dad of the parents extorting money from sadayo raping sadayo
  256. the guy threatening tae raping tae
  257. lala raping ichiko
  259. Everyone on /pg/ has an orgy.
  261. Goro bicycling around the outskirts of Tokyo
  263. Joker x Girl, they hold hands and cuddle in his attic room.
  265. Me taking Yusuke to an all you can eat buffet.
  267. Yusuke sucks off old men for chicken tendies/jagariko
  269. /pg/ tag teams Ryuji
  271. i take yusuke to a buffet
  273. morgana bangbus
  275. Sojiro and Wakaba have loving sex
  277. Makoto sensually makes Futaba reach orgasm.
  279. Anzu x Ryuji vanilla sex motel fucking.
  281. Joker porking Goro, but only so neither of them touch the girls.
  283. Haru sleeping with her head on my chest. She finds the chest hair and rhythmic breathing comfy
  285. Satanael rapes Yaldabaoth infront of his Archangels
  287. Yusuke painting Anne in reclining rococo nude while she tries to hide her growing arousal
  289. /pg/ gets fucked by Goro
  291. A doujin where /pg/ rapes you for still shitposting this
  293. Shinya gets mob raped in the arcade's back alley for beating a guy at video games and gets mindbroken.
  295. I hold Yusuke's hand while he sleeps to stave off the bad dreams
  297. Shidou rapes and kills /pg/
  299. Joker goes to prison and has fun in the showers with a bunch of faceless colored men
  301. Makoto and Haru have a sleepover and Sae comes home drunk and horny
  303. Yusuke teaches a naked art class, hilarity ensues
  305. Futaba takes a bath
  307. Joker holds Futaba's hand
  309. Sojiro x Wakaba conceive Futaba
  311. Yusuke eats a three course meal that Joker paid for
  313. Phantom commits suicide by Makoto
  315. Sumaru City anon x Autistic Fox anon
  316. Autistic fox anon x Please God, let me meet him Goro anon is superior
  317. PGLMMH is better with Anne is! anon
  318. >not Sumaru City anon x Please god let me meet him anon
  320. Goro finally snaps at Futaba, manages to sneak into her room, rapes her, makes her writte a suicide note at gunpoint and finishes her off before going to meet with Phantom for a coffee at her father's shop.
  322. I go on a rowboat date with Yusuke
  324. doujin anon poses nude for Yusuke
  326. I'd rather hear fan art ideas you horny neckbeard
  328. Futaba discovers her love for traps, and gets Tae to make a new drug that will make Makoto and Haru grow massive futa cocks
  330. Ryuji confesses to Anne, and she promises to go on a date with him, but during the date she sneaks to the women's bathroom to have hot creampie sex with the teacher, who then proceeds to call Ryuji during the act to mock him for having ruined his sports career.
  332. I ride the ferris wheel with Yusuke
  334. Yukari gets brutally gangraped by those punks she insulted
  336. Futaba rape Joker with a futa dick
  337. Please no steal my idea
  339. Goro goes grocery shopping
  341. Goro dreams about being Joker and having a group of friends that care about him.
  342. then he wakes up
  343. and gets assraped by Floral Pants Man and his friend
  345. Mitsuru moonlights as a superhero that crushes foes under her ass.
  348. Vanilla doujins where the MCs have tender sex with any girl
  349. fuck your fetishes
  351. >Joker, Ryuji, Yusuke, Anne, Futaba, and Goro have a hot drug induced orgy
  352. >Makoto and Haru drink iced tea and watch on Futaba's laptop next to Haru's mansion pool
  354. Sadayo goes to court for Statutory Rape and recounts every erotic encounter in front of the court
  355. Then the court drags in Tae, Chihaya and Ichiko to make statements as well
  356. >Chihaya
  357. Kinda hard to get a statement from a body bag, anon.
  358. Could use a ouija board
  359. >Judge watches the board spell out lewd acts while the court reporter slowly follows along
  362. Lisa, Yukari, Rise, and Anne have consensual sex with me.
  364. Ryuji shouts and rudely wakes Morgana up
  366. Vanilla lovemaking between Futaba and me.
  368. >Sae struggles more and more in her job while Goro gets more and more popular
  369. >Comes to resent him because he has it easy as fuck compared to her
  370. >Generates the casino Palace
  371. >Shadow Sae asks Cognitive Goro to go to to the interrogation room to discuss a case
  372. >Cognitive Goro obeys, cue Shadow Sae locking the door behind her and jumping on Goro to teach him his place
  373. >Ties him up to the table, Goro begs for mercy but she would have none of it
  374. >Facesitting time until Goro practically faints from the lack of air (Shadow Sae cums all over his face)
  375. >Teases the shit out of him but denies him his orgasms
  376. >Repeats until he cries, still won't let him cum
  377. >Blindfolds and gags him, then uses her own collection of sex toys on him (vibrators, dildos, etc)
  378. >Fucks the shit out of him with the biggest dildo she has, Goro faints
  379. >Meanwhile, the real Goro is having an interview on TV
  380. >Somehow, feels it all and does his best to keep a straight face
  381. >Fails and cums his pants in front of the audience
  383. MC and Yukari have loving, vanilla sex, and they cuddle afterwards.
  385. Sadayo teaches Sex Ed by making Anne and Joker demonstrate for the class while Yuki watches from the hallway window because he didn't get his permission slip signed
  387. Anne and Shiho go on a date and have a nice time
  389. Ryuji and Anne go on a date and have a nice time
  391. Makoto and Haru try anal, hilarity ensues
  393. Anne and me go on a date and have a nice time
  395. Makoto drugs Sae and experiments on her
  397. I eat chocolate parfaits with Yusuke
  399. Maya gives me a rimjob.
  401. Maya has a good time with Jack Frost
  403. Vanilla Ryuji and Anne
  405. Sae femdom
  407. this guy called yaldy gets facefucked by joker and satanael
  409. Me tenderly impregnating Sae while Joker gets killed by Goro
  411.  Fuuka getting triple penetrated with me pumping on her pussy while the other anon takes her anus and mouth
  413. Haru falls asleep with her cute forehead resting gently on my chest.
  415. shadow sae rides her cognitive goro's face
  417. Ryuji wins a bet and Anne and him shower together
  419. Fuuka and Futaba get raped.
  421. Fuuka and Futaba get drugged and raped
  423. John Hardin gets casting couch'd during a Shadow Ops Job Interview.
  425. Hardin gets drugged and raped
  427. Futaba and Anne read copypastas for /pg/
  429. a femanon has sex with me haha
  431. while cleaning her room, joker finds futaba's collection of doujin ideas about the pt and tries to pretend that he didn't see anything
  433. I watch Yusuke's face while he's sleeping
  435. the "anal with makoto" anon has vaginal sex with makoto
  437. I have anal with Makoto while the anal with Makoto anon watches
  439. vanilla Ryuji and Anne doujins
  441. Ulala gets jealous of Maya playing "onee-san" with Tatsuya, so she plays "mommy" with him too.
  443. Ryuji is a cuck in every aspect of his life
  445. joker accidentally sends ryuji a sext meant for anne and he gets a half-chub thinking about them
  447. Makoto takes me out for a bike date and I live the yuri dream.
  449. I become happy.
  450. About as realistic as most doujins
  452. Doujin anon gets dominated by Makoto and Haru and cries like a little bitch
  454. A vanilla doujin between me and a cute femanon from /pg/
  455. Which femanon would you like?
  456. I claim the friend of the one that was doing the copypastas the other week
  457. The cutest and most loyalest
  459. ew, fuck this smelly neet girl
  461. I bring /pg/ back to life
  463. Morgana goes into heat and goes around fucking every cat he see's in Tokyo, much to the chagrin of The Phantom Thieves
  465. I become happy.
  467. high school Maya x shota Tatsuya
  469. Ryuji dies on the cruise and everyone goes home and has a giant orgy to celebrate
  471. Me and you. Alone. In a cozy and warm cottage. Playing vidya together.
  473. Sae facefucks me with her vagina
  475. A major earthquake hits Tokyo and the enitre Cafe Le Blanc collapses with The Phantom Thieves inside.
  476. Needless to say, two people end up in a compromising position beneath the rubble
  478. futaba posts vocaroos for thirsty anons on kaitoch
  480. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts become The Phantom Thieves of Virginities
  482. I don't end up killing myself.
  484. Ryuji and Ann lose their virginities to each other
  486. Ryuji becomes a professional JAV cuck, hilarity ensues when his first shoot is with Joker and Anne
  488. FeMC and MC meet each other in some alternate dimension and have a nice conversation with each other
  490. Joker makes coffee using new foreign ingredients he bought from a local store
  491. Little did he know he bought ground up roofies and he accidentally roofies himself in front of Goro when trying this new coffee and Goro rapes him
  493. Doujin anon gets cucked by Ryuji
  495. yusuke is revealed to have been selling doujins about the pt to make ends meet
  496. he actually mentions in a mementos line that he got an offer to draw for a doujinshi anthology
  497. >A doujin of a doujin author making doujins based on a bunch of doujin ideas
  499. I fuck you up the ass with a dragon dildo.
  501. Makoto rides me
  503. >MC comes down with a cold
  504. >tae tries to treat the cold
  505. >She gives him a drug that makes him sleepy and he falls asleep
  506. >He wakes up and she is giving him a footjob and covered his dick in a cream is is rubbing it.
  507. >He's is confused but she says its part of the treatment and kisses him, transferring a pill via mouth.
  508. >The pill is an aphrodisiac and his dick becomes bigger and he gets really horny and flustered.
  509. >She goes on rubbing it and he cums everywhere, she then gets up and goes to get some more pills
  510. >She gets them and when turning around sees the MC standing behind her he grabs a pill and puts it in his mouth.
  511. >She calls him a horny kid and then he kisses her transferring the pill
  512. >Her legs start shaking and she gets hot and flustered.
  513. >She starts cussing at him and tries to reach for the medicine cabinet but the MC reaches under her skirt and starts rubbing her out and she's shocked this continues until she cums.
  514. >She falls to the ground and says thats enough
  515. >The MC then gets some more pills and puts some more in his mouth and kisses her forcing some down her mouth
  516. >They then start having steamy sex. (won't go into detail that much)
  517. >They do this cumming multiple times.
  518. >The Mc gets up later on and check his phone says his uncle is asking him to come back.
  519. >She takes his phone and texts him saying that his condition needs some more treatment, then hangs up.
  520. >She then kisses him transferring another pill.
  521. The End
  523. Futaba suck herself off
  525. Futaba an hero on livestream while Haru and Joker fuck in the other room
  527. Futaba hacked Jokers phone and found a bunch of nudes and dick pick he sent. She gets turned on and masturbates to them while crying because Joker is dating someone else.
  529. Sae pegs a nameless faceless dude, but its drawn to look like its POV
  531. I want Joker to dominate me
  533. Ryuji gets cucked, but by Yusuke this time
  535. The poster that keeps posting this gets pegged by Sae.
  537. All of the femanons post vocaroos saying "I love you Anon you're so handsome and great" and I listen to them all while falling asleep sitting in the garage with the car engine on
  539. A femanon falling in love with a maleanon(me) that helps him get his shit together, after a few good years ultimately break up because femanon got tired of maleanon(me) and femanon eventually moves on to find a better guy and eventually forgets about maleanon(me). maleanon(me) eventually falls into drinking heavily and doing drugs and ends up overdosing and dying with no one caring and femanon lives happily ever after with her prince charming.
  541. Joker and Goro go to Japanese McDonald's
  543. a doujin about a anon getting his life together and becoming successful and happy because the only way that'll ever happen for me is in fiction
  545. Maya sits on my face.
  547. futaba explores the world of bad dragon products
  549. Anon cums on Haru's forehead
  551. Futaba narrating BL as she writes it
  553. Paizurisona 5
  555. I want to see Kamoshida give Shiho her jump inducing pile of homework.
  557. parody: Persona 5
  558. character: Goro Akechi
  559. Male: males only, prostitution, crossdressing, drugs, big dick, bdsm, rape, dilf
  560. misc: group, incest
  562. Makoto holding up a Shadow and letting out get stress via anal Femdom.
  564. >artist: otokawa kazuki
  566. Prison loli femdom where they jerk you off and call you a pervert for getting an erection.
  568. Futaba and Yusuke go shopping for food together
  570. Kawakami has to do increasingly degrading things so her customers won't stop requesting her, and more students from her school find out about her job and blackmail her. In the end she gets dropped by her customers and her whoring is leaked to the school anyway, ruining her life and forcing her into the lowest tier of full time prostitution, chained in a brothel somewhere being gangbanged day and night until she loses her mind.
  572. You and Makoto dp Sae
  574. Makoto masturbates on her bike ala goldenboy
  576. Ann sucks a dick
  578. Tae checks Kawakami for breast lumps while joker watches
  580. Principal fucks Mashima for being bad at volleyball
  582. Makoto and Haru have a nice tea party together and do nothing sexual at all
  584. Haru and Joker do some gardening together and nothing sexual or bad happens
  586. Haru gets dirty in the garden
  587. In more ways then one
  589. Kawakami's night job if protag wasn't around to save her.
  592. I had so many going through the story but now I can't think of them.
  593. Fuck.
  594. >Tae can't help herself around rank 8 and jerks you off after you resume your clinical trials while you sleep off the effects
  596. Futa futaba
  597. Uncut hairy smelly dick
  599. Joker visits Ann during one of her shoots and fucks her in the bathroom stall during her break, cums inside, and makes her finish her shoot with semen still inside her.
  600. During the fucking people start coming into the public bathroom to piss and comment on how hot Ann is, and how they wish a model like her was their girlfriend and Joker covers her mouth and continues to pound away at her, with her trying her best not to moan and shit
  601. Obligatory end panel with the cum running down her leg.
  603. >It turns out Joker's hometown is Inaba
  604. >Double-date shenanigans with Yu and [insert girls here]
  605. Fanservice on multiple levels. I think it'd sell.
  606. >Joker steals all the girls hearts
  608. >Chie comes back as a cop and tries to arrest the phantom thieves, but Joker turns the tables on her
  610. >Joker cucks Makoto with Sae, making her watch
  612. >Futaba watches too much internet porn and accidentally starts mentally broadcasting it with her persona during a battle
  614. >Futaba's palace is replaced with a kinky sex dungeon instead of the pyramids, and the PT has to get her to climax to steal her heart
  615. alternatively:
  616. >it remains a pyramid
  617. >she mentions her lust for you is like Cleopatra
  618. >but instead of a hundred dicks she just wants Joker's dick a hundred times
  619. >the rest of the Phantom Thieves slowly back out, leaving Joker alone in the Palace
  620. >he returns 1 day before the deadline, wiping sweat from his brow and looking incredibly dehydrated
  621. >Charm: Rank MAX
  623. Kaneshiro converts Makoto into his new piggybot.
  625. Kawakami doing her maid job faithfully
  627. Mishima goes full adachi and systematically rapes and kills each of the female phantom thieves
  629. Joker pets Haru's fluffy hair and she makes a series of cute embarrassed faces
  631. Tae giving you her new medicine that knocks you out every so often. One day the medicine isn't strong enough and you gain enough consciousness for you to see her taking advantage of your body.
  633. Joker telling Sae about his sexual escapades with Makoto. This results in her becoming increasingly uncomfortable and aroused. Eventually he bangs her on the table. Last panel is MC in a 3some after getting out of jail
  635. It's NG+ and Joker is doing Kamoshida's palace again, with his Charm at 5 the cognitive Anne goes all out for the Trickster Dickster and fucks him silly in front of Shadow Kamoshida.
  636. Anne finds them and joins in since, you know, Joker, so Joker is fucking two Annes and Kamoshida is getting double cucked.
  638. Shadow sae growing a dick and going down on makotos tight ass.
  640. 1. The girls find out that joker is cheating on them. They decide to have a competition to "steal his heart"
  642. 2. Same as but since that's kind of basic let spice it up. They decide to steal his heart and enter his palace. Ends up getting DP'd by Joker and Shadow Joker.
  644. 3. Tae and Kawakami fight over their minor of a boyfriend...they decide to have a competition. Threesome ensues...something something femdom...something something Tae gives Joker pills...something Joker dominates both older women. Joke page they meticulously schedule their days with Joker and then wink at him and say "work hard papa"
  646. >Joker goes into full detail abut all the sex things he has been doing with Makoto insisting that this information is VITAL to the interrogation as Sae grows more and more shocked and despondent
  648. Joker takes a girl back to his room for gentle lovemaking in order to express their mutual affection.
  650. >Futaba finally tells Yusuke about hentai doujins
  651. >Yusuke is perplexed but interested, realizes that drawing lewds might help him get a deeper understanding of the human body to break out of his slump
  652. >But he has no idea how sex works
  653. >Futaba offers to help him out
  654. >They fuck
  655. >Futaba lets out the cutest "INARIIII~"
  656. when he cums inside
  658. Many years into the future where Joker is married to one of the romance options and they just live a happy married life together, and one day their kid asks them about some weird eye app that shows up on their phone
  660. Sadayo teaches Joker calculus while he eats her ass
  662. Sojiro gets a prostate exam
  664. Joker and Ryuji spitroast Mishima while Ann was fast asleep during the Hawaii trip sleepover.
  666. Yusuke paints Ann with his cum
  669. >The Grand Heist
  670. >tags: Sherlock!Naoto, Arsene!Joker, explicit
  671. >The greatest treasure in the museum was not the Grand diamond, but rather, the investigator's heart.
  672. C'mon, this isn't some sappy romance novel type pairing. This is a slow burn, high tension hatefuck
  673. Fine, fine.
  674. >Interrogation
  675. >tags: Sherlock!Naoto, Arsene!Joker, Phantom Thieves, femdom, bloodplay
  676. >After being caught robbing a museum, Joker finds out he's bit off more than he can chew with a certain detective...
  678. Okay, so Joker strips Tae naked and says, "I've got an injection for you doctor!" and then they have consensual sex on her examination table.
  680. Haru and Joker open a cafe and nothing lewd or bad happens
  682. Scratch and sniff Futaba doujins
  684. two hundred page hifumi footjob anthology
  686. long running vanilla hifumi series like that akiko-san thing that has like seventeen chapters
  688. Joker salvaging February 15 with an orgy.
  690. you help Futaba get over her fear of crowds and take her to her favorite concert and then you get ice creams later and she hugs you tells you you're the best and then she falls asleep because she had such a big day
  691. then you and makoto adopt her as your daughter
  693. Caroline and Justine trying out some fusions until they fuse one of them with mara and she rapes the other one.
  695. Joker, Ryuji and Mishima threesome while Ann watches in Hawaii
  697. All my doujin end up being gag comics or, more likely, light romantic fluff. So, that.
  699. >Page from a doujin of a guy with a strap-on over his mouth being femdommed by a lady wearing latex bdsm gear
  700. This with Tae
  702. Interrogation:
  703. >..and then I told Yusuke to take his clothes off. Stop rolling your eyes, Ms. Nijima, I swear this is relevant.
  705. >...and then Makoto spent the night at my place
  706. >"She WHAT??"
  708. >Well then I took your sister's ana-
  709. >Why are you telling me to stop, you wanted the WHOLE story. Unless you'd rather I just skip to the relevant part about the whole you being a target thing so we can get this over with.
  710. /
  712. >Lust effect makes everyone have an orgy before Joker ejaculates and suddenly Satanael comes out
  713. >Anne fucking Cognitive Anne
  714. >Ryuji/Joker steals Cognitive Anne and keeps her as a willing sex slave
  715. >Makoto accidentally starts reading yaoi in the library and Joker finds her and fucks her
  716. >Sojiro helps you fuck every single person who's mad at you
  718. >Joker accidentally uses Sinful Shell every time he ejaculates
  719. >has to find a girl who can take Severe Almighty Damage right to the womb before he can get his rocks off
  721. futa-ba
  723. General theme
  724. Defeat in Metaverse, rape. Ends with them mindbroken in the real world wanting it after a change of heart or something or not.
  725. Enemy corrupts female's Persona. The Persona helps the enemy rapes the girl.
  727. Cute girls do cute things
  729. [spoilers]_____________________________goro_______________,[/spoilers] instantly a best-seller
  731. FemaleJoker teaching Kawakami all sorts of youthful tricks.
  733. Giant orgy after Yaldy uses Distorted Lust on the Phantom Thieves. at the end it's revealed to all be a fantasy, and you see the '[name] is overwhelmed by lust' popup
  734. Joker and Ann fuck while Morgana cries in the background
  735. Takemi adds a special ingredient to her medicine
  736. Caroline and Justine 'punish' Joker after he receives a Bad End.
  737. The possibilities are endless, anon.
  739. MC gets in a permanent Viagra boner situation from one of Tae's experimental medicines and fucks his way through all the fem Confidants to try and get rid of it.
  741. Joker or Ryuji bring Princess Anne back with them into the real world and keep her in the closet as a willing sex slave
  743. Anne fucks Joker in the middle of Meido-chan's class as part of his "break".
  745. Yusuke finds one of Ryuji's futa doujins and thinks it's the deepest shit ever
  747. >One of abilites of the final boss is to indulge lust in a character
  748. >They then get lost and indulge in their desires
  750. a fun day out with the phantom thieves and friends and akechi
  752. A proper interrogation by sae.
  754. Joker makes out with waifu, leaves marks (and gets marks left on him) that the others see, embarrassment ensues, followed by 10 pages of author notes you can't read and won't be translated with an illustration on the back cover that doesn't relate to the story.
  756. Protag-kun picks up a Part Time Job flyer with an advertisement for male escort. Some of his clients are familiar...
  758. PTs fail to beat Kaneshiro and Makoto gets gang-raped, probably only after Makoto and MC got together for the extra NTR.
  759. Be honest. You know it's going to happen sooner or later.
  761. Anne stumbles upon Princess Anne in Ryuji's closet.
  764. The PT sit around and discuss doujin ideas.
  765. Everything stops before things get truly naughty.
  767. Ryuji fucks 25 women on a motorcycle in space, while the rest of the PT can only stare in awe
  769. > Futaba teaches Yusuke about doujins
  770. > Joker takes up a part-time job as a host
  771. > Igor takes Caroline and Justine out for ice cream
  772. > Goro and Joker hold hands
  773. > Two characters cuddle and fall asleep in each other' arms
  775. >Igor taking the twins for ice cream
  776. Make that Igor taking Lavenza for ice cream after all the crap they both went through and I'm sold
  778. >Anne keeps getting dunked on by Ryuji and Yusuke so she has to find comfort
  779. >Morgana goes to the bathroom while Joker is sleeping and when he gets back Aigis is watching him sleep
  781. >lavenza reads Joker a story from her giant book even though he knows it's not a book of stories she just makes one up anyway
  782. >Joker bullies Lavenza by taking away her big book and holding it over her head while she tries to jump and take it back
  783. >Joker gives her a big book full of lewd doujins and has her sit on his lap and makes her read all the lines and sfx out loud while he gently teases her
  784. >She stutters and stammers trying to read embarrassing things while she blushes bright red
  786. Futaba forces Yuusuke to draw her doujin ideas
  788. Is there one where Tae's drugs have the side effect of being a potent aphrodisiac yet?
  790. >ryuji and joker say that they're gonna hold a birthday party for mishima
  791. >joker invites him over to the attic after Sojiro heads out for the night
  792. >joker puts him in a blindfold
  793. >when he takes it off he sees Anne in front of him wearing some slutty outfit with ryuji and joker giving thumbs up and saying happy birthday in the background
  794. >Anne gives him a lap dance and leans in to kiss him
  795. >he closes his eyes and puckers his lips
  796. >Anne slaps him in the face and all three of them start laughing at him
  797. >ryuji and joker spitroast anne right in front of him while all three call him a loser zero
  798. >Mishima cries in a corner while he beats off in shame
  800. Morgana finally gets a human form and tries to give Ann the barbs. He fails and instead gets molested by...some other girl, I can't decide.
  802. Joker and Kawakami get married and have sex in the missionary position solely for the purpose of procreation.
  803. They also hold hands
  805. Makoto chains Joker up in a classroom and uses him as her personal sex slave, riding him until he spills every drop of semen
  807. >KamoshimaXMishima or KanoshimaXShiho Ryona
  809. Shiho rape story
  811. Tae "Investigate my Prostate" Takemi
  812. Tae "Hello Nurse" Takemi
  813. Tae "Cocktor" Takemi
  814. "Bae" Takemi
  815. Tae "Prostate Plague" Takemi
  816. Tae "Sperm Harvester" Takemi
  817. Tae "If I can't finger your butt you don't make the cut" Takemi
  818. Tae "Prostate Pulverizer" Takemi
  819. Tae "Penis Pediatrician" Takemi
  820. "A call a day keeps Takemi as Bae"
  821. Tae "Malpractice Maiden" Takemi
  822. Tae "Prostate Punisher" Takemi
  823. Tae "Penis Enlargement Pill" Takemi
  824. Tae "Begging for a Pegging" Takemi
  826. The PTs get high on weed
  828. >MC stays chill as fuck
  829. >Morgana passes out because the slightest dosage incapacitates an animal of his size
  830. >Ryuji gets deep and starts wondering what happens after you die and shit
  831. >Ann spends the entire time stuffing her face with chocolates
  832. >Yusuke tries to draw what he's feeling, but it's just a bunch of poorly drawn smiley faces
  833. >Makoto starts getting really paranoid and spends the whole time freaking out about getting caught by the cops
  834. >Futaba plays FPS games on her computer the whole time while munching on chips
  835. >Haru giggles nonstop
  836. >Goro is not affected at all because he's a corpse
  838. Inazuma draws the PT girls being self aware sluts
  840. Sojiro bangs a lady behind the counter at the cafe
  841. Joker comes home early and hears the pounding, startles Sojiro who runs out the room with his boner shifting about as he runs
  842. Joker leaves and goes somewhere else to give them some privacy, but sadly, he has already killed the mood
  844. [screencap of the hawaii scene where anne is rooming with joker ryuji and mishima with a title talking about the surprising lack of doujins about it]
  845. >Implying Mishima wasnt actually in the bathroom because Anne got drunk and pegged him till his ass bled
  846. That's because the superior scene would be Joker taking Anne into the bathroom and fucking her raw while Mishima and Ryuji pretend to sleep and cry silently to themselves.
  847. >Implying Ryuji wouldn't watch
  848. >When it's the sexiest thing he'll ever see
  849. He's not a cuckold just view it as incredibly high quality pornography
  851. arsene rapes makoto so joker rapes johanna
  853. Joker performing cunnilingus on Astarte while Haru writhes in pleasure
  855. Seiten Taisei using his extendo staff as a dildo for Ryuji
  857. Joker and Kawakami fooling around during school.
  859. Belphegor x Morgana
  861. Goemon fucks Ann with his pipe while Yusuke draws it
  863. Hold up on Scathach/Cybele/Lilim etc results in gangbang
  865. The main teams personas just hanging out. Not even sex stuff
  867. can I just get a normal one with kawakami
  869. Rise, Fuuka, and Futaba find themselves in a vagina and have to navigate their way out
  871. That one game mechanic when your party members get taken hostage in battle. Exploit it.
  873. >After Futaba gets to college Joker gives her a graduation gift that is just a tiny flashdrive
  874. >Turns out that it's heavily encrypted
  875. >Tells her she'll get her gift once she cracks it, but call him over the moment she does so he can be there for it.
  876. >She's visibly annoyed but agrees
  877. >Since she's busy with college it takes longer than usual to crack it, about 2 months.
  878. >Finally does and calls him over
  879. >It's a little slideshow of them and everyone else together ending with a proposal
  880. >cue adorable shit
  882. AU where Goro and Haru are dating
  884. >Futaba and Joker head upstairs to "y'know, do whatever people do when they date" while Sojiro is working the Cafe
  885. >He can hear bedsprings and floor creaking and is horrified
  886. >Turns out Futaba and Joker are just fidgeting on the bed while playing a vidya console and talking about how awesome it is to finally have wireless controllers.
  887. CUTE
  888. U
  889. T
  890. E
  892. >Scathach sits on Joker's face and dotes on him in her Scottish accent
  893. >Promises him a reward if he makes her cum
  894. >The reward is her riding him while entwining fingers and making out
  895. >Ends with them cuddling together and falling asleep
  897. I fuck your boipussy.
  898. Why do you post this every thread?
  900. Drive by Kamoshida writes doujins for petrol money
  902. The most vanilla doujin imaginable between Ann and Joker
  904. Are you still keeping a list?
  906. Futaba uses her persona to tentacle molest Motoko.
  908. >makoto gets KO'd by a shadow bunny in Sae's casino
  909. >they put one of their masks on her and she turns into an identical shadow bunny
  910. jesus christ that sound arousing but simultaneously horrifying
  912. Threesome between Rise, Naoto, and Kanji
  914. Ryuji becomes a tranny to get easy lesbian pussy. It backfires horribly.
  916. my dream P5 doujin has nothing to do with porn
  918. Joker explaining how he took Makoto's virginity to a increasingly frustrated and annoyed Sae
  919. >You seem adamant to not sell out any of your conspirators. Why is this? They must more than just accomplices to you
  921. A 200 page Anne x Joker that cuts between comfy vanilla sex and other comfy activities
  923. Futaba watching while Joker plows every male confidant.
  925. >reading parody doujins
  926. Ah, I see a child is in our midst
  928. >He doesn't jack his dick to doujins of whatever game he's currently playing.
  929. That's 20% of the fun right there. Fucking reee.
  931. Morgana raping the girls with car seat dicks in mementos
  933. >extended Valentine's Day sequence where all the girls take turns dominating and torturing Joker
  935. >Joker starting a relationship with Makoto, then cucking her with Sae, moving into their house and treating Makoto as a bratty daughter while fucking Sae every night
  937. >Akechi breaks into Joker's Palace and finds a cognitive harem of girls desperate to fuck
  939. >Joker bullying all his girls, manipulating their insecurities, making them feel worthless
  941. >What do you want from your dream P5 doujin?
  942. Romantic interactions between Joker and Futaba that leads to implied love making
  944. >Joker graduates high school, Kawakami moves to his town
  945. >they get married
  946. >lots of vanilla babymaking
  947. >pregnant stuff too
  949. Joker's father visits him on a Sunday. He's Reiji. He tries his hardest to pretend Morgana is not talking.
  951. Haru invites Makoto over for a sleepover and things get a little sexual
  953. Makoto shows Joker some dirty magazines she confiscated from students at school but keeps insisting they're study guides
  955. Takemi starts testing viagra-equivelants on Joker.
  957. Joker has consensual, emotional hand-holding sex with Shiho as she cries and ends with her cuddling with him in his room.
  959. Sae sexually interrogating Joker to get him to give up his accomplices.
  961. Kamoshida and Shiho getting it on.
  962. [YouTube] Dragon Ball Z Fights - Videl Vs Spopovich (Original Japanese) - Fight Edit (embed)
  964. Sae having the sex talk with Makoto.
  965. More like Makoto having the sex talk with Sae.
  967. Goro and Haru dating then having a sweet love-making
  969. Honestly as bizarre as this will sound i've grown too attached to this game's characters to fap to them. It's like fapping to a girl who is your friend IRL, it just feels bizarre, even if you would totally fuck them given the chance. The only ones i can fap to are the prison lolis and they already have an excelent doujin.
  971. >Sae rides Joker in the interrogation room
  972. >Goro knocks on the door and asks if she's done in there
  973. >Walks in
  974. >Joker continues fucking Sae while staring right into Goro's eyes
  976. Yaldy gets brutally facefucked by Satanael
  978. futaba doujin by radiohead
  980. Futaba goes into /pg/ threads and asks people for doujin ideas with the same image of herself. Then she jerks off to the aforementioned doujin ideas.
  982. Futaba wants to fight as well. Flies around a Palace, grabbing enemies with a tractor beam in the middle of a fight and starts slamming them around.
  984. Futaba awakens to her persona, it turns out to be some creepy alien that fondles her with its tentalces.
  985. Oh wai-
  987. Joker and Futaba in different stages of their lives post-game as a couple. Like right before Joker leaves, Joker moving back to Tokyo to go to Tokyo U, and then as full-fledged adults...
  988. And all the wild fetish sex they have every time they meet.
  990. Joker and Kawakami share an intimate moment together when she comes to his place to do some chores and Joker tells her that he thinks she looks better without the Maid stuff, taking off the lace hat, and undoing her pig tails and it ends with their first kiss.
  992. Sae runs in on Joker and Makoto fuckin and joins in
  994. Shiho and Joker both finally get to trusting each other to hold hands for Shiho's sake and while Joker falls asleep while reading a book, Shiho watches him and plants a soft kiss on his cheek and lays her head next to him.
  996. Sae, frustrated at Joker's refusal to sell out his teammates, resorts to more sexual interrogation methods.
  998. Sae visits Joker while he's in juvy and has him fuck her.
  1000. The twins use their personas to rape Potter. They don't actually touch the him themselves, but let their personas do all the work.
  1002. Shiho and Joker have loving and consensual sex where Shiho cries into Joker's arms as he climaxes and impregnates her
  1003. Fast forward to a few months later where Joker is placing his head on Shiho's belly and feels his cute daughter kicking from inside
  1005. Joker wakes up in the middle of the night, scared and covered in sweat, and Futaba wakes up and comforts him, talking about what she did sometimes when she had those hallucinations.
  1007. >Mishima tries to shoot up the school
  1008. >Guns are illegal in Japan
  1009. >Mishima is such a fuckup he tries to shoot up his school with a model gun.
  1011. Joker returns to Tokyo years later.
  1012. Now all the girls are delicious cakes.
  1014. Yuka Yukino Yuri
  1016. Kawakami gives Joker a happy ending to her massage
  1018. I got this idea earlier for an h-manga called 'The Scrape Artist'.
  1019. It would be about this guy born with a dick perfectly suited to removing semen from vaginas -- he starts a business for guys who got NTR'd to ring him up and 'clean' their stolen partners, and it becomes a sort of anthology series about relationships, with the general shape of each story being this weird triangle of cocks centered on one woman.
  1020. Has nothing to do with Persona tho
  1022. Is that you kamoshida
  1024. Haru goes to a gay bar and runs into Makoto
  1026. >Sae sexually interrogating Joker and successfully getting him to rat out his friends
  1027. >only allows him to cum if he gives up a name of one of the Phantom Thieves
  1028. >he gives a bunch of obvious fake names that Sae doesn't recognize in the heat of the moment
  1029. >leaves with a list of suspects like Amanda Kissenhug and I.C. Wiener
  1031. Joker becomes legal, marries Kawakami and starts a loving relationship which ends up with a happy family.
  1033. The Bunny Waitress shadows ambushing joker
  1035. Joker fucks a Nekomata in front of a crying Morgana
  1037. Ryuji and Ann, both very reluctantly, decide to have sex in order to work off stress. It's awkward as fuck and is basically 20 pages of cringe comedy.
  1039. Joker and Ann fucking like animals while Ryuji watches in the corner and cries
  1040. while *Morgana watches in the corner and cries
  1041. Morgana can watch too but that cuck Ryuji is an integral part of this doujin.
  1043. Ryuji and Joker regularly have threesomes with Iwai at the back room so they can get free guns
  1045. Groo infiltrating Okumura's mind, trailing the Phantom Theives, only to get desperation fucked by a Lilith or Scathatch during the countdown.
  1047. Succubus mind controlling the girl party members into having an orgy with Joker.
  1049. Joker, Ryuji, and Yusuke secretly go into the metaverse at night to hold feminine-looking shadows at gunpoint and gangbang them
  1051. >Joker gives Futaba a graduation gift after she starts college
  1052. >It's just a tiny flashdrive, but heavily encrypted
  1053. >Joker tells her she'll get her gift once she cracks it, but to make sure she calls him over immediately once she finishes so he can be there when she gets her gift
  1054. >She's clearly annoyed but agrees
  1055. >Takes longer than usual, since she's working on it bit by bit while balancing college work
  1056. >2 months later she finishes and calls Joker over.
  1057. >It's just a little video
  1058. >Has everyone from the PT and a handfull of the confidants wishing well for Futaba
  1059. >Then Sojiro trying to keep his cool but clearly being weepy eyed while giving Joker his blessing for something
  1060. >Ends with a video proposal from Joker
  1061. >Cue adorable shit
  1063. Joker impregnates all of his waifus and at the very end sae is angrily questioning him about it until it pans out and shows she has a babby bump too
  1065. Akira fucks Morgana in cat form one night on his bed after they both confess they're horny and not getting anything. At first Morgana says "Let's not do this today" but once Akira starts fucking his tiny kitty ass Morgana's all like "Mii-YEAH!" and "It's almost SCARY how good this feels!"
  1066. It ends with a joke page where Sojiro walks upstairs wondering why the cat was making so much noise and Akira just looks at Sojiro straight in the face, his dick still inside the cat.
  1068. >FemJoker and Futaba mutually masturbating together in the attic of LeBlanc on a hot summer day
  1070. Sae NTRing Makoto
  1072. Futaba's uncle sneaking into her smelly neet room and raping her.
  1074. During a break in between classes Kawakami (who is in a relationship with Joker) agrees to suck him off as long as he cums quickly so they don't get caught. Kawakami gets way too into it and loses track of time, then Joker cums right as they need to get to class. Kawakami forgets to clean herself off and teaches the whole class with Joker's nut on her face
  1076. >Ann gets Lust cast on her and suddenly wants to suck you off in the middle of battle
  1078. Kaneshiro x Haru
  1080. Labrys learning to love.
  1082. Sae makes Makoto perform oral sex on her
  1084. Hardcore plant-caring action between Joker and his plant.
  1086. Ann and Sae comfort each other while lamenting the fact that they can't get boyfriends.
  1088. Mishima gets lucky and charms Hifumi after meeting her by chance, but later on he gets NTR'd by the gang members he "blackmailed".
  1090. Pure romance vanilla between Glasses-kun and Futaba
  1092. Futaba gets off to all of the doujin ideas in this general
  1094. Futaba realizes she forgot to remove a camera from Joker's room. She comes across video of Joker exercising and changing, gets flustered, tries to delete it, but saves it instead.
  1096. A series of doujins where Joker appeals to and has Futaba act out otaku fetishes like in pic related. {pic of maid Futaba getting fondled by Joker}
  1098. >Christmas Day Harem Route
  1099. >NTR with another girl
  1100. >Futaba discovers and broken-hearted returns to her former depressed self
  1101. >Commits suicide the same way her mother did
  1102. >Last panel is Potter-kun with the lights of Yongen-Jaya and emergency vehicles refracting off his glasses over Futaba's body and Sojiro breaking down
  1103. >Sojiro approaches you, shaken
  1104. >"I thought you stole her heart, right?"
  1106. Nah, I think Futaba would just go along with it, her social ineptitude combined with how dependent she is on Joker means she'd just accept his cheating. If anything she'd get more clingy and less self-reliant.
  1107. >just fucking openly cheating on futaba and telling her "it's fine right? i still love you the most but don't you want me to be happy?"
  1108. Shit she's so perverted, she might only try to get a threesome going.
  1110. Morgana somnophilia on a sleeping Anne
  1112. Futaba gets raped, then murdered.
  1114. Sae and Makoto mindbroken by Goldcastle
  1116. Makoto eating Sae's life away Literally
  1117. Sae struggles to escape Makoto's stomach. 'Now I truly ate your life away Sae'.
  1119. sex with sensei+'s butt at school!
  1121. Joker impregnates Futaba and skips town leaving her as a single mother forced to turn tricks.
  1122. You mean forced to hack into international banks to transfer their wealth into her own accounts.
  1124. Morgana rapes Kamoshida's cognition of Ann, thinking it's the real deal until she finds them
  1126. Sadayo and Joker (no glasses) having consensual sex in missionary position, with leg-lock and calling each other by their first names while holding hands and staring into each other's eyes.
  1128. Yusuke is so broke, he starts working in the same maid service as Kawakami. Hilarity ensues.
  1130. Sae using her position to blackmail Joker into being her sex slave.
  1131. Later Makoto finds the video evidence on Sae's computer and uses it to blackmail both Joker AND Sae and they have a threesome.
  1133. The callous detective, frustrated by Joker's refusal to sign a confession, resorts to more sexual methods.
  1135. NTR doujin much like the one with Kamoshida and Anne. Shido's final form beats Joker down, then Cleaner cognition appears to force Joker to watch in a Kite-esque fashion as Shido systematically has his way with the female party members and maybe also their ultimate Personas, mentioning that they're HIS harem now. All four of them forget or disregard what Shido had done, openly praising his godlike D and taunting Joker as he watches.
  1136. Also, the girls at the end tell Joker that he should have minded his own business at the start because that woman would have felt so good, and that they'd never have to suffer meeting Joker and having his puny dick inside of them.
  1137. I'm so fucked up.
  1139. Ann walks in on Sadayo and Joker having sex at school.
  1140. In order to keep her from talking they force her to join in.
  1142. Joker goes solo in a palace and ends getting coerced into an orgy by a group of pixies and female volleyball students
  1144. One day Joker becomes so narcissistic and cocky that Arsene fucks the living shit out of him
  1146. I know it's boring but I just want to watch MC bone Sadayo. Just the two of them, up in MC's bedroom.
  1147. Too bad I don't know jack shit about paneling/perspective/drawing sex scenes, otherwise I'd make it myself.
  1149. Yusuke plays third wheel and can't read the mood.
  1151. Futaba X Necronomicon
  1153. Sae x Yazuka. We'll see how her sense of justice holds up to drugs, dick, and mind break.
  1155. "post your doujin Ideas" anon kills himself and /pg/ masturbates in celebration
  1157. Vs Hifumi in strip shogi, the concept of which makes her so nervous she makes a lot of rookie mistakes and ends up naked.
  1158. Turns out that was her plan all along.
  1160. Hifumi loses to Joker in Shogi, and has to get buttfucked by him in the church confessional
  1162. Chihaya builds a meth lab
  1164. Ryuji recreates that video of the Russian guy singing the Pirates of the Caribbean theme naked swinging his cock around to send to Anne but accidentally sends it to the PT group chat
  1166. Akechi decides to explore some "alternative" methods of earning Shido's acknowledgement.
  1168. PERSONA 3:
  1171. PERSONA 4:
  1172. Marie's Long Adventure For Tasty Dick (Marie/various NTR)
  1173. INABA CONFESSIONS (Yu/Dojima/Adachi)
  1174. I'm going to marry Big Brother! (Yu/Nanako)
  1175. Alice Deserves Dick (Crossdressing Teddie/various)
  1176. I'll Face My True Self if You Face My Ass! (All Girls/Various)
  1177. DAN - DICK ALL NIGHT (All Girls/Various Rape Drugs)
  1179. PERSONA 5:
  1180. ETERNAL PALACE (Joker/Akechi)
  1181. Your Mementos (Joker/Shadow Mishima)
  1182. RIVERS IN THE ASS (Shido/Akechi/Joker)
  1183. The Student Council President Loves Fucking! (Makoto/various NTR)
  1184. HASSOU TOBI (Joker/Yu/Yoshitsune)
  1185. It's a Maids Duty to be a Toilet (Sadayo/Various scat)
  1186. BIG BANG DICK (Haru/various rape)
  1187. THE BUTTERFLY DAYS (Lavenza/Joker/Yu/Door)
  1188. Yohanna! Cum to me! (Makoto/Yohanna)
  1189. As Expected of the Student Council (Makoto/Principal)
  1190. Nine Lives Nine Dicks (Morgana/Various Yaoi)
  1192. Futaba mindbreak
  1194. S.Link 10, Romanced Futaba gets both extremely emotional and extremely aroused over Joker getting in front of her and shielding her from her Uncle's punch during Soujiro Rank 8.
  1195. Loving yet kinky sex ensues.
  1197. Joker is staying over at Makoto's but accidentally crawls into bed with Sae in the middle of the night and fondled her in his sleep thinking she's Makoto, and Sae chooses not to stop him.
  1199. Futaba pays Yusuke in Yakisoba rations to draw a doujin of her and Joker doing all sort of kinky stuff.
  1200. Joker stumbles upon the doujin and gets her to reenact everything in it with him.
  1202. Makoto tries dirty talk
  1203. >You're doing great!
  1204. >you're technique and fundamentals are really good!
  1205. >Yes! Keep going! You can do it!
  1206. >That's really good! You've reached your goal and I'm gonna orgasm!
  1207. >Wow! That's good. You must have been practicing!
  1208. >That's IT! You're doing beautifully.
  1209. >You did very well. I had a really hard orgasm! I knew you could do it!
  1210. >I'm very proud of you!
  1212. Ann fucks cats
  1214. Cuddling with Futaba after playing retro games all night
  1216. Morgana gets fucked by some ally cats
  1218. Joker cucking Ann for Makoto or vice versa.
  1220. I want Kamoshidaanon to take everyone in /pg/ by the ass
  1222. Futaba helps Yusuke write a porn doujin, but he feels like he needs "experience" to work with that subject matter
  1224. Joker gets Kawakami to make coffee while he and Futaba play video games. Except she hears them, comes up, ends up playing, and gets into a real rivalry with Futaba until the two of them end up fighting it out all night and totally dead tired come morning.
  1226. I ask Scathach to marry me. She says yes. Then we hold hands
  1228. Post-graduation reunion, hand-holding and marriage with Kawakami followed by sexual intercourse in the missionary position for the purpose of procreation.
  1230. I ask Alice to marry me. She says yes. Then we hold hands
  1232. Having returned to Sumaru City, Joker realizes that despite being powerless, he can no longer turn a blind eye to injustice. So he becomes a nighttime vigilante.
  1233. So Joker becomes the Goddamn Batman.
  1235. Joker teaches Futaba how to wear her fucking coat properly.
  1237. Haru plans for Makoto to be her next murder victim but she gets horny and fucks her instead
  1239. Ann, Futaba, and Makoto getting raped by personas and giving birth to all kinds of weird shit.
  1241. >Futaba gets he boob growth spurt and no longer fits her clothes
  1242. >Makoto start to lose her mind studying for finals too hard and needs the dick to calm down
  1243. >Kawakami schliks over Joker's underwear before they are in a relationship
  1245. Sae catches Makoto and MC having sex and has to show her sister how it's really done.
  1247. I just want a Haru farting doujin. I don't care how they get to that point, I just want Haru farting.
  1249. >ann and ryuji make a bet
  1250. >if morgana is a boy, ann has to take that cat dick
  1251. >if morgana is a girl, ryuji gets that pussy
  1253. Becky gets gangbanged by Joker, Ryuji, and Mishima
  1254. None of them realize who she is until the end
  1256. I live a long happy life with my wife, Doujin Ideas femanon
  1258. The ferris wheel gets stuck when Tae and Joker are at the top. It's a cool summer night, but it'll probably be a few hours, and no one can see them.
  1259. Tae takes her time gazing into Joker's eyes with her hand on top of his before straddling him and dragging her nails along his neck and up to his chin, to direct his gaze up to her eyes, telling him that she's not going to lose this staring contest this time as her hips start to grind against his.
  1260. And so on.
  1262. Joker falls into a trap:
  1263. Futaba left her panties out in the open for him to steal. He does, sniffs them for fapping...and Futaba has all of it in video.
  1264. Now Joker is completely wrapped around her little finger, but he's sure as hell not complaining.
  1266. Joker gets dumped into a special room in the Metaverse and gets temporary genderswapped. The team reacts in shock and also confusion as most of them come to the conclusion, "I'd still tap that."
  1267. And then Futaba does.
  1269. Haru gets Noired
  1271. The Thieves go on a road trip across AMERICA.
  1273. Yusuke pleases old men for money.
  1275. Chihaya shoots up a mosque then fucks her brother
  1277. (Picture of Saeyonetta from the design works)
  1278. Beta Sae and Anne in her PT outfit team up and beat the shit out of angels
  1280. Makoto and Joker race across Mementos, Initial D style. Makoto riding Johanna, and Joker driving Morgana.
  1282. Heat riser as a sexual stimulant
  1284. "Post your doujin ideas" anon gets pulled into the doujins she asked others to design. Hilarity ensues.
  1286. Arsene fucks (you) in the ass
  1288. The only thing I can think of involves making Joker lewd.
  1290. As a new promise she wants to fulfill, Futaba designs and wears cosplay to a con/Comiket/whatever to feel better about being in public. Of course, her "key item" has to go with her.
  1291. Of course, she attracts plenty of the wrong attention...
  1292. Joker catches some upskirt creep-shooters in the act of trying to snap shots of Futaba. Cue him going nuclear and over-the-top fistfights ensue. It's a comedy-fighting comic.
  1293. Or course it ends up with Joker back in juvie for assault, but whatever.
  1295. >Joker tries to almost rip a guy's face off but can't because he's not in the Metaverse
  1296. >One of the guys says he'll regret this because he knows one of the Phantom Thieves. Joker punches him.
  1297. >Joker angrily texting Ryuji to haul his ass over there and help him beat up some dudes
  1299. >Joker jumps on the guys back
  1301. >claws his fingers into the guy's skull and begins literally pulling his face off
  1302. >people are screaming as blood is flying everywhere
  1303. >Joker finally realizes his mistake
  1304. >Morgana: Joker, I think we should go to sleep for today
  1305. >Yeah you know what I think I'm gonna agree with you this time let's get the fuck out of here.
  1306. >They casually, but quickly walk away as the man tries to put the shreds of his face back on
  1308. >PT gets ambushed by a bunch of demonettes
  1309. >Everyone gets hit by their weakness
  1310. >Joker gets singled out
  1311. >Demons argue on who gets to go first
  1312. >Cybele ends it by just hopping onto Joker's dick before the others can react
  1313. >Other demons tease the rest of the party as they wait their turn (Joker was going harem route and brought only the girl party members)
  1314. >One of them calls for the other demons in the palace to join in
  1315. >Joker gets reverse trained
  1317. post your feet
  1319. All of drive-by Kamoshida's stuff.
  1321. Haru gets abducted by aliens in her father's Palace, but instead of getting tentacle raped, she instead rapes the tentacled aliens.
  1323. >Chihaya slips into her country accent for the first time
  1324. >Joker immediately picks her up, props her onto the table, and fucks the shit out of her
  1326. Adachi and Goro team up to save the world from humanity, but don't particularly feel like doing it.
  1328. Me and doujin ideas femanon engage in a heated fistfight atop Metal Gear REX over who is best girl, all with a time limit.
  1330. Futa Futaba flashing herself around town
  1332. Adachi raping groo while telling him how much of a despicable human being he is
  1334. Shinya joins ISIS
  1336. The gang stop at a hotel on the way to driving Joker home. Ryuji suggests kings game and things slowly spiral out of control into an all out orgy
  1337. Morgana wasnt there for any of it and comes back right at the end
  1339. Celebration threesome after Madarame's Palace. Morgana wasn't invited and Yusuke just watches, using the orgy as inspiration.
  1341. Futaba is kidnapped.
  1342. Turns out that during his time with the government, Sojiro developed a very particular set of skills.
  1343. Cue Sojiro going Liam Neeson on their punk asses. With possible assistance by Joker as Jason Statham.
  1345. >Morgana discovers catnip and gets involved with a frisky group of alley cats and meets a girl cat that reminds him of Ann and then gets cucked by another male cat that looks like Ryuji
  1347. Joker falls in love with a girl.
  1348. Unable to confess, he is gifted with by a deus ex machina with the girl’s phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.
  1349. But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day’s confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn’t exist in this universe at all. She is the girl’s alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC’s own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.
  1350. Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.
  1353. Something like this but with Haru
  1355. Chuuni dirty talk with 123
  1357. >"...You're on the pill right?"
  1359. >"...Eh screw it the sex is pretty good."
  1360. >She whispers into your ear about needing you to give her a powerful heir/ess
  1361. >This is after you've stormed her castle and made her capitulate, so that her kingdom will join yours
  1363. post more vocaroos
  1365. Goro survives but he wakes up in Tokyo after the best ending of the game. With nowhere to go and his reputation ruined, he goes to Le Blanc and gets taken in as Joker's personal sex slave.
  1367. >Short pagecount, technically sfw perspective leg worship doujinshi in which Joker rubs and kisses Futaba's thighs and calves while saying how wonderful her legs are. Futaba has an orgasm just from the caressing, petting and positive reinforcement.
  1369. only if you do another vocaroo
  1371. Joker cooks curry a lot and the girls get addicted to it. Until they all put on a mild amount of weight (except Ann), become self-conscious, and start jogging around the neighborhood, denying any problem.
  1373. Makoto gives Joker a few conjugal visits in Juvie, sits on his face for twenty straight minutes
  1375. Chihaya discovers that incest is best if she wants to keep her pure aryan genes in the family
  1377. Futaba offers her body to her uncle so Sojiro can avoid having to pay him any more money.
  1379. Okay, I got a really lewd and elaborate one, hold on to your butt.
  1380. A multi-chapter series. Futaba starts noticing that during their Infiltrations/Mementos dives, Joker is becoming very suceptible to Charm effects and also becoming distracted around the most low-leveled of attractive female Shadows. Like, he gets knocked down by a Silkie, of all things.
  1381. A little research later, it becomes clear to her that Joker is extremely pent up from always having Morgana around. After a lot of awkwardness, she finally manages to texts him and tells him he can always use her room if he needs privacy.
  1382. It's ridiculously embarrassing to both, but she puts on the porn and hides in the closet while he finishes his business. Of course, his alluring moans make her hands wander to places they shouldn't, and she can't help but take a peek...
  1383. Next chapter, she's gotten a little something for him, and insists through text to "help him out" when he's watching porn in her room. He's their dear leader, after all, and his health is important! Or so she tells herself. So there she was, an onahole wrapped around his shaft in her hand, taking the view of it bobbing up and down. Her mind had stopped working, but her body keeps moving regardless...
  1384. Every chapter afterwards, it escalates. From onahole to handjob, handjob to blowjob, to intercrural, to hotdogging, until finally they can't take it anymore and they have full-on sex. Joker confesses he was only really aroused because of her in the first place, and that none of the porn was as arousing as knowing she was watching from the beginning.
  1385. He lets loose inside her while peppering her with kisses all over, and wants to keep going, promising to take responsibility should anything happen...
  1387. /pg/ takes a trip to Yongen-Jaya and flood Leblanc.
  1388. Joker has to find a different place to go to after school as a result.
  1390. /pg/ gives Futaba a bath
  1391. /pg/ kills Groo
  1393. /pg/meets Katsuya and drops their spaghetti
  1395. Groo tries to measure his popularity among the populace by groofagging on the phansite aka /pg/.
  1397. Joker foursome with Ann, Makoto, and Futaba
  1399. A story from Mishima's point of view. It's 24 pages of hot /pg/ modding action, like erasing Hunger Games, posting how Joker is from Sumaru City, and being a thirsty fuck who asks doujin femanon to posts more vocaroos.
