TWEET code of conduct admin says be a boylover!

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  1. The Freedesktop Code of Conduct Enforcer trolls my bugzilla ticket pushing out 3x falsehoods, then trolls me on IRC and bans me.
  3. How he - (Daniel) can twist the code of conduct to say you must at all times AWAY FROM FREEDESKTOP.ORG infrastructure respect those who have sex with children (pedosexuals) or be banned on bugzilla is beyond me. Perhaps you can explain why all freedesktop users are monitored away from the domain to ensure they love pedosexuals and will be banned on it they are not inclusive of a little action.
  5. I opened a valid ticket about how to utilize an undocumented feature of the gallium state tracker in mesa, and got the answer I wanted.
  9. Read it. What's wrong with it? Compare the original post to the off topic crap from daniels and the trolling on IRC falsely claiming I was reporting a GPL violation. Clearly a drama queen.
  11. Why should I be banned for pointing out the trolling from a wayland developer? He doesn't like it when strawman arguments are used against him: yet he's running around IRC saying I make videos about loving child sex dolls which I don't. That's clearly abuse of the code of conduct from himself. For saying NO I don't have a channel about child sex dolls as you fasely claimed on IRC and providing one link to prove him wrong - I get banned. Clearly he's the troll not me. Everything on the bugtracker is software related and on topic, except for Dan's trolling on there.
  13. If you don't respond I'll write up a blog post on how freedesktop's code of conduct enforcers are keeping a keen eye on all mailing list / bugzilla users away from to make sure they respect those who are convicted / charged / court confirmed paedophiles. I'm doing a livestream on an unnamed youtube channel (80k subs) next week and I'll be sure to give you a mention. It's mostly exposing the New Live IVF flesh trading ring praised by CNN and other issues. Like I said the whole interaction with freedesktop that got me banned and IRC is in the email below.
  15. Daniel trolled me and called me hostile for pointing out he was wrong on the facts. I haven't seen anything more disgusting than this since was forked by a gaggle of confirmed homosexual devs into #lede-dev for personal profit, and it turned out like libav.
  17. Cheers,
  19. Luke
  25. ---------- Forwarded message ----------
  26. From: Luke McKee <>
  27. Date: 23 May 2018 at 23:12
  28. Subject: Re: banned from bugtracker for doing nothing wrong on bugtracker because I was trolled by a dev putting out 3x falsehoods
  29. To:
  30. Cc:,
  33. In simple terms tell me why all users of the freedesktop bugtracker must respect PEDOSEXUALS off the bugtracker in their life elsewhere on the internet to follow the code of conduct.
  35. If your code of conduct for using the bugtracker says elsewhere on the internet you must respect all sexualities including pedophiles and not link to videos about those charged with abusing children then it's not a very good code of conduct if it says you need to love sex with children or at least never dissent against those who do, be tolerant and inclusive like daniels says or be banned.
  37. Some code of conduct eh? If your code of conduct is exploited by leftist trolls who invade other peoples tickets with 3x falsehoods then troll some more on IRC. When I said I'm stick of being trolled in my personal life all day by pedophiles too on IRC I get banned for not being "tolerant of all sexualities" including pedophiles.
  39. Since when does one have to be at peace with to use web services as daniels on irc says? That's a pretty crap code of conduct where anti-pedophilia activism away from webservices gets you banned on them by leftist zealots.
  41. I didn't abuse buttracker or mailing list. If you want to ban me do so on IRC but not take your pro-pedophile vendetta's to other domains.
  43. Say again look at the ticket:
  45. Where's the LGBT crap in there? It's not except for the alter leftist motives behind the trolling.
  49. Also I opened a valid ticket regarding documentation, example code and details on an amd forked library that was needed to use a feature that's in mesa.
  51. Luke
  52. aka
  54. P.S. (and daniels is a fellow proud aussie from a country that leads the way in normalizing paedophilia)
  55. America is running a close second. Here's the news today about dispensing condoms out to gay scoutmasters ahead of the jamboree next month attended by thousands of children:
  56. That's my first and last example of anti-paedophilia activism directed to a mailing list that will probably be blocked because devs are always right even then they are wrong or saying you need to embrace pedo-sexuality or be banned.
  59. <daniels> i left canonical in very early 2006, but ok
  60. <daniels> you can do what you like, but the 'LGBTI nut' and bizzare rant about 'pedophiles and their special gay police friends' has earned you a ban from bugzilla and the lists
  61. <daniels> you can review our code of conduct on the website if you like, which pretty clearly rules out abusing people based on their sexuality
  62. <daniels> (even if you do happen to be totally wrong about it)
  63. <daniels> have a good evening
  64. <hojuruku> so you trolled
  65. <hojuruku> and trolled
  66. <hojuruku> so what did I do wrong on bugzilla?
