The Sperm Extraction Facility Part Two

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  1. [Script Offer] The Sperm Extraction Facility Part Two [FF4M] [blowjob] [deepthroat] [Threesome] [Orgasm Control] [Creampie] [Fdom, but yet some Mdom] [Science Fiction] [Utopian/Dystopian Society]
  3. Jane has long since given birth to a fine Goddess, but something just isn't quite right. She had experienced sexual intercourse with a man and he had impregnated her the natural way, the way we were meant to be conceived. And now she's feeling some strange side effects, both physically and mentally.
  5. Every night she gets into her sexual release pod, soaking and quivering, hoping for an end to the cravings. But she feels no real pleasure. Sure, she orgasms over and over again, but there's no feeling, just a convulsion and then a rising emptiness... she needs something real, the warmth of another person, the intimacy of sharing the act of breeding, to feel as she's filled with life giving solution...
  7. Jane has run out of options and decides to go back to Ovahri Industries and see if Eva can help remedy her problem. She knows full well that the men cannot be used for recreational purposes.
  9. However, Eva has a secret... a secret that could be the undoing of society and womankind, a secret that may help Jane and heal her of the newfound lust she feels for the long enslaved man.
  11. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  15. EVA: My dear, back again so soon?
  17. JANE: Yes, hello, I... I just... Ever since I experienced real sexual intercourse, pleasure just hasn't been the same for me... it's left me feeling a strange aching, and an emptiness...
  19. EVA: Ah, I see. It's a common feeling for all clients who come here and chose the authentic method of insemination.
  21. JANE: The thought of its big and hard cock inside me again... it would make my knees weak at inappropriate times. I'd even need to change my underwear because my pussy would just be weeping from the lack of penetration. I tried other objects, all the sex toys available, but nothing is the same as that hot hunk of meat just sliding inside... What's wrong with me?
  23. EVA: It's just your instincts doing their best to undo all womankind has built to achieve over this last millennia.
  25. JANE: I need cock again, and soon, but I don't want to get pregnant again. Is it possible to just fuck one of those things without becoming with child?
  27. EVA: It's... highly irregular, but...
  29. JANE: Please, I need your help... I don't know what else to do. The sexual release pods, sure, they make me orgasm, but its nothing compared. I need a man's cock inside my while I explode, I need to feel it cumming, it's warm seed filling me completely...
  31. EVA: [pause and then sigh] Follow me.
  33. [footsteps] [door opening]
  35. JANE: This way doesn't lead to the extraction chambers.
  37. EVA: Oh, I know. I'm going to show you one of the benefits of being an employee here at Ovahri Industries.
  39. JANE: Oh...? Oh!
  41. EVA: We may keep men hidden away from the world and for good reason but the risk we run here with our authentic coitus option is that women will be taken back into a state similar to our our ancestors, one where man was dominant, one where our sex got more cock. We risk awakening a state of mind not felt for hundreds of years.
  43. JANE: I... I don't understand...
  45. EVA: You will soon, my dear. Just know that I will do my best to satisfy your cravings and take you back into your goddessly state.
  47. JANE: Thank you for helping me. I don't know how I'll ever pay you back...
  49. EVA: Well, you're in luck. Helping you will actually help me.
  51. JANE: What do you mean?
  53. EVA: I can't say here. Wait until we're in my office.
  55. [walking] [door opening and closing]
  57. EVA: Before we do this, I need you to understand the risk I'm running by helping you. If we're caught there's no telling what will happen to us. There isn't even a law against it because no one would ever think to commit such a crime. But I know that the punishment will be worse than death.
  59. JANE: Goddess above... now I'm unsure...
  61. EVA: You can leave. It's your choice. But know that your problem may not fade with time. We don't like to tell the public this, but there have been deaths after an authentic sex session. They simply crave it again and they eventually go insane.
