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How to shift

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Nov 26th, 2021
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  2. Know that you WILL shift, that you already are in your target reality (another version of you is!), have the intent to shift. You need to persuade your subconscious, this is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS ALL. If you go into this thinking you won't shift, then you're just sabotaging yourself hard. INTEND TO SHIFT AND KNOW THAT YOU WILL SHIFT
  5. You most likely have many deeply-ingrained beliefs about the nature of reality that will get in the way, which you need to change in order for this to work.
  6. You need to persist in the state of having shifted and being a successful shifter, don't get discouraged and keep practicing, everyone, including you, can do it. Convince your subconscious that shifting is easy and natural for you and that you can do it no problem.
  7. What helps convincing your subconscious:
  8. -SATS
  9. -Affirmations
  10. -a good self-concept/mental diet
  11. -other manifestation techniques (they're all built on the principle of convincing your subconscious)
  13. A general regular meditation practice is also helpful in many regards for both shifting and AP.
  16. ! Experiment with different methods, you will find one that works for you eventually, it's very individual. !
  20. 1. Sit down. (or lay down, if you're able to avoid falling asleep)
  21. 2. Stretch out your eyes very well.
  22. 3. For fifteen minutes focus on the sensation of your breath where it's clearest at the nose.
  23. 3a Any phenomenon that pops up, note it simply and return back to the breath gently. Do not force it or get upset by anything that comes up no matter how frequent. Note it, let it go, focus on the breath.
  24. 4. When suitably relaxed, look ahead into the darkness behind closed eyes.
  25. 4a Keep gaze roughly facing forward ahead into the dark.
  26. 4b Try to start making out whatever you can see in the darkness for as long as possible. Don't interfere, just watch and notice things as if you were cloud watching. Cozy! Keep doing this as the dark behind your eyes starts changing and lights/blobs of colour arise.
  27. 5. As you continue to watch the colours and lights (the brighter the colours the better) eventually you will feel a shift in your awareness. At this point, you will be in three dimensional darkness. Almost like a dark cave or room.
  28. 6. Give your mind a simple push to your destination, you'll be there.
  30. Note: The method described here isn't set in stone, other body-relaxation and meditation techniques can also be used, the main aim is to get into the void (three dimensional blackness) state, out of where you just do step 6 and you're there.
  33. 1. Get into a relaxed state
  34. 2. Visualize your target reality
  35. 3. Feel and see yourself in your target reality with as many senses as possible
  36. continue step 2 & 3 as you fall asleep
  37. !- You will shift in your sleep and wake up in your target reality if successful
  40. 1. Become lucid in a dream & do grounding techniques as needed (you don't want to wake up before you get to your methods)
  41. 2. Use one of these methods (or another you may come up with that feels suitable) to shift:
  42. a) closing your eyes (and perhaps meditating for a void state)
  43. b) creating a portal
  44. c) walking through a door (can be done with your back towards it)
  45. d) astral projecting then shifting from there
  46. 3. While doing so (creating portal, door etc.) have a strong intent to go to your target reality, visualize and know the means will transport your consciousness there
  47. !- You will shift to your target reality if successful
  49. Note: This technique builds on the fact that while in a dream, many of the prerequisites for meditative states such as a paralyzed body and relaxed mind are already met, thus it's easier for your conscious awareness to get detached from your body. It's not the portal or door literally shifting you, but they are a good way to symbolize to your subconscious that your consciousness is to be transported elsewhere.
  50. Feel free to try different approaches for LD shifting till you find one that works.
  53. 1. Get into AP
  54. 2. Akin to the LD method, experiment with various means by which you can imagine and visualize yourself ending up in your target reality self
  55. - a new one here is going to the room where your target reality self resides upon your arrival, and "merging" your astral body with them (sources somewhat dubious, unconfirmed if works)
  57. ! and remember - have INTENT and BELIEF !
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