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  1. [quote=Tomomi post_id=332441 time=1550716504 user_id=156]
  2. [b]Name: [/b] Murakami Ainu
  4. [b]Physical Appearance:[/b] Typically, she will be in a silver band engraved with special markings on the right ring finger of her daughter when she is not engaging in combat. However, she can possess other items out of combat as well, but will usually pick a piece of jewelry from her box that she left Tomomi when she had her untimely passing while giving birth. While in combat, her appearance varies depending on the situation that is presented in front of her, but she will usually remain in her band form or move her spirit to Tomomi's armor if she is wearing it. Prior to her passing, Ainu used to have [url=]yellowish eyes and long, beautiful black hair that blew in the wind with a strand or two of hair sticking up on the top. As for her dress attire, she wore a stereotypical kunoichi outfit when she was working and her casual clothing varied depending on the circumstances.[/url]
  6. [b]Personality: [/b] Ainu is an interesting individual as her personality is almost the complete opposite of her daughter's in almost every single way. She was known as a loving and caring individual whom cherished her village deeply and was willing to do anything that was asked of her regardless of her moral compass. Many described her as a good-nature individual who could lighten up a room or bring smiles and joy to people when they desperately needed or wanted it in their lives. In addition, she was almost always upbeat in life regardless of what was occurring around her as she tried to think of the better parts of life even when the times were tough or it was far easier to give up and submit to the struggles. From her colleagues, she was also highly intellectual and calculated when she wanted to be, but she preferred to be more carefree and supportive of her friends, families, and village. These traits continued after her spirit left her physical body and was able to manifest into inanimate objects like the band that her daughter wears daily; however, she had to conceal all of them until Tomomi discovered her in that jewelry box and since then, she has been the same old individual as she was prior to the accident when giving birth to her daughter.
  8. [b]History: [/b] Prior to her dying and becoming a spirit, Ainu, a human, married an oni at a young age and they lived in one of the various villages in Tomoe Country together for five or so years. During their time together, she continually was abused by her husband in a variety of ways and was threatened with death often by him if she ever spoke out about what was transpiring at their home behind closed doors which she never did. However while living in her village, she joined her fellow humans in the medical facilities of the village where she worked to perfect her medical skills and also tried to bring comfort and support to the numerous individuals that came to her. In this role, it helped her keep her sanity and keep her positive outlook on life even though she was dealing with a Hell at home that she truly could not get out of; she was a believer that the bad was temporary and the good times would be coming. She never was given a promotion while working, but she always worked hard and gave it her best as she was someone whom cared about her village and was willing to do what was needed regardless of how she truly felt about it.
  10. Eventually, she would become pregnant with Tomomi and this is one of the only times that her husband treated her as an equal and chose not to harm her since she was creating a half-breed inside of her. Unfortunately when she did go into labor, she would die during the process and would never get the privilege of holding her newborn or giving her daughter the love and nurturing that she deserved like any other child. However when she died, her spirit would not go to a paradise in the sky or a purgatory in the ground, but instead would remain in her village and possess a variety of inanimate objects before deciding to remain in her own jewelry box until it was removed from her home or someone special or important found her.
  12. ***On her nightstand in her room after returning home from her extended stay with the elderly lady, she had been sorting through the jewelry box that her mother had when she was alive that contained numerous precious gems like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. The piece of jewelry however that caught Tomomi's eyes was a silver band adored with an elegant design that was not too over the top and looked rather cute on her finger when she tried it on. It also complimented her hair color and was a nice contrast to her red eyes. However while it looked nice as did so many of the items in her box, it never felt right for the half-breed oni to wear any of it as she did not know her mother and these items were simply not hers to wear as she pleased even though she felt that her mother would have loved to pass them down to her, but alas that was something that simply could not happen given the circumstances surrounding Tomomi’s birth that killed her mother in the process.
  14. However, during one of the days before Tomomi would have her 27th birthday, something rather interesting transpired before she had to go to work for the morning. As she awoke on that day, the jewelry box beside her that was always closed prior to her going to bed was wide open and the band that she liked quite a lot was on her right ring-finger which made her feel somewhat confused, but she shrugged it off as she merely must have accidently left the box open before she slept or opened it while she slept considering that she had been admiring her mother’s gems. Without overthinking it at all, she would simply slip the band from her finger and put it back into the box closing the safekeeper in the process. However, after some time, the box would be open again when Tomomi reentered the room and the same band was on her bed now simply laying. This prompted her to look rather confused as she knew that she had put the piece of jewelry away but shrugged it off again as she must be tired from working so hard since returning home that she wasn’t aware of what she had been doing.
