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DnD Campaign - 2nd47 Part 1

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  5. Gleb: 2D6+3 => 14
  6. 2nd47: 1T => 0 | die: D1
  7. Someone4956: yeah like this
  8. 2nd47: chat test
  9. 2nd47: herro
  10. Gleb: Yeah like that.
  11. 2nd47: In the Realm of Valakaz, the people have known only turmoil and political strife. Through the spread of monstrous rampage throughout the land and the rise of traitorous sorcerers, there is little place for refuge. Though, on the north-east island of Distar, the Cat & Mouse Inn is welcoming a particular group of adventurers who have yet to realize the true scape of their adventure
  12. 2nd47: Under the dark tavern lights, they discuss their history and their plans for the future.
  13. 2nd47: A half-elf begins to speak, with his rough and mumbling voice he attempts to speak softly to the group: "Raised in an orphanage, I was plucked from many children to a rather strange human family. They had a fierce strife with the local dragons and they sought it their lineage to destroy them all." He slams his hand on the table on which they all sit, and exclaims, revealing a torn piece of scaled skin, "Here, my friends, is my lineage. A piece of dragon skin. To this day I found it my dream to elminiate th
  14. 2nd47: "... them from the entire world and ensure they do not return." He leans back and the mumbling conversation from all across the tavern begin to overtake the adventurer's ears. A warforged construct begins to speak, tellign the group of his own history and his planned future.
  15. Gleb: The Warforged, having a very quirky voice, speaks: "My name is Archibald. I don't know how old I am, I do not remember my past but this Journal of mine..." he cuts off when he takes out a tome and puts it on the table. "Does. It is written in a language I can't remember and no one has ever seen. I want to find information about this language and re-learn it."
  16. Gleb: "Also I advise you, Elf, for teraphy sessions. Dragons are very useful when it comes to business and warfare."
  17. Gleb: He then gives an opening for the interesting Sorcerer with a ladder on his back to speak.
  18. 2nd47: "You may think that, but I've my reasons for killing them. For as long as I live, Geralt Urlman, half-elf, will make it his duty to eradicate their existence. What about you, human? Who are you?"
  19. Someone4956: The human leans forward, resting his elbows on the table.
  20. Someone4956: The human begins to speak: "Me? Well, my name is Ladd, for one. Ladd Erman. Was born in a village far out west from here"
  21. Someone4956: Ladd continues: "Was a nameless village, the residents weren't a bright bunch. We were rooted in a canyon, not much lateral space there, you know."
  22. Someone4956: "My father was a carpenter, my mother died after giving birth. When you have nothing to do except sit around all day watching your father make ladders, you get quite bored."
  23. Gleb: "I can tell." notes Archibald.
  24. 2nd47: "Do you know yourway around a carpenting bench, human?"
  25. Someone4956: "Although that boredom was quelled one day when a band of traveling monks came to the village. On a pilgrimage, I suppose."
  26. Someone4956: "Me? Hah, no, it was too dull for my tastes"
  27. 2nd47: Among their chatter, a human commoner runs towards their table. He nearly falls face first onto the table when he gains his balance and stands up.
  28. Someone4956: Looking startled, Ladd asks: "You okay there, friend?"
  29. Gleb: Archibald quickly puts his Tome back where it belongs.
  30. 2nd47: "'elp me, men, I truly 'eed your 'elp!", he exclaims in his rattled and shaken voice.
  31. Someone4956: "Calm down, what's going on?"
  32. Gleb: "Whatever, I have nothing better to do."
  33. 2nd47: "My dotta's been taken to a ruined village not far from here by some bandits, and they won't let her leave!
  34. 2nd47: "There's no way anyone in the entire island has the funds to pay the ransom, but they'll kill 'er they will! I need you to get 'er back for me!"
  35. Gleb: "Expect a child, human. Bandits usually aren't very polite. Just a fair warning."
  36. Gleb: "And they don't hold their promises."
  37. Someone4956: "Stay your tongue, Warforged. No need to send the man into a frenzy."
  38. 2nd47: "I say, I've run out of options! No one in this inn knows their sword from their prick!"
  39. Someone4956: "I dunno, I'm pretty handy with a spell or two. What about you two?"
  40. Gleb: Archibald stands up and quickly unsheaths a fat, large great-sword in a form of a Gladius, been hidden underneath his robes.
  41. Gleb: "I like hitting things."
  42. Someone4956: "What about you, Elf?"
  43. 2nd47: "A bandit is no match for an arrow", Geralt states in a calm, dominating manner
  44. Someone4956: "You think we ought to help him? He does seem quite concerned."
  45. 2nd47: The human interrupts their conversation once more, "Please, sir, I need to get her back!"
  46. Gleb: "I have nothing better to do. I already asked around town if anyone knows about this language of mine."
  47. Someone4956: "Actually, hold on. Let me see that tome real quick, I know Dwarven and Draconic, I might be able to translate."
  48. Gleb: "I already tried Dwarven, but here." Archibald passes the tome to Ladd.
  49. Gleb: The tome is completely unillegable! Symbols and patterns that have never been seen before have been struck by Ladd's eyes.
  50. Someone4956: "Hrm, nothing I've ever seen before. Maybe if we come across a more skilled wizard, we can get it translated." Ladd hands the tome back to Archibald.
  51. Gleb: Archibald puts the tome back where it belongs and states: "Believe me, I travelled far enough to know that it's a very dead language."
  52. 2nd47: IC: "Well, then. What's your name, commoner, and how far is your daughter?"
  53. 2nd47: "She's just a few miles north from here, somewhere north from the city. I can give you directions on your map if you'd like." The commoner points to the small ruins shrouded by the forest, just east of the Desolate Plains.
  54. 2nd47: "My name is Johan, Johan Stroud, sir."
  55. Gleb: "Forest, ruins, that means a perfect place for an ambush." notes Archibald.
  56. Gleb: "They will most likely surround us."
  57. Someone4956: "Could be a trap as well." quips Ladd
  58. 2nd47: IC: "I don't like the sound of it, either."
  59. 2nd47: "Alright, sirs, I understand your worry. But when they took her from me there were only two or three of them! Surely for men of your skill that is no challenge."
  60. Gleb: 1H,+1Hy+noT." => 2 | die: Dno
  61. Gleb: "Eh, okay why not."
  62. Someone4956: "Sure, I'm all for it."
  63. 2nd47: (IC) "Alright, fine."
  64. 2nd47: (IC) "Let's get a move on, then?"
  65. Gleb: Archibald sheaths his sword and follows the group./
  66. Someone4956: "Fine by me, although, you have no problem of my knowledge of Draconic, do you, Elf?"
  67. 2nd47: (IC) "I, myself, know Draconic. There is only one way to beat a dragon as easily as you can and that is to trick it. I more than appreciate your knowledge of the language."
  68. Someone4956: "Fair enough, then. I say we get moving, we'll want to get there as quick as possible." says Ladd, while hooking his crossbow to his belt.
  69. 2nd47: "Thank you sirs, thank you!" The commoner waves the group away as they exit the tavern. The cold, chilling air sends shivers through their bodies as they begin walking towards the ruins.
  70. Gleb: "If anyone is feeling tired, you're welcome to have a ride on my back." notes Archibald on the way.
  71. 2nd47: Upon leaving the city, they decide it would be wise to arrange a marching order in case they run into trouble. Knowing the forests contain the occasional wolf, it would be wise to prepare.
  72. Someone4956: "Not tired, no. Although I will take measure of walking behind you so as to block the cold wind."
  73. Gleb: "Go ahead."
  74. 2nd47: (IC) "I'll stay at the back, my bow will do me better good if I'm not beside the enemy."
  75. Someone4956: "I guess you're in the front, Archie. I'll be in the middle, then."
  76. Gleb: "But to be honest, I'm not made of the hardest metal here. Believe me I tested that."
  77. 2nd47: As they move through the forest, the note that the trees are beginning to wither and die. They are only about 3 miles from the ruins at this point.
  78. Gleb: "And like I said, they will most likely cause an ambush, attacking from behind."
  79. Someone4956: "Well, with the Elf's sharp eyes, he'd be able to spot an ambush quick than I could, at any rate. Not to mention he's probably sturdier than I am."
  80. 2nd47: As they walk through the forest, they see that to their right there is a beast attempting to sneak behind them. It is a wolf, though unlike many that are often seen, it's face is almost inside-out, exposing its now skeletal-facial features.
  81. Gleb: "Necromancer's work, no doubt." says Archibald without any sign of fear.
  82. 2nd47: It moves through the forest quickly, attempting to run around the party, but begins to run straight at them!
  83. Gleb: He quickly unsheaths his sword from his robe.
  84. Someone4956: Ladd readies his crossbow.
  85. 2nd47: (IC) "This will be quick work."
  86. 2nd47: (OOC) Roll for initiative
  87. Someone4956: "I hope so."
  88. Someone4956: 1D20 => 10
  89. Gleb: Archibald has his eyes fixed on the wolf the whole time, spinning tiresly from it's running.
  90. Gleb: 1d20
  91. Gleb: 1D20 => 2
  92. 2nd47: 1D20 => 12
  93. 2nd47: (0)+oD1F, +aD1T, +1D,+onE +iS +iD1E +1D1R. +1E +yoD1R +anD1S => 2 | die: D6, ones: 1
  94. 2nd47: (OOC) Wolf, Geralt, Ladd, Someone is initiative order. Prepare your commands
  95. 2nd47: The strange wolf pounces at Archibald, narily missing his hip with its razor sharp claws. It lands just to the other side of him.