  1401. Fuukafag meets Fuuka and they fall in love and start a family
  1403. The Phantom Thieves visit /pg/'s palace and see their cognition selves being fucked
  1404. Cognition Makoto being bruised and pissing herself as she's penetrated.
  1405. Cognition Ann having sex with Cognition Ryuji while thinking about Shiho
  1406. Cognition Futaba watching and masturbating.
  1407. Cognition Haru fading in and out of existence.
  1409. Shinya bumps into a girl about his age who seems to be lost. The girl introduces herself as Nanako Dojima and says she lost her map. Shinya, for whatever reason, decides to help her get to her dad and big bro, but what should be a really simple search turns into a convoluted mess where they get interrupted by some weird shit every 5 minutes. Shinya and Nanako hold hands during a particularly harrowing incident.
  1411. Makoto walking through the park is desperate to use the bathroom, for convenience of the plot the women's bathroom is out of order so she has to make the choice of wetting herself, finding a hiding spot in the park, trying the out of order women's restroom or sneaking into the men's restroom. She decides it's best to just try the women's bathroom anyway, since she only needed to pee and she could probably still use the toilet even if it didn't flush.
  1412. The restroom is in mid cleaning but the stalls are intact, she hurries to the furthest one away and tries to lock the stall door but it wont lock. There's no time to check the other stalls, she'd surely have an accident if she doesn't go now she thinks to herself. At least she gets the relief she needs but at just that moment the janitor returns, because he's a character in a doujin he carelessly opens the stall door find her. Makoto can't stop the flow, she's speechless and embarrassed but she feels something new, she's so turned on she can't help herself so she falls into her own piss and begs him to keep looking but the guy freaks out and runs out.
  1413. Her newly found exhibition fetish becomes an obsession with her, leading her to do more and more risky exposure around the local park on her way home from school each day. Always secretly hoping to get caught. This backfires on her one day when the janitor from before catches her having been stalking her after noticing her daily ritual. What happens next might be considered rape but by the end Makoto has to admit that she's been reduced to a sobbing mess on the ground not because she's upset but because she's finally happy.
  1415. /pg/ writes Makoto a love letter.
  1417. Doujin ideas femanon and Futaba finger each other while reading doujins
  1419. Katsuya arrives at Maya's apartment for a date, only to discover that she has also invited Tatsuya over. Doujin features the Suou brothers double-teaming Maya while Ulala sits in a corner and watches while masturbating and crying.
  1421. RyujixAnn anon and JokerxAnn anon hatefuck each other's brains out instead of clogging up the thread with pictures of Ann.
  1423. Playing videogames finally returns worth to my life
  1425. Joker and Kawakami have sex, and then kiss and hold hands.
  1427. Kawakami loses her job for fucking her student and becomes a street hooker for drugs
  1429. All the male posters of /pg/ run a train on doujin idea femanon
  1431. Kawakami loses her street hooker for drugs job for fucking her dealer and becomes a chef and fucks all her food
  1433. Sae and the nurse have cosplay sex with Joker while the 3 are dressed as phantom thieves.
  1434. Drawned by Kurokawa Otogi or Yasui Riosuke
  1436. Joker and Futaba Rank 10 Romance, postgame, sending each other nudes in the least appropriate moments and camming with one another, complete with imagine spots in which they are going down on each other.
  1438. Meanwhile, Ryuji accidentally gets into sexcapades with the four cakes Joker did not tap since he chose faithful to NEET route.
  1440. Kawakami finally executes her plan of fucking an underage boy and makes him lick up her female smegma
  1442. Joker has a near-death experience and fucks the ghost of Goro's mom.
  1444. Kawakami realizes she's actually a lesbian and targets Futaba and they lick up each other's female smegma
  1446. Kawakami realizes she's actually a gay and targets Ryuji and they lick up each other's male smegma
  1448. Doujin in which I have a handsome voice like dramatic anon and doujinideaanon compliments me as well.
  1450. Futaba gets pregnant with triplets and has trouble moving around so Joker has to wait on her hand and feet during the last trimester.
  1452. It's the rainy season and Futaba's computer gets fried by electrical interference. WITH SEXY CONSEQUENCES.
  1453. Haru grows a new type of pepper that is a powerful aphrodisiac and she and joker eat the entire maiden crop alone. WITH SEXY CONSEQUENCES
  1454. Ohya has to stake out a dietman's house for evidence of an affair with joker. WITH SEXY CONSEQUENCES.
  1456. Sae gets drunk and rapes Akechi.
  1458. The girls spend their days following Joker around, trying to get him into lewd situations and generally being perverts. All of them. And this leads to absolutely no actual sex. Just jokes.
  1460. Ann has been eating more sweets but she can't get into the habit of working out. Her boyfriend Joker starts fucking her more vigorously and teases her that he's helping her burn the calories. She actually gets serious about it and they end up doing it almost immediately after she eats anything sweet. Culminates in her getting fucked in the bathroom of a cake shop.
  1461. Also, obviously need to include stuff about how she always tastes good when they make out.
  1463. /pg/ has fallen so low...............
  1464. I'm never coming back... You may as well just be a Onahole general, sharing your collection of sex toys.
  1465. *vomits softly and lets the door hit me on the way out*
  1467. >no demonfu doujins
  1469. >talking to the demons
  1470. >you can hit on some of them
  1471. >some of them even like it
  1472. makes me so fucking hard
  1473. It's even more arousing when you consider that they're basically at your mercy. I could see demons like lilith or succubus crawling up to you and start licking the barrel of your gun to beg you to not kill them.
  1475. Ulala and Akihiko have a spar.
  1477. Consensual hand-holding with doujin-tan on the ferris wheel.
  1479. Mods fucking their hot pockets
  1481. Joker goes back to Sumaru City and visits the brand new Suou pastry shop!
  1483. Futaba gets a colonoscopy
  1485. >Chihaya gives herself a divination
  1486. >She finds out that she's going to get pregnant today
  1487. >She doesn't have a boyfriend
  1488. or change it so that she predicts Joker or someone else impregnating her and then makes it a reality.
  1490. Sae starts to dabble in wetting herself like her sister to see why she does it
  1491. It all makes sense Sae knows the physical and emotion abuse she cause Sae exacerbates her bedwetting problem but she keeps it up because she secretly gets off on it
  1493. Groo impregnating both Sae and makoto in one night without eithers knowledge that their babby daddy is the same guy
  1495. Naoto and Akechi have sex.
  1497. Guro doujin with big birds of prey pecking out Futaba's liver
  1499. >Groo has a similar relationship with Tae Joker has where he gets medicine for his palace excursions
  1500. >She keeps it on the DL because instead of clinical trials, she conducts examinations
  1501. >Sexual ones
  1503. Futaba Ann Haru and Makoto have a contest to see who can have the longest uninterrupted piss.
  1504. The sequel will be who can have the stinkiest, loudest, and largest farts.
  1506. Futa Futaba tries to hide her erection. Ann has never seen a penis and begs to see it. They have awkward sexual petting, no intercourse. Ann gives a first time handjob Futaba has a first time ejaculation. To try and make it less awkward, Ann tries to learn video games to play with Futaba. It ends with Futaba and Ann both being shy and confessing at the same time so a sequel can be made where they are dating and Ann get her shithole filled with neet spunk.
  1508. Futaba's mind has been warped by watching internet porn and when she tries to have sex with Joker she does really weird and awkward things that takes Joker out of the mood.
  1510. Haru is getting fatter from too much big bang burger, Ryuji never realized he liked chubbies until he saw Harus muffin top in Mementos. He visits her one night acting like he's concerned for her since her father died, in reality he wants to eat some butter muffin ass.
  1512. Shido kidnaps the PT and rapes them all. Men included. Even the cat. The human world cat. He rapes an actual cat. To death.
  1514. Ryuji gets his fortune told by Chihaya. Naturally, his fortune boils down to "will never ever get any". Still, Ryuji decides to ask Chihaya out, and she accepts, touched by his determination to change his fate.
  1516. >Makoto and Joker agree to let Joker impregnate Sae so she can have a baby and fill the void in her life
  1517. >Sole condition is Makoto has to watch them do it to ensure Joker takes no pleasure in doing it and that her sister actually has a pleasurable experience
  1519. Morgana gets caught in some sand and the thieves all end up trapped inside Morgana and have to strip down to avoid overheating and then they FUCK
  1521. joker x femjoker doujin where they tease each other sexually until one eventually breaks and gets dommed
  1523. Sae goes gay for Tae
  1525. Joker uses the leftover Mementos money to buy a car, so he can visit his crew often now that he has a license.
  1526. On the way back, he accidentally sees himself involved in a street race with pic related. (Picture of Dominic Toretto)
  1528. Katsuya and Jun bone
  1530. Extensive kissing and blowjob doujin with Usami trying to bribe Ryuji into getting his grades up
  1532. Groo fucks me after cycling
  1533. >not Goro fucks you while cycling
  1535. Futaba opens a livestream with the purest, nerdiest of intentions.
  1536. The lewd and crass comments legitimately take her out of it, and the viewers start essentially bullying her.
  1537. Joker, watching on his laptop at Leblanc, immediately heads to her room. She's crying live on the internet. He walks in, kisses her, embraces her close and swears to protect her...before giving a death glare so intense, the viewers come to know true terror.
  1539. Anne and Princess Anne double team Joker
  1541. >Tae'd
  1542. Slowly waking up in a drugged-out stupor to find a pair of beautiful feet torturing your dick, while their owner says that if you come too early, it'll ruin the experiment and she'll have to punish you.
  1544. >Ohya'd
  1545. Waking up from a night of hard drinking to find lipstick kiss marks and dried saliva all over your body, and a bunch of embarrassing pictures of yourself crossdressing.
  1547. >Futaba'd
  1548. Getting tied up and blindfolded by a girl in a mask who then cuddles you for hours while relentlessly squeezing out your semen with her plump thighs.
  1550. >Kawakami'd
  1551. Having your teacher force you to do a bunch of humiliating tasks like cleaning her house in a maid outfit before she fucks you in an empty classroom as a reward, making aggressive eye contact as you make her cum over the desk.
  1553. >Hifumi'd
  1554. Losing a shogi match because your sexy opponent is giving you a handjob under the table, and apparently the loser of the match has to give oral to the winner...
  1556. >Ann'd
  1557. Getting on the subway only to be cornered by a blonde girl who grinds against you until you cum in your pants in front of everyone, then gives a seductive smile and slips something into your pocket, which turns out to be nude photos with her face cropped out.
  1559. >Makoto'd
  1560. A scary woman demands that you take her sister out on a date or you'll be headed to prison, the sister is sweet and the perfect date at first, but suddenly leads you into a secluded alley, knocks you over, and sits on your face, then fucks you with her ass.
  1562. >Haru'd
  1563. You're having a great meal at a new coffee shop, when suddenly you wake up tied to a chair with two huge breasts in your face, you get teased for hours before you finally cum on her breasts, and she lets you go, giving you a coupon and inviting you to come back anytime.
  1565. >Chihaya'd
  1566. Some cute girl randomly starts kissing you in public while saying you're the fated one, the two of you fuck, and she triumphantly says she felt destiny work, and that she's sure to be pregnant now.
  1568. All the P5 girls stay locked up in the cells before your last fight against the holy grail and have to entertain all the personas you have collected so far. Makoto can enjoy herself with girimehkala, anne gets a taste of cheetah dick, scathach would trap futaba between her massive thighs and get a good taste of smelly neet juices and haru drinks some nekomata coffee.
  1570. >Alright inmate, for the next step of your rehabilitation, it's time to see if you can please a woman, in this case, two. You better not slack off on this
  1571. >I hope your cock is ready for the job, inmate. I admit, I'm excited
  1573. >groo and Sae catch each other indulging in their maido costume fetish
  1574. >Sae is embarassed trying to think of any way she can to talk her way out of it
  1575. >Goro is humiliated but mumbles under his breath that he thinks she looks great like this
  1576. >Sae can't help but notice that dress is very becoming on him as well
  1577. >messy under dress blowjob that smears her lipstick all over her pretty face
  1578. >she still calls him Master like a proper maid
  1580. Visual adaptation of
  1582. Sae waterboards Makoto with her own piss to get info on the Phantom Thieves
  1584. I hire maid groo and force myself on him
  1585. Best seller
  1587. Policewoman Chie punishes a delinquent boy by rubbing his dick with her extremely toned thighs and making him promise to cease his unruly behavior before finishing.
  1589. Joker and Futaba indulge in all of their deepest, darkest, most disgusting fetishes like Headpats, Handholding, Snuggling, Kissing, and most deviant of all, Telling how much they love eachother.
  1590. All the while this is presented as an extremely hardcore doujin, as it should be.
  1592. All the girls, Sae included, make incredibly obvious advances on Joker and he avoids them every time as their jokes and tactics get bolder and lewder
  1594. Joker describing all his sexual encounters with the P5 girls during the interrogation while Sae gets increasingly horny with each one
  1596. doujin idea femanon posts nudes and /pg/ prints out the pictures and cums on them
  1598. I shoot you in your stupid fucking face then shoot myself
  1600. [Non-H] Joker ruffling Futaba's hair
  1601. [H] Joker ruffling Futaba's hair extra hard
  1603. Futaba forces all the cast into cosplaying. Shenanigans ensue in a manner that inspires amusement.
  1605. Joker is failing sex education and Kawakami gives him a private lesson.
  1607. Haru is pregnant and her tits are swollen with milk. Joker greedily sucks them dry while she complains about him not saving any for the baby.
  1609. Goro stays over at the Nijima's for the weekend, hilarity ensues
  1610. And an awkward incest threesome
  1612. What's the point of this?
  1613. Has even one single idea resulted in anything?
  1615. as with all things in life, we endeavor to be futile in the most extravagant way.
  1617. Sae and Makoto mommy-daughter roleplay gets awkward when Haru shows up unannounced
  1619. Fuukafag X Fuuka vanilla lovemaking.
  1621. 1. Joker and Futaba take a shower together. Nothing sexual happens, it's just futaba talking about her time with her uncle, how she could not shower back then and how she loves the feeling of water against her skin...Joker embraces her, and it's hard to say what's water and what are tears.
  1623. The other is about Goro's time in the Phantom Thieves and how he starts falling for Haru, and knowing it would never lead anywhere, being he murdered her father.
  1625. Joker x Yu, in which they both whip out their Yoshitsunes and Hassou Tobi each other at the same time.
  1627. Joker confesses to Morgana, Morgana gets flustered and tells Joker that he's a boy and can't do that! Joker informs Morgana that boys don't have vaginas. Morgana cries like a bitch before confessing her hidden love for Joker. They then consummate their love by hunting down Haru's fiance and kicking him to death in the metaverse, and then weekend at bernie's his corpse to clear out his bank account and fuck on a giant pile of money in the loft.
  1629. Joker x the woman Shido almost raped. Shido falls a little bit harder than expected and fucking gets his skull cracked on the sidewalk. Joker and the woman flee the scene and then fug and live happily ever after, with the phantom thieves never becoming a thing and akechi kills himself later on too.
  1631. >After the Ruse is sprung on Goro
  1632. >Sae finds herself in he own palace, Shadow Sae confronts her on her bullshit
  1633. >They have a back and forth about what the REAL Sae's intentions and original motives for upholding justice were
  1634. >Shadow Sae materializes a double ended dildo
  1635. >They fuck eachothers brains out
  1636. >Shadow Sae says "I'm sure this made dad proud." as she vanishes and the palace crumbles away as real Sae wakes up in bed to the familiar sound of Makoto crying and screaming "Not again, Sae is going to hit me so hard if I keep this up!"
  1638. Tae should put on her virgin killing sweater and fight Sae for Ryuji's virgin rights.
  1640. When will Inazuma do a JokerxVarious slutty persona doujin?
  1642. When will BANG YOU do a Makoto doujin
  1644. When will Sindoll draw a genderbent anthro'd MorganaxJoker doujin?
  1646. When will RealXIII stop making my dick so hard
  1648. When will that guy who draws all those genderbend doujin do a femRyujixJoker doujin which has a femJokerxfemRyujixmaleYusuke sequel?
  1650. When will BANG YOU draw a haru stuck in wall doujin?
  1652. These are all very important questions.
  1654. >no doujins where Kawaknami forces Anne to help her be a maid or else face failure
  1655. >no doujins where Anne and Kawaknami will fight in order to impress their master (read: Joker)
  1657. MOAR NTR
  1659. Something that isn't gay.
  1661. Or we could go with something that is gay instead. A change of pace is always nice.
  1663. something vanilla with Fuuka, there is literally none of that.
  1665. Morgana is depressed about not being able to fuck human women so he runs off in a huff and notices that female cats exist and that you can just fuck any one you want willy nilly but then he comes home with feline gonorrhea
  1666. >Morgana realizes cat sex only lasts 2 seconds and ends with him being attacked by the female
  1668. You could live with me and my mom doujin-chan
  1669. I have the entire basement to myself!
  1671. that was a doujin idea, not a proposal.
  1673. doujin idea femanon pisses in a cup on webcam for /pg/
  1675. Ohya, Tae, Kawakami and Chihaya all play a game of rock paper scissors to decide who gets to steal Joker's virginity. Only to find out after a big orgy that Joker fucked Newspaper-chan on his first day of school.
  1677. Junpei and Chidori hold hands and also buttfuck.
  1679. Phantom Thief gangbang on Ann
  1681. >Max Kawakami during the summer
  1682. >Start mother/son roleplaying
  1683. >A lot of nursing handjobs and early morning nipple sucking
  1684. >Over the period of 6 months she's started to induce lactation
  1685. >Gets all full and flustered while Joker is in jail
  1686. >Explosive let-downs when he finally gets out
  1687. >She starts having to drive out of town every Sunday to empty her vats
  1689. doujin idea-chan spitting in a cup.
  1691. Makoto wets herself while kidnapped by Kaneshiro's thugs. Hilarity ensues.
  1693. /pg/ gets transported to our collective palace and stuff happens. I assume Mara is there and jacked frost as well as many naked Groos and makotos
  1695. Fuuka and Fuukafag finally get married, and have a very passionate honeymoon
  1697. I fucking murder you
  1699. Aigis, Facesitting and FemMC
  1701. Lisa strengthens her bonds with Tatsuya, Eikichi, and Jun in the same way Bev from the book version of Stephen King's "It" strengthened her bonds with her friends in the sewer scene.
  1703. Yusuke befriends Hifumi and the two go on wacky adventures around Kosei
  1705. Makoto becomes Akihiko's pupil and is "initiated" by him and a thoroughly cock-drunk Chie.
  1707. Mishima attends a Phansite orgy.
  1709. doujin idea femanon seduces mishima and gets him to drink her piss because she can't get up after being licked to orgasm
  1711. Matador bones Joker
  1713. Fuuka and Fuukafag cuddle inside Juno's orb.
  1715. During class <insert pairing here>'s Persona's start to fuck and they feel every second of it.
  1717. Makoto drops her ass so hard on Akechi's dick he needs to hospitalized and she nurses him back to health
  1719. Futaba takes her roleplaying too far and uses tentacles to pull Joker into the Necronomicon.
  1721. Joker has a passionate evening of lovemaking with you, pretty lady.
  1723. Futaba uses Necronomicon's tentacles on Joker
  1725. She can either playfully pull him up into her persona with her or she can whip him around a little, that's up to you.
  1727. >Yusuke stumbles upon Shadman's "art" and embarks in a holy crusade to slay the perpetrator of such affronts to aesthetics. This summer, Yusuke is...Kill Shad.
  1729. >Joker and Futaba visit Shido's Palace by themselves the day they're gonna send out the calling card, wanting to spend time together in private in a Safe (Bed)Room. Things get spicy when Futaba's Persona gets involved, like hanging her aloft and giving Joker a delightful view, and tentaes teasing her nethers before Joker takes the plunge.
  1731. Joker raping femGoro because she tried to murder him.
  1733. Goro putting his gun to FemJoker's head, she fellates the silencer, he gets turned on, she knocks him out cold while he's distracted.
  1735. all of /pg/ is summoned to the velvet room and told we cannot leave until all the personas in the compendium are fucked
  1736. there is a mad scramble as people race to pick the best ones, arguments and fights break out until one anon summon satanael and riot guns everybody
  1737. he is pleased with himself until he realizes he now has to fuck every single persona himself or be trapped for all eternity.
  1738. mara smirks...
  1740. >there's probably gonna be those few fags fighting over who gets to fuck Jack Frost and Black Frost
  1741. >Jacked Frost anon will probably start a fistfight
  1743. Joker starts gets nervous every time he sees Mot. Not because he's scared, but because he gets this strange urge to protect and hug him.
  1745. >Sfw
  1746. >LeBlanc Garden: What if Sojiro was a bartender instead of a cafe owner. As Joker works in the bar, he masters the perfect pint and the perfect bar snack. Featuring the Phantom Thieves getting hammered
  1748. >PersonaCurry: Joker faces the ultimate task: Turn Mystery Food X into an edible curry when a potluck between the the thieves and IT ends up with a rather lopsided offering
  1750. >NSFW:
  1751. >Rebound: A breakup josei smut doujin showing what happens when joker decides to reject Ann and Hifumi's advances as they end up in the arms of Ryuji and Yusuke.
  1752. >FutabaCos NukiDoujin of Futaba in a cosplay fetish spree during a shopping sesson in Akibahara with the saying "You Break it, You Buy it" as Joker bangs Futaba and racks up a huge bill.
  1754. Yaldabaoth inflicts Lust on all of the Phantom Thieves and amuses himself by watching them degenerate into a mindless orgy.
  1756. Joker plays video games with Futaba
  1757. Then he eats her ass
  1759. Ann bullies Makoto, making fun of her flat chest
  1761. all the girls are trying their hardest to seduce joker all day, and he's too dense to pick up on it, then he goes home and masturbates to Risette lewd photos on his laptop
  1763. > FemShido has Groo and abandons him to work on her political career
  1764. > Gains political power
  1765. > Groo goes after the mother who abandoned him
  1766. > Earns her trust
  1767. > Forces her to bear his offspring in vengeance for all she's done
  1769. Lavenza moves in with Joker. Futaba develops a jealous rivalry with her.
  1771. caroline and justine try to teach joker how to dance, and they keep getting jealous of the other one when it's not their turn
  1772. ends with intense dual headpat action
  1774. >Kamoshida's bastard son/daughter develops a persona
  1775. >they're just like dear old dad
  1776. >they use their persona to force their way into the metaverse and alter the way those around them think and act
  1777. >including, but not limited to
  1778. >making Sae and Makoto incestuous lesbian lovers so devoted that staying apart for more then a few minutes incites mental breakdowns in both
  1779. >stealing away Ann's memories and intelligence until she's basically disabled, then taking advantage of the drooling bimbo
  1780. >turning Tae into a necrophiliac and death fetishist, then convincing her to spirit away Shiho and put her back into a coma she can pretrmd they're both corpses and fuck her
  1781. >giving teacher-chan an obsession with fellatio so strong she can't leave the house, because simply looking at anything slightly phallic causes her to go into vacuum mode and blow it
  1783. Elizabeth finally brings back Door-kun, with the rest of her siblings there to witness. The first thing Door-kun does is dote on Lavenza. Elizabeth is understandably frustrated and spends the rest of the doujin trying to get Door-kun to give her some affection instead of ruffle Lavenza's hair.
  1785. This can actually work for P3/4/5
  1786. >Hero is fighting in related world
  1787. >Takes a quick blow to the head
  1788. >Falls unconscious
  1789. >Wakes up with the team looking concerned
  1790. >Begins acting out like the Persona he has equipped
  1791. >Flirting with everyone as succubus/incubus
  1792. >Acting like a mighty warrior with Cu Chulainn
  1793. >Scaring everyone with Alice
  1795. >Kawakami develops a palace
  1796. >it's centered around feelings of inadequacy amd how she feels like a servant 24/7
  1797. >Shadow Kawakami is a dominatrix and her Sadowski are female rubberdolls
  1798. >Ann and Makoto get captured while trying to steal her treasure
  1799. >she turns into her larger, more demonic form and makes them submit
  1801. >reporter-chan becomes a persona user
  1802. >and a wildcard at that
  1803. >in her off time she likes to turn female shadows into masks then sexually torment and mindbreak them since they then have to follow her every order
  1805. >Lavenza decides to hang out with Joker in the real world (fuck if i know doujin logic)
  1806. >The two spend the whole day hanging out
  1807. >Going to karaoke, the arcade, et cetera
  1808. >Meet several of his confidants
  1809. >Futaba sees Lavenza clinging to joker jealousy ensues
  1810. >He takes her to Iwai, Iwai calls her a kid she gets mad, Iwai starts fighting with lavenza
  1811. >Joke has to hold her up so she can argue eye level
  1812. >Lavenza is constantly getting embarrassed about Joker having to hoist her up to do normal things
  1813. >The day comes to a close
  1814. >Lavenza wants to thank Joker
  1815. >Has to let him lift her up so she can give him a proper hug
  1816. >She snuggles into him blushing like mad
  1817. >They head into leblanc like that
  1818. >Everyone is there
  1819. >Awkward silence
  1820. >Ends with Sojiro saying they just got him out of Juvie too as he begins to dial for the police
  1822. Joker will make Kokoro forget about her plan to humiliate and murder Shido and become his personal cocksleeve!
  1824. Ryuji and Morgana filming in the corner while Joker dicks Anne
  1825. >Ryuji loudly encourages his "stars" and risks alerting the neighbors
  1826. >Morgana wonders if he's still here just to suffer
  1828. Goro tries his gosh darndest to top Joker, with plenty of biting and bruises or even bloodplay involved, but to no avail.
  1830. I suck off Goro between breaks at the tv station and he goes back on air with jizz on his pants
  1832. (You) Thundergod and a team of crack /pg/ commandos are sent on the most perilous of missions: discovering Piercy's current canon status.
  1834. I'll be surprised if that prompt doesn't lead to a whole lot of thirst for you, Ideaanon.
  1836. Post-graduation reunion of Joker and Kawakami as they settle down in a comfy apartment to begin their family life!
  1838. A TF doujin where Makoto puts on the mask of a shadow out of curiosity and turns into one herself; the team manages to rip it off her afterwords and restore her humanity, but she becomes addicted to the ego death becoming a shadow brings.
  1840. I tie up Goro and read all the smut /pg/ has written about him while he is forced to listen.
  1842. Goro pisses himself on tv
  1844. Makoto has an accident outside of Leblanc and soaks her leggings in urine
  1845. As she's at the laundromat scrambling to wash them, Akechi eavesdrops on her, slips in and they fug on the washing machine!
  1847. >Joker fucks Silky
  1848. >She freezes all the fluids in her holes
  1849. >Ends with her giving him a rock hard slippery ghost blowjob
  1851. Chihiro becomes real but so does the P3MC. Hilarity ensues as Chihibro gets cucked.
  1853. The Shibuya Big Bang Burger gets a gloryhole and as majority stockholder, Haru gets to try first.
  1855. Groo impregnates me then shoots me and puts me out of this painful existence
  1857. Here's my idea: P5 cast meets P3 cast, tries to summon personas like they do, all fucking die and then P3 cast runs away.
  1859. Chie and Yukiko kiss and get married.
  1861. >Futaba wants to try some kinky shit that she's seen in her doujins
  1862. >She's distraught when nothing works like her porn comics
  1863. >You say it's ok and decide to just cuddle instead
  1865. Futaba Valentine's Day.
  1866. The memory she wants to make "for the road" is their first kiss. That's it. No catch. Just fluff.
  1868. Ann, Joker and Ryuji have a threesome in their bedroom in Hawaii.
  1870. Joker and Ann return to Joker's hotel room after the Hawaii where he locks Ryuji and Mishima out of the room for a night of passionate love making. Add a page where Ryuji tries to enter the room just to find it locked and he has no key and hears Ann moaning from behind the door. He goes to Yusuke's room to sleep on the floor and cry himself to sleep.
  1872. >Ryuji and Ann fucking in a safe room while the rest of the team is working their way through the Palace
  1873. >Getting into it, five rounds in
  1874. >Joker comes bursting through the door
  1875. >Ann instinctively bites down on a Goho-m
  1876. >Ryuji is found dick-out, humping the air, covered in his own semen
  1877. >No one will ever believe his tale
  1879. Joker convinces Mishima to star in a BBC cuckold/small penis humiliation porn to raise funds for phan-site servers
  1881. The PT girls molest shadows to the point where they change the targets' hearts.
  1883. Ms. Usami finds out about Joker and Kawakami's relationship. She says she won't report them under the condition they have a threesome.
  1885. I serve goro pancakes and he says I need to work for my tip and covers me in syrup
  1887. Joker calls in a favor to Ohya to fuck Mishima so he'll stop whining about being a pathetic loser.
  1889. Yusuke loses a punishment game and must let Futaba rub his dick between her thighs. He can only cum if he admits Futaba is sexually desirable.
  1891. >Goro survives and gets interred in jail. He receives a visit from Haru, whom he clearly had feelings for during his stint as a Phantom Thief. During the confrontation with the daughter of a man he murdered, he must come to terms with the fact that he alone ruined his chances at life and love.
  1893. >Detective Satonaka is a loose-cannon cop, always kicking ass before taking names. DA CHIEF Sanada is fed up with the multiple complaints about her, so she's assigned a new partner: fresh off-the-academy Officer Nijima. Together, THEY FIGHT CRIME.
  1895. >Ryuji gets to meet Hifumi like he wanted and he's...surprisingly sensitive about her situation. Basically a story about Ryuji being a good boy (he is) and caring for someone in a shitty situation.
  1897. >Joker introduces the PT to Shinya and he becomes the team's lil' bro. Heartwarming shenanigans ensue.
  1899. >Joker visits Gotham City and ends up caught in the crossfire of a fight between Batman and THE Joker.
  1901. >A Joker x Reader POV Doujinshi, as drawn by Yusuke, written and comissioned by Futaba.
  1903. The summer trip storm hits Hawaii instead, and Shujin and Kosei both spend several days in Los Angeles. Venice Beach, Rodeo Drive... Compton...
  1905. Tae calls up a maid service so she can unwind after a hard day at work. Kawakami arrives and constantly assumes Tae is going to use her for BDSM play, but every time she thinks Tae is going to show her freaky toys, it's really something way more innocent than she expected.
  1907. At the end of the night, Tae thanks Kawakami for her help and sends her on her way. Kawakami then goes home and masturbates furiously to lesbian bondage porn.
  1909. >Joker comes back to visit his friends
  1910. >everyone says they won't be able to hang out today
  1911. >Sojiro says he'll be busy and asks that Joker look after Leblanc for the day
  1912. >they're clearly up to something
  1913. >Joker shows up to Leblanc
  1914. >all of the lights are off
  1915. >he makes his way to the attic and flicks the light on
  1916. >(makoto in a bunny girl outfit) is there waiting for him
  1917. >"w-w-welcome back-pyon"
  1919. The PT Boys go on a road trip in Sojiro's car. They make a stop in Inaba, where they get involved in spoopy happenings at the Amagi Inn.
  1921. Mishima raping Shiho out of frustration, he starts sobbing with her while raping her.
  1923. Shinya gets molested by all the Phantom Thief girls. "Wah! Wh-what are we going to do on the bed?" he asks nervously as he lands with a "pomf".
  1925. Door-kun comes back only to find he hasn't aged at all while everyone else has. Delicious cake sex occurs
  1927. kawakami sees joker sneaking around one day after school, gets curious and follows him. she wanders into the metaverse where she sees joker ambushed by a powerful shadow and rushes to help him. rather than kill the two, the shadow toys with them by switching their bodies, then depositing them back in the real world
  1929. joker, now in kawakami's body, has to teach classes and be the best maid (prostitute) that he can be while morgana and the rest of the gang figure out how to switch them back
  1930. joker ends up getting addicted to being the maid in the maid/master relationship even after he's changed back
  1931. kawakami is confused by how popular she is now and all the requests she gets
  1933. Sae and Makoto play their favorite childhood game, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours"
  1935. Goro makes Goro's Mommy Anon a real mommy
  1937. Dressed like this though (picture of maid Goro)
  1939. >The Phantom Thieves build Gunpla.
  1941. >The PTs get acquaintanced with the rest of Joker's confidants as they prepare a surprise party for him in LeBlanc. He's coming to visit from his hometown today, after all! Cozy shenanigans like Hifumi and Futaba going chuuni, Ryuji approving hard of Tora, Yusuke discovering Iwai has a surprisingly refined sense of AESTHETICS, Ann spoiling and teasing Shinya, the works.
  1943. Makoto trying to decide what to get Sae for her birthday, so she decides to follow her around town to get ideas, not knowing the lesbian shenanigans her big sis was getting into that night
  1945. Groo takes up drugs and ODs in an alley way while Joker fucks his harem of high schoolers and cakes
  1947. Goro's Mommy Anon beats him for buying red label
  1948. He should know better than to kill mommy's buzz
  1950. I have a giant orgy with all the P5 girls except Makoto and Ohya
  1952. Fuukafag's honeymoon with Fuuka
  1954. I have an orgy with Makoto and her clones Tomako e Kotoma
  1956. Why do you do this list anyway if you know it will never result in anything?
  1958. Sae teaches Joker the Birds and the Bees, and uses Makoto as her assistant when discussing the female anatomy
  1960. Futaba goes into Mementos naked and helps herself to some big fat monster cock.
  1962. [that terrible picture of joker and futaba making out in necronomicon]
  1963. Expand on this, with the rest of PT being harassed by the Reaper while Joker is plowing Futaba in her UFO.
  1965. Me and Ideaanon cooperate in order to get as many of the doujin ideas made into actual doujinshi, Ideaanon writing the scripts and me drawing. So basically Bakuman.
  1966. Yo dawg I heard you liked doujinshi so I put a doujinshi in your doujinshi so you can weeb while you weeb.
  1968. "bad" end where Sae agrees to drop the Futaba case if Sojiro gives up his guardianship of Joker to her
  1969. I also like the idea of the door to Sae's apartment closing and at the last second you see his smug ass grin
  1970. >Sae's treasure in her palace is now Joker
  1972. John Hardin becomes the protagonist of Persona 6
  1974. Joker has a hot new scoop on the Phantom Thieves for Ohya, but he'll only give it up if they have a threesome with Lala-chan.
  1976. Honestly, I really just want a comfy, touching Joker/Haru doujin about their first time in her room.
  1978. Yusuke watches Futaba eat 40 hamburgers
  1980. messiah using sukuna hikona as an onahole with one of his crucifix hands while izanagi-no-okami fucks juno's tits
  1982. Anything me or Autistic Makoto anon have ever written.
  1983. >t. mariefagwrites
  1985. Yusuke goes to the contemporary art section in the museum and sees Mark's art. He doesn't know what to make of it. He makes small talk with some casual looking dude wearing a yellow beanie and doesn't realize that he's the artist in question.
  1987. Fuuka X Fuukafag hot, sweaty handholding
  1989. huh, speak of the doujin-chan and she will appear.
  1991. It's been more than a couple days, we thought you were dead.
  1993. We were just talking about you the in last thread
  1994. {doujin-chan had gone on a hiatus for a while before this last post}
  1996. Ann Van!
  1997. {Attached is a picture of a white van driven by Kamoshida with an ad of Anne and $20 next to her
  1999. Pixie x whatever doujin pls I'm begging you
  2001. Tarukaja is discovered to increase boob and dick sizes. Heat Riser and Thermopylae shenanigans ensue. Yusuke cums immediately due to speed master. Makoto goes for days because Defense master.
  2003. i just read this vanilla doujin with Futaba and Joker, i'd like to see more of that
  2005. Haru doms Makoto
  2007. Due to unforseen circumstances, Reiji winds up taking Joker, his son, to his park debut.
  2009. Haru doms Joker in the middle of a cafe for all to see.
  2011. Sae gives Joker a sex change to fulfill her lesbian desires
  2013. Futaba's head is an erogenous zone
  2015. Sae trying her best to dress sexy when Joker comes over!
  2016. Him ignoring her and going straight to Makoto's room!
  2017. Sae drinking alone on the couch again!
  2018. Sae faintly hearing Joker fucking Makoto in the next room!
  2019. Sae crying herself to sleep on another lonely night!
  2021. Desperate Sae and Desperate Ann should fuck
  2022. The closest they'd come would be falling asleep on each other's shoulders after gorging themselves on ice cream and crying.
  2023. Then they wake up the next morning and think they fucked. Then things get real awkward until Sae just straddles her one day out of the blue and they do it proper.
  2025. Futaba transforms into a helicopter
  2027. Joker and (his PT waifu) are about to have their first time, only they don't have any condoms! Not wanting to be like his dad, but also too embarassed to ask Takemi, Joker's partner volunteers to go down to the clinic and buy them.
  2029. Makoto and Joker are at her home,
  2030. about to have their first time, but (pre-change of heart) Sae comes home early. Despite her sticking around, the two continue, trying to stay as quiet as possible, with as little success as humorous.
  2032. Joker teases Futaba to see how much she can focus on her game. Teases her sexually.
  2034. Ann, feeling adventurous, invites Joker to one of her photo shoots with a remote control vibrator, leaving it the remote with Joker. Lewd shenanigans occur.
  2036. I kill myself.
  2038. Why do you fucking collect all these godawful doujin ideas?
  2040. >Joker calls up Kawakami to make some infiltration tools in his room
  2041. >He then invites Hifumi over and they fuck in the attic
  2042. >Mere feet from Kawakami
  2043. >Futaba enjoys the show from her room
  2045. Makoto tries to get a part time job. Kawakami refers her to the maid service, but fails to mention that there are two branches. Makoto accidentally signs up for the prostitution branch.
  2047. PT individually get poz bred one by one with kamoshida starting with anne and makoto
  2049. Futaba, after watching Joker fuck a different woman every day of the week, finally asks him why he isn't fucking her.
  2051. The PT reads wakaba research and discover that their personas will be much stronger, pozzed, and so they go their own way seeking a poz breeder.
  2052. The doujin consists of them bugchasing on their own with various light hearted shenanigans.
  2054. Joker and Yusuke help Futaba bathe
  2056. Futaba shows Makoto some "sisterly" love
  2058. morgana, tired of the lack of respect from the group (and joker staying up late all the time), casts marin karin on him as a prank. somehow it spreads to the rest of the group and everybody keeps kissing morgana despite his protests
  2059. in the end it turns out they were just playing along and wanted to show the cat how much they loved him
  2061. Joker reads the Phantom Thieves fortunes using a Tarot deck stolen from Chihaya. Hilarity ensues.
  2063. Fuuka and Fuukafriend cuddling inside Juno.
  2064. Fuuka telling him she's pregnant with their baby.
  2065. and by "their" she means her and Koro's
  2067. Kawakami appears in a spin off game
  2069. Joker becomes Kawakami's butler and takes care of her every need while she is home on maternity leave.
  2071. does anyone writefag any of these? is there a collective pastebin?
  2073. Feb 13th, Joker is sound asleep as his phone goes off repeatedly. An irritated Morgana invites all 9 of Joker's ladies over for Valentine's Day. The next morning Sojiro tells Joker he has business to take care of all day so Joker is charge. The cafe ends up getting extremely busy.
  2074. On top of this, Joker's very upset girlfriends get revenge by tormenting him behind the counter/in the storeroom/anywhere they can get away with it, and won't leave him alone until they are all satisfied
  2075. Sojiro comes back that night to a very messy cafe and a passed out Joker on the floor, sighs and puts a piece of chocolate on the counter for him
  2076. Better: They all take turns running the cafe, and keep Joker tied up behind the counter, making sure he is constantly aroused but unable to cum for the entire day
  2078. Joker hides under Chihaya's table and starts licking her while she has customers, she's unable to do anything because Shinjuku is too crowded, and has to play off her orgasms as contacting spirits or something.
  2080. Tae catches Joker cheating and drugs/hypnotizes him so he can only cum if she allows it, then forces him to do humiliating things for the privilege.
  2082. While working at Crossroads, Lala-chan grills Joker over who that short haired girl with the red eyes was. Halfway through trying to avoid the discussion, Ohya crawls in, two sheets to the wind, and joins in the interrogation.
  2084. R63 doujin where Futaba-kun is tenderly dominated by the pretty girl who lives in his father's cafe.
  2086. Ann and Haru unknowingly take some weird drug that makes them lactate uncontrollably. They get Joker to help them squeeze out their milk, which naturally leads to double paizuri and a hot threesome.
  2088. lactation is a shit tier fetish
  2090. Breast expansion is hot, unfortunately it usually requires lactation as a plot contrivance.
  2092. it's pretty funny to hear 'plot contrivance' when you're talking about porn
  2093. not that you're wrong, of course
  2095. Ann unknowingly goes to a fake modeling session and gets kidnapped. Morgana is too distraught to help with stealing Kamoshida's treasure, so the only option left is for Ryuji to dress up like Ann and satiate the depraved coach's desires before he beats Shiho to death and expels everybody.
  2096. "I don't know what got into Takamaki that day, but that was by far the best fuck I ever had" Kamoshida would later say in an interview about his time at Shujin Academy.
  2098. Anne and Chihaya invade Poland and then have angry sweaty lesbian sex on a pile of dead jews
  2100. Futaba plays a haunted video game straight out of a shitty Creepypasta. Using the Metaverse and her hacking skills, she humiliates whatever's possessing the game until it begs for death.
  2102. >A vocaroo whore and a doujin slut waifu eachother
  2103. That's a doujin idea right there
  2105. Fuuka and Fuukafriend try to make a baby
  2106. Disgusting
  2107. Then how about Fuuka and Fuukafriend try to make a baby but on their honeymoon.
  2109. Pixie gets fucked by MC.
  2110. Lavenza gets a solo doujin with Joker where they fuck, minimum 40 pages.
  2111. that's a lot of fucking
  2113. Joker fuses a persona that can inflict Hunger status. Ann tries to use it to trim some pounds. Futaba, Haru and Makoto use it to have eating competitions without gaining weight, but Joker toys with them and their big bloated tummies and demands SUCC before he'll fix it.
  2115. Sae catches Yusuke peeping through the bathroom window of the Niijima residence and threatens to prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law--unless, of course, Yusuke helps her relieve a little bit of stress
  2117. Makoto gets pregnant with Akechi's baby, and Ryuji is tricked into raising it with her.
  2118. >Ryuji ultimately discovers the truth and pozzes the baby
  2120. Joker bribes Lavenza into showering all of Tokyo in Persona masks. Killarity ensues.
  2122. joker blows off the team on the last day to steal okumura's treasure, believing that his time would be better spent Dancing All Night (naked of course). Haru is sold off to her fiance. On the day of the wedding, Joker crashes it (still naked) and challenges Sugimura to a dance off. Joker wins by a landslide and Haru is overjoyed that he came to help her, until he reveals that he only wanted to dance, and does not care what happens to Haru. She cries while Sugimura consummates the marriage right there in front of everybody, and joker dances out of the hall and into the Night
  2124. >Goro and Sae body swap
  2125. >Joker and Kawakami having passionate sex on the school. Potential Chouno threeway.
  2126. >Ann going full bimbo and getting a passionate sex session with every other PT member INCLUDING Makoto, Haru and Futaba
  2127. >Joker and Kawakami body swap
  2128. >Goro boning a desperate Sae. Potential Makoto threeway.
  2130. The full moon love hotel scene in P3 but instead of Yukari it's Fuuka
  2131. And instead of snapping out of it, Door splits her hymen clean in half and ravages her.
  2133. Fuck off retard
  2135. mishima gets tired of being a loser and builds a rocket ship to the moon, where he has sex with many moon men
  2136. he returns to earth full of new confidence and vigor but nobody believes him and in the end he returns to being regular ol mishima
  2138. The Navi App malfunctions and Futaba is unable to get Sae out of her Palace during the Akechi ruse. She wanders off, discovers the Casino, and eventually runs into her Shadow. Lewdness ensues.
  2140. Haru gets Joker's help to try and induce lactation in order to blend a one of a kind coffee just for him, but the result is too much milk all the time.
  2142. Tae drugs Joker and rides him for hours, if not days on end while he's unconscious, testing the ultimate formula for sexual longevity.
  2144. Kawakami convinces the PT girls to be her harem of personal maids who fulfill her every desire like cleaning her apartment
  2146. Fuuka prepares Fuukafriend breakfast
  2147. She makes him eat it off of her body
  2149. Ann gives Morgana a blowjob
  2151. A Phantom Thieves anthology doujin. Joker and Queen, Joker and Skull, Fox and Panther, and then all seven human Thieves on an orgy.
  2152. The end reveals that it's an in-universe doujin that Futaba and Yusuke made after the descrution of the Metaverse, to make some spare cash, and the rest of the team is NOT happy.
  2154. I kill you, then myself.
  2156. Ok real talk do you do this just so people submit ideas you can think about and fap to?
  2157. Because otherwise I see no logical reason why you continue to post this
  2159. She's making the ultimate P5 doujin
  2160. Give her ideas
  2162. The original goal was just to see what cool ideas /pg/ could come up with
  2163. You can see how that turned out
  2164. That being said, some of them are kinda hot.
  2165. Don't really know how I feel about the ones involving me though
  2167. teddie (human) eats nanako alive, dojima revenge rapes him (bear) while crying
  2169. Morgana turns into a real human twink and gets fucked by EVERYONE
  2171. Yuri Incest between Sae and Makoto after they went to the hot springs and Sae got a little but too drunk
  2173. A succubus takes the form of Haru and enters Anons' dreams
  2175. Morgana gets his dick messed with by Joker
  2177. Anne slowly grows more and more dominant thanks to the Metaverse and one day Joker wakes up with his tongue in her snatch.
  2179. The Phantom Thieves decide to have a bad movie night but end up all in an orgy when the cheesey sex scenes start
  2181. Makoto, tired of Joker teasing her with the Phantom Thieves, in public, and even while they're alone, tries turning the tables on him while they're "spending time together", and tries to go full Queen.
  2182. Joker, being Joker, doesn't make it easy.
  2184. >Kawakami has a custom of taking a long soaking bath at the end of her long work days.
  2185. >soaking her hair for so long explains the frizz
  2186. >since he entered her life she's taken to schlicking to Joker during her tubs
  2187. >eventually she starts doing it every time
  2188. >it's not precisely hygienic
  2189. >Joker starts to comment on her hair smelling "extra girly" as of late
  2190. >Joker puts two and two together when he puts his head on her lap and decides to go down on her to relieve the poor girl.
  2192. dumb bitch
  2194. I annihilate your anus.
  2196. After watching her boyfriend fuck so many different girls through her spycam, Futaba decides it's time to end her existence by evoking herself
  2198. Hifumi watches Akechi lick Iwai's sweaty butthole
  2200. While Iwai shits in his mouth.
  2202. Someone draw this.
  2204. Joker sees his aunt Eriko after several years. Eriko is smitten by his qt looks and Joker loves her cakeness. They hold hands in the end.
  2206. Teddie comes close to scoring with Haru, but realizes too late that he actually has zero idea what scoring actually entails. Haru has a clearer idea and proceeds to teach him in her basement with the help of her favorite tools. Teddie fucking loves it.
  2208. Futaba can hack Makoto's vagina
  2210. >Ryuji uses a Tiny Desk Ann as a Onahole
  2212. Joker forces a centipede up Makoto's vagina.
  2214. Ann invites the girls for a sleepover she whips out the dildos and teaches everyone how to give a blowjob while the guys outside her window trying to peep.
  2216. Fuukafag mating-pressing Fuuka
  2218. Naoto and Futaba meet up and nerd out. They end up banging dressed as Phoenix Rangers.
  2220. >Post your doujin ideas anon eats a bullet and fucks off for eternity
  2222. What if Joker and Makoto are fucking and Futaba is just holding Joker's hand? Is that an orgy?
  2223. Big sis showing futaba how it's done!
  2224. >Makoto and Joker don't even like each other, they're just fucking so Futabab can take notes
  2225. >they end up really into it
  2226. >eventually they have to stop because Futaba ran out of room on her sheet before either could finish
  2227. >they keep asking Futaba if she wants t "take notes"
  2228. >eventually they just start doing it even if she's not around whenever one is in the mood
  2229. >it's never the same as when someone watched
  2230. >so Futaba comes up with the idea of streaming it, keeping their faces pixelated and their ages faked
  2231. >Futaba keeps the money for herself, never telling the two there's money involved
  2233. Rise drugs Yu in order to protect him from Naoto.
  2235. Joker suggest trying something new in the bedroom with Makoto, she reluctantly agrees to being blindfolded and tied up to a chat. She tries to back out of it at the last minute but its already too late. Joker calls all his male confidants over who each take a turn with Makoto.
  2237. Ryuji shamefully masturbates in a corner as he watches Shadow Kamoshida fuck cognitive Anne.
  2239. futaba and Anon are enjoying a nice evening together until the lights go out, with no electronic devices or light to do much their minds begin drifting towards dirty things.
  2241. I'm gonna try drawing it before posting the idea... It'll be really short though.
  2243. Sojiro goes trans
  2245. Futaba sits on my lap
  2247. Makoto gets baited by her sisters shadow to show her how not useless she really is, by dom fucking Joker in front of her.
  2249. Pixies
  2251. Do something with Pixe so that ritual poster finally stops
  2253. The phantom thieves target domestic god and his followers, who converts the boys to their cult who then subdue the girls and rape them for all of eternity in mementos
  2255. Why wouldn't he just make the personas fuck the bodies? There's no rule against it.
  2257. Doujin ideas chan, you're the only one who's not retarded in this general never change
  2259. Morgana becomes a cute girl and forces Ryuji to sleep with him
  2261. looks like I summoned her
  2263. a round of vidya with Futaba gone sexual
  2265. Kamoshida goes trans
  2267. Makoto and Morgana run into each other on Valentine's Day, both of them are bored and lonely so they decided to hang out for abit, Makoto decides to take him to all the places he wants to go in Shibuya, both of them having loads of fun and kind of falling for eachother. After that Makoto takes Morgana back to her apartment, they both watch movies with eachother and Morgana falls asleep on top of her chest
  2269. One rainy night Fuuka and Fuukafriend experience a blackout in their house, with no electronic devices or light their minds begin to drift into lewd places
  2270. >Fuukafriend
  2271. I know it's you you fucking bastard
  2273. The PT girls went to the hot springs and then Futaba unleashed the Futaba Canon.
  2275. Sae finally finds Goro after months, but for some reason he's really tsun and rude now and remains like this even when she brings the PT to see him and he reluctantly admits that's pretty much his true self.
  2277. After returning home, Joker receives a mysterious box containing lewd pictures of Goro. This is the gift Goro gave him for getting his confidant to rank 10.
  2279. FeMC rapes shota Morgana
  2281. This is while Makoto is stalking joker.
  2282. Joker goes into the male toilet at school and does a big sloppy curry poo, lots of farting, moaning and splashing. However, he realises there is no toilet paper. He shouts and yell hoping someone can hear him. Makoto pops her head over from the next cubical and winks at him, saying he can use her tongue if he wants. Shenanigans occurs as Ryuji walks into the toilet and sees Makoto licking jokers hairy shitfilled asshole.
  2284. A persona 5 rendition of trapped in the closet.
  2286. Hide and seek game at the Sakura household goes wrong when Makoto finds futabas porn stash
  2288. >tfw no drunk doujin-chan gf
  2290. Fuuka tries to seduce Fuukafriend by speaking Spanish which she does horribly, he laughs and proceeds to throw her unto bed to pound her all night.
  2292. Sojiro gets kidnapped and taken to a blacksite where he gets beaten and raped by men in black
  2294. Yusuke becomes a cross dresser and gets a job working at Crossroads
  2296. Something involving the bunnygirl shadows from Sae's palace
  2298. Shido fucking Kokoro against the window in his office!
  2300. Goro and Yusuke spit roast Futaba
  2302. Ryuji starts dating Mika and Makoto and Ann do everything they can to ruin their relationship, accidentally making it stronger. Then Ann realizes that there's nothing really wrong with the relationship and they leave him me, but Makoto was secretly doing it out of jealousy.
  2304. I cum inside Haru Okumura's vagina to conceive a child to raise along with her for the rest of my life
  2306. Joker and co make a pitstop before going to his house. They go to a Tadashi Satomi Pharmacy!
  2308. Sojiro sells the cafe and buys Crossroads, MOMMY'S HOME becomes a reality
  2310. Joker and Makoto have sex in Mementos on top of Johanna.
  2311. Joker convinces Ann to wear a remote controlled vibrator during her next day of work, and messes with the controls while the cameras are on her.
  2312. Futaba is playing a shitty game and Joker bullies her into getting off the game. Bullies her sexually.
  2313. Haru finally indulges in BDSM, no matter how much Joker wishes she wouldn't.
  2315. The rest of the Phantom Thieves catch Joker trying to masturbate with several of his multiple personas, with Scathatch, Pixie, and Cybele being among them.
  2317. one of Okumura's bunnygirl shadows enters the real word on accident and develops a persona; after Makoto chases it down they fight and the shadow realizes that is both a lesbian and an extreme dom. and so it begins to go after the other P5 girls.
  2319. One of the girls gets cornered by a super powerful Shadow and gets her mind broken by hot shadow dick. She gets pregnant and swells to full term within minutes. She is then willingly carried off to breed more Shadows.
  2321. Maya signs up to a HIV positive dating website.
  2323. It's a normal Joker x Haru doujin, except the dialogue is stuffed with terrible food-based innuendo.
  2325. Joker discovers that Makoto's an exhibitionist; the sweater underneath her halter vest and her leggings are actually just body paint. Leads to lots of fun groping and public sex.
  2327. Futaba and Joker have an awkward first time
  2328. She tries to give him tips from her doujins
  2330. Makoto lures Futaba into the bath, all onee-san like
  2332. Makoto's dimple starts eating the phantom thieves, starting with joker's lips and moving on to the entirety of Futaba
  2334. Doujin-chan and Vocaroo-tan hold hands.
  2335. Reminder that /pg/ is a /u/-approved general
  2338. Tae and Sae have a threesome with a drugged and unconscious (but still erect) Ryuji.
  2340. Chihaya does a tarot reading and finds out her fate is to be fucked so hard she thinks of nothing but dick. She tries to change her destiny, but ends up stumbling straight into a gangbang.
  2341. That's fucking dumb, Anon. Go Greek Tragedy with it, where she recruits Joker to protect her for the entire week (for the sake of the plot, she's getting fucked by the end of the week and knows it), and spend all of his time with her, and then she kisses him, things get intense, he gets her on her table, and while she's getting railed over her booth, she finally realizes that, in trying to prevent her destiny of getting fucked, she CAUSED it to happen... just in time for Joker to finish all over her headband and Tarot Cards.
  2343. Anne fucks the tour guide in Hawaii
  2345. Joker and Makoto (after she becomes a cop) reenact the second verse of RHCP's Sir Psycho Sexy
  2347. Joker admires Futaba's midriff as they're smooshed against each other on the subway. With her belly at about his crotch's height, she quickly notices something prodding against her, and slides him under her shirt, giving him a nice belly dance until he explodes all over her tummy.
