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  1. $ telnet
  2. telnet> toggle crlf
  3. Will send carriage returns as telnet <CR><LF>.
  4. telnet> toggle crlf
  5. Will send carriage returns as telnet <CR><NUL>.
  6. telnet> set netdata
  7. Will print hexadecimal representation of network traffic.
  8. telnet> set prettydump
  9. Will print user readable output for "netdata".
  10. telnet> open x.x.x.x xxxx
  11. Trying x.x.x.x xxxx...
  12. Connected to x.x.x.x.
  13. Escape character is '^]'.
  14. QD
  15. > 0x0    51 44 0d 0a
  16. < 0x0    42 41 44 44 0d 0a
  17. BADD
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