Apocalypse Asylum INFO

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  1. <align="center"><size="20"><color="green">[EU-W]</color><color=#00FFFF> The Asylum</color></size>
  2. <page>
  3. When Armageddon comes, you'll find us fighting for the crazies.
  4. <color="red"><b><link="">Click me to join the Discord!</link></b></color>
  6. <color=#00FFFF><size="15">+++ Our Rules +++</size></color>
  8. <color=#FFD700>GOLDEN RULE #1:</color> Don't be a twat. You're here to have fun with us. You're not here to cause trouble or to cause drama or problems. You're here to make our community the fun place it is. Break this rule and you'll be removed.
  9. <color=#FFD700>GOLDEN RULE #2:</color> You will not loophole any of our rules. You will use common sense. Anything that makes you think "Will Kryp be piss mad at me if I do that" will probably make me mad. Don't make me mad. Make us all happy instead.
  11. ++ OUR ETIQUETTE ++
  13. 1. You will not spread any hateful messages.
  14. 2. You do not talk back to Moderators. Their word weighs as much as mine. If they do something bad you come to me with it.
  15. 3. You will not spread any pornographic material or anything containing gore.
  16. 4. Our primary language is English. No other languages are permitted here.
  17. 5. You will not harass any members. Treat others the way you'd treat your favorite person in the world. And if someone tells you to stop. You stop.
  18. 6. Access to our servers and services is a privilege, not a right, and can be taken away for any reason without warning. You're a guest here, a welcomed guest, and you will act that way.
  22. 1. You will not use any 3rd party software to gain an advantage in this game. If you do this will be reported to the SCP:SL staff and you will receive a game ban.
  23. 2. You do not teamkill, UNLESS:
  24. - You're a DClass killing another DClass
  25. - The other person has EXPLICITLY agreed to you killing them
  26.   2a. Damaging Teammates is punished equally to Teamkilling.
  27.   2b. Getting your Teammates purposefully killed does also count as Teamkilling. (e.g. shutting a door/elev on them deliberately)
  28.   2c. Arrested players count as your teammates are not to be executed. The only exception to this is if they refuse to follow orders or try to escape.
  29. 3. Excessive micspam on the intercom/SCP/Radio/Spectator chat is not tolerated. No earrape.
  30. 4. If there's a cheater on the server you will NOT alert the cheater to any staff members presence (e.g. "haha ur getting banned there's staff online). You're not helping us this way and you're potentially scaring a cheater away while we gather evidence. This will net you a temporary ban.
  32. Breaking any of these rules will lead to a punishment according to severity.
  33. This can reach from verbal warnings to kicks to bans.
  35. <color=#00FFFF><size="15">+++ Extras +++</size></color>
  37. - SCP-008
  38. - Chaos Announcements
  40. Contact: KrypTheBear#3301 (Discord)
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