Jabber Work: Tuesday

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  1. Fetishes include handjobs, corpse love hotels, and bitchy cheshires, as well as office lady sex and jabberwocks.
  3. "I'm going to call it a night before the trains close," hissed Lexis, standing up from her braille keyboard. She wasn't in a particularly bad mood, despite the late hour. She was, however, a basilisk, and thus prone to hissing. She tilted her head towards me, her face-mask slipping slightly before she hurriedly pushed it back into place. I gave her a smile. Tuesday night. Tomorrow was our deadline, and a last-minute complication had come up in the coding. The entire team had pulled a late shift, and it still wasn't finished.
  5. "Don't worry about it, I've still got some spirit left in me." I gave her a broad grin as she slithered out the door. And then the office was empty. The other men in the office had left after a couple of hours, and Brenda had left when it had turned dark outside. Now it was nearly ten PM, and I sat alone in the office, tapping at the keyboard. Then there was a growl of annoyance.
  7. Almost alone, anyway.
  9. "What are you still doing here?" asked Catrine, frowning over the cubicle wall. Her eyes were ringed by dark circles, as she frowned. "It's way too late. If you stay here much longer, you'll never get home before the trains shut down. Come on, I can take care of all of this." She slipped around to the opening. Her wings and tentacles drooped, tongues hanging lazily out of the eel-like mouths. She looked exhausted. Small Zs rose from the tentacles, as their heads drooped and then jerked up again.
  11. "We're nearly finished. It'll take another half hour at most. Worst comes to worst, I can spend a night in a capsule hotel or something." I gave her a bracing smile. Even exhausted, her makeup smeared and her eyes dark, she was gorgeous. The soft scent of peaches filled the air around her. She looked around quickly, bleary eyes checking to make sure no one else was in the office. Once she was confident we were alone, she slipped forward and slid her arms around my shoulders, nose nuzzling my cheek.
  13. "Working this hard is bad for a young man. It's work for old people like me, who don't have a life anymore. You should be out looking for love, and enjoying your youth, not wasting your life on this stuff. Trust me, the job isn't worth losing sleep over." She smiled softly. "Don't tell anyone I said that, though. It sets a terrible example if the boss doesn't seem like they love working for the company."
  15. "I'm where I want to be. You can head home, though. I'll finish things up, and you can check to make sure everything's in place for the morning?" I offered as she nuzzled into my cheek, one of her tentacles resting its head in my lap sleepily. It was a little bit distracting, but her presence was comforting, too. It made me glad I'd decided to stay late.
  17. "Not a chance! I'll stay as long as you do. Don't get too cocky, Princess." She laughed, and planted a wet kiss on my cheek. "I'll be in the office double-checking the code to make sure everything else is in order. When we're finished, we can both get out of here together."
  19. At midnight, the two of us made our way out of the office tower together, leaning on one another for support in the elevator, her head atop mine, her tentacles draped loosely around my shoulders. We walked across the empty streets. Even in the financial district, it was dead quiet at this hour, the cool air blowing off the ocean. Catrine grumbled as we stopped in front of the subway station, peering gloomily at its closed and locked gates. Of course, that had been predictable.
  21. The front desk clerk gave us a truly annoying smile as she spotted us. "Ah, madame, gentleman, I presume you would like one of our..." She gave me an appraising look, and sniffed the air. She had a pair of cat's ears, purple and pink fur mixed together in chaotic stripes. "Thirty minute rooms? Quite a steal-"
  23. "We'll take a capsule hotel, full night." Catrine was giving the catgirl a very dirty look as she slapped her card down on the table. The clerk raised an eyebrow, looking from her, back to me.
  25. "Are you sure, madame? He'll be lucky to make it a whole thirty minutes, if I may speak frankly-" The clerk swallowed audibly as she caught the look in Catrine's eyes. "Full night it is, please enjoy your stay." She handed over a small key.
  27. "You know, I make enough that we could get an actual hotel room if we wanted," I suggested as we stood together in the elevator, trying with little success to throw off the embarrassment the clerk had saddled me with.
  29. "What, and give you an excuse to act all lovey-dovey? We're not here for a romantic rendezvous, we're just going to be spending the night. I didn't want to give you any bad impressions. We're certainly not going to fuck." She turned her nose up, frowning haughtily. "I know we Jabberwocks have a certain reputation. But- and this may surprise you- we are not all sex-crazed maniacs." I declined to comment as one of her tentacles nuzzled lightly against my groin.
  31. They were sometimes called corpse hotels, because it was like sleeping in a morgue. A firm but yielding mattress, a small light for reading, and a single pillow. It was, barely, large enough for both of us, but there was no way we could lay side-by-side and be comfortable. Instead, she climbed in first, and I climbed on top of her, resting my head on her breasts. I smiled up at her from her cleavage. "Actually, this is a lot more comfortable than a real hotel would be."
