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  1. 1. **Keep your diff sizes and commits small**
  2.     - Break down the project into bite-sized chunks and submit targeted, small pieces, one-at-a-time.
  3.     - Submit small-sized diffs incrementally.
  4.     - It's easier to receive approval on smaller diffs.
  5. 2. **Write a design doc**
  6.     - Write a document that describes what you're going to build.
  7.       - Feature requirements
  8.       - Architecture/Setup
  9.       - Helper functions
  10.       - Classes
  11.       - Data structures
  12.       - Build these things out
  13.     - Diminish duplicate code and logic.
  14.     - Write something today that future maintainers can thank you for.
  15. 3. **Don't code for coding's sake.**
  16.     - You cannot see the forest from the trees
  17.     - Set your eyes on the end-goal and vision that you're trying to bring to fruition
  18.     - Make sure your code ships
  19.       - If you don't foresee your code shipping, try to clear the roadblocks
  20.       - Make sure to get a good impact in where you can
  21. 4. **Watch your APM.**
  22.     - The gamer with the higher APM usually wins (not always, but usually)
  23.     - Spend available time on the job being productive
  24.       - Learn the codebase
  25.       - Get more code submitted
  26.       - Produce adequate code output
  27.     - Try to get at least one piece of code per day
  28. 5. **Pride, ego, and arrogance will get you nowhere.**
  29.     - Don't be condescending
  30.     - Arrogance causes other engineers to over-engineer their code to be more clever
  31.     - Swallow your pride and ask effective questions when you need it
  32.     - Don't tackle everything on their own
  33.     - Ask experienced developers
  34. 6. **Identify and respect the tech lead.**
  35.     - If you don't respect, you get fired
  36.     - Be nice to the tech lead; do what you can for their success
  37.     - Instead of you submitting a patch that goes under the radar, come up with a patch, email it to the tech lead, and have them push it for you.
  38.       - The tech lead will get credit and their productivity greatens
  39.     - Add the tech lead's name to your design docs to give them credit
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