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  3. I'm new to this game, or at least I consider myself fairly new still. I've been playing for a total of about 5-6 weeks now, and USE2 is my first server. This is the second rendition of this guide. I originally had it suggesting to carn Cooking earlier because I was misinformed about how Pepper cooking potency works (Don't carn cooking lol). This guide is fairly spot on, but there may be some inaccuracies or it may be missing a thing or two. Yeeticus or MUI or one of the old timers probably won't find this guide too helpful, or may even be able to pick it apart, but this is the best I could come up with for those who are truly lost. While I'm new, math and theory is my jam, and I believe this to be quite helpful. Please decide for yourself.
  5. So some people suggest to carn things up equally. These people don't know what they're talking about, or more accurately are thinking in terms of immediate gratification rather than the long haul. While it can make for faster carns initially, leveling certain things to a certain point can indirectly speed up and "cheapen" future carns. For example, carning hunting and your weapon(s) up to 5+ first can result in faster, more reliable myst for all future carns, boosting your level 1 damage from about 1-2 to about 60-80. This guide is tailored towards players looking to carn like 30+ times, but some sections and notes will be helpful to all, even ascenders.
  11. 1) Lasting Legacy; This skill should ALWAYS be increased to level 2 at the very least, usually but not necessarily level 3, every single carn. When going past 2, or considering going past 2, or even just before you carn, always check the math on this. It should be pretty easy to figure out but examples: If you have Lasting Legacy 2, and you're at 40k return, then (40k/2)=20k+(27k*0.3)=28.1k. The 40k is your current return. The /2 is because half of 40k is 10%, which is what you'll be gaining once you purchase LLIII. 27k is the cost of LLIII. *0.3 is because you will now have a total of 30%, which applies to the myst you spent on LLIII.
  13. 2) When carning hunting back to back to back, or if hunting while carning combat skills back to back to back: Always put the majority of your refunded myst into Sage Wisdom. While this isn't necessarily the fastest way to carn, it comes back to investment return. It indirectly makes the next hunting carn easier, because you'll regain all that same myst back you did last carn, but faster. Between knowing when to spend on Sage Wisdom and when to spend on Lasting Legacy, you'll easily carn your hunting up relatively quickly. Just don't over-do it. I usually stop at or around the 5 digit upgrades. I currently have Sage Wisdom XIV, it cost 29k, but that's because I'm going for Hunting 9 right now. Just be smart and follow this as a general rule rather than a "ALL MY MYST GOES HERE" and you'll be fine.
  15. 3) When not carning hunting or a combat skill via hunting, the only 3 (usually) upgrades you even want to buy are Scholar, Skill Mastery, and Lasting Legacy. You may want to increase your combat stats slightly or your Pack Rat if you're carning a gathering skill, but some carns I literally spend myst on nothing but the 3 aforementioned skills.
  17. 4) Remember that experience is myst and myst is experience when carning combat skills via hunting, especially when you're carning the later stars. Because you gain myst at a +10% increment per upgrade and experience at a +20% increment per upgrade, myst has near-double the value of experience. I try to reflect this in my stats when hunting carning as best as possible, but keep in mind price as well. Currently my bonus exp is 520% and my myst is 285%, but my next myst upgrade is 44k and my next exp upgrade is 7k, making the clear choice for effiency exp. ***MY SAGE WISDOM IS ABNORMALLY HIGH IN THIS EXAMPLE, I WAS CARNING HUNTING 9 AT THE TIME, DO NOT TYPICALLY GO THIS HIGH***
  23. 1/5) Repairing; Okay, so ***THIS SHOULD NOT BE YOUR FIRST CARN***. It probably shouldn't even be in your first five, unless you've got Black Pepper or Ancient (exp) gear to work with. Repairing levels slow and is not as valuable as carning Hunting or Weapons can be, but it will save you a surprising amount of materials and even time. You should consider getting 2 Repair stars some time in your first 10 carns.
  25. 2/6) Exploration; Similarly to Repairing, this should be reincarnated about 2-4 times in your first 10-15 carns. It likely shouldn't be one of your first carn, unless you have Black Pepper/Caraway dishes, or Ancient/Humming gear, since your exp% will likely be too low to make this a viable first carn. However, if you plan to do a lot of reincarnating a few levels in this early on will make all future carns much faster.
  27. 3) Hunting; Hunting seems to be the easiest thing to level (between hunting, weapon, and armor) while out grinding myst. It also directly affects how easy your next hunting-based carn is. This affect, while getting hunting to 5+ may be slow and tedious at first, will result in all future carns to be that much faster. Hunting is one of your most important longevity carns, and you can usually either make a good amount of gold/materials while hunting. Try to get 5 hunting stars as soon as possible if you plan to go for the long haul with carns. Going above 5 is optional and relatively slow, but still helps, I would only recommend this early if you actually enjoy hunting over gathering and other things.