  63. JANE: No. I don't want to lose my sanity. Please, please help me break this intense craving.
  65. EVA: You cannot tell anyone. Not a soul.
  67. JANE: I won't. I swear.
  69. EVA: Then let me show you the greatest threat to womankind in the world.
  71. [button press] [door open]
  73. JANE: [gasp] You have a man in your office? Are you allowed to do that?
  75. EVA: As I said, if we get caught we'll probably be executed, which is something men liked to do in the past. Ugh, savages...
  77. JANE: It looks so... calm.
  79. EVA: I've trained it. I've even taught it to talk some. Say hello to your new friend, my little pet.
  81. JANE: [gasp] It really does talk... wow. It's voice is so deep, so.... rumbly... h... hello to you too [nervous giggle]
  83. EVA: I only taught it basic things so don't expect a philosophical debate.
  85. JANE: What... what else did you teach it?
  87. EVA: [laugh] Many, many things. You see, much like you I once had sex with one of these things for the authentic experience. After my little goddess was born I began to feel as you do now...
  89. JANE: So you took one and trained it to pleasure you whenever you needed...
  91. EVA: Yes. It was a fine specimen at first, growing up strong and manly, but then when he turned eighteen his fertility took a massive decline. It was all set to be disposed of but I managed to save it without detection. I can assure you it wasn't easy. And so here it is, two years later, fully functional and healthy. I can fuck it as much as I please and never get pregnant.
  93. JANE: Fuck. I want to fuck it...
  95. EVA: Or would you rather it fucked you?
  97. JANE: You mean you don't strap it to one of those tables like the others?
  99. EVA: It's not like the others. And remember, I've been training it for two years now. If you'd really like, you can just lie back and let it do all the work.
  101. JANE: That sounds good, but... I... I want it in my mouth first...
  103. EVA: The blowjob again, of course. This time I hope you don't mind if I join in? It is my little sex toy after all.
  105. JANE: I don't mind as long as I get fucked in the end.
  107. EVA: We'll see...
  109. JANE: So, if I remember correctly, we just touch the penis to make it erect... Ah, so warm...
  111. EVA: You take care of the shaft. I'll take its balls in my warm little hands and fondle... It isn't always needed but it does add something a little extra...
  113. [moaning and giggling as his cock grows in your hands]
  115. JANE: [gasp] It's getting so big. [moan] Bigger than the one I had when I was last here.
  117. EVA: It's a shame really. This one could have been our most popular in years. Imagine the Goddesses it might have created with its absolutely legendary genitalia...
  119. JANE: Are you sure it can't get me pregnant?
  121. EVA: I've lost count of how many times its unloaded its seed inside me. Trust me, it won't be getting you pregnant no matter how much it cums.
  123. JANE: Fuck I'm so wet already. I want to suck it so bad.
  125. EVA: [laugh] Don't forget to share with me.
  127. [blowjob audio switching between the two. while one sucks the other can moan and offer encouragement]
  129. JANE: [catching breath] Why does it feel so good in my mouth?
  131. EVA: [also catching breath] Something I've pondered long and hard, my dear. Its hypnotic nature is a mystery to me...
  133. JANE: I just love how hard it is for us, how soft its skin is, how the veins engorge, how it throbs so good when its right down my throat... [moan]
  135. EVA: Why don't you let it take control. Just look into its eyes and say the word deepthroat. It may be a little rough but I rather enjoy it. It will also place its hands on your head and pull you onto it. When you want it to stop, just tap your finger on its thigh twice.
  137. JANE: [moan] Fuck... I want to try it... [clears throat] Deepthroat.
  139. [deepthroat audio]
  141. EVA: How do those big strong hands feel on your head, pulling you down onto its length, right down the back of your throat? Look up into its eyes while it forces its cock into your mouth. Man used to love when women did that.
  143. [end deepthroat]
  145. JANE: [gasping for air] fuck... fuck. So much saliva... I love how it drips from the tip of its cock [laugh]
  147. EVA: It's all too easy to get lost in such pleasure. Giving it can be just as good as receiving.
  149. JANE: Speaking of... I used my mouth on it, now I want it to pleasure me with its mouth.
  151. EVA: Oh, yes. I have trained it well in that. May I suggest a softer surface. Follow me into my little secret lab [laugh]
  153. [buttons press] [door opening]
  155. JANE: Wow, a bed and everything.
  157. EVA: Get comfortable, take your clothes off and lie down. Then when you're ready, just look into its eyes again and say in a nice firm and commanding voice, eat my pussy.