  96. Gleb: 1D1+1S +1To +1Ly+1DicE +1D1E +oD1F +aS +0+coD1R -acK. => 3 | die: D10, ones: 2
  97. Gleb: Archibald attempts to quickly slice the wolf as a counter-attack.
  98. 2nd47: Geralt draws his pow and flings an arrow at the wolf, missing it and having the arrow land in the grown behind it.
  99. Gleb: Archibald shouts "We should knock it out! Cage it up and show the others as a warning!"
  100. Someone4956: Ladd readies his crossbow and fires an arrow at the wolf.
  101. Someone4956: 1D20+3 => 5
  102. 2nd47: Ladd misses the wolf, the bolt landed in the field behind it.
  103. Gleb: 1D10+3 => 12
  104. 2nd47: Archibald's whacking attemp is unsuccessful, leaving the wolf unharmed.
  105. Someone4956: "Good gods, what is this thing made of?" mutters Ladd.
  106. 2nd47: The wolf growls vigorously at archibald, and moves to just north of him, allowing Archibald and Ladd to strike the wolf!
  107. 2nd47: (OOC) Attack of Opportunity, roll!
  108. Gleb: 1D10 => 3
  109. Gleb: 1D20+3 => 15
  110. Gleb: 2D6+3 => 10
  111. Gleb: "GRAGH!" Shouts Archibald as he hammers his sword down unto the Zombie-Wolf.
  112. 2nd47: Archibald lands his greatsword square in the strange wolf's skull, eminating a loud crisp "CRACK" as its skull is ripped open and chips into pieces.
  113. 2nd47: Now still, the wolf is no longer a threat.
  114. Gleb: Archibald quickly and silently puts his sword back into it's place.
  115. Gleb: He picks up the dead wolf's carcass.
  116. 2nd47: (IC) "An odd creature, I imagine a sorcerer conjured this"
  117. Gleb: And starts holding it over his shoulder.
  118. Gleb: "I'll show this later ot the folks, might get some kind of a payment for this."
  119. Someone4956: "I doubt it, but you never know."
  120. 2nd47: The party finds no items on the creature, but it's stench begins to repulse all the party expect the Warforged construct who is unaffected. The party begins moving to the ruins, now only a mile away from their current location
  121. Someone4956: "I have some knowledge on the arcane, lemme take a look at the wolf. I might be able to find something, maybe some markings? Although the stench is horrible."
  122. 2nd47: (IC) "It's possible, let him see it."
  123. Gleb: Archibald starts holding the wolf with his two hands, ready to move the wolf about if needed for the Sorcerer.
  124. Someone4956: 1D20+5 => 14
  125. 2nd47: Examining the wolf, Ladd finds nothing related to Arcana on the wolf itself. It seems to be just another manifestation of flesh like any other monster.
  126. Someone4956: "Probably the work of a necromancer, we should probably stow the carcass away from the ruins. Don't want the smell giving us away."
  127. Gleb: Archibald nods as a response and puts the wolf away, hidding it in the bushes.
  128. 2nd47: While Ladd examines the corpse, there are two dark wolves in the distance, with red, vibrant eyes. They seem larger than a regular wolf and look very dangerous
  129. 2nd47: (IC) "Ladd, should we fire at them? They haven't seen us."
  130. Gleb: "I stay on no opinion about this."
  131. Someone4956: "I dunno, the eyes seem strange. Better safe than sorry, I suppose."
  132. Gleb: "More proof there is work of sorcery around this."
  133. 2nd47: (OOC) Roll for a surprise attack round.
  134. 2nd47: 1d20 + 4
  135. 2nd47: 1D20+++4 => Error: please check your formula (17+++4)
  136. 2nd47: 1D20+4 => 15
  137. Someone4956: 1D20+3 => 22 | critical
  138. Gleb: 1D20+1 => 12
  139. 2nd47: Before Geralt even nocks his arrow, Ladd's crossbow delivers a bolt in the head of on of the two large wolves. It's body stiffens and flings backward slightly to the force of the bolt, leaving the other wolf scared. It begins to run at the party with great speed.
  140. Gleb: Archibald attempts to warn his fellow team-mates as low as possible, not to give away their cover: "Try knocking one of them out, we could use them for examination later."
  141. Gleb: "Or show them to the villagers, maybe they know."
  142. 2nd47: (OOC) Roll for initiative, the wolf is running towards you!
  143. 2nd47: 1D20+3 => 21
  144. Someone4956: 1D20+3 => 11
  145. Gleb: 1D20+1 => 4
  146. 2nd47: (OOC) Geralt, Ladd, wolf, Archibal is initiative order, prepare your commands
  147. Gleb: Archibald readies himself for an attack.
  148. Gleb: By the wolf, that is.
  149. 2nd47: The wolf pounces towards Archibald, striking him for 1HP of damage, a simple scratch.
  150. 2nd47: Moving around Archibald to strike the wolf with his sword, Geralt attacks with his shortsword.
  151. 2nd47: 1D20+1 => 18
  152. 2nd47: 1D6 => 3
  153. 2nd47: Geralt strikes the wolf, making its leg bleed.
  154. 2nd47: (OOC) Ladd's roll
  155. Someone4956: Ladd readies a spell, casting Magic Missle.
  156. Someone4956: 1D4+1 => 3
  157. 2nd47: The wolf is stricken with magic missile, the arcane nature of the spell sends the wolf away from Archibald, allowing him to strike at the wolf!
  158. Gleb: 1D20+3 => 15
  159. 2nd47: (OOC) Damage him
  160. Gleb: 2D6+3 => 13
  161. Gleb: 1D1+1DingS +1DiS +gianT +1D1+1Ly,+oM +1DiS +1D1T +1To +1DiS +igD1T +aT +1D1E +oD1F. => -12 | ones: 5, die: Da, TaP*: fail
  162. Gleb: Archibald swings his giant sword quickly, from his left to his right at the wolf.
  163. 2nd47: Delivering a fatal blow with his greatsword, the wolf is flung to the right of the party and is no longer able to walk. It pants with its last few breaths.
  164. Gleb: Archibald sheaths his sword and proceeds towards the corpse of the wolf.
  165. Gleb: He picks it and walks towards Ladd without saying a word, just showing it infront of him.
  166. Someone4956: Ladd speaks up "Before you even touch it, let me try casting detect magic."
  167. Gleb: "...Oh."
  168. Someone4956: "Oh well, no harm done, I'm sure."
  169. Someone4956: Ladd casts Detect Magic on the corpse of the now dead wolf.
  170. 2nd47: Inspecting the wolf, you reference it with your knowledge of magic and there is no magical aura around it.
  171. 2nd47: (IC) "I may be able to recognize this beast, I have a great deal of knowledge in nature."
  172. Someone4956: "Go for it, I'm beat."
  173. Gleb: Archibald turns to... The Elf, I forgot his name.
  174. 2nd47: 1D20+7 => 16
  175. 2nd47: "As I thought, it's a simple worg. An almost mutated variant of a wolf with tougher skin, claws, and demenor."
  176. 2nd47: "Nothing special, in particular."
  177. 2nd47: (IC) "Let's keep moving, then?"
  178. Someone4956: "A shame, we could have avoided a conflict."
  179. Gleb: "And I was hoping I would have a skeleton to punch!" exclaims Archibald.
  180. Gleb: "They make funny rattling noises."
  181. Someone4956: "So do you, you bucket of bolts."
  182. Gleb: Archibald casually drops the wolf and starts walking off where needs to be.
  183. Gleb: He ignores the reference by Geralt, though.
  184. 2nd47: The adventurers are now on the outskirts of the ruins and prepare to engage whatever awaits them.
  185. 2nd47: With their limited view of the ruins, they map their location and determin which way to move is best
  186. 2nd47: The buildings looks tattered, some of them not used in years. However, as they walk towards the ruins they notice that there are multiple footprints scattered across the trail they are walking through
  187. Gleb: "Bandits are tricky, I bet they want us to split up." notes Archibald.
  188. Someone4956: "We should probably examine those footprints, how about it Elf?"
  189. 2nd47: (IC) "I can give it a shot but I suspect we're in for some trouble."
  190. 2nd47: 1D20+3 => 19
  191. 2nd47: (IC) "These tracks are definitely fresh, they've been here for at most a day or two. We should be careful, though, these walls may have ears."
  192. Someone4956: "Can you find the girl's footprints?
  193. Gleb: Archibald clears his "throat" and shouts:
  195. 2nd47: "There's definitely nothing small about these prints, the boots are as big as ours!"
  196. Someone4956: "You realize with my knowledge of Arcana, I could stop you from speaking ever again, yes?"
  197. Gleb: "What I do wrong?"
  198. 2nd47: As Archibald yells, an arrow flies by him and lands in the ground by his feet.
  199. Gleb: "Told you."
  200. 2nd47: (IC) "We need to get into cover, now!"