  33. She flushed, and lay back, shutting off the light. The two of us lay in the darkness together for several long minutes, her chest rising and falling slowly. I was quite happy to lie there, but I could feel her squirming, her body heating up slowly. The sweet scent of peaches was filling the air with each breath she took. My manhood stiffened inevitably under the gentle stimulation from her movements, pressing against her soft, smooth groin through her skirt. Finally, she turned on the light again. "You feel... excited. Is it making it hard to sleep?" I bit my lip. The honest truth was that I was certainly able to go to sleep with an erection, but I could see the lust in her eyes. I had a bit of sympathy, and nodded. "Then... here. I'll help you out."
  35. She slowly rolled me over onto my back, resting comfortably on top of her. It was like the most deliciously comfortable waterbed I'd ever felt. Firm in the right places, soft elsewhere, making a comfortable mix of experiences as I closed my eyes.  Her claw began to stroke my stomach, running slowly downward. It tickled, but not unpleasantly, as I relaxed further into her embrace. Delicate long talons grazed my shirt as she began to unbutton my pants, fishing my dick out eagerly. She couldn't hide her own desires, but I was more than a little bit grateful, too.
  37. Her palms were slick, yielding to the touch. They were also incredibly warm in the cozy confines of the capsule, something I was grateful for as she wrapped her fingers delicately around my shaft. Already half hard, I was fully erect with two quick pumps, heartbeat throbbing against her palms as she squeezed. Her other claw came down, resting the smooth palm against the head of my cock. She began to very gently twist her grip, not hard enough to hurt, but enough to build up a little pleasant friction. It was almost like she'd covered them with lotion, creating a deliciously slippery sensation that soon had my dick stiff as a rock. "Mmm... You really like the things I can do for you, don't you? Haven't you had a girlfriend before?"
  39. "N-Not really," I whispered as she squeezed a little tighter and began to pump up and down. She was a bit rough, but always stopped just short of being actually painful. She had excellent control. "I didn't attract a lot of attention in school. What about you? You've been with other guys, right?"
  41. "Uh... Ah, does this feel good?" She asked, changing the conversation with all the subtlety of a truck as her claw began to move faster, squeezing a little tighter. I would've complained about her dodging the question, but I was too busy with my fingers tightening around her hips as I arched my back. The intensity of the handjob was too much, and within a minute, my hips pumped up against her hands. A few long, sticky strings of semen splattered out, and she caught every one on her palm. Her claw drifted over to her mouth, and she made a long slurping noise, drinking down every last drop with obvious relish, both tongues licking the seed off of her clws.  She sighed, smiling as I turned onto my side, snuggling up against her.
  43. "You know, it's not healthy for you to overwork yourself, either. You're only 30." I ran a hand across her soft, smooth cheek. She leaned into it, eyes closing as I stroked her dark skin. "When was the last time you had a vacation? You're always being so responsible and working late hours... And don't get me wrong, you're still gorgeous, but you'd look a lot happier if you got some rest sometime." She sighed softly.
  45. "I started working when I was 18. I didn't have a horde to live off like most of those layabout bitches who call themselves dragons." She sneered. I'd been subject to more than one rant about the deplorable state of dragon work ethic from her, but she always seemed just a little bit envious. "I suppose it'd be nice, though. After we finish this deadline... where would you like to go? To the beach? To the mountains?" She smiled. "That would be nice... Somewhere private, just the two of us. No worries, no obligations, just... detoxing."
  47. "You'd go completely crazy after a week," I suggested delicately. She smiled.
  49. "Yeah, but what a week it would be." She wrapped her arms around me. "Thank you for staying behind to work. Sometimes it feels like I'm the only one who can be depended on. It's nice that I've got such a dependable subordinate to help me." She cuddled me closer, her tail wrapping around my legs, securing me against her body, squeezing me almost like a teddy bear.
  51. "Well, you're always working hard. You deserve to have someone who's there for you." I ran a hand up into her hair, and stroked one of her horns. "And you're not an old woman, you know. I hate to see you talk yourself down like that." I planted a soft kiss on the inside curve of her breast. "There's a reason I love you, you know."
  53. She didn't answer for a few seconds. I started to feel a little niggle of worry. Had I said the wrong thing? I lifted my head, and gave her face a nervous look.
  55. There was a huge frown on her face mixed with a gigantic flush, her whole head beet-red. "You shouldn't try to butter your boss up by saying such ridiculous things," she said, voice straining. Her tentacles danced joyously on either side of her head as though taunting her with her real feelings, and I felt better about what I had said.
  57. "Sorry," I apologized, and didn't mean a word of it as I laced my fingers with hers, holding her claws gently, and sinking into the soft embrace. The two of us were asleep within minutes, the sweet smell of peaches filling the small cubicle.
  59. The next morning, I spent half an hour in the rental shower of the hotel, trying to keep my clothes from smelling as though I'd spent all night buried balls deep inside of Catrine. Brenda still sniffed me suspiciously when I walked into the office that morning.
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