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  2. CS268 OpPclip tidychat Jul 16th, 2017
  4. Live chat
  5. SnowBlind​Our enemies are the media
  6. Mac J​#HumaLikeWeiner
  7. ratlines investigation​MOST INSURANCE WILL PAY OUT IF AFTER 2 YEARS OLD
  8. darren alevi​McCain may flee
  9. Sis Ann​Doesn't make any sense does it Brenda J
  10. Mariannie Bobannie​Right
  11. Jodi West​Agree Mimi & Elizabeth
  12. Jennifer Madison​is this the haitian guy ? or the smith guy?
  13. patricia faulkner​what Peter Smith do on jobs?
  14. Will Jones​Suicide is normally only a two-year exeption
  15. Or Urphy​go george
  16. Suzy Odom​Supposedly he has a blood clot
  17. Elizabeth Anthony​Suicude is only 24 month clause
  18. lawna laine​Policies do pay for suicide
  19. Will Jones​exception
  20. Jodi West​🤣
  21. Brenda J​Party supplies stores
  22. Dewey Bueno​I read McCain may be having surgery?
  23. SnowBlind​Impeachment is going nowhere
  24. Stephen Tice​So the primary suspect is the insurance company
  25. Janet F​lol
  26. Teresa Bear​yes life policy pays after 2 years
  27. jaccceee​why does a old guy lie about future plans. he could just say i'm too old an tired.
  28. darren alevi​Smith guy they are covering
  29. Dire Straights​@Mimi Yes Into the woods the Grover's are.. Burning an Epogee
  30. Jennifer Madison​the haitian wrote the same note?
  31. patricia faulkner​The haiti guy did suicide yes
  32. Joeys Cleaning Lady​some clauses pay out if you have a debilitating disease
  33. Anita David​My life insurance pays if suicide
  34. Jodi West​Oooh
  36. Linda Copping​so his family gets nothing now!!!!!!!!!
  37. Elizabeth Anthony​Not covered for first 2 years
  38. lawna laine​There is a two year contestability clause
  39. christian baldwin​@darren alevi for sure I think old McCain will be questioned while he's home...how convenient for him
  40. ratlines investigation​YOU HAVE TO HAVE ALREADY HAVE THE POLICY FOR 2 YEARS.
  41. Mimi Miller​yes they do pay for suicide ... that is fake news to say insurance does not pay
  42. Evelyn Pringle​McCain looks like he was beat up
  43. Teresa Bear​has to be in place 2 years
  44. greg kyle​Exactly GW :-)
  45. lawna laine​after two years suicide is covered
  46. SnowBlind​McCain had surgery Friday
  47. Shavett Gillum​McCain blood clot turned into a tumor within 2 hours on Fox today.
  48. Jennifer Madison​the haitian guy i think left the same note?
  49. Crystal Scurr​He did saying was running out
  50. Janet F​.0hour1.com/2017/07/16/the-anatomy-of-a-setup-of-donald-trump-jr/
  51. MagicBlubber​Egypt was about the medu neter and female worship prior to the heretic pharaoh akhenaten who brought with him the philosophy of the hittites
  52. Bread Garlic​you CANT comit suicide from helium baught at walmart..THE MIX IS 80//20...IMPOSSIBLE TO DIE..YOU BLACK OUT
  53. patricia faulkner​first guy was murder haiti and then Peter smith is second person wow
  54. Mark Smith​i have an idea guys. concentrate on 1 or 2 issues and focus on that/them :)
  55. Joe Napoli​#nounrig
  56. Officer Barry McCochiner, PC Police​ALL CAPS ITS TRUE!
  57. Susan Huffman​Yes, a friend of mine collected $200,000 after her husbands suicide.
  58. Dan Halen​Plus, it was totally an accident when the helium gas was tubed into the bag around the head.
  59. Eyesopen Nofear​Has anyone talked about DEATH of Dimitri Noonan, pilot of Clinton/Lynch plane meeting
  60. darren alevi​McCain is pretty old he may Suicide to escape Justice
  61. Mac J​What is McCain surgically attaching a real jaw?
  62. Jodi West​But They Do Pay If Considered Suicide? Hmmm
  63. Karl Brautigam​The Truth...The Whole Truth and Nothing But The (REDACTED)
  64. Dewey Bueno​NetanYAHOO is upset with Cease Fire Agreement so I suspect Israel wants Trump out
  65. Mimi Miller​was that an AI bot I have to waste my knowledge on bots
  66. Real News Delaware​#nitrous ?
  67. drdebo Cherry​Garlic- good question- ill look on line- says " Standard Helium Tank"
  68. christian baldwin​@Shavett Gillum yeah that was funny LMAO
  69. jaccceee​dc madam wrote 2 suicide letters.
  70. Joe Napoli​#nounrig
  71. jevenjev​jeff boston. THANKS! Gonna be neat to check that out. Hope there is info on blood type as well. I have heard the Turin Shroud had AB negative blood on it.
  72. Bob McElligott​😀All caps
  73. CaliCarLover​moral of the story: don't stay at the Helium Hotel
  74. Crystal Scurr​Bad health will really get you down
  75. Will Jones​Why speculate. Check the policy. He was 81
  76. Real News Delaware​the only eyewitness saw no bag.... but said he wasn't there long
  77. SnowBlind​Lawyers scared to go after Hillary
  78. Or Urphy​@Joe Napoli everytime I have phone troubles...turn off/on fixes it...lluckily not too often..
  79. Donna Summers​There is a few years.
  80. darren alevi​I bet 10 $
  81. ratlines investigation​WHAT 81 YEAR OLD MAN WOULD DO THAT TO HIMSELF?
  82. drdebo Cherry​jaccceee- i hayed thatcase- so sad!