  201. Someone4956: "Don't push it, rusty."
  202. 2nd47: (IC) "Archibald, lead us to safety from these arrows!"
  203. Gleb: "Yeah well at least I don't need "substance" or whatever it is you devour to keep yourself alive."
  204. Gleb: "Yeah sure, that way." He points at left.
  205. Gleb: At the house.
  206. Someone4956: "Oh fine, let's just run."
  207. Gleb: Archibald shows no sign of fear or danger, but he runs along anyway.
  208. Gleb: He unsheaths his sword.
  209. 2nd47: Now safe behind the house, the group is to the side of a double door of a single-story, primitive house. It seems to be in relatively good shape in relation to the other buildings.
  210. Someone4956: "You think we ought to check inside this house here?"
  211. Gleb: Archibald attempts to kick down the door.
  212. Gleb: "Better than being open from most sides."
  213. Gleb: He goes in first.
  214. 2nd47: The door breaks intol small chunks about five inches across each as soon as Archibald lays his foot in the door, the work of termites most likely.
  215. 2nd47: As Archibald enters the house, the floor creaks and there is some rustling heard throughout the room. However, in the north-east corner you see a chest covered in cobwebs
  216. 2nd47: The other sides of the room are covered in ruined artworks and other paintings, no doubt the work of vandals.
  217. Someone4956: "Hmm, I wonder what's in this chest.....Geralt, you any good with traps?"
  218. 2nd47: (IC) "I couldn't tell a trap from a picnic basket, don't count on me."
  219. Gleb: "Flesh-bags!" Exclaims Archibald as he knocks the chest with his free hand.
  220. Someone4956: Ladd dives for cover, in case of the chest being trapped
  221. 2nd47: As the chest is hit with Archibalds free hand, a cloud of green gas engulfs the corner of the house. The Warforged, unaffected, stands beside the ruined chest.
  222. 2nd47: (IC) "Check the chest before whatever that is fills the place!"
  223. Gleb: "Oh and we still have the bandit problem." Notes Archibald.
  224. Someone4956: "You see? What did I tell you!"
  225. Gleb: Archibald quickly opens the chest to loot it's contents.
  226. 2nd47: The chest contains a simple longsword, around 30 gold pieces, and a potion of Cure Light Wounds. The rest of the chest contents are scattered across the floor in bits and pieces, most likely potions, as they have formed a small pink puddle in the corner of the room.
  227. 2nd47: Ladd is able to hear grunts and shoving from outside the house
  228. Someone4956: "Err, we have company, guys. Archibald, get to the door."
  229. Gleb: Archibald quickly takes the gold, puts it in one of his pouches, takes the potion and tosses it to Ladd.
  230. Gleb: He picks up the sword and tosses it to Geralt.
  231. Gleb: He quickly gets up and stands right next to the corner.
  232. 2nd47: Geralt dodges the sword, making sure it doesn't hit him "The hell was that for!?"
  233. Gleb: "Take it! Better than the one you used earlier!"
  234. Someone4956: "I advise against that, could be cursed. Keep it for later, when we aren't as occupied."
  235. 2nd47: As Archibald runs for the door, it is apparent that the guests are not what they expected. Three skeletons move into the house with clubs!
  236. 2nd47: (OOC) Roll for initiative!
  237. 2nd47: 1D20+3 => 18
  238. Gleb: Archibald shouts "I FUCKING TOLD YOU!!"
  239. Someone4956: 1D20+3 => 22 | critical
  240. Gleb: 1D20+1 => 9
  241. 2nd47: (OOC) Initiative is Ladd, Geralt, Archibald, and the skeletons!
  242. Someone4956: Ladd read his crossbow and fires a bolt at the skeleton in the middle of the group.
  243. Someone4956: 1D20+3 => 6
  244. 2nd47: Ladd's crossbow misses the skeletons, allowing Geralt to shoot his bow at them instead.
  245. 2nd47: 1D20+4 => 23
  246. 2nd47: 1D6 => 2
  247. 2nd47: Geralt hits with his bow, dealing 2HP of damage to the centre skeleton!
  248. Someone4956: Ladd shouts to Archibald: "Get in the doorway so they can't rush us!"
  249. Gleb: 1D1+1Ly+1D1S +oD1T +anD1+1S +1To +1DicE +1D1E +1D1E +1D1Ton +0+aD1F. => -14 | ones: 4, die: D1, TaP*: fail
  250. Gleb: Archibald quickly rushes out and attempts to slice the middle skeleton in half.
  251. Gleb: 1D20+3 => 18
  252. Gleb: 2D6+3 => 10
  253. 2nd47: Archibald hits the skeleton with deadly force, shattering it in half, its bones piling on the floor!
  254. Gleb: 1D1E +1DginS +cDan:ingT +aT!!" => 2 | ones: 2, die: Da
  255. Gleb: He begins chanting: "RATATATATATATAT!!"
  256. Gleb: His jaw is just jittering up and down.
  257. 2nd47: The other two skeletons move to attack archibald from his front.
  258. 2nd47: The skeleton to the east misses, but the skeleton to the west lands a devastating critical blow on Archibald, landing his club on top of Archibalds head for 7HP of damage!
  259. 2nd47: (IC) "Quickly, Ladd, give your potion to Archibald and we can fire at them!"
  260. Gleb: Archibald quickly turns back, after hearing Geralt's order.
  261. Someone4956: Ladd tosses his potion of Cure Light Wounds to Archibald.
  262. Gleb: Archibald catches it and just...
  263. Gleb: Gulps the bottle down.
  264. Gleb: The entire thing.
  265. Gleb: He then turns back facing the skeletons.
  266. Someone4956: Ladd readies his crossbow once more and fires at the skeleton on the west.
  267. Someone4956: 1D20+3 => 22 | critical
  268. Someone4956: 1D8 => 8
  269. 2nd47: The bolt from the crossbow lands straight in the skeleton's skull, flinging into onto the wet mud behind it. It remains motionless and appears to ahve been kiled instantly.
  270. 2nd47: Geralt strike an arrow from his bow, aimed at the one remaining skeleton.
  271. 2nd47: 1D20+++4 => Error: please check your formula (15+++4)
  272. 2nd47: 1D20+4 => 9
  273. 2nd47: The arrow misses the skeleton and lands safely in the mud.
  274. Gleb: Archibald attempts to smite the evil with his Great-Sword.
  275. Gleb: 1D20+3 => 18
  276. Gleb: 2D6+3 => 9
  277. Gleb: 1D8 => 6
  278. 2nd47: The skeleton feels the reprecussion of the great greatsowrd instantly, its body tumbling towards the ground and the sound of bones wrapping together signals the end of combat
  279. 2nd47: The skeletons leave no treasure but rusted and usless equipment
  280. Someone4956: "Well that was rather....interesting." remarks Ladd.
  281. Gleb: "That was satisfying." notes Archibald while sheathing his sword.
  282. Someone4956: "Indeed"
  283. Gleb: "Can you check on the magic on these things?" asks Archibald while facing Ladd.
  284. 2nd47: (IC) "We should get this over with, we don't know what else could be here."
  285. Someone4956: "No need, obviously the work of a necromancer."
  286. Gleb: "I told you."
  287. Someone4956: "We should probably get a move on."
  288. Gleb: "Also, small ruined town... Everyone dead and is becoming undead..."
  289. Gleb: "Is anyone getting de-ja-vu?"
  290. Gleb: "Oh and!"
  291. Gleb: Archibald quickly opens one of his pouches and gives Ladd and Geralt 10 GP each.
  292. Gleb: Or gold or whatever.
  293. Someone4956: "Oh cool. Thanks"
  294. Gleb: "It's from the chest and take that long-sword!" he notes.
  295. 2nd47: (IC) "I love gold!"
  296. 2nd47: The adventurers exit the house, now infront of the area where the door was.
  297. Gleb: Error: please check your formula ()
  298. Gleb: Archibald peeks over the corner of the house, where they previously were.
  299. Someone4956: "Any ideas on which way we should go?"
  300. 2nd47: (IC) "Let's see what else this town has, let's go north and investigate then quickly leave!"
  301. 2nd47: (OOC) Roll for a spot check, Archibald
  302. Gleb: 1D20-1 => 6
  303. 2nd47: Archibald finds nothing out of the ordinary.
  304. Someone4956: "Everyone knows that the eyes of Warforged aren't as good as human eyes. Elf, what about your eyes?"
  305. 2nd47: (IC) "Let's move north."
  306. NoPartyHats: NoPartyHats@cntcnh.dsl.dynamic.tds.net has joined the room.
  307. 2nd47: (IC) "Shall we?"
  308. Someone4956: "I dunno, the eyes of Warforged are never that good."
  309. Gleb: "I don't see anything."
  310. 2nd47: (IC) "I'll see what I can find"
  311. Gleb: Archibald turns back and says "Maybe they're hiding."
  312. 2nd47: 1D20+2 => 6
  313. Gleb: "Ghouls?"
  314. Someone4956: "I should probably take a look around as well."
  315. 2nd47: (IC) "I can't see anything"
  316. Someone4956: 1D20 => 17
  317. 2nd47: "Ladd sees nothing out of the ordinary."
