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  1. (1:03:55 AM) Taetarthe: So... I was reading through the wikipedia page of water.
  2. (1:04:49 AM) Taetarthe: And the line "which is the main constituent of Earth's streams, lakes, and oceans, and the fluids of most living organisms." really concerns me
  3. (1:05:00 AM) Taetarthe: most
  4. (1:05:23 AM) edgy: What?
  5. (1:05:28 AM) bladez [bladez@skanks.liek.spaghetti.pubes] entered the room.
  6. (1:05:37 AM) Taetarthe: .... What living organisms don't have water as the main constituent fluid?
  7. (1:06:09 AM) Taetarthe: Moreover, what fluid Do those said organisms have?
  8. (1:06:33 AM) Taetarthe: ... I'm greatly concerned here at the lack of citation on this particular line.
  9. (1:06:49 AM) guescat8: Bacteria, maybe, Taetarthe.
  10. (1:07:51 AM) edgy: That statement is probably supposed to imply that a the bodies of most organism are, to a huge percentage water.
  11. (1:08:28 AM) stonecold left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
  12. (1:08:29 AM) Taetarthe: It's stating that water is the main constituent of most living organisms, but it doesn't clarify how they're measuring most.
  13. (1:08:57 AM) Taetarthe: Like, by number, mass, volume?
  14. (1:09:17 AM) edgy: On average, the body of an adult human being is 60% water, most of which is contained in the cells, which need water to live.
  15. (1:09:38 AM) edgy: Just Googled 'human body 70% water' and got that as the first hit on Google.
  16. (1:09:44 AM) edgy: Dunno how they measure.
  17. (1:09:49 AM) Taetarthe: Yes, but what living organism doesn't have water as the main constituent fluid?
  18. (1:10:03 AM) guescat8: Bacteria. I JUST SAID.
  19. (1:10:10 AM) Taetarthe: Which bacteria?
  20. (1:10:20 AM) guescat8: All bacteria.
  21. (1:10:30 AM) guescat8: Bacteria does not consist of water at all, yet is a living organism.
  22. (1:10:37 AM) guescat8: Sometimes it needs water to spread; that's it.
  23. (1:10:47 AM) edgy: Dunno, some probably have 10% of their body mass as water which means it's not much compared to those that have 70% as their body water?
  24. (1:10:57 AM) Taetarthe: There's a problem with that assessment. Bacteria's main constituent fluid is what?
  25. (1:11:36 AM) guescat8: I don't think bacteria has a "main consistent fluid". It doesn't need to have fluid to survive, like we do.
  26. (1:12:06 AM) tibbitz: lol, wtf do you think cytoplasm and the fluid inside organelles is guescat8
  27. (1:12:14 AM) JohnDerp left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
  28. (1:12:15 AM) tibbitz: air?
  29. (1:12:21 AM) tibbitz: Lol
  30. (1:12:29 AM) guescat8: Cytoplasm isn't really a fluid.
  31. (1:12:34 AM) edgy: Yes, and the other word is "the main constituent fluid"
  32. (1:12:51 AM) guescat8: Also, we're not talking about organelles. We are talking about single-celled bacteria.
  33. (1:12:54 AM) tibbitz: lol it's mostly water, and the fluid inside organelles is mostly water
  34. (1:13:16 AM) tibbitz: paramecia are mostly water lol
  35. (1:13:19 AM) Taetarthe: ... the main constituent... fluids of most living organisms.
  36. (1:13:27 AM) tibbitz: you are a fucking idiot
  37. (1:13:48 AM) tibbitz: And are too stupid to realize it
  38. (1:13:58 AM) edgy: There are other fluids in a human body, probably other than water
  39. (1:14:09 AM) edgy: But, water is the main constituent?
  40. (1:14:11 AM) edgy: Dunno
  41. (1:14:29 AM) Taetarthe: I am not aware of any living organism which would contain any fluid which would contain another main contituent fluid other than water, at least off the top of my head.
  42. (1:14:53 AM) edgy: Whatever
  43. (1:15:16 AM) SuspiciousPizza [] entered the room.
  44. (1:15:27 AM) guescat8: Yeah, you're actually right, tibbitz. I was mostly guessing that it would be single-celled bacteria.
  45. (1:16:06 AM) Taetarthe: This wikipedia article needs revising or citation to fix or clarify the use of the word "most"
  46. (1:16:20 AM) tibbitz: guescat8: wtf are you even trying to say. How do you think osmoregulation in cells works you retard
  47. (1:16:34 AM) guescat8: Mostly since I can't think of any other living organism in which it would make since that it's not highly composed of water.
  48. (1:16:58 AM) guescat8: tibbitz, I have no clue, to be honest.
  49. (1:17:59 AM) tibbitz: hint, it involves water, lol
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