Unholy Heights Jumpchain

Jan 4th, 2015
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  1. Unholy Heights Jump Chain
  3. Introduction
  4. This world is too peaceful! It need more action, more gold, more apartments!
  5. Luckily you have just acquired a high-class rundown one story apartment. Using this you will attract many powerful monsters and demons who will help you on your way to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!
  6. And remember. Brush your teeth, wash your hair and always remember to pay rent.
  8. Locations
  10. 2 & 1 .Death mountain
  11. A spooky mountain with a weird cloud that never seems to clear. It's very difficult to get to making new residents a difficult thing to find. Not to mention only the stronger adventurers will be able to get to it.
  13. 4 & 3 .Watery Grave
  14. A mucky swamp, it's in the middle of no-where and the area is hard to traverse not to mention dangerous with all the animals. Not many people come out here so raids are rare and usually weak due to most of them dying on the way. You may also occasionally find treasure caches in the swamps from either untapped resources or off the corpses of dead heroes.
  16. 6 & 5 .21st Street
  17. You're right in the middle a large town. Raids are often and have higher numbers but monsters can quickly go to work & arrive back just as quickly. Not to mention they usually have higher paying jobs.
  19. 8 & 7 .Free Pick
  20. Lucky you! Some weird person in a suit just handed you three different Deeds. It seems you can pick whatever one you want.
  22. Origins
  24. Drop-in
  25. You just fell outta the sky & landed on some creepy red dude. It seems you killed him, you've found some sort of document on him however. It's The deed to a small apartment complex. I guess it's yours now.
  27. Demon
  28. All these damn humans are cramping your style. Time to do alittle weed whacking right? With your newly bought apartment complex you're off to conquer the world.
  30. Angel
  31. Conquer the world? That sounds mean and you don't like it. but some of these monsters aren't all bad right? Let's build a place for all the nice people and help the world while we're at it!
  33. Perks
  35. A New Arrival - 100 - Free Drop-in
  36. You have an easy time getting new residents. What's more you can even set it to attract new members of a specific species and gender. Out of this jump you will have the ability to switch any creature's gender as you please.
  38. The Ultimate Disguise - 400 - Discount Drop-in
  39. Raids are troublesome. They kill your tenants & steal your money. No longer shall you allow this. Now the easiest way to hide non-human creatures in a human world would be to make them look like humans, and you've done just that. Good thing you had all that makeup right? Out of this jump you may give any creature a human form.
  41. What Was That About Dimensional Barriers? - 600 - Discount Drop-in
  42. Soemtimes even you need alittle help, and who better to ask from than the people living in your building? Anytime you need it up to 12 monsters from this jump may be summoned to help you for three hours. They have lives of their own though so they'll each probably only come help you once or twice a day.
  44. Not Suspicious At All - 100 - Free Demon
  45. Sure in the underworld or an asylum walking around with red skin and black horns wouldn't be too weird but in civil society it doesn't bring confidence to the people living under you. However as long-as you look vaguely human, that is having normal skin color & not having a huge size difference, People will trust you a lot more than they should. That restaurant is more-likely to believe that you're the health inspector with this.
  47. Let's Make It Bigger - 400 - Discount Demon
  48. These run down apartment rooms are not only ugly to start with but also incredibly cramped. Being only big enough for three people at one time isn't good enough. It's time you fixed that. With whatever demonic magic you somehow had you enlarged the rooms to fit five people in them. The building didn't get any bigger you simply warped the space in the rooms to make them bigger on the inside. With time and effort you might even be able to fit the entire apartment in a run down shack. If you could move it i mean.
  50. King of Hell - 600 - Discount Demon
  51. Well, you're basically Satan now. You have the pitchfork and everything. At least being the sovereign of the underworld has it's perks. Demons and general unholy creatures will almost always listen to you unless they're under orders from another Hell king, and even then they might follow your orders out of fear. Not to mention you'll be viewed as a very powerful ruler in any world you're visiting. Almost no-one will regard you as a peasant or anything similar.
  53. But They're So Fluffy - 100 - Free Angel
  54. With all these nice people in your apartments i bet they'd like some pets. Not to mention the cuteness of all the little critters is sure to help the world somehow right? Not to mention you've somehow managed to figure out how to get them to talk. They're even about as smart as humans, maybe they could be guidance counselors or something.
  56. Helping Board - 400 - Discount Angel
  57. You have a pretty board in front of your apartment building. It seems help requests magically appear on this board. The quests always seem to pay nicely but also usually give item rewards along with the money. It's always something you could use and if there's something specific you need it might be on there.