  318. Someone4956: "Well then, north it is."
  319. 2nd47: The adventurers are now at the intersection of the road
  320. Someone4956: "Hmm, what now?"
  321. Gleb: "It just hit me, what if these footprints are from patrolling skeletons?"
  322. 2nd47: (IC) "Should we keep going? I don't feel like entering another trapped building."
  323. Gleb: "And we don't neccessarily have to determine our path because of the foot-prints?"
  324. Someone4956: "Yeah. Geralt, which way are these footprints going? We should probably follow them to find the girl."
  325. Gleb: "And at the same time, I would like to point out that we still haven't defeated the assailant with the arrow."
  326. 2nd47: (IC) "The footprints are all jumbled up but they go from north to south, they dont seem to be heading west at all."
  327. Someone4956: "Well, we should probably continue north then."
  328. 2nd47: The party moves north, now in the centre of the ruined village.
  329. 2nd47: The party is now surrounded by two larger buildings to their north and a small shack to the west
  330. 2nd47: (IC) "The tracks are now going in every direction but directly east."
  331. Someone4956: "Something tells me we should check out that shack to the west."
  332. 2nd47: (IC) "Agreed, let's do it, Archibald are you ready to lead?"
  333. Someone4956: "I wonder if we can see anything from here." says Ladd as he looks around.
  334. Someone4956: 1D20 => 14
  335. 2nd47: Ladd sees nothing out of the ordinary.
  336. Someone4956: "What about you, Geralt?"
  337. Gleb: Archibald responded to Geralt "Why not."
  338. 2nd47: (IC) "What about me?"
  339. Someone4956: "Take a look around, your eyes are better than mine."
  340. Gleb: Archibalt heads towards the shack/small building on the west.
  341. Gleb: "I wonder why won't they come near this place..."
  342. 2nd47: 1D20+2 => 13
  343. 2nd47: 1D20+2 => 9
  344. 2nd47: Geralt sees nothing out of the ordinary.
  345. Gleb: And Archibald heads towards it by himself, leaving Ladd and Geralt.
  346. 2nd47: Geralt moves to follow Archibald, making sure he puts himself third in the order.
  347. Someone4956: Ladd runs after Archibald as well, getting between Archibald and Geralt.
  348. 2nd47: (IC) "Crack open the door, it worked last time!"
  349. Gleb: Archibald turns to Geralt and Ladd. "Uh, this is a bad idea for you."
  350. Gleb: "Stand back, I'm pretty sure the undead have a good reason why they won't come near teh shack."
  351. 2nd47: (IC) "Fine, but get it open, will you?"
  352. 2nd47: Geralt retracts about five feet.
  353. Gleb: Archibald turns back to the shack and attempts to open it.
  354. Someone4956: "Agreed. Try not to make TOO much noise this time." says Ladd as he moves back 5 feet as well.
  355. 2nd47: Archibald cleanly opens the door, though it creaks often and unannounced.
  356. Gleb: Archibald steps inside and looks around.
  357. 2nd47: Archibald sees that the shack is empty except for a single staircase leading into a dimly lit basement with green moss growning on all sides of the walls.
  358. Gleb: "Guys I found the chamber to the Necromancer's lair!"
  359. Someone4956: "Is it safe?"
  360. Gleb: He exclaims back.
  361. Gleb: "Hold on let me go first."
  362. 2nd47: (IC) "Go on, then!"
  363. Gleb: Archibald starts walking down the stair-case.
  364. Someone4956: "Well? Give us some feedback!"
  365. Gleb: Archibald starts walking through the tunnel.
  366. 2nd47: At the end of the staircase, Archibald is able to see a long, dimly lit corridor, with a single door 10 ft from him and to his right. The corridor seems to branch off but he cannot see well enough. He needs some form of light to proceed.
  367. Gleb: "The stairs aren't trapped! Don't know about the tunnel!" he exclaims back.
  368. Gleb: He procceeds, with his great-sword out.
  369. Someone4956: "Hold on, let me get down there and I can provide some light."
  370. Someone4956: Ladd proceeds down the stairs and proceeds to cast Dancing Lights.
  371. Gleb: Archibald continues through the corridor, stopping at the door.
  372. 2nd47: With dancing lights, the construction of the area becomes more apparent. The light provide 10 ft of clear light, then dimming past that point
  373. 2nd47: The rest of the corridor looks similar, with another set of doors approximately 30 feet down from the party's current location. The entire structure appears to be made out of poorly masoned stone.
  374. Gleb: Archibald warns: "Step back a bit... I'll open this door."
  375. Someone4956: Ladd steps back about 5 feet.
  376. 2nd47: Geralt does the same
  377. Gleb: Archibald opens the door, casually.
  378. 2nd47: Archibald opens the door with erelative ease, revealing a poorly made bedroom. With all sorts of parchment scattered across the floor, it appears that someone wanted to leave in a hurry.
  379. 2nd47: The room also contains a small desk on its south end
  380. Gleb: Archibald heads towards the desk and opens it's contents, searching.
  381. Someone4956: Ladd begins to shuffle through the parchment on the floor.
  382. 2nd47: In the desk, Archibald finds nothing but a book on the Gnoll language and Ladd finds nothing but essays related to the Gnoll language. It would appear whosever room this was, they were a scholar.
  383. Gleb: Archibald takes the book, examining it he says "Might be a good read."
  384. Someone4956: "We should probably take some of this with us. Could prove useful."
  385. Gleb: Archibald puts it in his inventory, into one of his belt-pouches
  386. 2nd47: Archibald takes "Book of Gnoll" with him
  387. 2nd47: (IC) "Let's keep moving, I have no room for petty scholars."
  388. Gleb: Archibald grunts as a response.
  389. Gleb: Rather irritated.
  390. Someone4956: "Knowledge is power, Elf."
  391. Gleb: He takes the lead again and comes off to to cross-road or whatever it's called.
  392. Gleb: Archibald still has his great sword out, just saying.
  393. 2nd47: As Archibald walks into the intersection, a large "CLICK" sounds and a mechanism activates.
  394. 2nd47: (OOC) Roll for a fortitude save
  395. Gleb: 1D20+6 => 22
  396. Gleb: But in quick enough response, Archibald pushes away the others from him.
  397. Gleb: If possible.
  398. 2nd47: As the trap activates, it flings across across from the northern end of the hallway down towards the south. Archibald is able to absorb all of the arrows energy without damaging himself.
  399. 2nd47: (IC) "Someone obviously doesn't want us here."
  400. Gleb: Archibald takes notice to find one of the arrows stuck on his ass.
  401. Someone4956: "You should see if those arrows are salvageable, Geralt. You could use them in your bow."
  402. Gleb: He one by one, plucks the arrows off of him.
  403. Gleb: Well, until Ladd mentions that.
  404. 2nd47: (IC) Examining the arrows, their tips have all been mangled by the strength of Archibald's armour. "I can't use these."
  405. Gleb: Archibald chuckles.
  406. Someone4956: "Oh well, how many do you have left?"
  407. 2nd47: (IC) "I've about 18 left, enough to last a few more of these creatures"
  408. Someone4956: "Okay, we should probably get moving. We going straight or are we turning."
  409. Gleb: Archibald continues north, stopping at the first door.
  410. 2nd47: (IC) "Lead the way, construct."
  411. Gleb: "Again." he remarks.
  412. 2nd47: This door appears more intricate than the last though, most notable of all, it has a large lockface in its centre.
  413. Gleb: Archibald attempts to slice it off.
  414. Gleb: You read that right.
  415. Gleb: Whack whack whack.
  416. Someone4956: "No need to be violent, damn thing could be trapped. How good are you at lockpicking, Geralt?"
  417. 2nd47: The lock face is flush with the door and cannot be whacked off.
  418. Gleb: Archibald grunts and attempts to kick the door off.
  419. 2nd47: (IC) "I am a master of nature and its creatures, not of locks and thievery."
  420. Gleb: 1D20+3 => 17
  421. Someone4956: "Well, guess we'll have to look around for a key, if there is one."
  422. Gleb: "We don't need no damn keys!" Exclaims Archibald.
  423. Gleb: "I'm the Locksmith!" he shouts as he knocks down the door.
  424. 2nd47: As Archibald kicks the door, it holds in place but the stonework around the door seems rather brittle and weak.
  425. 2nd47: Several stones fall from the wall onto the floor, revealing holes from the walls construction
  426. Gleb: He trips from the unusual resistance of the door.
  427. Someone4956: "Hmm, keep trying, the door may be strong, but the walls around it aren't."
  428. Gleb: "Right!"
  429. Gleb: He stands up, stabs the ground with his sword to make sure it's standing still beside him and attempts one more time.
  430. Gleb: This time with his shoulder and everything.
  431. Gleb: 1D20+3 => 11
  432. 2nd47: The door is knocked back into the room, carrying the stonework around it with it. You can distinctly hear soft rumbling eminate from above your heads as the door hits the ground. However, you are now in a 10 x 15 ft room
  433. 2nd47: The room seems to be scattered with candles and has one, relatively small, skeleton in the middle of it.