  83. SnowBlind​Netanyahoo is a satanist
  84. Or Urphy​YES GEORGE
  85. Dewey Bueno​has anyone found a reliable source on the dead pilot or if P Ryan was even in Plane?
  86. Crystal Scurr​may have been why he bought 2x
  87. Will Jones​McCain is Anti-Christ and needs to hang at Ft. McNair.
  88. Teresa Bear​insurance Co wouldn't write a policy for 79 year old sick man
  89. christian baldwin​@Mac J at this point I almost hope so, because I don't think that SOB will ever come clean
  90. Karl Brautigam​MetaData: Everything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against Me...I Do Not Care
  91. chicky rogue​mccain=sacrifice
  92. Amy Beachluver​So George explain what kind of death that would be...
  93. Kaycee Knox​In an episode of Netflix Grace and Frankie a character commits suicide with helium tank and plastic bag.
  94. Joe Napoli​Thx Or Urphy
  95. Deb savethechildren​Haitian Atty
  96. Bread Garlic​WALMART STOPPED SELLING PURE HELIUM IN 2015..youbcan only buy helium at abgas station
  97. Dan Halen​That makes sense
  98. Mariannie Bobannie​talk
  99. Stephen Taylor​I am a Doctor and that is true
  100. patricia faulkner​McCain sure is in trouble
  101. drdebo Cherry​Anthony- oh I hope so!!!!!
  102. Mimi Miller​we bought life insurance in our 30's ...
  103. Joe Napoli​#AwanBrothers
  105. Or Urphy​made the mistake of buying ballons nt before birthday and they all fell!..thats when I learned not all helium
  106. Teresa Bear​policy would pay off
  107. Johnathan Deckard​Did they kill the pilot who was on the plane with Lynch??
  108. McChomhghaill MacChomhghaill​WalMart video cameras should show the purchase of helium
  109. jeff boston​Jevenjev he also found the Table of Shewbread and the Menorah in the same crevice
  110. Σελήνη-Celini​An overdose of any medication can be a suicide, still, with Benadryl it can be done.
  111. Stephen Taylor​it is need for certain conditions
  112. Sweep 2
  113. Live chat
  114. Anna Pussy​🌷
  115. greg kyle​Max ROCKS...!!!
  116. Mac J​@Joe Napoli That was so sarcastic. I know who George is lol I do all the comment scrapes
  117. Johnathan Deckard​Catherine Abbenda Yes
  118. Cherilyn Monroe​how many intelligence agencies? lol
  119. Dewey Bueno​I will not support Impeachmet only because the Phase II of Pence will be a designed Plan of destruction beyond belief!
  120. Linda Copping​Jsnip4, Bix Weir, and Cliff High experts on crypto currency for years, way before David Seaman all have youtube videos and Bix and Cliff websites
  121. Bread Garlic​LOL..KONRAD..thats the onlybwaybhe could of died, if he had a bag over his head
  122. Karen Omodt​Be careful ppl are dying by Arkancide in Fl.
  123. Suzy Odom​Black Hills Corporation
  124. jenna peter​Still using Google I see
  125. drdebo Cherry​patricia- my dad lived 20 yrs- my sister- who i care for is going on 10- they had/have " early alzhiemers"- luckily i dont have gene!
  126. Cam Dunbar​bitcoin will be fine after 1st of Aug after scaling
  127. Crystal Scurr​@Joe Napoli can you please try to get them to confirm time of last contact between Smith & Charles- there's confusion whether day or hours or minute
  128. Will Jones​Rome's satanic ruling false-elite, the Organized Crime Beast of (((Gog))) and Babylon, must be expropriated and hanged; and constitutional money restored.
  129. Joe Napoli​Sorry mac j thought u were seriously asking
  130. Cherilyn Monroe​yeah right!
  131. JulesPatchules​It's all good. Seaman is a Joke. "Webb" has now stating incorrect info...
  132. Cosmo Sherry​@JasonGoodman did you see my comment… Pat knows a lot about bitcoin. When you come to Florida be prepared for a hot and muggy muggy muggy
  133. Or Urphy​@Jason Goodman Adblock Plus
  134. Mimi Miller​I am running about a minute behind cause i had to pause for a minute the gop is pushing bitcoin
  135. AwanBrosKebabs​Pence is a globalist sellout.
  136. Amy Beachluver​it's not illegal to meet with Russians!
  137. D War Coors​[message retracted]
  138. Joe Napoli​@crystal sure..
  139. Dan Halen​Nah +Catherine Abbenda, GW is saying the ratlines are switching to Ethereum
  140. Mac J​@Joe Napoli haha yeah I couldn't resist
  141. John Townley - OIT​how many more ppl are going to end up dead thru Clinton? needs to stop
  142. Lev Polkovich​after 1991, the Russian Mafia was selling off all the resources of the country
  143. chicky rogue​max keiser can educate
  144. Cherilyn Monroe​snopes..jk
  145. Cam Dunbar​trish look up Bitcoin Scaling
  146. Johnathan Deckard​Has everyone practiced with their firearms this week?
  147. Dewey Bueno​Cosmo I call it unbearable! AC Bill will be high!
  148. SnowBlind​Destroy the FED
  149. darren alevi​Pence has a hard on for Iran war , he wants to be a dick cheney 2.0 and is like GHW Bush with the pedophilia
  150. patricia faulkner​have you see the house collapsed in south florida this morning it took 30 second go down
  152. Jennifer Madison​Jason can you check the @anon_bg twitter feed?? it talks about Silk Ways
  153. Val Yardley​The leading expert on Bitcoin is Andreas M. Antonopoulos. He's on YouTube and written 2 books related to Bitcoin
  154. PolitiKellyRite​Suffolk County Republicans Meetup is big too
  155. RJ Ingmo​BeforeItsNews reporting Paul Ryan with clinton and lynch in tarmac meeting?
  156. Cherilyn Monroe​Peter Schiff is also freaking out
  157. Crystal Scurr​@drdebo Cherry bless you!
  158. Karl Brautigam​Puppets, Paupers, Poets and Perps
  159. Candace Wagner​Yes very HOT AND MUGGY down here...I have a feeling your trip to FL will be discouraging and unproductive. & I am usually an optimist who encourages.