  16. It would be after the third time that this band mysteriously had gotten out of its box that Tomomi was put on guard as she believed that someone was messing around with her. However for her sake, a few moments after reentering the room and looking likely confused, a feminine voice could be heard coming from the band laughing as she spoke to her: [color=#FFBFFF]”Dear Tomomi, it has been almost three decades, but we finally are speaking to one another. This is your mother whom died when you were born almost twenty-seven years ago. I may have lost an actual physical form in order for you to join this world, but my spirit was able to go to another entity to watch over you as you grew up which is how I am speaking to you now. I am not limited to this band that you see before you however, but I am limited to inanimate objects like jewelry, weaponry, and everyday house items.”[/color]
  18. As this piece of jewelry spoke to her, Tomomi would pinch herself a few times to make sure that she was in her right mind and not hallucinating or her mind was trying to play some trickery on her. When she realized that she was not, she would stare at the band unable to really say anything as her mother would speak again to her: [color=#FFBFFF]”I understand that this is likely confusing and sudden since you had been admiring my jewelry for the past few days and I know I should have made my presence known sooner than I did especially when you disposed of your dad which likely deserved everything you did to him as he was not a nice man at all and had been known for abusing children and also abusing me numerous times. But, I needed to find the right moment to approach you since I knew you would be surprised and on-edge as you are displaying right now.”[/color] As she was spoken to, Tomomi would have to try to digest all of this that was being thrown at her as she had not known her mother for her entire life and one random day, a band belonging to her mother was speaking to her like she was her mother. It was rather odd and out there to put it mildly, but she was willing to give this development a chance since she took a chance with the elderly lady and it had proved rather fruitful.
  20. [color=#00BFFF]"Hello Mother, it has been a long time.."[/color] she would begin trying to gather her thoughts as she was feeling a variety of emotions from comfort to sadness to frustration and everything likely in-between. Once she did gather herself, she continued: [color=#00BFFF]"I am glad to hear your voice for the first time and happy that we can finally talk to one another as I did not believe that I would be able to do this until I passed myself to the afterlife. My life has been a living Hell to put it mildly mother as I was treated like literal filth to many of the oni of this village and my body and mind were violated. Fortunately as you mentioned, I handled father once I returned from my extended 'journey' of the country by killing him to ensure his evilness could not continue to plague this world. But, I could go on and on about how I was tortured, abused, and treated as nothing more than a tool for the village, but I rather not have our first encounter be a long-winded one-sided conversation."[/color]
  22. It would not take long after her daughter's quick response to her and explanation of her life that her mother would respond to her, offering her somewhat of a pact like the elderly lady had done with her in the past. This one however was a rather simpler one than the other as her mother would so elegantly explain: [color=#FFBFFF]"It breaks my heart to hear my own daughter went through a literal Hell in her life and me being unable to protect and help her like a mother is supposed to do. If I could have, I would have been there for you, Tomomi. But, I know of one thing that I can do now for you since you proved to me that you can handle yourself when you eliminated your father from this world. If you are willing to sign a pact with me and allow me to consume some of your altered blood, I can be worn by you and potentially offer you benefits when you fight like thickening your armor to protect you better or providing healing aid while you focus on fighting and handle your opponents. The choice is yours, my daughter, but I love to be a part of your life if you are willing to have me."[/color]
  24. This was all so sudden and quick that Tomomi was not sure what to make of it, but she took a chance with the elderly lady before and it proved beneficial to her. This could be another valuable and happy moment in her life if it proved fruitful and that was a risk that she was willing to take since she was young and could easily handle this band if it backfired by destroying it or removing the part of the body that it was affecting. Thus after a few moments to think it over, Tomomi simply slipped the band onto her right ring-finger and could feel little teeth-like pricks going into her finger drawing blood and signing the pact with her mother, an apparent shape-shifting spirit that could only possess inanimate objects. After she got her fill, the teeth-like pricks would disappear and the band would resume its normal shape with some minor design alterations. But considering it was early in the day and Tomomi had signed a pact with her mother, it was going to be a rather weird day likely. However, she ensured before they would head out to inform her mother to stay quiet when they were around others in exchange for talking to one another in private which her mother happily agreed with; it likely just made her happy that her daughter was willing to give her another shot of being in her life after she had died giving birth to Tomomi.***
  26. [b]Other Info/Notes:[/b]
  27. [list][*]***This was in my history during OCR, but I wanted to include it as it describes how Tomomi and Ainu met and what not.
  28. [*]Ainu is a Tsukumogami that is not limited to possessing one object.[/list]
  29. [/quote]
  31. [quote=Tomomi post_id=332442 time=1550716789 user_id=156]
  32. [center][size=150][b][u]Other Information:[/u][/b][/size][/center]
  36. [b]Creation of Tomomi and Battle-Related Areas:[/b]
  37. [spoiler][url=]Training[/url]
  38. [url=]Dojo[/url]
  39. [url=]OCR[/url][/spoiler]
  41. [b]Notes Regarding Character:[/b]
  42. [spoiler]Carried over the Ability Slot from OCR here:
  43. Carried over the Class Point Card from OCR here:
  44. Carried over the Extra Slot Card (Bought 4 times) from OCR here:
  45. Bought the Item Hoarder Card Here:
  46. Carried over 21 Advanced Element Cards from OCR here:
  47. Used the Free Contract from winning the World Martial Arts Tournament here:[/spoiler]
  48. [/quote]
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