  67. <hojuruku> I proved you wrong?
  68. <hojuruku> and I get banned for only being right ?
  69. <daniels> i mean, you were factually wrong about the license (GPL is not LGPL), and about the obligations LGPL imposes on you (clue: 'patch' isn't in the license text), but that's literally not the point ... the reason you're banned is written quite clearly several lines above
  70. <daniels> you can re-read, or not
  71. <hojuruku> LGPL and GPL both require source code for binary libary forks to be released
  72. <hojuruku> GPL requires linked libraries too
  73. <hojuruku> i was correct
  74. <daniels> literally not what you said, but no point discussing with someone who invents their own reality
  75. <hojuruku> did you just call pedophilia a sexuality that people must embrace and accept? The whole freedesktop list has to judge you now when I escalate this, because all I did was link once to my anti-pedophilia activism and say i'm sick of being trolled all day by militant leftists. Why ban from the bugtracker? What off topic stuff did I put there?
  76. <hojuruku> so all freedesktop users must respect pedosexuals?
  77. <hojuruku> is that what you are saying?
  79. On 23 May 2018 at 22:50, Luke McKee <> wrote:
  81.     Where is the "Extremely hostile and prone to ranting about how people he doesn't like are 'LGBTI nut[s]', as well as about how LGBTI education programs are 'subverting [Australian] youth'. No idea how you got to that point from a discussion about licenses, but welcomes anyone regardless of gender, sexuality, etc. I would recommend reviewing this: "
  83.     LGBTI stuff I put on the bugtracker? Why does leftists who look up my youtube channel try and ban me from bug trackers when I only talk ON TOPIC about mesa matters like here:
  87.     Here's the comment i would have made if I wasn't banned. Everything on that ticket was technical only and on topic. It doesn't deserve a ban for pointing out a dev was wrong on 3x counts.
  90.     <hojuruku> you were wrong on 3 counts.. if you are a mesa developer for ubuntu (which I don't touch with 30 ft pole, though I'm going to try some your chromium patches shortly that's about it) then don't go putting falsehoods on tickets.
  91.     <hojuruku> go for quality not quantity on bugtracker responses.
  92.     <daniels> i left canonical in very early 2006, but ok
  93.     <daniels> you can do what you like, but the 'LGBTI nut' and bizzare rant about 'pedophiles and their special gay police friends' has earned you a ban from bugzilla and the lists
  94.     <daniels> you can review our code of conduct on the website if you like, which pretty clearly rules out abusing people based on their sexuality
  95.     <daniels> (even if you do happen to be totally wrong about it)
  96.     <daniels> have a good evening
  97.     <hojuruku> so you trolled
  98.     <hojuruku> and trolled
  99.     <hojuruku> so what did I do wrong on bugzilla?
  100.     <hojuruku> I proved you wrong?
  101.     <hojuruku> and I get banned for only being right ?
  102.     <daniels> literally not what you said, but no point discussing with someone who invents their own reality
  104.     Clearly we have a leftist nut troll who trolls people on IRC, and the bug tracker then bans for his ulterior motive. He knows me from 2003 / linux conf mailing list before I became a UNHCR confirmed political refugee from Australia.
  106.     Egomaniacs....
  108.     He said:
  109.     1) libomx-bellago was not LGPL
  110.     2) AMD doesn't distribute a binary gst-plugins-omx
  111.     3) and accused me all over IRC of reporting an GPL VIOLATION  (not a source code request)
  113.     Trolls me, and then get's me banned. Clearly those who are not politically correct outside the bugtracker needs to be banned on it for XYZ pride.
  116.     Here's the IRC log that has nothing to do with the bugtracker.
  118.     I WAS FALSELY ACCUSED OF ACCUSING MESA OF A GPL/LGPL violation when I did no such thing.
  120.     And the other 2x falsehoods in the ticket. If you prove a dev wrong on tech facts you get banned? Please expalin.
  121.     * jrmuizel ( has joined
  122.     <daniels> hojuruku: glad you got your source, but please try to be less hostile about it in future. thanks.
  123.     <hojuruku> not hostile mate. You were the one that was hostile that thought i was doing a LGPL source code request (not violation) against mesa - when it was to AMD from the onset.
  124.     <hojuruku> well you thought i was hostile
  125.     <imirkin_> as a (mostly) external observer, daniels seemed quite reasonable in his comments.