  160. phil c.​Jonathan Deckard I carry every day
  161. Will Jones​Expropriate all assets of FedScam "owners," Rothschilds' and Rockefellers' Pyramid of Crime
  162. Fit Bit​Pence calls GHWB for advice according to Pence
  163. Dewey Bueno​Pence is a KOCHBOT and use religion to Rule scumbag
  164. Lev Polkovich​blood clots are dissolved chemically, not removed surgically,
  165. christian baldwin​Jason Miller from Trump Campaign retweeted this story in the Daily Caller
  167. AwanBrosKebabs​Dave Acton is prepping for the big crash.
  168. Alfred Villarreal​Who Snopes up on Snopes to find out their findings are true?
  169. Suzy Odom​George Soros paid $60 million to keep Obama's drkest secrets safe
  170. Virtual Me​He gets the Super Duper Secret papers.
  171. Cam Dunbar​Etherium was funded by Microsoft and JP Morgan
  172. Fit Bit​That's what I said Lev
  173. Stephen Taylor​@Joe Napoli should I just send my investigation findings by email...it always seems to be ignored in chat by Jason.. My Haitian work on Klaus Eberstein seems to not be getting noticed here
  174. Johnathan Deckard​phil c. Good Man!
  175. Mimi Miller​the rothschilds and rockfellers are included in the keep food in prohibition ...
  176. Will Jones​JFK ended Rome's FedScam and seamlessly moved to "U.S. Notes."
  177. Jay Bird​Do not let it go away!
  178. Joe Napoli​@jason goodman can you confirm time of last contact w Charles and smith there's some confusion whether days hours minutes
  179. Stella Jane​Is a great learning process this ..thought I knew a lot...not
  180. Sheri Herman​Lev good point.
  181. Marconics​Kerplunk
  182. patricia faulkner​GHWB stand for?
  183. Crystal Scurr​@Stephen Taylor yes do that
  184. phil c.​thanks
  185. Stephen Taylor​ok
  186. Will Jones​GHWBush
  187. christian baldwin​@Jason Goodman Jason Miller from Trump Campaign retweeted Awan Brother story today
  188. Mariannie Bobannie​It 's like history class in my room!
  189. Fit Bit​George Herbert Walker Bush
  190. Dewey Bueno​Yes I agree Guys on timing to Florida, unless you have a plan you get sick when outside too long
  191. Candace Wagner​I noticed your comments and appreciate @Stephen Taylor
  192. Joe Napoli​@stephen Taylor joenap@protonmail
  193. AwanBrosKebabs​George Herbert walker bush
  194. patricia faulkner​ok thanks
  195. D War Coors​[message retracted]
  196. drdebo Cherry​Will Jones- i agree
  197. Lev Polkovich​if blood clot is physically tampered with, it will travel thru the bloodstream and cause more damaged
  198. Dan Halen​What happened to your nephew GW?
  199. K.E. Saxon​TRY TO CONTACT DILYANA via her editor/s: Neno Petkanov managing editor online edition of trud +359 2 905 7400, (int 110) Yasen Lutskanov managing editor online edition of trud Y.lyutskanov@trud.bg
  200. Bread Garlic​jason..are you interested in the global warming scam...its central to the NWO takeover...???
  201. D War Coors​[message retracted]
  202. rockribbed rushy​Hey Dewey, you gonna throw Pence into he ovens?
  203. Jennifer Madison​@anon_bg Bulgaria
  204. McChomhghaill MacChomhghaill​large portion of Russian sanctions were originally enacted because a Russian operative tried just what the Russian Lawyer did w DonaldTrumpJr ended up tortured dead in Russian jail
  205. Stephen Taylor​thanks gang
  206. Jason Groothuis​@Jason Goodman , is the Dems being happy with the new FBI director choice a red flag ?
  207. Shawn Hall​Did the Trump Admin reveal the Don Jr. meeting to bait the Deep State and media into reacting and exposing then to flip the narrative to illegal spying?
  208. Will Jones​Bushes are of Count Dracula, Vlad Tepes, as is England's Khazar queen: Satan
  209. rockribbed rushy​Buy Bitcoin!
  210. darren alevi​anyone think JFKS sole grandson will run for office in the future , he looks a lot like his uncle JFK JR
  211. Karen Omodt​GHWB is Daddy Shrub
  212. Suzy Odom​@Fit Bit I heard 70 dems and dozens of RINO's current and former
  213. Cam Dunbar​DONT SELL!!!
  214. Dale Franklin​Impeach time line ?
  215. Cherilyn Monroe​Nathans was...
  216. Cherilyn Monroe​is..
  217. RJ Ingmo​Dollar crashing as well
  218. Lev Polkovich​many small bloodclots are disolved naturally
  219. Crystal Scurr​Thank you-
  220. Stella Jane​cat needs feeding keep safe gentle warriors
  221. Karl Brautigam​Ben Stiller will play Jason in the Hollywood production of: ...A Tale Of Two Files and Multiple Realities
  222. Mac J​Always be wary of popularity movements. Like bitcoin. Not saying it's a hoax, just that when things that are obscure become rapidly known, just be wary
  223. Will Jones​Bush killed JFK, his homo son did 9/11
  224. ramona gergeni​I must be the "Iowa grandmother in tennis shoes" that informed Senator Grassley about the Awan brothers in Congress. I tweeted George's U-Tube videos to Grassley. Must have caught some attention, huh?