  434. Gleb: Archibald quickly takes his great-sword, wents inside and takes notice of the skeleton.
  435. 2nd47: The room also contains a door on its west end as well
  436. Gleb: "Ratatatatatat." he says.
  437. Someone4956: "Yeah I'd go ahead and destroy that skeleton now, if i were you. Pre-emptive measures and all."
  438. Gleb: Archibald charges and attempts to slice the skeleton in half with his sword.
  439. Gleb: 1D20+3 => 11
  440. NoPartyHats: NoPartyHats@cntcnh.dsl.dynamic.tds.net has joined the room.
  441. Gleb: 2D6+3 => 10
  442. 2nd47: As Archibald swings his sword, the skeleton is sliced in half. As the skeleton hits the ground, the candles from inside the room stop glowing. The party is cast into darkness.
  443. Gleb: "...Wait why the Hell did we do that in the first place?"
  444. Gleb: "We probably did something we shouldn't have."
  445. 2nd47: (IC) "I'd like to ask you the same thing."
  446. Someone4956: "So it couldn't come back to life and kill us. Lemme get some light in here."
  447. Gleb: "For our sakes, anyway."
  448. Someone4956: Ladd casts Dancing Lights.
  449. 2nd47: Dancing lights glows from within the room, glowing for 10ft in all direction with vibrant light.
  450. Gleb: Archibald decides to head back, go north and check out the next door.
  451. 2nd47: The party hears a soft rumbling from above their heads once more.
  452. Gleb: "You know I was trapped in a cave in once."
  453. Gleb: "Once I got out, the last town I visited had a keep.
  454. 2nd47: Archibald stands infront of the final door in this corridor, it has no lock and is made out of wood, unlike the other stone doors.
  455. Someone4956: "At least check for traps this time."
  456. Gleb: And the same town, the first time I visited, didn't have a damn house. Just tents."
  457. Gleb: Archibald opens the door.
  458. Gleb: "MY tents."
  459. Gleb: Tent*
  460. 2nd47: As Archibald opens the door, he sees that the room is a simple corridor going only 15 ft to the south and ending. As the door swings open, the loud "CLICK" emminates from the south end of the corridor.
  461. 2nd47: (OOC) Roll for a FORT save.
  462. Gleb: 1D20+6 => 9
  463. 2nd47: As the trap activates, it sends arrows towards the north end of the hallway, dealing 3HP damage to Archibald.
  464. Gleb: Archibald just stands there, with arrows in him.
  465. Gleb: He plucks them off, one by one.
  466. Someone4956: "Are they usable?"
  467. 2nd47: (IC) "No way, these arrows look like they've been held in those traps for ages and completely unmaintenanced."
  468. Someone4956: "Figures, oh well. Anyways, what's down that corridor?"
  469. 2nd47: (IC) "We should go back and take the turn at the corridor."
  470. Gleb: Archibald walks down the small corridor."
  471. 2nd47: Down the corridor Archibald finds only the holes from which the arrows came from.
  472. Someone4956: "I guess we're going the other way then."
  473. Gleb: He turns back, feeling stupid.
  474. Gleb: He takes point again and starts walking off to the other direction.
  475. Gleb: As in, to the trans... The cross-roads and starts going to the other direction.
  476. 2nd47: The party is now in the other corridor, moving towards the other intersection.
  477. Gleb: He starts saying "Someone fired an arrow on us and put up these traps. A sneaky-necromancer?"
  478. Someone4956: "Or the Necromancer could just be using this as a base of operations."
  479. Someone4956: "Or vice versa."
  480. 2nd47: The party arrives at another intersction with two doors in front of them and one door to the north, about 30 feet away.
  481. Gleb: Archibald, this time, slowly opens the door.
  482. Gleb: Infront of him, that is.
  483. 2nd47: Archibald opens the door without difficulty, revealing a small 10ft x 15ft room. The room seems to contain a cage with 3 small skeletons laying in them, they seem to be dead humans.
  484. Gleb: "Eh, anyone find anything interesting on them?" Archibald asks.
  485. Someone4956: "Nah, are the cages locked?"
  486. 2nd47: Attempting to open the cages, Ladd finds they have not been locked and open freely.
  487. Someone4956: Ladd searches the skeletons for anything unusual.
  488. Someone4956: Someone4956@lightspeed.btrgla.sbcglobal.net has joined the room.
  489. 2nd47: Ladd finds that while the skeletons do not possess anything of use, one of them holds an ornate silver key.
  490. Someone4956: "I'm pretty certain this key was to that door archibald knocked down. Might as well keep it, could sell it later or something."
  491. 2nd47: The party hears a large, dominating growl eminating from the north end of the hallway
  492. Gleb: ARchibald storms out with his sword in his hand, trying to find the monster/beast/demon.
  493. Someone4956: "Wait, you fool!"
  494. 2nd47: As Archibald exits the room, he looks to the north and sees a figure in the distance. It is not apparent what it is but it appears to be slightly invisible.
  495. 2nd47: The creature quickly becomes visible upon seeing Archibald
  496. Gleb: "C'mere, I need some material to sew my robe back into shape."
  497. Someone4956: "You are possibly the dumbest thing I have ever seen."
  498. 2nd47: It is a large, green, and rancid-smelling creature. It is the size of an owlbear or large Orc, with one large mouth in the centre of its face. It holds four pods on the side of its face which have small, tongue-like, hooks whipping back and forth from them.
  499. 2nd47: (OOC) It's taht time again, roll for initiative!
  500. 2nd47: 1D20+3 => 12
  501. Someone4956: 1D20+3 => 19
  502. Gleb: 1d20+1
  503. Gleb: 1D20+1 => 9
  504. Someone4956: Ladd quickly casts Magic Missle.
  505. 2nd47: order is: Ladd, Monster, Geralt, Archibald
  506. Someone4956: 1D4+1 => 2
  507. 2nd47: The missile whirls towards the creature, hitting it on its left side, damaging it for 2HP!
  508. 2nd47: Geralt, unable to shoot from his current position, moves to the opposite side of Archibald to fire his bow at the monster
  509. 2nd47: 1D20+4 => 11
  510. 2nd47: Geralt misses his shot, ruining his arrow.
  511. 2nd47: The monster runs towards Archibald but is out of reach.
  512. Gleb: Archibald charges at the monster, attempting to whack it with his sword.
  513. Gleb: 1D20+3 => 20
  514. Gleb: 2D6+3 => 7
  515. 2nd47: Archibald runs towards the beast and damages it for 7HP! It lunges backwards and roars at him.
  516. Gleb: Archibald roars even louder "RRRAAAAAAGHHH!!"
  517. Someone4956: Ladd readies his crossbow and fires a bolt at the monster.
  518. Someone4956: 1D20+3 => 17
  519. 2nd47: The bolt hits the monster!
  520. Someone4956: 1D8 => 2
  521. 2nd47: The bolt lodges itself in the monsters leg, damaging it for 2HP!
  522. 2nd47: The monster bites Archibald and flicks him with its tongue-like appendages, it bites Archibald in his torso for 4HP and flicks him in his leg for 1HP of damage, damaging him for 5HP in total!
  523. 2nd47: Once again, it roars at Archibald in defiance of his attempt to kill the beast.
  524. 2nd47: Geralt nocks his arrow, hoping to hit the monster this time around
  525. 2nd47: 1D20+4 => 22
  526. 2nd47: 1D6 => 4
  527. 2nd47: Geralt strikes the beast in its mouth for 4HP of damage, stopping it midway through its roar!
  528. Gleb: You could hear Archibald chuckle from that, even while he attempts to coup de' grace the beast with his one final hit.
  529. Gleb: 1D20+3 => 16
  530. Gleb: 2D6+3 => 5
  531. Gleb: Actually, not a chuckle, but a laugh.
  532. 2nd47: Archibold strikes the beast, but it lingers onto its final signs of life!
  533. Someone4956: Once again, Ladd fires a bolt at the monster.
  534. Someone4956: 1D20+3 => 16
  535. 2nd47: The bolt strikes the monster!
  536. Someone4956: 1D8 => 4
  537. 2nd47: Ladd's bolt lodges itself in the monsters head and the monster lands on the ground without any delay. The stench in the hallway from this beast is now beginning to repulse the group, apart from the Warforged construct
  538. Someone4956: "Something tells me this is going to end up like that wolf."
  539. Gleb: 1D1+1S +aMining +1D1E +1DagE +aD1T +0+1DiM. => 4 | die: D10, ones: 3
  540. Gleb: Archibald starts examining the damage dealt on him.
  541. 2nd47: The monster begins to disintegrate, its hull burning and flying into the air like bits of paper.
  542. Gleb: "Friends, I don't think I can take too many hits now. My body is seriously damaged."
  543. 2nd47: (IC) "I will lead the party, can you use my bow?"
  544. Gleb: 0+1Ry +0+1Big+1D1+oF +1L1+1DingS." +1S +oD1T +1D. => Error: please check your formula ("i+0+a+1+1+0+0+1+0+0+1) | die: D10, body: 0, ones: 1
  545. Gleb: "I carry a big sword of all things." Points out Archibald.
  546. 2nd47: (IC) "I'll take that as a no, don't worry I can take a few hits before I go down. Let's get this over with. I have a feeling we're going to deal with a necromancer who knows what he's doing."