  2349. i bend doujin-chan over a sushi conveyor belt and fuck (((her))) raw while dressed as goro akechi
  2351. Goro and Joker are lovers living together and Ann is their slave that lives with them. When she gets her period they banish her to the dog shed.
  2353. Doujin-chan... I know you're a girl, but are you a Groojo? Please tell us.
  2354. Goro is okay, but Kokoro is better
  2356. What do you think of Ann and Ryuji?
  2357. Character wise?
  2358. I like Ann, she's cute and lovable
  2359. Ryuji is an idiot, but still a bro
  2360. If you're asking about Ann x Ryuji, I don't really give a shit about people and their pairings unless they get obnoxious about it
  2362. fuck off fujo
  2364. Doujin-chan and Vocaroo-tan bake a cake together.
  2366. >Morgana was a beautiful boy/girl all along
  2367. >Casual cuddles and loving sex with Akira every night
  2369. Mishima brings back Hunger Games
  2371. Mariefag moral degeneration
  2373. Yusuke gets summoned as an Assassin in a Holy Grail War
  2375. Ryuji keeps complaining about his dry dick and it's pissing the other Phantom Thieves off, so they decide to bully him by teasing him sexually and leaving him with really bad blue balls.
  2377. i fuk u
  2379. /pg/ gathers every single one of the discordfags and rapes them
  2380. Splendid idea, let's start with the Mariefag.
  2381. Come on out faggot, I know you're here!
  2383. No-Good-Tora gets a prostate exam at Tae's clinic, hijinks ensue
  2385. Persona casts are summoned as servants for a battle royale
  2387. Mitsuru teaches her precious kouhai Haru and her handsome boyfriend a few lessons in the bedroom. Double paizuri is involved.
  2388. Sugimura is a lucky guy!
  2390. Doujin Chan gets gangraped and pozzed by a crew of refugees lead by ryujifag
  2392. I kill myself.
  2394. Kokoro/FemJoker/Shido threesome
  2396. How about FemJoker/Goro/Shido? She's got two holes that need to be filled.
  2398. Shido fucked every orphan in P5's mother
  2399. It's all a fucked up family reunion in disguise for Futaba, Yusuke and Groo
  2401. Ryujifag gets transported into the persona 5 world where he is given a wild card which he uses to spreads his viral loads to everyones shadows.
  2403. Ryujifag sics his pack of rabid poz dogs on Makoto.
  2405. The groojoshi get in an orgy
  2407. >Joker goes to Mementos on solo mission
  2408. >gets fucked up by some shadows
  2409. >Some Demonfus decide he looks to good to kill
  2410. >end up fucking him
  2412. Demon fucking sure is popular around here
  2414. it's a staple in any megaten community
  2416. Kaneshiro falls in love with Makoto, they both end up living a happy life. One day the PT rapes his mind and sends him to prison, leaving a depressed Makoto alone in his multi-million dollar mansion.
  2418. Doujin-chan saves Koroko and they all live happily ever after
  2419. I'm not very strong, anon. If anything I'll get captured and mindbroken.
  2420. You've reached rank 10 in keeping record of shitty doujin ideas, I believe in you.
  2421. What persona do I unlock
  2422. Jamie Molly, the ultimate Persona among the Ultimates.
  2424. Joker gets pressed in between a bunch of hot girls on the subway
  2426. Joker/Kawakami and Mishima/Usami go on a double date.
  2428. Ms. Usami has a secret cosplay blog where she is very popular. At an anime convention, she meets Mishima and they're both dressed as characters from the same anime. They can't recognize each other and they hit it off instantly. After spending the whole day together, Mishima takes off his mask and Usami freaks out. She rushes home before Mishima could ask her for her online name.
  2429. Since then, Usami has to look at Mishima's depressed face every math class, unable to tell him the truth. Because a teacher-student relationship could never work..
  2431. Joker summons Lilim who charms the thieves into having an orgy
  2433. Fem Joker x Goro pegging
  2435. Doujin-chan masturbates to all the ideas about her
  2437. Pixie gets an All-Out Attack on her ass
  2439. Morgana see's Ryuji sodomizing Ann over The LeBlanc counter while he steals coffee
  2440. This one idea sparked a lot of...reimaginings of that scenario:
  2441. replace Ann with Joker
  2442. replace Ryuji with Yusuke and Ann with Futaba.
  2443. replace Ann with Akechi
  2444. replace Ryuji with Mishima, Ann with Futaba and Makoto with Sojiro.
  2445. replace Ryuji with Goro and Ann with Haru.
  2446. replace Ryuji with Doujin-chan, Ann with Vocaroo-tan, and Morgana with /pg/
  2447. replace Ryuji with Tae wearing a strap-on and Ann with Sae.
  2448. replace Ann with Makoto and Morgana with Sae.
  2449. replace Ryuji with Iwai and Ann with Ohya and Morgana with Lala-chan.
  2450. replace Ryuji with Sojirio and Ann with Shiho.
  2451. Is this some kind of new /pg/ meme
  2452. replace Ryuji with Yu and Ann with the anon above me
  2453. replace Ryuji with Futaba, Ann with Morgana and Morgana with Joker.
  2454. replace Ryuji with Mariefag and Ann with Marie.
  2455. replace Ryuji with Kamoshida and Ann with Ryuji.
  2456. replace Ryuji with Futaba, Ann with Futaba and Morgana with Futaba.
  2458. Good luck writing all that
  2460. Doujin-chan ahegaos from all the (You)s she got today
  2462. Ryuji infects Morgana with Vocal Cord parasites, now Joker can go out at night freely and do all the older women he wants
  2464. Joker teases Goro with flowers over the months, and can't help noticing how the other's face falls a lot more in the later months.
  2465. I really wanna read this.
  2466. Right? It's a cute idea that plays well into the conflict Goro has and it's fun to think of Joker as that guy who gives no fucks about presenting flowers dramatically to other guys.
  2467. I like to think Goro will also start trying to guess the meanings of the flowers after reading it up, and that he keeps reading negative things into them could be source for interesting discussion.
  2468. Do you think Goro would break down at some point later down the road? Maybe close to Sae's dungeon or so time wise. Like he wants to be friends with Joker, and clearly Joker feels the same, but Goro has already been given orders to kill him. That'd fuck someone up inside I think.
  2469. Also, it's telling that Goro's sin is emptiness in spite of how hard he tried at everything- Does it even matter what he thinks or feels? Adults tell him what to do and he obeys, and even if he thinks they're wrong he's in no place to object. That's just life for him, and the PT's unkind assumptions of him at the start might not have helped much in the matter.
  2470. I mean, in Sae's Palace, the Phantom Thieves "know" he's trying to kill him, so that would throw another monkey wrench into things, where Joker assumes all of Goro's actions have been faked. You know, all but literally asking "Were we ever actually friends?"
  2471. Even in game he actually mutters to himself at Leblanc that thinking of the PTs as criminals is Shido's thoughts close to the time you go to Sae's Palace so yeah, that would fuck him up a lot and explains a lot about how he insists he totally doesn't like Joker at the end so he doesn't have to drive himself nuts over how he killed someone he liked.
  2472. That's why I think in a desperate final warning he might start talking about hating flowers because they die too quickly but it's really his way of saying what they had together is going to die just like these flowers that keep wilting no matter what he does. Bonus points if Joker keeps including a flower that means friendship no matter how much it clashes, since that's just how complicated it is.
  2473. The most interesting part would, ironically, not be about Akechi. After all, Joker is primarily the one putting all of this out there. How does HE react when Futaba plays the recording, where Goro emotionally tells his master than he's setting Joker and his friends up to take the fall, before killing him himself? Does he turn away from Goro, thinking that the past six months we're all a lie perpetrated by Goro to find the ones who were getting in the way? Or does he try even harder to try and get him to change sides? If the latter, how does he react in the day of Sae's heist, when despite all of his efforts, Goro is still betraying them?
  2474. I think both could have interesting reactions, but fuck if that wouldn't be tense as hell especially with Goro spelling it out unsubtly that death is looming and he's the crow that heralds it.
  2475. Man, the more I think about this the more I like it.Man, the more I think about this the more I like it.
  2476. I kinda like it too. Mind if I write something on it and post it on my AO3 account?
  2477. Go for it! Another thing I'd especially like is if Goro just loses it and plucks one of the flowers to pieces and talk coldly about how Joker giving him such delicate things to look after is a cruelty onto itself.
  2478. Take your time anon. I'm looking forward to it as well.
  2479. I'll try drawing a little something up too. Haven't drawn too much lately so I'm a little rusty but I'll try my best.
  2480. Original anon who posted the idea, you guys really made my day entertaining my little idea!
  2482. Ryujifag gets pozzed by Mara
  2484. Joker and Ann teach Ryuji how to dance
  2486. Haru joins in the operation to tie up cognitive Goro and frankly scares everyone while doing so.
  2488. Goro is into self-castration. He cuts off his own penis and posts pictures online.
  2489. he does that every week?
  2490. Maybe he only cuts off a little bit at a time?
  2491. even if he only cut a sliver every week it would only take a month.
  2492. Right. I forgot his dick is less than an inch long. No wonder he hates every other male in the game.
  2493. Next up: His testicles
  2494. forget helel, groo's ult persona now confirmed to be attis
  2496. Kokoro experiences cunnilingus for the first time.
  2497. By whom?
  2498. Either Shido or Joker
  2499. I can't see Shido going down on some bitch, so it'd probably be Joker.
  2500. Unless she's giving.
  2502. Persona 5 never happened.
  2504. Ryuji dares Ann to set Goro on fire. He dies, and they both think it's hilarious.
  2506. Yusuke impregnates Futaba with triplets, but she dies in childbirth.
  2507. do the children make it?
  2508. One of them dies from severe autism early on, but the other two do fine.
  2510. Hifumi and Yosuke go on a date to see the Emoji Movie, Yusuke finds it so beautiful he starts crying and Hifumi has to escort him out of the theater
  2511. >making Yusuke a third wheel cuck
  2512. Sure, why not.
  2513. I didn't notice what I did until now but sure let's roll with it
  2515. Nanako fucking Dojima's brains out with a strapon.
  2517. Adachi and the SO have been talking for years, and Adachi finally accepts the offer to join them. On his last day there, Dojima visits him and Adachi breaks the bad news that he is moving to Tokyo to help the SO. His lover, Dojima, is sad, but he understands Adachi must do what he has to so he can atone. In a rash manner, Dojima tells his love that he's moving to Tokyo as well, he has nothing left in Inaba and his family and favorite nephew are there. Adachi not liking this has a fight with Dojima, and they leave things in a bad place.
  2518. As Dojima is entering the city of Tokyo, he hears a police report that a van containing a dangerous criminal has been attacked by none other than the Phantom Thieves! Dojima steps on the gas GAS GAS and hightails it to the vans location!
  2519. What happens next? Where is Nanako? Why are Dojima and Adachi lovers?
  2520. Find out in Go! Go! Tokyo! A tale of arcana crossed lovers.
  2522. Ann fucks some colored men
  2524. Yusuke and Futaba hang out for a while and engage in some vaguely romantic shenanigans which, to Futaba's dismay, have nothing to do with sex.
  2526. Alright Gentlemen and doujin ideas fem-anon Post 100% mismatch ships.
  2527. >YusukeXYukari
  2528. >MitsuruXRyuji
  2529. >AnnXShinji
  2530. >MakotoXJunpei
  2531. >RyujiXYukiko
  2532. >AkihikoXFutaba
  2534. Haru x Caroline
  2535. Tamaki x Justine
  2536. Ayane x Lisa
  2537. Junpei x Rise
  2538. Kaneshiro x Wakaba
  2539. Philemon x Okumura
  2540. Shiho x Chidori
  2541. Joker x Hitler
  2542. Rio x Shinya
  2543. Sho x Kamoshida
  2544. Yumi x Nanjo
  2545. Futaba x Mishima
  2546. Fox x Hanako
  2547. Mayumi Yamano x Ms Toriumi
  2548. Kou x Igor
  2549. Adachi x Hidehiko
  2550. FeMC x Ayase
  2551. Jun x Ann
  2552. Shu x Aigis
  2553. Sae x Eriko
  2554. Saori x Keisuke
  2555. Daidara x Kaz
  2556. Baofu x Jin
  2557. Ryoji x Dojima
  2558. Izanami x Old Lady Shiroku
  2559. Makoto (P3MC) x Devil Nurse
  2560. Margaret x Nameless
  2561. Katsuya x Edogawa
  2562. Shido x Ken
  2563. Chie x Anna
  2564. Yuko x Chizuru
  2565. Erebus x Namatame
  2566. Kawakami x Madarame
  2567. Nyx x Ulala
  2568. Trish x Yukari
  2569. Groo x Ginji
  2570. Yusuke x Kandori
  2571. Hifumi x Metis
  2572. Demon Painter x Akihiko
  2573. Teddie x Theo
  2574. Kenji x Sojiro
  2575. Yukiko x Yu
  2576. Ohya x Mitsuru
  2577. Kashiwagi x Misuzu Hiiragi
  2578. Chihiro x Yosuke
  2579. Mark x Maki
  2580. Mr Ekoda x Ryuji
  2581. Yoshida x Maya
  2582. Kanji x Tanaka
  2583. Piercy x Koromaru
  2584. Nyarly x Makoto (Niijima)
  2585. Shinji x Naoto
  2586. Eikichi x Daisuke
  2587. Sumaru x Marie
  2588. Labrys x Chihaya
  2589. Akinari x Yukino
  2590. Kenta x Yaldabaoth
  2591. Belladonna x Iwai
  2592. Takaya x Lavenza
  2593. Reiji x Bebe
  2594. Tatsuya x Tae
  2595. Fuuka x Ai
  2596. Morgana x Nanako
  2597. Pharos x Liz
  2599. That was a little too fast. I take it this is not a fresh concept.
  2601. Makoto gives Ryuji a handjob
  2602. Oh that's just lame for an entire doujin.
  2603. You need something that can last for more than a few pages like "Rise Sexualisis 2, but Makoto is Rise, Ryuji is Kanji, and Joker is Yu."
  2604. like bodyswapped makoto and rise?
  2605. No. I was GOING to suggest "Makoto is getting jealous of how close Ryuji is to her boyfriend and thinks he's into him, so she sets up a scenario where he sees her and Joker kissing, but Joker doesn't know Ryuji's watching, so he rails her hard".
  2606. But then I remembered that was literally the plot of a P4 doujin.
  2607. Shouldn't Joker and Ryuji be switched.
  2608. Joker could explain easily his intentions. Ryujin isn't smart enough to, hence why Makoto would even consider the possibility.
  2610. One day in the mementos, makoto gets into her costume to find a tentacle on top of her head. The PT's try to pull it off but find that's it stuck to her pretty hard. They move on and 2 hours later one of Makoto's eyes turn into a big red circle. Panicking, Makoto Fast travels back to the entrance. When she awakes again, she finds herself surrounded by all the Makotofags in the world, manlet/femlet aliens with the same appendage, except it looked like an antenna. As she starts panicking, her other eye also turns into another giant red circle. The Makotofags start their chanting and ritual posts all while Makoto turns into one of them. How will she get out of this situation? What will happen to the PT's without their brain?
  2611. They all fucking die and Makoto gives birth to all the autists autistic alien children.
  2613. The girls run out of SP while in a Palace so the guys have to give them some of theirs by feeding them their semen.
  2615. Doujin-chan joins the Squad
  2616. You interested in forming a Social Link?
  2618. No.
  2619. Je préférerais être violé par un réfugié que de faire partie de ce cancer
  2620. Dunno which of this is you so I'll respond to both. I wasn't the one who offered, but I am sorry you feel that way. We respect your decision.
  2621. I don't, you're joining eventually
  2622. >Join a group where one guy probably doesn't shut up about Gundam.
  2623. Why would you guys even want Doujin-slut in your discord lmao
  2624. She's nice. I like her.
  2625. Because I want everyone possible in this bitch.
  2626. >Calls you guys cancer
  2627. >Nice
  2628. she's right tho
  2629. join my discord guys hahahaaa
  2630. Stop trying to recruit doujin idea-chan please
  2631. Reminder not to reply to discordfags.
  2632. >wanting to join a cabal of faggots that do nothing but circlejerk over Mariefag and AIDS
  2634. I bet you're not French
  2636. Tae creates a new fertility drug that allows a woman to get pregnant without a man and slips it into Sae's coffee. Wacky hijinks occur over the next nine months as Sae is confused and oblivious about her changing condition.
  2638. Haru and Makoto suck Kamoshida's cock in the locker room.
  2640. Door-tan accidentally summons Beelzebub in the SEES dorm, casting a spell of lust-gluttony on Mitsuru; forcing her to work overtime to try and find a way to reverse it
  2642. Futaba and Morgana switch bodies
  2644. creepy-chan opens up a palace, forcing the PT to try and change her heart. however, they come under an ambush are quickly converted into masked shadows serving her in the palace.
  2646. Sojiro finds Joker's onahole collection.
  2648. Alice + Pixie threesome w/ MC.
  2650. Makoto is walking along the beach when she trips over and instinctively grabs onto ryujis shorts to break her fall, ripping his pants off revealing his hard dick.
  2652. Queen asks for Joker to help her out of her Metaverse costume. For purely nonsexual reasons.
  2653. It doesn't stay that way.
  2655. Fuukafriend gets birthday sex from Fuuka
  2657. Fuuka gets experimental and captures a shadow that she lets turn her into it's breeding bitch
  2659. Joker going into Mementos alone to grind levels and getting cornered by some female demons. Needless to say, he gets dommed by them all
  2661. It was a long hard night for a woman. The light were bright. The sounds were loud. The people were drunk and down. Haru was taking her chances by coming out to the red light district at night. Big Smoke had all but stopped talking to her ever since she revoked his free burger pass. She needed a hit though, just a little something to get her through the cram sesh. She wandered into the back alley and saw two shady men comparing their hard dicks. They were arguing about who's bigger, but Haru didn't care. She needed what she needed. She needed a hit. She needed some ice. Hola Hombres, haru exclaimed. I know you are comparing rock hard cra, I mean cocks right now but I would to purchase some ice. The men looked at her funny, and started jerking each other. Haru is that you? Haru started focusing and to her dismay, the men in the alley were actually Joker and Groo. O-oh, haha please dont mind me im leaving now haru cried. Wait, we have what you want. Haru could smell it from a mile away. She found what she came for. Pls gib, Haru went down on her knees. This bag is $50000 yen, can you pay that haru? You dont have much left to sell do you? Haru threw down the deed to her fiances limo. GIVE ME NOW she screamed like a woman giving birth. Woah okay calm down. They exchange goods and Haru heads down the alley shoving the bag in her nose. Then Goro and Joker start fucking while Shido sits in the corner tied up.
  2663. oh dear lord
  2664. Anon, I wrote a fic about Futaba getting spitroasted by Shido and Shadow (technically a Persona, but whatever) Shido after he beat the Phantom Thieves, and even I think this is autistic.
  2665. They wanted my doujin idea, I gave it to them. Those were just the first 5 pages.
  2666. IDEAS, Anon, they wanted IDEAS, not your script.
  2667. I didn't know how to write that down without putting it into a script.
  2668. "Haru offers to suck off two strangers in a Shinjuku alley for her next fix. The strangers end up being Joker and Goro."
  2669. You've gotta reach out and GRAB the reader, like Haru grabbing her next rock.
  2670. But she didn't offer to suck them off. Akira and Goro are gay and have no interest in women.
  2671. >Joker and Goro are gay and have no interest in women.
  2672. Well yeah, you can't just GIVE AWAY the twist.
  2673. It's not really a twist if the first you see of them is them arguing and touching each other.
  2675. For Makoto's birthday, Joker switches her favorite Sci-Fi book with an erotic novel about a new cop in the big city who falls for a Gentleman Thief.
  2676. How rude, she wants to relax and read her favorites book for her birthday, but it gets replaced with smut.
  2678. Ryuji and Ann play Mario Kart. Ryuji almost comes close to winning, but Ann shoves his hand down her shirt at the last moment and steals first place. The two have a big argument that leads to playfighting, sexual tension, and hot, rough fucking.
  2680. Fuuka bakes fuukafag a cake for his birthday
  2681. she makes him eat it off her body
  2682. for some reason fuuka does strike me as a girl that would be into that
  2683. >expecting in-character behaviour in a doujin
  2684. you mean Yukari wouldn't drag a mattress to Tartarus and fuck MC on it?
  2686. Mishima makes some coffee, spills it, blames himself, says that he can't even make coffee right, and then cries because he realizes Joker and the PT will probably eventually forget him and he is extremely insignificant compared to them.
  2687. This but Makoto is Mishima and Joker hits her at the end
  2688. A domestics bro production
  2690. Joker steps on a dirty needle at taes clinic and gets pozzed
  2692. >Joker attempts to rape Female Mishima
  2693. >She thinks that's just how normal sex is and encourages him
  2694. >Says she didn't know how into her he was until now when they're done
  2696. Makoto doing wet and messy fetish porn with black men
  2698. Kidnapping loli Makoto and have some cute adventures with her (no sexual)
  2699. Taking her to movies, buying her some Ramen and deserts, buying her the jake frost plushies and taking her back to the apartment before Sae gets home :)
  2701. Doujins-chan chokes on escargot
  2702. How about I choke on your escargot instead, anon-kun
  2703. I don't do frogs
  2704. I'll take her then
  2705. Escargot is snails, you moron.
  2706. And french people are frogs
  2707. Retard
  2709. Ryuji spots loli Makoto at the arcade, he drags her behind one of the cabinets and begins to forcefully poz her
  2710. Is it shota Ryuji ?
  2711. No, we're talking about a full grown Ryuji with a full grown nine incher.
  2712. That would be very painful
  2714. Shinya/Ann/Shota morgana 3P
  2716. Kawakami gets hired by Shinya's mom to do the chores while she's away, Kawakami mistakenly thinks she got hired by Shinya and proceeds to give him "special services"
  2718. Doujin-chan's lewd loli adventures
  2720. The PT gets turned into children inside the metaverse, they proceed to have an orgy
  2722. Naoto opts to investigate the Phantom Thieves and ends up getting her brains fucked out by their leader. Problem is, she was already Yu's personal slut, which leads to a hot, messy threesome that will decide which Wild Card gets to keep Naoto as an onahole.
  2723. You forgot to mention Yu and Joker are shotas
  2725. Joker, tired of Cybele and Ishtar's bickering, tapes their horns together so that they must stand lip-to-lip and shrinks Cybele's rings so that they can only touch each other
  2727. Shadow Shido mindbreaks the girls in your party
  2729. Doujin-chan joins the Discord Squad.
  2731. One night, a lonely NEET is shitposting on /pg/. "No, I said he wants a man dressing as a woman, not an actual woman." "Nope. Fuck off gay boy." As he's doing this, his mom answers the door. It's Tae Takemi, world renowned doctor and penis haver. "I'm here to give your son the biggest injection of his life. I'm sure this will be an absolutely POSITIVE experience for him." His mom lets Tae up to his room and lock the door behind her. Tae sneaks up on the Anon and injects her monster magnum dong inside his tight rear and proceeds to rape him. Needless to say, by the end of the night, the anon realized Futa is NOT gay.
  2732. There is literally nothing gay about getting fucked in the butt by a Futa
  2733. This is shittier propaganda fanfiction than sonichu.
  2735. Igor sticks his nose into Ohya's butt
  2737. Doujin-chan gets deep dicked by the Discord Squad.
  2739. Mariefag busts Doujin-chan for drug possesion
  2741. Joker loses to Hifumi in Shogi, and has to get buttfucked by her in the church confessional
  2743. joker becomes futaba
  2745. your voice does things to my penis
  2747. futaba becomes joker
  2749. Doujins-chan shoves a whole baguette up her ass
  2750. Can I at least put brie on it first or do I have to take it dry?
  2751. As long as I can eat it sure
  2752. That's pretty lewd, anon-kun.
  2753. I'll put the baguette in my ass now and take it out when I wake up.
  2755. Makoto does the naked apron to surprise Joker
  2757. Doujin chan enters the Persona world and becomes a member of Chad's harem.
  2759. "Bad" end doujin where the Phantom Thieves are locked up and punished in the depths of Mementos. However, everyone ends up enjoying what Yaldabaoth has in store for them, much to his annoyance.
  2761. Joker fucks Futaba and Shadow Futaba
  2763. Discorders find out where doujin-chan lives and sends elite pozbreeders to her location as revenge for not joining the squad.
  2765. Discord Squad gets sued by Doujin-chan for sexual harassment!
  2767. Yukiko and Chie find out that they both like Yu, and during his next trip to Inaba, they decide to settle which of the two can have him by timing who can make him cum the fastest.
  2768. Yeah, I've been playing P4 recently, fuck off.
  2770. On the eve of the eclipse, an autistic makotofag is browsing reddit. His friend, another autistic makotofag is drooling over a Jenga tower. The game fuels their autistic needs, but one of them is taking forever. On block 36, the drooling one cannot find a place to take a block from. Whoever loses has to dress up as Makoto and let the other one do lewd things to them Futa is not gay btw The one browsing reddit stumbles across a AnnxBlackmen meme and bellows out laughing. The vibrations knock over the tower and the drolling retard lets out the longest REEEEE he has ever done. The eclipse ends in a sacrifice of blood, sweat, semen, and autism and a Makoto that looks like the reddit symbol is born.
  2772. Goro gets raped by a horde of fangirls.
  2774. All the Persona characters on a spaceship headed to a new planet. They need to perpetuate the human race!
  2775. Also hi friend!
  2777. Sneaking into chihiro's room !
  2778. Waking her up and undressing her at knife point !
  2779. Elbowing her face until you break that cunts jaw !
  2780. Punching her ribs until she stops moving !
  2781. Wrapping your hands around her throat and watching her die!
  2783. Persona 5 taking place in Westeros instead of Tokyo
  2784. Hope you're doing well, Doujin-chan!
  2785. is this how most attempt at conversation goes in your little group?
  2786. Nah, we usually start with complaints about religion and politics.
  2788. Yukari has to live with some fat old smelly fuck
  2790. Joker and Futaba become kaiju and destroy Tokyo.
  2792. Joker become kaiju and destroy Futaba's Tokyo
  2794. Futaba becomes a kaiju and has sex with Tokyo
  2796. Goro gets a slurpee enema
  2798. Vanilla Haru x Sugimura
  2800. Doujin-chan kills herself after /pg/ ignores her and talks about Haru all day
  2802. Aigis snoops on the Phantom Thieves on behalf of the Shadow Operatives, but gets caught by Futaba and fucked by Necronomicon in every hole. Futaba then hacks her so that she has an overactive libido and presents her to the Phantom Thieves as their new team member/walking onahole.
  2804. Some anon's dad masturbates to his son's waifu
  2805. Debatable on whether or not that is NTR
  2807. Naoto gets drunk and rapes Yu
  2809. Yu meets his other uncle Jotaro Kujo and together they go do autistic things and live a good life.
  2811. AU where Joker is part of the gambling academy in Kakegurui, falls hard into debt and becomes Haru's slave because she pays his debt off.
  2812. >Kakegurui
  2813. At least pick Kaiji.
  2815. Kawakami buys a dildo for practice but mistakenly gets one that's way too big. She tries it out anyway and loves it, but can no longer be satisfied by Joker's small Japanese cocklet.
  2817. Kokoro and Goro fight over who gets to take Joker's virginity.
  2819. All the straight anons in /pg/ get a butt injection by Futa!with balls Tae!
  2821. Morgana sends joker to bed before he can wank so he falls asleep very horny, wakes up in the Velvet Room to Igor giving a very long speech.
  2822. Joker tries to hide his continually intesifying erection as Igor drones on and on, while the twins keep berating him for fidgeting around so much and not paying attention, and eventually passes out from overstimulation
  2823. He wakes up to see Morgana licking his weewee
  2825. Makoto steps on a dirty needle and visits Taes clinic for a check up. She discovers that she has been infected with a dose of viral positivity.
  2826. The doujin comprises of wacky shenanigans as Makoto comes to terms with her new identity and discovers her true self.
  2828. Vanilla Ann x Joker but she gets raped by a gang bald black men on the last page
  2830. Vanilla Makoto x Joker but she gets raped by a gang bald black men on the last page
  2832. Ryuji, fuelled by hatred of joker for leaving him to be raped by homosexuals, plots secret revenge against joker
  2834. Makoto runs into a porn director on her way back to her hotel in Hawaii and gets dragged into a private suite where she gets gang raped by the director and his friends for hours on end before eventually escaping.
  2836. Vanilla Anon x his waifu but anon gets raped by a gang of bald black men on the last page
  2838. Zombie Doujin-chan eats /pg/'s brains
  2839. I'd rather have her eat something else desu
  2840. I also want her to eat your spleen.
  2841. yeah like a hamburger haha
  2842. making doujin-chan fat !!
  2843. using her belly as a trampoline !!
  2845. Vanilla fujo self insert x Goro but they both get raped by a gang of bald black men on the last page. They comment how Goro's pussy is tighter than hers at the end.
  2847. Ryuji challenges Makoto, telling her that he could swallow way more pozloads that her, Makoto, as defiant as usual, takes him up on the challenge.
  2848. The pair wonders Shinjuku finding infected homeless men to suck and fuck, impressed by the others courage and cock sucking ability, they both learn new things about eachother and themselves and eventually falls in love.
  2849. this but without the aids fetishism
  2850. this but replace Ryuji and Makoto with Nanako and Shinya
  2851. this but it's vanilla and Shinya is replaced with me
  2853. Haru gives Nanako meth, hijinx ensue.
  2855. Sae becomes a contestant in a speed dating reality show. The twist? It is for positive singles ! And Makoto is the show host !
  2857. Doujin-chan and Let /pg/ Die anon get married and have kids.
  2859. Makoto buys a dog, the night before she gets it neutered it crawls into her bed and licks the fuck out of her pussy while she's sleeping. She wakes up to it slamming it's thick red rocket in her pussy.
  2860. she tries to push it away but it simply overpowers her, filling her hairless cunny with its seed, suddenly sae opens her bedroom door
  2862. I try not to die during this hurricane
  2863. maybe a hot girl runs into my apartment seeking shelter because she got stranded on the road or something and we fuck to relieve the boredom
  2865. Joker and his son double team Goro's daughter while Goro's ghost cries and jerks off
  2867. Ishtar possesses Joker and makes him mating press all the girls
  2869. >Blah blah blah setup
  2870. >Yusuke wants to know what blend of coffee Leblanc is serving today
  2871. >Makoto, Haru and Sadayo chime off "Strictly Hard Bean"
  2872. >Yusuke bawks and wonders how all of them had the time to stop by there before school
  2873. >They all exchange significant glances
  2874. >They all knew because they'd tasted it while kissing Joker.
  2876. Doujin-Chan gets gangraped by the discord squad !
  2877. She wants you to post original ideas you idiot, that one's been done before
  2878. What is "original"?
  2880. Essentially the Mega Man comic but where Labrys has to fight evil robots and turn them back to good instead of Robot Masters and the Shadow Operatives are her supporting cast.
  2882. Dojima gives Adachi the most passionate night of his life.
  2883. Home or no homo, it's up to you.
  2885. Doujin-Chan rapes the discord squad !!
  2886. Is Doujin-chan a futa or a guy?
  2887. Full package futa
  2888. How big is Doujin-chan's cock?
  2889. French, so small. Oh, but it is a futa, so probably 15inches.
  2890. Very long and very thin !!!!
  2891. Like a long needle made of skin !!!!!
  2892. With a pair of pendulous balls attached !!!!!!
  2893. 3 inches. Perfect for sph.
  2894. I'm as big as you want me to be, baby
  2896. Hogwarts AU. Joker is Harry, Ryuji is Ron, Ann is Hermione, Goro is Malfoy, Yaldy is Voldemort.
  2898. The Phantom Thieves eat instead of facing their problems!
  2900. Foreign barker and sojiro rapes the girls while joker helplessly watches
  2901. switch Joker and the Foreign Banker
  2902. switch Joker and Sojiro and remove Foreign barker and the rape
  2904. Can this post be in the pastebin?
  2906. Anne knocks on the wrong door in Hawaii and gets dragged into a hotel room of multiple black men thinking she's the prostitute they ordered
  2908. Makoto knocks on the wrong door in Hawaii and gets dragged into a hotel room of multiple black men thinking she's the prostitute they ordered
  2910. Goro knocks on the wrong door in Hawaii and gets dragged into a hotel room of multiple Jokers thinking he's the man they fell for
  2912. You are nothing but a tool for shitposters.
  2913. literal fag
  2915. Sho resurrects Akechi and uses him as his pawn!
  2916. And sho's him a good time.
  2918. Makoto converts to islam and begins converting futaba to the true faith. Shenanigans occurs as Sae and Sojiro starts investigating their odd behaviour.
  2920. /pg/ gets unJUSTed
  2921. Lets try to keep our fanfics based in reality
  2923. Futaba gives Makoto/Haru/Sae sexual advice she got from rape eroge.
  2925. Nanako gets brain damage from being dead for so long and Dojima has to take care of her barely living husk of a body. He has to change her diapers and lives a miserable existence.
  2926. Eventually he smothers her with a pillow.
  2927. Later on he gets a letter, telling him to meet her in Silent Hill where he meets a scantily-clad alternate version of her named Manako.
  2928. After facing a bunch of scary stuff, Dojima finds out it was Koromaru all along.
  2930. futaba changes the girls homepage to blacked
  2931. This, but make her change the Phansite to redirect to BLACKED
  2933. Ryuji's wacky attempts to force his way into Makoto's harem.
  2935. On a bright, sunshiney day, an anon is arguing about Futa(with balls). He claims it isn't gay. He claims that for it to be gay, there needs to be two sets of balls. Dr. Tae, renknowned futa Dr. with balls, has something to say about that. She destroys his door with one sling of her mighty cock and enters anons room. She makes him drink a potion that dissolves his balls and fucks his twink ass while he's crying in pain. He ejaculates from his three incher and realized that even though he had no balls, getting his ass fucked was still gay.
  2937. Well yeah, for him to PHYSICALLY be a cuck, he has to be in a relationship with a woman to be cucked.
  2938. What a strange idea
  2939. You shouldn't expect much logic from anons who like to push their cuckoldry fetish onto fictional characters
  2940. Is it a fetish if they're doing it to shit on the character?
  2941. They're cucks themselves, they're self inserting as Ryuji while trying to force him to be a cuck
  2943. I join Makoto's harem.
  2945. Makoto challenges Joker to a test of dexterity, technique, and stamina to see if he can be the one guy in her harem.
  2947. Joker and Makoto's date gets interrupted by Naoto who is tracking the PTs, her pursuit of them eventually leads her into LeBlanc's attic where a threesome ensues
  2949. Doujin-chan squirts in the faces of every anon on /pg/ as she cums from masturbating to all of the ideas involving her
  2950. This except the squirt is pozzed juice
  2951. This except the squirt is apple juice
  2952. This but doujin-chan cosplays as Queen
  2953. I've heard that eating fruit makes guy's cum sweet
  2954. Does that also apply to squirt?
  2955. Yup. A good diet is unsurprisingly good for everyone.
  2956. I see
  2957. I'll go get some apples at the store then
  2958. Supposedly it works better with citric fruits; the meme fruit for this type of thing is a pineapple.
  2960. Nanako dies of a heart attack.
  2961. There is a funeral.
  2963. Anne and joker kicks Mishima and Ryuji out of the hotel room so they can make some sweet love. Angry, Ryuji and Mishima sneaks into makotos room and rapes her.
  2964. This but replace Makoto with Yusuke.
  2965. This but replace Joker, Ann, Ryuji, and Makoto with Mishima.
  2966. This but replace Ann with Goro
  2968. If Morgana was formed of the hope of humanity, does that mean the hope of humanity is to bang Ann?
  2970. >Criteria needed for harem shenanigans is being a wild card
  2971. >Game has nothing but playable wild cards
  2972. >Everyone is banging everyone
  2973. Sounds like a good time desu.
  2975. So basically Makoto, Yu, Sho, Akira and Akechi will take turns spitroasting Elizabeth while Aigis watches?
  2976. Sounds kinky.
  2978. >implying Aigis would allow any other girl to have Makoto's dick
  2979. >implying Akechi would be giving and not recieving
  2982. How about this:
  2983. Elizabeth is getting DPed by Makoto and Sho, and Akechi's sucking off Yu and getting his ass fucked by Joker. I'm not sure how to fit Aigis in so she watches.
  2986. No Elizabeth gets DP'ed Joker and Akechi first before they fuck each other and Yu and Sho have a go at Elizabteh. Then Makoto plays with Aigis's "functions" in the background.
  2987. Then Elizabeth fucks both of them once she's done with Yu and Sho.
  2989. The Phantom Thieves, SEES, and The Investigation Team go on a Group Date!
  2991. Shiho goes camping in Aokigahara and meets new friends
  2993. The trannies of /pg/ get the set of genitals they so rightfully deserve. Also Ryujifag dies of aids at the end.
  2995. Yusuke finds his mothers collection of nude self portraits.
  2997. Junpei's persona gains a new "Hypnosis" ability. He uses this exactly how you think he would.
  2998. To convince everyone that he's da man, right?
  2999. >Entire world now believes Junpei is a chill bro.
  3000. Just as it should be.
  3002. Instead of stealing hearts, the Phantom Thieves steal panties.
  3004. Fuuka does not get into P3 Dancing Moon Night and fuukafag consoles her by pounding her all night instead
  3006. Joker treats Morgana, Yusuke and Goro to sushi and we get to see how he really feels (Heartbreak while smiling like he's fine) as the other two help themselves and leave nothing for him.
  3008. Futaba reads scripts on soundgasm
  3010. Futa fags are so in denial they create a graph to show how not in denial they are.
  3012. Futaba whips out her meaty futa cock and has an orgy with the rest of the PT girls.
  3014. Doujin-chan and Mariefag fight each other to the death with their massive futa cocks.
  3015. Labrysfag watches in horror.
  3016. I'm a small girl, anon-kun
  3017. I should have a proportional, small cock
  3018. I like to pretend my wife isn't biological.
  3020. Discord Squad devours the entirety of /pg/ like an anus you've inserted a vibrator too deep inside.
  3022. Positivityanon becomes a partner of discord and gets in the discordfags discord to spam about aids.
  3024. Goro takes a dump on Joker's bed and blames it on Morgana.
  3026. Yusuke eats Pasta Haru
  3028. Joker enters the sonic universe
  3030. Makoto forces the entire gang to watch Rick and Morty
  3031. >It's an intelligent show for smart people like me!
  3033. Piercy, Tatsuya, Maya, Door-kun, FeMC, Yu and Joker have an orgy.
  3035. > Futaba and Yusuke work on a doujin and the result is the doujin you're reading
  3037. > Goro deals with a bad day where everyone mobs him trying to figure out his relationships, love life, parents and so on and makes up increasingly outlandish lies while praying no one calls him out for the loser he is
  3039. Koromaru rapes Morgana
  3040. >Koromaru-san being that uncivilized
  3042. The PT fight Goku.
  3044. Joker fucks sonic's waifus.
  3045. Aren't they like all 12?
  3046. Only amy is 12. Rouge and wave are 18 blaze and tikal are 14 cream is 6.
  3047. The fuck is up with all those pornstar names?
  3049. Sonic rapes Joker to show who's the better masked man. Then Sonic forces him to read Two Babies and One Fox.
  3051. The Groofucker ! gets tied up and has to watch Goro get treated both gently and roughly while he cries internally because he's not getting to fuck Goro.
  3052. >he
  3053. >has
  3054. >no
  3055. >pozload
  3056. >juice
  3057. >implying the Groofucker is a Groojoshi
  3058. Even they aren't that uncreative and/or autistic.
  3060. Makoto stalks Joker. He notices and walks into a blind alley so he can confront her. Instead, she aikidos him to the ground and rapes him.
  3062. The twins somehow get into the real world, see Shinya with Joker and they stalk him as they go to the arcade. As he's about to win Caroline shouts excitedly and tries hiding, but Joker finds them instantly. Then he and Shinya teach the two to play games (with Caroline almost destroying a crane game out of fury).
  3063. And as punishment for losing the game joker and shinya takes one of them to the back alley for some ground and pound
  3065. >/pg/ actually makes a doujin instead of exclusively shitting out ideas
  3066. >implying we have the ability to concentrate on making anything other than shitposting
  3068. Futaba DDOSes Morgana, hijinks ensue.
  3070. >Futaba and Yusuke start making Sae doujins
  3071. >start shipping her with Joker
  3072. >Joker is dating Makoto
  3073. >Makoto finds out
  3075. Kanji and Naoto go on a date but end up in Mementos.
  3077. >The rest of the Phantom Thieves catch Joker trying to masturbate with several of his multiple personas, with Scathatch, Pixie, and Cybele being among them.
  3078. You forgot Alice, Titania and Ishtar
  3079. You forgot:
  3080. >High Pixie
  3081. >Nekomata
  3082. >Silky
  3083. >Apsaras
  3084. >Kikuri-Hime
  3085. >Sarasvati
  3086. >Yaksini
  3087. >Lamia
  3088. >Hariti
  3089. >Dakini
  3090. >Leanan Sidhe
  3091. >Ame-No-Uzume
  3092. >Kushinada-Hime
  3093. >Parvati
  3094. >Valkyrie
  3095. >Clotho
  3096. >Lachesis
  3097. >Atropos
  3098. >Fortuna
  3099. >Lakshmi
  3100. >Angel
  3101. >Hua Po
  3102. >Mandrake
  3103. >Gabriel
  3104. >Lilim
  3105. >Succubus
  3106. >Lilith
  3107. and then the shock of being discovered causes him to lose control, resulting in the entire PT getting overwhelmed and raped by horny sexy demon girls
  3108. >Joker fucking 33 demonfus
  3109. Somebody stop him
  3111. Doujin-chan meets her old acquaintance Fuukafag in a cafe.
  3112. They bond over their lack of joining the discord squad.
  3113. fuukafag was part of the discord though
  3115. Ann gets her teeth kicked in and her mouth fucked!
  3117. Naoto has a good day.
  3118. ...because Rise allowed her out of her cage.
  3120. >Doujin-chan honestly states whether or not she's a member of the discord squad, or is considering joining the squad
  3121. I'm not, and I don't intend to be part of it.
  3123. The P2 cast ends up in a nursing home together
  3125. Funky student ends up on a livestream and steals the idiot livestreaming his lifes camera.
  3127. Doujin-chan devours the discord squad and they become a part of her, instead of her becoming a part of them.
  3129. The Discord Squad is revealed to really be a squad of Doujin-Chans
  3131. Doujin-chan jills it to Corruption of Champions
  3133. Shadow Sae Niijima blackmails Joker into being her boy-toy for a while to pay off the chips that the Phantom Thieves borrowed.
  3134. Meanwhile, in the real world, Sae Niijima is getting constantly hot and bothered from all the fucking her Shadow's doing, and despite her pride ends up excusing herself from work to rush home and masturbate like crazy before Makoto comes back.
  3135. However, Makoto ends up coming back before Sae's satisfied and they have an awkward dinner together. Sae's awkward because she's almost delirious with lust, while Makoto's awkward because she knows what's going on in Sae's Palace.
  3137. It's a bright night, fire is in the air and the people are screaming out. In a lone studio apartment there are two people. A man, and a temptress. The temptress laughs maniacally while whispering sweet nothings into the mans ears. "b-but my waifu ann! I need to stay loyal to her," but the dispirited woman would continue on. The brainy woman was stroking his member while filling his head with degenerate thoughts but all the man did was chant "a-ann is buxom, ann is sweet, i'm so proud of her, I love her." Before his eyes the cognition of his waifu turned into a twisted version of herself and the kawaii woman was the one in his mind's eye. At the end, the lonely man gave in too temptation and gave the stuffed bear what it wanted, some new stuffing.
  3139. Goro kills and eats Morgana then kisses Joker afterwards.
  3141. >Tohru Adachi meets a kindred soul, Sae Niijima
  3143. Goro leads a new and happy life with the PTs, gets to graduate at the top of his class and he's happy. It's just a dream though, in reality he was found dying shortly after Joker defeats Yaldy and dies after breaking down because he knows it's not the truth.
  3145. Makoto kills Goro for flirting with her man, Sae helps her hide the body and the two bond over their mutual hatred of him.
  3147. Sae sucks Goro off under the table at Leblanc.
  3149. Goro jacks Sae off under the table at Leblanc.
  3151. Goro gets a sex change so Shido can fuck him like he's always dreamed. He's upset when he finds out he still can't get pregnant and will never have his brother-son or sister-daughter.
  3152. Is Goro Chris-chan now
  3153. What would Goro's un-clit feel like?
  3154. bags of sand
  3156. Instead of some complicated plan involving Joker's capture, the Phantom Thieves just stab Goro to death on the eve of Sae's palace and dump his body in mementos. Because no one actually cared about him, he is quickly forgotten and no one gives a shit when he disappears.
  3158. Goro gets a massive case of fiery diarrhea after eating the Russian takoyaki. He sits on the toilet for hours, asshole aflame, crying in pain as he somehow expels more and more shit until finally he dies on the toilet. Turns out the takoyaki was poisoned, Joker's classmates were trying to murder him but Goro took the bullet instead.
  3160. Ryuji fucks Goro raw. With the blade of Yusuke's Katana. Yusuke paints it.
  3161. Do you think he uses Goro's blood for the reds?
  3162. That would be his first and only choice
  3164. Goro contracts AIDS from all the dirty old men Shido lets fuck him.
  3166. Goro goes to a farm and lets himself get fucked in the ass by a male pig. 9 months later he gives birth to a litter of piglets. He raises them to adulthood then has them all slaughtered for bacon and serves it to the Phantom Thieves at a team meeting.
  3168. Alt scenario where kamoshida assaults Mishima instead of Shiho.
  3169. Simple but amazing.
  3171. Fem Joker fucks a straight Kokoro till she's gay
  3173. Dear Big Bro,
  3174. I did it. Starting Spring, I'll be attending Yasogami High, where you used to go during your visit. I had my pick of more prestigious high schools to attend, but that one called out to me. It was special. I chose Yaso High with a clear mind and a sure heart. And now I'm wearing the same style blazer you did.
  3175. But my uniform isn't the only thing I've borrowed from you. Following your example, I've picked up a lot of positive habits. I'm a prolific reader, a focused worker, and I've made my fair share of new friends who I was able to help through trying times. I cook like you, I clean like you, I even sleep in your room sometimes, hoping to soak just a little more of you in through your scent alone. The phantom of your presence warming this cold, lonely household.
  3176. Do you remember what I said before you left? Did you assume that was just the childish affections of a sad little girl who didn't yet know the implications of adult romance? Do you remember how you hugged me goodbye? I've grown a lot since then. What would you think if you hugged me now?
  3177. I want to visit you in the city, Big Bro. I want to begin fulfilling my promise to you. I want to take even more of you into myself, as well as give all I have to offer to you. Please write me back soon.
  3178. Your Little Sis Forever,
  3179. Dojima Nanako
  3181. Joker and Futaba fall in love, get married, have a family, and become happy together for the rest of their lives.
  3183. Why do you still come back to this shit hole?
  3184. >implying she isn't one of the biggest shitposters on /pg/
  3186. monamona eats all the curry in leblanc and gets FAT!
  3187. sojiro gets so mad he eats him, then turns into a cat
  3188. catsojiro impregnates futaba and the babies are bowls of curry
  3189. leblanc is back in business!
  3191. Yu and Naoto go on a date and are followed around by Shadow Naoto who reveals Naoto's real thoughts she's hiding. Semi-lewd thoughts
  3193. Why do you keep asking and then doing nothing with our suggestions?
  3194. masturbating to all the ideas probably
  3195. And we feed this? It's the same exact post every time and we oblige because she allegedly has a vagina.
  3196. This, tbph. She slaps Futaba on her post and identifies herself as female and all of a sudden it's not shitposting? Even then she doesn't discuss the ideas or anything, just sits back and uses us as her wank bank. Just as bad as Pixie anon or even Mariefag and the PozSquad.
  3197. Most of the ideas /pg/ makes up aren't really remarkable enough to warrant discussion to begin with. The ones that do stand out sometimes get a reply from her, at least we can assume its her given that she doesn't name/tripfag.
  3198. I don't think you can compare Doujin-chan and Pixiefag to the shite squad anyways. They don't draw enough attention to have whole sections of threads talking about them.
  3200. Persona 4 and Persona 5 switch casts.
  3202. Labrysfag leaves Mariefag for Doujin-chan and they make sweet sweet French love.
  3203. Now why would Labrysfag go for a meatbag like me
  3204. Cause I ship it. Plus Daft Punk is French and they're robots.
  3205. >I ship it
  3206. Why is it that I can read ideas of me being raped, pozzed, and killed, but that shit rubs me the wrong way
  3207. I'm sure making love with Labrysfag is probably nicer than any of those things. You could dress up as a Gundam and go down on him.
  3208. >You could dress up as a Gundam and go down on him.
  3209. It would be extremely shitty
  3211. Say something to me in French pls
  3212. Omelette du fromage
  3213. You're not really French, are you?
  3214. You got me there, anon
  3215. I'm a Parisian, the Walloons of France
  3216. Which arrondissement? I live near Gare du Nord.
  3217. 6th, near the Luxembourg
  3219. Ann and Ginko meet with Ginko pulling Ann into the "pleasing old men for money" business.
  3221. Yusuke decides to go full nigga by growing dreadlocks and smoking weed. He throws away his cheapskate lifestyle as he proceeds to buy more and more weed, getting so addicted Joker has no other choice but to force him through rehab, only to get addicted into it himself.
  3223. On a rowdy night in LeBlanc all the PT's gather. Ryuji takes his harem of Makoto and Ann upstairs while Morgana quietly watches them from the stairs and Futaba is back home filming it so she can make a buck later. Only Goro and Joker are on the ground floor quietly sipping coffee. They shoot the shit and chit the chat. Ryuji and his gals are making quite the commotion. Goro remarks that they're quite carefree which Joker responds with "Yeah...Sorry. I wouldn't have it any other way though. Being free, not blinded by false truths and accepting people for who they are, that's true friendship." Goro responds with only silence and a thin smile. Joker continues with "I know what we're doing is not right sometimes, but we're getting justice where no one else could. We're saving lives and dispelling falsehoods." Goro's silence continues, "I wish that someway, somehow, I could save everyone of us, but the truth is i'm only one girl." Goro responds by admiring her goal and tells her why everyone sees her as the leader. Her wide goofy smile at that makes Goro uneasy and gets ready to leave. "I'll see you tomorrow, won't I?" Joker whispers. Goro nods and heads out. When he gets back to his dark apartment he goes to the mirror and puts his gun to his head. It's a scene he sees all too often these days.
  3224. Persona 5 gets a lot more depressing when you consider how Goro must have felt seeing the PTs being free and happy.
  3225. I do. I'm stuck between hoping p5:AG being TUMBLING DOWN TUMBLING DOWN TUMBLING DOWN the game so people stop shitposting about him or a completely new adventure after his fall in Shido's palace.
  3226. Right? I think it says a lot that his incoherent screaming reminded me a lot of Rei and he probably didn't feel that sad about his fucked-up life until seeing people who worked much less than him getting what he wanted.
  3228. Joker begins the Death Confidant route by asking for the medicine Tae was talking about the other day.
  3229. Surprisingly, Tae agrees to give it to him. However, she adds with a coy smile, she insists that Joker try a sample of it.
  3230. ...After Joker comes to, he finds himself drenched in sweat, devoid of energy, and, most importantly, stark naked. As he regains his bearings, he suddenly becomes aware of Tae, equally nude, sprawled out next to him. As he gasps involuntarily, she languidly rolls to face him and grins. "Morning. Did you have fun last night? I suppose you wouldn't remember I guess, the medicine made you go wild, after all."
  3231. As he starts to get up, Tae lights up a smoke while basking in the afterglow. "So, here's the deal. Those medicines you were talking about? I've hit a wall with their development, since I can't find any young men that can handle the... 'vigor' it gives. You, however, did especially well with handling the sample... And I REALLY needed the stress relief. So, I'll help you out with the medicine you need. In turn, I'm going to borrow your youthful body to test these medicines. I'm sure this will work out wonderfully for both of us~"
  3233. Haru locks all of the PT boys into her BDSM dungeon.
  3234. Elaborate
  3235. Haru gets tired of being put in the side and never getting to participate in battles so she drugs Joker the next time she serves her coffee to him.
  3236. She locks him into her BDSM dungeon with 4 cells she found from her house's basement (which apparently her mother had built), and tortures him sexually. Doesn't fuck him yet, and treats him rather well.
  3237. Next day, she invites Ryuji to Mementos, only to hit him with her axe on his head, and drag him into the cell next to Joker.
  3238. Day after that, she baits Yusuke into the dungeon with food and an artbook, throwing food into the cell which he goes after like a fox, not realizing he's trapped until she locks the cell. Haru mocks him while giggling over how easy he was to capture it's like he willingly did it.
  3239. And the day after that, she struggles quite a long time with Goro, but manages to drag him in there.
  3240. She then proceeds to tie Joker up into a chair while he's drugged and fuck him in front of the three.
  3241. She also says that she won't fuck any of the other three until they beg and she may let them go if they be good boys.
  3243. >Tae plays subliminal messages to Joker while he's unconscious to keep him coming back to her clinic
  3245. I want a doujin where you fuck off and go masturbate to something else for the rest of your days
  3247. i become futaba
  3248. I become joker and bang Futaba with my 8 inch phantom cock
  3250. /pg/ apologizes to Ryujifag for treating him so poorly
  3251. /pg/ reveals they were all lying, and tells him to eat shit.
  3252. >Doujin-chan begrudgingly consoles Ryujifag
  3253. >Doujin-chan reveals she was lying, and tells him to eat shit.
  3255. On a special day for my waifu, a bigot REEEEEE's. "WHY DOES NOBODY CARE ABOUT GORO PORN BEING DUMPED" said the kid who cried wolf. He kept saying the same thing over and over, but no one cared because there was no porn. "FUCKING FUJOS RUINING MY THREAD WITH BOYS KISSING BOYS REEEEE." The Anon goes on to shitpost well into the Goro hour and the night, but no one will give him any attention. Where will his story go from here? Who knows. What we do know, is that one day that anon will get a special insert from Dr.Tae renowned Futa doctor and balls haver for his next birthday.