  225. Alfred Villarreal​I lost track on the Clinton Death Count? Can anyone help me out?
  226. Stephen Taylor​I am working on finding more on the ground in Dade Coounty Miami in the next couple of days
  227. Angeline Nad​5pm may 13 Ortel smith call 117 pm may 14 time of peter smith death
  228. patricia faulkner​GHWB was on brain wash on Kenndy assassin in 63 source say
  229. drdebo Cherry​Crystal- thank u
  230. Joe Napoli​@jason goodman did I tell you about the "suits" who visited my office?
  231. Crystal Scurr​receipt was dated day before
  233. Your Brother​@Cam Dunbar What is Bitcoin scaling?
  235. Stephen Taylor​I have a couple of police connections
  236. Bread Garlic​google...nanowerk...Transforming greenhouse gas CO2 into carbon nanotubes
  237. MsEmpressmarina​is
  238. Sheri Herman​Thanks Lev. So this whole blood clot story is bogus.
  239. Crystal Scurr​yes - receipt  found by police
  240. Fit Bit​I agree with you Lev
  241. Linda Copping​Bix Weir, Cliff High, JPnip4 big bitcoin experts with youtube videos
  242. Sis Ann​Napkin from Nathans
  243. Michael Brown​David Seaman know quite a bit about bitcoin and ethereum
  244. Jennifer Madison​thank you Ramona🙋
  245. K.E. Saxon​TRY TO CONTACT DILYANA VIA her editor/s: Neno Petkanov managing editor online edition of trud +359 2 905 7400, (int 110) Yasen Lutskanov managing editor online edition of trud Y.lyutskanov@trud.bg
  246. Lev Polkovich​there is someone big happening with the federal reserve
  247. Konrad Roeder​Walmart is crawling in cameras
  248. Dire Straights​Lev yes... Magnesium takes care of blood clots too
  249. Or Urphy​@Joe Napoli do tell
  250. Cam Dunbar​sell at this price you`ve lost money
  251. bwarner08​CONTACT DILYANA via her editor/s: Neno Petkanov managing editor online edition of trud +359 2 905 7400, (int 110) Yasen Lutskanov managing editor online edition of trud Y.lyutskanov@trud.bg
  252. patricia faulkner​GHWB was 17 years old
  253. Bread Garlic​how to make 7.1 trillion dollars for nothing
  255. Johnathan Deckard​Joe Napoli Suits come to see you?
  256. AwanBrosKebabs​Precisely snoblind.
  257. Dan Halen​Alfred Villarreal - arkancide com I think
  258. Donna Summers​Cynthia is right. Americans need to stand united.
  259. phi 0318​Let's see the footage
  260. Reda 2448​time of death was 12:30, I believe
  261. PolitiKellyRite​Lift the veil
  262. SnowBlind​Impeachment wont happen
  263. Kim Rafelson​@joenapoli tell us more...
  264. phil c.​Joe Napoli Tell us about that
  265. Suzy Odom​David Seaman is a shill
  266. Dewey Bueno​Hey I can not afford a Virus, where can I get just the Stuff for Mike file safely?
  267. Joe Napoli​@stephen Taylor u can email my protonmail and call me anytime
  268. Colleen Fitz​Like to hear more from JoeNap
  269. McChomhghaill MacChomhghaill​lev says mccain blood clot story bogus ???
  270. Kathy Randall​Why would you go all that way just to commit suicide?
  271. PolitiKellyRite​Nathan Stolpman (sp?)
  272. Nikki M​Lift the veil
  273. Char Beltran​Perhaps I'm just thick but, I'm wondering WHO is involved in Operation Paperclip II - who are we bringing in this time????
  274. Stephen Taylor​The medical examiner has not release klaus Ebersteins medical examiners report....but several request have been filed. Police on the ground are my sources
  275. Joe Napoli​Kim and Phil I will definitely
  276. Will Jones​GHWBush's cowardice off Chi-chi Jima murdered his crew.
  277. Graham 95​veteran of the cryptocurrency trading space told us, "shit's getting real, no one is sure what happens after August 1st , so traders are taking profits, squaring positions into the scaling deadline."
  278. patricia faulkner​blot clot can be stroke that what I have
  279. Michael Girard​Chicago Tribune printed time of helium purchase off of receipt
  280. Bread Garlic​look at thebwalmartbwebsite...they onlybsell helium @ 80/20
  281. darren alevi​Gowdy has an awan bro in his congressional staff
  282. RJ Ingmo​Putin met with ethereum alliance then price crashed after.
  283. Stephen Taylor​thanks for input Joe
  284. PolitiKellyRite​Nathan is at Mt. Shasta with Quinn right now!
  285. Karl Brautigam​A Night At The Museum... A Weekend At Bernies and 30 Days In The Hole
  286. phil c.​cool
  287. carle shawn​Defango builds machines that mine Ethereum. Thats cool.
  288. Katherine Nielsen​It is not unusual to go in and surgically remove a blood clot. I have had it done more than a half of a dozen times. The side story to McCain is why is he at Mayo and not going through the VA?
  289. Dire Straights​Dyliana Huge Contact above... Editor etc. ✋
  290. Lev Polkovich​i don't believe anything announced about mccain
  291. Mariannie Bobannie​Oh oh oh oh!!!!!!
  292. MsEmpressmarina​Is UNRIG a scam?
  293. Joe Napoli​@colleen Fitz putting synopsis together for next live feed
  294. Fit Bit​What? Gowdy with the Awan?
  295. Dan Halen​If David Seaman is Nathan Stolpman's brother, that means semen has an uncle that's an intel agent too obviously
  296. McChomhghaill MacChomhghaill​hotel was near or next to mayo clinic ??
  297. Cherilyn Monroe​Cons Piracy
  298. christian baldwin​@darren alevi Are you sure about Gowdy having an Awan????
