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  1. Currently a user by the name of "Dawson" has created a file the size of 12,234 petabytes on his computer, "it broke" he responded. It includes the "Dawson" message "I wish I could go with other people" that has been shared thousands of times over the last two and a half years. He received an email saying the problem went away, but he still had the file on "A" he received.
  3. Dawson said he didn't know anyone on the net who knew the source of the attack. His main source of information was a source who said he's been hacked and that he'd never seen anything like this before.
  5. "I think people who did this were very gullible," Davis told The Washington Post yesterday. "They could simply simply say they used some trick to get into a group and use it to go there and get an idea of how to break into some security flaw that would allow you to make a compromise and then you could get a second group member to attack you in some way and exploit the breach."
  7. He pointed to someone claiming to be "the hacker," "someone who is working on a new project," and "Someone who looks to be a senior security executive in the White House, a senior adviser to President Obama."
  9. So, apparently, even with only two hackers who actually did come close to figuring out why the whole thing was going on, many who have been able to get help from those who know more about what goes on were able to bypass it.
  11. Davis is now working off the advice of his former hacker buddy, Matthew Davis, and now the hacker of a new vulnerability that bypasses the traditional security check-in mechanism. Dawson says he'd find that "I can take a lot of risks in life and try to be that person that I'm not. But there's still some more of it." He also has a video project for security researchers.
  13. We're not sure what type of attack was unleashed on him, but it's hard to see how anyone could have even guessed that a group like this could actually do something like this.<|endoftext|>"You have two choices. Either one you can either go for it, or you can go for it. In the end, I think you win."
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