The Case of 7vog and Storm Brigade

SummerPlasma Dec 8th, 2019 79 Never
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  1. 7vog | Jimin-ssi#9442 | 292425700500045835
  3. SUMMΣRPLΔSMΔ08/14/2019
  4. I have a question for you
  6. Jimin-ssi08/14/2019
  7. ?
  9. SUMMΣRPLΔSMΔ08/14/2019
  10. Why is SB allies with DV
  11. I blacklisted SB when I found out
  12. And I'd like to remove it if the alliance is cut
  14. Jimin-ssi08/14/2019
  15. why not?
  16. Nah
  18. SUMMΣRPLΔSMΔ08/14/2019
  19. Why not what? Why not be allies with them?
  21. Jimin-ssi08/14/2019
  22. Ye
  23. don't say "cuz he a pedo" or whatever
  25. SUMMΣRPLΔSMΔ08/14/2019
  26. Do you not remember who they are?
  28. Jimin-ssi08/14/2019
  29. i've heard that a lot of times
  31. SUMMΣRPLΔSMΔ08/14/2019
  32. Well, he is
  33. So
  34. I can send to you all my evidence if you wish
  35. I only inquired because a friend of mine is retired in SB
  36. And he can't visit our places because of this
  38. Jimin-ssi08/14/2019
  39. Who's this friend or your?
  41. SUMMΣRPLΔSMΔ08/14/2019
  42. And I'm unable to make a useless whitelist
  43. KennyyAura
  45. Jimin-ssi08/14/2019
  46. ohh
  47. Why not just whitelist her?
  48. It wont be useless since she's a friend of your
  50. SUMMΣRPLΔSMΔ08/14/2019
  51. So I guess it's up to you. I would have liked to do events with you but sadly this choice was made.
  52. My developer is out in vacation for our admin and I have no need for a whitelist anyways
  53. He*
  54. I'm a little tilted you wouldn't consider ceasing contact with DV, which is confusing, I have slight memory if you having possible issues with them when you were in IR
  56. Jimin-ssi08/14/2019
  57. I'm a good friend of Jack and a lot of people in SB are.
  59. SUMMΣRPLΔSMΔ08/14/2019
  60. Which is otherwise depressing. Considering that, I have no reason to be messaging you further nor have any consideration to have any form of relations with SB. Good day
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