  59. Lets Give It A Boost - 600 - Discount Angel
  60. Most things work great but, sometimes that just isn't good enough. Sometimes they need alittle extra to get the job done. With you "alittle extra" seems to mean double. Any item you have can have it's effects doubled permanently while also having usage costs halved. It increases all the "stats" of the item you use this ability on so, a hammer hits harder and more accurately while that magic staff you have would shoot more powerful spells at half the charge cost. To do this you simply need multiples of the item you're going to boost. Around three of them, while this would be pretty easy for a hammer or something similar, you'll be pretty hard pressed to find three Death Stars in a decent amount of time.
  62. New Costume - 100
  63. Maybe you don't want a companion. You'd probably prefer to have a new form right? Well how about one from the monster companions? It'll be around the average for the species and also have it's special ability if they have one.
  65. Almighty Janitor - 200
  66. When you own a big building like this things tend to break faster than most people can repair them. You aparrently have god-like speed or something as you seem to be able to repair almost everything in a three story building in a few hours. Not to mention the technical know-how you need to be able to actually repair these things.
  68. Such Strange People - 300
  69. Knowing and being able to meet the needs of all these weird creatures is alot of work. You can at least understand what the things they need to survive are. Not to mention learning the needs of new creatures only takes a single look for you. No more Fishy Ones going belly up for you.
  71. Stop Raiding Me You Bastards! - 400
  72. So many adventurers and not enough levels to keep them away from your room. It seems every night a group of these people come to attack you. No-longer, You've strapped some "defenses" to your building. It's not much, just some gatling guns with armor piercing rounds & rockets fill with napalm. And you've even found the perfect place to put them. It seems you have quite a knack for doing that. You could probably defend an entire planet with just some defenses if you had the resources and a planet, i guess you'd probably need one to be able to defend it.
  74. Items
  75. If you buy any of these items a non-magical version will be available for each & every room you have in your apartments for free.
  77. Happy Wallpaper - 50
  78. Strangely when this wallpaper is up, people just seem to enjoy being around more. You're not sure how it does it but almost everyone leaves with a smile.
  80. Burnin' Wallpaper - 50
  81. Things heat up with this stuff around. And i mean that literally, the temperature rises as-if a fireplace has been lit. No more cold winter nights for you!
  83. Clean Wallpaper - 50
  84. It seems dust just never settles in a room with this. Stains fade away over night, & the toilets never need cleaning. It's like the wallpaper hates dirtiness.
  86. Wood Wallpaper - 50
  87. Now this is a strange one. It's a wallpaper where the trees feel like real wood. towards the bottom there's even dirt, and if you put a seed there a plant will grow up the wall over the next few days. what's even cooler is that you can actually pull off fruit from the branches of the tree!
  89. Smutty Wallpaper - 50
  90. Seriously even the succubi blush when they see this stuff. And almost every other person seems to spend too long in the bathroom after they see this stuff. Whats worse is i'm not even sure it's from the wallpaper's magical effect, if it even has one.
  92. Sky Wallpaper - 50
  93. This wallpaper doesn't really have a useful magical feature. The one it does have however is really neat. It features a sun that actually moves with the time. even at night a beautiful moon appears on it, and you shouldn't forget the pretty sunsets either. Like i said it's not super useful but it will always give a pretty sky to look at.
  95. The King's Bed - 150
  96. It's a big ornate, rococo style canopy bed. It might just be the comfiest bed you ever sleep in. Though every time you wake up in it you seem to find some gold coins scattered in the sheets & blankets.
  98. God's Dinner Set - 150
  99. It's some sort of magical table. Everyday 24 hours a lavish meal appears made from all the best ingredients from any of the worlds you've previously been to.
  101. Walk-in Closet - 150
  102. Strangely this closet seems to be alive. Every time you enter it the doors slam shut and when its done you're shoved out wearing a random outfit looking amazing. At least it doesn't ever force you to wear an outfit that you wouldn't like.
  104. Magic Bookshelf - 200
  105. While the bookshelf is magical that's only because of all the books on magic it stores. It somehow gained the ability to store excess books in a sort of hammer-space. You could even add more books to it from other worlds if you wish. Your one stop shop for all your magical book needs.
  107. Companions
  108. You may also buy a companion to follow you on your infinitely Strange Journey.
  109. Their Gender if up to you.
  111. Basic Cheepy - 50
  112. This breed of cheepy tends to be poor, so they'll often be behind on rent. They have an unusual love for cigarette butts, and will gain strength in direct sunlight.