  126.     <hojuruku> I was just trying to find out how to use a feature in Mesa that wasn't documented properly by anyone - and the source to activate that feature appeared to from the mesa driver source appear to be a patch to libomxil-bellago but in fact it was just a patch to gst-plugins-omx
  127.     <hojuruku> Anyway I'm happy. i abused the bugtracker to get a link to some source code from AMD and I got it. I'm happy. Mission accomplished and those who read the bug tracker will not that you can do h265 decoding from openmax now too, and how to do it.
  128.     <imirkin_> then ask that, rather than go around claiming license violations.
  129.     <hojuruku> (without using AMD's binary drivers)
  130.     <hojuruku> (and modifying config for said binary drivers)
  131.     <hojuruku> where did I claim a code violation?
  132.     <imirkin_> that's how i read your original comment.
  133.     <hojuruku> LGPL all you have to do is say where the source code  is
  134.     <hojuruku> Bug 106625 - AMD HEVC support for for libomxil-bellagio / gst-plugins-omx
  135.     <imirkin_> yes, that one.
  136.     <hojuruku> it was opened as a feature request in the headline? where did it say LGPL VIolation (not source code request)
  137.     <hojuruku> the headline was a feature request, or a documentation / example source code to use an existing feature request
  138.     <hojuruku> "The patches are probably already floating AMD's [offices'], OMX HEVC support has found it's way into mesa but [not] to the libraries that use it."
  139.     <hojuruku> that's what the ticket was about... it was always about the libraries that use the mesa gallim state tracker library / mesa dll drivers.
  140.     * FRIGN has quit (Quit: Leaving)
  141.     <hojuruku> "Can one use omx HEVC decode in the mesa state tracker without AMD's patch to libomxil-bellago [or plugin-gst-openmax - depending where they implemented the feature] ? Can you please release it?"
  142.     <daniels> hojuruku: i'm super happy that the code is out there, that people can make use of it, and that they can reuse it for free drivers. but from a legal point of view, i'm less happy about people using mesa/fd.o as a base to throw claims of license violations at third parties.
  143.     <hojuruku> can "you" being AMD devs on the readonsi section of mesa bugtracker.
  144.     <hojuruku> Where was the claim of license violation.
  145.     <hojuruku> please copy paste it please... It's only a GPL violation when AMD releases patched opensource libraries and DOESN'T link to the source / make the fork public
  146.     <hojuruku> at which point you request the source from AMD it isn't a violation until amd says get stuffed we won't release our source to our fork of an opensource app under the LGPL.... so there never was a violation.
  147.     <daniels> it's a waste of our time to go back and forth on it, but if you really want to, try comment two. (regardless of whether or not any changes are made whatsoever, any LGPL binary distribution must be accompanied by an offer of source code, full stop.)
  148.     <daniels> all that i'm asking is that you tone it down a little bit. i'm not looking for a fight, but a lot of what you write comes across as over aggressive.
  149.     <hojuruku> daniels imirkin_ ^^^ see above. Where exactly in that ticket did I say LGPL Violators bend down? No.. I said someone was dead wrong "Bellagio (and Mesa generally) are not licensed under the GPL," - So i link to the COPYING FILES for libomx-belligo / gst-plugins-omx and they both say LGPL oops..
  150.     <hojuruku> daniels: in addition to being dead wrong about omix-bellagilo not being GPL ... there is this gem "
  151.     <hojuruku> So for this to be enforceable under the GPL: AMD would need to have definitely written the code (it is not clear if this has even happened), and distributed binaries built from it (it seems clear this has not happened), and the code would need to be under (L)GPL (it isn't).
  152.     <hojuruku> "
  153.     <daniels> i understand what you're saying; i don't think you understand the severity of having mesa/fd.o tarnished by having people throw around words which could be interpreted by a reasonable observer (apparently there were at least two of us who read it the same way) as claiming a license violation.
  154.     <hojuruku> Are you saying AMD is not distributing binaries from gst-plugins-openmax? Didn't I say they were in the Original post on the bug with a link to a download location?
  155.     <hojuruku> So dead wrong x2
  156.     <MrCooper> hojuruku: since you reported a bug in Mesa's bug tracker, we foolishly assumed it was related to Mesa, which isn't (L)GPL
  157.     <hojuruku> daniels: waste of time to go backwards and forwards. No you stop being hostile. TELL ME WHERE I SAID GPL CODE VIOLATION? I didn't.  IT RELATED TO A FEATURE IN MESA that required libomxil-bellago and AS it happens A PATCHED gst-plugins-omx in order to use.