  299. Cam Dunbar​Etherium was`nt designed as a currency
  300. Lev Polkovich​McCain is evil as hell
  301. Colleen Fitz​Thanks Joe
  302. Sheri Herman​Lev pointed out blood clots are dissolved chemically not operated on.
  303. Cosmo Sherry​@JoeNapoli you had some suits come and visit you huh
  304. Joe Napoli​YW Stephen taylor
  305. Kim Rafelson​can't wait
  306. PolitiKellyRite​Quinn and Nathan/LTV livestream last night
  307. drdebo Cherry​lev- aneurysm is not synomous with blood clott- toally different things
  308. thaboy26​@joe napoli tell jason the guy to find & interview about crypto is Reggie middleton
  309. Candace Wagner​bwarner08: CONTACT DILYANA via her editor/s:Neno Petkanov managing editor online edition of trud +359 2 905 7400, (int 110) Yasen Lutskanov managing editor online edition of trud Y.lyutskanov@trud.bg
  310. Cher Ann​Regarding yesterdays stream Hastings, Walker etc was Tom Clancy also taken out????
  311. Your Brother​@carle shawn Defango builds mining rigs?
  312. Will Jones​McCain is Anti-Christ, the Butcher of the Forrestal
  313. Andrea DiSanto​Stephen Taylor, about HAITI?
  314. Fit Bit​I am still surprised McCain was found to have a brain.
  315. patricia faulkner​obama have 5 home an mansion
  316. Or Urphy​anyone got the bowl of huggies link?
  317. Joe Napoli​@cosmo yes! I was out of my office too craaaaazy
  318. Kathy Randall​What about 5G??? are we in trouble?
  319. darren alevi​Gowdy is a good guy but he is controlled like all the others
  320. carle shawn​Yep
  321. Lev Polkovich​there are heart aneurysms and brain aneurysms
  323. Donna Summers​Dire Straights Magnesium is a wonder supplement. It controls so much.
  324. Stephen Taylor​I was hoping my information would be something the guys would look into while they are in Florida
  325. Will Jones​Mr. Trump is anointed of God
  326. Joe Napoli​@thaboy will do!!
  327. Real News Delaware​AdBlocker son!
  328. Cherilyn Monroe​Mirror mirror on the wall whos the most compromised of all? John McCain is the most.
  329. Michael Krisfaluzy​Char Paperclip II involves Russians brought over for different political purposes.
  330. livelyisland​Omar Awan was IT guy for the US House of Representatives Office of Finance and the House Administrative Officer, and the House Enterprise Applications Office
  331. Robert Utter​Haiti now too
  332. drdebo Cherry​Dan Halen- i support david seaman due to his pedo-ring coverage
  333. patricia faulkner​I think Hillary had brain surgery in 2015
  334. Or Urphy​BLESS YOU GEORGE
  335. carle shawn​@your brother hes got videos about it
  336. TheBase1aransas​WOW
  337. Lev Polkovich​an aneurysm is caused by blood vessel malformation, and are operated on by resectioning the vessels
  338. Dire Straights​Twisting the story & narrative ...to encroach
  339. Cher Ann​Regarding yesterdays stream Hastings, Walker etc was Tom Clancy also taken out????
  340. Candace Wagner​Thank you, both.
  341. Real News Delaware​There is sound
  342. Karl Brautigam​A Bowl Of Huggies...Pee Pee Gate and Life Down The Swamp Drain
  343. Jack Odin​Jason Miler is Director of Teneo
  344. Fladir Goober​yes, adblock is great
  345. Cosmo Sherry​@JoeNapoli that was probably good that you were out of the office LOL you be careful Joe… Keep your head on the swivel
  346. Will Jones​The Lord provides
  347. Trump4 NC​isnt it stephen miller?
  348. Dewey Bueno​Site has stock Wordpress Pic?
  349. Dan Halen​drdebo Cherry tell me one thing he has come up with on his own please
  351. Banana Man​Ublock is the best.
  352. Your Brother​@carle shawn Video card pricing has gone up, does he have advice for building rigs?
  354. Colleen Fitz​Yes Jason Miller, would be great to get him on
  355. Or Urphy​oops
  356. Stephen Tice​Eth via dapp silidy etc. is smart contracts for a world wide distributed ledger (and programs) hence iOT & AI make it intelligent money. Instant quid pro quo.
  357. Itza Meda​And that is why they call it Clintoncide!
  358. drdebo Cherry​faulkner- yup- what i think
  359. darren alevi​is that on his death bed ?
  360. SnowBlind​Seamen whine too much unsubscibed
  361. Andrea DiSanto​Stephen Taylor what topic area?
  362. Real News Delaware​I tweeted a copy to George
  363. LearningLifestyle​Wondered about Tom Clancy too
  364. sweep 3
  365. Live chat
  366. Jess Cain​We have military blackmail lawsuits for poon sites
  367. bigfish trebillion​This whole show is a cover for pedos
  368. annaj​Oh George it isn't about one frikkin picture
  369. Fit Bit​Sir Clement Freud's home - that's where Podesta was staying - 3 blocks from McCann's abduction spot
  370. Kab kar​love good. Podesta email. hanky Klect at someone's house with evidence on it. Did he want it back?
  371. jeffrey martin​MCANN WAS THE UK PEDO RING
  372. Andrew Luetgers​@Jason Goodman BREAKING NEWS another death in Miami of Klaus Eberwein "Haiti Official Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation Is Found Dead" top story on Zerohedge