  114. Studeepy - 100
  115. Cheepys who have mutated into diligent students! They need rooms with study materials on hand.
  116. They gain strength in direct sunlight, but have little money to their names.
  118. Helmeteepy - 150
  119. These militaristic Cheepys don helmets and throw piercing knives that hit multiple foes.
  121. Richeepy - 200
  122. These Cheepys have mutated into millionaires! They only accept the finest furniture.
  124. Boneleton - 50
  125. The undead spawn of fallen heroes, boneletons remain formidable foes with high physical defense.
  126. Despite being skeletons, Boneletons live a healthy and active lifestyle.
  128. Zombie - 100
  129. These living dead residents are strong and hearty, but kind of gross. They heal by eating their enemies' flesh.
  130. They may be decaying corpses, but zombies adore cooking.
  132. Boneymusha - 150
  133. Undead soldiers from the fields of Japan. They value exquisite furniture and the dual sword technique.
  134. They may be all bones, but they take life seriously!
  136. Funtom - 200
  137. These ghosts are tricksters. They have strong melee and physical defense, but they're very weak to long range magic.
  138. Funtoms enjoy being outside both during the day and at night.
  140. Watermin - 50
  141. These water spirits are about one cup's worth. Early in your game, watermin provide much needed long range support. Because of what they are, watermin tend to be stronger when it rains.
  143. Flowery - 100
  144. They prefer to consider themselves flower spirits, but they look more like weeds. They will only move into rooms with valuable furniture. Their seeds hit multiple units.
  146. Flamen - 150
  147. These fire spirits are hot-blooded to a fault. Despite specializing in long range magic, they never run away. Flamen are unfortunately rather poor, but they get stronger in sunlight.
  149. Cragmax - 200
  150. This creature's thick skin gives the strong defense. They prefer expensive furinture that won't break. Their furniture gets good use, as they live a sedentary lifestyle.
  152. Fishy One - 50
  153. The children of humans and abyssals. Most tend to be painfully poor, but their prayers attract other abyssals. Fishy Ones gain considerable strength when it rains.
  155. Pul-Pymesy - 100
  156. These gross and dirty creatures are actually demigods made from jelly. Watch out! They congeal in the cold! Pul-Pumesys are always happy to pay their rent, but they stink!
  158. Dagyon - 150
  159. These dark gods actually come from beyond, where they reign as kings. Our Earthly magic holds no power over them. Like Fishy Ones they get more powerful when it rains.
  161. Th'rone - 200
  162. An interdimensional bloody throne with a dark magic wielding puppet king. They require a room fit for a throne.
  164. Horsaurus - 50
  165. These generous creatures have afros. Their specialty is shooting arrows, and they love expensive furniture. Due to their generosity, they're rarely late on their rent payments.
  167. Suman - 100
  168. These demi-humans hail from the far east, and are known for their rapid and lightning-quick attacks. Fortunately, they have great jobs so they always pay their rent on time.
  170. Frigideer - 150
  171. These creatures live among the frozen peaks, have developed ice magic, but they quickly get sick in the heat. This matriarchal tribe rejoices when a boy is born.
  173. Q.P.D. - 200
  174. These half-machine angels are built with lost tech and strong shock weapons, but spend all their cash on extra batteries. Their backup solar power cells allow them to grow in strong during the day.
  176. Eggeye - 50
  177. These evil eggs have a single googly eye, use long range magic and resist magic, but despise cheap furniture. Despite hating cheap furniture and having jobs, eggeyes hate paying rent.
  179. Succubus - 100
  180. This demon is the object of every erotic fantasy. Contrary to popular belief, they're not always female. As one would expect, they're most motivated at nighttime.
  182. Glutton - 150
  183. If you are indeed what you eat, then this butcher must eat way too much pork. They can often be heard shouting "pork is a virtue." Words to live by.
  185. Draculala - 200
  186. This demonic nobles love expensive furniture. They suck blood to gain health.
  187. While very weak during the day, they're invincible at night.
  189. Wolfguy - 50
  190. This bipedal canine is a loyal fighter, and loves working out, so make sure to give them lots of gym equipment. Unfortunately, Wolfguys tend to be rather stingy, especially with money.
  192. Maihome - 100
  193. These monstrous snails are incredibly slow and fragile, but they can launch devastating mortar attacks. They unleash their true potential during humid summer rainstorms.
  195. Sealynx - 150
  196. These originally amphibious felines have powerful tails to kick enemies with incredible power and precision. They're also very generous, and happy to pay their inflated rent on time.
  198. Bearer - 200
  199. These terrifying teddy-like creatures specialize in dark magic and have a predilection for expensive furniture. Supposedly that's cotton protruding from their bottoms!
  201. Drawbacks
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