Link's Awakening 100% Route Notes

Feb 12th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. LA 100% Route (updated Feb 12 2020)
  3. ENTER D1
  4. get sword and farm for ten rupees. grab the seashell in the grass
  5. steal shovel, get 1 set of bombs with SQ, and steal bow
  6. play trendy
  7. dig up the seashell in the doghouse
  8. BT the owl and tarin and get the Tail Key
  9. go to D1
  11. D1
  12. D1 just like warpless but bomb arrow the cracked wall and grab the seashell.
  13. use arrows on the spiked beetles
  14. don't ICS the instrument
  16. ENTER D2
  17. if you are doing frame perfect villa skip, on the way to bowwow, go into log cave and get the rupees and leave (this is done after D2 in the current WR but it's slightly faster to do it before)
  18. skip HPoS, do moblin cave, and flock clip to D2
  20. D2
  21. use up all of your powder except 1 if you are doing shroom villa skip
  22. otherwise only use 2 to light the torches (saves about 30 seconds but requires fame perfect villa skip)
  23. grab the same keys you would in warpless
  24. in the room with the black hole, kill the first keese to reduce lag
  25. get bracelet
  26. play through the rest of D2
  27. Kill genie with a bomb and a bomb arrow. make sure to skip all 3 of his text boxes with SQ menu
  28. attempt ICS
  29. if you got ICS grab the chest with 50 rupees in the first room then leave
  30. if you missed ICS you'll have to go back into D2 to grab the chest. therefore this ICS saves the most time (not including D4 obviously)
  32. ENTER D3
  33. skip HPoS again and go back into the mysterious forest (grabbing HPoS now will result in Link having 8 hearts in D3 requiring 36 enemies to be killed to get PoP which is a pain in the butt)
  34. go to the mad batter and upgrade bomb capacity
  35. if you are doing shroom villa skip, now is when you go into log cave
  36. -grab the rupees and leave out the other side of the cave
  37. -grab the mushroom and text skip
  38. -go back into log cave and SJ to the HP
  39. -pick up the skulls and leave to the right
  40. get the seashell in the chest on the south side of the forest
  41. leave the forest and go into the HP well
  42. if you did not get the log cave HP, dupe 6 HPs. otherwise dupe 5.
  43. *note that the 4th HP or 3rd (depending on your villa skip route) is what gives you an extra heart container and is done differently
  44. grab the HP normally after the last dupe bringing your total to 7
  45. return bowwow to avoid lag and the required deathwarp after walrus skip
  46. go to dream shrine and naked SJ to ocarina
  47. leave Mabe and head towards vill skip
  48. do villa skip with your preferred strats
  49. get the slime key and do villa escape
  50. enter D3
  52. D3
  53. D3 is done just like warpless except you get the 200 rupee chest and has a slightly different kill route
  54. if you take no damage in the fisrt room you'll have to kill an extra enemy at some point
  55. in the room with the 4 zols, go to the right after killing them
  56. kill the 2 keese with a spin slash and SJ to the chest and open it
  57. kill the stalfos in that room as well
  58. kill the 1st set of 4 zols before the stairs as apposed to the ones after the stairs. otherwise an acorn will drop in a bad spot.
  59. if you didn't take damage in the fisrt room kill one of the zols after the stairs
  60. after getting the falling key from the 5 zol room, kill both cloacked stalfos in the room above
  61. everything else is identical to warpless in D3
  63. ENTER D4
  64. dig up the seashell above D3 but go back to the right after grabbing it.
  65. you should have 5 shells
  66. go to seashell mansion
  67. use pit BTs on the rightmost wall to dupe the seashell gift.