  373. Jodi West​Nice
  374. drdebo Cherry​i just threw up
  375. Jennifer Madison​Jason, can you check out Dan Bonginos Twitter sometime ?
  376. Lauro Andrea​I agree with George. There's not enough on the pedophilia outside of circumstantial.
  377. Linda Copping​Catherine Austin Fitts says they want to make pedophilia legal if public lets them
  379. Will Jones​Apparently those close to the case are certain her parents killed her
  380. John OLoughlin​right on George
  381. mauibrad​OK FOLLOW THE MONEY
  382. Stephen Tice​Back to logistics, for meta data, esp. Defense Logistics, and sealift
  383. SurfinServer​Your the Man George
  384. Deborah Mitchell​All this info will come full circle. Hostory repeats itself..
  385. PolitiKellyRite​No we're not!!! That's the MONEY!!
  386. Evelyn Pringle​Without George's investigation we would have all staying on Pizzagate and never learn about the world wide ratlines
  387. McChomhghaill MacChomhghaill​if checking podesta chicago connections don't leave his wife out
  388. Dan Halen​pretty disgusting stuff drdebo Cherry
  389. Eyesopen Nofear​Capone jailed for tax evasion = Hillary jailed tax evasion
  390. Dire Straights​@Lily Yes, and the MKUktra they use to Groom he Children still
  391. Mister Marc​with the 6 billion phones on the planet, we never see any evidence ? weird
  392. Jason Goodman​Andrew L we know about eberwein
  393. Keith David​NYPD were puking when they saw Weiners laptop contents.
  395. Cherilyn Monroe​i was thinking about this moments ago
  397. squeek123able​Just the facts Mam.lol
  398. PolitiKellyRite​We're more outraged by them FUCKING CHILDRRN
  399. Jodi West​Who Is Steven Miller
  401. TXMom of2​Every country in the world has a pedofile problem look at the Catholic church for goodness sakes
  402. batterista​Power structure & law enforcement are making concessions over pizzagate
  403. Stephen Tice​So what's the Paperclip-2 Connect?
  404. Lauro Andrea​The Pizzagate almost feels like they were baiting Seaman and everyone else
  405. annaj​And Freud was a known pedophile
  406. Will Jones​McCanns are apparently "swingers," perverts
  407. Dan Halen​yup Keith
  408. Fit Bit​Something is up with Sessions
  409. SnowBlind​Child sacrifice is from Talmud.
  410. Crystal Scurr​Sessions does not have enough people to prosecute all this yet -
  411. Ray ogden​Behine closed door
  412. Virtual Me​TXMom of2 Are you not listening at all? George is saying pedogate is REAL, it's just a means to an end, The end is the bigger story in terms of the # and $ of crimes and people involved.
  413. Your Brother​@Jason Goodman Ask George about the US Attorney for DC, Channing D. Phillips, role in investigating crimes committed in DC and bringing to prosecute with Loretta Lynch and James Comey.
  414. Jess Cain​Metadata for parties from military overseas, Jeff Epstein, more and more its ot you are saying
  415. drdebo Cherry​Will Jones- I ALWAYS believed that!
  416. Linda Copping​RIGHT NOW in Venuzualia GIRLS being taken for sex trafficking with all the chaos, they are offered food
  417. Jodi West​Position? On Trump Team
  418. Candace Wagner​They do know about that @Andrew Luetgers ~ thank you though.
  419. batterista​They won't let us look into it.
  420. Andrew Luetgers​@Jason Goodman when you guys going to FL?
  421. mauibrad​BYE BYE MCCAIN
  422. Love GOOD​Kab kar, I don't know
  423. Eileen Flamm​Jason can you explain again about those sketches of both Podestas ??!
  424. Will Jones​Kids tell God's truth
  425. BAT GIRL​Klaus Eberwein's Death
  426. PolitiKellyRite​Pizza map
  427. Cherilyn Monroe​incredible
  428. Mariannie Bobannie​Likely
  430. Dewey Bueno​Guys you can go investigate whatever you want but to be upset someone else is not following your road? Come On
  431. Virtual Me​Which God?
  433. Duckluvnmom​Fake stroke....resulting in memory loss??
  435. Will Jones​Obama is a homo. Fact
  436. batterista​There is bargaining going on
  437. SnowBlind​Want truth read Henry Makow
  438. TXMom of2​He is missing a huge part of the story ignoring pedogate
  439. patricia faulkner​M15 killed lady Diane
  440. mauibrad​1,355 WATCHING NOW
  441. chicky rogue​only rabbis read the talmud are you a rabbi?
  442. Joseph Abbenda​Maybe it's just sauce for pasta
  443. Crystal Scurr​There are many deaths I will scream hallelaugh at and McCain is one of them
  444. drdebo Cherry​VirtualMe- yup
  445. PolitiKellyRite​Dominos- dominant..
  446. Cherilyn Monroe​whao the G, the serpent
  447. McChomhghaill MacChomhghaill​I think sessions has been partially paralyzed until fbi is fixed ie - mueller mccabe
  448. batterista​That's what's ge0ge is doing
  449. Jodi West​Is That Him In Pic?
  450. Will Jones​Mueller is Rockefeller
  451. RJ Ingmo​Vatican recently raised Age of Consent. wasnt 18 prior
  452. scorchedan9el​How about the DHS ad about trafficking w/ pizza shop
  453. Dire Straights​@Evelyn Yep!!! It's all Power hungry Psychopathic Pedo Satanists'
  454. Peter Mikula​But they are not responding. I sent the PODESTA PICTURES to the OFFICIAL McCAIN INVESTIGATOR - They didn't respond - Very FISHY - Like COVER-UP FISHY
  455. flusterate​what do you think panda is code for
  456. Jennifer Madison​I don't know I saw the Alaphantis instagram page on 4chsn hmm it wasn't serious or that bad
  457. Linda Copping​why did Biden give Obama a friendship braclet (pictures on net) with a slice of pizza on it??
  458. Cherilyn Monroe​its both of them together
  459. Evelyn Pringle​Didn't Jason Leopold do some reporting on Enron?
  460. Crystal Scurr​@McChomhghaill MacChomhghaill I agree
  461. jaccceee​madelaine eye problem is the same as Soros'
  462. Janet F​.0hour1.com/2017/07/16/the-anatomy-of-a-setup-of-donald-trump-jr/
  463. Will Jones​Mueller is proved dirty with BNL
  464. Jess Cain​GEORGE YOU ARE SO WRONG ON THI,S you just haven't looked for metadata on perforate. Its overwhelming
  465. Anita B​Thanks n Marlin Brandos autobiography he says when he went to his first Hollywood party in the late 1940s he was asked what his sexual preference was men, women or children.
