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#nexchat rules

NEXandGBX Jan 4th, 2016 (edited) 49 Never
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  1. 1. Don't be a dickwad. (Flaming, spamming, etc. Should be familiar.)
  2. 2. No NSFW images or, if it gets way too out of hand, speech. Cursing is totally fine here, by the way, just be sure to follow the other rules while doing so.
  3. 3. Never insult another man's waifu. (This one's just a joke, but doing so way too much or going too far could be breaking Rule 1.)
  4. 4. When mentioning major spoilers to something, at least make the background color the same as the text color, so it will blend in.
  5. 4.1. Also, please mention what it's spoilers for if there's no context for it.
  6. 5. If there's a heavy conversation going on (for whatever reason, since this is usually a dead chat) but you want to talk about something else, try to mention that it's off-topic. This isn't really a requirement, but would be nice.
  7. 6. For ops, don't abuse your privileges too much. Don't promote, demote, or ban someone without Nex's consent first, and when deopping or devoicing someone as a joke, give it back later if they had it before and can't get it back for some reason.
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