  3257. Mariefag doms Doujin-chan!
  3258. I would enjoy this doujin very much, please.
  3259. Mariefag challenges Doujin-chan to a "duel", if Mariefag can satisfy her, then she has to join the SQUAD, if not then the SQUAD fucks off forever
  3261. Mariefag rejected this idea on the grounds that Doujin-chan is French
  3263. >all these posts about Doujin-chan herself
  3264. she really is Star Arcana here huh
  3266. Joker describes in great detail how he fucked Makoto to Sae while being interrogated. Sae points out that they are a bunch of amateurs, only for Joker to retort that this was the greatest sex he ever had. Not wanting to lose to her parasitic sister, she fucks the brains out of Joker while he remains sitted and unable to resist. By the time she is done Joker has turned into a mindbroken mess that is only capable of drooling and repeating the names of the phantom thieves and his confidants. Sae writes the names down and exits the interrogation room with a victorious smirk etched on her sweaty face, only to find Akechi outside, lying in a pool of semen and blood.
  3267. Turns out that he was peeping on them for quite some time while fiddling himself. Each time he ejaculated he came one step closer to understanding that he was just a regular beta idiot who would die a virgin after the failure of his moronic plan, until he found the courage to end his suffering.
  3268. Sae was later promoted to the head of the SUI after her superior suffered a sudden stroke and she was instrumental in passing a series of laws that allowed her to claim the mindbroken Joker as her pet.
  3270. I ship doujin idea-chan and Pixie doujin-chan.
  3272. Doujin-chan cucking Mariefag by sleeping with Labrysfag!
  3273. Now that's a doujin idea
  3275. Joker and Shido filling Kokoro's holes! Maybe some double stuffing too
  3277. Lavenza becomes a high school student and transfers into Joker's class!
  3279. The PT girls schlicking while thinking of Joker
  3281. multi-chapter Makoto-Joker doujin.
  3282. First we get some comfy vanilla fluff, maybe with Makoto wondering when they're finally going to have their first time.
  3283. Second chapter is Makoto doing "research" on what to expect, which ends up mostly being her watching porn, while she masturbates to Joker doing it to her.
  3284. Third chapter, Makoto finally asks to go to Joker's room and put her research into action. Suddenly faced with the real thing though, she hesitates, and they simply indulge in mutual masturbation for a while.
  3285. Fourth chapter kicks off from there where the last ended off, where Makoto wants more, and so Joker takes the lead and they have their first time. It ends with Joker lying on the bad tired...
  3286. Only for the finale, where Makoto's switch has been flipped, and she shows exactly why she took the name "Queen".
  3287. Seriously, why is nobody putting any effort into this anymore, I just shit out this concept on my lunch break, the rest of you can do something with YOUR waifu.
  3289. Futaba and Yusuke get in a heated argument over "video games being art or not"
  3291. Fuuka is extremely impressed by Fuukafag's massive digits, she tackles him to the ground and tears off his clothes before fucking him savagely
  3293. Mona goes missing for a few days, only to come back and tell Joker he's planning on staying with Mishima from now on. Joker's heart completely crumbles and he starts feeling suicidal every night for not having Mona tell him to go to sleep.
  3295. Antigroo cosplays as Goro and fucks a groojo and calls her degrading things while pounding her.
  3297. Ryuji hunts and eats an alligator with the rest of the PTs
  3298. Ann refuses to eat it because she feels bad for it
  3299. Yusuke chides Ryuji on his love for gator impregnation
  3300. Meanwhile Haru makes alligator boots for everyone
  3301. Disaster strikes when Ryuji realizes the zoo they raided only has crocodiles, not alligators
  3302. He then argues with Morgana about the differences between alligators and crocodiles
  3304. It's been a week, the fires have calmed, the people lay silent, and the man who abandoned his waifu for the lookalike is on /pg/. He has brought with him aids and drama from his new home, /drg/. He turns the thread into a shitshow, calling everybody a redditor, shilling for his series, and throwing the thread into chaos. As the night goes on, the bored woman tells him his job is done, and orders him to jump from the window. As the man obeys the order he continues his spiel, but forgot the face of his waifu. "She is buxom! She is sweet! She is fluffy and she is NE
  3306. Kawakami desperately wants to have kids, but Joker is still a college student and is worried he can't sustain a family
  3308. >Kaitochan has celebrities that are exactly like /pg/, and writefags make smutfics of them
  3310. How many times have you schlicked to these ideas?
  3311. More than you'd think
  3312. But less than what you'd hope
  3314. >Hifumi opens the door of the confessional only to find Goro there
  3316. Hifumi walks in on Goro being sodomized by a horse
  3318. Hifumi opens the door of the glory hole bathroom. Only to find Goro there
  3320. Hifumi challenges Anne to a rematch in MK 64.
  3322. In a desperate attempt to cling to relevancy Chihaya and Ohya combine their abilities and talents.
  3323. Unfortunately it doesn't lead to anything interesting and the two part ways almost immediately afterwards.
  3325. An increasingly baby crazy Kawakami is frustrated Joker can't get her pregnant. She goes to a doctor's office to get an artificial insemination procedure done behind Joker's back. Joker only learns of this after the baby is born and also learns Goro was the sperm donor.
  3327. Yosuke gets into the DBZF beta but he gives me his beta code instead
  3329. >Adachi gets coffee at LeBlanc, hijinks ensue
  3331. Doujin-chan eats a frog,
  3332. Is that a euphemism for me eating out another Frenchie, or an actual frog
  3333. yes
  3335. Kawakami and Mr. Hiruta notice Ryuji's love for alligators. They tutor him so he can get into a college with a good marine biology program.
  3337. Doujin-chan and Labrysfag hold hands
  3338. What did I do to deserve this?
  3339. you wanted a landwhale with a little more cake
  3341. Anon fucks his figurative little sister. Not in a gay way though
  3343. Anon kills himself due to not having a thicc Doujin-chan gf
  3345. Doujin-chan becomes queen of /pg/, and her subjects must please her
  3347. Doujin-chan gets fucked by Joker and Cybele
  3349. Yusuke experiments with anal penetration, but he can't afford a sex toy so he uses paintbrushes on himself instead.
  3350. buttplugs are, more often than not, shaped like kunai.
  3352. The P5 cast finds everyone who has ever posted on /pg/ and beats us up for the shitposting we've done in their name.
  3353. /pg/ needs a fucking change of heart. We do the total opposite of what the games tried to convey
  3354. It's almost as if most of us play these games for no reason other than waifus and we don't pay attention to anything else.
  3356. Anne gets BLACKED
  3358. Groo goes even more insane and starts having delusions that his silenced pistol is a ray gun that turns people into ponies. He goes on a killing spree and hallucinates that the corpses he's partaking in are ready and willing JRHNBR mare ponies.
  3360. Goro ecstatically discovers one day that his efforts have paid off, he's finally been impregnated by a horse!
  3362. Doujin-chan ties Mariefag up and makes sweet, sweet frenchie love to her against her will. She never recovers.
  3364. Joker fucks Lala-chan in front of a drunken Ohya.
  3366. Why you gotta bully Fuukafag, Doujin-chan?
  3367. Because she's letting her inner pervert out and we're proud of her.
  3368. I manage a pastebin of doujin ideas, Marieslut
  3369. That's pretty perverted to begin with
  3371. Marieslut and Doujin-chan have a contest to see which of them is more perverted. /pg/ never recovers.
  3373. Mishima watches in horror as Groo anally gives birth to a centaur baby on a livestream posted to the phansite. He's hard as a rock by the end.
  3375. Joker forces all of the PT girls are forced to wear maid uniforms in school. Steamy shit might happen or not.
  3376. What the fuck is your english
  3378. Ryuji grows up and realizes now he has become the effin' shitty adult.
  3380. Ann cures the injuries Joker suffered during his interrogation and they make love together after that.
  3381. This but with Haru
  3383. Tae develops a new medicine that makes her grow a penis so she can better pleasure Sae.
  3385. Joker does cute things with Futaba. Then they get married.
  3387. Joker has nightmares of being tortured by the police after the interrogation, but Morgana helps him to calm down by letting him pet his fur.
  3388. That's fucking cute.
  3390. Joker and Ann get married and they have their honeymoon in Finland
  3392. Joker, Futaba, Sojiro and Morgana have a movie night.
  3393. Ryuji, thinking something's up when Joker, Futaba, and Mona don't show up to a PT meeting, decides to crash it after coming to a hasty conclusion that Futaba and Joker are dating.
  3394. Ryuji pops in while Sojiro is in the bathroom, and reprimands Joker for dating Futaba.
  3395. While Joker and Futaba try to explain that they're not dating, Sojiro overheard the whole thing, and is disgusted. He drops his pants and Morgana runs to the attic.
  3396. Hijinks ensue.
  3398. /pg/ gangbangs me
  3399. are you a fujo?
  3400. I'll be whatever you want me to be
  3401. I want you to be Chihiro
  3403. Doujin-chan surrenders to the Squad!
  3405. Goro fucks anon's waifu in front of him.
  3407. Doujin-chan and I sit on a bench and sip warm drinks on a cold winter night.
  3408. That sounds lovely, Anon-kun
  3410. All of /pg/'s gay and bisexual anons gangbang Ryujifag!
  3411. I don't want to gangbang Ryujifag, I want to cuddle with him under a tree!
  3412. That's gay anon
  3414. Doujin-chan reveals she is in fact a Groojo and /pg/ turns on her.
  3415. I love it.
  3416. Well, I do love a Goro {She posted a webm of Goro Majima}
  3418. I love Doujin-chan! I want to marry Doujin-chan!
  3419. Who would you invite to the wedding?
  3420. The Squad
  3421. Deal's off then
  3422. How would the Squad act at Doujin-chan's wedding?
  3423. by shitting all over the place
  3425. I want to see Labrys try to eat a burger, then cry as she realizes she has no stomach, while everyone else laughs at her.
  3426. Labrys becomes a robot vampire zombie and devious this anon's family and friends for taunting her
  3427. >and devious this anon's family
  3428. d-did you mean devours?
  3429. in order to become undead you have to be alive first so that will never happen
  3431. Haru and Joker have a baby and Haru decides to name him "Kunikazu", in the memory of her late father
  3433. Doujin-chan realizes all she does is derail the thread with off topic discussions every time she posts and thus is just as bad as the Squad.
  3435. Doujin-chan and Mishima hold hands.
  3437. /pg/ apologizes to Doujin-chan for shitting up her doujin ideas.
  3438. This is /pg/, that's not going to happen
  3439. kill yourself
  3441. Morgana's spent 3 hours trying to cough up a hairball, and Joker has to attend a clinical trial with Takemi. Joker does not want to leave Mona unsupervised, and does not want him coughing up hair and spit in his bag. Mona requests that Ann oversee him, though once she gets to LeBlanc Morgana only very sparingly makes coughing sounds. Joker stays the night at Takemi's clinic, leaving Ann with Mona all night.
  3442. They watch a movie, and Mona sits on Ann's lap. She falls asleep sideways on the couch, and mona curls up, essentially being spooned by Ann.
  3443. In the morning, she learns that Mona didn't have a hairball at all, and was just faking because he wanted to see her.
  3445. FemJoker gets pregnant, but she doesn't know if the baby is Ryuji's or Yusuke's. Not wanting to force either of them to raise a kid that may not be their own, she dumps the baby off on Goro. He's dumb enough to believe her when she says it's his kid, even though she never actually let him penetrate her.
  3446. FemJoker later finds out that Goro raped her in her sleep, and that it is indeed Goro's baby.
  3447. FemJoker then realizes she was mistaken, it was Ryuji who raped her in her sleep and the baby was his all along.
  3448. And then it turns out it was Dio.
  3449. But then we find out it wasn't Dio, but the true TRUE final culprit: Naoto!
  3450. How fucking stacked would Naoto and femJoker's spawn be
  3451. Her tits are so massive, they can cast Gry spells.
  3452. Their child wouldn't be stacked, they would be about as hung as Dr. Tae.
  3454. Joker comes to the conclusion that Makoto is the one true waifu and that people who worship other waifus are subhuman scum. Thus, armed with his trusty knife, he goes on a jihad to behead all the infidels and false waifus until only the faithful remain on this jolly green earth.
  3455. Five seconds after the start of his great holy war, he is gunned down by groo
  3456. Joker should've had Repel Phys
  3457. Groo is then murdered by Yusuke, for in reality it was his plan to have Joker kill all the girls
  3458. Ryuji then murders Yusuke, so that he can remain forever with his tsundere husbando Morgana without worrying about Yusuke stealing him away
  3459. Yandere Makoto then kills Morgana so she can be with her beloved vulgar boy
  3460. And then Ryuji pulls off then mask, revealing that he was Joker all along, having succeeded in getting with the one true waifu
  3461. Upon seeing Joker instead of her beloved Ryuji, Makoto commits suicide. She could never live without her knight.
  3462. Is that before or after desecrating Goro's corpse, for being the one to kill Ryuji in the first place?
  3464. Every girl that Joker encounters in the game actually has a penis.
  3465. Which girl would be the most well endowed?
  3466. FUTAba
  3467. What if Tae performs unethical medical experiments to give her an edge?
  3469. Sexual version of P4AU, where only the 'winner' gets to move on.
  3471. marry me
  3473. Doujin-chan asks for doujin ideas and isn't given a bunch of meta bullshit for once.
  3475. Makoto and Joker hold interviews for the third person in their threesome.
  3476. Wacky responses include Ryuji asking if he can wear the alligator suit, and Futaba demanding to wear her weird helmet.
  3477. Yusuke doesn't want to be involved, but he DOES request permission to paint the beast with three backs.
  3478. Haru is denied after she says she wants to put a carrot up the ass, and says she "doesn't mind which of them".
  3480. Joker nearly gets raped in prison but gets rescued by Iwai's Yakuza friends.
  3481. Afterwards, Iwai's friends realize Joker is a hot piece of ass and decide to rape him themselves. Upon release, he's become a cockslut and is willing to spread his used hole for any man who wants it.
  3482. After getting out of prison, Iwai is shocked to see how much Joker has changed. He initially rejects Joker's sexual advances out of guilt but eventually gives in and fucks him in the back room of the Airsoft Shop.
  3484. Futaba sits in an anon's lap and the FBI arrests him for inappropriate contact with a minor.
  3486. >Joker's lunch at Big Bang Burger is interrupted when Goro shows up
  3488. Jokers lunch at Big Bang Burger is interrupted when Ryuji shows up and reveals his hard dick. Homo Hijinks ensue
  3490. Akechi fucks dead FemJokers plot hole.
  3492. Morgana and Haru have coffee, and both lament over their one sided romantic feelings. They discover that they have more in common than they thought.
  3494. Wife Swap: Persona edition, starring Joker/Makoto and Yu/Naoto
  3496. Labrysfag gets fisted by Labrys.
  3498. fuuka gives birth to me
  3500. Cybele possesses Doujin-chan and goes on a lewd rampage around Paris
  3502. Mishima finds a loaded gun in a dark alley in Shibuya, a sign from God himself, telling him that it's time for all the chads and the whores to pay for their transgressions with their blood.
  3504. Tae gives a lecture at a medical conference to scientifically prove futa isn't gay.
  3506. Tae molests Futaba while she is in passed out in the clinic.
  3508. Doujin-chan wants to lose weight to impress the love her her life, /pg/-senpai!
  3510. Pixiefag and Doujin-chan get married!
  3512. Tae invites Sae over to watch some movies. Tae makes her move, but Sae is obvious to what she's doing and complains to stop blocking the TV.
  3514. Joker gives Lavenza headpats
  3515. He also gives her the dick
  3517. Joker gives oral to Kawakami under her desk, while she’s talking to Ms. Chouno
  3519. Goro catches Sae using her vibrator in her office.
  3520. >Goro catches Sae using his vibrator in his office
  3521. >The SIU director catches Goro using Sae's vibrator in his office
  3522. >the siu director finds an aids test result in Saes office
  3523. implying Sae is capable of contacting AIDS
  3524. She contracted it after getting her dog tattoo
  3525. D E E P E S T
  3526. L O R E
  3528. Pathetic.
  3530. I work up the courage to kill myself. Soon.
  3532. Ann gets Joker arrested because he groped her boob without permission
  3533. The officer is Makoto, and it was all an elaborate prank to get a threesome with Joker in the copcar.
  3534. Turns out all of this was an elaborate ruse by Futaba to secretly record the three of them having sex and later post it on Pornhub to get rich
  3536. The Phantom Thieves celebrate their anniversary by having an orgy on Goro's grave.
  3538. During her rehab, Futaba gets her idea for how to act around people from hentai and invites a public gangbang.
  3540. Ohya stops drinking and Lala-chan has to shut down Crossroads due to lack of business.
  3542. For her year anniversary doujin-chan joins the squad and has a one night only party!
  3543. Well I am planning on doing some sort of terrible celebration, but certainly not with the squad
  3544. Is Gare du Nord Anon here?
  3546. are you actually a girl
  3547. She posted vocaroos long ago, so she's more credible than Mariefag at least
  3549. Ann catches joker dressing up in some of her clothes. She's fun about it. They tease each other, he models for her before Joker starts going rough vanilla with her.
  3551. Ann cures the injuries Joker suffered in battle. They kiss and make love together.
  3552. Did Joker consent to it tho?
  3553. No
  3555. Akechi and Shiho making love
  3557. The Newspaper Club girl offers sex in exchange for information on the Phantom Thieves.
  3558. That prompt could also work with Ohya
  3559. But at the same time the idea of her getting a doujin is bafflinh
  3560. delete this
  3561. I'd fap to an Ohya doujin
  3562. t. jake
  3564. Goro's initiation in the Shadow Operatives requires him to fuck one of the members. He picks Aigis, trying to be clever. She reveals she has a horse-cock dildo add-on, and makes him take it.
  3566. Lavenza sits on Joker's lap and refuses to get off him
  3568. Sae and Goro lose their virginity to each other in a hilarious manner as neither of them actually know how to have sex.
  3570. Doujin-chan disappears and doesn't post again until the 26th except this isn't a doujin idea and actually happens.
  3571. What's so special about the 26th
  3572. Nothing
  3574. Haru visits Shido in prison to extort him in revenge for her father as she is carrying Goro's unborn child.
  3576. Joker walks in on Ryuji masturbating. They remind themselves it's not gay if their balls don't touch as they explore the new side of their relationship.
  3577. Makoto walks in on Ann masturbating. They remind themselves it's not gay if their clits don't touch as they explore the new side of their relationship.
  3578. Yusuke walks in on his art masturbating. He reminds himself it's not sexual if he doesn't touch it at all as they explore the new side of their relationship.
  3580. Futaba hacks into Sae's bluetooth vibrator while she has it in at work.
  3582. Morgana uses Akechi's grave as his litter box
  3583. Plot twist: Ryuji is also using Akechi's grave as a toilet. He and Yusuke are making a movie "I Shit on Your Grave"
  3585. Sae walks in on Tae masturbating. They do some full on gay shit like holding hands.
  3587. Kawakami walks in on Usami masturbating. Kawakami reports her and gets her fired.
  3589. Akira, Minato, Soji, Minako and Naoya have a protagonist party
  3591. FemJo and Goro are walking back from a night out on the town. The night is quiet besides some noise coming from LeBlanc's way. "I had a really nice night Akechi-kun" FemJo whispers into the frigid air. Akechi nods in agreement. As they're getting closer to LeBlanc, the nose gets clearer and clearer. "RYUJI-KUN YOU'RE SOOOOOOO BIG!" It seems Ryuji and his harem are at it again. Akechi walks FemJo up to the front door and she turns around. She's beet red, but she seems to be waiting for something. Goro can't imagine what, so after a few moments of silence he says his goodbyes and starts to turn away. FemJo grabs his arm lightly. "Please...." Goro slightly turns and asks if she's okay. She looks on the verge of tears, but Goro has no experience with this and decides doing nothing right now is the best course of action. They stand there for what seems like an eternity until FemJo lets go of his blazer. "Sorry, I lost myself for a second." Tears were still in her eyes but her face was as bubbly as it always is. Goro pats the side of her arm and tells her to text him anytime. It hurts him a little when she goes inside where Ryuji and his harem are having the time of their lives, but he feels wrong saying anything.
  3592. Akechi heads home, checking his phone every couple minutes. He still had no idea what FemJo wanted, but feeling of dread, despair, and self-hatred pop up in him all the same.
  3593. Goro gets a text the next morning "I'm pregnant. The baby is Ryuji's. I don't think I should see you again." He read those words over and over again in his head as he placed the gun to his head. The last thing he saw was her face flashing through his mind as he ended it all.
  3594. Ryuji gets a text the next morning "I'm pregnant. The baby is Ryuji's. I don't think I should see you again." He read those words over and over again in his head as he placed the gun to his head. The last thing he saw was her face flashing through his mind as he ended it all.
  3595. >Ryuji having a harem
  3596. Turns out all of this was a retarded fanfiction Ryuji thought of while fapping
  3597. Was this when male Joker walked in on him and the two of them began their gay-but-not-gay relationship?
  3598. D E E P E S T
  3599. L O R E
  3601. Joker walks in on Futaba masturbating. They remind themselves it's not gay if their balls don't touch as they explore the new side of their relationship.
  3603. Jake walks in on Ohya masturbating. Jake wakes up from his dream because Ohya isn't real.
  3605. >Futaba accidentally walks in on Joker and Makoto banging, and goes down the path of vouyerism
  3606. >she records footage of them fucking in the attic
  3607. >she keeps chat logs of their sexting
  3608. >she even keeps audio of their phone sex
  3609. >they only catch her when she's schlicking to them under Joker's bed
  3611. Blame the annfags
  3613. Joker goes on a journey around the world to become the ultimate coffee and curry chef
  3615. >Haru, used to daily sex with Joker, has a hard time keeping control of herself as she started to get pokies visible even through her sweater, her balls fill to bursting and she starts to get massive erections in class and decides to fertilize her plants with thick, ropey results
  3617. Goro forces Joker to fellate his gun before shooting him.
  3619. Chie gets transferred to Tatsumi Port Island police department, and she and Akihiko star in a buddy cop series a la Miami Vice
  3621. Makoto wakes up in Pallet town and starts her new adventure along side her neighbor/rival Futaba.
  3623. Joker wants to break up with Makoto but she threatens to kill herself if he dumps her, so now Joker has to live the rest of his life in a codependent and abusive relationship.
  3625. Fuuka gets ready for a steamy night with her husband by buying maple scented body oil, when the time arrives she pours it over her body and discovers it's actually maple syrup, her husband playfully licks it up and she absolutely loves it, they play around with it and decide to keep using it every time they get it on.
  3626. Time passes and stuff like chocolate and whipped cream come to play until eventually they can't eat waffles or icecream without getting turned on.
  3628. Makoto becomes an alcoholic workaholic who doesn't have time for her husband and kids. Joker tired of the situation, decides to divorce her and live a happy life with his children, but Makoto ends up winning the custody and Joker is forced to pay a huge alimony because Sae was Makoto's divorce lawyer
  3630. >/pg/ grumbles about the image limit being hit
  3632. >This christmas...
  3633. >Sae Niijima's on her toughest case...
  3634. >with the help of a Doctor, a Teacher, and a Reporter...
  3635. >Can she lose it before New Years?
  3637. >tfw no cake orgy doujin
  3639. Ohya ponders suicide when Lala-chan gets married before she does.
  3641. >While trying to escape from juvie, Joker intimidate the guard by firing a bullet at his own head and stopping it with his persona, which the guard can't see because they aren't users.
  3642. What could this be referencing?
  3643. IS THAT
  3645. BOBO REFERENCE!?!?
  3648. Futaba and Haru bake cakes with Joker
  3650. >Due to the QA team being a bit prudish, Aigis' lead developer snuck in a "cribbing" protocol which overheats her processors when something contacts her groin. Aigis finds out that overheating her processor can exceed a limiter resulting in a flash system defrag which clears her head and relaxes her.
  3651. >Lesbian consequences
  3653. Makoto becomes an angry alcoholic and beats up her children and husband on a daily basis
  3654. Naked Futaba.png
  3655. Didn't mean to quote so as an apology
  3656. ThatpictureofNaoto.jpeg
  3657. Mishimaaaa!
  3658. Basedmoonboyactuallysmirksatyou.png
  3660. Sae walks in on Makoto and Hifumi studying new "strategies" together. Instead of scolding them, she decides to help them improve their skills.
  3661. Playing StarCraft?
  3662. with the brave new world expansion pack.
  3664. Doujin-chan gets fucked by FemJoker
  3666. Haru locks Morgana up in her cafe uses his shit as a key ingredient in the coffee.
  3668. >Joker fucks 40 demonfus
  3669. 40 demonfus? That's as many as 4 tens!
  3670. And that's terrible
  3671. {Cybelefag got mad at this}
  3672. What a disloyal piece of shit.
  3673. >Implying Cybele wouldn't be cool with it only after Joker pumped her full of so much cum she couldn't move
  3674. Do you not understand fertility goddesses or what
  3675. Don't be like that fucking slut Ishtar.
  3676. I want to tape Cybele and Ishtar's horns together so that they have to kiss
  3677. Heathen, Cybele demands that her lover be absolute in their devotion to her. Or else they'll suffer the same fate as Attis.
  3678. Question. Does Cybele allow for harems, as long as both the man and everyone in the harem admit that she's the woman on top?
  3679. Possibly, but absolutely no Ishtar and he must remain loyal or otherwise she'll stay true to her word.
  3680. Again, I'm questioning what her views on cheating are. Like, is Cybele fine with her man having Pixie and Lilim on the side, if not only is she told up front, but they know she's #1, and they're just side whores?
  3681. That's the problem with old gods, shit gets weird.
  3682. As long as its not Ishtar and he recognizes her as his one and only demonfu, a little pixie ass on the side is ok with her. It just better not get serious or anything.
  3683. Look, if you're going after PIXIE, fucking Cybele is the least of your problems.
  3684. Why Ishtar specifically? I think I missed that addition to the lore.
  3685. Because Ishtar is a bitch AND a whore. She's screwed over countless men for her own personal gain for many millennia.
  3686. Cybele is the one who has taken the stand to stop her.
  3687. Sadly, you can't sit down with your persona and ask them about their views on harems
  3688. 5 charm Joker should be able to sway their opinion
  3689. Failing that, the good ol trickster dickster routine should work
  3692. Makoto gets spit roasted by sae and tae
  3694. Sae is slowly going mad from sex deprivation, until Makoto introduces her to yiffing, an activity she learned from her friends in the Sonic the hedgehog fan site. They soon start an incestuous relationship, with Sae dressing as a horse and Makoto dressing as an alligator. Hilarity and lewdness ensue when Ryuji and Goro catch them red-handed.
  3696. Footaba and Yusuke murder everyone on /pg/
  3698. Futaba becomes a Kaiju and roars around Tokyo until the power of Joker's love returns her to normal. And they ride on Gamera together.
  3700. Puppy Haru, Kittykoto, Hamtaba, and Bunny Ann go on an adventure.
  3702. >During a Cyber-crime investigation Naoto meets Futaba and the two bond. Futaba hack's Naoto's measurements from the hospital and asks how Naoto, who is roughly the same height and weight, had G-cups by Futaba's age.
  3703. >A secret G-cup massage is shared and passed down through the ages
  3705. The PT girls go to the mall, dragging Joker along
  3706. Each girl finds a way to break away from the group and have him fuck their brains out
  3708. >Scathach gifts Joker the friendship of her thighs
  3709. SMT Scath or Fate Scath? This is an important distinction.
  3710. Both at once. Throw in Bazett as well
  3711. Fate Scat is a dumb slut with a pretty shitty design and a mediocre voice. Ireland gets the worst of everything from that series, even the one waifu they have that people like is a whore with a microscopic but vocal fanbase
  3713. Mitsuru, Naoto and Femjoker threesome.
  3714. While their fangirls watch
  3716. /pg/ reacts to Akira Kurusu becoming canon!
  3718. /pg/ reacts to Joker never receiving a canon name!
  3720. Haru wakes up with a penis, too embarrassed to tell the group, she goes to her best friend Mako-chan for advice, you can probably guess what happens next.
  3722. Pixie, Ishtar, Lilith, Scathach, Lilim, Leanan Sidhe, and Hua Po, dissapointed in the lack of doujins about them, make one together.
  3723. Cybele, furious that she wasn't included, decides to team up with Asherah and Parvati to make their own, superior doujin together.
  3724. Anon, are you implying Cybele could stand to be anywhere NEAR Ishtar for long enough to make a doujin?
  3725. Her plan was to infiltrate the doujin meeting and use it as an opportunity to assassinate Ishtar, ending her tyranny once and for all.
  3726. She's also mad that pixie is making a doujin before her.
  3728. P3MC/Aigis and Joker/Makoto go on a double date
  3730. Yusuke becomes an h-doujin artist and his first work is about the Phantom Thieves.
  3731. >Futaba helps him write the script
  3732. >on day one she hacks the Phan-site, re-posts Shido's calling card, and asks the Phandom which pairings they'd be interested in seeing
  3734. Joker and Sojiro reminisce over coffee
  3736. Joker is peacefully drinking a cup of coffee in Leblanc, until he receives a message from Lavenza stating that she wants him inside her. He drops his coffee and he makes a mad dash for the Velvet Room, but he finds it suspiciously empty when he arrives. He is then startled when he hears a familiar voice politely asking him to take a seat right over there
  3737. >you said "I want to fuse my blank with your blank, and hope there are no accidenta, haha"
  3738. >you also said "my blank is of the tower arcana"
  3739. >"Well yeah, have you SEEN what they do with fusion accidents? Chainsaws are involved!"
  3741. Kawakami is overcome with despair that Goro can get pregnant but not her.
  3743. >Lilim and Lilith compete to see who can make Joker cum faster
  3745. Doujin-chan and that Vocaroo girl compete to see who can make me cum faster.
  3747. During a cloudless night with a full moon dominating the sky, a small band of people dressed in black silk robes and white porcelain masks congregate to a dark alley. As soon as they arrive, they form a circle and unmask themselves, they are every single person who frequents /pg/, every shitposter, every waifufag, every discordfag and every ritual poster. They then remove their robes and they start an orgy, their fat, ugly bodies colliding with eachother while their shrieks of ecstacy break the silence of the night, creating a most horrifying sight. Their chaotic cacophony soon gives form to a barely comprehensible chant and then it turns into a unified prayer to one of the elder beings who first appeared in this cruel world, the one being that can release them from their torment, the one being that can grant them their deepest, darkest desire. The one being that can allow /pg/ to die. Nyx
  3749. >/pg/ dies and never comes back
  3751. I was looking through these ideas earlier.
  3752. >"I bring /pg/ back to life" at line 461
  3753. To think that person thought /pg/ was dead back then...
  3754. I'm surprised that someone would visit the pastebin, especially when I haven't posted the link since yesterday
  3755. I was reading it for fanfic ideas after remembering I left the tab open.
  3756. I see
  3757. Did any of them get your attention?
  3758. There are a couple ideas I like but nothing that makes me want to write up something here and now. I'm still going through the list slowly though so maybe I'll find something that catches my eye later.
  3759. You should do one of the ideas about Doujin-chan
  3760. She'd love that
  3762. Futaba fucks the rest of Joker's harem with her 14 inch horsecock
  3764. Sex with Futaba
  3765. Is a crime!
  3767. Energetic loose cannon police officer Chie Satonaka and her stoic bookbothering partner, Akihiko Sanada must risks their badges and go against the explicit orders of Chief Suou in order to catch the serial killing vigilante known only as "Crow". They are aided in their unofficial investigation by rookie prosecutor Makoto Niijima, who pursues the vigilante for personal reasons.
  3768. During the finale, Chief Suou saves the day by jumping into the fight with his guns blazing, turns out he was unofficially aiding the investigation all along.
  3769. Why would Makoto be a prosecutor, instead of a rookie cop?
  3770. I'm assuming the "rookie" part is what's important here.
  3771. She wants to be a police commissioner, however the office is political in nature and it's mostly granted to bureaucrats rather than police officers, thus it would be reasonable for her to achieve the position by becoming a prosecutor first (It also makes sense if one takes into account she copycats her sister pretty damn hard)
  3773. On a solo trip in Mementos, Joker stumbles across a certain moth girl
  3775. Joker finds his waifu and FemJoker making out in the attic
  3777. >Valentine's Day Massacre
  3778. >FemJoker pops in
  3779. >Suggests that there's a way for everyone to be satisfied
  3780. >Fade to black
  3781. >Next scene is Joker lying in bed undressed and sweating, with FemJoker next to him laughing and making lewd comments
  3783. Joker uses cognition to make the girls' asses and tits bigger
  3785. Anon buys used persona doujins, ignoring the fact that they smell and have splotches on them
  3787. Futaba develops a full dive VR game where she can get gang banged by multiple Jokers
  3788. I'd play it
  3790. I give Doujin-chan doujin ideas
  3791. Meta
  3792. I like it
  3794. Steven Armstrong and Masayoshi Shido's Shadow have a wrestling match in bed
  3796. Sae forces Makoto to pop her cherry.
  3797. >tfw all the fanfics I found of them were non-con with Shadow Sae
  3798. I want some sweet incest for a change
  3800. Futaba gangrape
  3802. Doujin-chan goes to English grammar school!
  3804. Mitsuru decides that the best way to keep her father safe from the shadows is to shrink him down to 1cm using her Persona and place him in the depths of her cunt, where he is going to live the rest of his life, consuming her juices for sustenance. However, Yukari learns about this and she hatches an evil scheme to avenge her father. One night, she seduces Mitsuru, convincing her to allow her to go down on her. When she does so, she manages to scoop up Mitsuru's father with her tongue and then prepares to crush him with her jaws while he is in her mouth, thus claiming her rightful vengeance. But before she can do so, Mitsuru shoves her tongue inside Yukari's mouth in desparation, trying to retrieve her endangered father. A frantic wrestling game of french kissing ensues.
  3806. Yukari joins ISIS and gets fucked by goats
  3808. Joker is dozzing off in class, thinking if he would be able to anally fist Caroline without breaking her in half, when he is suddenly awakened by mister Hiruta asking him about the name of phenomenon where the second hand of the clock looks unmoving for a moment. Visibly panicked, Joker blurts out "The World". The entire class lets out a massive gasp and time itself looks like it has stopped moving, until everyone starts throwing pencils and chalks at him, causing him to faint. When he wakes up, he finds himself naked and tied to a pole in the middle of school yard, while the rest of the school is around him with a rock on their hand, glaring at him silently. Before he can even comprehend what is going on, he hears Makoto yelling "NOW!" from the top of her lungs, followed by hail of rocks raining down on him, resulting in a painfully cruel death. After the deed was done the teachers set his corpse on fire and waited until the fire started to die down, at which point every student passed by and pissed on the ashes of the former Phantom Thief.
  3809. He then jumps from his bed while screaming from the top of his lungs. He is gasping in panic, trying to put his thoughts in place, but he is gently patted on his shoulder by the love of his life that was sleeping by his side all this time, Sojiro. "What's the matter honey, did you have the dream again?", he asked him in a soothing manner "It's three more hours until morning you know, maybe your mind would relax if i treated you to a "cup of coffee" ". Joker looked into the eyes of his lover and he said with a faint smile etched on his face "Yare Yare Da-". Before he could finish the phrase Sojiro had stuffed his head into a pillow while blocking his nostrils and mouth with his fists. Joker struggled for quite some time until his pulse stopped entirely. Sojiro then buried him in he backyard with the help of Futaba.
  3811. /pg/ gets gallows sacrificed back into /smtg/
  3812. they would just try to get rid of persona again
  3813. they already get triggered as hell when someone mentions that they like P5 more than any of the SMT games
  3814. What would /smtg/ think of my doujinposting?
  3815. They'd probably hate desu
  3816. Unless it involved lots of demons
  3817. Probably around 20% of the ideas in the pastebin involve demons in some way
  3818. Which is a bit sad, since the demons are fucking hot
  3820. >Ann and Ms. Usami bodyswap, Ann tries to teach a math lesson she doesn't understand while watching Ms. Usami give Joker a handy under his desk
  3822. >Phantom thieves fail to change Kaneshiro's heart in time and Makoto and Ann get forces into prostitution and eventually porn
  3823. >cue screenshots of them with a variety of different bald, faceless men
  3824. >someone from their school finds one of their videos and threatens to out them in front of the whole school unless they sleep with him
  3825. >he strikes a deal that if they can complete his increasingly depraved tasks he'll let them go
  3826. >because of all the stuff they've been forced to do before they pass with flying colors and the boy passes out from pleasure but they're too hopped up on hormones to notices and just keep screwing each other
  3827. >next morning the guy wakes up and tells the girls that was the best night he's ever had and would keep their secret and would be willing to pay for their services next time
  3828. >cut to Futaba having secretly recorded everything upload their escapades to the internet
  3830. >Tae starts cloning herself and the other girls and unleashes them on Joker
  3832. Yu and Naoto make love. It's sexy, but tender. Very original.
  3834. Goro fucks Chihiro FOR JUSTICE while Chihirofag watches from a corner and cries.
  3836. i shoot you in the juggler from 3 yards with a turkey decapitation bullhead arrow
  3837. But why? I'm not a turkey.
  3838. Human tastes like veal anyways, so I wouldn't make a good substitute for a Thanksgiving turkey.
  3839. H-How do you know that, Doujin-chan?
  3840. It was an interesting read (Attached was a picture of William Seabrook's Jungle Ways)
  3842. i german suplex you through glass coffee table, killing you instantly
  3844. General Futaba leads her troops into battle.
  3846. Sae gets pissed at noisy couples outside and pours cold water from her balcony. Then Makoto comes in soaking wet.
  3847. my sides
  3849. >Makoto invites Joker to the movies
  3850. >Joker shows up on time
  3851. >they have fun watching a Yakuza movie together
  3852. >the movie finishes and they bid each other farewell
  3853. That's it. No punchline
  3854. and then she gets kidnapped by a gang of big black men who force her to h
  3856. In a post-goropocalyptic land, where the weak are preyed upon by the strong, a socially awkward martial artist with a bandage on his forehead restores hope one imploded/exploded armed thug at the time. Meanwhile, rumors from far away lands speak of a brutal warlord on top of a gigantic bike who is uniting the world under the law of the "Queen of the fist".
  3858. Joker has an orgy with all the girls. Joker decides to have another orgy six months later and notices all the girls have baby bumps, except for Kawakami.
  3859. The meme ruins it
  3861. 10 years ago in a lab in Tokyo, Shido decides to visit a single mom who he found himself attracted to. She takes him to Leblanc where he meets up with another official who is deciding whether or not he should just quit politics and run his cafe, to which he replies, do you think I care? The owner of Leblanc was taken aback, and this event irreversibly makes him wary of other people. Taking him to the lab, the researcher decides to enter the mind of a test subject via the metaverse. But the researcher did not come without gear. Hey Shido, try this out. But what is this, he asks, I'm not a BDSM degenerate. A suit that will enhance body performance, she says. After putting the suit on, and having her activate it, it had caused him to spasm and become increasingly angrier yet more muscular. And then she tells him, I like strong men. And things get intimate. The morning after, the researcher returns home, having forgotten to feed her daughter the night prior, and her daughter feeling neglected decides to ask her if she wants to help her complete her promise list, to which she could not reply to as she was just too tired and her legs were giving out. She trips and gets run over by a car. By sheer coincidence, Shido was on the other side of the road, and immediately tries to cover up her death as he would be compromised if it led back to him. He feels really sorry for the daughter, and promises to himself he will make things right one day with this child.
  3862. Years later at a suburb somewhere, Shido is seen forcing some woman whom he feels looks a lot like the researcher into his car. God she looks like Wakaba so much there's no way I will let her say no. Suddenly some dumb brat comes near and demands he stop interfering. But he falls on his own and decides to say:
  3863. >I fell on my own (not really) ">Damn brat! I'll SUE!". That was the day when Shido made an enemy out of a phantom thief and sealed his fate. He only wanted to remember the sensation of Wakaba Isshiki.
  3865. Joker fucking Lavenza so hard she splits
  3867. Sae teaches Makoto how to please another girl.
  3868. kawakami teaches makoto how to please a man
  3870. >Makoto asks Sae to teach her how to slow dance for the prom.
  3871. >She starts singing her sister the lullaby their mother used to sing, which Sae also sang to her after their mother died.
  3872. >This melts Sae's heart
  3873. >Seeing this, Makoto goes in for the kiss
  3874. >Sae returns the favor, but says that this is far as they go.
  3875. >They ensure each other that no matter what happens, they will always be number one in each other's hearts.
  3877. >Doujin-chan comes back
  3878. >Posts my idea
  3879. Blessed
  3880. Where have you been?
  3881. I've been around, anons, I was even in the last thread. I just don't feel the need to doujin post every thread.
  3882. Also university is fucking shit, and time I would spend on 4chan is instead being devoted to studying.
  3884. Doujin-chan saves /pg/ of the eternal makotofag vs antimakotofag battle with comfy stories and ideas
  3886. Sae accidentally enters her own palace in the metaverse and meets her shadow, they swiftly come to the realisation that soon neither one of them will be virgins. They both fail to lose their virginity in a spectacular manner.
  3888. >I fuck your mom in front of you and he makes an ahegao and the peace sign
  3889. heh
  3891. Mishima and Shiho have sex with each other because they can't date any of the Phantom Thieves or any other secondary characters
  3893. >Shinji is trying to sleep but hears moans from Aihiko's room
  3894. >Tries to ignore but the moans won't stop
  3895. >Decides to go to Aki's room, but meets Ken in the middle of the boy's hall
  3896. >"You can't sleep too, senpai? Akihiko should stop training at a time like this..."
  3897. >Grunts, tell Ken to go back to his room because he'll solve this disturbance
  3898. >Waits for Ken to move away and kicks the door
  3899. >Finds out Akihiko was fucking Mitsuru in the wall adjacent to his own room
  3900. >Mitsuru is full of cum on her mouth and breasts
  3901. >Too shocked to do anything
  3902. >Mitsuru sees Shinjiro and tries to alert Sanada but nothing comes out of her mouth except groans
  3903. >Akihiko cums another time and finally sees Shinjiro
  3904. >Akihiko puts Mitusuru on his bed, turns to Aragaki and screams
  3907. >Be Ai
  3908. >go into gym where Kou and Daisuke are practicing
  3909. >wearing nothing but incredibly revealing lingerie (hee hee oops ;) )
  3910. >"Oh my, I hope Kou Ichijo doesnt take advantage of me ;)"
  3911. >Daisuke and Kou exchange looks and smirk
  3912. >they both grab me
  3913. >it's finally happening
  3914. >I pretend to resist
  3915. >they tie me up and sit me down in the corner
  3916. >Daisuke and Kou share triumphant gazes as they stand over me and drop their shorts
  3917. >"Now that that bitch is taken care of, we can have some fun" Kou says with an unusual lisp
  3918. >what
  3919. >they start having sweaty manlove
  3920. >i'm tied up and forced to watch
  3921. >they keep going, each one taking turns being the sub or dom
  3922. >they finally finish, put the gym equipment away, and go to Aiya for a beef bowl
  3923. >without me
  3924. I wasn't raped that day, but my mind sure was
  3926. >Due to having no visible cagina, Cybele tries to sate herself via facefucking or anal
  3927. >Failing that, grinds herself on Joker like a spayed cat
  3929. Scathach schools joker on the differences between anal and vaginal sex with her scat hatch
  3931. One of the demonfus Joker has equipped subconsciously jerks him off during class
  3933. Instead of a normal negotiation, Joker offers to let a demon go if he can fuck her
  3935. tae have consensual sex with joker
  3937. Cybele, angry over the fact that Atlus did not model her a vagina, convinces Joker and the Phantom thieves to change Kaneko's and Hashino's hearts and give her one.
  3938. >Cybele gets a vagina
  3939. >Refuses to stop mating, due to finally being able to do her job as a fertility goddess
  3940. >>Refuses to stop mating
  3941. Not with Joker as her master
  3942. But he's into older ladies isn't he
  3943. Anon, just how old do you think Cybele is?
  3944. a couple of millennia old
  3945. That makes her like a super cake
  3946. >So a couple of millennia old
  3947. >That makes her like a super cake
  3948. Cybele is best demonfu AND best cake confirmed
  3951. I want Cybele to be my mommy!
  3952. Now that's just a recipe for sister-daughters and brother-sons
  3953. Some ck2 shit
  3954. >tfw no zoroastrian angel persona who makes incest jokes when you fuse her
  3956. >He doesn't want to have a happy family with his demonfu mother-wife
  3957. >He doesn't want to be pinned to the bed by the weight of her full, pregnant belly, which only amplifies the force of her bouncing atop him
  3958. >He doesn't want to hear the yells of his hybrid daughters, cheering as they await their turn
  3959. Doing yourself a disservice, Anon-kun
  3960. I really shouldn't type shit like this while in class, I'm a bit wet now desu
  3962. Ryuji hits on girls at the abortion clinic
  3963. The girl at the clinic is Shiho
  3966. Ryuji hits on girls at the abortion clinic
  3967. The girl at the clinic is Shiho
  3969. Joker and Ryuji become Soundcloud rappers known as "Lil J and Ryu-G" with Futaba acting as their producer and Yusuke designing the cover of their mixtape.
  3971. Haru gets turned into a Pokemon and she can only say her name. Joker catches her and puts her in the daycare where she is forced to fuck Ditto endlessly, producing dozens of baby Harus which Joker sells to his friends. Haru!
  3973. Doujin-chan jills off in class to the thought of inserting herself into the ideas /pg/ comes up with
  3975. fuukafag comes back
  3976. then he fucks off again
  3978. Yu and Joker cuck the SMTV flowerboy
  3980. Turns out Mishima and Shiho got drunk on soda during practice one day and while he was walking her to the showers fell on top of her naked. He thought this was a chance for him and made a move, but it turned out Shiho was grossed out by the idea and pushed him away. Despite the awkward encounter, she and him stayed friend and eventually hooked up for a while, but it didn't last. Months later, Mishima is the admin of his own social media website that he runs with an iron fist. A lot of people frequent it for the lastest PT news, but he kind of comes off as an elitist jerk, especially how he's constantly pushing the "PT are warriors of justice" shit all the time. Criticize the PT or anything dealing with them and that it's a ban, never to be lifted. That hivemind gave Mishima a sense of power he never had before and he felt good about it. Good he was helping change people's hearts. That is, until one day Shiho mentioned what happened at the school showers months ago on Twatter. She even named Mishima as the guy who sexually assaulted her. All of a sudden, everyone on Mishima's website started leaving. Not slowly, immediately. Everyone. Until the website 503'd. The site went quiet and so did Mishima. Even now, no one knows where he is or if Shiho was telling the truth. But as the admin of the website devoted to Justice, it ended up reeking of hypocrisy. Mishima was done.
  3982. >Makoto, the justice whore she is, sells out the PT
  3983. >When the child she had with Joker asks where their father is, she claims it was all for the greater good.
  3985. Joker fucks sonic's waifus
  3987. >a year after the god of control was defeated Sae starts receiving anonymous texts
  3988. >each one more suggestive than the last
  3989. >Sae consults Futaba to see if she can uncover the identity of this mystery texter
  3990. >little does Sae know that her 'secret admirer' is the girl with the laptop sitting in Leblanc across from her in the booth
  3991. Look, she suggested a threeway to Joker and she got to pick who.
  3993. >Joker takes Futa-ba to the bathhouse and she fills and overflows the communal bath with her ceaseless ejaculation
  3995. >Sae and Goro taking turns just absolutely ravaging each other for hours in a high class hotel suite. Goro doesnt try to hide his true demeanor, and Sae doesnt try to hide the fact that she's working out some stress from her job and family issues.
  3997. >Chihaya you tricked us.
  3998. >Us?
  3999. >Nevermind that. Give me back my 100k yen.
  4000. >Why?
  4001. >Its just rock salt. See? It broke into three pieces.
  4002. >Actually its a solid ball of seme... never mind. If you keep this up I'll curse you for sure and you'll definitely die.
  4003. >(Seme... Semen? What did she mean by this. More importantly...)
  4004. >Hey what are you doing? Let go of me!
  4005. Joker takes Chihaya to the room behind her table.
  4006. >Wait here Mona. I'll let her know the exact reason on why I'm on probation.
  4007. Needs more work. Maybe turn Chihaya's other holy stone customers against her and gang up on her.
  4009. >Makoto pinning you to your chair with her big, juicy ass, grinding on your dick until you blow your load in your pants, only to get down afterward and clean you up with her tongue
  4011. Have you ever actually used any of these ideas
  4012. Occasionally one of us will write a fanfic, which will be archived under the same pastebin user profile, but doujins are too high-skill for any of us to execute
  4014. >3 am
  4015. >call kawakami for a massage after a night of kicking cans in mementos
  4016. >45 minute drive to my house
  4017. >"how was my massage myaster?"
  4018. >kick her in the shin
  4019. >as she's hobbling out tae walks in
  4020. >wait for kawakami to get home
  4021. >call her again and tell her to come back and do my laundry
  4022. >she walks into my room to get my clothes only to see me drilling tae bareback
  4023. >cum literally everywhere
  4024. >point to a single cum stained shirt on the floor and tell her thats my laundry
  4025. >"what about the-"
  4026. >throw 200 yen at her face
  4027. >she sits at the laundromat for an hour reading golf digest
  4028. >brings my single shirt back up to my room
  4029. >cuddling with tae looking at a positive pregnancy test
  4030. >kawakami leaves crying
  4031. >by the time she gets home its time for school
  4032. >tired as fuck no time to sleep
  4033. >gets to class
  4034. >joker-kun can you answer-
  4035. >ann giving me a backrub at my desk while i sleep
  4036. >wake up 40 minutes later
  4037. >whereskawakami
  4038. >"she ran off crying again"
  4040. Joker gives Ann Kawakami's number when her housekeeper quits, and Ann starts using her for full service as a maid and masturbatory tool.
  4042. Marie, still very innocent, doesn't comprehend lewdness and is tricked into being a whore. Narukami rescues her before damage is done, but after it's explained to her what she was about to do, she decides to become a whore exclusive to the Investigation Team's members. Yosuke and Teddie are fired from Junes for stealing money from the registers to pay for sessions with her. Narukami is indifferent.
  4044. >/pg/ eventually pieces together enough information to pinpoint Doujin-chan's place of residence
  4045. >a collection fund is passed around
  4046. >they raise enough money to hire P5 cosplayers to imitate the PT and service her sexually all night while livestreaming it to /pg/.
  4047. >one anon hires an Akihiko cosplayer
  4048. >he punches down the door in the middle of the stream
  4050. >hoses everyone down with a seeming hose of seed
  4051. >faces the camera
  4053. >/pg/ completely ignores the stream and a fight ensues as P5fags rage that Atlus needs to drop P3 already
  4054. As long as there's no Goro cosplayers, I'm game
  4055. But if you can find some Kokoros, that would be better
  4056. >As long as there's no Goro cosplayers
  4057. why though?
  4058. I'd rather not see "Goro fucked Doujin-chan added to the list of memes about him
  4059. That's a good head you have on your shoulders
  4060. Thanks
  4061. But I don't think /mbg/ would appreciate doujinposting
  4062. Screencapping this so you can't get out of it when it happens
  4063. Post your screencap, I'll save it as well so I don't forget.
  4064. Where is Detective Nanako? We need GPS coordinates to launch multiple, simmultaneous, and devastating cosplaying sex workers
  4066. Shiho is about to step off the roof when she hears Ann crying her name. The world around her fades and begins to move in slow motion as memories of the two of them play through her head. The times they went out together to get crepes, Shiho a little jealous of Ann's ability to eat whatever she wanted while maintaining her figure. The times Ann would get all worked up and cheer for Shiho at her volleyball games, in stark contrast to how distant she usually appeared when around others. The times Shiho tried to help Ann with her studies, each session invariably ending in them playing games and talking about boys. She remembers the times they argued and fought over silly little things, and then making up afterwards and promising to never fight again.
  4067. She remembers the first time she ever talked to Ann, sitting alone while the rest of the class worked in groups, laughing and talking. She felt an unexplainable urge to say something to the forlorn girl but the only words that came out were "your paintings suck." A small smile appears on Shiho's face, the first one in a long time. A scream wakes her out of her reverie. Ann's voice. Shiho's perception returns to normal and the ground is suddenly much closer than it was a moment ago.
  4069. Futaba builds her new computer while Joker watches, the CPU slips out of her fingers and it drops on the motherboard's connector pins bending a load of them, freaks out because that's 15000円 down the drain, then Joker says he'll buy her a new one and she sucks his dick.
  4071. Sae gives apathetic handjobs and sex to futa Makoto so she can drain her balls and focus on studying.
  4073. sae gets abducted by a few black guys in the middle of the night but when they throw her on the floor and turn the lights on they realize shes 85 and gently walk her home
  4075. Hifumi scares the pants off Joker
  4077. The Phantom Thieves discover that Silent Hill is actually a giant palace and attempt to steal it's treasure.
  4079. Sojiro fucks Wakaba's ghost
  4080. Alternatively:
  4081. Wakaba's ghost fucks Sojiro.
  4083. joker summons skeletons to bone the PT girls and ryuji
  4085. Chihaya gives Joker a spooky fortune, but says it can be reversed if he helps her achieve ecstasy
  4087. Ryuji convinces Joker and Mishima to go out and egg cars with him. They get caught egging Hiruta's car and get their asses handed to them.
  4089. The PT get together to carve Jack-o-Lanterns but the activity is utterly ruined by Yusuke using up all the pumpkins for himself
  4091. Silky and the other ghost demons give out ghost blowjobs
  4093. Makoto peels her face back and reveals she was never autistic just a literal robot
  4094. Makoto peels her face back and reveal she was never autistic just a literal skeleton, everyone else then does the same, revealing they were all skeletons all along, except for Ryuji, who was an alligator.
  4096. >Ohya has a year long coma, and in her dreams she turns into an androgynous loser, and has a bob cut instead of her ponytail.
  4097. >She wakes up to find some shaggy-haired nerd watching over her, who strangely resembles that kid she met in her dream
  4098. >Overwhelmed with joy at finally waking up, she pounces on him and cries in his arms
  4099. >After calming down, she realizes how long its been since she's had a drink, and someone to share it with
  4100. Coming up with a slightly wholesome idea for Ohya took a lot more time than I thought
  4102. >Makoto: Whenever I visit someone's house I get the urge to clean. Does anybody feel the same way?
  4103. >Yusuke: It can be a complete mess but still be completely functional.
  4104. >Turns out that Fox is taunting Joker in Mementos about Makoto visiting his room. There Fox and Queen learn about the aesthetics of punching bags, they eat yokan together, sweet yokan, and drink plum kelp tea together, and H happens.
  4105. >Joker eventually finds out but he has no proof and stays quiet. Every night when he goes to bed he feels a strange weight pushing his body down. Turns out it was not Morgana and was his fear of losing his confidant to Fox as he is forced to go to bed every night by Morgana.
  4107. Joker where are you finding this Persona 4 vanilla video hentai with full voice acting? I will fucking pay you.
  4108. He just knows them personally
  4109. >Narukami sells his recordings of the defloration of his girls to other wildcards
  4110. I imagine the other wildcards do the same for him too then, yes?
  4111. It's just a gift between friends. They share things, okay?
  4112. >All wildcards accumulate a library of the best home-made high-school porn
  4113. >Narukami has defloration and crossdressing on lock
  4114. >MC has robo and cucking
  4115. >Joker has maid, milf, nurse and "caught"
  4116. >A joint sting by Dojima, Akihiko and Sae collect over 5000 tapes in evidence.
