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  1. 2.7 k team vs 3k team scrim notes from Coach Golden
  3. Date: 2/19/19
  4. Paris
  5. - Ult tracking in comms needs to be more consistent
  6. - More positional calls would be better (ex. Zarya behind)
  7. - Wipe when called by your team
  8. - Kenny: You need to work on your discord priority on zen, your often targeting zaryas or mei's with your discord in goats when you should be targeting rein / or what your team is focusing
  9. - Lucio: Need to communicate your sound barrier's better
  10. - Zarya: Need to think about how you're bubbling your teammates you seem to use them too early rather than when your rein is pushing or actually needs it to survive
  11. - Zarya: You seem to play on light flanks and on different routes than you're rein this can lead to no rein LOS or poor bubble usage
  12. - Kenny: you hold trans way too long, it's better to use it more often for more value. Be decisive in how you use them.  
  13. - As a Team: You need to work on adapting to your opponents strategy, you never really disucssed how you were going to bait a mei wall while playing.
  14. - Kenny: I would like to see more aggression on zen you have a beefy line of tanks and I definetly think that you and the team could get more value out of you playing more forward.
  16. Oasis
  17. - Winston: In monkey goats you should be looking to play a safe aggressive you can't take full fights with tanks and you should be looking for as many cleave opportunities as possible to build primals
  18. - As a Team: During downtimes you could be discussing more about how you will use your ults and what the enemy team has. You spent this transitional stage discussing your ults
  19. - Kenny: On Ana you focus a lot on the healing aspect and don't really peek LOS where you could potentially get a lot of value out of bio nades
  20. - Use Nano more often to heal  your tanks, you still hold onto ults too much
  21. - On dives the position of the dive target needs to be scouted and called before you dive. Blind dives will fail most of the time
  23. Dorado
  24. - For Orisa D.VA comps, you should most likely run the zen mercy, these comps really need the shield break in order to hold space vs Goats.
  25. - Tanks: Try not to tunnel vision too hard on a target, especially when you're giving up so much cart time. (2nd Point Defense) You are the primary people who need to contest the objective.
  26. - As a team, find your own meta don't focus on what the pros are doing but what works for you guys. You honestly seem better as a goats team.
  27. - Meta isn't necessarily better.
  28. - Maybe would like to see more comp experimentation from you guys (in case goats gets weaker) Also because maps offer a lot more room to experiment than you may think.
  29. - You really need to focus on the game itself even coming back from a pause you seem unfocused and it takes a while for you guys to get in the zone
  30. - Could be a one time thing but I think that you spread a bit too much as goats when you play
  32. Things to work on:
  33. 1. Less Fluff in in-game comms
  34. 2. Ult Tracking needs to be more consistent
  35. 3. Work on scouting the enemy and bringing more basic things into your calls such as positonal call
  36. 4. Work on adapting to your enemies strategies in order to win more.
  37. 5. experiment with more comps, watch contenders, watch overwatch league. I think you guys are a decent goats team in the making but you definetly need to find your true calling as a team and try to stick to it as a default. You don't have to copy the pros and work on your fundamentals learn each other's strengths and build your compositions and playstyles around that.
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