Apocalypse Asylum INFO

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  1. <align="center"><size="20"><color="green">[EU-W]</color><color=#00FFFF> Apocalypse Asylum</color></size>
  2. <page>
  3. When Armageddon comes, you'll find us fighting for the crazies.
  4. <color="red"><b><link="">Click me to join the Discord!</link></b></color>
  6. <color=#00FFFF><size="15">+++ Our Rules +++</size></color>
  8. 1. Hacking or Cheating will be punished with a permanent ingame ban followed by a VAC ban.
  9. 2. Teamkilling is forbidden.
  10. 2a. Getting your teammates killed falls under this rule.
  11. 2b. This includes damaging teammates.
  12. 2c. The only exceptions are:
  13.     - D-Class killing D-Class
  14.     - TKs under Mutual Consent
  15. 3. Playing loud music or micspamming down the intercom is not allowed.
  16. 4. Harassment of any kind is strictly prohibited. If someone tells you to stop: Stop.
  17. 5. Racism, homophobia and sedition are not tolerated on this server. Keep it worksafe.
  18. 6. MTF/Guards/Scientists are not allowed to team with SCPs at any point.
  20. Breaking any of these rules will lead to a punishment according to severity.
  21. This can reach from verbal warnings to kicks to bans.
  23. <color=#00FFFF><size="15">+++ Extras +++</size></color>
  25. - LateJoin AutoSpawn if you have joined at most a minute after the round started
  26. - Plenty of Event/Special Rounds
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