  4117. >the charges fall through when Sae steals all the tapes and disappears.
  4118. Are Aigis, Sho, Goro, and Elizabeth in on this as well?
  4119. Aigis and Elizabeth are already co-stars in Door's videos, Sho is too much of an edgy cunt to entertain the idea of a sexual tape, and Akechi's so deep in the closet that he's in Narnia.
  4121. Joker has no motivation left after the PT fade from the public's cognition. With nothing better to do and tired of hearing them crying, Lavenza eats all of Joker's teammates and grows to the size of Piggytron, while Joker spends the rest of his days lying in bed thinking about Morgana.
  4122. Is there a part of this I'm supposed to fap to?
  4123. The enlargement scenes are quite popular among enthusiasts.
  4124. I mean... I've fapped to some "breakfast with sister", but that's packing on like maybe 20 pounds to the gut. vore to the point of becoming multiple times your previous size just doesn't make sense to me.
  4126. >Persona 5 AG
  4127. >Veronique the french doujin-master is new to Shibuya and Joker must teach her the ways of the Nips while helping her setup her new erotic doujin business.
  4128. >Romance link ensues
  4129. >Rank 10 is a JokerXVeronique doujin selling like gangbusters and her career taking off
  4130. >the christmas gift is a copy of the doujin
  4131. What would my arcana be
  4132. Hermit, obviously.
  4133. >Hermit
  4134. I can roll with that
  4135. What happens to Futaba though
  4136. She's fine. She becomes your friend and schlicks to your work and stuff. I dunno she's the double hermit arcana or some shit.
  4137. >it'scognitionIain'tgottaexplainshit.jpg
  4139. Necronimicon abducts Makoto/Ann/Haru or all of them, restraining them and doing tentacle things while Futaba puts her 16+ inch cannon to use.
  4141. Makoto becomes desperate when Sae's bitchiness at home reaches new heights. Makoto and Joker come up with a plan to help relieve her sister's stress, which involves group sex with all three of them.
  4143. >Futaba gets a dragon dildo and livechats trying it out for the first time with Joker.
  4144. >It gets stuck very deep inside
  4145. >Joker starts teasing her that he won't walk over and she'll have to get it out herself.
  4147. Im skeptical if you're actually doujin-chan.
  4148. Why do you say that? It's true that anyone could just post the same thing I do, but to my knowledge that hasn't happened.
  4149. Are you sure?
  4150. I don't know everything, anon
  4151. I only know what I know
  4152. All you know is lewdness.
  4153. Wouldn't have it any other way
  4154. Fuck you Hanekawa
  4155. Nice to see someone else get it
  4157. >Joker finds Futaba's secret doujin stash while helping her clean her room
  4158. >Futaba is super embarrassed and thinks Joker won't ever talk to her again
  4159. >Instead, Joker just laughs it off and tells Futaba she has great taste
  4160. >they later masturbate together while reading the doujins
  4162. >Tae rapes an unconscious Joker because she's gone too long without the dick.
  4163. >Her asshole absorbs the drug through Joker's semen and she gets knocked out.
  4164. >Joker wakes up and plays doctor on her.
  4166. Why isn't there a Takemi bondage doujin yet? She even says she's a masochist.
  4168. >Anne has a sleep over at Shiho's house the weekend before she leaves town.
  4169. >After a lot of awkward bff talk, they end up sleeping on the same futon.
  4170. >The start cuddling and running their hands over each others body
  4171. >They take turns crying into each others boobs while the other pats their head softly
  4173. Futaba confesses to being a 40 year old virgin anonymously online, then describes how her husband Joker has fucked countless other women over their long marriage with her help.
  4175. Reiji as Joker's dad makes far too much sense to be coincidence.
  4176. >Joker pulls some seemingly thug shit
  4177. >Reiji gets PTSD and doesn't want him to follow his own footsteps
  4178. >ships him off to Sojiro in the hope that he doesn't get involved in Persona shit and apocalyptic nonsense
  4180. Goro returns to surprise Haru on Christmas and they both enjoy the holidays with each other.
  4181. >Hey you killed my dad ^__^
  4182. >Haha I know right, let's fuck
  4183. >Okay! <3
  4184. Fucking Groofags.
  4185. think of the hatefucking tho
  4187. Go to sleep.
  4189. >Goro starts preparing himself for a night full of steamy hot gay sex with Joker, got caught up in the moment, lubed up a cucumber, shoved it up his ass, and it got stuck up in there
  4190. >Went to ER by himself because he was too embarrassed to tell anyone
  4191. >Nurses recognize him and tease him over it
  4193. >Joker shoves a cucumber up his waifu's ass and she has to go to the hospital
  4194. >She's also 4 months pregnant
  4196. >joker gets pregnant
  4197. >the only way he can give birth is if goro sucks the baby out of his ass
  4199. Hifumi listens to a recording of a man watching her gravure stuff and masturbating. She doesn't become disgusted, and instead contacts him and becomes friends with him, and they have a wholesome romance and healthy sex life.
  4201. >Before dawn
  4202. >You're sleeping in your room after a night of grinding in Tartar Sauce
  4203. >*BANG*
  4204. >The door comes crashing down, interrupting your Mitsuru wet dream fantasy
  4205. >Aigis storms right up to you and pulls the sheets right off
  4206. >You're scared to death right now
  4207. >picrelated.jpg
  4208. >"My joints require immediate lubrication. If you refrain from dispensing your fluid, I will forcefully extract it from you."
  4209. >Aigis hops on top of you and starts grinding your cock
  4210. >"I had Kirijo-senpai ergonomically upgrade my torso. These new parts are made with only the best materials, far superior to those of normal humans. There is no escape."
  4211. >You can't hold it in
  4212. >Aigis pulls down your boxers just in time for ropes of semen to splatter across her crotch and the sheets
  4213. >"Ah, that was easier than expected." she says with a smile
  4214. >She begins scooping up your cum and rubbing it into her joints
  4215. >"This natural extract is far superior to my artificial oil. At the private request of Kirijo-senpai, I will be taking away a sample of your fluid for her insemination."
  4216. >"Goodnight."
  4217. >Aigis walks out of the room casually
  4218. >Everyone is standing at the far end of the dorm with bright red faces
  4219. >Yukari looks down in embarrassment
  4220. >"So that's why Aigis smells weird."
  4222. >Doujin-chan meets up with Dylan. They entire into the Midnight Fanfic and defeat Shadows with writing.
  4223. enter* fucking phoneposting why did I try this
  4225. Haru gets married and her husband reveals he's only three inches. Haru still loves him and gives his little cock plenty of love.
  4226. We've had enough self-insert fiction tonight anon...
  4227. Hi Dylan, did Yukiko kick you out
  4229. >Its been 7 years since Persona 4 took place
  4230. >Yukiko speedwalks down one of the halls and into a staff only area
  4231. >She is blushing from head to toe, and flustered as all hell
  4232. >one of the inn workers teases her about it, but she successfully dodges the question
  4233. >She had went to check in on 2 girls that checked in earlier that evening, but she caught them making out on the futon, half undressed in their inn-yukata-things
  4234. >The 2 had checked in as sisters
  4235. >its Sae and Makoto
  4237. Chihaya marries Joker, but discovers that she must be a virgin for the rest of her life to keep her powers. She decides the right thing to do is have Joker fuck as many other girls as he wants while she helps and watches.
  4239. Sae punishes Makoto's misbehavior by ruthlessly pegging her with a strapon. Makoto pretends not to like it but secretly loves it, and starts acting out more and more so that Sae gives it to her harder. Sae knows that's why she's doing it, and pounds Makoto anyway.
  4241. /pg/ lives vicariously through doujin-chan
  4242. P-Please dont
  4243. Okay... what about living vicariously *in* you.
  4244. The closest you'll get to that is livestreaming the gangbang some anons were plotting last month
  4245. This. Although none of us have the money to buy her cosplaying escorts
  4246. it's france m8. have you got a tenner? you're overprepared.
  4247. Struth m8, but Im talkin about some that are somewhat attractive. we're gonna be looking at them just as much as Doujin-chan. Flamin galah
  4249. If we're gonna watch Doujin-chan get fucked like a bunch of cucks, then there's one thing we need to clear up.
  4250. Veronique, are you actually thicc or is that just a meme?
  4251. You're going to either
  4252. a) Scare off /pg/s only know girl that likes hearing us virgins talk about anime sex scenarios, or
  4253. b) create some unstoppable attention seeking monster we'll need to banish to discord
  4254. Everyone cool it.
  4255. Its going to be like voldemort all over again
  4256. This is 4chan, mon anon, someone asking about my figure is one of the more tame things that's happened to me on here.
  4257. If shit like this does become a problem I'll just stop doujinposting until I feel that it's simmered down.
  4258. Now that we know that Yusuke likes 'em chubby, Will he go after Doujin-chan and literally paint her as one of his french girls?
  4259. Can someone elaborate on this? I only started browsing this general a few days ago.
  4260. Someone, probably with pure intentions, submitted this doujin idea
  4261. >/pg/ eventually pieces together enough information to pinpoint Doujin-chan's place of residence
  4262. >a collection fund is passed around
  4263. >they raise enough money to hire P5 cosplayers to imitate the PT and service her sexually all night while livestreaming it to /pg/.
  4264. The ideas about me aren't anything new, and don't really bother me.
  4265. This one however is stirring some people up a bit, namely if /pg/ could actually engineer something like that.
  4266. I brought this upon myself desu, can't do much about it now.
  4267. That sounds pretty hot, even if I'm not into gangbangs. I like the idea of a nerdy girl getting a chance to explore her slutty side.
  4268. I'll admit that I also think its hot
  4269. >nerdy girl
  4270. I wish stuff like that didn't have such a negative connotation nowadays. Fucking normies.
  4271. >I'll admit that I also think its hot
  4272. Any other /fit/ anons here wanna travel to France and SL?
  4273. not you Dylan
  4274. The plan was for characters from the games to live out the dream for us. don't dilute the fantasy.
  4276. Post pics of yourself and I'll give you an idea
  4278. I finally work up the courage to kill myself
  4279. A classic idea
  4281. I hope you have a long and happy life, doujin-chan,
  4283. >Futaba accidentally sending a naked selfie to Joker
  4284. >He sends his throbbing hard cock back, telling her to meet him upstairs in 5 minutes.
  4285. >She doesn't know what to do, thinks she might upset Joker if she's too afraid to come over
  4286. >Decides to go, but she's super nervous
  4287. >The only words she manages to stammer out are that she doesn't want to go all the way
  4288. >They end up doing all sorts of foreplay, oral, ending with a thighjob and cumming onto her pussy
  4289. >Mentions that she would love to do it again now that she's comfortable
  4290. What, not even mutual masturbation?
  4291. I knew I was missing something.
  4293. >Joker fucks Hifumi in the chapel while mass is going on
  4295. Do you ever come up with your own?
  4296. I do occasionally, like that one
  4297. If the idea I post with the pastebin isn't there when I post it, I either came up with it or am making some kind of joke idea depending on what happened on /pg/
  4298. If the idea I post with the pastebin isn't in the pastebin when I post it*
  4299. I knew it wasn't good waking up this early
  4300. I apologize
  4302. >Hifumi converts Joker to christianism and the both live a happy and healthy family life away from degeneracy
  4304. Joker makes Hifumi dress up like a nun and get fucked in the confessional at 3 AM before her big shogi match.
  4306. I just noticed
  4307. >4000 hits
  4308. Just fuck my ass, it has been a while
  4310. >I've only been on /pg/ for four days
  4311. >Already have two of my posts in this important historical archive
  4312. If by "important historical archive," you mean "read by a lewd French girl while masturbating."
  4313. >important
  4314. It's a shitpost collection, mon ami
  4315. Give me some credit, anon-kun, I don't masturbate to all of them
  4316. I just like feeling special.
  4317. and like helping girls get off
  4319. Joker has decided to fight Goro one-on-one in the Metaverse with no other Phantom Thieves present. Joker proceeds to summon Mara.
  4321. All the PT boys and Futaba transform into gorillas and gangbang Ann
  4322. What satisfaction would you get from them transforming into gorillas?
  4323. Gorillas are hot
  4324. But gorillas have hilariously tiny dicks
  4325. Her leathery cunt wouldn't feel anything
  4326. Good.
  4327. But then the entire PT would be HIV Positive.
  4328. Seconding this.
  4330. post pics of yourself
  4331. or at least a vocaroo
  4332. I'd rather not see a pic of myself in a cum tribute thread
  4334. >"Anon, I called you in here to discuss your infatuation with me. I cannot allow you to continue to battle shadows while your urges distract you."
  4335. >Mitsuru uncrossed her legs and pulled up on her skirt, revealing that she wasn't wearing any panties.
  4336. >"Is this enough for you, anon?"
  4338. Yukari calls me a stupid faggot little cocksucker.
  4340. Bebe returns to France and meets doujin-chan. They have kinky doujin inspired sex and Bebe stops obsessing about Japan.
  4341. I'd fuck Yukari before getting even close to Bebe, fucking shit
  4342. Are you implying Yukari is someone you normally wouldn't fuck?
  4343. You wouldn't lez out with Yukari?
  4344. Yukari reminds me of this one girl who bullied me throughout high school. The less I have her on my mind the better
  4345. So no, I wouldn't normally fuck Yukari.
  4346. >this one girl who bullied me throughout high school
  4347. i feel sorry for you doujin-chan
  4348. Hmm thats interesting. Its the same thing with me, but now i like those kind of girls.
  4349. Truly a strange world we live in.
  4351. I'll post an idea if you post a new vocaroo
  4353. Makoto and Haru stepping on me
  4355. akira banging whatever p5girl through a portal like that one doujin
  4357. I want Yukari to step on my dick and then rape me with her ass
  4358. What did he mean by this?
  4359. Could you be more specific?
  4360. Could you explain the process behind his?
  4361. n-nani
  4362. >rape me with her ass
  4363. don't include me in the screenshot
  4365. As in tie me down and forcibly fuck me with her anus, as in anal sex
  4366. What did you guys think I meant
  4367. Sounds hot desu
  4368. Why do you make me feel like this so often, /pg/.
  4370. French girl /pg/ poster gets gangbanged by 5 muslims dressed in Teddie outfits.
  4372. Each demon that doujin-chan has ever mentioned takes turns sitting on her face until she satisfies all of them.
  4373. Thankfully there is already a demonfu list in the pastebin
  4374. So that would be:
  4375. >High Pixie
  4376. >Nekomata
  4377. >Silky
  4378. >Apsaras
  4379. >Kikuri-Hime
  4380. >Sarasvati
  4381. >Yaksini
  4382. >Lamia
  4383. >Hariti
  4384. >Dakini
  4385. >Leanan Sidhe
  4386. >Ame-No-Uzume
  4387. >Kushinada-Hime
  4388. >Parvati
  4389. >Valkyrie
  4390. >Clotho
  4391. >Lachesis
  4392. >Atropos
  4393. >Fortuna
  4394. >Lakshmi
  4395. >Angel
  4396. >Hua Po
  4397. >Mandrake
  4398. >Gabriel
  4399. >Lilim
  4400. >Succubus
  4401. >Lilith
  4402. >Cybele
  4403. >Asherah
  4404. >Scathatch
  4405. >Pixie
  4406. >Norn
  4407. >Alice
  4408. >Titania
  4409. >Ishtar
  4410. That's an awful lot, and Asherah will probably spoil it for everyone by smashing my head in
  4412. Why are you so lewd, doujin-chan
  4413. I feel like managing the pastebin has made me a much lewder person than I was in the past.
  4414. But the question is, who'd be the one that you wouldn't mind?
  4415. There are several that I wouldn't mind, being Scathach, Cybele, Ishtar, Yaksini, and Alice.
  4416. H-How do you plan on satisfying Norn?
  4417. Asking for, uh, a friend.
  4418. Norn would probably be into handplay
  4419. I just hope I would be able to reach them from wherever they have me pinned down
  4420. >handplay
  4421. I am not disappointed.
  4422. >Handplay
  4423. :^)
  4425. You're such a delicious slut. I love you.
  4426. I love you too, mon anon
  4427. Jeez, what a pervert, doujin-chan can't wait to get pinned down and facefucked by little girls.
  4428. >Implying anyone here wouldn't want to get facefucked by Alice
  4430. Door-tan goes to Tartarus alone and fucks all of her pretty boy Personas, starting with Cu Culhainn.
  4431. >boys
  4432. >not girls
  4433. DROPPED
  4434. Well way to ruin the surprise of sequel, dipshit!
  4436. Ann gets gangbanged by all of her fans at once.
  4438. >Futaba plays Doki Doki Literature Club
  4440. speaking of chubby....
  4442. The ugly and cute anons have an orgy together.
  4444. Foodplay with chubby Haru.
  4446. Ann and Makoto get captured and used by Oni in Kaneshiro's palace.
  4447. But then Joker summons Leanan Sidhe and saves them before it's too late.
  4448. And then they have a foursome, right?
  4449. Yup.
  4451. The "femdom is a bad fetish" anon gets pegged by all PT girls.
  4452. I don't like this idea
  4453. That's the spirit
  4455. That anon who faps to Hifumi finally pulls his dick off. In doing so, he summons his Persona. He then goes on an erotic journey through Japan, gathering other Hifumifags who jerk it for justice
  4457. Is it okay if someone jerks off while thinking about you, doujin-chan? Asking for a friend.
  4458. Sure, I don't mind
  4459. Just make sure your friend cums a lot
  4460. I would post the most degenerate things for you if there was no risk of getting banned. I'll have to make do without showing how much I appreciate you.
  4461. Post it on a different site, I'm morbidly curious
  4462. seconding this
  4463. Now that I've given it more thought, I don't want to scare you away from posting here. This is based off of a post you made earlier about why you're hesitant to post pictures of yourself.
  4464. Tell me what you were thinking of doing, and I'll tell you if it would be enough to scare me away
  4465. Doing a cum tribute of a collection of your lewd posts
  4466. I'm intrigued
  4467. Do you have a compilation of them?
  4468. Not yet, I'll start on that project though.
  4469. You'll be worth the effort.
  4470. Godspeed, anon
  4471. I can't wait to see it
  4473. I'd do JOI if you're up for it.
  4474. What do you mean, as in me making a JOI?
  4475. Yeah. You're already pretty lewd, might as well share the lewdness.
  4476. JOIs are fucking stupid
  4477. JOIs are ok, but full on shit like Eraudica and some stuff on soundgasm is better
  4478. Never heard of Eraudica but it's not really my thing. I prefer more straightforward instructions over trying to hypnotize myself.
  4480. >/pg/ anon makes a post in the form of a doujin idea to apologize that the whole thing with the cosplay prostitutes got a little out of hand.
  4481. Looking back, it was kinda funny
  4482. I feel like an apology isn't really needed
  4484. >Anon collects posts made by doujin-chan for the purpose of jerking off to
  4485. >Anon can't even focus on his task without getting hot and bothered
  4486. O-Oh my
  4487. Just fuck already
  4488. I wish we could, anon.
  4490. >Rio is dared by FeMC and some other girls during the Inaba trip to sneak into one of the boys rooms and bring back a piece of clothing.
  4491. >Eager to prove to the other girls on the volleyball team that she isnt a killjoy captain and is capable of girly fun, Rio tip toes into one of the boys room
  4492. >Yuko and Kaz enter the room, and she hides in the closet.
  4493. >Kaz mumbles something about a quickie, they start making out and eventually fucking.
  4494. >Rio is watching the entire thing and feels terrible about it, but can't look away. Ever so slightly starts rubbing herself.
  4495. >Yuko and Kaz aren't exactly fucking like porn stars, but its clear they are comfortable with each other and have done this before.
  4496. >after 10 minutes they finish and leave, and Rio breathes a sigh of relief and heads back to the girls room.
  4497. >Rio is far too flustered to explain what she saw, so the other girls just tease her for chickening out etc. FeMC is oddly silent though.
  4498. >In the middle of the night, while everyone else is asleep, FeMC crawls into Rio's futon and softly asks what happened.
  4499. >"No one else noticed, but your shorts were damp and you looked fidgety and red. What did you see?"
  4500. >Rio explains what happened and FeMC starts running her hands along Rio as she explains.
  4501. >Eventually the two of them start making sickly sweet yuri foreplay and scissoring under the blankets while the other girls are sleeping.
  4503. >Kawakami accidentally collides with Joker at his locker after school, noticing he had dropped a few doujins on the ground
  4504. >She confiscates them
  4505. >"I can't believe you're into this kind of stuff, you're lucky we have an agreement."
  4506. >Later that evening, Kawakami takes another look at the adult material
  4507. >They're all about a young man falling in love with an older woman
  4508. >She then invites Joker over to her apartment, subtly bringing up the idea of reading more of his doujin manga with him and to "better understand why a boy your age is attracted to these women."
  4509. >After a night spent getting wet reading and discussing the doujins, Kawakami can't resist anymore and offers her body to Joker
  4510. >Epilogue ends with Kawakami reviewing doujin with Joker every weekend, getting ideas for new positions or outfits for her to wear
  4512. Joker and Kawakami are fucking in the janitor's closet and Haru opens the door and joins them
  4514. >Futaba gets banned for a few days because she shitposted in /sc2/
  4515. >She passes the time by cuddling up with Joker and not letting him get out of bed
  4516. Are you projecting, Doujin-chan?
  4517. Is that a surprise at this point
  4518. Isn't Joker/Futaba popular with girls? I guess they want to self insert as Futaba and have a handsome boy rescue them.I like Joker/Futaba a lot and as I guy I don't know what that says about me.
  4519. In all honesty I just came up with that idea as a way to cheekily explain why I've been gone the past couple of days
  4520. But it didn't feel like enough so I added the second line so that it could be an actual doujin
  4521. Joker x Futaba isn't my thing, but it is very cute
  4523. The clerk at Croco-fur and the OL hanging outside looking for younger boys drag Yu (Me) into the ladies washroom of the movie theater and have their way with me (Yu).
  4525. >Ohya begins investigating the Shogi Queen's private life
  4526. >She finds out that Joker knows her and enlists him gather some info
  4527. >Rigs him up with a hidden body cam and mic as well as a radio transmitter so she can give Joker the questions she wants him to ask while she sits outside in her car
  4528. >Unbeknownst to Ohya, Joker is already in a relationship with Hifumi
  4529. >In the midst of regular conversation, Hifumi suddenly admits she's turned on and wants to have fun
  4530. >Ohya begins giggling, enticing Joker to go for it and instructing him how to disrobe her
  4531. >Things start to heat up, Ohya can't resist touching herself while she watches and listens in
  4532. >Hifumi removes Joker's shirt, and a now frustrated Ohya bursts in and scolds her for ruining her view
  4533. >Hifumi's confidence will not be swayed, suggesting they partake in a threesome
  4534. >Epilogue: Ohya agrees not to cover Hifumi's private life in exchange for her and Joker's sex tapes.
  4536. I'd never let you leave my bed, doujin-chan.
  4537. If she's half as NEET as the rest of us she's already incorporated her computer in to her bed and never leaves it anyways.
  4538. Well that's kinda true
  4539. My bedroom is pretty small and mostly taken up by my bed so my computer is on there by default
  4540. Whenever I get back from class and on the weekends I make this pseudo-pillow fort and drape my blankets over it
  4541. Pretty comfy
  4543. Doujin-chan infects /pg/ with so much HIV that it finally dies for good.
  4544. Praise Nyx
  4546. >During Shido's palace, Joker can't seem to get his eyes off of his female teammates bodies in their metaverse outfits, he's definitely off his game in combat
  4547. >The rest of the team can tell something is bothering him, so they suggest taking a break in a safe room
  4548. >Joker loads up on female Personas (Lilim, Succubus, Nekomata, etc.) and heads out alone
  4549. >Ann, Makoto, Futaba and Haru are very concerned, but Ryuji convinces them a man has to prove his strength
  4550. >Cut to a luxurious and lavish bedroom aboard the ship while Joker partakes in a demon orgy
  4551. >Back in the saferoom, tensions boil over and the female part of the team begin a search party
  4552. >They burst through the door and witness what's going on
  4553. >It suddenly occurs to them why Joker needed to go off alone, each one of them agree that it's because of them that he had to put himself in danger to take care of business
  4554. >The four of them offer to do their best to please Joker
  4555. >The demon orgy continues with the girls now involved
  4556. >Ends with a cumshot onto the face and tits of the four girls
  4557. >They all return red faced and tired after an hour and decide its best to call it a day, while the girls suggest Joker should take some time for himself more often
  4558. I want you to take my loads, doujin-chan
  4560. The PT boys give Futaba her first orgasm
  4562. Ryuji has a hidden crush on Makoto ever since she ordered around kaneshiro's palace, but he admires joker so much he wouldn't dare to do shit. Until they asked him if he wanted to do a trio with them
  4564. Ann and Ryuji experiment with the mating press.
  4566. Joker and Ann are shunned and get the silent treatment by their classmates once they start dating, so whenever the students are left alone, the two do increasingly lewd things, culminating in them fucking on the teacher's desk in front of the whole class which is by now too shocked to say anything. Mishima watches and masturbates.
  4568. >Joker and Haru have been dating for a while, it's now Christmas
  4569. >Decide that it's time to go all the way in their special moment alone
  4570. >Making out while undressing each other, Haru helps Joker in unhooking her bra
  4571. >They now stand together, hands held softly
  4572. >"Nobody has ever seen me like this before." she whispers
  4573. >Joker leads her onto the bed, giving more opportunity to touch each other and make out
  4574. >It's time
  4575. >Haru lays on her back, legs spread and inviting, as Joker presses himself up against her lips
  4576. >"I love you."
  4577. >Their hands are held tight, fingers interlocked together as he slowly slides in
  4578. >Haru squeaks, but urges him to keep going
  4579. >Very sweet lovemaking continues, hands never freed from each others grip the entire time
  4580. >The two let each other know they're both getting close
  4581. >Haru can't contain herself any longer
  4582. >"I love you, I love you... I love you!" she calls as feels her pussy being filled up, her body shaking from her own orgasm as well
  4583. >Joker collapses onto her, panting
  4584. >She kisses him on the cheek, "Merry Christmas" and giggles
  4585. I want to share an intimate moment with doujin-chan!
  4587. I'm headed to the cafe later, care to join me?
  4588. Yes please.
  4589. Maybe we can hold hands or play footsie.
  4591. After a series of misunderstandings, Haru travels to Ireland with a large quantity of plant fertilizer and her trusty axe to join the IRA in an effort to defeat her archnemesis, "Queen".
  4592. >her plan is foiled by oasisfag, who gets knighted.
  4594. The end of his shift was approaching and Ryuji Sakamoto was going to make one last round before locking the building for the night. As he passed through the hallway of his old second year classroom, memories of better times started to fill his mind, memories of adventures and friendshi-his recollection was suddenly interrupted when he noticed a puddle of vomit in the end of the hallway. He sighed loudly as he started to brush at the pool of miasma with his old, wrinkled mop. His mind returned to the past again, back in the day if something like that happened they would have expelled the punk after they had forced him to clean this mess with his own tongue, back in the day at least they had some basic sense of decency and discipline and they sure as hell didn't need janitors to clean up after them, those shitty effin punks just think they can do whatever they wa-his train of thought was again interrupted, violently this time. A realization swiftly took over him and his wounded knee started to feel weak, so very weak. The only thing that held him standing was his mop. His knees finally gave way and he collapsed on top of them, his face was covered in tears and a single whimper escaped his lips...
  4595. "F-for real...?"
  4597. >Joker goes on a lewd roadtrip adventure with the PT girls
  4598. >Features hot spring shenanigans, arguing over seating, drugs, and much more
  4599. I was hoping that someone would point out that this idea was a Storybro reference
  4600. I guess /pg/ isn't the right audience for that
  4602. >you're sleeping in the attic one night
  4603. >awakened by hearing boots stomp up the stairs
  4604. >it's futaba
  4605. >she excitedly starts rattling over her doujin idea that she just thought of
  4606. >you do nothing but nod and fall back asleep, forgetting it instantly
  4608. >Fapping to the French
  4609. >Wanting the smell of wine and cheese on your wiener.
  4610. Would she be surrendering to your dick?
  4611. >surrendering to your dick
  4612. That sounds fucking hot, yes please
  4614. >While in college, Joker gets a hands on lesson in sex ed from his qt RA
  4615. let me guess, it's kawagranny, right?
  4617. Aigis goes through puberty as she becomes more real, and drags Makoto off several times a day to roughly facefuck and forcefully ride him to relieve her urges.
  4619. god damn doujin-chan, you even added my ironic meta post (4602-4606)
  4621. >The Phantom Thieves enter the cognition of a sex pervert who knows their identities
  4622. >Everyone has an r63 cognition of themselves, complete with metaverse outfit
  4623. >Each must dominate their cognition in bed
  4625. >Fuuka confides in Natsuki that she's curious about sex
  4626. >Natsuki sets up a love hotel 3some with Fuuka, MC and herself.
  4627. >Natsuki is holding Fuuka's hand the entire time MC is popping her cherry
  4628. >the two of them kiss at the end after MC has left
  4630. >Mating press?
  4631. >Is that like a French Press but for Mate tea?
  4632. >I should serve a mating press at Cafe Haru!
  4634. Where are my Yaksini doujins?
  4635. Yaksini basically is her own doujins, just bring up her character page and start the fap.
  4636. That's not enough
  4637. I need 40 pages of Yaksini riding Joker into the ground while making out with Lakshmi
  4639. Stranger Things Persona 5 parody doujin
  4640. Though really I think it makes more sense with P3 since you have the weird girl (Aigis) character.
  4641. Makoto will do just fine
  4643. Anon reaches out to the truth
  4644. It burns him
  4645. So he comes on /pg/ and slowly, over time, he becomes Adachi.
  4647. After Le Haru fails to get off its feet, Haru begins to offer a mating press service to entice more customers to dine at her establishment.
  4649. Makoto and Sae experiment with breast play.
  4651. Yusuke goes to the maid cafe for inspiration
  4653. Good morning, doujin-chan.
  4654. >Makoto reads up on how to better please Joker
  4655. >Finds articles about getting new sexy clothes and some other ideas
  4656. >Ends up ordering the now popular "nyangerie" set
  4657. >Arrives in the mail earlier than expected, tries it on in her room in her excitement
  4658. >Suddenly, her door opens
  4659. >Joker stands in the doorway, Makoto turns red but attempts to save face
  4660. >"S-So I got these for you, and umm... You're my mate now!"
  4661. >She goes all in on the cat roleplaying, just like she read in her magazines
  4662. >"What are you going to do with me? Your wish is my command... nyaa..."
  4663. >Turns out this is Joker's exact fetish and he gives her the dicking of her entire life
  4664. >Epilogue: Makoto and Joker now order lingerie online together, he whispers to her and teases her every time Morgana is around, which she says she hates but actually loves
  4665. I want to shop for lingerie with doujin-chan!
  4667. I'll lewd you while telling you all about my Futaba doujin ideas.
  4668. Do you self insert as her at all? This would be nice to know for a better mental image.
  4669. >Do you self insert as her at all?
  4670. I do feel that there is a similarity, since she probably shitposts on imageboards as well.
  4671. To answer your question, I'll say yes I do a bit.
  4673. >Futaba shitposts lewdly on the way to class
  4675. Mika discovers Ann is a PT and blackmails her into becoming her sex toy.
  4677. Doujin-chan shitposts lewdly
  4679. Akihiko nailing Chie's high school pus
  4681. A thirsty anon on Kaitochan asks femanons for pics
  4682. They are less than amused
  4684. Is there a doujin about all the VR attendants lezzing out?
  4685. Your imagination can do better than any doujin
  4687. Haru and Potter have a loving and wholesome relationship with a promising future in the coffee industry
  4689. >Aigis sits on Door-kun's face and caves his skull in
  4691. >Ann fears she's putting on weight after many celebratory buffets
  4692. >She never wants to use a scale and know her weight, so she enlists Joker to help watch her waist
  4693. >After a few weeks, Joker cannot tell if her waist has changed, so Ann suggests she get into her bikini because "we're such close friends"
  4694. >Again, months later Joker isn't sure if her waist is any bigger
  4695. >Growing frustrated, she strips naked and waves it off as "we're so tight and I know you won't tell anyone"
  4696. >Once again the same issue is presented, no matter how hard Joker stares at her naked body he can't seem to tell if she's gained
  4697. >Ann has had enough, "If you can't see, then you need to feel!" she says as she grabs his hands and places them on her waist and breasts
  4698. >As she's felt up she moans, tells Joker not to stop under a muffled and unintelligible threat
  4699. >Continues escalating in standard doujin fashion
  4700. >Ends with Joker proclaiming his love for Ann no matter what her body looks like as he blows his load in her
  4701. >Epilogue of Ann's tummy getting chubby and the pair looking happy and cute
  4702. I want doujin-chan to sit on my face!
  4703. I hope you won't mind that I'm not so chubby then
  4704. I don't mind, I can get behind every kind of body type. Preferably yours.
  4705. okay you can't say shit like this and then not post pics
  4706. you're such a goddamn cocktease
  4708. The PT make a pact to lose their virginities to each other before Joker leaves
  4709. You can fill in the blanks as to whether it's awkward or gets more and more degenerate
  4711. Makoto disguises herself as Futaba and has sex with Joker. Everyone thinks it was Futaba having sex with Joker. The real Futaba decides not to say anything and lets Joker pretend it was her, Makoto stays quiet about it too.
  4712. Please explain in 10 words or less how a girl with absurd hips and thighs as well as some light muscle tone disguises herself as a malnourished board that has half her height and 10 times her hair.
  4713. cognition
  4715. Carmen decides she likes girls and starts using Ann as a new slave. Ann is dominated and roughly toyed with by her mental representation of herself and no one will believe that that's why she's constantly out of breath, moaning, and asking for breaks in the middle of heists.
  4717. >Sae tries to take time out of her schedule to discuss Joker's charges, squeezing him in to her office in between appointments
  4718. >An important contact suddenly arrives early
  4719. >In a panic, Sae orders Joker to hide underneath her desk and to remain silent
  4720. >He sits there on his knees, face at crotch level
  4721. >As the meeting continues, Joker grows bored and decides to have some fun, running his hands up her legs
  4722. >Sae's voice cracks at the surprise, covering it up with a cough
  4723. >He continues, sliding his fingers up her thighs and against her puffy vulva
  4724. >She bites her lip as the man across from her explains something
  4725. >Using his maxed proficiency, Joker silently and slowly undoes her belt, sliding them down to her ankles as she shifts in her office chair
  4726. >Black laced panties are all that remain in between her pussy and Joker's face
  4727. >Sae's legs are spread wide as he rubs her clit in a circular motion through her underwear
  4728. >She gasps underneath her breath, continuing to write down notes
  4729. >The panties won't shield her any longer, as Joker slides them down her legs
  4730. >Her beautiful trimmed pussy is a sight to behold, he cannot resist appreciating it's appearance with a kiss
  4731. >"I see!" responds Sae to a yes or no question, struggling to concentrate
  4732. >Shortly after, the meeting ends and the door closes behind the man
  4733. >"I am very disappointed in you.", a chill runs down Joker's spine as he realizes what trouble his urges have gotten him in
  4734. >"I didn't tell you to stop. Continue this immediately."
  4735. >Ends with Sae riding Joker's face on her leather chair
  4736. >Epilogue: Sae pays Joker to sit under her desk and pleasure her all day long to spice up her job
  4737. I want to record doujin-chan and I making love with her consent!
  4739. Doujin-chan goes on a date with a qt femanon
  4741. Doujin-chan posts her tits
  4743. >Chihaya sits with Joker in Shinjuku as she begins closing down her stand for the night
  4744. >For fun, she does Joker's tarot reading
  4745. >Fortune, Lovers, Fool
  4746. >She giggles, beginning to explain the reading before trailing off and doing another reading
  4747. >Lovers, Fortune, Fool
  4748. >Her eyes widen, looking down at the cards again, and up at Joker across from her
  4749. >The smile on Chihaya's face turns into a full grin
  4750. >She excitedly does the reading again
  4751. >Fool, Lovers, Fortune
  4752. >Joker's hands reach out to hold onto hers
  4753. >Chihaya's face is bright red, glancing up to Joker
  4754. >"I don't want you to change fate this time."
  4755. >They walk hand in hand to a love hotel, ordering two bottles of wine
  4756. >The pair make out over drinks, getting tipsy to the point where Chihaya accidentally spills some on her dress
  4757. >She removes it and pushes along Joker into the shower with her
  4758. >They have sex all throughout the night, finishing off by watching the sunlight slowly envelop the darkness on the street below them in each others arms
  4759. >Epilogue: Chihaya now sets up special readings to determine how compatible prospective couples will be, but can only have the power to do so after a night of passionate lovemaking with Joker, her new boyfriend
  4760. I want to make doujin-chan cum before I do during mutual masturbation!
  4762. >Post your doujin ideas
  4763. Doujin-chan kills herself
  4765. "Silencer"
  4766. Milady pins Haru down and roughly fucks her with the guns underneath her dress, threatening to shoot if Haru makes a sound.
  4768. Ann comes up with a plan to stop Kamoshida from abusing Shiho
  4769. She'll let him fuck her, but if she manages to make him cum first, he'll have to stop abusing Shiho
  4770. He fails, of course. Ann just mocks and belittles him while he cums 3 times
  4771. This is the first doujin in a series
  4773. How ugly are you?
  4774. When I was little, other kids would call me ugly and throw leaves at me
  4775. Does that count
  4776. I want to travel back in time to protect doujin-chan from bullies.
  4777. I want to travel back in time to bully doujin-chan.
  4779. Bonjour, doujin-chan. Comment vas-tu aujourd'hui?
  4780. >Tae wraps up her work at the clinic for the night, locking the door behind her
  4781. >She turns around to see Joker, rolling her eyes
  4782. >"You're too late, if you need medicine then you'll have to buy from my extra supplies in my apartment. I have some things to take care of first. Come along, now."
  4783. >Tae leads Joker around the markets in Yongen-Jaya, getting him to hold her shopping basket and grocery bags around
  4784. >She goes out of her way to introduce him as a friend to everyone familiar she comes into contact with
  4785. >Finally they arrive at her apartment, much to Joker's relief
  4786. >"Now since you're here and went through all the trouble of holding my bags, you deserve a little reward."
  4787. >She cooks a simple beef and vegetable stir fry and pours a couple glasses of wine, discussing the local punk rock music scene and trying to pry out a little more info about why he really needs so much medicine
  4788. >After eating, Joker finally gets to restock on his items and bids her a farewell
  4789. >Tae narrows her gaze, "You're really going to make me say it?"
  4790. >She approaches Joker, pinning him against the door, "I can't believe it's come to this. I want you, my guinea pig. You won't get away from me."
  4791. >Sliding her hand over Joker's pants, she grabs onto his bulge and winks, "Besides, I made sure this won't go away for the next three hours."
  4792. >The two lock lips, moving in unison away from the door, coming to a stop in front of her refridgerator
  4793. >Joker pushes her up against it, sliding her panties aside underneath her short dress and slipping a finger inside her already wet pussy
  4794. >Magnets and polaroid photos fall from the fridge as Tae shifts and squirms
  4795. >With fire in her eyes, Tae pushes Joker onto her couch, knocking over a stack of folders resting on the arm as she rips his pants off and swallows his cock
  4796. >After he cums down her throat, she holds the flaccid cock in her hand and kisses it for mere seconds before it's hard again
  4797. >In the bedroom she vigorously rides Joker, holding onto his shoulders for support, commanding him to blow his load inside her
  4798. >She takes a breather as she feels his hot juices squirting inside her, closing her eyes and savouring the moment
  4799. >Suddenly she's lifted up in the air, Joker still remaining inside her, eyes wide and holding on for dear life
  4800. >Joker sets her down on the edge of her dresser, mercilessly fucking her still dripping pussy as numerous beauty products rattle and roll off onto the carpet below
  4801. >Tae moans as her eyes roll back into her head and wraps her legs around his body as he once again cums inside her
  4802. >Their chests heave while sweat rolls down each others bodies
  4803. >Tae manages a few words, "Let's stay like this for a little while longer..."
  4804. >Epilogue: Tae and Joker equipped with hachimaki clean up the apartment after the destructive sex. What a god damn mess.
  4805. I want doujin-chan to momentarily lapse into French while I pound her!
  4807. >Joker equips Sraosha
  4808. >Starts rubbing up Futaba, calling her his imouto and teasing her
  4809. >Whispers in her ear that they must perform their sacred duty
  4810. >Picks her up and heads to the safe room, ignoring the stunned PT
  4811. Sraosha is the only Zoroastrian demon I know of, and the Zoroastrians practiced sacred incest
  4812. I-I guess that was a little too obscure for /pg/
  4813. You sure do know a lot about incest you lewd little girl.
  4814. Guilty as charged
  4816. Michel and Gas Chamber are reduced to being Risette's opening act. Miyabi tries to cheer him up that night with some Risette role-playing.
  4818. After failing to fork up the 3 million yen to Kaneshiro, Makoto is kidnapped by his men. To punish her for this, they proceed to rape her and abuse her. However, to their disappointment, Makoto seems to be enjoying this. As a result, the try to ramp up the severity of their actions; cumming inside repeatedly in an effort to get her pregnant, moving to anal, then double penetration, then face fucking her while DPing her, then moving onto putting more than one dick in her ass and pussy, being given enemas and forced to hold them, drinking piss, then having her get fucked by a horse, etc.
  4819. Eventually we see Makoto with a giant buttplug in her ass and vibrators in her pussy, covered in cum, scribbled on in pen with tally marks showing how many times she's been fucked and inviting phrases like "free onahole, cum inside," and piercings on her pussy, nipples, and bellybutton, as well as a nosehook and ballgag in her mouth. But she still seems to be enjoying herself. Finally we see the mafia members give up, because no matter how hard they try, the can't make Makoto suffer. They wash the semen off her, clean her up, remove the gags and piercings, and leave her. Now Makoto begins to have withdrawal; after receiving so much pleasure and stimulation, how can she be expected to cope when just immediately be dumped with nothing? She begs them to keep using her, but they just grin at the fact they've finally succeeded in punishing her.
  4820. You forgot that they were going for Ann too, Anon.
  4821. Or is she Kaneshiro's private whore?
  4822. Anne got killed.
  4823. Nah she was there too.
  4824. It's my doujin; The mafia are only interested in Makoto so they kill Anne since she tries to retaliate against being kidnapped. Makoto obviously wants to get railed by the thick mafia cocks so she doesn't even feign putting up a struggle when they come to grab her.
  4825. These aren't very good criminals, if they're just THROWING AWAY perfectly valuable product like this, are they?
  4826. Fuck, if she tries to struggle, that's what the drugs are for. Get them addicted, and they'll keep working for the next fix.
  4827. They legitimately don't give a fucking shit bout Anne. They wanted to kill her anyway - her struggling just gave them an excuse.
  4828. You are really shit at writing doujins. Be more like the anon above you.
  4829. This is a Makoto centric doujinshi, have you seriously never read a doujinshi centered around a single character? I want this thing to actually sell - and giving the least popular girl attention is not the way to do that.
  4830. Anon, I have literally already read this doujin. Guess what, Ann doesn't appear outside of a single picture showing she's forced into working for them just like Ann.
  4831. Honestly, if you want people to buy this doujin, you better have some AAA art, because it sure won't be your premise selling it based in your defensiveness against criticism.
  4832. >he thinks people are interested in doujins about anne
  4833. lmao
  4834. She's a big titted blonde chick, of course they care.
  4835. Popularity has nothing to do with what gets people off, or Marie wouldn't have as many as she does.
  4836. Tough shit, I ain't making my doujin 10x worse just because you don't like it. Anne is fucking dead.
  4837. Seething
  4838. Your doujin was already dogshit to begin with.
  4839. Cry more Annefag
  4840. I'm not the one crying here. lmao
  4842. I hope the anon that discovered your location finds you.
  4844. Ceci est spécial pour vous, mon cher. Je suis très heureux de le partager avec vous, et j'espère que vous l'apprécierez.
  4846. >Futaba invites Joker to the maid cafe in Akihibara
  4847. >The hostesses recognize Joker as a regular customer, which makes Futaba incredibly jealous
  4848. >Orders a maid outfit for herself as soon as she gets home
  4849. >It arrives a few days later, it's a bit of an awkward fit and the black stockings only stay on her skinny legs if she holds them up with multiple large and coloured elastic hair ties
  4850. >The hair ornament that came with it was also too big, so she decided to get creative and put on a devil horn headband from an old cosplay instead
  4851. >In a stroke of genius, it occured to her that she can complete the look by fashioning a demon tail out of an old electrical cord and some black cardboard cut in the shape of a spade, plus some tape
  4852. >As soon as she knows Sojiro leaves, she jumps at her chance to surprise Joker
  4853. >Demon Futaba walks down the street to Leblanc, blushing (mostly due to forgoing the included lace panties) and trying not to trip in her new heels as people stare at her eye catching outfit
  4854. >She carefully climbs up to the storage room while balancing herself against the wall
  4855. >"I have found a naughty boy to make my slave, in my world I'm your master!"
  4856. >Futaba leans Joker back onto his bed and climbs on top of him, "You'll do everything in your power to please me!"
  4857. >She shifts upwards onto his face, her skirt covering his entire head, being careful not to poke him in the eye with her tail
  4858. >Finally lowers her lightweight body down onto his face, her lips coming into contact with his
  4859. >Gripping the sheets as Joker's tongue runs up and down her slit, her eyes fixate on the bulge in his shorts
  4860. >"Umm, s-so in my world we also do this to pleasure ourselves... because that's the way it works!"
  4861. >Grabs his dick and starts stroking, gasping as his tongue penetrates her in between pressing up against her clit
  4862. >Futaba lays down on top of Joker, her short body making it a convenient position to stuff his cock in her mouth
  4863. >Continues bobbing her head up and down until Joker lets her know he's getting close
  4864. >"No! I'm not there yet! Y-Your master will make you wait!"
  4865. >She spaces out and salivates all over his cock as Joker makes her squirm
  4866. >Feeling herself get closer to the edge, she plunges the cock down her throat
  4867. >Her moans as she shakes and shudders on top of Joker are muffled from her filled mouth
  4868. >She pulls it out as he shoots cum all over her glasses, face, and lips
  4869. >Quickly gets up an snaps a photo of her plastered face with a peace sign next to Joker
  4870. >"You did so well, my slave, I'll need to savour this moment with you."
  4871. >Epilogue: Futaba and Joker return to the maid cafe, dressed in her new demon maid outfit. Futaba sits as close as she can to Joker, hanging onto his arm and showing the same hostesses the picture on her phone of her covered in cum as revenge for being cute around her boyfriend.
  4872. I want to perform a sacred incestual ritual with doujin-chan!
  4874. >Joker and Makoto decide to have sex in Sae's bed because it's nicer than theirs
  4876. >Joker gets fucked by Cybele, Parvati, and Asherah in Mementos.
  4877. >Hoop play and missionary with Cybele
  4878. >Anal and fire play with Parvati
  4879. >Asherah gets used as a bed but later uses Joker as her personal dildo
  4880. Hoop play is basically taking advantage of Cybele's hoops. Once you get caged in, she won't let you out until she's satisfied.
  4881. Fire play is taking advantage of Parvati's traumatic past with fire by having her cast agi on her clothes and flower.
  4883. >Hifumi brings Joker to the park at sunset
  4884. >She needed someone close to bounce ideas off of for her plans involving shogi as she gets older
  4885. >The subject changes to future relationships
  4886. >She goes quiet and holds onto Joker's arm as she can clearly imagine a future with him
  4887. >"There are some outcomes I can predict, especially when it comes between us."
  4888. >The romantic evening continues, walking in an orange glow together
  4889. >The thought of becoming Joker's wife hasn't left her mind, as well as how to be the best wife for him as she can
  4890. >A good wife would be one that takes care of Joker's every need
  4891. >The light begins to fade as Hifumi asks to stop beside a large tree a stone's throw from the paved path
  4892. >"I've studied you well enough that I know you'll let me do this."
  4893. >She sticks one hand down his pants, undoing the belt with the other
  4894. >Her movements are swift, precise
  4895. >Joker's pants and underwear fall to his knees, exposing his hardened member to the cool autumn air
  4896. >Hifumi's lips enclose around the shaft, tongue swishing from side to side underneath
  4897. >She bobs back and forth on his cock in the darkness, just like she had practiced at home with bottles and various vegetables
  4898. >Suddenly, two voices are heard in front of them
  4899. >Her mouth takes Joker down to the hilt, remaining completely still
  4900. >A couple in conversation walk past, unaware of the pair up against the tree
  4901. >As the danger passes she can feel Joker stiffening up
  4902. >She had done her research, she wouldn't be unprepared
  4903. >Her lips pulsate near the base of the shaft, applying pressure with her tongue
  4904. >Joker grips onto her head and starts bucking his hips, shooting white hot globs down her throat
  4905. >The moonlight glistens off Hifumi's eyes as she looks up to Joker and swallows
  4906. >"I... don't know if that's what you prefer, but I couldn't help myself."
  4907. Epilogue: Hifumi finds new places to do lewd acts in public with Joker, including photo booths, fitting rooms, and the subway.
  4908. I want to sit beside and secretly rub doujin-chan in her easy elective classes and not her difficult and important classes!
  4910. translator chan gets knocked up by a Yakuza he latter finds out and dispose her so she never comes back here to defend Goro and the badly written parts of P5 ever again.
  4912. Ryuji takes Ann and Makoto out for ice cream
  4914. Bonjour doujin-chan, c'est le jour que tu attends!
  4915. >Anon flirts back and forth with doujin-chan over the course of two weeks through posting doujiin ideas
  4916. >Teases her now and then about a project he's working on, much to her delight
  4917. >Resists his urges and holds out for days to expand his collection a bit more
  4918. >At last, he proudly presents to her his work of art
  4919. <attached was an imgur link of his cum tribute on pictures of Doujin-chan's posts that I won't share>
  4920. I want to continue having positive interactions with doujin-chan!
  4922. /pg/ was less than thrilled about this
  4923. I should not have opened that. Fuck.
  4924. W E W
  4925. W
  4926. E
  4927. W
  4928. This has got to be one of the most autistic things I have ever seen in this shithole.
  4929. How do you cum and still think it's a good idea to post this? You'd think it would have made you come to your senses.
  4930. why.jpg
  4931. The absolute state of personafags
  4932. holy shit
  4933. I came in this thread to do my whole "I miss you Veronique" thing but after seeing this, I think she's a bit... soiled.
  4934. Oh my
  4935. Je dois admettre, anon-kun, je n'étais pas sûr que tu allais le faire. J'attendais une image de troll ou un jab drôle à mes frais.
  4936. I did warn you that your lewdness could cause such degeneracy. I'll take the defied expectations as a compliment.
  4938. Doujin-chan gets raped by a pack of femanons
  4940. Joker summons Cybele and has a threesome with his waifu
  4942. Anal with a femanon on her period!
  4943. disgusting
  4944. Please just let me dream
  4946. The Femanons want to do this with their husbando (a coin-flip between Joker and Goro basically):
  4947. I want him to use my body as he pleases
  4948. I fantasize about shower sex with my husbando everyday
  4949. I want to have sex with the windows open
  4950. For Goro, well I usually shitpost about what I would do to him like take him to therapy and love him unconditionally. I wish someone would take me to therapy and love me unconditionally.
  4951. I want him to take me from behind
  4952. be the big spoon even if I'm much smaller than him
  4953. I want him to strangle me to the point of suffocation while he rams my hole.
  4954. Marry him
  4956. I want to rest my head on top Kaz and play with his chest hair after hours of sweaty love making
  4957. But Kaz is a fucking moron, is it just the way he looks?
  4959. I want Fuuka to sit on the top of my huge, meaty, erect, 22 year old penis until I cum in her tight, unshaven hairy little snatch and she screams like a little girl.
  4961. Anon teaches /pg/ that girls don't pee from their uterus
  4962. They are surprised
  4964. >Hifumi tries and fails to pull off dying her hair blonde
  4965. very topical
  4967. Just when I thought the autism was done, doujin-chan shows up. Where's cum tribute anon at?
  4969. How do you feel about Fuukafag and Yukikofag frenchie?
  4970. Fuukafag a shit
  4971. Yukikofag a best
  4973. Hifumi has an attitude change to scare off her fanbase that think of her as a pure idol. She starts dressing and looking like a ganguro, dyed blonde hair, tanned skin, slutty clothes, etc. Her old fans get made and gangbang her as an act of revenge, treating her like a cheap slut.
  4974. >another gangrape doujin
  4975. No
  4977. Bonjour, doujin-chan.
  4978. >To celebrate Joker's 18th birthday, Ohya takes him bar hopping in Shinjuku and takes on the role of his wingman
  4979. >Orders him drink after drink while he chats up women
  4980. >After a long night, Joker's had far too many and even Ohya loses track of her drinking pace
  4981. >She decides to be responsible and take him back home
  4982. >Except Joker's too drunk to form coherent sentences, can't even tell her what part of the city he lives in
  4983. >She's forced to take him back to his apartment until he sobers up, directing him to the couch
  4984. >He starts coming on to her, thinking he was just trying to be funny
  4985. >Joker steals a kiss, and suddenly she realizes the situation she just put herself into
  4986. >His lips move down her neck, stopping at her collarbone
  4987. >She was too horny to think about the right thing to do
  4988. >"Here, let me help you with that."
  4989. >Ohya removes her top and bra, letting Joker suck on her nipples while she runs her fingers through his hair
  4990. >More thoughts of doubt clouded her mind, she needed to act quick before she convinced herself to stop
  4991. >Pushing Joker down onto the couch, she stood on her knees and unbuttoned her jeans, pulling them down half way
  4992. >She climbed up on top of Joker before he could finish doing the same, reaching down and tugging them down to his knees
  4993. >Face to face with Joker, she grabs onto his throbbing cock and guides it inside her
  4994. >Breathing a sigh of relief, she closes her eyes and rocks her hips with Joker's
  4995. >The two continue fucking in an awkward, uneven rhythm until Joker blows his load inside her
  4996. >She rest her head on top of Joker's chest, noticing that he had already passed out
  4997. >Not wanting to disturb him, she closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep, still mostly naked
  4998. >Epilogue: Ohya makes breakfast for a severely hung over Joker while she tries to get him to recall last night's events
  4999. I want to give doujin-chan vitamin B7 gummies for growing out a long, healthy hime cut!
  5001. Futaba uses her hacking power and Persona magic to link with users of 2chan. First she posts nudes and requests a cum tribute, and gets showered with the cum of hundreds of anons. She then conjures a copy of herself in each of their rooms and feels whatever is done to each of them, passing out after feeling the pleasure of being fucked by hundreds of men simultaneously.