  29. 4) Weapon(s); I said weapon(s) with the potential for plural, but I would recommend sticking to one at first. If you actually swap and enjoy swapping, feel free to level multiple. The reasoning is essentially the same as hunting, but while weapon experience is gained slower from weapons than hunting, you can use dummies to your advantage when you're feeling lazy. My spear skill is 5 blue, mixed with my hunting is why I can two-shot skeletons and nether leachers from level 2. Similarly to Hunting, I recommend hitting about or at least 5. Going above is fairly optional. If you enjoy PvP or want to PvP while carning, you may even consider leveling weapons higher than hunting first.
  31. 5) Armor(s); Same with weapons, I'd recommend sticking to one type at first, light, is my suggestion, but heavy is also useful. I believe medium is thought of as bad in general but one of the best armors that only comes from uw chests is medium. If you were to ever find this chest with decent runes or +s, you'd want to switch to medium, from what I understand.
  33. 6) Gathering Skill(s); Okay so from here it gets pretty optional, but I'd recommend putting a couple carns into mining, chopping, and/or digging. All this is going to do is make you better at gathering at the beginning of all future carns, but if you plan to carn a lot and gather once in a while or while exploring, you're going to want these stars.
  35. 7) From here and down I feel either you need to know what you want to specialize in, and if you even want to keep carning. For PvP you may want to start carning Assassin or Destruction. You may decide to go for max or near-max crafting. You may decide to branch out above and get more armor and weapon types, this is mostly up to you, but we can definitely revisit this later when we both have a better grasp on the game.
  41. Obviously, always get whatever skill you want to carn to the highest experience. Keep in mind that the highest experience doesn't necessarily mean the highest stars. If you have 0 blue stars in Light Armor and 2 blue stars in Spear, and your spear is level 40 and your Light Armor is level 30, the carn is set for Spear, but if you've got the same 0 blue stars in Light Armor and 2 in Spear, and your spear is level 40 and your Light Armor is 35, the carn will be set for Light Armor. Once you've got the skill you want to carn to the highest, commence the following, to just below your carn skill, so you don't overwrite it:
  45. 1) Cooking; While maybe not the fastest or even second fastest, with large quantities of meat it can be cheesed, or done effectively. Unlike smelting you can decide to cook a ton of raw meat at once for a ridiculous amount of instant experience. One of my cooking carns (I did this before I realized how good Cooking could be for exp unfortunately) I cooked 7k meat (farmed it in about 3 hours in Snake Hazard) and instantly went from level 0 to level 34. Now technically I did use 35-70 gold worth of meat to do that, but I prefer to look at it as 3 hours of farming, because that hurts less. ALTERNATIVELY, you can use 6-8 fire pits with 1 single meat in a cooking pot, per fire. This is SIGNIFICANTLY more efficient experience than cooking it all at once directly on the fire, but takes much more time. By significantly I mean probably 100x the exp rate, so definitely worth it to do it the second way, efficiency-wise.
  47. 2) Smelting; Smelt a single ore at a time, as it gives the same amount of experience regardless. To do this effectively you're going to want 6-8 fire pits in your house and a little bit of wood laying around at all times, not much, but maybe a few hundred per carn. Simply conveyer belt the one-ore-clay-pots into and out of the fire. This is super fast experience.
  49. 3) Farming/Foraging; Simply enough, till a giant temporary field, approximately 200 tiles in area, plant Holly Seeds and harvest the tinder. This will get you lots of tinder to sell or craft with, as well as black pepper from the rare spawn holly bushes. Absolutely do this to like level 30-40 (or whatever you can until it's just below your carn skill) every single carn. It might not be quite as good as Smelting or Cooking potentially is, but it's right up there, and it's actually highly profittable.
  51. 4) Sword; Use 3 triangularly placed dummies, don't forget to repair, and go HAM. Simple enough, this is, I think, the fourth (or fifth, if you count Farming/Foraging separately) fastest way to get experience. The major note to this one is that because you're hitting 3 targets at once you're going to break your sword three times faster. You can't really afk this like you can other weapons, but you can multi-task/semi-afk it anyway. Due to how fast your sword may break while doing this, I recommend doing this at like level ~40-50+, so you can use a Bronze Sword or better, for more durability.