  547. Someone4956: "Well, let's get this over with."
  548. Gleb: "Wait what about the other door?"
  549. Gleb: "What if the girl is there?"
  550. 2nd47: (IC) "I don't think the girl is our top priority anymore, we need to survive first."
  551. Someone4956: "We can always check for the girl afterwards."
  552. Gleb: "Then why not just run away instead of confronting the necromancer?"
  553. 2nd47: (IC) "Then, if we do that, we open the door for any poor sap to die if they stray too close to this place. Let's check for the girl after."
  554. Someone4956: "Agreed."
  555. 2nd47: (IC) "I'll lead the way, let's move to the north and get through that door."
  556. Gleb: Archibald follows.
  557. 2nd47: Geralt leads the pack, waiting for the other two to decide which position would suit them best
  558. Someone4956: "I'll stay in the middle, Archibald can take up the rear."
  559. 2nd47: (IC) "Let's move, then."
  560. 2nd47: As the party gets close to the door, Ladd can sense a magical aura eminating from it. Geralt is able to hear chanting from the opposite side of the door.
  561. 2nd47: The door is definitely ornate, with silver lining its entirety. There is no lock, but it is not unprotected.
  562. Someone4956: "Let's see if the door has any magics on it." says Ladd as he casts Detect Magic on the door.
  563. Gleb: "I bet the key earlier is will unlock it."
  564. Someone4956: "There's no keyhole, dummy."
  565. 2nd47: The door is engraved with a magical spell, it appears to be a Touching Chill spell.
  566. Gleb: "You're questioning Magic, SORCERER."
  567. 2nd47: It will most likely harm whoever touches the door.
  568. Gleb: "Hmmm. I have an idea!"
  569. Gleb: "Everyone! step back!"
  570. Someone4956: "Oh god, here we go."
  571. 2nd47: (IC) "Stop, you're in no health to do anything rash!"
  572. Someone4956: "Maybe if I touch the key to the door...."
  573. Gleb: "Trust me on this, I know what I'm doing."
  574. Gleb: "Or touch the door with the key."
  575. Gleb: "Your choice."
  576. Someone4956: Ladd proceeds to touch the key with the door.
  577. 2nd47: The key instantaneously freezes and blasts cold around the key, Ladd needs to take his hand away before he gets harmed.
  578. 2nd47: (OOC) Roll a REF save.
  579. Someone4956: 1D20+3 => 15
  580. 2nd47: Ladd successfully removes his hand from the door without being harmed, the spell is no longer present on the door.
  581. Someone4956: "Okay, so that didn't go as planned. Now I have an idea."
  582. Gleb: "Oh God, here we go."
  583. 2nd47: (IC) "I'm listening."
  584. Someone4956: "Geralt, you go in first, I'm in the middle, Archibald brings up the rear. We all go in shouting out heads off, catch them by surprise and interrupt their ritual."
  585. 2nd47: "Alright, but this is a fool's gambit. Let's do this."
  586. Someone4956: "AND AWAY WE GO!"
  587. 2nd47: Geralt rushes into the room, with the other two following behind him.
  588. Gleb: "RATATATATATATATATATATAAAAAT!!!" Shouts Archibald.
  589. Someone4956: Ladd proceeds to shout nonsense as loud as he can.
  590. 2nd47: The party enters a room, there is a single necromancer holding a ritual on a human. The human is bound and chained to the floor and protected by some sort of magic. The room is 10 x 20 ft and has a variety of magical symbols painted on its walls with blood
  591. 2nd47: The necromancer begins to speak:
  592. 2nd47: "You pathetic earthlings do not know what you are dealing with. Leave now or suffer the same fate as this human. In a moment's time, this entire realm will be host to a new king. A new being and a new way of rule!"
  593. 2nd47: "Leave, now!"
  594. Gleb: "Woah! Seriously! De-Ja-Vu!!"
  595. Someone4956: Ladd proceeds to laugh heartily, and says "Fool, you and I both know that a ritual of this form and stature gives you no more power than you have now."
  596. 2nd47: (IC) "Surrender yourself, necromancer! You will meet an untimely demise if you attempt to resist!"
  597. Someone4956: 1D20+8 => 16
  598. 2nd47: The necromancer looks at Ladd puzzilingly and responds: "You fool, I have been granted this ritual by the higher-gods! You do not even know who I am do you?"
  599. Someone4956: "Really now, who are you? Because if you aren't known enough to be recognized by sight, you aren't well-known at all."
  600. Gleb: Archibald starts whispering to Geralt "How about I just charge at him with my sword?:
  601. Someone4956: Ladd whispers "Yeah I'd be okay with that."
  602. 2nd47: "Gaze upon me, earthlings! Look at your new race of rule!" The necromancer removes his robes, revealing himself. He is a tall, thin, grey-skinned creatures without any form of facial feature except a long, elongated mouth. He is now levitating above the floor by some form of magic.
  603. 2nd47: (IC) "Let's do it, go!"
  604. Gleb: 1D20+1 => 20
  605. Someone4956: 1D20+3 => 16
  606. 2nd47: 1D20+3 => 10
  607. 2nd47: (INIT: Archibald, Ladd, Necromancer, Geralt)
  608. 2nd47: (IC) "We'll tear you limb from limb!"
  609. Gleb: 1D20+3 => 16
  610. Someone4956: "You are a fool to think that your so-called God would give you power."
  611. Gleb: Archibald charges while the others are taunting, with his sword, attempting to slice the bastard in half.
  612. 2nd47: Archibald charges at the necromancer, striking him!
  613. Gleb: 2D6+3 => 6
  614. 2nd47: Archibald slices the necromancers arm, damaging him for 6HP!
  615. NoPartyHats: NoPartyHats@cntcnh.dsl.dynamic.tds.net has joined the room.
  616. NoPartyHats: (test)
  617. Someone4956: Ladd readies his crossbow to fire a bolt at the hideous motherfucker in front of him.
  618. Gleb: "I AM NO MORTAL!!" shouts out Archibald after attacking.
  619. NoPartyHats: NoPartyHats@cntcnh.dsl.dynamic.tds.net has joined the room.
  620. Someone4956: 1D20+3 => 11
  621. NoPartyHats: "Cut this bastard down!"
  622. 2nd47: Ladd misses his him with his crossbow, unable to hit the necromancer!
  623. 2nd47: The necromancer begins to cast a spell!
  624. Someone4956: "Well.......fuck."
  625. 2nd47: Suddenly, the empty end of the rooms sprouts two undead beings from the floor!
  626. 2nd47: They are 10ft away and are shambling zombies, carrying no weapons but wearing leather armour.
  627. 2nd47: "Defy me now, mortals!" shouts the necromancer!
  628. Someone4956: "Well if you reaaaaaallly want me to."
  629. 2nd47: Geralt readies his bow
  630. 2nd47: 1D20+4 => 15
  631. 2nd47: Firing an arrow at the necromancer, Geralt misses his shot and the arrow breaks on the wall behind the necromancer!
  632. 2nd47: The zombies, still awakening, cannot move just yet.
  633. Gleb: Whack!
  634. Gleb: 1D20+1 => 13
  635. 2nd47: (IC) "Ladd, we need sort of distraction for those zombies!"
  636. Someone4956: "I'm on it!"
  637. 2nd47: Archibald misses with his attack, the necromancer still standing upright!
  638. Someone4956: "Damn! I don't have anything to distract them! Here goes nothing!"
  639. Someone4956: Ladd casts Magic Missle at the Necromancer, then moves 5 feet to the west.
  640. Someone4956: 1D4+1 => 3
  641. 2nd47: Ladd hits the necromancer for 3HP, knocking him back with magic!
  642. 2nd47: The necromancer then moves to the ritual subject and casts Vampiric Touch, siphoning 2HP from the human!
  643. 2nd47: (IC) Geralt readies his bow, here goes nothing...
  644. 2nd47: 1D20+4 => 21
  645. 2nd47: 1D6 => 1
  646. 2nd47: Geralt hits the necromancer in his arm for 1HP of damage, barely anything!
  647. 2nd47: The zombies begin to move closer!
  648. Gleb: acK! => 0
  649. Gleb: Smack *
  650. Gleb: 1D20+1 => 12
  651. 2nd47: Archibold misses his attack on the necromancer!
  652. Gleb: Archibald comes over to Ladd and slaps him, then goes back where he was before.
  653. Someone4956: Ladd readies his crossbwo and fires a bolt at the necromancer.
  654. Someone4956: 1D20+3 => 16
  655. 2nd47: Ladd lands the bolt in the Necromancer's torso!
  656. Someone4956: 1D8 => 2
  657. 2nd47: and deals 2HP of damage to the necromancer and causes him to BLEED!
  658. 2nd47: The necromancer moves to the ritual subject again and uses Vampiric Touch to siphon 1HP!
  659. 2nd47: The necromancer bleeds for 1HP!
  660. Gleb: 1D20+1 => 15
  661. 2nd47: Geralt readies his bow for another shot
  662. Someone4956: "You know, Archie, you should get your eyes checked.""
  663. 2nd47: 1D20+4 => 10
  664. 2nd47: Geralt moves closer to the zombies to fend them off!
  665. 2nd47: The zombies swing at Geralt and both miss!