  466. Morningflower j.foster​Or maybe it's exactly as it looks!
  467. patricia faulkner​Colorado mkutra use the mountain to hid the boys
  469. Johnathan Deckard​Keith David Do you know that for a fact about the NYPD?
  471. Michael Krisfaluzy​George and Jason watch the 4-part series on YouTube with Kay Griggs. Government intelligence has uses and abused children for years as blackmail.
  473. PolitiKellyRite​Then you missed A LOT jennifer
  474. chicky rogue​because they azre besties
  475. Or Urphy​@Linda Copping I was mulling that as I watched the new tv series "Will" on shakespeare which was incredibly full of outlying demonstrations of physical attraction
  476. SnowBlind​Talmudists are our real enemy
  477. Annie Klas Marsden​What about the Haitian CF suicide?
  478. Jodi West​I See Now😊
  479. Anna Quintana​Clinton Foundation, Child Trafficking through Laura Silsby Haiti.
  480. Cam Dunbar​MCann
  481. PolitiKellyRite​I have it ALL
  483. SurfinServer​situational use of code, dual use
  484. darren alevi​If it smells like a swamp critter, looks like a swamp critter and moves like a swamp critter. It looks like a swamp critter. Its a swamp critter.
  485. Lev Polkovich​Jason Goodman YOU ARE CHASING SMALL-TIME PLAYERS
  486. drdebo Cherry​Crystal- i will have congrad bottle of champagn🍾
  487. Yester Day​Enron ex SUICIDE
  488. batterista​FBI anon tipped us off on language that might be used
  489. Suzy Odom​John Mccain needs to be put away - I dont care how its done
  490. monkey47​playing dominoes=running a ratline?
  491. PolitiKellyRite​That's NOT TRUE
  492. Bread Garlic​PRINCESS DIANA, was about to blow open the royal familys connection to pedophillia...prince andrew
  493. Σελήνη-Celini​Subject: Did you leave a handkerchief. Podesta email #32795
  494. Andrea DiSanto​ENRON IS IMPORTANT
  495. Mimi Miller​arms deal, oil, poppy, sex, trafficking,
  496. Peter Mikula​Yes McCANN
  497. K.E. Saxon​One of the ENRON dudes committed "suicide" in his car
  498. Crystal Scurr​Jesus - go back to Keating 5
  499. patricia faulkner​Guy told on video what he went thru it scary stuff
  500. Or Urphy​they even had a visual scene where a child is cutting their arm several times
  501. PolitiKellyRite​The symbols did
  502. Will Jones​Hollywood Babylon is the Mob/Anti-Christ papists and false-Jews
  503. Jodi West​Kid Rock Running For President?
  505. SunShine​All the "starts" with piZZA related themes
  506. Kristi Matthias​I agree, the sketches are too close to be real.
  508. Your Brother​@Jason Goodman Ask George about the US Attorney for DC, Channing D. Phillips, role in investigating crimes committed in DC and bringing to prosecute with Loretta Lynch and James Comey. Collusion
  509. Linda Copping​EYES WIDE SHUT
  510. Elizabeth Anthony​Yes bread garlic
  511. Elaine​HERB
  512. Deb savethechildren​they had codes for colored hankerchiefs
  513. drdebo Cherry​lev- who r big guys?
  514. mauibrad​RIGHT
  515. Jason Goodman​what do you mean Lev? You think Podesta and Clinton are small time
  516. Mimi Miller​the two parties are intwined with same crooks
  517. chicky rogue​diana was pregnant with an arab baby
  518. PolitiKellyRite​The terms did not come from there ... HOWEVER...
  519. Jon Hoff​love you guys. keep it up
  520. Andrea DiSanto​FIDUCIARY RULES
  521. Robin Lent​HERB
  522. McChomhghaill MacChomhghaill​martin brodel youtube ssid two days ago mueller to be fired within next 100 days - he thought within 30 days
  523. Shavett Gillum​@joson Goodman mention the Eberwein suicide to George for comment please?
  524. BAT GIRL​Herb!!!!!!!!
  525. thaboy26​Sent you a email. hope you guys can link with him for a interview @JASON GOODMAN
  526. Dan Halen​TXMom of2 I think GW is trying to put things into his perspective...its all part of the same engine.
  527. Fit Bit​Per FBI thing Dominoes means Dominant
  528. flusterate​many politicians become corrupt because they love power
  529. Agent 99​Herb Sandler
  530. Morningflower j.foster​The child tapped to the table is the mildest of pictures. There's a lot worse pics than that.
  531. chicky rogue​that was never gonna fly with the wueen
  532. Jess Cain​You have just ignored evidence of pedogate
  533. Suzy Odom​@Bread Garlic yes on Princess Diana
  534. Robin Lent​HERD SANDLER
  535. bigfish trebillion​How do you start a rat line george you start with compromise remember the whole 10 grand thing?
  536. brokentoyland​They don't ask, because they all know ,and they're in on it. or covering for it.
  537. Mister Marc​nobody as evidence.. weird, why nobody come out and tell the thruth one day ?
  538. batterista​pizzagate was the original and greatest manifestation of a crowd source investigation
  539. Jack Odin​Trish published the Sandler Foundation
  540. Linda Copping​and sacrificing a chicken to Molock in backyard, Cherly Mills email to Hilary
  541. JulesPatchules​Kinda seems like a slight to Other YT Channels.
  542. SurfinServer​the torture chamber
  543. Eileen Flamm​Really Brand ???!!! I hope so !
  544. Elaine​HERB SANDLER
  545. Will Jones​Plus Podestas' pedo wall "art."
  546. TXMom of2​pedogate would bring our whole government down
  547. PolitiKellyRite​The terms are OLD ... nomenclature on the dark web
  548. batterista​I was there
  549. Dan Halen​I'm as disgusted as you though TXMom of2
  550. Alfred Villarreal​I like Ortel....JUST THE FACTS MAM!
  551. drdebo Cherry​Lev- u mean kissinger?