  53. 5) Shield Block; This could potentially go to the top of the list, but also requires a semi-ideal situation. IDEALLY you want to surround yourself with as many hornets as you can and just stand there and eat shit. You need healing potions to make this work, so technically this method costs money, but it can be leveled VERY quickly. If you can't find 1-2+ hornets, you can do this at about the same rate with 4 snakes in Snake Pit, however Snakes may hit you for like 2-4 damage depending on your unarmored skill and defense upgrades, resulting in needing more potions for the same experience. Make sure you bring multiple shields or have a way to drop and repair them while doing this method.
  55. 6) Fishing; I put this further down the list than I should have. Fishing is potentially the best exp/h, particularly in the hot spot. Between a terrible attention span when doing trivial things and not wanting to look for the hot spot, I personally have barely fished. I recommend trying fishing, both in and out of the hot spot a few times, and deciding where this belongs in your list for yourself. ***THIS SKILL CAN BE SAFELY CARNED ONCE OR TWICE. THIS RESULTS IN BETTER FISHING EXP/H SINCE THE EXP GAIN IS BASED ON THE SIZE OF FISH CAUGHT***
  57. 7) Dagger; Again, not really ideal, but it comes in at 7th because it's attack speed, using a dummie this can be quite effective experience if/when needed.
  62. 1) A single carn into Fishing early on is great for people who enjoy/don't mind fishing as a source of experience. For one, you're not losing very much experience potential with a single carn. Also, at one-star Fishing you're able to find the "Hot Spot" is where the real exp is made. On top of all that, the higher your fishing, the bigger fish you catch, and therefore the more exp you get from fishing. It's a really good get early on for an easy and helpful carn.
  64. 2) Although you're not supposed to level any of the skills you use for gaining experience, just to offset your Exp% gain and Myst% gain to get to some easier carns (this applies primarily to people without the Ancient gear and Black Pepper hookups), you may decide to put ONE SINGLE carn into each of the easy-to-level skills, such as Smelting, Cooking, Fishing, Foraging, Farming, Shield Block, Sword, and Dagger.
  66. 3) Similarly to the second tip, when you think you're done reincarnating, you should at least take the time to put a single carn into any skill you find easy to level, just to capitalize on that "easy" carn, and therefore max level and % gains.
  68. 4) Reincarnating Tilling a few times early on, like even as your first 3-5 carns, might help you by getting you higher exp/myst% gains early on, since Tilling is very easy to level and therefore makes for an easy carn at any point.
  73. One example of an early carn order for someone with no friends, no hook-ups, and no idea what they're doing might look like this:
  75. 1: Hunting, to get some future damage and to get some myst refunds going.
  76. 2: Hunting, same as above, try to build up a bigger refund than the first time.
  77. 3: Hunting, same as above.
  78. 4: Fishing, refer to 1st Tip posted in the "TIPS/TRICKS/SPECIALTY CARNS". Hunt a little to maintain a small refund.
  79. 5: Exploration, try to have Ancient and/or Humming gear by this point. Hunt a little to maintain a decent refund.
  80. 6: Exploration, same as above.
  81. 7: Weapon, time to get some damage going again, build a bigger myst refund. Hunt a lot, use dummies to offset exp if Hunting is too high.
  82. 8: Weapon, same as above, try to build a bigger myst refund.
  83. 9: Repairing, now is the latest you want to do this, but those previous carns were still important enough to justify.
  84. 10: Repairing, same as above.
  85. 11: Hunting, time to build that myst refund back up.
  86. 12: Hunting, try for an even bigger myst refund, the next carn sucks.
  87. 13: Exploration, it sucks because you're missing 20 levels of exp potential, but it's worth it.
  88. 14: Weapon, build up that early damage and myst refund.
  89. 15: Armor, by this point we need it, and should just get it through hunting in South Sands Desert or UW25+.
  90. 16: Armor, same as above.
  91. 17: Weapon, build up damage and myst refund.
  92. 18: Mining, if you like mining or do much UW diving.
  93. 19: Mining, same as above.
  94. 20: These next 20-ish carns are probably considered the "easiest" carns. Your exp/myst% gains from carning have about peaked by now or around this time, and carns will slowly get harder at around 30-50. Use this knowledge to decide what difficult carns you might want. You may want Assassination, or Destruction, or Construction, or some gathering skills. This is the time you want to carn those.
  97. FAQ:
  99. Aint nobody asked shit yet.
  105. I've followed this guide pretty much to the T. I don't know if there are exp skills I'm missing from my list or how out-of-order it truly is, but I can usually carn once every approximately 8 hours of play time, which I believe to be quite good. If you like this guide let me know, and if you catch anything wrong with it, please let me know. The last thing I want to be doing is misleading people. Enjoy and happy carning!
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