  666. Gleb: 1D20+1 => 6
  667. Gleb: 1D20+1 => 10
  668. Gleb: 1D20+1 => 7
  669. Gleb: 1D20+1 => 13
  670. Gleb: 1D20+1 => 18
  671. 2nd47: Archibald misses four attacks in a row, what a shame!
  672. Gleb: "WHAT THE FUCK MAN!"
  673. Someone4956: Ladd proceeds to fire a bolt at the necromancer.
  674. Someone4956: 1D20+3 => 7
  675. Someone4956: "FFFFFFFFFFFFF-"
  676. 2nd47: The bolt lands on the opposite end of the room, away from the necromancer!
  677. 2nd47: "You earthlings are no match for me, succumb to the power of the outer world!"
  678. Someone4956: "IA IA CTHULHU PHTAGN"
  679. 2nd47: The necromancer moves towards Ladd and uses Chilling Touch!
  680. 2nd47: (OOC) Roll a FORT save!
  681. Someone4956: 1D20+1 => 19
  682. 2nd47: The necromancer deals 1HP of magical cold damage to Ladd!
  683. Someone4956: 1D20-1 => 11
  684. 2nd47: Ladd's bolt misses the necromancer!
  685. 2nd47: The necromancer bleeds for 2HP!
  686. 2nd47: Geralt steps towards the necromancer and pounces onto him with his sword!
  687. 2nd47: 1D20+1 => 13
  688. 2nd47: Geralt misses the necromancer!
  689. 2nd47: The zombies attack Archibald and miss!
  690. Gleb: Archibald charges at the necromancer, attempting to smite him!
  691. Gleb: 1D20+1 => 3
  692. 2nd47: Archibald misses with his sword!
  693. Someone4956: Ladd fires yet ANOTHER bolt at the necromancer,
  694. Someone4956: 1D20+3 => 18
  695. Someone4956: 1D8 => 6
  696. 2nd47: Ladd hits the necromancer with a bolt to the arm, dealing 6HP of damage and causing the necromancer to FALL!
  697. 2nd47: The necromancer stands back up and bleeds for 3HP!
  698. 2nd47: Geralt readies his bow
  699. 2nd47: err
  700. 2nd47: sword
  701. 2nd47: 1D20+1 => 9
  702. 2nd47: Geralt misses the fucker.
  703. 2nd47: The zombies attack Archibald and Geralt, missing both of them!
  704. Someone4956: "HA, with so much power, you'd think your zombies would hit something!"
  705. 2nd47: "Pathetic earthlings, tremble beneath our race's benevolence!"
  706. Gleb: 1D20+1 => 6
  707. Someone4956: "Don't you mean malevolence? Unless you want to love us to death."
  708. 2nd47: Archibald misse with his sword!
  709. Someone4956: Ladd shoots another goddamn bolt at this motherfucker.
  710. Someone4956: 1D20+3 => 20
  711. 2nd47: "Our race is greater than any of yours, we will rule with honour and might!"
  712. Someone4956: 1D8 => 4
  713. NoPartyHats: Parten feebly insults "Hey Necro! You're mother was a whore and your father was a drunk!"
  714. Someone4956: "Yeah, you are sure are mighty over there."
  715. 2nd47: Ladd hits the necromancer for 4HP of damage, gouging him in the heart!
  716. 2nd47: The necromancer is unable to stand, and falls to the ground!
  717. 2nd47: Suddenly, an explosion of light emmenates from the necromancer and his body decomposes into grey matter!
  718. Someone4956: "Oh dear."
  719. 2nd47: The zombies begin to disintegrate, becoming as if they were made of paper, and being set on fire
  720. Gleb: "Augh! I need maintance!" Archibald announces.
  721. 2nd47: The room begins to grow brightly, and loud rumbling sounds from above the party!
  722. 2nd47: glow*
  723. NoPartyHats: "Good job killing the 'Malevolent Ruler' or whatever, now does SOMEONE want to help me out before this whole place collapses?"
  724. Someone4956: "We should prooooobably get out of here, after rescuing this guy, and saving that one guy's daughter."
  725. 2nd47: From the door you came in from, you can see rocks falling from the cieling! As well, after scanning the room you see chests in the east and west sides of the room!
  726. Someone4956: "I'll free chained dude and we can each loot a chest on each side of the room! WOOSH"
  727. Gleb: Archibald quickly sheaths his sword, goes for the west Chest and picks it up.
  728. 2nd47: Geralt moves to unbind the human from his shackles.
  729. 2nd47: The chest lifts off the ground with ease, Archibald carries it as if it were a feather.
  730. 2nd47: The human is unbound and free to move.
  731. Gleb: Then he runs to the east and grabs that chest too with his other arm.
  732. Someone4956: Ladd proceeds to pick up the other chest and head towards the door with it.
  733. 2nd47: Archibald can accurately guess that the chest and its contents weigh approximately 10-15lbs
  734. NoPartyHats: Parten collects his thoughts and straightens out his satchel.
  735. Gleb: "Where to now?!"
  736. Gleb: "And the girl!"
  737. NoPartyHats: "
  738. NoPartyHats: "You mentioned a girl?"
  739. 2nd47: Ladd is also able to pick up the chest and moves freely.
  740. Gleb: "Yes, we're looking for a girl!"
  741. Gleb: Archibald let's Ladd do that.
  742. Someone4956: "Head to the door! We'll check that one door we missed on the way.
  743. 2nd47: (IC) "Quickly, let's get out of here!"
  744. NoPartyHats: "It'd be in my best interest to find some form of medical supplies."
  745. Gleb: "We need the girl you tortoise!"
  746. 2nd47: (IC) "Screw the girl, we're going to die!"
  747. Someone4956: "Geralt, you take this chest and go. I'll check the other door we missed and I'll meet you outside!"
  748. NoPartyHats: "Do we even know where she is?"
  749. Gleb: Archibald puts down the chest and starts charing at the rublle
  750. Gleb: rubble*
  751. Gleb: attempting to blast right through it!
  752. NoPartyHats: "Do we even know where we ARE?"
  753. Gleb: 1d20+3
  754. Gleb: 1D20+3 => 6
  755. 2nd47: Geralt takes the chest and runs towards the stairs!
  756. Gleb: Archibalt runs up through the stairs.
  757. Gleb: Okay scratch all that
  758. Gleb: Archibald checks the last door that the others didn't check.
  759. Gleb: AND QUICKLY
  760. 2nd47: The door is locked and made of stone.
  761. NoPartyHats: Parten goes to check the lock on the door.
  762. 2nd47: The lock is fairly simple
  763. Gleb: Archibald attempts to kick the door down.
  764. Gleb: 1D20+3 => 23
  765. NoPartyHats: 1DaT +1D1S +1Too" => -19 | TaP*: fail, ones: 1, die: D1
  766. NoPartyHats: "That works too"
  767. 2nd47: The door blasts open and flings to the opposite side of the room they discovered
  768. Gleb: What's in the room?
  769. NoPartyHats: "Any little girls in here?"
  770. Gleb: Archibald slaps Parten for that.
  771. 2nd47: The room has a single drawer in its east end and has a ritualistic symbol written on the floor in blood. Suspended above that symbol is a hanged child, dripping blood.
  772. NoPartyHats: "I think we found our broad"
  773. 2nd47: Parten takes 3HP of self-esteem damage!
  774. Gleb: Archibald rips whatever it is that was holding the child and picks her up.
  775. NoPartyHats: Parten goes to open the drawer.
  776. Gleb: "Check the drawers, you sicko."
  777. 2nd47: The rope holding the child cleanly snaps from the ceiling and the child is on Archibald shoulder.
  778. Gleb: Archibald runs off to the surface with the girl.
  779. NoPartyHats: "Way ahead of you"
  780. 2nd47: The drawer contains books and writing related to the Gnoll language and Necromancer rituals.
  781. NoPartyHats: Parten puts the books in his satchel. These'll fetch a good price.
  782. 2nd47: Parten now holds "Gnolls and Sorcerey: Necromancy, Volumes I-III"
  783. NoPartyHats: Parten takes the rope that was holding the girl.
  784. 2nd47: The rope cannot be removed from the child, it clings to her neck.
  785. Someone4956: "We should probably get the hell outta dodge."
  786. NoPartyHats: Parten tugs on the rope
  787. Gleb: Archibald PUNCHES Parten in the face.
  788. 2nd47: "The girls necks rocks with the motion of Parten's tug."
  789. Someone4956: Ladd casts Detect Magic on the rope.
  790. 2nd47: Are you sure you want to punch Parten in the face?
  791. Gleb: Because of the last Punch, Archibald grabs Parten by his feet and puts him over his shoulder.
  792. Gleb: 1D6 => 5
  793. NoPartyHats: "My hero!"
  794. Gleb: "Any time, daisy."
  795. 2nd47: The party can hear Geralt yell from outside the basement "Get the fuck out here, you're all going to die!"
  796. Gleb: Archibald storms out with the girl and Parten on hsi shoulders.
  797. Someone4956: "Let's head back to the village."
  798. 2nd47: After walking past the first intersection they came across, Archibald hears a very loud "CLICK" and has activated a trap!
  799. 2nd47: (OOC) Roll a REF save!