  5002. That's quite dirty, Anon-kun
  5003. I thought so too. Glad you liked it.
  5005. I just want more loving Futaba Doujins, I looked though some at an anime convention i went to and all i saw was disgusting NTR.
  5007. Doujin-chan, what color is your hair?
  5008. Je suis blond
  5009. Got it from the German half of my family
  5011. Bonjour encore, doujin-chan. Deux poteaux de doujin l'un après l'autre? C'est magnifique!
  5012. >As part of an earlier arrangement, Sae keeps sneaking Joker into her office to provide pussy worship at any time she desires
  5013. >No matter how much he begs Sae to help him get off after hours of remaining rock hard, she declines
  5014. >Sae had requested that Joker must stay hidden in her office's closet during meetings instead of underneath the desk as before
  5015. >In the middle of being eaten out, Sae's secretary phones to inform that her client has arrived
  5016. >A frustrated Joker heads to the closet, leaving the door open a crack for a frontal view of Sae's desk
  5017. >The client walks in, takes a seat and begins to discuss a case with Sae
  5018. >Joker decides to tease Sae by poking his hard cock out of the crack in the door
  5019. >Sae's eyes light up as she peeks over the man's shoulder
  5020. >"Excuse me for one moment."
  5021. >Sae stands up and walks towards the closet
  5022. >Joker retreats to the back closet wall in shock
  5023. >She enters, quickly closing the door behind her
  5024. >In complete darkness, Sae crouches down and envelops his cock in her mouth, bobbing her head back and forth as fast as she can
  5025. >Taken by surprise after being blueballed all day, he cums a massive load in her mouth after only seconds of Sae's vigorous blowjob
  5026. >Sae swallows and swallows as she feels it squirt into the back of her throat, having to stop to breathe through her nose before it's all over
  5027. >Joker collapsed in disbelief
  5028. >In a matter of seconds, Sae had entered, swallowed his load and grabbed a fall coat off the back of the door before returning to her desk
  5029. >"Sorry, I needed to grab this. Next thing you know I'll be too hot again.
  5030. >Epilogue: Sae begins to become more adventurous and makes plans plans to pleasure Joker for a change, but only at her discretion.
  5031. I want to do lewd things to sleeping doujin-chan with her permission!
  5032. Merci, Anon-kun
  5033. I do like your idea of continuing storylines
  5034. I'm glad you like it too, I'll definitely write a few more connected stories.
  5036. Yusuke and Futaba have pregnant sex
  5038. Bonjour, doujin-chan! Cela me réjouit que tu aimes même mes éditions de portrait.
  5039. >Kawakami invites Joker down to the beach for an afternoon date
  5040. >Joker encourages her to join him for a swim, but she opts to work on her tan and watch their belongings instead
  5041. >While soaking in the sun, she looks for something to do
  5042. >Her curiosity turns towards Joker's bag, opening it up
  5043. >She's surprised to find he brought more doujins along with him
  5044. >Kawakami decides to flip through a few, keeping an eye on Joker out in the water
  5045. >Her heart melts, the material is all focused on older women just like before
  5046. >Feeling herself getting red in the face already, she stuffs them back in and confidently wades out into the ocean
  5047. >"Hi, I thought you looked a little lonely out there."
  5048. >She had pulled her breasts out of her bikini top, guiding his hands onto them
  5049. >Her hand dove down into Joker's swim trunks, slowly stroking him under the water
  5050. >They make out, fondling each other in the gentle waves
  5051. >Kawakami climbs onto Joker, locking her legs around his waist, "Hurry, I don't want to get caught."
  5052. >Joker slips himself inside, holding up her body with ease
  5053. >She clings closely to Joker, craning her head down over his shoulder
  5054. >Joker bounces her up and down until they cum, continuing to make out after settling down
  5055. >Kawakami fixes her top and walks back to the beach, hand in hand with Joker
  5056. >She doesn't notice a few people giving her strange looks
  5057. >Epilogue: Kawakami does some research to find a doujin with an older woman having sex at the beach to keep for the memories of her special date.
  5058. I want to fuck doujin-chan in a private location!
  5060. >Yukari feels as though she's losing the protag to Aigis
  5061. >To combat this, Yukari starts pulling pranks on Aigis to stop her from seeing the protag
  5062. >However, she may have gone too far this time after pouring Fountain Dew on Aigis' Papillon heart and causing her to malfunction
  5063. >Yukari now finds herself lewdly licking Aigis' chest in a desperate attempt to clean up her mess
  5064. It's dumb, I know but now that I've typed it I won't have to think about it any more.
  5066. Salutations, doujin-chan! Heureusement, je suis ici pour poster à ce moment inhabituel.
  5067. >Makoto is sitting with Joker at Leblanc, having finished closing down for the evening
  5068. >Taking advantage of some alone time, she decides to discuss at length how she can be a better girlfriend for Joker
  5069. >She's writing down notes on a pad and sitting across from him, making it feel like an interview
  5070. >Realizing that she's making this too intense, she lets Joker speak
  5071. >He tells her that he really enjoys roleplay
  5072. >"Roleplay? Y-You mean what I did last time with the... umm... cat lingerie?"
  5073. >Joker ushers Makoto upstairs, letting her know that he prepared a surprise for her
  5074. >A sexy nurse outfit is hanging on a coatrack
  5075. >After changing, Makoto stumbles through the nurse roleplay as Joker lies in his bed, it's clear she needs to do her research beforehand
  5076. >She slowly uncovers the sheet hiding Joker's hard cock, "I think I found what's causing the problem, I'll need to take care of this for you."
  5077. >Squeezing out some lube onto her hand, she begins to stroke it up and down, glancing between his cock and his face
  5078. >She leans closer and lets Joker unbutton the uniform to expose her tits for him to play with
  5079. >"Hmm, I know just the thing to fix this."
  5080. >Makoto climbs up on top of Joker, sliding aside her panties before lowering herself down on top of him
  5081. >Bouncing up and down, she stops Joker from sitting up
  5082. >"No, please... I need to make you feel better all by myself, just relax."
  5083. >She leans forward, hands pressed onto Joker's chest, now grinding her hips on him
  5084. >Suddenly, Joker grips onto her thighs, she could feel it coming
  5085. >Makoto lays herself down onto Joker's chest as he pumps a load deep inside her
  5086. >She kisses him on the forehead and smiles, "All better, I hope?"
  5087. >Epilogue: The two spend hours chatting about roleplay scenarios, adventuring out to sex shops and browsing their costume selection for inspiration
  5088. I want to cuddle in doujin-chan's pillow fort!
  5090. p5-2 starts with Makoto and Joker's wedding and subsequently their divorce on the following day because Joker accidentially fucked Ann in his wedding night
  5091. Only by saving the world together again from evil forces, Makoto and Joker will find each other again.
  5092. Or they don't, if you choose a different romance route
  5094. Morgana falls asleep in Joker's bag while he's off on a date. Becky comes over to do Joker's laundry and throws the bag in as well. She doesn't hear the meowing until the wash has been going for a while, and when she finally rescues Morgana he's inches from death. His last request is to have sex with Lady Ann, but he doesn't know that she's currently on a date with Joker. Kawakami, wracked with guilt, dresses up like Ann and fucks Morgana, who dies in delirious ecstasy. Joker and Ann walk in on Kawakami shagging the corpse.
  5096. Joker/Futaba, mommy kink.
  5098. Also: Shota Joker/any of the girl love interests.
  5100. Tae agrees to be Joker's sex education teacher, but only if he calls a certain prosecutor to help him on the practical classes
  5102. >It's Christmas Day
  5103. >Joker is lying down on the bench of his holding cell
  5104. >With nothing else to do except wait to be transferred, he closes his eyes and falls asleep
  5105. >He comes to, but not in the Velvet Room
  5106. >Instead, he finds himself in a grand, luxurious bedroom
  5107. >Surrounded by all his demonettes
  5108. >Pixie timidly comes forward and explains
  5109. >They had learned about his incarceration, and decided to do something for him
  5110. >Through some cognition trickery best left up to the author, they constructed the room and manifested themselves and it permanently into his mind
  5111. >Essentially, he will always end up there when he goes to sleep
  5112. >Seeing where this is going, Joker smirks and begins to shed his clothing
  5113. >Some of the more lustful demonettes walk towards the bed and try to get on, but are held back by the others
  5114. >"There's one more thing," Pixie says
  5115. >The crowd begins to part down the middle
  5116. >"We may only join you if she wills it."
  5117. >The crowd parts all the way to reveal a figure clad in a revealing Santa outfit
  5118. >The figure starts to walk down the aisle
  5119. >Joker's eyes grow wide
  5120. >"After all, what better companion for a prisoner than themselves?"
  5121. >The fluffy hair, the eyes, and the same mesmerizing smirk upon her full lips
  5122. >It's FemJoker
  5123. >The demonettes reach out as she walks by, caressing her face, her tits, or the tempting curve of her hips
  5124. >Some even go for a quick grab of her ass, drawing a giggle out of her
  5125. >She crawls onto the bed and straddles him
  5126. >Taking his face in her hands, she leans down towards his ear, nipping and licking along the way
  5127. >"Merry Christmas~"
  5129. A French kaitochan femanon gets mindbroken
  5131. Fuuka fucks Door-kun with her small futa cock
  5132. Rise rapes Yu with her huge futa cock
  5133. Futaba fucks Joker with her massive futa cock
  5135. Yukiko gangbanged in the hot springs.
  5137. Doujin in which Goro cries during sex and joker has to comfort him but with his dick.
  5139. Doujin-chan comes back
  5140. Doujin-chan also gets cum on her back
  5142. >Ohya spies on Joker as she suspects he's a Phantom Thief
  5143. >Sets up cameras outside his window for surveillance
  5144. >Only ends up watching him work out, jerk off, and bring girls to his room to fuck
  5145. >Forgets all about the PT part of it and goes full voyeur mode
  5146. >Gets to the point where she catfishes him online, posing as a famous idol wanting to keep her identity a secret
  5147. >They agree to fuck at a love hotel with a special glory hole
  5148. >At the end, Joker reveals that he knew it was Ohya all along
  5150. Anything with a cute straight couple
  5151. But the girl has to be a hardcore lovey dominant
  5153. >the phantom thieves, after seeing sae's true desires to lose her virginity, decide to help her get a date
  5154. >on christmas eve they all have different roles in setting up Sae's perfect date
  5155. >makoto speaking to sae on intercom
  5156. >morgana keeping a cat's eye view on the action
  5157. >ryuji and Akiren act like annoying kids to harrass sae and give the guy a chance to defend her
  5158. >co ops help too in their own ways
  5159. >iwai hooks her up with one of his old cop friends who went straight
  5160. >ohya acts as sae's winggirl at the bar
  5161. >kawakami dresses up sae and hides her age revealing features
  5162. >chihaya gives a fortune to the man telling him he will meet the love of his life that night
  5163. >tae walks in and blows the whole operation
  5165. >Joker gets molested on the train by Cellphone-tan and other girls
  5166. >She's recording it
  5167. >Through some tech trickery Futaba can watch it happen too
  5169. yukari dances in public but naked
  5171. >The Phantom Thieves have been honing their skills in Mementos, collecting treasure after treasure as they plunge deeper and deeper
  5172. >By the time everyone is tired, the Mona bus is packed full of prized equipment and high valued sellables
  5173. >Seating has become an issue, with golden trophies and extravagant paintings taking up space
  5174. >Ann and Futaba protest against bringing home so much, but Ryuji and even Yusuke convince them to stick it out since gear isn't cheap
  5175. >Some people are left standing, or bent upwards at awkward angles
  5176. >Joker and Haru are crammed into the back, with a large Victorian era painting completely blocking the view from the row in front
  5177. >As the bus takes off, Haru is frightened by a mountain of metal falling over onto her seat, crouching down into the only available space between Joker's legs
  5178. >Haru turns her head away from the sharp metal edges in front of her, coming to rest at Joker's crotch, blushing beneath her mask
  5179. >Her face keeps coming into contact with his crotch with every bump, and with every bump she can feel the impact getting less soft
  5180. >She accepts the situation she's put herself into, as she relaxes her head on the seat and Joker begins to run his fingers through her hair
  5181. >Haru presses up her lips against his now obvious bulge, giggling to herself as she makes eye contact with Joker
  5182. >Joker decides to help her out, unzipping his pants and revealing his boner to her as she gasps in awe before gently kissing it
  5183. >Within seconds, Haru has taken his cock into her mouth, unbeknownst to the others in the front
  5184. >Joker's moans are masked by everyone else getting jostled around and poked by things
  5185. >Their eyes meet again, and without a word Joker helps Haru stand herself up and pull down her pants
  5186. >Her exposed, dripping pussy is too much for Joker to resist
  5187. >He grips her meaty thighs stuffs his face into it, causing her to squeak
  5188. >Ann hears her, assuming a similar situation as the front row and sharing her own frustrations about how her hair keeps getting caught on the door of a grandfather clock
  5189. >Haru presses her ass back against Joker's head, bending over to give him a handjob as he eats her out
  5190. >The bus accelerates, causing Haru to lose her balance, propping herself up above Joker's cock
  5191. >Joker kisses her neck as he slowly lowers her down onto his cock
  5192. >The bumpy tracks cause her to bounce up and down, squirming and moaning
  5193. >She leans back against Joker's chest, reaching up and ruffling his hair with a gloved hand as he begins to rock his hips
  5194. >Her free hand alternates between playing with her tits and rubbing her clit, now moaning quite loud
  5195. >The others turn their heads towards the back in shock, hearing her in what seems to be great pain
  5196. >Yusuke worriedly calls out to the back, "Noir! Have you been injured?!" as Mona screeches the bus to a halt
  5197. >Haru arches her back, "Please, don't stop! Don't stop! I'm going to ... going to be alright! W-We're almost there!
  5198. >Everyone looks at each other puzzled, since they were barely even half way back to the entrance
  5199. >The bus begins to roll again, vibrating Haru in the sweet spot she desperately needed to bring her over the edge
  5200. >She turns her head towards Joker and locks lips as they both cum together, half out of passion and the other half to mask her moans
  5201. >The rest of the trip is spent making out and giggling to each other in secret
  5202. >Epilogue: Joker and Haru campaign to do more Mementos overloaded treasure runs, emphasizing the importance of old pantings to sell for profit much to Yusuke's delight and Ann + Futaba's dismay
  5204. >On New Year's Day, Kokoro's ghost visits Joker in prison
  5205. >The next day, the other prisoners in the block complain about him chanting "woo woo" all night
  5207. >Makoto and Joker sit down to talk about their fantasies
  5208. >They both discover that they want to partake in a FFM threesome
  5209. >She shyly suggests that she would like to try it, but is too concerned about someone finding out about it
  5210. >Joker assures her he'll arrange something for them and take every step to hide her identity
  5211. >A week later, a date is set for another woman to join them in a love hotel in Shinjuku
  5212. >In preparation, Makoto waits blindfolded with earplugs on the edge of the bed while Joker brings in the other half of the threesome from the lobby
  5213. >As soon as Joker leads her into the room's entrance, he instructs her to put on her blindfold and earplugs
  5214. >"Is this some kind of joke about blind justice?"
  5215. >Sae Nijima had no idea her sister was waiting for her inside, she was only told that the other girl would be younger than her
  5216. >Joker lead her by the hand onto the bed next to Makoto, who jumped in surprise after feeling a sudden weight next to her
  5217. >Makoto's hand reached out to the lap of the woman beside her, in turn the woman rested her hand on Makoto's
  5218. >Joker began to undress the sisters, guiding their hands to each other's bodies while removing his own clothes
  5219. >The Nijimas had finished undressing and had begun kissing, pleasantly surprising Joker how quickly they had gotten into it
  5220. >In a horny rush, Joker pushes his hard cock in between the lips of Sae and Makoto
  5221. >Sae sucks on the tip while Makoto tongues his shaft, all the while feeling up each other's bodies
  5222. >Makoto feels out Joker's body as she drools over his cock, "I need you to fuck me, right now."
  5223. >He laid her down on her back and slid himself inside - she moaned much louder than usual due to the earplugs
  5224. >Sae was pulled on top of her sister on all fours, making out with Makoto whilst fingering herself
  5225. >Joker pulled out of Makoto and bent over top of Sae, suddenly penetrating her dripping pussy
  5226. >His cock caught Sae off guard, collapsing on top of Makoto as she ran her fingers through Sae's hair
  5227. >Once again Joker had stopped fucking the sisters, this time squeezing his throbbing cock in between the pressed together wet slits of the Nijimas, squealing in unison as he slid in and out with their mixed juices
  5228. >Makoto was the first to orgasm - Sae following moments after, the two moaning and squirming together
  5229. >A brief moment later, Joker sat up the panting sisters next to each other, pressing their faces together on his cock
  5230. >French kissing each other and Joker's cock, he blows his load over their faces
  5231. >The sisters lick each other clean and idly run their hands along the other Nijima's body
  5232. >Sae calls out to Joker, "Let's stay like this... just for a little while longer."
  5233. >Makoto rests her head on Sae's breasts, holding Joker's hand laying across from Sae
  5234. >Epilogue: Both Makoto and Sae privately admit they had a great time with the other woman, suggesting that next time they forgo the blindfolds and earplugs. Joker nervously makes up excuses as to why they can't.
  5235. I want doujin-chan's ghost to perform fellatio on me!
  5237. Ren Mamamia steals Peach and DPs her with Ryuji
  5239. On a moonless night, Ren Amamiya was returning back to the attic that he calls home when he was suddenly sexually assaulted by the notorious phantom thief, Joker and his very good friend, Akira Kurusu while some creepy guy named Pego who remained unnoticed was masturbating to the scene that was unfolding from his window. Joker pinned Ren down while Akira removed his pants, however as he was about to penetrate him, he wad shot down by several green arrows. Joker, Pego and Ren then team up to find Akira's killer.
  5241. >Futaba sits in Joker's lap
  5242. >No one is really sure what happens next
  5244. >joker's leg falls asleep and asks her to get off
  5245. >skip 5 years later when he realizes and regrets how far he could have gone with futaba
  5247. The PT girls get together and tease and edge each other all night on new year's eve. The first to cum in the new year has to service the others for the rest of the day.
  5249. Futaba but with cowtits
  5251. >Tae visits Joker in Leblanc, convincing him to leave work early and join her on a trip to Shibuya
  5252. >The pair stop by the arcade, grab a meal at the diner, and watch a movie together
  5253. >On the way back to Yongen-Jaya, she grabs Joker's hand
  5254. >"I never thought I would ever fall for someone this hard, nevermind a high school student."
  5255. >She leans on his shoulder during the subway ride home, taking a glance at the nearly empty car
  5256. >Her legs spread wide, "If you make me cum before our stop, I'll stay at your place tonight."
  5257. >After a moment to collect his courage, Joker slips his hand under her skirt
  5258. >He runs his fingers over top of her silky panties, feeling her get hot
  5259. >With little time to get things done, he skips the straight to the good stuff, weaving a finger around her panties and into her slippery hole
  5260. >Tae exhales sharply, keeping her head on his shoulder
  5261. >Joker begins to finger her, sliding in down to the knuckle
  5262. >She begins to elevate her breathing, "You better pick up the pace, it won't be long until we get home."
  5263. >He sits up straighter and fingerbangs her faster, rubbing her clit with his thumb at the same time
  5264. >Tae holds onto his arm, "We're getting closer."
  5265. >Joker ramps up the intensity, going as hard as he can, to the point where he can hear the noise of her slick pussy taking his finger
  5266. >The train begins to slow as the car's announcement rings, "Now arriving at Yongen-Jaya station."
  5267. >Tae suddenly squeezes her thighs together, biting her lips with closed eyes as the train halts
  5268. >She pulls his hand out from her grip and sucks on his fingers
  5269. >"Looks like I'll be staying in your room tonight."
  5270. >Epilogue: Tae makes challenges for Joker to get her off at work or in public for sexual rewards
  5271. I want doujin-chan to spy on my sexual activities!
  5273. >After Chihaya's tarot reading that brought her and Ren to a love hotel, she began to advertise relationship compatibility readings
  5274. >Business started to pick up for her after couples sought her out to predict how they would fare together, or what they would need to do to fix it
  5275. >Her power to use the tarot in this fashion could only be fueled by the intake and release of sexual energy, which Ren happily obliged to assist with
  5276. >Although she would make passionate love to Ren most days throughout the week, she was drained after a busy day of compatibility readings
  5277. >That night, Chihaya and Ren had made love, kissed each other good night and drifted off to sleep in each other's arms
  5278. >Ren had awoken, hearing movement on the bed beside him. The clock read 12:57 AM.
  5279. >He turned his head towards his lover, taking a few seconds to realize she was fully awake and rubbing herself
  5280. >Asking what was going on, she admitted that she sometimes masturbates when she feels that she'll have a hard time doing her readings the next day
  5281. >Ren let her know that she should wake him up whenever she needs more love, because it's his job to take care of her too
  5282. >Chihaya didn't want to trouble him with the tall order, but he wouldn't take no for an answer
  5283. >She rode him in reverse cowgirl until they both came, rolling off of him and kissing goodnight again
  5284. >2:36 AM. Chihaya presses her body up against Ren's, waking him up with a handjob
  5285. >He turns his body to face hers, Chihaya reaching down and guiding his cock inside her as she lifts up her leg
  5286. >For the third time tonight, Ren had cum inside her - they fell back asleep within minutes
  5287. >4:48 AM. Ren is awoken by a pair of tits in his face, gently sucking on her nipples while Chihaya fingers herself as she straddles his abdomen
  5288. >Chihaya cums, resting her head on Ren's chest as she passes out once more
  5289. >6:21 AM. Chihaya bobs her head up and down on his cock, guiding Ren's sleepy hand onto her slick pussy
  5290. >With closed eyes, he flicks her throbbing clit back and forth as she deepthroats him, accepting another load into her body before immediately falling asleep right beside his cock
  5291. >7:55 AM. Opening her eyes to a hard cock, Chihaya looks back at a sleeping Ren
  5292. >She disables her morning alarm and gets dressed, gazing once again at Ren's morning wood being softly illuminated between the cracks of her two curtains - it appeared to be a bit red from the night's activities
  5293. >Unscrewing the cap on some of her expensive face cream, she slathers it over his penis, catching herself stroking him again
  5294. >Noticing that he hasn't woken up, she continues her slippery handjob, angling his cock towards her mouth until she milks the last few drops of cum into her mouth
  5295. >Kissing him on the forehead, she writes a quick love note on the nightstand and heads out to a bustling Saturday in Shinjuku
  5296. >Epilogue: Chihaya and Ren plan ahead for her busy days, loading up on caffiene and energy drinks to keep themselves as sexually active as possible.
  5297. I want to attempt to impregnate doujin-chan on birth control!
  5299. >p3 protag's soul merges with nyx creating a new
  5300. Veaguely benevolent godly entity known as yhvh
  5301. >sends a shard of himself with memories of his past life as minato to make his old friends happy before doing god things,
  5302. >but his being conscious and his massive power combined with nyx' makes persona users a common occurrence, and he honestly doesn't even really care. Because like every god in smt he's either completely alien in morality or an asshole
  5303. >p3 protag 2.0 has to kill the 'real' him to protect his friends from the increasingly powerful and violent shadows. But atleast he survives, leading to a bittersweet ending dealing with it doesn't matter if the body is real or not, the soul is all that matters.
  5304. Make it happen, atlus.
  5306. >A Kaitochan femanon tries to get the attention of a namefag
  5307. >She eventually gets tired of never getting it and lets some other kaitochan users run a train on her to make the namefag jealous
  5308. >The namefag still doesn't care
  5310. futaba whispers 'kiite kiite' in my ear
  5312. A doujin where doujin-chan asks for doujin ideas to /pg/ again.
  5313. Vocaroo-tan decides to bite and gives her idea.
  5314. Then she proceeds to subtly asked her for her discord info because she knows doujin-chan is cool.
  5315. merde
  5316. I hate to disappoint you, Vocaroo-tan, but I don't have a discord
  5318. Makoto gives Ryuji a handjob
  5319. Oh that's just lame for an entire doujin.
  5320. You need something that can last for more than a few pages like "Rise Sexualisis 2, but Makoto is Rise, Ryuji is Kanji, and Joker is Yu."
  5321. like bodyswapped makoto and rise?
  5322. No. I was GOING to suggest "Makoto is getting jealous of how close Ryuji is to her boyfriend and thinks he's into him, so she sets up a scenario where he sees her and Joker kissing, but Joker doesn't know Ryuji's watching, so he rails her hard".
  5323. But then I remembered that was literally the plot of a P4 doujin.
  5324. Shouldn't Joker and Ryuji be switched.
  5325. Joker could explain easily his intentions. Ryujin isn't smart enough to, hence why Makoto would even consider the possibility.
  5327. Futaba impregnates Joker with her Futaba Cannon
  5329. Bonjour, doujin-chan! J'en ai deux pour toi aujourd'hui.
  5331. >Ann and Ren take a train to a small mountain town for a romantic weekend getaway during the summer holidays
  5332. >After shopping and hiking, they book a room at an inn with a hot spring
  5333. >Although they were disappointed to find out they had separate baths for men and women and would be busy due to a medical conference, they were still relieved to finally get some relaxation in
  5334. >Ann settled in near the back of the spring, avoiding a large group of women excitedly chatting and opting to sit by a short young woman with dark blue hair
  5335. >As Ren approached the springs, a very large group of loud older men came pouring out of the entrance, getting disoriented and turned around as well as fogging up his glasses from their collective steam
  5336. >He proceeded onwards, unaware that he had actually entered the women's bath
  5337. >Ann does a double take as he approaches, standing up with the woman behind her, "Ren!"
  5338. >She looked back the woman who had also called his name
  5339. >Tae Takemi scowled, "What do you think you're doing?"
  5340. >The two girls glanced down at each other's exposed breasts, realizing that neither of them appeared to be embarassed
  5341. >Ann grabbed Ren by the arm and dragged him away from the group of women before they noticed
  5342. >Ren explained the situation after sitting them down on either side of him, introducing Ann to Tae
  5343. >Tae narrowed her eyes, "Well, now that you two lovebirds are stuck with me, we better make the most of it, right Ms. Phantom Thief?"
  5344. >Ann let out a nervous laugh, partially caused by the sudden revelation but also because she hadn't thought about getting intimate with a girl before
  5345. >Tae's hand slid over to Ren's cock, "Oh my, he's already hard. What a naughty boy."
  5346. >Glancing down under the water, Ann's hand joined in too, quickly changing her disposition with the same devious smile as Tae
  5347. >Ren slid himself forward, leaning back on the edge of the springs and began to suck on Tae's nipple
  5348. >Tae ran her fingers through Ren's hair, glancing at Ann and motioning her over, "Come."
  5349. >Ann crawled over top of Ren and onto the other side of Tae, giving mouth service to her other nipple
  5350. >Tae shut her eyes and leaned her head back, continuing to stroke Ren as she rubs Ann's pussy
  5351. >Tugging on Tae's nipple with her teeth before releasing it, Ann looks up at both of them, "Let's do this right here."
  5352. >Ren sat up out of the water as Tae bent over and started to work his cock in her mouth, meanwhile Ann remained sitting behind Tae, eating her out
  5353. >Soon after, Tae turned around, "I can feel him tensing up, he's all yours."
  5354. >She helped Ann climb up on top of Ren, lowering her down on top of his cock wet with her own saliva, now licking Ann's clit as she gets fucked
  5355. >It only took a a minute of thrusting before he released his load inside Ann, lifting her up so that Tae could lick Ann's creampied pussy
  5356. >Ann stood up and embraced Tae, making out and using their tongues to swap Ren's cum and Ann's juices back and forth before swallowing their share
  5357. >Tae smiles, "You two are dirtier than I thought. Come visit my room for some drinks later tonight."
  5358. >The two girls giggle as they disguise Ren with a towel stuffed full of wash cloths in front of his chest and send him on his way
  5359. >Epilogue: Ann and Tae become decent friends and share their own style of makeup tips with each other, as well as regularly scheduling checkups together with Ren.
  5360. I want to receive doujin-chan's attention!
  5362. Keeping with Tae, I was inspired by the recent Mitsuru penis inspection stories.
  5363. >The Phantom Thieves are signed up by Ren for a group genital inspection at Takemi Medical Clinic
  5364. >Ren: Slightly above average in length, average in girth, lower hanging balls, very clean, trimmed neatly, gets hard fast, stays hard for a decent length of time: A. "Alright!"
  5365. >Ryuji: Average in length, large girth, lopsided balls, musky odour, scrapes from shaving around the shaft, gets hard slowly, stays hard for long: D. "For real?"
  5366. >Ann: Outer labia is tight and inner labia extends beyond it, small clitoris, light odour, carefully shaved, lubricates at an average speed: B+. "Mission complete!"
  5367. >Yusuke: Above average in length, skinny girth, tightly raised balls, perfectly clean, trimmed so fine it appears to be shaven, gets hard immediately, stays hard for an extended period: A+. His penis is awarded a kiss by Dr. Takemi. "And the curtain falls."
  5368. >Makoto: Outer and inner labia roughly equally large, average sized clitoris, medium odour, unkempt pubic hair, lubricates quickly: C. "[nervous whimper]"
  5369. >Futaba: Outer labia is large and conceals the short inner labia, larger clitoris, heavy odour, trimmed, lubricates slowly: C-. "Okay. I'm looking for a way out!"
  5370. >Haru: Puffy outer labia and average length inner labia, tiny clitoris, light odour, shaven, lubricates within a few seconds: A+. Her clitoris is awarded a kiss by Dr. Takemi. "Wasn't that graceful?"
  5371. >Morgana is refused service
  5373. >It's Joker's birthday
  5374. >Joker Junior, around 6 years old, although having to go to school early in the morning, is going to skip the last class and make a surprise for his dad: A custom-made cup with his draw of "Daddy, Mommy and Me"
  5375. >Everything goes out as planned: His blue-haired mom wakes him up to take him to school (The house is close to the elementary school, but she drives him there anyways because of her working place), and there's no problem during his classes
  5376. >Around 2:30PM he decides to leave the school and go home
  5377. >One of his friends help him get out of school by serving as a support for Junior to jump the school's walls
  5378. >Junior runs to home, and by entrance, he hears sounds coming from Dad's and Mom's room
  5379. >"Daddy must be here!" He says to himself while trying to be as silence as possible, going to his room to pick up the mug
  5380. >When he comes near to their room, Junior can identify better the sounds
  5381. >It's both Dad and Mom in there, doing those noises he hears in the dead of the night but he never went there to know what they were doing
  5382. >In front of the door, he takes a deep breath and carefully opens the door in order to not make a lot of noise
  5383. >He looks at the room in shock
  5384. >Dad's totally tied in the bed, naked, with only a ball on his mouth and salivating a lot
  5385. >Mom has a whip on her right hand and a leather glove on her left hand, besides that, she's naked too
  5386. >She takes the ball out of her husband's mouth and says to him
  5387. >"Were you a good boy or a bad boy, Ren?"
  5388. >Dad breathes quickly before saying "I was a bad boy, Tae"
  5389. >"Don't call me 'Tae', you good for nothing prick!" She whips him two times
  5390. >"I'm sorry, Mommy!"
  5391. >"Now that's better. And you know what i do to boy who behave bad, right?"
  5392. >Joker only nods in response, letting Tae put that ball again on his mouth
  5393. >She now whips Ren repeatedly, especially on his dick
  5394. >Junior closes the door before running scared back to his room
  5395. >From there on, he always behaved himself, afraid of his mother's punishment
  5397. goro turns into a cat
  5399. Anne finds a dead body in the suicide forest
  5400. it's shiho's
  5401. ...she also fucks it
  5402. hot
  5403. Did she make a vlog out of it?
  5405. >The Phantom Thieves attempt to steal the single copy of Once Upon a Time in Shaolin
  5407. >Doujin-chan knows Wu-Tang Clan
  5408. I used to dislike you but I think I like you now. Don't stop your doujin posting Doujin-chan.
  5409. I second that but also add that because you know wu-tang you should date me
  5411. hello doujin-chan
  5412. Yo if I get deleted again it means Mishima hates classic hip hop
  5414. Bonjour, doujin-chan! J'espère que votre message ne sera pas supprimé cette fois.
  5415. >A sexually adventurous Futaba posts her tits on Kaitochan
  5416. >She's convinced to post the rest of her body online after the overwhelmingly positive reception
  5417. >In bed that night, she can't stop thinking about how horny it made her to expose herself to everyone, especially since she had to keep secret about her Phantom Thieves business
  5418. >Futaba blows up Ren's phone with texts and pictures of her pussy, telling him to get over right now
  5419. >He sneaks in through her window
  5420. >She immediately starts undressing, "I need you to fuck me and post it online!"
  5421. >The pair take naughty pictures together and upload them as they go
  5422. >Requests start pouring in
  5423. >They start doing a bunch, bending Futaba over her bed and computer desk or carrying her around
  5424. >Ends with Ren fucking Futaba's ass as she lays prone on her bed, pulling out and cumming on her back
  5425. >The last photo is uploaded and they fall asleep in bed together
  5426. >Epilogue: Futaba and Ren end up doing private webcam shows for easy cash
  5427. I want to be introduced to hip hop by doujin-chan!
  5428. Merci Anon
  5429. This idea stems from /psg/ doesn't it?
  5430. You're correct, it was inspired by /psg/. It basically wrote itself.
  5432. >in Mementos, Lilim inflicts lust on the PT girls
  5433. >even after defeating the demon, Ann, Makoto, Futaba and Haru still crave for carnal desires
  5434. >Joker disbands the group for the day, believing their feelings will go away in time
  5435. >at night, Joker goes to sleep
  5436. >has a weird dream of fucking Cybele, Ishtar, Pixie and Lilim
  5437. >wakes up in the middle of it
  5438. >the girls are reverse gangbanging him
  5439. >this goes on until 4AM, when their lust is subsided and they thank Ren for helping them
  5440. >Epilouge: Ren now lets demons inflict lust on the girls for some easy sex
  5442. Bienvenue, doujin-chan! Partagez quelques boissons avec moi ce soir!
  5443. >Hifumi's mother uses her connections to get her an invitation to a fancy charity party full of wealthy business owners and political figures
  5444. >Absolutely terrified of the prospect of going alone, she uses her plus one to take Ren with along with her
  5445. >Her mother picked out a very short dress black dress with an exposed back, Ren can hardly keep his jaw off the floor
  5446. >The two are handed champagne flutes and extravagant bite sized snacks, make awkward small talk with older people, and receive many glares from the few young people at the party
  5447. >As the party winds down, a young woman begins to chat up Ren right in front of Hifumi
  5448. >She excuses the both of them and leads him into the parking lot, but she ends up following the rosy cheeked couple outside
  5449. >Hifumi begins to argue with her, it quickly turns physical
  5450. >The lady grabs onto Hifumi's dress with both hands
  5451. >Hifumi aggressively reacts in turn, swiftly breaking her weak hold and performing a martial arts throw, slamming her onto the pavement
  5452. >She looks down at her, "He's mine... you bitch!"
  5453. >Ren holds her back and they flee the scene
  5454. >As they find a quiet alley she begins to explain herself, "It's my job to protect and care for my King, I won't allow anyone to interfere with us."
  5455. >They make out passionately against the side of a building, rubbing each other down
  5456. >Ren slides the straps off the dress off of Hifumi's shoulders, exposing her breasts
  5457. >She jumps up onto him and wraps her legs around his waist, sliding her panties aside
  5458. >"Take me, my King."
  5459. >He undoes the belt and lets his pants fall to his ankles, wasting no time with foreplay and jamming himself inside Hifumi
  5460. >They fuck against the wall until he nuts inside her, panting and heaving together
  5461. >Before getting completely dressed, Hifumi snaps a picture of her pussy dribbling with cum and begins to text someone
  5462. >A half hour later, Ohya pulls up in her car
  5463. >"I've secured our carriage, Your Majesty." jokes Hifumi as she gives Ren a kiss on the cheek
  5464. >Epilogue: Upon being dropped off, Ohya reveals to Ren that Hifumi promised her a lot more material in exchange for the favour. "Better get busy, hot stuff!"
  5466. I have paizuri with Naoto
  5467. this but with futaba
  5469. Goro eats sushi off of Sae's body.
  5471. Bonjour, doujin-chan! J'ai écrit ceci quand j'avais faim.
  5472. >Haru sets up a date at her place with Ren
  5473. >Gives him specific instructions to let himself into her room at a certain time and not to eat any dinner before coming over
  5474. >He arrives at her place, opening her bedroom door to find Haru laying naked and face up on a table
  5475. >She had painstakingly and carefully covered herself splotches of whipped cream, sliced fruits, chocolate syrup, and finished it off with a pool of sake held in the valley of her voluptuous thighs
  5476. >"I've been practicing a lot for this, please enjoy everything you see here."
  5477. >Ren plucks fruits off of her body, runs his tongue along the crisscrossed lines of chocolate syrup, and envelops the dots of whipped cream with his mouth, sharing the odd piece with Haru
  5478. >He takes extra special care to lick and suck her nipples clean before heading down to the sake, slurping up her sweet nectar
  5479. >As the sake is finished off, his tongue does laps around her inner thighs, coming to rest onto her pussy
  5480. >Ren and Haru take turns performing oral on each other with sweet toppings, licking up every last drop of each other's own sweet juices
  5481. >The night ends with a playful shower together
  5482. >Epilogue: For special occasions, Haru asks Ren what he wants for dinner then prepares it for him on her body for him to enjoy.
  5484. I want to participate in a threesome with doujin-chan!
  5485. And who will round out our ménage à trois?
  5486. One of the lewd girls from /psg/.
  5487. Makoppai-chan and CockKiss-tan haven't posted again, I hope they weren't scared off. Failing them, that one femanon who was too shy to post pics is probably a sweet little thing
  5488. And now I'm thinking of a lesbian threesome of myself, Vocaroo-tan, and that other femanon
  5490. Joker having threesome sex with both Futaba and her mother Wakaba, making them pregnant and giving birth to his daughters, and then have an epilogue where he fucks and re-impregnates Futaba, Wakaba and their daughters all together in a harem orgy. Oh, and he fucks all of them anally while they are in the middle of giving birth.
  5491. Tags:
  5492. . Oyakodon
  5493. . Milf
  5494. . Mother
  5495. . Impregnation
  5496. . Pregnant
  5497. . Birth
  5498. . Lactation
  5499. . Hairy
  5500. . Harem
  5501. . Defloration
  5502. . Breast feeding
  5503. . Kissing
  5504. . Nakadashi
  5505. . Incest
  5506. . Anal
  5507. . Prolapse
  5508. . Ahegao
  5509. . Big nipples
  5510. . Big clit
  5511. . Big areolae
  5512. . Crotch tattoo
  5513. . Pubic stubble
  5514. . Daughter
  5515. . Uncensored
  5517. Joker and Makoto decide to have a kid. At first, Joker thinks he is just going to have regular protected sex with Makoto and is about to put on his condom when Makoto blushes and holds his hand, signalling to him that she doesn't want him to put on the condom. After a second, Joker realizes that Makoto wants to have raw sex. Joker knows that today isn't a safe day, so he asks Makoto if she's sure she knows what she's talking about. Then she tells him she wants a baby. Joker agrees and they begin to have raw sex. That's the premise. The rest will be filled with vanilla sex with lots of cuddling, hand holding, words of affection, kisses and impregnation.
  5518. >The rest will be filled with vanilla sex with lots of cuddling, hand holding, words of affection, kisses and impregnation.
  5519. Jesus anon. Do you want to get b& for that sick filth?
  5521. >Futaba keeps having arousing dreams of breast expansion and lactation
  5522. >Joker buys her a heavily padded push-up bra.
  5523. >Futaba over-stuffs it with socks and shit just to go overboard.
  5524. >gets way too excited during a trip to akiba and the bra snaps and falls to the ground with the stuffing
  5525. >starts crying
  5526. >Joker starts suckling her in the bathroom stall to calm her down.
  5527. >he actually gets the tiniest drop of milk
  5528. >she creams herself with excitement.
  5530. Sae shits her pants in court while wearing a diaper, then asks if the Judge would like to change her in a highly suggestive manner.
  5531. She receives the death penalty on the spot and she is hanged a month later
  5533. >Tae needs an experiment group for her new medicine aimed for babies
  5534. >Joker, physically average as he is, is invited to drink some coffee at Tae's house
  5535. >the actual doujins has some light bondage, but otherwise it's vanilla.
  5536. >in the epilogue, Tae now has to take care of a dozen of little Jokers, all of them identical to their father
  5538. Bievenue, doujin-chan! J'espère que je ne suis pas trop tard.
  5539. >A group of students set up a "teacher date" with the permission of the staff during the school festival
  5540. >Students get to submit a ballot with their name to date participating teachers for a day
  5541. >By sheer luck (or lack of interest from other students), Ren wins his chance to date Kawakami
  5542. >She pretends not to be excited in front of her other students
  5543. >The couple spend the day visiting the student booths and dropping into empty rooms to sneak kisses and gropes to each other
  5544. >By the afternoon, Kawakami gets brave enough to hold his hand in the halls as they navigate through crowds of students, getting a little red faced from confused comments about her taking the date thing seriously
  5545. >At the closing ceremonies, the teacher and student pairs have to get on stage to talk about their date experience while sitting on their date's lap
  5546. >Kawakami can feel Ren's boner pressing up against her thighs every time he gives a "joke" response to the MC, such as "I love her!", and "I want to marry Ms. Kawakami!"
  5547. >The MC asks Kawakami what she likes about him, "He's an avid reader of romance.", and what a perfect date would be, "A trip to the beach."
  5548. >She could feel his erection poking at her even harder from her sly responses
  5549. >As the ceremony ends, the two hurry off to the gym's equipment room
  5550. >Without a word they begin undressing each other, Kawakami is the first to grab onto Ren's cock and begin stroking
  5551. >She gets onto her knees and titfucks him, releasing his pent up load all over her breasts
  5552. >Kawakami eyes down his still rigid cock, "You're not done yet, are you?"
  5553. >She lays back onto a large exercise ball, spreading her legs and pussy lips wide for her student lover
  5554. >Ren dives in, at first thrusting into her already soaked hole, but then realizing he can balance her on the ball with both of her legs held up together and pull her whole body back and forth onto his dick
  5555. >Kawakami closes her eyes and covers her mouth with both hands to muffle her moans as she tenses up and has a shaking orgasm
  5556. >Immediately after Ren cums inside, pulling out in between spurts and covering her belly as well
  5557. >The two wipe down with some towels and proceed to sneak out
  5558. Epilogue: Kawakami begins to tease Ren in class, referring to him as her date, just as a "joke".
  5559. I want to look doujin-chan in the eyes while I pound her!
  5560. Also I approve of your choices for the hypothetical threesomes.
  5562. Ryuji fuck Ann
  5564. Joker is so cocky and self-centered that he runs into a female version of himself during a solo Mementos run
  5565. Naturally, they fuck
  5567. >Futaba cums so hard during sex that her Persona changes to Cleopatra
  5568. >The lewd demon then joins in on the fun
  5570. >Chihaya takes Ren out to meet her parents out in the country
  5571. >They are incredibly understanding towards the relationship and pleased to see their daughter so happy with someone, no matter what age
  5572. >After getting some alone time, they take a walk through the countryside
  5573. >As they begin to enter a wooded area, Chihaya grabs Ren by the hand and leads them off the path
  5574. >They arrive in front of a gentle waterfall far from the path through the forest
  5575. >"I used to come here all the time as a kid, it's my secret place."
  5576. >She starts to take her clothes off, taking a look up at Ren "Don't just stand there and watch me, you're coming in too!"
  5577. >They skinnydip into the water, being playful with each other until it turns sexual, locked in an embrace in front of the waterfall
  5578. >Chihaya and Ren make love surrounded by absolute serenity in every direction
  5579. >By the end of it, they were lying exhausted in the grass as they dried off, promising each other to come back and do it again next time they visit
  5580. >Epilogue: Chihaya and Ren struggle to remain quiet in bed for fear of waking up her parents, opting to walk out in the middle of the night instead
  5581. I want to lewdly awaken doujin-chan's Persona!
  5583. Merci, Anon-kun
  5584. What would my Persona be?
  5585. Slime
  5586. Of course
  5587. That's a really good question. I don't know much about the backstories of the popular female Personas, so for now I'll say Ame no Uzume because she looks really pretty.
  5588. >Ame no Uzume
  5589. I can roll with that until we come up with a different one
  5591. Bienvenue, doujin-chan! Je pensais à celui-ci toute la journée après que je l'ai écrit, je suis satisfait!
  5592. >Ren drifts off to sleep after a long day of traversing through Kaneshiro's palace
  5593. >He appears in the Velvet Room, still asleep - Caroline and Justine wait outside his cell
  5594. >Caroline knocks on the bars, "Wake up, inmate! We have important business to discuss!"
  5595. >Ren is still sound asleep, the attendants grow concerned
  5596. >Justine cautiously unlocks his cell, heading to his side with Caroline
  5597. >Caroline violently shakes him while Justine pinches his cheek
  5598. >Their attention turns towards the large bump under Ren's pants
  5599. >Caroline pokes his boner with a gloved hand, "Justine, what is this?"
  5600. >"I've never seen it before, Caroline. I fear this may be causing the inmate's lack of response.", Justine also joins in, drawn to the strange bulge
  5601. >"Whatever it is, let's find out.", Caroline pulls down his pajamas, his hard cock springing out, "Wow... It's big. Any ideas, Justine?"
  5602. >Justine grips his penis in her hand, slowly and gently stroking it, "I haven't come across anything like this before, but I am drawn to it's allure. Do you feel the same, Caroline?"
  5603. >Caroline nods, climbing up on the bed, straddling Ren's body and inching her face closer and closer to his cock, planting a kiss onto the tip
  5604. >Her eyes meet Justine's with a moment of embarassment, but then notice his cock twitching
  5605. >Justine perks up, "Is this how we wake up our inmate?", she kisses it to the same effect, then running her tongue along the shaft
  5606. >Ren's cock goes wild, "It's working, Justine!", Caroline chimes in before taking the tip into her mouth
  5607. >Suddenly, Ren's arms grab onto Caroline's thighs and begin to undo her shorts
  5608. >Caroline struggles to free herself, "Let go of me, inmate! H-Help me! Do something, Justine!"
  5609. >Justine prepares to strike, but stops herself once she notices Ren's eyes are still closed, "He hasn't awoken yet, Caroline. This may be a side effect of the treatment or some kind of mental ailment he is suffering from."
  5610. >Caroline's shorts are removed and she's pulled on top of Ren's face, his tongue already lapping away at her tight slit, "Justine! He's... He's..."
  5611. >She trails off, pacified by the unfamiliar sensation
  5612. >Justine pays no attention, taking his cock in her mouth while stroking with her two hands
  5613. >Caroline sits there in her euphoria, failing to suppress her moans "Justine... Are we under some sort of spell?"
  5614. >Justine responds, but it was completely muffled by Ren's cock
  5615. >She looks up at Caroline getting licked, crossing her legs together upon feeling a warm and tingling sensation, growing impatient and undressing herself
  5616. >"Caroline! It's your turn to do work over here.", she climbs up onto Ren's face after Caroline crawls over to his cock, grinding her pussy onto his tongue
  5617. >Caroline holds her pussy, already missing the feeling of his tongue against it - suddenly realizing that she could substitute his cock for it, and at the same time rub it to wake him up
  5618. >She grinds her wet slit up against his cock, enclosing her thighs around it and thrusting up and down, "Justine, I feel it getting really stiff! And I'm starting to feel something inside!"
  5619. >Justine pants, "Yes, I feel it too, we're breaking this spell!"
  5620. >All at once the twins shake and contort their bodies uncontrollably, Ren spurting out a hot load onto Caroline's pussy and thighs as they erupt into gasping moans together
  5621. >The attendants recover their energy, excitedly looking back at Ren, who still remains asleep but seems to look more satisfied
  5622. >"Justine, I think we should stay with him until he wakes up... Y-You know, to make sure he's okay." "Y-Yes, Caroline. We must observe his condition."
  5623. >They both snuggle into his bed on either side and take a nap with him
  5624. >Epilogue: Caroline and Justine make excuses to enter Ren's cell and look at or touch his penis.
  5625. I want to walk around outside with doujin-chan after giving her a creampie!
  5627. Bonjour, doujin-chan!
  5628. >Through her regular modeling agency, Ann gets a hold of a modeling position for a magazine she's never heard of before
  5629. >The part required a male model, but since she really wanted more work she made a deal to have Ren do it for free in exchange for contacting her again with other opportunities
  5630. >They arrive on the private set and get told to strip down
  5631. >It suddenly clicks for Ann when she remembers they didn't have any wardrobe set up for her
  5632. >It was a nude photoshoot for an adult magazine
  5633. >Too scared to protest after going to the lengths of making future deals, her and Ren get naked
  5634. >She hides behind him and holds on to his waist
  5635. >The photographer is pleased with the vulnerable but sexy pose
  5636. >The shoot continues until Ann finally gets the courage to start exposing herself a little
  5637. >Ann places her hand on Ren's cock for one pose, feeling it get hard
  5638. >Things start to escalate from there, doing poses with all sorts of sexual gestures
  5639. >It turns completely pornographic when Ann starts sucking his cock and fingering herself
  5640. >They have sex in various positions for the camera until Ren blows his load onto Ann's chest
  5641. >Covered in cum and dripping wet, Ann works her charm with the photographer to convince him to crop/blur their faces and use stage names - Panther and Joker
  5642. >Epilogue: Ann and Ren continue doing photoshoots together, bringing up the idea of a Phantom Thieves parody set. Costume designers make reproductions of their Metaverse outfits from Yusuke's detailed sketches.
  5643. I want to be caught stealing doujin-chan's heart!
  5645. Omelette du fromage, Doujin-Chan!
  5646. >Ren is resting in his room, when he suddenly receives several text-messages from all of his girlfriends
  5647. >Turns out they found it he was cheating on them and they are okay with it
  5648. >Infact, they had organized an orgy this evening so that they could get to know eachother and he was invited
  5649. >Ren makes a mad dash down the stairs while in his Pyjamas
  5650. >As he is about to reach the knob of the door, he is interrupted by Sojiro
  5651. >Turns out he has to do the dishes tonight
  5652. >Ren tries to make an excuse, but the manly aura of pure alphaness that Sojiro radiates prevents him from even conjuring thoughts of defiance
  5653. >He spends all night doing the dishes and then he falls asleep on his bed from exhaustion
  5654. >Epilogue: The girls swear off cock and Ren hangs himself.
  5655. I want to bamboozle Doujin-chan!
  5657. >Shota Joker/Teen Sae and Tae
  5658. Could this be considered /ss/?
  5659. Probably
  5660. Nice
  5662. >Ren pays a visit to Lavenza on Christmas, showing her around the city as thanks for the help she's given him along the way
  5663. >He gets strange looks from people as he holds his hand out and appears to talk to himself
  5664. >Lavenza grows curious to see and learn about the world that humans live in, asking Ren to take her everywhere she wants
  5665. >They pass by a love hotel, Lavenza of course asks about it
  5666. >He explains it's a place where two people who love each other go to be intimate
  5667. >Lavenza becomes excited, "But I love you, Trickster! We should go inside!"
  5668. >Ren books a room, thinking she would be satisfied to see what it looked like inside
  5669. >Lavenza jumps onto the heart shaped bed, "What is it exactly that couples do in here?"
  5670. >He stumbles to explain what sex is to an innocent looking, but beautiful girl
  5671. >"I see, then we will bond together here. You do love me, right, Trickster?"
  5672. >Ren struggles to disagree, embracing her small body and helping her take her dress off
  5673. >He lets her explore his body, playing around with his cock
  5674. >Lavenza wastes little time, laying back on the bed, spreading her pussy and asking Ren to penetrate her
  5675. >He presses the head up against her folds, slowly sliding into the incredibly tight entrance - Lavenza winces and pants
  5676. >At last, he had gone as far as her body would allow, only half way down his shaft
  5677. >Gentle and slow, he begins to rock his hips
  5678. >Lavenza lets out soft moans, holding onto her breasts and looking Ren in the eyes, "Please, release it inside me, Trickster. I want us to be lovers."
  5679. >Ren gains a faster rhythm, every thrust into her tight cunt sending him closer and closer to the edge
  5680. >He props himself up over top of Lavenza, the final few quick pumps flooding her tiny pussy with cum - she squeaks and squeezes her nipples as she feels this new sensation inside her
  5681. >Lavenza takes a moment to collect herself, playing with the cum leaking out of her between her fingers, "Now we have shared this close bond and solidified our love. When do we get to do it again?"
  5682. >Epilogue: Lavenza approaches Ren at any place and time to have sex, not understanding that it can't be done in in public, even if she is invisible.
  5684. >When Joker starts his third year of high school he finds out the student class president is Sae posing as a high school girl in order to get the high school dick she always wanted but was too busy studying to get.
  5685. >Joker fucks her
  5687. Anal with Chihaya!
  5689. >Makoto, with encouragement from Joker, tries her hand at anal masturbation
  5690. I see you've been browsing /psg/, you lewd little minx.
  5692. Bienvenue, doujin-chan! J'espère que vous aimez Caroline et Justine, elles sont amusantes à écrire.
  5693. >Igor summons Ren to the Velvet Room to check on his progress with confidants
  5694. >He finds his current relationships to be lacking
  5695. >Caroline perks up, "Some punishment is necessary if you're not taking your rehabilitation seriously, inmate!"
  5696. >Justine turns to Igor, "Master, you may wish to excuse yourself. This will get gruesome."
  5697. >Igor raises an eyebrow before fading away
  5698. >The twins drop their stern expressions and hurry over to the cell door, Caroline fumbling with the keyring in her excitement
  5699. >"We have a special punishment in place for you.", Justine hands him an execution hood, "Put this on."
  5700. >Caroline drags him and a chair outside the cell, sitting him down and cuffing his hands behind his back, "Let's hurry, Justine. We don't have much time."
  5701. >The attendants pull down his pants, gawking at his flaccid penis
  5702. >"It's so small! What's the deal, Justine?"
  5703. >Justine guides Caroline's hand onto Ren's cock and begins to stroke it with her, "It gains power soon enough."
  5704. >They keep stroking until he's fully hard, then giving each other a nod before extending their tongues and flicking up and down his length
  5705. >Ren's hips buck and shake from the sudden change in touch
  5706. >Caroline turns her attention towards his balls, while Justine works the tip, taking each other's position after a while
  5707. >His cock is twitching wildly from the assaulting tongues
  5708. >Both sisters return a hand to grab hold and stroke while lapping at the head
  5709. >Suddenly he starts shooting his hot load, at first landing on Caroline's face before pointing it away from her and onto his chest
  5710. >Justine giggles, "Oh my, Caroline.", she licks off his cum from her sister's face, collecting some from his body onto her fingers for Caroline
  5711. >Caroline obliges, sucking on and licking Justine's fingers clean
  5712. >"It tastes sweet, doesn't it, Caroline?"
