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  1. > What is this character's species/race?
  2. Otis is a Cat S├Čth, or Cat Sidhe
  4. > What are some notable traits about this character? What's his personality like, and describe him physically
  5. The most notable thing about Otis is his Can-Do attitude. It's almost unnatural how cheery one man can be, but if he thinks he can make your day a little better, he will. Tries not to go overboard with it though, and there are some things he just won't do. Physically his fur is a grayish-black with a big tuft of white bursting from his bust. He's a little beefy, with a soft belly but pretty firm pecs. He wears a light gray v-neck to let his tuft of white show and wears cargo shorts. Also has a slight accent, but nobody can tell if it's scottish or irish
  7. > What can he do in the Hotel as his job?
  8. With his cheery attitude, he would be perfect in the HR department, specifically with complaints since he wants his friends and potential new friends to all enjoy eachother! He's sure he'll find a solution
  10. > The Hotel takes in people who are lost, have nowhere to go, who are left wandering or are not missed. Why is this character lost?
  11. He is lost because he gives kindness to the wrong people. You'd hardly tell he was born the runt of a family who had zero hope for him to begin with. His siblings left him out of everything as if he wasn't there at all, but to Otis they were the coolest! How the were so smart with the way they would scare humans with their tricks, he still wanted to root for them even if they weren't too kind
  14. > Most people who arrive at the Hotel are hurting in some shape or form. How does he arrive at the Hotel, and how will he be once he's had some time to recover and flourish?
  15. No matter what, he's always gonna be the runt everyone takes as a joke, so he gets the idea to go on a trip to some of the places he's read about. He plans to set out on a ferry to France, but next thing he knows, he's overboard and blacks out. Washes up on the beach of the hotel still out of it. After he heals from almost drowning and is told that no, this isn't the after life, it won't take long for him to open up. He just can't help exploring this new place and the people who live there.
  17. > What does he need to flourish? Will Anon, Asterion or the staff have to do something to get him going? (This is kind of a plus, as I can make a quest out of this character.)
  18. All he needs is a friend, one who won't see him as just a runt. Won't even mention growing up as a runt, just in case.
  20. > How does this character relate to other characters?
  21. He's the little brother of the group. He looks up to everyone because they're like the family he never knew he wanted!
  23. > Try and describe a funny/endearing/captivating moment for your character
  24. When he was younger he admired what humans managed to create, especially books. He just adores the fantasies people can come up with and does his best to memorize his favorites. When he thinks he's in private he likes to read aloud and make his own voices for the book characters while trying to replicate some of the accents from the others in the hotel. Will, in fact, die on the spot if he knows people are watching. Likes to send cards to some of his siblings on special occasions, even though he never gets any back.
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