Secret Lesson - 25

Jun 20th, 2020
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Secret Lesson (Secret Class)

Notable Characters:

Name / Hangul Description
Daeho / 대호 MC
Eun-Ae (Anna?) / 은애 Mom
Mia / 미아 Blonde sister
Sua / 수아 Short haired sister
Han Yoo-Hee (Yuhi) / 한유희 Ko-Bong's elder sister
Han Ko-Bong / 한고봉 MC's best friend
Yeong-Ku / 영구 Dad

Don't forget to add these two to the credit:

왕강철: Author (Wang Kang Cheol)

미나짱: Artist (Mina Jjang)

Script Information:

Daeho D
Eun-Ae E
Mia M
Sua S
Yuhi Y
Ko-Bong KB
Yeong-Ku YK

{Inner talk / Thought}

Chapter - 25

D: No... I mean... When you're having sex with a woman and she keeps squeezing you so hard...

D: There are times when you shouldn't come inside but it could still happen..

D: You know, I didn't know what to do since she was embracing with such a force and at the end...

D: In this kind of situation isn't it okay for me to ejaculate inside since it's the fault of both parties...

M: {Ah... This guy...}

M: Daeho, don't tell me...

D: ?!

D: Uh,hmm? Why are you...

M: By any chance, aside me

M: Did you have sex with another girl?

D: ?!!!!

Title Drops

D: This...

D: Noona, what are you talking about..?

M: {.....}

M: You, tell me straight.

M: What's going on?

D: Ah, noona...

D: In facts, it's not really...

M: Who?! With whom did you have sex?!

D: ...!!!

D: Ah, noona...

D: That... It's something I can't tell you...

M: !!!

M: {Wait what..?}

M: {Just as I thought...}

D: ...

M: {He really slept with another girl..!}

M: Daeho, did you really have sex with a girl?

M: Who the hell is this damn girl? Are you really not going to tell it to your noona?

D: I'm sorry noona.

D: I don't think I'll ever give you this information.

M: Sigh... Really...

M: Tssk, what can I do? So you mean, you had sex with this girl but since you didn't know what to do, you ended by cumming inside her?

D: Yeah... That's it...

D: I didn't learn this part...

M: Haaa... Really...

M: You've to be very careful about this. You mustn't cum inside a girl like that.

M: *Do you remember the first time you did it with me? You were lying on the top of me...

D: !!

D: Oh.. Yeah!!

M: Then.. In this situation...


M: When you feel like you're going to ejaculate, first of all you have to take out your stuff from her pussy.


M: Then you splash all of your jiiz on the closest part of her body, like her belly.

D: Hmm... Can't it be anywhere else?

M: Well... Sometimes doing it over the chest is fine too.

M: Ah?!

M: But never on the face!

M: You must have your partner permission before doing this kind of stuff with her face. Is that clear?

D: Uh yeah, never on the face.

M: You haven't done this position yet but...

D: !!

M: Doing it like this will let you the possibility to do something else...

M: YEEES..!!

M: It's actually easier when you're having sex in this kind of position...

M: Ah-Ah Aaaaaah!!!!

[SPURT] (Dunno if this bubble will be cleaned but whatever)

M: Just pull it out when you're cumming and spray everything on her back and buttocks.

M: Pant

M: Gasp

M: What do you think? Easy, right?

D: Nmm...

D: Noona...

D: Hmm...

D: About this..?

D: It's a special case, but...

D: There are times when you have oral sex with your partner, you end by cumming inside her mouth.

M: Hek..

M: Nmm..

D: !!

M: During those lovely moments, you must talk about it with your partner before hand.

M: It's not something that should be forced.

M: Now tell me.

M: Did you understand everything your noona just explained?

D: Yes, noona...

D: You explained everything by using simple words, it makes it easier to understand.

M: !!

M: Ah.....

M: You, you... What're you doing..!?

M: Why are you getting hard all of sudden..?!

M: Your noona was just trying to teach you something...

M: Now that the lesson is over, get out and go back to your room.

D: !!

M: Uh, yes...

D: Noona... Thank you.

D: {Sigh...}

D: {Mia noona... No doubt about it... }

D: {She's really a strict person...}

E: Hey guy! Come down, the meal is ready!

M: Uh?

S: ?

M: Aren't you eating your breakfast more often those days than you were doing in the past?

S: It depends of my appetite, it's a cycle.

S: Plus, it's summer vacation.

M: .....

M: {Wait.}

M: {Surely...}

M: {Don't tell me... The woman Daeho had sex with is...}

M: {No... No.}

S: I'm also bored during morning, so it's not as annoying as it always been to eat breakfast.

M: {It can't be...}

M: {Sua with Daeho... Having sex...}

M: {Haha... What am I thinking about..?}

M: {I'm crazy...}

S: Isn't it my plate?

D: Oh, yeah. Sorry...

E: Ta-da ~

E: I don't know if it'll taste good ~.

E: Hurry up and try it ~

[Carp Stew]

E: {I'm quite skilled now ~}

D: Wow ~~ It looks delicious ~

E: Nmm ~

E: {I'm glad I watched this professional cooking show.}

M: {........}

M: {Did you...?!}

M: {With my mom...?!!!}

M: {Ah... What's going on with me?!}

M: {Daeho with Mom... It's ridiculous.}

E: ?

M: {What happened to my brain?}

M: {Everything is this guy fault...}

M: {Who the hell did you've sex with?!!!}

M: Mom ~

M: I'm going to meet my friend.

Y: Eh...

M: ?

M: Eh, who are you?

Y: I...

Y: Ah.. Hmm... (On the left)

Y: Eh.. Do you... (On the right)

Y: Da-Daeho... Do you know him?

M: Yeah?

M: Daeho.. I do know him but...

M: What business do you have with him? Did he do something wrong?

Y: You know, uh...

Y: Uh, I'm the elder sister of Daeho's best friend.

Y: I'm here to see Daeho.

M: !

M: Oh... So you're Ko-Bong's noona..?

Y: Haha... Yes, that's right.

Y: I'm Ko-Bong's noona.

Y: Han Yoo-Hee (Yuhi).

M: Eh...

M: {I found her...!}

To be continued...
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