  5713. >Caroline whines, "Justine! You agreed you wouldn't say that out loud!"
  5714. >Epilogue: The attendants hatch elaborate plans to get Igor out of the Velvet Room while Ren is present.
  5715. I want to encourage doujin-chan to do anal play!
  5717. Kokoro makes Joker some love nectar cookies.
  5719. >While fucking Lavenza in the Velvet Room, Joker gets a letter saying he's kicked out
  5720. >He shows it to Lavenza who, perched atop his dick, shrugs and throws it away
  5721. >They go at it for another 20 pages
  5722. >At the end it is revealed that Kokoro used some Metaverse trickery to send the letter, and her ghost is seen pouting before giving him a spooky ghost blowjob
  5724. >Joker and Anne mutually masturbate in class
  5726. Joker sings
  5727. *life will change starts playing*
  5728. I'M NOT A GAY
  5733. While he's fucking a girl, my face hurts from laughing oh my gosh.
  5735. anne & ren sext in class, hilarity ensues when morgana insists on seeing what's so interesting on his phone
  5737. Makoto breastfeeds Futaba
  5739. You're my doujin idea
  5740. J'espère que je suis assez bon
  5742. >Futaba tries to introduce Ren to Futabu and Futa hentai
  5743. >She just kinda schlicks by herself and he's not really interested
  5744. >Eventually they just have sex
  5745. >Joker gives her the swirly-swirly
  5746. >slips his dick between her legs so she can pretend to jerk off
  5747. >ahegao ensues.
  5749. Bonjour, doujin-chan!
  5750. >Haru sneaks off with Ren from the rest of the group at their Destinyland visit
  5751. >They ride the ferris wheel, making out all the way up to the top, until foreplay starts to happen on the way down
  5752. >Continuing to get on rides together, they mutually masturbate on a rollercoaster, give eachother oral in the teacups, fuck on the carousel
  5753. >The pair finally meet up with the others and struggle to explain why they were gone so long
  5754. >Epilogue: Ren and Haru sneak in lewd acts at the waterpark
  5755. I want to fuck 40 demonfus with doujin-chan!
  5756. Merci anon
  5757. Which ones would you like to fuck first?
  5758. I want us to tease a blind Angel, subdue a Yaksini, and be let underneath Titiana's skirt!
  5759. Excellent taste
  5761. Bonjour, doujin-chan! J'ai été absent pendant quelques jours et j'ai raté quelques-uns de vos messages. J'espère que cela compense!
  5762. >The Phantom Thieves are all out celebrating at a traditional inn
  5763. >Although the guys and girls have separate rooms, they decided to order a private feast for the group in the girls room
  5764. >Waitresses bring plate after plate of dishes and drinks for the crew
  5765. >As everyone finishes their meals, something seems a little off
  5766. >Makoto complains she's really hot, opening up her yukata a little
  5767. >Ann keeps giggling at Ryuji's and Morgana's bickering
  5768. >Futaba gets grabby, holding onto Ren's arm
  5769. >Haru goes quiet, smiling at everyone
  5770. >Ryuji, Yusuke, and Morgana get into an argument about who's the most macho, ending with them racing out to the sauna to see how long they could last with high heat
  5771. >Ren is now alone with the girls, and even he feels more confident
  5772. >Ann stifles her laughter long after the boys leave before turning her attention towards the half empty glasses on the table, "Wait... these drinks don't have alcohol, do they?"
  5773. >Haru takes a big gulp of hers before smugly leaning in and whispering loudly, "I've had liquor before at one of my father's parties, this doesn't taste like it."
  5774. >Everyone starts to relax again
  5775. >Makoto shifts around uncomfortably, "It's way too hot in here, it's not me, is it?"
  5776. >She lets her yukata fall completely off of her shoulders, exposing her bare breasts to everyone - the girls go wide eyed
  5777. >"What? It's just us girls here, and he's... 'cool' with all of us, right?", Makoto's face turns even more flushed
  5778. >Futaba smiles, keeping a grip on his arm, "Yeah, he's pretty cool."
  5779. >She dons a mischeivous smile, quickly darting her hand onto his crotch, "And he's hard, too!"
  5780. >Ann laughs, opening her yukata and flashing Ren, but Futaba is quick enough to grab a boob before she covers back up, letting out a surprised moan
  5781. >Ren exposes his cock, letting all the girls gawk at it - Futaba encourrages the others to come closer to get a better look
  5782. >Ann forgets all about trying to keep herself covered as she repositions, letting everyone see most of her naked body
  5783. >His hard member twitches
  5784. >"So you like Ann's and Makoto's, how about mine?" Futaba reveals her small perky breasts and slaps Ren's hand onto one of them
  5785. >The girls look towards Haru, the only one still fully dressed
  5786. >Haru stands up, confidently undoing her yukata and dropping it to the floor as the girls cheer her on
  5787. >Makoto stares at Ren's hand playing with Futaba's boob, inching herself closer to him, "Um, how do mine feel?"
  5788. >Using his free hand, he squeezes her, then centering his hand over her nipple to pinch it between his finger and thumb
  5789. >She lets out a loud squeak to Ann's amusement, as she too grabs hold of a nipple and squeezes, nearly crying from her laughter
  5790. >Not wanting to be left out, Haru scoots closer to everyone and is the first to take Ren's throbbing cock in her hand
  5791. >"Oh my, it's really warm." she plays around with it, feeling the difference in texture from his shaft to the head with her fingers
  5792. >Makoto exhales sharply, removing a hand from between her legs, "I'm really warm too... and really wet."
  5793. >The girls all admit they're really horny and start to rub themselves, their attention turned towards the cock sticking straight up in front of them
  5794. >Haru starts to jerk him off as well as starting to finger herself, Futaba's hand joining Haru's
  5795. >Ann leans in towards Ren, "Come here, hot stuff.", they start making out, sloppily sucking on lips and salivating over each other
  5796. >Makoto joins in as well, opting for multiple long kisses instead, turning towards Ann and giving her lips attention too
  5797. >Before long, the four girls and Ren and are sitting together with legs intertwined, engaged in five way mutual masturbation, alternating kisses between the person on either side
  5798. >Makoto is the first to cum, then Ann, Haru, followed closely by Futaba
  5799. >Ren is the last to remain, each girl crowding around Ren, grabbing as much of his cock as they can and stroking, sticking their tits in his face, stuffing their wet fingers in his mouth, moaning and calling his name
  5800. >He busts a massive load all over their stack of hands, each girl licking it clean while Ren savours the heavenly softness of all the boobs pressed in his face
  5801. >The group lay together and brainstorm on how to spend the rest of their night
  5802. I want to give doujin-chan headpats!
  5804. >Joker and Anne tease each other in class, culminating in them sneaking off to fuck
  5805. >Meanwhile Kawakami finds herself alone in her class and masturbates
  5807. You gangbanged by all of /pg/
  5809. SEES fists Aigis.
  5811. >Makoto enrolls in a martial arts program to brush up on her skills
  5812. >Every night after finishing she takes a stop at Leblanc, excitedly demonstrating what they covered in class that day
  5813. >Ren then agrees to be the test dummy for all sorts of moves in the attic
  5814. >She winds up doing a takedown on Ren, but misses his footing and gets slammed into the wood floor
  5815. >Makoto panics, dropping to her knees and hugging him as he sits up, all while apologizing profusely nearly to the point of tears
  5816. >After she calms back down, Makoto promises she'll make it up to him tonight
  5817. >A short time later, she lays naked on his bed, revealing a small bottle of lube in her hand
  5818. >Makoto blushes, "Well, I thought we could try something different, nothing is off limits right now."
  5819. >She turns around and presents her ass towards Ren, both of them ready to go immediately
  5820. >Ren makes his move, running a finger up and down her slit, spreading her juices
  5821. >He squirts some lube onto her dark hole, teasing the entrance with a slippery finger
  5822. >Sliding two fingers inside Makoto's pussy, he begins to insert the tip of another into her tight ring, feeling her clench around him
  5823. >Both her holes slowly give way to Ren's fingers, the unfamiliar feeling causing a little more of an audible response than usual
  5824. >Pumping her with his slender digits, Makoto is in bliss, head down in the sheets and unaware of what's coming next
  5825. >She feels his two fingers slide out from within her dripping cunt, instantly being replaced with the unmistakable shape and firmness of Ren's hard cock
  5826. >Ren pounds her from behind as he works his finger in her ass, Makoto pulls over a pillow to scream into, lest the neighbourhood wake up
  5827. >He overhears her talk dirty into the pillow, barely understanding her but focusing more on speeding his finger up to make her voice squeak
  5828. >Makoto's legs begin to close together and shake as she yells out, squirting onto his cock and pulsating her very tight grip onto Ren's finger, locking it in place as her whole body writhes in ecstacy
  5829. >She falls silent, now spent, but Ren picks up his pace, grabbing her hips and slamming her tight pussy
  5830. >He quickly pulls out, painting her back and both of her holes white with his hot load
  5831. >Makoto catches her breath, satisfied and red as a tomato as Ren lays down beside her, "I take it we'll make this a part of our usual routine?"
  5832. >Epilogue: Ren desperately wants to try anal sex but Makoto worries she's still too tight, demanding he keep loosening her up first.
  5834. Joker talks dirty with Ann about all the things he wants to do with her when she's bundled up in her hundred layers of clothing, unable to touch herself or get naked for him to make good on his promises. He has fun later as he undresses her, finding at what layer he can feel the wetness before he gives her everything he teased her about.
  5836. >Hifumi visits a bookstore with Ren to find some shogi strategy books
  5837. >The bookstore is small on its own, but cramped with many tall stacks of books laying in the aisles and in the corners of the room
  5838. >While Hifumi searches, Ren goofs off and finds a copy of the Kama Sutra
  5839. >He shows it to her, at first embarassed to look at it but eventually taking it from his hand and skimming through the pages
  5840. >Her eyes widen, finding a position that her and Ren haven't tried yet, pointing it out to him
  5841. >Inconspicuously, they sink into the back of the shop, carefully moving around the book towers to construct a makeshift chest high wall
  5842. >Taking one final glance at the empty shop, she instructs Ren to pull down her pants and eat her out where she stands
  5843. >She continues to flick through the pages as a tongue flicks her clit
  5844. >Hifumi starts to control her breathing, preventing any unwanted noise from escaping her lips
  5845. >Ren swirls his tongue around and around, suddenly penetrating her before backing off again, catching her off guard
  5846. >He repeats the dangerous game with her sweet flower until she can't take any more
  5847. >She grips the back of his head with one hand and forces his mouth onto her aching pussy, her eyes still trained on the book held in her other hand
  5848. >Her thighs close up on his jaw as the final pass over her clit sends her into an orgasm, sharply exhaling and eyes rolling back into her head
  5849. >An unfamiliar voice shocks her attention back into the world, "Hey, make sure you put those books off to the side before you leave.", the elderly shop owner motions towards the wall of hardcovers and paperbacks concealing Ren, his tongue still soaking up her fresh juices
  5850. >Hifumi's composure is solid, "I will be sure to do so."
  5851. >The couple exit with one book, "I think I'll need your help with something else soon.", clutching the Kama Sutra
  5852. >Epilogue: Hifumi experiments with femdom after her first taste of it.
  5853. I want to use doujin-chan as an onahole!
  5855. I got hung up on how to artistically imply girls were scissoring. Femren issue 2 might be a bit.
  5857. NTR doujin with Makoto having anal only with Eikos douchbag boyfriend.
  5858. >Fucking your friends boyfriend with a strap-on while she watches
  5859. Rude, totally unlike Makoto.
  5861. NTR doujin with Anne cheating on Ren with Ryuji.
  5862. the chances of this happening are still bigger than Ann getting a vanilla doujin with Joker
  5864. I wish I could give Pixie a big gentle hug. She's so cute and spunky and I want to give her kisses
  5865. Pixie gives great cock kisses.
  5866. Alright, now while I do love how cute and precious Pixie is, that doesn't mean I wouldn't be against having some fun with her. I mean, look at those thighs like goddamn
  5867. Of course. On a normal-sized girl they'd be formidable, but they're still stunning on a pixie. Imagine them jiggling, their thick skin bouncing from your cock tip sliding to and fro. The mass of the head would be nearly too much for pixie to handle when it was dragged back and forth against the bottom of her leotard.
  5868. I know right? Idk if this sounds weird but it'd be pretty hot to jizz into a Pixie and have them cumflated from being so small compared to the cock they're fucking. Just a small Pixie trying to stay afloat while carrying a massive full belly. Well that's about as realistically normal as I can go without involving an expansion/inflation fetish into the mix
  5869. That's not weird at all. Small girls like that deserve their man's love and cum too. Mark her as your girl with a big swollen belly of seed. She doesn't have to fly, let her settle in your breast pocket and drift off to sleep, well-fucked and with her body full of you.
  5870. Awww that's so nice of you, anon. :) I'd love to take care of a super pregnant Pixie. She'd be so small and cute and with a big belly too! She'd be my precious fairy mommy and I'd give her everything she needs including even more cum. I'd imagine that all the cum would add some weight to her curves and give her a cute little bottom too, not implying that she doesn't already have one of course! Pixie is great. Her and a few other personas I wouldnt mind impregnating like maybe Nekomata or Alice
  5871. Nekomata is hot. The ones that popped into my head were the Moirae sisters and Kikuri/Kushinada-hime. I'd love to make love with and impregnate a bunch of demon sisters.
  5872. Ooooh that's a good choice. It doesn't have to be persona related, because there are also plenty of good mainline/spinoff smt girls who would be in need of some jizzing in their ass. Anahita, Cleopatra, and especially Argilla for that matter. One that'd also look great with a big preggo belly would be Moh Shuvuu, just look at her. She's always so smug in the official art and she'd probably like having a baby belly
  5873. Damn, Anahita and Cleopatra have some nice legs on them. I'd love to make them curl their toes in pleasure as they lock their legs around me while I'm inside of them. I may just be a lowly human, but they know a strong man with a good dick and excellent genes, and they wouldn't let me get away without impregnating them. Moh shuyuu would act very smug, but it's all just an act. Anyone who falls for the "failure as a human" bit is just proving themselves unworthy of taking and breeding her.
  5874. That's true! Angel would be an interesting one to impregnate, putting on a facade of "holier than thou" and claiming not to want cock. But over time she begins to crack and soon can't resist the urge to suck fat cock! Eventually she'd want it inside of her, giving her an outstretched belly as her bindings can barely contain her stomach. I'd want to do something similar to Gabriel, but I feel like that she's a high tier belly that would need a well trained and hung cock to fill, so it'd be best to start low and go for Lilim instead
  5875. While you're working your way up to Gabriel, I could progress towards Lilith. Each of us would doubtlessly fuck hundreds of demons along the way, preparing our souls and bodies for the daunting task of mating with the queens of angels and demons. But it'll all be worth it when you and I lie in bed with the leaders of law and chaos, you making the archangel sing the praises of the Lord for being able to feel the pleasure you bring, and me with Lilith's snakes and legs wrapped around me as I mating press her, filling her with the seed for countless demon warriors. Perhaps each of our children will be the force that ends the war between angel and demon.
  5876. That'll be it for me. Was very fun imagining these things with you anon, now it's time to recover and get some sleep. Good night.
  5877. Same here; it's pretty late. But it was super fun imagining the end of the war between law, chaos, and neutral would simply be to fill the wombs of countless demonesses with rigorous loads of cum, filling their bellies with countless children too as their breasts grow big and bulbous for their seemingly endless flow of children in their bellies. This isn't even one of my kinkier ideas and I love it! Hope you have a good night's rest and have dreams about actually doing these ideas with countless demoness waifus
  5879. FemRen lesbian adventures part 2.
  5881. Because what else are we doing right now.
  5883. A four way between Joker x Akira x Ren x Rin with Akiren tagging in
  5885. Two men decide the only way to end the war between law and chaos is to impregnate as many angels and demons as they can.
  5886. Basically that conversation from last night.
  5888. After getting stuffed at the Walton, Femren goes back to Ann's place and learns from her how to use make-up and tend to her hair before mutually masturbating while feeling their full tummies.
  5890. Kamoshida forces all the male players into a massive Ann gangrape.
  5891. this but with Mishima
  5893. >After Futaba and Ren posted pictures of themselves fucking in a Kaitochan thread, they decided to sign up for a webcam show site, creating fake IDs to bypass their age verification
  5894. >Because of her unique tiny stature and "underaged" roleplay, Futaba proceeds to become very popular with the users, receiving ten thousand yen within hours of her debut
  5895. >Days later, she grabs the attention of a wealthy businessman, where he requests a private show of the couple fucking all night in exchange for 250,000 yen
  5896. >They stay up until the late hours of the morning, Ren having filled her tight cunt with cum over and over until his balls completely emptied, spending the last couple hours rubbing her clit and sucking her nipples
  5897. >Futaba became a blathering mess by the time it was all over, having raised her personal bar for most orgasms in a single day from 31 to 39
  5898. >With their new found income, the couple hatch a devious plan to invite the rest of the PT girls one at a time for threesome cam shows in exchange for a cut of the profits
  5899. >Ann's most requested feature is her pussy, with Makoto it's her ass, and Haru's breasts
  5900. >They all make serious cash and start fronting the equipment bills for the rest of the team
  5901. >Epilogue: Futaba starts growing her webcam partnership with other girls that Ren suggest would be trustworthy.
  5902. I want to have doujin-chan sit on my lap and read doujins with her!
  5904. Toriumi on a vacation to Tokyo drunkenly staggers onto Joker and Kawakami having sex. They fuck while she sits, drinks and cries about the past.
  5906. Toriumi beats Edogawa over the head with an old microwave, then has sex with his unconscious body.
  5908. She sure is desperate
  5910. Toriumi getting drunk and making a scene at door's funeral!
  5911. Toriumi takes of her shirt and starts humping the coffin.
  5913. Joker gives Makoto headpats
  5914. He also gives her the dick
  5916. The MUSES girls that aren’t Lisa make out.
  5918. >Joker and Anne are taking a test
  5919. >Arsene and Carmen get bored and through Persona trickery start fucking
  5920. >Their users feel all of it and have to conceal their lust as they finish the test
  5921. >Obligatory panel of them shakily handing their test in to Kawakami
  5922. >muffle feline sobbing fills the classroom
  5923. >Anne and Ren skip class together
  5924. >They are in the school's rooftop and start making out
  5925. >Kawakami wonders why two of her students are missing
  5926. >By accident she discover them in the middle of passionate kissing and hand holding
  5927. >She hides herself behind the door and decides to watch the whole thing
  5928. >not kawakami watching and ordering them to keep going or get suspended
  5929. This is even better. Thanks, anon.
  5930. >Ren... I don't know if we should be doing this in front of her.
  5931. (smug kawakami.jpg)>Don't just stare at it, eat it
  5932. >I don't want you to be expelled, Anne.
  5934. Chie and Yukiko get gay married in Taiwan
  5935. Yu and Yosuke also get married in this.
  5937. >Ohya drunk dials Ren after a few too many drinks, calling him over to a street corner on Shibuya
  5938. >When he gets there he finds she's even more shitfaced than he thought
  5939. >She starts blabbing her mouth about a big article she's writing with the help of Phantom Thieves insiders, giving a not-so-subtle nudge to Ren
  5940. >Passerbys start giving her looks
  5941. >He tells Ohya to keep it down, but she continues to talk about very sensitive information
  5942. >A couple people have stopped to listen in as Ren pleads with her to shut up
  5943. >Seeing that his words have no effect, Ren takes matters into his own hands
  5944. >He forces his mouth onto hers, momentarily quieting her with a kiss
  5945. >Suddenly Ohya back and picks up where she left off about the Phantom Thieves inside sources
  5946. >Ren decides it's time for drastic measures, unbuckling his belt, dropping his pants, and forcing Ohya's head down onto his cock
  5947. >At first she resists his hands, but she is subdued once her tongue comes in contact with a familar feeling
  5948. >A small crowd of onlookers have now gathered, some taking out phones to take pictures
  5949. >Ren's grip loosens up once Ohya showing no signs of resisting, taking his hard member into her mouth without any attention paid to the spectators around her
  5950. >Ohya bobs her head back and forth, keeping his length inside her mouth as she spreads her legs and sticks a hand down the front of her pants
  5951. >The crowd has now enlargened to the point where some are having trouble seeing over the shoulders of others in front
  5952. >A puddle of saliva has now formed underneath Ohya, a string constantly flowing out of her lips and down her chin
  5953. >The sloppy blowjob comes to an end as Ren grabs back onto her head without warning, energetically fucking her face until he shoots his hot load down her throat, pulling it out slowly and leaving a trail of cum on her lips and chin
  5954. >Ohya sits there savouring the taste of his cum, forgetting all about her blabbering beforehand
  5955. >Pulling up his pants, Ren grabs Ohya's hand and leads her away before they get into trouble
  5956. >Epilogue: Ren makes Ohya repay him in blowjobs for nearly blowing the PT's cover
  5957. I want mine and doujin-chan's Personas to have sex!
  5959. >Alone in Mementos, Joker summons Cybele
  5960. >Dissapointed that there are no enemies around, she lazily floats around him, making lewd and snarky comments the whole time
  5961. >As she passes by, he grabs her ass and shoves his face in, licking her dark blue little star
  5962. >At first she is shocked, but returns to her usual suggestive grin and tells him to keep going
  5963. >Joker eats and worships her ass, covering it in kisses
  5964. >She cums from the attention
  5965. >After she recovers she pushes him down onto the ground and sits on his face, tossing her hoops aside
  5966. >He tends to her again while she fishes his dick out and sucks him off
  5967. >After they both cum, Cybele then mounts him and shoves his cock into her ass
  5968. >She rides him relentlessly, Joker barely withstanding the ground-shaking force
  5969. >She leans down and kisses him, snaking her tongue into his mouth
  5970. >He cums, filling her ass
  5971. >Giggling, she whispers into his ear
  5972. >"Samarecarm"
  5973. >He springs back to life inside her
  5974. >They go at it again and again
  5975. >End panel of Cybele massaging her spunk-filled ass, scooping out some to share with other demonfus
  5977. Ren goes back home with his friends. When they arrive, they get to meet Ren's neighbor and friend Takashi.
  5978. Not sure if I want this to become a girls cuck Ren story or Ren cucks everyone for Takashi.
  5979. Regardless of the route, Ren would get a call from Akira and roll his eyes saying he ain't gonna bother with that.
  5981. Reiji Kido has loving sexual intercourse with his beloved wife, Setsuko Sonomura.
  5982. W-why would Maki have been so excited for his marriage? Would Maki ever call her mom cute? Is she going to have to call Reiji "Daddy" from now on?
  5983. She won't be the first member of the Sonomura family to do so
  5985. >Joker examines Norn, wondering how exactly he fucks a clockgirl with no visible holes
  5986. >Groping her only results in quizzical looks
  5987. >Her jaw cannot open wide enough to take him in
  5988. >And her hair is solid - no hairjobs here
  5989. >All they can manage is to wrap one of her hands around his dick
  5990. >He nonchalantly strokes one of the clock hands in thought
  5991. >Norn's eyes light up, and she writhes in pleasure
  5992. >Joker does it again, with similar results
  5993. >Smirking, he takes another hand and strokes it as well
  5994. >They go faster, delighting in this strange form of mutual masturbation
  5995. >Joker cums right on the clock face
  5996. >Norn shudders as her orgasm arrives, hands spinning madly
  5997. >They collapse, panting
  5998. Can a Nornfag explain how to have sex with her so I can write a better idea
  6000. Ryuji fucks a tree
  6002. i want to kill you
  6003. you fucking whore
  6005. Villainous anon attempts to assault dear doujin-chan! Luckily, she is saved by the might of the heroic Phantom Thieves!
  6006. Do I get fucked afterwards or is this a wholesome doujin?
  6007. Silly, there's nothing unwholesome about getting fucked by your heroes.
  6009. >Chihaya and Ren are continuing their love compatibility readings on a busy night in Shibuya
  6010. >Kawakami passes by and notices Ren, he calls her over and introduces her to Chihaya
  6011. >Both of women gush over how special of a boy he is, having helped changed their lives for the better
  6012. >They seem to hit it off well, talking for several minutes before Chihaya decides to pack it up for the day and invite everyone over for dinner at her place
  6013. >As dinner finishes up, Chihaya insists on having Kawakami stay for a while longer
  6014. >They all crowd onto a sofa and turn the TV on, but it turns out a JAV starring an older woman had been left on autoplay since last night
  6015. >Chihaya turns wide eyed and turns to Ren, fumbling with the remote while Kawakami giggles, "Oh my, I didn't know he even has videos too!"
  6016. >She digs into Ren's school bag despite his protests, producing a few doujins and handing some to Chihaya
  6017. >The two women snicker as they flip through the pages, pointing out to each other when they find a girl that looks like either of them
  6018. >The laughter fades away, each woman running their hand along Ren's thighs, meeting in the middle on top of his crotch
  6019. >With one look at each other, Chihaya and Kawakami begin unzipping his trousers, producing a hard cock
  6020. >Their hands meet again, grabbing hold of his shaft and stroking together
  6021. >Kawakami produces another doujin (this time from her purse), starring a teacher, a student, and the student's aunt
  6022. >Chihaya's eyes light up as Kawakami suggests that they reenact the scenario and all the positions within the pages
  6023. >The group partakes in a full reenactment, starting with double breast suckling, then onto a double blowjob, three way mutual masturbation, then switching between facesitting and fucking, taking breaks to make sure Ren doesn't cum before
  6024. the final page
  6025. >The last scene is reached, the women kneeling in front of Ren with their faces pressed together, cumming a fat, sticky load onto Chihaya's and Kawakami's faces
  6026. >Before Kawakami leaves for the night, they all cram themselves into the shower to clean up and make out
  6027. >Epilogue: Chihaya and Kawakami stay in contact with each other, both looking for JAVs fitting their tastes to watch with Ren the next time they get together.
  6028. I want to learn how to have sex with Norn so that I can teach doujin-chan!
  6030. Doujin-chan ponders the better things in life while on the end of her creep's dick
  6032. Legends tells of a man that fucked a clock so hard it chimed not once, not twice, but twelve times.
  6034. >Lavenza and Futaba fight over who gets to sit in Joker's lap
  6035. >In the end they both get to sit, albeit in a different manner
  6037. >/pg/ argues about the fucking poll again instead of giving Doujin-chan ideas
  6039. /pg/ argues about the best place to cum on or in Doujin-chan. Votes are cast by doing coating your preferred spot yourself.
  6040. >Makotofags cum on/in my ass
  6041. >Annefags cum on my tits
  6042. >Futabafags cum on my hips
  6043. >Harufags cum on my forehead
  6044. >Kawakamifags cum in my hair
  6045. >Taefags cum on my legs
  6046. >Chihayafags dig a hole and cum in that
  6047. >Saefags cum in my copy of the P5 artbook
  6048. >Groojos print out and cover me in soiled pictures of him, complain that he doesn't get enough
  6049. >Jake refuses, saying that I'm just fetish fuel and not a real woman deserving his spunk
  6050. Did I forget anyone?
  6052. The female PT brutally rape Ryuji after his "death"
  6054. Yusuke fucks the jagariko giraffe
  6056. >Joker takes Lavenza up to the attic and fucks her
  6057. >Sojiro walks in to see him thrusting into seemingly thin air
  6059. Poor doujin-chan, sustaining herself off persona smut at 2 in the morning.
  6061. >Lavenza is masturbating alone in the Velvet Room, sitting on the table with the skirt of her dress pulled up
  6062. >She's so absorbed by the pleasure that she doesn't even notice Ren enter
  6063. >He watches her glistening fingers encircle her clit before plunging them back into her tight cunt, listening to her soft moans and sharp breaths echo throughout
  6064. >As carefully and quietly as he can, he removes his pants and begins stroking to her
  6065. >Her chest begins heaving rapidly, legs trembling, when suddenly she turns her head towards Ren
  6066. >Lavenza gasps, jumping off the table and trying to fix her dress with a look of pure shock stuck on her face
  6067. >She started to turn red, now realizing Ren is also pleasuring himself, attempting to explain herself or give an excuse, but no words came out
  6068. >The attendant looked back and forth at Ren's hard shaft in his hand, idly awaiting her next move
  6069. >She sauntered over to him, eyes locked onto the large, throbbing cock in front of her face
  6070. >Her hands dropped back down underneath her dress, starting to rub herself again as she remained fixated on the head
  6071. >Leaning forwards slightly, she pursed her lips and kissed the tip of his cock, seeing it twitch as her own legs trembled from the work of her fingers as well
  6072. >Lavenza continued to kiss Ren's cock as she stood there flicking her clit and fingering her pussy, in between a few quick licks on the shaft
  6073. >Closing her eyes and clenching her thighs together, an orgasm washed over her entire body, a few moans escaping her lips involuntarily, finishing what she had started at long last
  6074. >With one final kiss on the shaft, Ren too had climaxed, exploding white hot globs of cum onto her face, catching some on her tongue as she opened her mouth in response
  6075. >Lavenza swallowed, gulping down the last bit of his load, wrapping her arms around his waist
  6076. >She softly and gently kisses the sticky surface in a loving gesture as Ren slowly becomes flaccid again
  6077. >Epilogue: Lavenza now insists on showing her growing affection to Ren by kissing his cock instead of on the lips, as she doesn't want to trouble him into bending down. Their relationship turns unavoidably sexual as a result.
  6079. Fuck off, this is going to stop right here right fucking now. Yoyr avatarfagging is getting fucking ridiculous, nobody gives a single shit about your personal life or writing skills. Fuck off to Tumblr, and I'm being dead fucking serious. You are breaking a rule by shutting up every fucking thread using Futaba as your avatar, I don't expect you to be punished for it but just know that the reason the majority of us ignore you is because WE DON'T GIVE A FUCKING SHIT. THIS IS NOT YOUR HUB TO POST YOUR SHITTY STORIES.
  6080. FUCK
  6081. OFF
  6082. AND
  6083. DIE
  6085. Have this anon hatefuck doujin-chan before it devolves into tender cuddles.
  6087. Joker reads out loud all kinds of messages and memes on Twitter out loud to Akechi while using him as a human chair, and always kicking/spanking his ass when he talks back. May lead to some lewd fucking.
  6089. >Hifumi plays shogi while Joker's cock is in her ass
  6090. >For every bad move he pushes forward a little bit more
  6091. >For every good move he pulls back a bit
  6092. >She must balance her own pleasure and winning the game
  6094. FeMC has sex with all the boys
  6096. Yuka Ayase cucks her husband
  6098. Lavenza visits Joker in jail and they fuck
  6099. just imagine stroking lavenza's long hair and pushing her naked body up against the cold steel bars
  6101. Joker rescues Doujin-chan from the flood
  6102. He also fucks her ass
  6104. Adachi invites an innocent office cake home, and it seems like she's about to get preyed on but it turns out shes also a sadist that had the same objective as him, restrains him somehow and proceeds to give him a good beating/raping.
  6106. >Joker pats Futaba on the head with his dick
  6108. Takashi Kido is real
  6110. >It seems like another day in Mementos when Pixie is summoned
  6111. >But, there are no shadows for her to fight
  6112. >Instead she notices Joker's fully exposed and erect penis
  6113. >It doesn't take a high-level persona to figure out that this is leading to cock-kissing and a passionate mini-thigh job
  6115. Makoann boss/secretary AU.
  6117. >Amelia or whatever her damn name is gets fucked by all the people annoyed by her and her posters
  6118. >Everytime she takes another dick she pours another drink, into either her mouth or ass depending on which is free
  6120. >Lavenza visits Leblanc one day, and asks Joker for some curry
  6121. >He decides to spice it up a little and cums into the pot
  6122. >She loves it
  6123. >Joker cheekily remarks that he put a new special sauce into the mix
  6124. >She starts visiting more often, always ordering the special curry
  6125. >Eventually she develops an addiction to it
  6127. Tae thighfucks Joker while he's drugged
  6129. >Joker and Makoto fuck in the school library
  6131. Haru and Joker fuck on the school rooftop
  6133. >Joker and Makoto fuck in the school library
  6134. >Joker hides the used condom in a book
  6135. >Iida(the student interested on Makoto at first who later is the one involved with Kaneshiro) finds it
  6137. Leave the library out of this
  6139. Joker and Kawakami fuck in the school library
  6141. Anne, Ryuji, Mishima and Joker fuck in Kamoshida's office
  6143. Ryuji and Anne try to fuck in the library but it turns out Ryuji's too stupid to know what libraries are
  6145. Ohya sneaks into the library, and Joker fucks her.
  6147. Kamoshida and Chouno fuck in Protein Lover's.
  6149. Joker beats the shit out of Haru
  6151. Joker and Makoto try to fuck in the school library but can't because Nanjo is there loudly complaining about how shitty it is compared to the one he has at home
  6153. Joker sneaks into Hifumi's school and they fuck in the library.
  6155. Kawakami and Usami fuck in the teacher's lounge.
  6157. Joker and Ann hold hands in the
  6158. school library.
  6160. Joker goes over to Shiho's new school and they fuck in the library
  6162. Teen Tae and Teen Sae fuck in the school library.
  6164. Joker and Yusuke fuck in the park
  6166. nameless background student tries desperately to get some studying while a revolving door of couples fuck in the library
  6168. Why is everyone going in with the >in the library thing
  6169. Doujin-chan and this guy fuck in the school library
  6171. Joker aborts Haru's baby in the school library!
  6173. Anne and Makoto fuck in the school library
  6175. Joker throws Haru's baby out the school library's window
  6177. /pg/ argues about gameplay in the school library
  6179. Goro is up on the stage for the school festival but has a remote vibrator up his ass and Ren plays with it as he pleases. Then when Goro gets that call, Ren tells the others to stay behind and they go and bang in an empty classroom.
  6180. That's a good idea too.
  6182. a stationary held shot of the school library with the muffled sounds of joker beating haru coming from off camera
  6184. Mishima and his hand fuck in the school library.
  6186. Kawakami tutors Anne in the library.
  6187. And then fucks her.
  6189. Joker fucks Futaba on her vidya library
  6191. Include me in the screencap xd
  6193. The Library fucks Joker and Makoto
  6195. Yusuke and Ryuji fuck in the library
  6197. Yukari and Makoto fuck in the library and Aigis watches
  6199. Tadashi Satomi and Yuki Ucihda fuck in the school library
  6201. My god. all these fuckers obsessed with fucking in the library
  6203. Futaba and Ann fuck in the school library
  6205. Yusuke serenades Futaba with his 12 inch cock
  6206. in the school library
  6208. Ryuji fuck ann
  6210. Naoto and Rise fuck in the library
  6212. Chie and a time displaced Akihiko fuck in the school library
  6214. >Joker goes off alone into Mementos, ending up in an extremely deep level
  6215. >He runs into a certain giant demonfu
  6216. >Lewdness ensues
  6218. Futaba writes Anne/Makoto fanfiction
  6220. Futaba writes Joker/Goro fanfiction.
  6222. angel heart but its goro and igor
  6224. Makoto and Anne have Cybele and Ishtar sex roleplay
  6226. Joker starts giving girls massages that lead into sex in the library
  6228. Shujin gym x Shujin library doujin
  6230. >Mitsuru starts feeling horny and it triggers her to start lactating
  6231. >She hooks herself up to a milking machine to wait it out
  6232. >She has to keep dialing up the suction so she won't bust through her nursing bra
  6233. >Naoto walks in and eagerly offers to assist
  6234. >with the machine barely keeping up Mitsuru turns it to double power on one side and has Naoto suckle the other
  6235. >Naoto's tiny feminine penis pokes out of her pants and Mitsuru starts riding it
  6236. >Naoto's tummy gets all full of milk and pops buttons on her shirt.
  6237. >She starts digesting the milk and it all goes to her boobs, which bust out of their bindings
  6238. >Naoto cumflates Mitsuru with her feminine semen
  6239. >The milking machine overflows and soaks both of them as Mitsuru climaxes
  6240. >the two fall asleep rubbing each other's swollen stomachs and breasts.
  6241. One day I'll get all the way through this fantasy before cumming. I can never get passed being filled by Mitsuru's milk.
  6243. Doujin-chan rewards you, Pastebinfag, for being such a good boy
  6245. >The PT girls hang out in Leblanc, Ann telling them about her attempts at cooking with Ren. Futaba teases her about what kind of cream they use and Ann remembers how the cooking quickly turned into heavy-duty oral and paizuri. She snaps back into reality, Haru and Makoto wide-eyed and flustered, while Futaba is locked out of Leblanc, with Sojiro blocking the door with glowing eyes and a mighty boner, as the ghostly figure of Daisoujou laughs by his shoulder
  6247. >Joker and Makoto arrive late to Mementos and are trying to catch up to the others, riding on Johanna. Road's bumpy and Joker's rising erecting keeps hitting her, leading into impromptu leather buttjob. Makoto holds Johanna steady, and Joker charges up, miracle punching straight into her ass. The others are waiting at a resting spot and hear Johanna in the distance. The late arrivals explode into view and her ass, Atomic Flare going off in the background while Johanna's face shows she's been inflicted with despair.
  6249. >Futaba tests if someone else can ride with her in Prometheus, but the Persona slams shut the moment she brings Joker up. Space is tight and every move makes them rub against each other, until they just give up trying and fuck each other with great fury, making Prometheus glow like an actual sun. By the time they're done and it opens up again, gallons of cum end up pouring over the rest of the group.
  6251. >Noir the heroic Beauty Thief finally captures the infamous Joker of the Phantom Thieves and tries to pry information of precious treasures he's stolen. Getting no answers, she teases him into submission, gradually going from a footjob, to gloved handjob, to oral, until Joker slams her into deepthroat, revealing he freed himself with Transcendent Proficiency. Cut to her tied to the chair, with only her mask and hat on, 'suffering' Joker's Assault Drive. She locks legs behind him and pulls him close as they finish, Joker claiming he'll add her heart and lust to his treasure collection. Noir smirks, asks if he's sure about that and show Milady's weaponry aiming at Joker's head from behind.
  6253. >Shots of every female social link giving Ren paizuri one by one
  6254. >Final shot is Futaba compiling all of this data into a ranking system before she rattles the table
  6255. >turns back and angrily tells Ren to cool his jets while he keeps pumping between her buttcheeks
  6257. Joker takes Takemi on a date to Mementos and she ends up doing lewd things with the shadows
  6259. Cognition based Breast and Ass Expansion
  6261. >Compilation of Joker celebrating Valentine's Day with every girl
  6262. >Includes fluff before sex and cuddling afterwards
  6263. >Last segment is if he went the harem route
  6265. Doujin-chan gets a nice Valentine's Day card in the mail from the anon who hates her
  6267. >Haru is caught by robo-Sugimura and he makes good on the promise to play with her until he's bored, using his titanic nuclear piston.
  6268. >Futaba in an orgy with Jokah, Inari and Skull, wanting to learn the true secrets of Baton Pass.
  6269. >Ren gets paizuri quickie from Anne in the showers by the dressing rooms, while out on the beach.
  6270. >To improve her speaking skills, Makoto attempts to read a full sentencing from start to finish, while she gives Ren free reign to do whatever he wants with her bottom half.
  6271. >Kawakami wakes up disheveled in Ren's bed, alone. She gets flustered from thinking about the previous night and the worries about their relationship returns. She considers just getting dressed and leaving with a pleading note for them to think this over, only to see him walking up the attic with fresh coffee and breakfast. She smiles and discreetly tears up the barely-started letter.
  6272. >Slow day for Chihaya, as she catches glimpses of Jokah meeting familiar faces around Shinjuku. She remembers her growing attraction and reads his fortune, all signs leading to a love interest. Jokah approaches and greets her, which she returns. As they begin to talk, she smiles sadly and shuffles the cards back without checking for the mysterious love interest.
  6273. >Hifumi gets wrapped up in delusions about her shogi-playing and the Phantom Thieves invade her Palace to stop her. Meeting other cognitive players and with Hifumi's gaming temperament, the Shogi Palace becomes an arena with matches not unlike Legend of Koizumi.
  6274. >50 pages of Akechi autistically cutting up Joker cards in his room, filled to the brim with playing decks of cards of all shapes and sizes.
  6276. Instead of using the guillotine, Joker should have just fucked the twins on top of each other. Once he cums in the top one, his jizz will spill out into the other one and that way they can combine
  6278. I want to be Mitsuru's hardworking, hectic, and always busy secretary, dressed in the finest pencil skirt and pantyhose money can buy, and receive irregular praise from Mitsuru.
  6279. Then one day late at the office Ill offer to give her a foot massage because she looks really stressed, and she'll let her guard down while Im doing it and it will lead to me sucking on her toes. Then it slowly but surely escalates over the course of a month into a steamy secret lesbian affair. Mitsuru would become bolder and even slap my butt when no one is looking, kiss me in the break room etc.
  6281. One day while Joker was masturbating, Morgana got wood. He could no longer help himself! He watched as Joker stroked his juicy kawaii cock. He approached Joker which startled him and make him pee everywhere on the floor and on Morgana too. Being drenched in his urine made him harder than ever! Morgana: "Joker! I'm really a human and I want to be INSIDE OF YOU." Joker: "Oh Morgana Chan! I always knew you were actually a human! I want to stuff you up my kawaii ass!"
  6282. to be continued as dlc
  6284. >Goro throwing down with GET SMOKED because they're both trying to buy the same toy raygun, Shinya ends up having pity over the raging autism fit Groo descends into
  6285. >Ann tries to cheer up a morose Ryuji after he has a fight with his mom, they end up with a pretend-race and some ramen for the two of them
  6286. >Haru has nightmares of being Sugimura's wife, thankfully nudged awake by Morgana
  6287. >Futaba eavesdrops on Joker either working out or loving himself on one of her wiretaps and starts getting excited as well. Freaks out a bit when Joker finds the microphone and knows what she's doing thanks to a phone convo in the side, but rolls with it and they end up having one-sided wiretap sex
  6288. >Chihaya gets bullied by Ren as he keeps putting things just high up to be out of her reach
  6290. Installing a new graphics card into Labrys
  6292. >Makoto and Johanna have a race with Hell Biker
  6294. >Haru saves Morgana, and follows him back into the Metaverse the next day despite his protests. Seeing her father's view of workers triggers her partial awakening and beheads a shadow fighting with Morgana. She's enthusiastic, but he feels guilty for getting her involved in all of this
  6296. >Ongoing effort to get Futaba out of the house more leads her, Ann and Makoto to visit the bathhouse. She spends most of the time hanging off Ann's boobs, who ends up accepting her fate. Makoto chides them a little but when she gets up to add more heat, they're both mesmerized by her and cup a buttcheek each. Haru arrives late only to see the complete pandemonium that ensues afterwards
  6299. >Kawakami arrives to give Ren a massage, shortly after the Casino ruse. She wants to scold him for making her worry so much, but relents when she notices a couple bruises under his shirt. Massage is postponed and she instead decides to treat all of them all over again, reaffirming how much of a problem child he is and how this makes her care for him even more
  6301. >Jokah takes Tae out to the Ferris wheel. They end up paying for multiple rides and take turns in trying to get each other off before a full circle
  6303. >Ren takes Tae to Destinyland
  6304. >She's too short for most of the rides
  6305. >They decide to just walk around the park holding hands
  6307. >surprises her by mentioning he finally found a ride she can go on
  6308. >teacups
  6309. >the entire time Tae looks like she's about to perform vivisection on Ren
  6311. >someone makes a joke about Joker bringing his little sister to a park
  6312. >Tae almost stabs him with a syringe
  6314. I honestly don't know if this is the real one or not anymore.
  6315. What if Doujin-chan was like Big Boss and made a double of herself
  6317. >Necronomicon gets free will and tentacle rapes futaba, filling all her holes and impregnating her with a weird lovecraft baby that rapes her again on the way out
  6319. why do so many of these involve bullying akechi
  6320. He was made to be bullied
  6322. >Instead of playing the games, Shadow Sae offers Joker all the chips he needs if he fucks all the bunnygirl shadows
  6324. >"A day in the life of Sakura Sojiro", chronicling him having to somehow ignore incredibly lewd noises constantly coming from the attic. He methodically cleans everything, cooks curry etc, all the while analysing every one of Ren's friends as to what their stats and specialties are
  6326. >Iwai mildly disturbed by the more women he sees around Ren and the ever increasing order of rope he returns for. Briefly entertains the thought of him being a secret psycho, but every girl around him looks far too... satisfied for that. He dismisses the thought and orders more rope instead
  6328. >Famously beautiful thief Noir is captured by rival gentleman thief Joker, and has to endure hours upon hours of very thorough interrogation. After it ends, they're huddled up on the couch, Ren mentioning how clever she was to get near-perfect reproductions of their metaverse outfits tailored. Final shot is Kawakami looking absolutely disgusted to be doing the laundry, while Futaba is still in her room, glasses cracked and the headphones just about melting off her head
  6330. >While fooling around with Takemi in the clinic, the old lady calls in to get medicine she prepared earlier. Tae says he'll run a quick test on Jokah's fortitude and drops behind the counter, blowing him while he has to handle the lady's purchase and infuriatingly excruciating smalltalk
  6332. One where you get a noose and end your existence then the people who go to your funeral take turns raping your corpse.
  6333. But I would be a corpse, can't give consent either way
  6335. Goro gives Ren swimming lessons.
  6337. Anne tries to bake a cake for Joker's birthday.
  6339. >Ryuji is having a slow day in the mostly-empty gym with Anne. He boasts about his renewed running strength and she asks him to prove it. He gets on a treadmill and gradually starts going faster. As extra incentive, the longer he can keep at a higher speed, the more Anne shows from her boobs. Ryuji goes through a rapid evolution of power just to see more.
  6341. >Futaba manages to dupe Haru into helping her learn a new skill, neglects to mention she has shibari on her mind
  6343. >Chihaya somehow cursed herself, and every time she draws a card from her tarot deck, that confidant appears and attempts to seduce her
  6345. The PT girls dance for me
  6347. Igor shoves his nose up Caroline's ass
  6349. Haru gets sold off to his fiancee and finds out ten years later that Joker had kids with all three remaining PT girls while Haru is stuck in a dead, alcohol-filled marriage.
  6351. >After a long day of working at her computer, Sae decides to unwind my jilling off right at her desk
  6352. >Futaba sees it happen through Sae's webcam and masturbates with her
  6353. >They cum together
  6355. Futaba grinding on the other girls thighs during a sleep over
  6357. Naked Anne and Haru eat crepes
  6359. I steal doujin-chan's wallet
  6360. I've got €20 in there
  6361. You could get a nice little breakfast with that probably
  6363. >After Ann and Ren's successful adult magazine photoshoot, Ann manages to convince the modeling agency to design costumes for the next Phantom Thieves adult cosplay parody set
  6364. >Yusuke was able to provide sketches of the Metaverse outfits, Panther and Joker
  6365. >The costume designers create an exact replica, fitting like a glove
  6366. >Ann and Ren revel in the thrill of exposing their bodies and true identities to the world as "Phantom Thieves", no longer feeling shy about appearing naked on camera
  6367. >Ann even got to the point where she enjoyed having pictures taken of her freshly creampied pussy
  6368. >After the set is released, Ryuji and Futaba try to ask them both about a certain Phantom Thieves photoshoot they did, but are too embarrassed to admit they looked up porn
  6369. >Epilogue: Ann considers commissioning Yusuke for more sketches of Metaverse outfits, specifically Fox and Oracle.
  6371. >Futaba accidentally orders a 6' dildo when she meant to order a 6'' dildo and ends up keeping it, dressed like a gentlemanly fashion, as her hug-pillow for sleeping.
  6372. >Ren feels jealous but tells her to follow her heart
  6374. >Fucking the 4 phantom thief girls and forcing Joker to watch as you creampie his ex harem
  6376. >Ohya and Chihaya drink each others pee in a love hotel bathroom
  6378. >Yusuke paints a naked Ren in a passionate pose, while Goemon attempts to commit seppuku with his pipe in the background
  6380. >Haru has tailors remake each of the metaverse outfits for a masked ball. She dresses up way before the others arrive, but seeing Joker's outfit brings back memories of how amazing he looked during battles. She falls back on her bed and indulges in a very un-ladylike fantasy. The sound of the door closing mid-fantasizing freaks her out, but her assailant turns out to be Ren, approaching her bed with his signature mask already on, smirking and adjusting his glove
  6382. >Goro hangs out with Futaba, watching random toku shows to figure out what kind of weapon he could buy to upgrade his current metaverse arsenal. They brainstorm and during the next trek in Mementos, the two reveal a special attack: Futaba pulls Akechi into the air with Necronomicon, then at the apex reverses the charge and launches Goro at the enemy with a mighty Rider Kick
  6384. >all the P5 girls hang out in an onsen, banding together for various activities. Tae and Ohya keep tempting Kawakami and Sae to drink with them, which the former accepts and all three of them gang up on Sae when she turns out to be the most bashful. Hifumi hits it off with Haru in terms of pretend-Oujo and actual Oujo, but it eventually devolves into the two of them having a mock brawl, which Futaba is extremely happy to be the judge of. Ann and Makoto mostly just watch the ensuing chaos with amusement, both of them having fun trying out various hairstyles on an increasingly flustered Chihaya
  6386. Goro fucks a drugged out Joker while the security guard watches.
  6388. A cute doujin about Tatsuya and Jun's first date at Clair de Lune
  6390. Goro becomes girl through shadow shit and Joker fucks and impregnates him
  6392. >Makoto wants to have fun with Ren in her Halloween police outfit
  6393. >The rest of the night is spent experimenting with Makoto acting as Dom thru out
  6395. >ywn be invited over to Joker's room for a one-on-one special tutoring session by the guy who gets top marks in school
  6396. >ywn be sitting across from him on the floor of his broken down room, mind wandering away from the study material as Joker starts to lose focus as well
  6397. >Joker will never make eye contact with you and tell you "We both know why we're here, and it isn't for studying"
  6398. >Joker will never crawl over your books to you, with an obvious boner
  6399. >ywn gulp in anticipation as he unzips his fly and springs out his huge erection
  6400. >Joker will never tell you he knows of a great stress-removing technique that requires you to take your pants off too
  6401. >ywn do as he says and watch as he grabs both of your erections in his hand
  6402. >Joker will never jack the two of you off, with his hips bucking forwards
  6403. >Joker will never smooth his fingers down your shaft in such a rhythmic and pleasurable way that it sends chills up your spine
  6404. >ywn come at the same time as Joker
  6405. >ywn watch as he licks both of your fluids off his fingers while making eyecontact with you
  6407. sex
  6409. Kokoro tries to kill Joker in the interrogation room by smothering him with her thighs
  6410. Things go awry when he starts licking
  6412. Ren and Futaba lying down and watching anime together and Ren putting his hand under the covers and holding Futaba's hand
  6414. Necronomicon creampies Futaba
  6416. Tits
  6418. Makoto transforms into Cybele
  6419. Anne transforms into Ishtar
  6421. One where a hired assassin slits your throat.
  6422. Do I get to turn the tables on him or does it end with him throatfucking my corpse
  6423. No you die and /pg/ celebrates.
  6424. I see
  6425. Sounds like a bestseller
  6427. Yuuki Mishima jacks it to all the porn on a blue board he's supposed to be moderating
  6429. Same as it's always been.
  6430. Cognition based Breast/Ass Expansion
  6432. >Main Personas had enough of their users hopelessly pining for Joker and decide to get them off. Johanna shackles Makoto to her seat and activates the seat-mounted dildos, Necronomicon uses its tentacles on Futaba while playing every clip of Ren masturbating in his room that she promised to delete, Carmen has her servants take turns on Anne while forcing her to eat her out, and Milady spanks Haru with her fan and fulfills her other secret wish by capturing the heroine of justice and slowly mindbreaking her
  6434. >Shadow Sae starts sexting Joker via the Metaverse app
  6435. >He starts sneaking into her palace alone for some "hot coffee"
  6436. >Weeks of intense passionate sex happen before the deadline
  6437. >Fast forward to December and Sae's palace is long gone
  6438. >Joker convinces Sae on the 24th to let him spend his last night of freedom with her
  6439. >Joker fucks her the same way he did shadow sae and brings her to the most intense orgasm she's ever had
  6441. >Yukiko and Chie get drunk off of a bottle of sake they grabbed from the inn's kitchen
  6442. >They make out and finger each other before passing out
  6443. >In the morning Yukiko makes Chie promise to never talk about what happened, while the only thing Chie can think about is getting her drunk again
  6445. the 3,4,5 mc's get literally whored out to Atlus employees and get treated like sluts
  6447. >FemJoker doms Joker
  6448. >Minimum 40 pages
  6450. FemGoro abusing Joker sexually until he forms a palace then dragging Joker into his own palace and having a threesome with ShadowJoker
  6452. I give Makoto an Icy Mike
  6454. >Hifumi is practicing her Shogi strategies alone in church
  6455. >A woman with dark eyeliner and a choker seated in the row behind her leans forward over the pew, arms crossed
  6456. >"Shogi... I've never played before. Care to teach it to me?", Tae Takemi gives her a warm smile
  6457. >Hifumi is surprised but delighted to indulge a female's interest in the game without any worry of an ulterior motive
  6458. >They introduce themselves, finding out they've got much in common with each other after admitting they only visit the church to have some alone time
  6459. >Forgetting all about the Shogi lesson, the ladies continue conversing about their backgrounds
  6460. >Eventually, Tae asks about the male attention she must get from her popularity
  6461. >Hifumi mentions she doesn't care for it, but she confides that she likes one boy she met from Shujin
  6462. >Tae also reveals that there's a special cute Shujin boy helping her out with her clinical trials
  6463. >Finding out they're both friends with Ren, they gush and giggle about him in the quiet church, making plans for a triple date
  6464. >The next weekend, Ren, Tae, and Hifumi meet at a punk rock venue
  6465. >Tae had given Hifumi a makeover for the occasion, her hair tied back in a ponytail, makeup complete with eyeliner and deep red lipstick, and sporting a new black dress with a silver necklace
  6466. >A confident looking Hifumi took Ren's hand and lead him inside with Tae
  6467. >Near the end of the concert Hifumi turns to Ren and gives him a kiss, before grabbing Tae and catching her off guard with a kiss too
  6468. >Riding off the post-concert energy, Ren decides they should relax at Leblanc while the night is still young
  6469. >The ladies sat across from Ren with their lattes, Hifumi kicked off her shoes and stretched a stocking covered foot out onto Ren's lap
  6470. >Continuing with the small talk, she idly swings her foot back and forth, setting it in place between his legs
  6471. >After a while she starts pressing her toes up against his crotch, feeling the pressure of his cock as it slowly gets harder and harder
  6472. >Suddenly Ren feels another larger foot rubbing up on his cock, both of them touching each other as well
  6473. >Tae and Hifumi turn to each other and start kissing, Tae skillfully hooking her toe underneath Ren's waistband to release his swollen member
  6474. >Both girl's feet gently caress his exposed shaft, their silky smooth fabric gliding up and down the length, taking turns curling their toes over top of the head
  6475. >The ladies nod to each other, swinging around to Ren's side of the booth, seating themselves on either side
  6476. >Hifumi takes Ren's hand, guiding it underneath her dress
  6477. >His fingers unexpectedly touch her hot and wet lips, gliding down her slit and straight inside her as she gasps, still holding his hand in place
  6478. >Tae grabs his attention and folds up the bottom of her short dress, revealing that she had no panties either, motioning for him to help out too
  6479. >She leaned her head back and pulled down the top of her dress enough for a boob to pop out, playing with it before Ren leaned over and wrapped his lips around her nipple
  6480. >Ren turned towards Hifumi, ready to do the same, however her straps were already laying loose around her elbows with her breasts fully exposed
  6481. >She had just finished scraping the whipped cream off her latte and spreading it over her nipples for Ren to enjoy, enticing him with a lick of her white finger
  6482. >He dove straight in, swirling his tongue around the soft and sweet goodness in tighter and tighter rotations until reaching the nipple, sucking it clean with a satisfying jiggle upon letting go
  6483. >While Ren was having his dessert, Tae leaned down and gave some attention to his throbbing shaft with her mouth, cleaning up a steady stream of precum leaking out from his tip and leaving behind a thick coating of her saliva, enough to drip down onto the seat
  6484. >Hifumi eyes the glistening cock, then looks towards a smirking Tae, "Go for it, he's all yours."
