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A slightly long and autistic TCR rant

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  1. I didn't want to have to make one of these, but Gab's 300 character limit would mean I'd be spamming your feed with about 20 posts, so I just need to get this shit off my chest through one of these, autistic as they might be after all this time.
  3. First off, I want to say this: I didn't, and still don't, have an issue with the remaining Inner Circle members, nor the TCR chat members. Some of you have acted like right autistic faggots as a result of what's happened (looking at you Trumping and Distilling), but the majority of you have tried to stay "neutral". I want to say that there's no "sides", you're not picking sides in any of this regardless of what you do or say, no matter what overzealous idiots or Ghost might say.
  5. Second, the "refugee" chatroom is harmless. It's got people from everywhere and it's more active than the IC has been in months. I've managed to reconnect with a lot of old familiar faces, and everyone's set aside their past differences. It's really quite been something to behold, and has given me more entertainment in two days than the TCR Discord/IC gave me in 2 and a half months.
  7. Thirdly, this is the main part of all of this. Ghost, if you ever read this, I want you to know that I really respected you. I looked up to you. And I genuinely thought that through your message of capitalism, you were trying to make the world a better place, and to better people's lives. And maybe there was a time where that was true, and I continue to hope that theory is correct. But you have turned your back on everything I thought you stood for.
  9. For those unaware, since most of you probably don't even listen to the show anymore, let me break it down to you like this: For the last week on the show, Ghost has done a complete 180. He's started advocating for the migrant caravan to come across the border, and for these "battle-hardened" refugees to take the jobs the millenials aren't taking. You know what that reminds me of? A neo-conservative. AKA what Ghost once swore he hated.
  11. What else? Ghost now wants to restrict your freedom to get back at the perceived leftists that infest the millenials, and now Gen Z (which, conveniently he hates that generation now after I left the IC), by regulating things such as Video Games, and giving away free healthcare so long as they don't pay for AIDS medication. You know what that sounds like to me? Socialism. The very thing that Ghost calls for death to in his mantra at the end of each show.
  13. And where do I fit into all of this? Well, I dared to have an opinion on the internet and call Ghost out, and he decided to make some empty threats about contacting my family to try and scare me. Let me be clear in case you are reading this, Ghost. I will not be intimidated. You're nothing but a bitter old drunkard who is completely out of touch from the world, and your only experience with it is through the internet. You won't do shit, and if you do you'll start running scared when the repercussions of your actions begin biting back, like you did when Elfoxo shut down your merch.
  15. I encourage all of you reading this who are still a part of the IC and TCR chat to consider, do you really want to support someone who does this? A man who, 3 months ago, was pointing to me as someone you all had to look towards, and now wants to write off as some sort of loser? Do with this information what you will, but don't be blind to what Ghost is saying or doing. The man I once respected is gone, and I'm sure if you started looking, you'll find the same thing applies to you.
  17. Finally, two things. The Youtube channel will continue for the foreseeable future, as I still have things I want to do, and I may start uploading TonyTalk stuff. I gave it another shot and found I actually kinda enjoy the characters people came up with, so there's a good possibility I may begin uploading that instead.
  19. And as for the Capitalist Army blog, we'll see what happens next with that. My subscription with Wordpress doesn't expire until March 2019, so I might just do whatever I want with it from this point. I did somewhat enjoy writing for it, so who knows?
  21. Anyways, like I said, sorry if it seems autistic that I have to get all of this out in a pastebin of all things, but I'd be here all night if I had to make several Gab posts for this. The main point of all this is this: Ghost has become what he hated, a neocon boomer, advocating for borderline socialism and open borders. If the people he claims to be in contact with (i.e. Trump himself) actually heard the shit that he was saying, they'd be pissed off beyond belief, and you should be too.
  23. Do whatever you want with the information I've presented, but remember this moment whenever you dare to have a different opinion to Ghost, and if you do, pray that he never finds out or you never tell him. Because this will happen to you too.
  25. ~InsaneEnergy
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