In The Office - TG - Part 1

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  1. I sat at my desk, looking around at all the women packing up their work items and starting to leave. I had fired all of them, getting tired of their looks, because that is all I wanted in my employees. Today, a group of fifteen kindergartners were coming in to take a look around the office area. I already knew that none of them would really pay attention, but I was excited, because I would get my new staff today.
  3. “Mister Caldwell, the kindergarten class is waiting at your door,” a woman’s voice came through the intercom, but she would soon be replaced. They were soon let into my office and I stood up, greeting all of them, anxious to try out my magic on them. “Welcome all of you beautiful young children! Welcome to Heartman Offices! Before we get started, you must use the restroom if you need to, because we will not be stopping until lunch time!”
  5. All fifteen of the kids rushed to the restrooms and I smirked as the teacher left, trusting me with their care. What made me even happier was that most of this class was boys, which made using my magic even more entertaining. I straightened out my posture as everyone returned and I clasped my hands together. Before we were to get started, I decided to test out my magic. I opened a mini fridge by my desk and pulled out a tray with sodas on it and set it on my desk. “Help yourself to some soda, we won’t be stopping for a drink until lunch.” The kids swarmed my desk and started grabbing sodas. I kept a close eye on the one that the magic was in and it was finally taken by a boy who seemed to be the youngest of all of them because his face still had that baby like appearance. He opened the soda and began to drink it. I took his hand and bent down. “Hey, what’s your name?”
  7. The boy looked up to me and smiled, speaking, his voice already sounding like a girls even though his voice was high pitched already, “Ethan Kelly.”
  9. “Well, I couldn’t help but notice that you have some change in your pocket. We don’t want coins jingling around in our office area, because it can get distracting. I have a safe place to store it, so could you come with me?” The boy nodded and I led him to a room off to the side, locking it without him noticing. I sat in a chair and watched him look at me in confusion. He suddenly looked down to find that he had grown a fair amount, about two more feet so he was four feet tall. When he opened his mouth, nothing had come out and he sat down, trying not to cry. His hair lengthened and started to curl up into a bun, turning a bright blonde. He felt it and his eyes became wide. Quickly, his hands shifted to his crotch, where his member was actually sucking inside of his body.
  11. I got up and walked over to her, stepping on her feet and placing my hands under her pits, pulling up, realizing that the magic wasn’t working fast enough. My pull made her grow another few feet and I stepped back, realizing that her arms were now smooth along with her legs. Her hands had become petite and her shoes would no longer fit around her feet. In place, new, red high heels surrounded her feet and new clothing tickled her legs. Pantyhose began to stretch up her long legs and she giggled at the feeling, suddenly realizing her voice had returned. “What is happening to me?”
  13. “I have been looking for a new staff, so I hope you are willing to be a part of it.” I noticed how Ethan was starting to squint and I grabbed some narrow glasses out of my pocket. “These should help with your situation.” I placed them around her eyes and she blinked. By then, she had become about six and a half feet tall. Then, her jeans ripped apart, exposing panties that had replaced her boxers, and a new light blue pencil skirt wrapped around her body. Her ass began to swell larger and her hips widened, making the skirt begin to get tight on her.
  15. Ethan let out a sigh and closed her eyes, actually smiling. The feel of everything was starting to become soothing to her. She looked down as a pearl bracelet formed out of her skin and shimmered in the fluorescent light. The collar of her t-shirt ripped and tore straight down, buttons forming on the edge of this rips and the bottom two buttons connecting. It became rougher and the color changed from black to orange. Her chest began to feel like it was being pulled by someone. She took a deep gulp and opened the bottom two buttons, pulling them apart and two D-cup breasts drooping out. “Hey, my mother has these!”
  17. Ethan, now Emma, looked up to me and blushed, clearing her throat and buttoning up the bottom two buttons again. “Oh, boss, I didn’t realize that you were in here.”
  19. “Don’t worry about that Emma, I will just act like I didn’t see anything.” I took her hand. “But you really should get back to your office, some people may be trying to call us.” Emma sighed and nodded, walking out with me.
  21. “Oh, sir! I forgot that you were having Baxter Elementary School’s kindergarten class today!” She bent down to a girl and picked her up. “You look like my little girl.” Emma giggled and set the girl back down. “Alright, Mister Caldwell, call me in if you need any help with any of these rascals!” She giggled some more and walked out, a clipboard in her hand.
  24. I led the kids around the building and to a bit larger office, kind of like mine. It was the vice president’s office, who was one of the few people who I didn’t fire. She had the day off today so it was empty. “And this is the vice president’s office, children. She has almost as much power as me in this building.” I opened the door and looked around the room, groaning in disgust. “The janitor is getting fired too,” I mumbled to myself.
  26. I turned back around to the children and sighed, “I am so sorry for the mess everyone. My vice president was busy yesterday and didn’t have time to clean up. Our janitor must have just passed this room. I will go find him really quick and I will be right back.”