  158.     * jsaa (jsaa@nat/intel/x-kixhgrcbiowbndct) has joined
  159.     <daniels> hojuruku: if you re-read comment #6, you'll see that I realised what was going on. that you were using 'GPL' in relation to gst-omx (which is LGPL), but mostly just asking about the source for bellagio or a sample client (which are not LGPL).
  160.     * headless (~headless@ has joined
  161.     <hojuruku> so you were wrong... and I was hostile for politely correcting, you. yeah let's not go backwards and forwards. it's all in the ticket.
  162.     * Lyude has quit (Quit: WeeChat 2.0.1)
  163.     <hojuruku> LGPL requires source to be released for forks of libraries distributed in binary form by corporations
  164.     <daniels> hojuruku: if it's that important to you to prove that i was 'dead wrong', and i was right, then great, you can have that. all i'm asking is to stop shouting in upper case, stop demanding answers to the same question multiple times, etc. the way you communicate is very hostile.
  165.     <imirkin_> you realize there's no upside for you here, right? you've exhausted any kind of good will that one by default gets around here...
  166.     * Lyude ( has joined
  167.     <daniels> s/and i was right/and you were right/
  168.     * udovdh (~udovdh@2001:981:a812:0:e2d5:5eff:fea3:6b35) has joined
  169.     <udovdh> hello
  170.     <udovdh> I found some error in dmesg:
  171.     <udovdh> [drm:dm_plane_helper_prepare_fb [amdgpu]] *ERROR* Failed to pin framebuffer with error -12
  172.     <hojuruku> I was asking for the patched source for libomx-bellagio (one place they could have implemented HEVC - patching the openmax-il impemention) or in amd's case they used unpatched openmax bellagio and a patched gst-plugins-openmax....
  173.     <imirkin_> udovdh: sounds like something for #radeon
  174.     <udovdh> and amdgpu 0000:09:00.0: 00000000805434a4 pin failed
  175.     <udovdh> ok
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  179.     <hojuruku> yeah just drop it, you probably know who I am and hate me because of the work I do at - so enough said. I just had a video censored from my youtube channel on request from Drew West Press who makes videos praising how good it is to have child sex gateway dolls. That was the last person to complain to get a video censored my channel. Some people are used to being
  180.     <hojuruku> trolled by nutters always trying to pick a fight because they don't like a certian politically correct minority group subverting our youth ( vs - I'm not going to engage trolls after me but when people say I'm wrong when I'm right I'll assertively stand my ground and say NO you are wrong if you are. And If I'm wrong likewise I'll admit that.
  181.     <hojuruku> what I was saying is maybe you had an anterior motive for doing repeately making false claims of a LGPL violation when I never said it. Made false claims that the software mesa linked to wasn't LGPL when it was and made the false claim amd (who maintain the gallium radeon state tracker) weren't binary distributing said driver. Then still parroting on I'm wrong wrong wrong. I'm sorry. if the truth is on my side I'm going to say it end of
  182.     <hojuruku> story. So move on and I don't care if I have to massage other peoples ego's jumping on bugtracker tickets acting hosting and publishing false info.
  183.     <daniels> no, i had absolutely no idea you had a youtube channel about child sex dolls. i have many interests, but that's not one of them.
  184.     <hojuruku> I don't have a youtube channel about child sex dolls. I have pedophiles after me and their special gay police friends. clearly you are trolling me with more strawmen false claims. If you saw my channel you wouldn't be saying that. Clearly you are trolling me here like you are trolling me on the freedesktop bugtracker. Ignored.
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  186.     <hojuruku> clearly you can't read English. Scroll up. Did I say it was my channel? No. This off topic discussion from the LGBTI nut who knows my nick and hates me is over. Done.
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  189.     * ChanServ gives channel operator status to ajax
  190.     * ajax sets quiet on $a:hojuruku
  191.     <imirkin_> i guess i missed out with the /ignore?
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  193.     <daniels> imirkin_: if not hearing rants about how I'm a 'LGBTI nut' allied with 'pedophiles and their special gay police friends' counts as 'missing out', then yeah
  194.     <hojuruku> daniel knows me from / linux conf days in 2k3 no doubt. i'm a political refugee from Australia. Don't ask don't go there. Agree to disagree move on.
  195.     * #dri-devel :Cannot send to channel
  196.     <imirkin_> :)
  197.     >daniels< i know you fuck, you went to / linux.conf in Australia
  198.     >daniels< i know you from the slug mailing list way back, but I used a different nick then, just rack off you troll
  199.     <danvet> ajax, thx, got distracted when I wanted to read up and figure out whether to ban or not
  200.     * danvet approves
  201.     <daniels> (i've extended this to bz as well)
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