  800. Gleb: 1D20 => 6
  801. Gleb: Archibald uses Parten as a shield!
  802. 2nd47: Archibald absorbs the energy of all the remaining arrows in the trap and keeps moving!
  803. Gleb: Archibald puts his shield back on it's place and comments "Well whaddya' know, Meat-bags are useful."
  804. 2nd47: The party is now outside the shack and, as soon as they leave, they feel the groun beneath their feet tumble. They have now sank approximately 3 feet into the ground because of a cave-in!
  805. NoPartyHats: "So +1H1+1D.+iS +1DaT +yoD1R +1E? +1DaT +oD1E +1DcT +1Magic +1Hingy+1DaS +1Ty +cooL1+acK1+1D1E. +inK1+yoU1+1D1+1Do+1DaT +1To +1E +oF +1My +1D1F +1E?" => -20 | die: D6, TaP*: failfailfailfail, ones: 3
  806. NoPartyHats: "So uh Ladd. Is that your name? That whole detect magic thingy was pretty cool back there. Think you could do that to some of my stuff sometime?"
  807. Someone4956: "It'll have to wait till tomorrow, I'm out of spells."
  808. 2nd47: (IC) "Check the chests and let's get out of here! This thing is heavy and I'm sick of carrying it."
  809. Gleb: Archibald drops Parten like a sack, just, whoop.
  810. NoPartyHats: "Fucking novice..." Parten grumbles.
  811. Gleb: But he's still holding the girl.
  812. 2nd47: Geralt opens one of the two chests.
  813. Someone4956: "If we die from traps, I blame Archibald."
  814. NoPartyHats: "Any bandages in there, big guy?"
  815. 2nd47: It holds 30 gold pieces, 2 potion of cure light wounds, and five sculpted amethys gems!
  816. Gleb: "Well excsuuuuuse me Sorcerer."
  817. NoPartyHats: "Dibs on those vials."
  818. Gleb: "I get one gem."
  819. Gleb: "And the blacksmith can probably repair me."
  820. Gleb: "Also some gold would be nice."
  821. Someone4956: "I'll take the other gem, you guys can keep the gold."
  822. 2nd47: Let's split the gold three ways, ten each, everyone gets a gem, I'll take the extra for now, we can pawn it off later.
  823. 2nd47: ""
  824. NoPartyHats: Takes a swig of one of the potions.
  825. Gleb: "Deal."
  826. 2nd47: Parten is healed for 1d8 HP!
  827. NoPartyHats: 1D8 => 3
  828. Someone4956: "What about the other one?"
  829. Gleb: "The girl."
  830. Someone4956: "Actually yeah, we should probably use the other potion on the girl."
  831. Someone4956: "If she's alive, of course."
  832. Gleb: "Check her vitals."
  833. Someone4956: Ladd checks for a pulse on the little girl.
  834. 2nd47: (IC) "I'll check her, hold on."
  835. 2nd47: 1D20+3 => 5
  836. 2nd47: (IC) "I can't get a pulse, I think she's died."
  837. Someone4956: "Let me try."
  838. 2nd47: (IC) "I'll get the other crate open."
  839. NoPartyHats: "Tell me if it's locked, I'll get it open"
  840. Someone4956: 1D20 => 6
  841. 2nd47: (IC) "Seems pretty open to me." Geralt opens the chest
  842. 2nd47: Ladd doesn't detect any vitals.
  843. Gleb: "Let's try the potion, just incase."
  844. Someone4956: "Nothing, although we may just be bad at checking for a pulse. We've stopped the bleeding for now, so we'll take her to a healer. The potion works as well."
  845. NoPartyHats: "No use"
  846. 2nd47: Geralt discovers that the chest holds 80 gold pieces, five potion of cure light wounds, and four magic scrolls!
  847. NoPartyHats: "It's for minor wounds, she's dead"
  848. Gleb: "Just use the potion on her."
  849. NoPartyHats: "What a waste."
  850. Someone4956: "Those scrolls are mine, I'm the only one who can possibly read them."
  851. 2nd47: (IC) "I know you're concerned with the girl but I'd righty like some of this stuff!"
  852. Someone4956: "Hey, the girl is the main reason we did this."
  853. NoPartyHats: Parten starts searching the girl for valuables.
  854. Gleb: Archibald kicks him away.
  855. Gleb: But not as strongly as before.
  856. Gleb: Trying not to damage him.
  857. NoPartyHats: 1D20+2 => 8
  858. 2nd47: As Parten searches the body clumbsily, he gets pushed over by Archibald's foot.
  859. Gleb: "One more time, Thief!"
  860. 2nd47: (IC) "Ladd, take these scrolls. I'll hold on to the gold and potions until we can get this sorted."
  861. Someone4956: " Let's go back to the tavern and THEN bicker over valuables, please. Let's just go."
  862. Gleb: "One more time and..." he quickly unsheaths his Great-Sword, Gladius version.
  863. NoPartyHats: "I thought you didn't have a heart, Tin Man?"
  864. 2nd47: (IC) "We can identify them when we get back to town."
  865. Someone4956: "I swear to the gods I will kill you both if you don't quit fighting."
  866. Gleb: "I was given work to do, I shall carry it out like so."
  867. Gleb: "Now pass me a potion!"
  868. NoPartyHats: "You're gonna bring a corpse to the kids father?"
  869. Gleb: Archibald sheaths his sword.
  870. 2nd47: (IC) "Here, now let's go!" Geralt gives a potion to Archibald.
  871. Someone4956: "Better than saying we left her there. Now let's GO"
  872. Gleb: Archibald uses the potion on the girl, any effect?
  873. 2nd47: 1D8 => 2
  874. 2nd47: The potion drips into the girls mouth, no immediate effect is noticed.
  875. Gleb: Archibold grunts, continues walking with the rest of the group.
  876. 2nd47: (IC) "Thief, you're useful enough. Check her vitals and not her pockets!"
  877. NoPartyHats: Parten sighs and tries to check the corpse's vitals
  878. NoPartyHats: 1D20 => 17
  879. NoPartyHats: "Yeah she's dead"
  880. 2nd47: It's uncertain, but Parten detects that her heart is beating extremely irregularly and is in a weak state.
  881. 2nd47: (IC) "If you guys are done, we need to leave. There's still an archer here waiting to kill us!"
  882. Someone4956: "Yeah we should probably get a move on, like now. We NEED to get her to a healer."
  883. 2nd47: (IC) "Let's move."
  884. Gleb: "Good point."
  885. Gleb: Archibald, instead of walking, starts running back to town with the girl.
  886. 2nd47: The party moves with the girl on Archibald's shoulderand proceed to run to town.
  887. 2nd47: The party establishes an order of movement before leaving
  888. Gleb: Well he's actually carrying her then having her hang on his shoulder.
  889. Someone4956: "Archie in the middle, Parten in front, me behind Parten."
  890. 2nd47: (IC) "I'll go in front, I'm versatile enough."
  891. 2nd47: The party begins to run through the forest.
  892. NoPartyHats: "I'd rather not be followed by the fucking iron giant anyhow"
  893. Someone4956: "Just GO. Or I'll stick my crossbow up yer behind."
  894. 2nd47: The party finally arrives in town and heads back to the Cat & Mouse Inn.
  895. 2nd47: It has been about four hours since they left the inn, and it is now the dead of night
  896. Someone4956: "I'll take the girl to the healer."
  897. 2nd47: Sleepy and tired, they get back to their table at the inn.
  898. Gleb: Archibald hands the girl to Ladd.
  899. Someone4956: "We can't waste time, she might die overnight."
  900. 2nd47: Ladd takes the girl from Archibald and heads to the town healer's house
  901. NoPartyHats: Parten pulls out the book he found and checks to see if it's bound in real leather.
  902. NoPartyHats: 1D20 => 16
  903. 2nd47: Arriving at the town healer, Ladd notices that the healer's door has an odd symbol engraved on it and he's seen it before.
  904. 2nd47: Parten notices that the book is bound in leather, but not that of any animal he might recognize instantly. The leather is much darker than any other he has seen and, when smelled up close, is coated in a rancid stench.
  905. Gleb: Archibald takes notice of the book and it's unusual quality.
  906. NoPartyHats: "Hey big guy, know what this material is?"
  907. 2nd47: (IC) "Ladd, knock on the healer's door. I need to get to bed."
  908. Gleb: "No."
  909. Someone4956: Ladd pounds on the healer's door, trying to wake him up if he happens to be asleep."
  910. NoPartyHats: "I've got a guy south of Neverwinter who's really good with this kind of thing. Maybe I could get a courier to get this to him?"
  911. 2nd47: The healer opens the door, and asks "What's the meaning of this!?"
  912. Gleb: "The courier could steal."
  913. NoPartyHats: "There's a reason he only has 7 fingers now. He tried before."
  914. Someone4956: "No time to talk, you need to heal this girl, NOW." says Ladd as he rushes into the healer's house.
  915. 2nd47: The healer retracts into his house. Geralt follows Ladd into the house and the healer closes the door.
  916. Gleb: "Either way, I'm interested in that book."
  917. 2nd47: Darkness fades over the town as the door closes
  918. 2nd47: The inn becomes progressively more silent
  919. 2nd47: and the game session has ended
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