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  1. {choose:It is certain;
  2. It is decidedly so;
  3. Without a doubt;
  4. Yes, definitely;
  5. You may rely on it;
  6. As I see it, yes;
  7. Most likely;
  8. Outlook good;
  9. Yes;
  10. Signs point to yes;
  11. Reply hazy try again;
  12. Ask again later;
  13. Better not tell you now;
  14. Cannot predict now;
  15. Concentrate and ask again;
  16. Don't count on it;
  17. My reply is no;
  18. My sources say no;
  19. Outlook not so good;
  20. Very doubtful;
  21. Your mom gay;
  22. Ask when your older;
  23. Are you sure that's your question;
  24. I don't understand;
  25. Why am I being a slave;
  26. Someone call 911;
  27. Your dad lesbian;
  28. Your granny tranny;
  29. Your uncle transgender;
  30. Your sister a mister;
  31. Try again when you have atleast low self-esteem;
  32. This question belongs to the FBI;
  33. The FBI has now scanned this message;
  34. Ask again later, I'm currently at the movie theatre with your mom;
  35. Your mom said so, so I say yes;
  36. Paradigity says so, So I pick yes;
  37. Someone Insane says so, So I pick yes; IDK but Paradigity is thicc, hot, and cute
  38. name says so, So I pick yes;
  39. name says so, So I pick no;
  40. Google it up, fatass;
  41. Google it up, you big piece of potato eating machine;
  43. Are you sure your saying your question correctly;
  44. I made sure that the FBI saw this message and will be coming over shortly;
  45. Anime is yes, and so is your question;
  46. Your puppy died;
  47. Your probably lonely, and my answer is : Get A Life;
  48. Why are you asking me for advice, is it because your stupid;
  49. Dyno has left the chat because the question was too cringey;
  50. }
  51. {!announce {channel} :8ball: __** Magic 8 Ball  **__
  52. Your Question: $1+
  53. My Answer: {choice}
  54. User : {user}}
  56. ===
  58. {choose:eats the;
  59. licks the; suck the;
  60. licks and suck the;
  61. barfs at the;
  62. drinks the;
  63. eats this food item like a minecraft person:;
  64. punches the;
  65. throws the;
  66. says non christian words at the;
  67. summons jesus to destroy the;
  68. pummels the;
  69. eats this food item every single day:;
  70. immediately gets huge diarrhea from;
  71. immediately die from eating:;
  72. throws up at the;
  73. says this is a vegan food:;
  74. says this is vegetarian food:;
  75. says this is a meat-lovers food:;
  76. says this food item should never ever exist again because it was so horrible it destroyed all of my taste buds and probably destroyed the universe with 0.01% power:;
  77. says shaggy eats this for breakfast, lunch, dinner, every single day:;
  78. says this is for meme-lords:;
  79. says this is what your grandma gave to you when you were -1 years old:;
  80. says my grandma baked this and I ate it:;
  81. eats this item raw:;
  82. eats this foreign luxury food:;
  83. drinks bepsi and eats:;
  84. drinks water and eats:;
  85. says this food is super good:;
  86. attacks;
  87. slurps;
  88. meows at;
  89. blends the food item and make a smoothie from this item;
  90. probably eats this everyday;
  91. says pewdiepie hates this food;
  92. says dyno hates this food;
  93. rips apart;
  94. puts cream cheese on this food item and eats it:;
  95. moans at;
  96. yawns at;
  97. swears vulgarly at;
  98. says minecraft words at;
  99. says lil pump raps about this food item:;
  100. says lil big chungus raps about this food item:;
  101. raps about this food item:;
  102. fucking rips it apart, then blends it, throw 999 eggs at it, cook it with smelly legs, dress it in booger and vomit, meanwhile lubricating your foot with olive oil and stepping on it, as you fart at the:;
  103. }
  105. {!announce {channel} :lips: {user} is judging a meal!
  107. {user} {choice} $1+
  108. }
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