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  1. All Applications are to be sent to Ignis and Will
  4. Requirements
  5. Must be 15 or older
  6. Must have time to write a lesson each week and answer any letters that Gladiators send to you
  7. Must be active on the site
  9. Username: Cana Havich
  10. Username/s of any extra users on World of Spartacus: Not sure as of yet
  11. Username/s of users with jobs across WoX: Aleksander Havich, CE of Daily Prophet WoP US; Prof. Marley Morgan, Comp. Sci. teacher WoMH; Prof. Sawyer Havich, Comp Sci teacher WoS
  12. IRL age: 31
  14. I am a former irl teacher of a variety of subjects (ELA, math, science, social studies, US and World History, and English Literature); I only stopped teaching irl due to an on-the-job injury. I have degrees in art history (BFA), graphic design with a focus on web and UI/UX design (BFA), education (M.Ed.), and English Literature (M.A.). I have been roleplaying in a text forum based environment on and off for 16 years. I started as a prefect way back on Inspired Quills. I am also a former Quibbler journalist on WoP US and the current CE of the Prophet, which shows a strong writing ability.
  16. I am applying for Combat teacher, having a personal history of involvement in combat sports as a kid and teenager. I was originally going to apply for Myths and Legends, but believe Combat would be more suited to my character and his aptitudes.
  18. What can you bring to the team? I am an excellent team member and team player; I always defer to management. I also am a trustworthy individual; users tend to come to me with problems to bring to management or to handle as a member of management. My experience teaching and working with young people gives me a good handle on how to mitigate conflict and drama; it also means I’ve passed a background check and have what is considered “unimpeachable character” by the state in which I live.
  20. Why should you be hired? I genuinely believe I would be the best choice both as a writer and as a former teacher.
  22. Include any fun facts about you. I am currently a professional reviewer for Comic Watch, as well as working on my writing portfolio. I am disabled due to a variety of factors, and I work from home. This gives me the opportunity to be particularly active. I am non-binary and prefer they/them pronouns when out of character, but am not offended by he or she pronouns either. My hobbies asides from writing include arts and crafts, cooking, baking, and collecting a variety of things, such as Funko Pops, celebrity autographs, comic books, and enamel pins. I am known for my art skills in anatomical drawings in particular (i.e. skeletal systems, nervous systems, etc.)
  25. Who is your favourite character in Spartacus and why? Nasir, because I really enjoyed his journey as a character!
  27. Writer two sample lessons with a minimum of 200 words each
  30. Lesson 1:
  32. Cana had been an amusement at first. An oddity really. A giant with a barbarian father from the North, but with the dark brown skin of his mother from the East. Not Roman though, distinctly not Roman, nor would he ever be. Not truly. Not even if he won citizenship, not even in this position now to teach the new crop of young ones.
  34. It suited him fine. Call him a barbarian all they wanted--Cana had no interest in pretending to be the Roman definition of civilized. It amused him greatly to see the snakes wrapped in chiton slither past him nervously, looking at him with suspicious eyes. Though he had to admit, he did appreciate the open and honest combinations of fear and wonder that his new batch of students were giving him.
  36. As he stood from the bench he’d been seated at, a few of the students backed up at the sheer size of him, while others froze, unsure of what exactly, they should do.
  38. “I’m your combat teacher. Doctore,” he corrected, in poorly accented Latin. “Cana Havich. No, it is not a Roman name, no I don’t have a Roman name, and I swear to all gods in the heavens, if you attempt to give me one, I will eat you.”
  40. It was a joke. A poor one, and not taken as one at all judging by the looks on the frightened students’ faces, but all the better.
  42. “Today, I want to know what I’m working with. When I call you, tell me your name, your ludus, what you already know about combat, where you are from, and why you are here. And, I suppose, anything else you feel is relevant. Don’t prattle on though, there are too many of you for that.”
  44. Glaring down, he placed a bear paw like hand on one of the students’ heads and gave a very mild nudge.
  46. “You. Go first. Don’t dawdle.”
  50. In RPG format, introduce yourself, answering the following questions in the process:
  52. What is your name?
  53. What is your ludus?
  54. What is your history with combat?
  55. Where are you originally from?
  56. Why are you at the school?
  57. List your sources.
  60. Lesson 2:
  62. Cana had always been difficult to impress, so the fact that so few of his first class stood out as having potential didn’t surprise him. He supposed that was why he was here though: to turn these little ants into something impressive. Or at least give them enough skill to die in an entertaining fashion…
  64. “What do you do…” Cana asked boredly, looking more at the air above him than the students surrounding him. “If you were to become disarmed?”
  66. The students murmured and looked around at each other curiously. Cana looked down and twisted his face a bit, and a few of them blanched.
  68. “I suppose you’ll just die then, hmm?” he snapped. “Waste a good lot of life for you and time for the audience. Songs surely will be sung.”
  70. “Here’s an easier one for you. What do you do if both of you are disarmed? Say your weapons are broken. Unusable. What do you do?”
  72. “I--erm,” struggled on student, “wrestle them?”
  74. Cana considered and nodded. “An acceptable answer. Hand-to-hand of any kind, though these Latins do love their classical styles. Only this time, you wouldn’t be going to a pin or out of bounds. Rather you’d be going for a disabling or killing blow. But in here, well…we’re just going to see if you have any aptitude whatsoever. Pair up. Now. Don’t look for someone of similar or smaller size--then what’ll you do if someone my size came out?” he chided.
  76. Watching as they finally all paired up against an opponent.
  78. “You’re fighting until one of you submits or first blood. No eye gouging. No biting off ears. Nothing that will cause deformity or losses of the sense basically,” he explained. “Otherwise...well, out on a show,” he smiled viciously. “You’ll be fighting for your lives after all.”
  82. In an RPG format, meet the following requirements:
  84. At least 100 words.
  85. Describe yourself and your opponent (and let me know if they are an NPC or fellow gladiator).
  86. Describe your fight. Did it last long? Who submitted or drew first blood? How?
  87. What area of fighting did you excel at? What area needed to be improved?
  88. List your sources.
  91. An entire lesson plan for a whole year.
  93. YEAR ONE: Hand-to-Hand Combat
  95. Introduction to Combat
  96. Hand to Hand: Primer
  97. Greco-Roman Wrestling
  98. Freestyle Wrestling
  99. Eastern Martial Arts Pt. 1
  100. Eastern Martial Arts Pt. 2
  101. African Hand to Hand Combat Styles
  102. Manipulating Strengths and Weaknesses
  103. Fighting a Much Larger or Stronger Opponent
  104. Examination Review
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