  28. A little Asian girl started jumping and raising her hand, holding her crotch. “Mister Callbell!” She pronounced my name wrong, “I have to go to the restroom! I know you said to use it earlier, but the soda made me have to pee!” I sighed, but got an idea. I took her hand and led her down the hall, telling the other kids to stay put, and I took her to the bathroom.
  30. “What is your name?” I asked out of curiosity.
  32. “Emma!” She giggled. I chuckled at the ironic naming and nodded, letting her go into the restroom. My hand rested on the door and I closed my eyes, a blue light covering the door and then disappearing. I stepped away and sat down in the chair, awaiting Emma to come out.
  34. Emma sat on the toilet and kicked her legs. She squeaked when her skirt tore apart and fell into the toilet, next her t-shirt with a dinosaur playing a violin on it ripped as well. Her lips were pressed together when lipstick covered it. As she tried to get up, she couldn’t, as if she was glued to the toilet seat. Her body became bigger until she was five feet tall and her face looked more mature. She looked around and looked down at her petite, yet still larger, hands. Her nails became longer and shiny white nail polish covered them. She cringed in pain as her breasts twitched, some fat from her body making its way to her forming boobs. She scratched at them and actually tried pushing them back in. A bra formed around her when it needed to, and it stopped the formation of her breasts. Her lipstick finally let her lips spread apart and she screamed, her buttocks bloating. The inflation of her behind caused it to detach from the toilet and she was actually pushed into the air just a couple inches, falling to the ground, gasping for breath.
  36. She could hardly move, but she still felt her hair become longer and tint with red. New clothes formed on the hook of the bathroom stall and Emma, who, because there was already another Emma, was now Elizabeth, looked up at the clothes and stood up, grabbing them. She began putting them on so she wouldn’t be naked, and she actually liked the feel of them. The clothes were a white t-shirt, a smooth, blue vertical striped jacket, and skimpy white shorts. To top everything off, she clipped a silver necklace around her neck, and then finally, she put on some bronze glasses.
  38. Slowly, she walked up to the mirror and looked at herself. “I haven’t got a clue what just happened,” she made a pose, “but I kind of like this look.” She winked at her reflection and raised her finger to her lips, bending over slightly so she was in a sexy pose. With a sway in her hips, she walked out, her white heels clicking on the floor. I watched her walk by me and down the hall, into the janitor’s closet, and she grabbed some cleaning supplies.
  40. “She is the sexiest janitor I have ever seen.”
  43. On my way back, I heard some giggling in an office. It belonged to the secretary. I peered in through the window and spotted a boy rummaging through the desk in there. He pulled out a pocket knife and laughed, pretending he was Luke Skywalker and swinging it around, the blade coming undone. I gasped and quickly flicked my wrist. The boy was jerked forward, the knife coming out of his hands. I shook my head when I looked down at the floor where the boy laid. He had drastically grown into a seven foot tall person. When he turned around, I chuckled at the at the sight of the boobs he already had developed. They were enormous and jiggled, breast milk dripping through a hole in his shirt. A closet in the room opened up, exposing a hoard of clothes, which was odd for an office, but my secretary loved fashion. A pencil skirt and a shiny green blouse began squirming to the boy and wrapping themselves around him. The boy screamed in horror and was kept down by the clothes as his member and his testes were pulled into him. His eyebrows thinned, his eyes grew larger, and his lips puffed along with his hair that lengthened down to her nipples. It became bright blonde that was obviously only accomplished by hair dye.
  45. I walked in once the clothes were around her and I helped her up. “Now, you don’t go snooping around other places. So now, you get to be my sexy secretary because you love this office so much.”
  47. The female looked to me and screamed, pushing me and jumping over the desk, hiding underneath it. She pushed her hands on her breasts, feeling them and kicking her legs. She tried tearing the pantyhose off of her legs, but they wouldn’t come off. “This isn’t fair! I have a family and friends! They will miss me!”
  49. “No they won’t, because they won’t remember you.” I got on top of the desk and tapped my fingers on the wood. “Now, I bet you think that you look odd, but in fact, you look quite the opposite.” I looked down and stuck my hand in between her cleavage. “Some women would die for these kinds of breasts, Kitty.” I began to engrave that name into her mind as I got down to her side and laid my arm around her shoulders, pulling her into me. At first she struggled, but she soon calmed down and looked at her breasts.  After a while, she looked up to me with her icy blue eyes and smiled.
  51. “You know, my coworkers would think I am weird if they found out I was leaning on my bosses shoulder.” She rubbed her crotch, still getting used to the feeling. “But, I kind of like this position, even if it is with my boss.” She closed her eyes and curled up in a ball. I looked down to her and smiled, surprised that she actually liked this position.
  53. “Kitty, you know you have a job to do, and I do too.”
  55. She looked up to me and sniffed. “Alright, Mister Caldwell.”
  57. “Please, call me Charles.”
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