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  1. AT&T sales representatives are happy to assist you with your questions.
  3. AT&T sales representatives will not have access to your personal account. This service is provided to you under AT&Ts Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  4. You are now chatting with Angela C., an AT&T sales representative.
  5. Angela C.: Welcome to AT&T online Sales support.  How may I assist you with placing your order today?
  6. Julian: Hello Angela, I'm from Canada, and i'll be visiting New York for 3 days. I'm looking to acquire a SIM with a Pay As You Go Plan while I am there
  7. Julian: I see you have a Pay As you Go 2 dollars a day plan
  8. Angela C.: I am happy to help with your Go phone needs. Do you also need a phone for your prepaid service?
  9. Julian: No i'll be bringing a Blackberry 8530, it's on the Rogers Network here in Canada but it's a 2G phone, so i'm pretty sure it'll work.
  10. Julian: I will be unlocking it aswell
  11. Julian: My question is, given that the phone i bring supports teh At&T network, is it posible to purchase a SIM with the 2$ a day plan.
  12. Angela C.: Yes you can purchase the SIM with the $2 plan however this option is not available online. Would you like the number to Sales to call in your order?
  13. Julian: Well I was thinking I would walk into a AT&T store
  14. Julian: and purchase it there, is that possible?
  15. Angela C.: Yes you can purchase in store as well. Would you like a link to the store locator?
  16. Julian: Yes please, that would be handy
  17. Angela C.: Store Locator
  18. Julian: perfect
  19. Julian: also, say i end up needing a phone
  20. Julian: i can purchase one in the store aswell?
  21. Julian: along with a sim, i'd be up and ready to use the device?
  22. Angela C.: Yes you can purchase in store and either way you will be up and running when you leave.
  23. Julian: awesome, and i see there are some phones for 20 dollars, is that correct?
  24. Angela C.: Yes the U2800A is only $19.99+tax.
  25. Julian: Great, and just to confirm, by doing the 2 dollars a day plan i'm not locked into some sort of plan am I, it's a true pay as you go? I'm welcome to dispose of the SIM at the end of my trip and i won't have any reocurring fees after it's disposal?
  26. Angela C.: Correct it is a no commitment, no contract service.
  27. Julian: Great, and lastly, how much is the SIM card :D
  28. Angela C.: Since it is not available online I do not have the pricing available.
  29. Julian: are u able to ball park their price
  30. Julian: a rough estimate
  31. Angela C.: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
  32. Angela C.: The online option for contract service is $5.95+tax. That is the only online SIM card I have pricing for.
  33. Julian: hmm, ok. Do you know of a method I can use to find out the price?
  34. Angela C.: With the store locator the number is listed with the store you can call ahead for any in store pricing available.
  35. Julian: awesome, i'll do that
  36. Julian: Thanks, that's all
  37. Julian: Have a good Day!
  38. Angela C.: You are very welcome. I am happy to have helped today! Do you have any further questions for me?
  39. Julian: I do not
  40. Angela C.: Thank you for choosing AT&T.  Have a great day.
  41. Julian: You too
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