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  1. Violent Ken: "Tch. Ain't nobody gon' do nuttin' anyway."
  2. Sajin Komamura: He'll pay you tonight all right.
  3. Violent Ken: "You a fuckin' wolf samurai mothafucka."
  4. Sajin Komamura: I do run the seventh  division.
  5. Violent Ken: "Unless Simba come up in dis bitch on some ninja shit, you coo'."
  6. Kisuke Urahara: Not right now.
  7. Tatsuki Arisawa "Huh? not right now" holds her hand out.
  8. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez has entered - - ѕєιяєιтєι ❞
  9. Hirako Shinji: Jesus...
  10. Kisuke Urahara: No, I'll pay you when I have the chance.
  11. Kisuke Urahara: Hey there Grimmy.
  12. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez: Aye'.
  13. Violent Ken: "Dis blue hair nigga heah..."
  14. Hitsugaya Toushirou: Welcome back.
  15. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez: Thanks.
  16. Sogyo no Kotowari has entered - - ѕєιяєιтєι ❞
  17. Tatsuki Arisawa Grabs him by his shirt collar and slams her right fist in to his face, then turns so her back was against him and threw him on to the ground" you ass hole. I want my
  18. money now."
  19. Ise Nanao: [ HIII GRIIIIIIM! <In the most Billy way possible. ]
  20. Tatsuki Arisawa Stops beating the male since she saw the twins.
  21. Sajin Komamura: Kisuke you better lay that pimp hand down strong on her.
  22. Sogyo no Kotowari blinked, someone was beat up.
  23. Sogyo no Kotowari runs around.
  24. Kisuke Urahara was hit and then slammed on the ground, he sighed and then took his cane, hit Tatsuki in the back. "You're fired."
  25. Violent Ken: "True dat."
  26. Tatsuki Arisawa Looks at him like he done lost his mind, took the cane and beats him with it.
  28. Violent Ken laughed at the display.
  30. Violent Ken: "Yeah! Git dat hoe"
  31. Kisuke Urahara mentions that was totally O.O.C.
  32. Violent Ken applauded Kisuke.
  33. Kurosaki Ichigo has entered - - ѕєιяєιтєι ❞
  34. Sajin Komamura Draws his sword and calls his Bankai out , a giant in armor rose out of no where, with it’s bare hand it would smack Tatsuki across her face. But in this case since it
  35. was so big it sent her flying like eight city blocks.
  36. Sajin Komamura: That is how you smack a hoe.
  37. Kisuke Urahara: ..
  38. Kisuke Urahara: That was just brutal.
  39. Kurosaki Ichigo: ...
  40. Kurosaki Ichigo: I do not approve.
  41. Violent Ken: "Dats how you gotta treat dem hoes."
  42. Sajin Komamura: I don't care she was being annoying.
  43. Kisuke Urahara: ...Anyways.
  44. Sajin Komamura: You see no one is rushing over to see if she okay or needs to be healed.
  45. Violent Ken: "She know wats good."
  46. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez: ...
  47. Sajin Komamura: I'm sure she is dead.
  48. Kisuke Urahara: I can never escape you Ken, no matter where I'm at.
  49. Kisuke Urahara is Ragna.
  50. Yoruichi Shihouin has entered - - ѕєιяєιтєι ❞
  51. Hirako Shinji: *a bitch
  52. Ise Nanao rubs her temples.
  53. Violent Ken: "Damn straight, nigga."
  54. Kisuke Urahara corrects that, his autocorrect fucked up on him.-
  55. Sajin Komamura Picked the twins up with his bankai and walks around with them on it's shoulder.
  56. Sogyo no Kotowari waves to Yoruichi
  57. Yoruichi Shihouin: Sogyo.     
  58. Sogyo no Kotowari waited, wait, was picked up. "HELP US! HE'S GOING TO DUNK HIS BALLS IN OUR FACE"
  59. Violent Ken eyed Yoruichi with a creeper grin slithering across his countenance.
  60. Violent Ken: "Aye, guhl. How you doin'?~"
  61. Kisuke Urahara: I told you, everyone wants a piece of that Puerto Rican ass.
  62. Sajin Komamura The giant then picked Yoruichi up and put her next to the twins on it's shoulders.
  63. Kurosaki Ichigo: : /
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