  6485. >She straddles his lap on her knees, facing his front, wasting no time before impalng herself on his length, mixing the juices of her new friend with her own, starting to bounce up and down after gaining her composure
  6486. >Ren continues to finger Tae, now beginning to squirm around and press her thighs together, resting her head on his shoulder
  6487. >Hifumi starts to moan as she bottoms out on Ren's cock and finds a rhythm
  6488. >Without warning, Tae grabs Ren's chin and turns it towards her face, forcing her tongue inside while crushing his hand between her thighs, chest heaving rapidly from her sudden orgasm
  6489. >As Tae loosens her grip on his jaw, Hifumi's tone raises higher and higher before one last pump sends her shuddering and tightening around Ren, sending him over the edge and shooting his seed deep inside Hifumi's tight pussy
  6490. >Hifumi nestles her head into Ren's neck, taking it all in as her heart still races
  6491. >Tae removes Hifumi's hair tie from the ponytail sending it flowing down her back, sneaking a proper kiss from Ren as she runs her fingers through Hifumi's hair
  6492. >Epilogue: Hifumi and Tae meet up again for a lesson on Shogi, but again end up getting distracted by recounting last weekend's lewd events at Leblanc.
  6494. Jamal-kun cucks Joker with Haru.
  6495. Joker would never let that happen
  6496. Well he does in my doujin idea.
  6498. Morgana gets cuddled by everyone for 30+ pages
  6500. Satan appears and tentacle rapes Makoto
  6502. Mara lusts after the PT girls and attempts to capture them repeatedly with Wil E. Coyote tactics, traps and disguises
  6504. Cybele sits on Lavenza's face
  6506. The more Joker fucks Makoto's ass, the more it grows
  6507. One day she plops down onto him and breaks his hip
  6509. >Ren awakens in his cell, the wardens standing next to the bed, greeting him after a few giggles
  6510. >He quickly found out that he was now the same height as the girls
  6511. >"We gave you this new form to better suit our needs."
  6512. >"Your thing was just way too big for us. Also, we're forgoing the cuffs this time. Don't get grabby or stare, got it?"
  6513. >Justine pulled down his loose waistband, exposing his small shota cock, remarking on how cute his penis had become
  6514. >She enveloped the whole thing in her mouth as it still hardened
  6515. >Caroline undressed, sliding a finger in between her thighs then slipping it into Ren's mouth
  6516. >Justine lifted her head up, leaving him with one final lick on the head
  6517. >They instructed Ren to get up, positioning him behind Caroline's tight wet pussy as she bent over the bed
  6518. >Justine guided him inside, her face as close as can be to her sister's flower getting penetrated
  6519. >It wasn't long before he suddenly came inside Caroline
  6520. >Justine was ready and waiting in the same position beside her
  6521. >After a moment, Ren had pulled out of Caroline and plunged his still hard cock into Justine
  6522. >Again, a short time later her hole was already filled with cum
  6523. >He went back to Caroline, laying on her back with an averted gaze
  6524. >While pumping into her, he bent over and gave a kiss on her lips, to which she responded with a gloved slap, followed by a quick kiss back
  6525. >Caroline arched her back and squirmed as she came, Ren overflowing her juicy cunt again
  6526. >Justine switched places with her sister, cheeks flushed and ready
  6527. >She pulled him close, rocking their hips together
  6528. >Justine tucked his head into her shoulder as they both came together, not letting go until she finally felt him get soft
  6529. >The girls rub their cum-filled pussies as they lay next to a recovering Ren, expecting another round or ten with him
  6530. >Epilogue: The girls take shota-Ren out into the real world, fighting off lots of girls.
  6532. >Futaba follows Joker around, giving out obvious hints and other trivia about whatever he does
  6533. >Tired of her antics, he takes her aside and facefucks her
  6535. Futaba watches Joker fuck every confidant via camera
  6536. At the end she's crying while jilling off because he won't fuck her
  6538. I have sex with futaba and makoto
  6540. ann fuck Ryuji
  6542. >Phantom Thieves are going through Mementos. They get into a bigger fight and it turns into absolute chaos. Joker's about to get downed, but Haru jumps in to take the hit. As she's recouping in the Mona-mobile, Joker admonishes her for it, but then much more quietly ask that she doesn't risk herself like that. They quickly reconcile though and end up kissing, Morgana being gracefully quiet about it, so the others wouldn't tease them.
  6543. >Scene changes to Haru looking out a window, several months pregnant. She looks frail, but keeps looking out with a faint smile. Sugimura and a friend of his watch her from the distance, the former admitting that while she was entertaining for a while, one day she just snapped and became unresponsive to anyone and everyone. He says that while the baby boy will be needed as his heir, Haru just kind of creeps him out now. As he says this, a pair of doctors gently pry and take her away, letting the little doll in her hand fall to the ground. It looks vaguely like Morgana.
  6545. >Futaba leaks Mitsuru's measurements and underwear selection
  6546. >Secret Maid service busts through her window while she's schlicking to the old pictures of Mitsuru walking around her walking around her room naked after a shower from the Iwatodai dorm security computer.
  6547. >Futaba gets flustered around all the beautiful maids and shyly continues schlicking while they take her away
  6548. >Futaba leverages Mitsuru into letting her suck on and play with her tits and ass in order to "delete those leaks from the internet"
  6550. Ren and Kawakami join the mile high club on the flight to Hawaii
  6552. One where your all your ISPs go bankrupt and we never hear from you again.
  6554. Joker gets addicted to fucking Haru's hair and cumming in it, much to Haru's (sexual) frustration.
  6556. Ren and Goro go to Comiket for Futaba and encounter all sorts of Goro/"Phantom Thief Leader" ero doujinshi and other doujin goods. At one point, Goro mentions something about being glad he's wearing a mask and only gets asked if he's cosplaying, otherwise the entire outing would be awkward as hell.
  6558. Ren and Goro wander to the gay part of Shinjuku for whatever reason and some men start hitting on them, and it eventually devolves to them putting on a show for these hot mob men and generally getting fuck by them in some seedy club.
  6560. >P3P, it's december
  6561. >it's Theo's final request
  6562. >he's in FeMC's room with her
  6563. >things start getting hot and heavy
  6564. >eventually they start fucking
  6565. >Theo just keeps going and going
  6566. >and going and going
  6567. >30 minutes in, after orgasming a few times, FeMC stops him and ask him why he's not ejaculating
  6568. >Theo is confused, has no idea what ejaculating is
  6569. >they keep going
  6570. >he absolutely cannot cum, just keeps fucking FeMC into senselessness
  6571. >in the end FeMC is just completely catatonic from cumming too much
  6572. >it turns out Velvet attendants can't cum
  6573. >Theo says some witty lines before leaving FeMC just twitching there on her bed
  6575. >Sae has kept Ren around as her secret office plaything without anyone finding out
  6576. >On her lunch break, she treats him to a restaurant close by
  6577. >While they wait, Sae's foot teases Ren's thighs and crotch
  6578. >With some time left, an aroused Ren is taken along to a women's store
  6579. >She leaves the fitting room door cracked open for him to watch her, even letting a nipple slip out of her bra
  6580. >Ren hides his boner as the two head back to work
  6581. >Once the coast is clear, Sae leads him into the office
  6582. >Suddenly, she's grabbed from behind and bent over her desk by Ren, her pants already being pulled down to the floor
  6583. >Sae gasps, but lets him does as he pleases
  6584. >Her sticky panties are pulled aside and a throbbing member is pressed up against her lips, letting out a soft sight as he inserts himself
  6585. >Stacks of documents fall off the desk as Ren pumps into Sae
  6586. >Sae remains bent over as she gets slammed, feeling his grip tighten until he blows his load inside
  6587. >After a moment, she gets up and notices that Ren is still hard
  6588. >Sae leads him by the dick over to the massive window overlooking the city and removes the rest of her clothes
  6589. >She spreads her legs and presses her hands up against the glass, "Come on. I have a meeting in 30 minutes."
  6590. >Ren takes her from behind again, cupping his hands around her breasts and teasing her nipples
  6591. >Sae is more vocal this time, especially turned on by exposing herself to the hundreds of people filling the streets down below
  6592. >Already close from earlier, she begs Ren to fuck her harder as she reaches orgasm, fogging up the glass
  6593. >Still pulsing with pleasure, she gets on her knees and bobs back and forth on his shaft until her tongue is coated white
  6594. >She swallows and gets dressed again, looking pleased with herself, "I won't clean up, I'll be attending that meeting with your cum still inside."
  6595. >Epilogue: Sae asks Ren for help in exploring her exhibitionist side.
  6597. Daisoujou punishes Ren relying on him too much by ringing his bell loudly at the most inopportune times.
  6599. >Joker goes to Makoto's house
  6600. >on the way, he helps an old lady cross the street
  6601. >when he gets to Makoto's house, they study for hours on end and discuss the questions they had a difficult time answering
  6602. >he makes sure to get home before it gets dark
  6604. >Futaba finds out she's going to be in an anime and tries to bribe the company to give her massive oppai
  6605. >They agree but only if she can provide naked pictures of Ann and Makoto
  6606. >Futaba sets out to get Ann and Makoto naked
  6607. >with sexy consequences
  6609. Akechi goes to LeBlanc only to find a lone Sae. Fun times ensue.
  6611. >Sae replaces her office chair with Joker's face
  6612. >such an act would be uncomfortable for both of us!
  6613. >wait, is this one of those sex things the kids do?
  6614. >I'll do it! Please let me sit on, uhm, Joker's face!
  6616. Fuuka gets jealous at Aigis for stealing Door away from her and uses her computer skills to turn her into a bimbo, but is annoyed when Door actually finds Aigis even more attractive than before.
  6618. Fuuka makes love to her husband with the high-cut armor on
  6620. >Mishima spills his drink on the kaitochan servers
  6622. Mishima gives /pg/ a revival bead.
  6624. >Makoto wins a draw for a gift certificate at a tanning salon
  6625. >Doesn't exactly know how long it would take for a light tan, ends up staying in until she's considerably darker
  6626. >She calls Ren over to comfort her after the embarrassment
  6627. >Instead of being turned off, the dark tan awakened Ren's need to breed
  6628. >After several loads were blown inside her, she started to feel more comfortable with herself
  6629. >Ren eventually convinces her to start dressing a little slutty
  6630. >Makoto goes the extra mile and dyes her hair a dirty blonde
  6631. >Their sex life has improved considerably and now are considering inviting Eiko for a threesome
  6632. >Epilogue: Ren buys tanning gift certificates for the rest of the female PT to satisfy his new obsession
  6634. >One night, Door-kun awakens to find Aigis holding him down and Yukari jerking him off
  6635. >Aigis explains that she was curious on how to extract sperm, and solicited Yukari for help
  6636. >Multiple methods are required, she says, for posterity
  6637. >By the time she says she has gathered a sufficient amount of data, the sun is out
  6638. >Aigis leaves them there, all sweaty and Yukari absolutely filled with spunk
  6639. >Last panel is Yukari and Door-kun cuddling and falling asleep
  6641. Fuuka decides to stop being waifubait.
  6643. Fuuka celebrates her trailer's debut with her husband by having sex in every costume she has.
  6645. Makoto and Anne share a double-sided dildo
  6647. >The Phantom Thieves infiltrate Martin Shkreli's palace
  6649. >Harem route series by Yamatogawa, with each girl getting their own doujin, culminating with an orgy
  6651. Anne getting a job at Hooters!
  6652. Ryuji showing up as a customer!
  6654. Please stop posting, Veronique. You make my heart hurt every time you do.
  6656. >Joker gets turned into one of those plush orbs and then Groo finds him...
  6657. >Goro finds the plush orb
  6658. >He crushes the plush in his hand
  6660. Haru cries herself to sleep
  6662. Makoto's ass. That's it, that's the doujin. What more do you want?
  6664. I finally kill myself.
  6666. Ohya lets Ulala have her way with Mishima, and watches them while masturbating
  6668. I force you to eat peanut butter
  6670. Faceless old men fill Anne with creme
  6672. Joker searches for easter eggs inside the PT girls' asses.
  6674. >Ren individually gifts each of the female PT a bunny suit for Easter
  6675. >Except he ends up accidentally giving each girl the wrong one
  6676. >The girls find out that they each got a wrong sized suit and gather to try them on and exchange with each other
  6677. >Now fully outfitted in a variety of stockings, heels, and ears, they invite Joker over to surprise him
  6678. >The girls strip him down and spread peanut butter all over his body to lick up
  6679. >The four share his cock until he gives them the creme
  6680. >Epilogue: The PT girls set aside holidays to get together with Joker
  6682. >During a winter storm, Kawakami is staying late after class to grade papers
  6683. >Ren is passing the time studying, waiting for the storm to let up before going home
  6684. >The two are alone in the classroom
  6685. >Suddenly the power goes out and the hallways are lit with the dim emergency lighting
  6686. >Kawakami grumbles about getting her work interrupted, asking Ren to come sit closer so she can talk while the power is out
  6687. >He takes a seat right next to her
  6688. >With the heaters off, the classroom grows cold
  6689. >Ren leans his head on Kawakami's shoulder, at first annoyed but then relieved at how warm he is
  6690. >"Here, come get more comfortable."
  6691. >She turns her chair towards his and lets him wrap his arms around her, sitting in silence as she runs her fingers through his hair in the dark room
  6692. >His breath on her neck starts to get her heated up in more ways than one
  6693. >Ren's hand wanders to her chest, she doesn't stop him
  6694. >He looks up at her and they start making out
  6695. >Still connected at the lips, Kawakami pushes Ren back into his seat and straddles his lap
  6696. >She presses his head up against her breasts, "Please... let's do this fast before the power comes on."
  6697. >Ren fumbles with his pants and her skirt, causing Kawakami to gasp as his hard and hot cock touched her thigh
  6698. >He slid himself inside, both half-stifling their moans
  6699. >Kawakami pulled up her top and undid her bra, allowing Ren to suck on her nipples as they alternated between bouncing on his cock and thrusting into her hips
  6700. >With the excitement and unknown time constraints, it wasn't long before Ren had pumped her full of his seed
  6701. >The power came on just as they finished getting dressed
  6702. >Kawakami shifted in her seat, feeling his cum seep into her panties, "It's getting late. I think you should stay at my place tonight. Please?"
  6703. >Epilogue: Kawakami keeps Ren on standby when she has to stay late, for motivation and rewards.
  6705. >The girls on the train bully Joker sexually
  6707. >The girls on the train bully an undercover and disguised Makoto sexually
  6709. the other femanons of /pg/ bully doujin-chan sexually
  6711. >Ann drags Joker to the gym one day
  6712. >It turns out Mika goes to the same gym, jumping off her exercise bike to say hi
  6713. >She seems civil enough, strangely, but especially so towards Ren
  6714. >Mika wanders off as Ann and Ren start warm up on the exercise bike, returning a minute later on the elliptical positioned directly in front of Ren
  6715. >Ren takes a few glances at her backside in tight black spats before moving over to the weights
  6716. >Soon after, Mika comes back into view with earbuds in, her sweat-glistened boobs rocking in unison as she does jumping jacks
  6717. >Ren's eyes are drawn to the spectacle, but Ann notices what's going on and asks him to help spot for her on the weight bench, giving him a wink and pulling her top down a little for him to look down
  6718. >Once again, Mika comes back with an exercise ball, spreading her legs wide, exposing what almost looks like to be a cameltoe in her spats, giving a sly smile to Ren
  6719. >Ann has had enough of it, dragging Ren off to a shower stall in the girl's section
  6720. >Just as they begin to undress each other, Mika barges in, "I thought you might want some company."
  6721. >Ann protests her intrusion, but Mika keeps her eyes fixated on Ren as she reaches down and grabs onto his hard shaft through his underwear
  6722. >Ann's eyes widen, grabbing hold of the tip in response, "He's mine!"
  6723. >Mika points out that Ren's been eyeing her body this whole time, raising the tensions between the girls even higher
  6724. >They both ask him to choose who he wants more, but remains silent for a while
  6725. >After some thought, he tells them he'll choose once they kiss each other
  6726. >With much hesitation, the girls force themselves to peck the other on the lips, still clearly angry
  6727. >He commands them again to kiss, rolling their eyes before planting another quick kiss, but this time looking slightly less upset
  6728. >Again and again Ren gets them to keep kissing, slowly relaxing their brows and becoming more gentle each time
  6729. >After a minute he stopped telling them to kiss, but the girls continued to make out, softly moaning as they stroked his cock together
  6730. >The models pulled apart from each other, leaving a trail of saliva as they went topless and each took a seat on one of Ren's knees
  6731. >Ren stuck his face into the two pairs of tits, feeling the wet and sticky skin against his cheeks as his lips hungrily darted back and forth between the nipples of both girls
  6732. >Mika gives a mischeivous smile as she turns the shower on, beckoning the two to come closer
  6733. >The three get lathered up, the girls complimenting the other's figure as their hands run down their curves
  6734. >Mika rubs her soapy ass up and down against Ren's cock while Ann presses herself on his back and guides his fingers onto her pussy
  6735. >Minutes later they switch positions, Ann now giving Ren a slippery titfuck while Mika finds a spot on his face to sit down and get eaten out
  6736. >At last, Ren lets them know it's time, the girls anxiously sitting on their knees and stroking his throbbing member in unison and begging for his cum until he explodes on both of their faces, painting them equally white
  6737. >The models turn to each other and lick the other's face clean, stopping to kiss several times
  6738. >After they're all dressed up and ready to leave, Mika shyly asks if she could do this again, to which Ann says she'll think about it
  6739. >Epilogue: In order to keep Mika from messing with Ann's shoots, her and Ren pay her a visit for a threesome on the day before they're both scheduled to model.
  6741. >Joker gives Makoto a creampie in all her holes for her birthday
  6743. Futaba abducts Joker out of danger in battle and takes him away to "heal" for a bit. With her body.
  6745. Anne, Futaba and Haru give Makoto a birthday massage
  6747. Fuck off attention whore
  6749. Ryuji uses the giant floating gold hand from the god hand animation to fist the assholes and pussies of Futaba and Makoto.
  6751. Futaba's bummed out because she doesn't get to have the thrill of an all out attack, or any direct combat intervention, especially not with Prometheus. The group get together and brainstorm, and propose that she could try and make something up using her imagination and interests. Next day, Futaba exits Prometheus in the middle of a fight and unleashes it on the opposing shadows, as it chomps down on them like Pacman.
  6753. Yu fucks Yosuke's boypussy
  6754. >Yosuke
  6755. >having sex
  6756. With Yu yes.
  6758. Makoto sits on my face and crushes my skull
  6760. Joker has sex with Anne in front of Mona and Ryuji
  6762. The Thieves decide to have a little spar in mementos, boys verses girls and it gets a little out of hand.
  6763. It ends with all the girls (Futaba included) performing an all-out attack on the boys, ending with all of then striking a victory pose while the silhouettes show the boys releasing a torrent of cum instead of blood.
  6765. I haven't seen you post in a while.
  6767. You're not her.
  6768. Prove it.
  6770. >shidos palace but you subdue his shadow in bdsm play and he ends up ahegao double-peacing in his election scene
  6772. Haru fists Goro's sissy ass
  6773. no lube
  6775. After fucking and cuddling with Makoto in bed, Joker dreams about fucking Cybele
  6777. >Joker and Haru's marriage goes awry when she walks in on him fucking all the bridesmaids on the day of the ceremony
  6779. Someone infects all the girls with a bimbo virus. The infected girls work together to form a special task force dedicated to finding the creator of the virus.
  6781. Persona girls, but they're pregnant
  6783. >Margaret learns about Lavenza's love for Joker, and decides to "observe" them so that she can provide pointers like a good older sister
  6784. >One thing leads to another and she's getting fucked by him and making out with Lavenza
  6785. >>213762315
  6787. Tae asks Joker to take a new experimental drug, which turns him into a girl. A sweaty threesome between FemJoker, Ryuji, and Goro ensues.
  6789. Joker goes on a date with Fem!Ryuji
  6790. He takes her to the arcade where they compete
  6791. Then to that ramen shop she always wanted to go to
  6792. Then to the fishing spot where they bump into Kawakami again
  6793. Then back to Leblanc where he fucks her ass
  6795. >Hifumi and Makoto play a series of shogi matches together
  6796. >Whoever wins gets to sit on Joker's face during the next round
  6798. mishima tries hooking up with some kaitochan femanons, but then they all just hop on joker's dick instead
  6800. After examining Futaba, Tae talks Makoto and Joker into a threesome on top of her sleeping form. Joker cums on all their faces, Makoto licking up the spunk that landed on Futaba.
  6802. Ann and Carmen make a Joker sandwich.
  6804. anything with Tae. she is criminally underrepresented
  6806. FemYusuke tries to get Joker into painting
  6807. The canvas they use is her own body
  6809. Bored and in need of some money, Joker whores himself out to phangirls requesting it on Kaitochan. At night he creeps into their house, wearing his thief outfit and shows them a good time.
  6811. >Kokoro tries and fails to kill Joker in increasingly silly and lewd ways
  6812. >End panel of her pouting as he fucks her thighs, another plot foiled
  6814. P3D and P5D but naked
  6816. Yusuke cosplaying per Futaba's request and on the train ride to Comiket he gets gangbanged
  6818. Joker in drag somehow bumps into FemJoker
  6819. She laughs at his outfit as she rides him
  6821. Crossdressing Ryuji gets raped by Shadow Kamoshida
  6823. FemYusuke paints nude portraits of Anne
  6824. This eventually leads to her painting Joker and Anne fucking
  6825. Her work wins 1st place in an art competition
  6827. >Yu stops to chat with Chie after spotting her on a jog in the scorching heat
  6828. >She's tired and covered in sweat and asks to sit down at his place
  6829. >They end up cuddling on the couch together
  6830. >As soon as Chie lifts up her arms, she gets embarrassed and apologizes for her smell
  6831. >Instead she starts to feel something harden underneath her, getting turned on herself at what her scent did
  6832. >Chie ends up riding Yu's face and gets a mouthful of cum
  6834. Teddie fucks Yosuke after watching lots of porn while Yosuke was at school
  6835. Yosuke big homosexual awakening
  6837. The PT girls lock the boys in their rooms at Club Velvet, then take Joker out on to the dance floor and use it to fulfill whatever degenerate harem fantasies they hold for the duration of their visit. After impregnating each of them and sharing their most intimate secrets and feelings, the dream ends.
  6839. Sae doing anything for a promotion.
  6841. >Joker wakes up one day only to see his girl on top of him, still asleep
  6842. >His morning wood is trapped between her thighs, and so he starts to thrust his hips
  6843. >Gently at first, not wanting to wake her up, but as he gets closer he picks up the pace
  6844. >Suddenly he feels her thighs clamp tight around him, and sees that she's woken up too
  6845. >She eggs him on, enjoying the friction she's feeling through their clothing
  6846. >Eventually he cums, reaching down to squeeze her thighs tighter together as she pulls him into a kiss
  6847. >Smirking, she undresses, sitting on his face as she licks up all the spunk he shot in his underwear
  6848. >Eating her out gets him hard again, and so she starts sucking him off
  6849. >After a long while, they both cum, another load swallowed as she covers his face with her own juices
  6850. >They end up cuddling, but not before she cleans up his face with her tongue
  6852. Futaba asks anons on Kaitochan for doujin ideas, but they're too busy putting different hair styles on other girls
  6854. Anne rapes Kamoshida
  6856. Kawakami goes to church to confess about being in a relationship with Joker, but when she opens the door to the confessional, she finds him fucking Hifumi in the ass
  6857. She decides to just double down on her sins and joins them
  6859. Goro dies and Joker fucks Anne on top of his corpse
  6861. Doujin where Yu has an orgy with RWBY girls when
  6863. >Mitsuru and Naoto play with each other's breasts, tweaking and sucking until they both cum
  6865. >Lavenza creeps into Margaret's bed while she sleeps and massages her breasts, grumbling about her own smaller chest. Curious, she wraps her lips around her sister's teat and sucks, her own hand wandering down to play with herself. The harder Lavenza plays with her little clit, the harder she sucks, adding a bit of teeth.
  6866. >Margaret wakes up and pushes Lavenza's head down further, quickly sliding her fingers down her little sister's body then forcing them into her cunny. She sits up and coos into Lavenza's ear, pumping her fingers. Lavenza cums, still being nursed. Margaret chides her for sneaking in like that, then gently kisses her forehead.
  6868. >After the PT were accidentally being served alcohol in an inn, they all got drunk and the PT girls engaged in a five way mutual masturbation circle with Ren
  6869. >Still liquored up, they sneak over to the empty hot spring and immediately disrobe
  6870. >The girls lead Ren by the shaft by the edge of a shallow area and sit him down
  6871. >They take turns sucking his cock, teaching technique to one another and showering each other with praise as they work their lips and tongues
  6872. >When it comes time for Haru's turn, Futaba forces her head up and down Ren's cock
  6873. >To everyone's surprise, she takes it like a champ, giving him a sloppy deepthroating
  6874. >Haru comes up gasping for air, turning towards the girls, "We should all help out together!"
  6875. >Ann excitedly agrees, convincing the others to join her in kissing, licking, and sucking on Ren's cock
  6876. >Four flushed faces looked up at him, taking turns to wrap their lips around the head as the others worked below
  6877. >Makoto's and Futaba's lips met together at the tip, swirling their tongues around the head before making out on top of his cock, saliva dripping down below for Ann and Haru to lick and spread around
  6878. >Ren starts bucking his hips, drawing their attention towards the tip as the girls await his load, licking up and down his shaft
  6879. >Suddenly he bursts, shooting white hot ropes onto the four girl's tongues and faces
  6880. >The girls sqeal and moan with excitement after getting their faces painted, helping each other lick his tasty cum off their cheeks, stealing kisses and gropes in the process
  6881. >Taking a moment to sit back and relax in the springs, Makoto slides her hand on top of Ren's still rigid member and smiles
  6882. >"Now what are we going to do with you next?"
  6884. >Unwilling to completely stick his dick in crazy, Joker fucks Kokoro's thighs instead
  6885. >Right before he cums, she grabs his dick and shoves it in anyways, pushing him down onto the ground
  6886. >Pinned, he's forced to cum inside her
  6887. >End page of her raving on about how happy they'll be as parents and then working her hips to milk some more out of him
  6889. Naoto falls in love with a suspect, a handsome African-American gentleman, an alleged drug king pin.
  6890. When he is released on bail he invites Naoto out to a date, at first she is taken aback and says she will think about it, later that night she can't stop thinking about him and accepts his invitation. A 6 volume story about how they fall in love, fought, and eventually breaking up.
  6891. It ends with Tyrone-kun going back to America to go to college and become a good law abiding citizen with Naoto promising to wait for him but eventually each of them move on with their lives.
  6892. End quote
  6893. >I want to love you
  6894. >I wanted to love you
  6895. >But feelings ever so slowly
  6896. >Ever so slowly....
  6897. >Fades away.
  6899. naoto rapes tyrone in the holding cell
  6901. Haru gets molested by Anne, Makoto and Futaba
  6903. Doujin-chan, how do you feel about Goro?
  6904. I wish he was Kokoro instead
  6906. I cum on all the makoto figures
  6908. ryuji convinces yusuke to hang out. he ends up brutally raping a 3rd year student as yusuke watches in awe and admiration.
  6910. ryuji gets funding from iwai and becomes a porn director and convinces the girls to star in his 'yakuza movies'
  6912. >Yukiko walks home after school with Yu, talking about how much closer they've gotten over the past few months
  6913. >She leads him to the shrine, holding his hand
  6914. >"This is where I first realized I had feelings for you..."
  6915. >Her grip tightens around his hand, looking down at her feet, "... and this is where I want to have my first time with you."
  6916. >Yu pulls her in close to embrace, quickly turning into a makeout session
  6917. >The two take a walk behind the shrine, out of view
  6918. >Yukiko nervously looks around before guiding his hand underneath her shirt
  6919. >Her hands wander down Yu's chest and into his pants, stroking his already hard shaft
  6920. >Taking another look around, she crouches down and sets his cock free
  6921. >Without any hesitation, she stuffs Yu's member in her mouth, saliva running down her chin
  6922. >Yukiko takes him all the way down to the base, holding it in until she releases, gasping for breath
  6923. >Standing back up, she drops her panties to the ground before bending over and exposing her slick pink pussy for him to take
  6924. >As the tip of Yu's cock pushes her lips apart, she stifles a moan
  6925. >She pants as he begins to pump into her, his hands clamping down on her ass
  6926. >Sweat drips from their bodies in the summer heat, skin sticking momentarily as they fuck out of sight from the road
  6927. >Yukiko moans softly the pleasure builds up to her breaking point, closing her eyes as she cums, squeezing and holding his cock deep inside
  6928. >Her tight squeezing brings Yu to the edge as well, cumming deep inside as her pussy milks every last drop out
  6929. >After a minute he pulls out, a steady flow of cum leaks from her
  6930. >She stands upright and kisses him, thanking him for making a special memory together
  6931. >The two walk hand in hand, Yukiko still feeling his cum drip onto her panties all the way home
  6932. >Epilogue: Yukiko holds onto Yu's arm every time they pass by the shrine together, giving each other a knowing smile.
  6933. I want to have a threesome with doujin-chan and a /pg/ femanon!
  6935. Ryuji beats the shit out of Ryujifag
  6937. >Anne drags Joker and FemRyuji into a threesome
  6939. Yusuke gets brain damage and the gang has to put him down
  6941. Morgana x Byakko
  6942. Morgana x Orobas
  6943. Morgana x Nue
  6944. Morgana x Metatron
  6945. Morgana x Seth
  6947. I kill myself.
  6949. I wonder how long this will last before Mishima deletes it again
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  6953. Can you write a story about a certain attention whore seeking validation on 4chan while rubbing her clit with a knife with every (You) she gets?
  6955. Keep em cucked, Doujin-chan!
  6957. Can't you pick more wholesome ideas?
  6959. Sojiro pumps and dumps Ryuji's mother causing him to go into a fit of rage, he plans to bankrupt Sojiro's cafe and kill him. Who wins? you decide.
  6961. >Joker takes advantage of Futaba's bad eyesight and steals her glasses before they have sex
  6962. >promises that they won't talk the whole time due to her awkwardness
  6963. >Futaba gets a train ran on her while she can't tell that it's not just Joker fucking her
  6965. Goro gets raped by slimes
  6967. Mothman goes to Destinyland
  6969. >Mitsuru goes to a fancy party in Tokyo
  6970. >Joker is there too, and he seduces her
  6971. >By the time they're done, the sun is rising the next morning
  6973. Bonjour, doujin-chan!
  6974. >Rise finished performing in concert, now sitting in her dressing room to calm down
  6975. >She gets out her vibrator, as per her usual post-concert ritual
  6976. >Feeling extra adventurous, she takes out her phone and starts taking pictures of herself masturbating in front of her mirror
  6977. >Suddenly the door opens, attempting to straighten herself out
  6978. >To her relief, it was Yu with a backstage pass, hugging him tight as he shuts the door
  6979. >"Now that you're here, the real show can begin!"
  6980. >Rise unbuttons her shirt and drops her panties, sluttifying her stage outfit
  6981. >Rise takes out her phone from earlier, taking pictures of her body being teased and played with as Yu does as he pleases
  6982. >She records herself unzipping his pants and springing out his cock, licking it from bottom to top before stuffing it in her mouth and bobbing back and forth
  6983. >Already feeling heated up from earlier, she decides she's had enough foreplay
  6984. >Lifting her leg up onto a corner of a vanity, Rise spreads her pussy for Yu to take
  6985. >He penetrates her with ease, rocking his hips against her, her arms hanging around his neck
  6986. >They lock eyes and kiss, the kissing quickly turning into tonguing each other's mouths, saliva trails bridged between the two
  6987. >Picking up the phone again, she presses record once again, her whole body getting rocked as she's getting pounded
  6988. >"I'm Risecchi... and... a-and I want to get fucked live on stage!"
  6989. >She pans the lens down as Yu pulls out and spurts his thick load onto her belly and the lips of her pussy
  6990. >Collecting some cum with her finger, she ends the video by licking it clean and promising her debut into JAV coming soon
  6991. >Epilogue: Rise and Yu spend a private evening together, watching her grainy cellphone video on the TV with light foreplay. Rise turns red as it ends, forgetting that she ever said such things in the heat of the moment.
  6992. I want to make another cum tribute for doujin-chan!
  6994. >Ryuji is revealed to have somehow kept cognitive Anne, or spawned her again via Metaverse trickery
  6995. >He bribes Futaba for recordings of Joker and the real Anne that she caught on a camera she installed in the attic
  6996. >After watching them, he then acts them out with Cognitive Anne in his own room, trying to imagine that it's the real one he's fucking
  6998. AU where Anne and Shiho reward Goro with a threesome for saving them from Kamoshida.
  6999. They also reward him with HIV
  7001. During his stay with Haru, Morgana tries to get with some rich person's cat.
  7002. It doesn't end very well.
  7004. tyrone kun comes back to japan and sees naoto.
  7006. Mitsuru and Yukari sneak into Ken's room during the night and rape him.
  7008. Futaba asks for facials until her glasses are totally white.
  7009. but then she wouldn't be able to see!
  7010. You don't need to see to take cock.
  7012. Tyrone and Jamal sneaks into Yukari's room during the night and rapes her for Naoto
  7014. Tae and Futaba make out as Joker fucks their thighs
  7016. Ryuji and Mishima gangbang Anne while Joker sleeps.
  7019. >Naoto is over visiting Yu, but is acting a little bit strange
  7020. >Dojima and Nanako are home as well, sitting in the living room all together
  7021. >Nanako leaves for a school event nearby
  7022. >As a couple hours pass, she declines Yu's invitations to go out for a walk, constantly glancing over to Dojima
  7023. >The phone rings, it's Adachi requesting some assistance with a heavy workload at the station, Dojima reluctantly leaves
  7024. >Naoto checks her watch, quickly turning to Yu
  7025. >"L-Let's have sex right now! We only have 24 minutes at the very least until Nanako gets home, not to mention that Dojima will soon realize that Adachi called him over for conveniently misplaced case files!"
  7026. >She continues to explain how she calculated Nanako's average walk speed and gambled on Adachi feeling overwhelmed by the paperwork she secretly left on his desk
  7027. >Her rambling is interrupted by a pair of lips pressing against hers, Yu holding her hand and leading her up to his room
  7028. >Within seconds, the two strip down their bottoms, making out on the futon
  7029. >Naoto reaches down and strokes his shaft, feeling the tip touch up against her folds
  7030. >She lets out a wavering sigh as Yu inserts himself
  7031. >The next several minutes are spent taking turns in different positions, switching up whenever one starts to get tired of rocking their hips
  7032. >At last, Yu grabs hold of her tight as he fucks her as fast as he can, giving a final few thrusts as he cums inside her
  7033. >Spent, the two lay next to each other, Naoto with a relieved smile on her face, checking her watch once more
  7034. >8 minutes
  7035. >Epilogue: Naoto makes increasingly elaborate plans to get Yu alone for a quickie with him.
  7036. I want to fuck doujin-chan when she becomes a cake too!
  7038. Mitsuru almost suffocates Fuuka with her tits
  7040. Futaba fucks all the PT girls with her massive futa cock
  7042. Futaba hallucinates a futa Wakaba that punishes her for her death. The sphinx Wakaba then acts it out in reality once she enters her own palace.
  7044. (C91) [Hito no Fundoshi (Yukiyoshi Mamizu)] Risa no Inu Ma ni While Lisa is Out pg.7-8.jpg
  7045. Pic related but with Ren and Sae while Makoto is dating Ren.
  7047. >Naoto and Futaba have a heart to heart in PQ.
  7048. >Naoto states that the breast binding she does is creating a feedback loop, with the constant pressure and adjustment causing swelling when released which promotes growth.
  7049. >Futaba basically wets her short-shorts
  7050. >Futaba is seen short of breath for several stages
  7051. >Later found passed out with a collapsed lung for binding too tightly because it wasn't working
  7052. >obnoxious sum paid to Elizabeth for healing
  7053. >Elizabeth suggests an alternate approach to prevent further issue
  7054. >Futaba is awoken under a spell which convinces her she now has G-cups
  7055. >sexy and adorable consequences. Naoto joins in because she feels responsible.
  7057. Anons follow through on their plan to hire P5 cosplayers to gangbang doujin-chan live on camera.
  7059. Joker takes Ann, Makoto, Futaba, and Haru to fight Okumura. They get captured and sent on a rocket into space, where Joker spends a year in orbit impregnating the PT girls with zero gravity sex.
  7061. Kokoro sits in Ren's lap and refuses to get off him
  7062. *Kokoro sits on Ren's face and refuses to get off him
  7064. Joker discovers though some experimentation that the team's PT outfits aren't physically there, and are only images projected onto their naked bodies through cognition. During palace expeditions he takes turns surprising and fucking the PT girls straight through their clothes.
  7066. >Fuuka and Futaba get together to to discuss tech, but while testing each other's rigs Futaba finds Fuuka's lolicon stash just when Fuuka finds Futaba's tits folder. Fuuka reveals that she's pretty stacked and the two realize they both have something to gain here. Futaba gears up for some viscous lesbo sex but it turns out Fuuka just likes loli for how cute they are and just brushes Futaba's hair and praising her while Futaba furiously masturbates, burying her face in Fuuka's cleavage.
  7068. Futaba harvests her big bros semen as revenge for killing her mother, and sells it to the adoring masses.
  7069. She has to have a test trial before she sells it and accidentally impregnates herself.
  7071. The interrogation room scene but with Kokoro instead.
  7072. She cries but tries so hard to put on a maniacal front even though it's clear as day that she loves Ren.
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  7076. Ohya and kawakami teach joker how to please a woman.
  7078. fuck off shitposter
  7080. Ok
  7082. >Chihaya is scared she's too inexperienced to please Joker
  7083. >talks to Ohya about it over drinks
  7084. >after getting drunk the two decide to please Joker together
  7086. Welcome back.
  7088. >Mitsuru holds a conference call with other members of the Shadow Operatives, and has Saikawa eat her ass the whole time
  7090. I've missed you, Doujin-chan!
  7092. Futaba posts PQ2 leaks
  7094. A demon casts Charm on Yukino and Piercy must try to fend off her advances.
  7095. He fails
  7097. Everybody gathers for a party at Mitsuru's place. The night ends with every window broken, puke on her rugs, somebody covered under a pile of fire extinguisher foam, at least three counts of public indecency, and a wild goat aimlessly devouring spilled snacks off the floor.
  7099. Fuuka performing "maintenance" on Aigis!
  7101. >Marie and Yu are sat on the edge of the Samegawa River dock, dangling their feet into the river as the sun sets
  7102. >Yu brushed his foot up against hers, attempting to flirt
  7103. >Not expecting the sensation, she jumped and screamed, falling in the water
  7104. >After helping her back on shore, Yu couldn't help but notice her bright pink nipples showing through her soaked shirt
  7105. >Marie looked down at her top, frantically cursing his name while fleeing to a nearby tree
  7106. >His apologies were met with silence, until he told her he'd run home to get a towel before it got dark
  7107. >"N-No wait! Don't leave me!"
  7108. >Marie asked him to come over, with his eyes shut tight
  7109. >She placed Yu's hands on her hips and crossed her arms behind his head, giving him a long, deep kiss before pulling awa
  7110. >"This is how I wanted you to see me for our first time, not like that."
  7111. >Her shirt was already fully unbuttoned, exposing her bare breasts to him
  7112. >Yu leans in for another kiss while groping her boobs
  7113. >His lips wander down her neck, chest, and then her nipple, water still slowly dripping down her body
  7114. >Marie rubbed her clit through her panties, just as she done hundreds of times while picturing Yu do exactly what he is now
  7115. >As Yu unzipped his pants, Marie fished his cock out of his underwear, stroking the head with her thumb while staring into his eyes
  7116. >"Take me."
  7117. >Yu followed her command, lifting up one of her legs and penetrating her folds hidden under her skirt
  7118. >She writhes in bliss as Yu continues to steadily pound her, beginning to increase in pace minutes later
  7119. >With a few more quick thrusts he fires off his load deep inside her, squeezing her arms around him and gasping
  7120. >"Stupididiotyoucameinside-"
  7121. >Marie paused, kissing him again
  7122. >"But... I loved it."
  7123. >Epilogue: Marie takes Yu out to the river again to play footsie while giving him a handjob.
  7125. >When his exercise regime calls for lifting weights, Ren takes to picking up his girls when he's fucking them. He holds Makoto up by her fat ass like in pic related, does a standing 69 with Anne, and even gives Futaba a full nelson.
  7126. >End panel of Kawakami massaging him and remarking that he looks better than ever, and cheekily asking what his secret is
  7128. >Labrys and Makoto meet and discuss their roles as student council presidents
  7129. >The gynoid then eats her ass
  7131. >Ai takes Yu along with her to the mall as they skip class, shopping for clothes
  7132. >While trying on outfits, she spots a teacher from school browsing in the store
  7133. >Ai quickly pulls Yu into the fitting room with her
  7134. >She peeks through the crack after several minutes to find the teacher still in the store
  7135. >Growing impatient, she decides to keep trying on clothes, ordering Yu to turn around while she disrobes, failing to notice the mirror in front of Yu
  7136. >Now undressed, she finally takes notice
  7137. >Yu covers up her mouth to prevent a scream, holding her there until she calms down
  7138. >After regaining her composure, she now realized how comfortable she felt around him in her underwear
  7139. >This time she let him watch her dress up and down, getting in close to ask what he thinks
  7140. >Her final item was a short black open backed dress, once again she got in close
  7141. >She smirked, placing her hand on Yu's crotch and feeling his bulge
  7142. >"I already know how you feel about this one."
  7143. >She pulled out his cock, got on her knees and went to town on it
  7144. >Saliva dripped down to the floor as she forced him into the back of her throat, trying not to gag too loudly
  7145. >Not wanting to let the opportunity pass, Ai sprang up and dropped her panties, presenting her ass to him
  7146. >Yu grabbed onto her hips and thrust himself inside, a moan escaped her lips
  7147. >He bounced her wet hole into him, Ai struggling to keep herself steady
  7148. >Suddenly a knock is heard, an employee asking if everything is alright
  7149. >They froze in place, Yu's hard cock still pulsating deep within Ai's pussy
  7150. >Yu started to thrust again, leaning over and grabbing onto her tits as well
  7151. >"J-Just having trouble fitting i-into this one!"
  7152. >He flooded her insides with hot, sticky cum, pulling out and spilling a mess onto the floor
  7153. >The pair leave the store, with the black dress in tow
  7154. >Epilogue: Ai treats Yu to sexual favours whenever they're out shopping together.
  7156. >mishima begins working for Mika.
  7157. >Mika treats him like shit
  7158. >mishima stumbles upon Ohya after going to the bar to get a break from Mika during a photo shoot.
  7159. >Ohya has a few drinks and decides to show Mishima a good time
  7160. >both believe the bar is empty while in a drunk haze, but Mika sees it all.
  7161. >she jealously jumps in and they have a threesome
  7163. >It's Yu's final day in Inaba, meeting Margaret outside the Velvet Room
  7164. >She informs him there's no time for her special gift and must begin immediately, planting a kiss on his lips
  7165. >As she pulls away, a sensation forms in Yu's crotch
  7166. >Margaret gives a satisfied smile, closing her hand
  7167. >Yu gasped, feeling the exact movement of her hand on his stiff member
  7168. >She continued to lightly stroke the air, Yu felt her slender fingers run up his shaft as if he weren't wearing any clothes
  7169. >"You've been a very wonderful guest, and for that you deserve a reward."
  7170. >Margaret pulled up her dress, her stockings having a hole cut in the middle to present her pretty pink pussy
  7171. >Taking charge, she levitates herself slightly above the ground in front of him
  7172. >She lowers herself down slowly as Yu moans, fully aware that he has just penetrated her
  7173. >He begins to thrust - but she pins his hips back up against the wall, instructing him to relax and enjoy
  7174. >Just then, the 4 IT girls walking by notice him standing there
  7175. >They quickly notice something isn't right, unbeknownst to them Margaret is still sliding up and down his cock
  7176. >"Senpai, don't be sad, we'll all see you at the train station later!" comforts Rise
  7177. >Margaret crosses her legs and begins grinding her hips, throwing her head back and exhaling a very soft moan
  7178. >Yu shuts his eyes, struggling to keep a straight face
  7179. >The girls gather around and hug him, assuming that he's having a hard time
  7180. >Visions of Margaret fill his mind's eye, riding him to her hearts content
  7181. >Unable to hold back any longer, he cums in his pants
  7182. >The girls mistake his orgasm for sobbing, beginning to sniffle and get emotional
  7183. >Yu opens his eyes to see Margaret spreading her pussy, showing his load of cum oozing out of her hole
  7184. >She blows him a kiss and fades away after one gentle stroke
  7185. >Epilogue: Margaret appears on the train to give Yu several blowjobs on his way back home.
  7187. >Yu has an operation on his knee sustained from a childhood sports injury, texting Sayoko as he lay in his hospital bed
  7188. >She insists on visiting him during her night shift, since she'll have lots of time
  7189. >Evening arrives, and Sayoko happily drops in to chat and dote on his every need
  7190. >Even promising to take care of his other needs while they were alone
  7191. >Sayoko began by giving him a blowjob, swallowing his load and leaving no traces
  7192. >She reassured him that she would be back to continue their fun later
  7193. >After the sun had set, Sayako returned, closing the door behind her and immediately uncovering Yu's lower half
  7194. >Her leg laid across Yu's hips, panties hanging around her ankle
  7195. >She leaned forward and kissed Yu, grabbing hold of his cock and stroking, inviting him to please her too
  7196. >They made out while masturbating each other, stifling their moans as they had their orgasm
  7197. >Again, she cleaned him up and gave him a peek of her backside before she left
  7198. >As night the continued and the footsteps in the halls became less periodic, Sayoko made another appearance
  7199. >Immediately she began to undress, giving Yu a little tease
  7200. >She smiled, Yu revealing his hard cock ready and waiting
  7201. >Sayoko climbed on top and let him play with her breasts
  7202. >She repositioned and slowly impaled herself on Yu
  7203. >Yu began to thrust upwards, but she placed a finger on his lips
  7204. >"Be a good boy and let me take care of you."
  7205. >Sayoko bottomed out and began grinding her hips on him with controlled and precise movements
  7206. >She wrapped her arms around the back of his head, pressing his face into her chest as she began to softly raise her hips up and down
  7207. >Within minutes, they had reached their breaking point and came together, breaking the silence with their moans
  7208. >She left him to enjoy his sleep with a final kiss on the forehead
  7209. >Epilogue: Sayoko decides to make house calls for Yu whenever he has the place to himself.
  7211. >Yu does the old "dick in a box" trick for Christmas with each girl privately
  7212. >Chie gasps at first, but slowly starts to stroke and salivate all over his cock
  7213. >Yukiko laughs, giving Yu a kiss before giving several to her present
  7214. >Rise squeals in excitement, tossing the box away and shifting her panties off to the side immediately
  7215. >Naoto turns red and looks away, taking a moment to gather her courage before taking his cock down her throat
  7216. >Marie gets upset, but then calms down once she grabs hold of his cock and starts fingering herself
  7217. >Margaret chuckles, casting a spell that instantly starts draining Yu's balls until the inside of the box is turned white
  7218. >Epilogue: Next Christmas, each girl surprises him by walking in wearing nothing but ribbons begging to be unwrapped.
  7220. I wish the femanon with the cute voice who posted this would come back
  7222. Doujin-chan get shitcanned permanently long ago for ban evasion so I really wouldn't recommend copying her.
  7223. >ban evasion
  7224. I wait out my bans, silly anon.
  7225. I've never been hit with a ban evasion charge, just the regular off-topic stuff. But go ahead, fill out that report.
  7226. >[Deleted]
  7227. lmao
  7229. Ren watches while Goro gets molested by old men while visiting the bathhouse together.
  7231. >Femc and Joker are comparing sexual conquests
  7232. >They disagree on who is best at sex
  7233. >Femc can't reference because the P3 crew she's working with aren't the ones she romanced.
  7234. >Femc realized she hasn't had sex the whole time she's been in the cinema
  7235. >Male party members begin disappearing
  7236. >then the female members
  7237. >Femc is found in bed with passed out and injured party members strewn all around the bed
  7238. >Joker and Yu have to tag team to slake her murderous lust
  7239. >The World is summoned in a massive simultaneous orgasm that makes all the velvet attendants cum.
  7240. >Door was eating some popcorn and watching The More Than Dreamin' and missed the whole thing.
  7242. >Read the BS people want my waifu to experience
  7243. Fuck all of you
  7244. There's probably some wholesome ideas in there about her.
  7245. Piss off.
  7247. fuck off shitposter
  7249. The persona cast gets into an argument over which Metal Gear game is the best
  7251. Jun and Lisa bonding after Tatsuya decided to grab a burger instead of choosing a romantic partner
  7253. Kokoro is depressed but tries her hardest to hide it.
  7254. Niijima-san notices despite Kokoro trying her best to hide it.
  7255. Just before Kokoro heads back to her apartment alone, Niijima-san sternly tells her to come with him after work.
  7256. As stone cold and professional Niijima-san is, even he couldn't allow Kokoro to celebrate her birthday alone.
  7257. He takes her out for a night on the city.
  7258. Sushi, pancakes, and even has a small personalized birthday cake made with Kokoro's name on it.
  7259. Kokoro hugs Niijima-san at the end of the night with tears welling up in her eyes and thanks him for everything.
  7260. He just curtly nods and tells her happy birthday before heading back to his apartment with a gentle smile on his stoic face.
  7262. >Poniko angrily schlicks to the thought of Ren
  7264. >Poniko corners Ren in LeBlanc after hours with information about his being a PT, and informs him that she's going to expose him no matter what
  7265. >He offers her a coffee, the last he'll make before he's arrested
  7266. >He slips in some sort of aphrodisiac
  7267. >She tries to resist it, and goes as far as hatefucking him instead of the mindless fucking the aphrodisiac was supposed to invoke
  7268. >They fuck in the cafe, in the kitchen, and then up in the attic room
  7269. >Sojiro comes in because he forgets something, sees the information on the counter and hears the noise upstairs - lots of calls of "fuck you", and "I hate you" and growls, etc.
  7270. >Runs upstairs to see what's happening
  7271. >Finds Poniko power-cowboying Ren, pulling at his hair, yelling in his face
  7272. >Ren then switches it up and mating presses her
  7273. >Ren sees Sojiro but Poniko doesn;t
  7274. >Sojiro puts a finger to his lips, shakes his head with a smirk, rips the evidence up, and wanders back downstairs silently.
  7275. >As he's about to leave, he yells "Clean this place up!" loud enough for Poniko to hear
  7276. >They continue to fuck with the added anger from the embarrassment of being caught
  7278. A "pillow-talk" compilation of Ren and Poniko teasing and subtly insulting each other, all juxtaposed with them cuddling while covered in claw and bite marks.
  7280. Stop ban evading, Doujin-roastie.
  7282. Goro forcefully gives that stinky neet a bath
  7286. Bonjour. Comment ca va, french roastie?
  7287. Ça pourrait être pire, merci.
  7289. Futaba finds Poniko's nudes on the internet
  7291. >Yukari prepares to sneak out of the dorm at night for a walk
  7292. >To her surprise, Makoto comes down the stairs to do the same
  7293. >They visit the shrine and end up by the playground, reminiscing about how fun they were as a kid
  7294. >The two laugh and joke as they climb around in the faint glow
  7295. >Yukari turns around and gives Makoto a kiss before going down the slide, teasing him to come chase her
  7296. >After a while they start heading back, hand in hand
  7297. >Just before going back in, Yukari asks him to hang out in the lobby for a while
  7298. >Makoto gives her ass a slap as they enter; she struggles to keep her giggling down
  7299. >The two sit down next to each other and get close to whisper, quickly turning into making out
  7300. >Yukari climbs up on his lap and grinds on him while Makoto stuffs his face into her breasts
  7301. >They lock eyes, coming to an understanding
  7302. >Pulling down her underwear and helping Makoto get off his, Yukari quickly mounts him with a loud gasp, knowing that they could be walked in on at any moment
  7303. >She rides up and down, taking his full length all the way inside, struggling again to keep herself from sighing and moaning too loudly
  7304. >As more sounds escape Yukari's lips, Makoto takes matters into his own hands and lays her down onto the couch, still connected together
  7305. >He leans over and locks lips with Yukari, steadily pumping into her as her heavily muffled moaning continues
  7306. >Yukari locks her legs around Makoto, wrapping her arms around him as well
  7307. >Sent over the edge by the invitation, Makoto lets loose and floods her insides with a sticky mess, feeling her tighten up and twitch as she finishes too
  7308. >Finally freeing their lips and tongues, Yukari looks up, panting
  7309. >"There's still a few hours until morning, how about we continue in my room?"
  7310. >Epilogue: Yukari and Makoto schedule more after dark walks, this time finding a secluded place where Yukari can be as loud as she wants
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