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My Confessions by x65Rosesx

italkyoubored Mar 8th, 2015 (edited) 223 Never
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  1. The following is a supplement to a post devoted to celebrity hacking, #TheFappening ring, and The Daily Capper predator ring, which can be found here:
  2. https://italkyoubored.wordpress.com/2015/03/06/irving-wallaces-the-fan-club-the-fappening/
  4. A transcript of the index cards of the following video on youtube, "My Confessions" by x65Rosesx:
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=193Au7RBfS0
  7. My name is Aurora, I'm 16 yrs young. I was born in Germany :D Because I was born there I was diagnosed early with Cystic Fibrosis. Cystic Fibrosis is a terminal genetic disease that affects my lungs and my pancreas. Recently my life has had its ups and downs. Ups: I have moved to Florida and made an AMAZING new friend, and I have AMAZING PARENTS. Downs: I have been in court recently for charges of child pornography. Those are the laws meant to protect children that I am being charged with. I am told I am a victim. I still feel like it's ALL my fault. My mother left when I was three, my stepmother left in '08 with my baby sister. It upset me A LOT. And the situation STILL is not settled.
  9. I have been diagnosed with depression. I have cut, but it didn't help much. I feel as though I acted like a whore to help my insecurities. EVERY DAY, I regret what I have done. I wonder who/what made me think it was okay. I've been to therapists and will probably take anti-depressants for the rest of my life. Depression almost NEVER goes away. Sometimes I am strong, sometimes I cry like a baby. My family isn't exactly perfect. But I love them all to DEATH.
  11. My 2 dogs from my childhood passed away, shortly before the cops showed up at my house. You may think they're just dogs, but they mean EVERYTHING to me. I just want them back. All the time I struggle with my CF (cystic fibrosis). I HATE my treatment and rarely do it. It's hard to think about my future when I may die young. My mother's cousin with CF had a lung transplant at sixteen. I get sick often because I hate doing my treatment. I hate doing it because it reminds me that I have CF. Being sick means I miss A LOT of school. But I also miss school because of my depression. I don't know if I will pass this year.
  13. I am insecure. I wish I could gain weight. It's hard to gain weight because my body needs help absorbing fat from food. I REALLY wish I had boobs. I hate to admit it but I wear push-up bras every day...I just want to be any size but XS [extra small]. As far as guys go...I have been used. And I think I've started to use guys now. I feel like a whore. Despite my insecurities, I do love my tummy :D I think that's all my confessions...?
  15. I did not do this for you to feel sorry for me so please don't say that I did. Thank you for watching :D
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