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  1. ◈C://☣Big Bad Beat◈ Eeeeey Kage. Got a question.
  3. [C:\\Heavenrent] What's up Beat?
  5. ◈C://☣Big Bad Beat◈ Dez, the owner of the new Waterin' Hole asked me t' put 'em in contact with the Family leader. They're a Hound, but they're still jus' a Marauder. Was callin' t' ask confirmation
  7. [C:\\Heavenrent] Hm. What for? It's not really a genesis staffing sort of affair. Anything she wants to know you could ask me no?
  9. ◈C://☣Big Bad Beat◈ They said they wanted t' like- talk business?
  11. [C:\\Heavenrent] Business..interesting. Why don't we get their proposition on the table for when we meet up. I plan to get my bosses and your bosses together for a dinner at the Smiling Man. Get everyone on the same page and not have quite so many chefs trying to make deals they can't provide.
  12. [C:\\Heavenrent] If it's something low tier business like we can have the finance and business heads hit them up. I don't want to step on any toes so to speak, boss or not. May I get a name and some coms codes to pass along?
  14. ◈C://☣Big Bad Beat◈ Yeah. Dez Zuhra; sending their com info now...
  16. [C:\\Heavenrent] Cool enough. Thank you friend.
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