  159. JANE: [giggle] Fuck, I want my pussy eaten so bad... [stripping] Hey. You. Eat my pussy.
  161. EVA: You heard her. Get your head down there and devour that sweet little pussy.
  163. JANE: [gasp then moaning] Fuck. This is nothing like the sexual release pods.
  165. EVA: There's nothing quite like the feeling of a man's wet tongue and hot breath all over your cunt while you weave your fingers into its hair and pull it closer into you.
  167. JANE: Yes, come closer [moan] make it touch my breasts
  169. EVA: Just command it. However, you must use the word tits.
  171. JANE: [giggle] Touch my tits. [moan] Yes, squeeze those big strong hands on my tits. Play with my nipples while you eat me. Yes! fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!
  173. EVA: Wait, if you say that it'll-- oh, too late...
  175. JANE: [gasp] What is it-? [moan as penetrated then skin slapping] Oh, fucking Goddess above, its fucking me so hard.
  177. EVA: Nothing compares to being rammed hard by a big hard cock [moan] I want a turn to, you know.
  179. JANE: Then get on your knees and we can share.
  181. EVA: [stripping clothes] Ah, on my knees at last. Hey, look at me. Fuck me. [moaning and slapping]
  183. JANE: Fuck, I wasn't finished.
  185. EVA: [moan] you were taking so long...
  187. JANE: [moan] I miss that cock inside me... I feel so empty...
  189. EVA: I feel so fucking full! I'll never get tired of this thing fucking me. Sometimes I wonder why we ever took away man's freedom...
  191. JANE: Yes! Man should be free to fuck woman whenever they please. Now fuck me. [moan as entered again while EVA makes a sound of disappointment]
  193. EVA: Fuck, I miss it already...
  195. JANE: I'm gonna cum, oh fuck [orgasm]
  197. EVA: Goddess that looks amazing. They way it pumps its long girth into your soaking pussy. Fuck I cant stand the sight. Fuck me now, please. [moaning as entered]
  199. JANE: [heavy breathing] That was even better than last time... this one's cock is so much better and its amazing when it has control...
  201. EVA: Fucking pound me good, you big disgusting male. [moan]
  203. JANE: Fuck I want more... [moan] just how many times have you been in here, getting fucked, and lost track of time?
  205. EVA: [moan] Too many... fuck, deeper, yes! Grab my hips with those strong hands and force it into me! I can't... I can't get enough... Pull my hair! Yes, [moan] fuck yes!
  207. JANE: I want to feel it cum inside me again...
  209. EVA: Wait! Wait until I... Oh, fuck! [orgasm]
  211. JANE: [moan] Now, fuck me. [gasping as entered] Yes, full again. Fill me up. Cum inside me!
  213. EVA: [heavy breathing] You're lucky I taught it to cum on demand.
  215. JANE: Really? [gasp] Oh, there it goes! Fuck, look at its cock throb, so powerful as it unloads inside my pussy. And all without the risk of pregnancy...
  217. EVA: That's right. On one hand its a shame that it can't bless the world with goddesses, on the other its here, fucking us to our hearts desire...
  219. JANE: I wanna lick it clean again...
  221. EVA: So do I...
  223. [blowjob audio for both with giggling as they share the cleaning duty]
  225. JANE: What now?
  227. EVA: We wait to see how you feel. If you still experience similar feelings then just come back and I'll prescribe you another injection.
  229. JANE: [giggle] Yes, doctor. Thank you for helping me despite taking such a risk. I'll keep you secret, I swear.
  231. EVA: Oh, I know you will. You'll be back, and I'll be here waiting, my dear. And so will it, cock out, ready to fuck...
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