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PotentPotables Has a DVR: FAQ

PortablePotatoes Oct 19th, 2012 967 Never
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  1. Frequently asked Questions: I really should've did this sooner.
  3. Q: Why haven't you uploaded the HD of [recent] episode yet?
  4. A:There could be a number of reasons:
  5. The rare broadcast glitch, input/audio sync errors, or the more common reason in which CN is advertising something that night that takes up a huge amount of the screen for that new episode. That HD version of Burning Low is awesome but it's hard to enjoy with a Level Up ad that takes up 1/3rd of the screen. Yeah, they seriously get that huge. Though I try to get those up as soon as I can.
  7. Q: I'm not getting neither video or audio with the episodes! Help?
  8. A: Make sure you have the proper codecs installed. If you want to take the easy route, download CCCP. This comes with Media Player Classic - Homecinema, which should play everything you throw at it. Now if you're patient and want complete control over what codecs to install, look for the mini tutorial labeled "Video Playback Setup", which will be up soon.
  10. Q: The download has working video but no sound!
  11. A: This is a glitch due to my encoder that seems to occur while doing batch jobs, but it's a semi-random ordeal. I try to catch this glitch ASAP but occasionally one slips through the cracks. Fortunately, it's a matter of running it again and I can correct it in about a few minutes or so.
  13. Q: Why did you split this video in to separate bits/I can't open the .zip file.
  14. A: It's a measure to "bypass" the 200MB filesize limit. For some reason WinRar is extremely fickle about opening files like these (and will falsely claim it as "corrupted"), so it's best to use 7zip. It's free and doesn't have nagging dialog boxes so there's the cool thing about that.
  16. Q: What setup do you use?
  17. A: A jury rigged "PVR" that solely consists of an old HDDVR and a Firewire cable with the occasional Hauppauge 1212 as backup.
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