Mom in college 35

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  1. Fmc: Joe Soo Yeon
  2. Fmc’s son: Inho Seok
  3. Husband: Kyung Seok
  4. Bhr sis: Kwon Su Jin
  5. Darky sis: Kwon Bin
  6. Blonde: Yong Ho
  7. MC: Kang Won-Seok
  11. The chapter start with son stare at mc upset, mc now turn his head and when see son serious turn his head fast. He reacts surprised when son say Won-seok, mc worried tun his head asking yes… Inho. What? Son says you tell me. Everything. Before I ask, tell me the truth. I’ll take your word for it, we’re friend. Mc depress thinking I think if I do it, I’m going to leave the house… what should I do…? Son says when I was bullied, I don’t know what would have happened if you hadn’t helped me. You’re the one who helped me bully my classmates as well. I could have just saved a poor guy… mc is looking at son in silence. II was so grateful that my life changed thanks to you, mc surprised say well… something like that. I take it, son says I won’t forget that debt until I die. But… now son serious again say the problem with my mom is different, he screams not at all! Mc surprised meanwhile son continues it’s my dad’s problem, it’s my problem. The whole family is at stake, for one thing you do!
  13. Mc says what happened was Inho… son says no, don’t tell me. Don’t say anything, whether it’s true or an excuse. It doesn’t matter now, it’s your future behavior and your subsequent promises. Mc asks that means… don’t meet any more, right? Son says of course! We’ve agreed to do that, you broke that promise. My mom… don’t meet her. Never. It’s not a request this time, you’ll do that, right? Answer me, Won-Seok… the door start to sound and son surprised ask who is it? there’s no one coming at this hour? Mc getting up ask isn’t it Soo Yeon? Son angry ask Soo Yeon? Mc surprised say oh… sorry. Your mother… they go to see who is it behind de door, son get a bad react because is red than is coming. She screams oh, oppa! I can’t reach you..! Now she looking at him ask why you are like this? Huh? He says oh… I turned it off for a while, come on in for now. He worried ask by the way, how did you know my house? She says why don’t you know… you don’t remember that you told me before? Son asks did I? Meanwhile mc think looking at them Inho’s girlfriend? You’re pretty good at this, all of them sit again. Son now ask what brings you to my house all of a sudden? She says we came to school together, and all of a sudden? You said I could come visit anytime, he looking around drinking say oh… I did. Now she ask are you saying that you’ve had sex with me now? Son and mc react surprised slipt the drink, he surprised say oh, come on… she says wow… that’s right, now she say oh, right. I saw your mother on the way here, son say yes? Now he ask do you know my mom?
  15. Red says oh, why you act like this today. You showed me the picture of her yesterday, son says I see… I’m on my way to school. She asks really? she were driving with other people? Son surprised ask what? Mc asks different people? Now he scream who else! She surprised say oh, my god! She continues well… I saw it while I was comes here… mc says remember that, she says I think It was two men. Mc reacting surprised ask two men? Red thinking why are you speaking informally to me when you just met me? Son asks that can’t be true? Mc says Inho, do you have anything in mind? Son worried say well… we have a couple of close friends in this town, but they’re all women of her age. I don’t have any men to drive with me, red says come to think of it, your mother looked mad. At first glance… son surprised ask do you happen to remember that car? She says well… I don’t know much about cars… I think I can tell if I can see it… mc says this is not the time, let’s go out and find it. Son says well, yeah. Now moving to a old building, fmc is there with her body tremble… Tbc…
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