  68. dupe the shell 13 times
  69. the last one is finicky and you have to step away from the wall a bit and go back towards it (requires more research)
  70. grab all of the seashells at once
  71. ideally you'll have about 30 bombs left but that's plenty. if you have around 22-23 it's very dangerous territory
  72. the 20th seashell is the one to the right of seashell mansion under the bush
  73. go back into the mansion and get l2 sword
  74. skip the sword's text box
  75. go to animal village and set your SQ point in the first house
  76. BT the walrus
  77. no need to do any softlock prevention because you don't have bowwow
  78. kill lanomla, grab the key, and SQ back to animal village
  79. get Marin's song
  80. use the warp tile
  81. do signpost maze and get song 3
  82. start going north towards tal tal
  83. if you used shroom villa skip turn in the shroom for powder
  84. get the HPoS
  85. unlock D4
  86. go into the stairs next to the warp tile
  87. shaq jump onto the ceiling
  88. enter D4
  90. D4
  91. grab the bombs at the start of D4
  92. the rest is almost identical to warpless
  93. after fighting cueball grab the fairy so that you're at full health
  94. don't take anymore damage until after angler
  95. get the NK with your preferred strats
  96. fight angler with sword beams
  97. do the ICS to skip the ghost sidequest
  98. missing this ICS looses several minutes
  100. ENTER D5
  101. Get Mambo's song and use the underground next to D4 to get to the warp tile
  102. warp to animal village
  103. use the phone booth to set your SQ point
  104. go under the bridge and BT the cutscene
  105. go get the scale from the mermaid
  106. SQ back to the phone booth
  107. do zora bump (there's no buffered method in LAOG)
  108. get the Lens and skip its text
  109. get back into the water and swim around to the left side of martha's bay
  110. head to the left towards the beach
  111. trade shovel with the goriya for boomerang
  112. go back to martha's bay and upgrade arrow capacity with the mad batter
  113. go back the way you came, enter the water again, and enter D5
  115. D5
  116. D5 is done identical to LADX hundo
  117. do EHS
  118. SQ after getting the key
  119. fight MS1
  120. get NK and SQ
  121. use hookshot clip to get to the boss door
  122. fight wall snake
  123. attempt ICS
  125. ENTER D7
  126. use mambo to warp to crazy tracy's
  127. head to tal tal
  128. do obstacle skip
  129. get bird key using Rooster Skip Skip
  130. go to D7
  132. D7
  133. get the key on the first floor by killing the enemies on that screen
  134. use boomerang to get l2 shield early
  135. BT the 4 pillars
  136. do goomba surf
  137. text skip the boss's opening text
  138. go back down and BT the screen with the boss
  139. fight both evil eagles with bomb arrows
  140. text skip them both on their last hits
  141. grab both heart containers
  142. attempt ICS
  144. ENTER D8
  145. use SQ menu avoid falling into the flooded cave
  146. head towards turtle rock
  147. use a boots jump to skip saving marin
  148. get the last capacity upgrade from the mad batter
  149. do flame skip
  150. BT turtle rock
  151. enter D8
  153. D8
  154. just like warpless, start by going north and SJing over the wall of blocks
  155. use a bomb arrow to open the cracked wall on the left
  156. open the cracked wall on the west wall of that screen
  157. fire an arrow at the statue to get the key
  158. sideways block push to get to the chest on the left side
  159. go down and get the bomb refill and go towards blaino
  160. go through the sidescroll section
  161. do blaino skip and grab magic rod and SQ
  162. go to side scroll scetion with the ice blocks to get to cueball
  163. deload cueball
  164. do roomba room to get the NK
  165. go back into cueball's room to get pushed into the filler room
  166. grab l2 bracelet
  167. go towards the boss room
  168. do the super hop to get to the boss door
  169. fight blaino and skip his text on the final hit
  170. attempt ICS
  172. ENTER D6
  173. play mambo's song again
  174. go south to get to the mabe warp tile
  175. warp twice to get to animal village
  176. head towards armos maze
  177. fight armos knight with l2 sword
  178. go back into the rock maze and swim to the underground section before D6
  179. deload the D6 opening cutscene
  180. enter D6
  182. D6
  183. D6 is done identically to warpless except you fight facade
  184. go east and deload the tile room
  185. deload the wizrobe room
  186. SJ to the NK chest
  187. SQ after getting the NK
  188. go west
  189. deload the stone slab
  190. do the shaq jump to skip the key block
  191. deload the black hole room
  192. deload the wizrobe room before facade
  193. fight faceade
  194. skip his text that appears after the first 3 hits and the text after the last hit
  195. attempt ICS
  197. END
  198. play mambo's song
  199. go north towards the egg
  200. deload the owl
  201. BT the instrument cutscene
  202. do the egg maze
  203. BT when you enter the boos fight
  204. blob QK
  205. Aga manip
  206. moldorm stunlock
  207. boots dash ganon 4 times and attempt dethl skip if you want
  208. finish off ganon
  209. if you preformed dethl skip make sure to skip the text before the stairs appear
  210. otherwise fight dethl with boomerang
  211. skip dethl's final text as well as the text before the stairs spawn
  213. you win gg
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