  552. Will Jones​Rome is pedo
  553. Lilly D​Skippy
  554. Dewey Bueno​Respect people,
  556. batterista​It was an experience
  557. Cherilyn Monroe​imperative to stay objective. that is where gw is coming from. for future judgement
  559. kylehex​My congressmen will not comment
  560. Will Jones​Islam is pedo
  562. Crystal Scurr​@batterista agree! but George is still right too
  563. jaccceee​no american would kill self in Haiti
  564. Will Jones​Talmud is pedo
  565. Eyesopen Nofear​@JenniferMadison....Alefantis instagram wasnt that bad??? WHAT??? Did you see the artwork of adult raping baby?
  566. monkey47​dominoes=setting up ratline?
  567. SnowBlind​it's child rape and torture they're talking about Talmud
  568. Terry Ambrose​Like Capon
  569. SurfinServer​bring it all down
  570. Don Mario​MIKE SANDLER
  571. Karl Brautigam​What If: There WAS evidence that simply is not being disseminated for TPTB to dilute, distort and dismiss but rather being accumulated, chronicled and secured in multiple locations for use later?
  572. Elizabeth Anthony​Why doesn't it all matter to George ?
  573. batterista​We caught Alefantis red-handed
  574. love cat​regarding Pegasus museum: Pegasus is the rapechild of Medusa. Pegasus was needed by Bellerophon to kill the Chimera. Only Pegasus could deliver DEATH FROM ABOVE
  575. Eileen Flamm​Cheryl mills is a wierdo
  576. susan grant​What about the emails about the FARM? ?
  577. Cherilyn Monroe​see
  578. TXMom of2​Islam is based on pedophilia SICK
  579. Σελήνη-Celini​Subject: Did you leave a handkerchief.  Podesta email #32795
  581. John Townley - OIT​Klaus Eberwein Found Dead - another clinton murder!
  582. CaliCarLover​remember - we aren't conspiracy theorists, we are coincidence theorists - and there are a TON of coincidences with the Pedogate metadata. It's heinous
  583. Linda Copping​TONY PODESTA'S ART, IS SO PEDO
  584. James Stephen Emery​Aloha from Hawaii , Obama was here youtube.com/watch?v=dudZALJJ8GE
  585. Suzy Odom​Lieutenant General Robert P. “Bob” Otto & Henry Kissenger connected
  586. Keith David​@Jason Goodman the True Pundit article caused @George Webb to start his series. That article talked about Weiner's nasty & vile laptop right. Where NYPD people were puking.
  587. Justin Rondon​GUYS!!! John Podesta emailed about how Dennis "Denny" Hastert needs to disappear to an "undisclosed Japanese island" before he was convicted of pedophilia.
  589. Valerie Cullins​I followed pizza gate from the start and its a true key problem.
  590. batterista​Yes George is right on many issues
  591. drdebo Cherry​Linda- yup!
  592. Stephen Tice​dominoes = toppling regimes
  593. TXMom of2​Muhammad wanted a 6 year old girl
  594. Quaerite Vera​Elizabeth it what will bring the whole thing down
  596. Justin Rondon​John Podesta emailed about how Dennis "Denny" Hastert needs to disappear to an "undisclosed Japanese island" before he was convicted of pedophilia.
  597. Candace Wagner​I agree@batterista the first manifestation
  598. Jess Cain​Go to pornhub, xhamster, military men using ilitary accts. Setting up poon distribution and creation and corrupting from start
  599. Jodi West​Lev Probably Has Alot Of Good Info💖Guys💖😊
  600. Mimi Miller​Christianity is based on pedophilia too
  601. Cosmo Sherry​@AnitaB that's disgusting and with what we know now it seems to be believable
  602. JulesPatchules​...plus prove a point. A for Cleverness.
  603. Linda Copping​watch Titus Frost videos on pizza gate, overwhelming evidence
  604. Cherilyn Monroe​great interview btw
  605. Will Jones​Pedo pizza seller is one of the most important in DC?
  606. PolitiKellyRite​These terms didn't just pop up during Pizzagate research... the terms are old pedo nomenclature on 4chan, UrbanDictionary and dark web. Long before Pizzagate
  607. TheReady500​THE LEFT ARE THE NAZIS.
  608. Jennifer Madison​eyeopen no i saw babies only eating pizza
  609. Or Urphy​@TXMom of2 that always seemed hypocritical to me
  610. Teresa Kay​go ahead Jason, ask
  611. Don Mario​Nothing is going to happen gang
  612. McChomhghaill MacChomhghaill​I find George a lot like Trump - he is rarely wrong, and then only in flight process which he readily adjusts to
  613. Stephen Tice​How does that relate to current Rat Lines re: PC-2
  614. batterista​It was so dark and disturbing I had to leave
  615. TheReady500​SAME AGENDA
  616. sweep 4
  617. Live chat
  618. jenna peter​I wish Assange had more to release, thought he did
  619. Spooge Youtube​@Jason Goodman - Does George know anything about 'Grifols' Plasma/Blood Donations for books?
  620. mauibrad​TAKE A BREAK
  621. Alfred Villarreal​Any luck for a Catherine Fitts interview?
  622. Cherilyn Monroe​we already came up with it
  623. Deb savethechildren​what are the hankerchief codes are
  624. Will Jones​Khazars are the Thirteeth Tribe
  625. Candace Wagner​Guys please rethink your plan to come to FL~ we are so spread out down here...not as easy as moving around NYC. I never want to discourage, but I think it may waste your time.
  626. Justin Rondon​John Podesta emailed about how Dennis "Denny" Hastert needs to disappear to an "undisclosed Japanese island" before he was convicted of pedophilia.
  627. Your Brother​Does the US Librarian of Congress set classifications for documents of Presidential Libraries? @Jason Goodman
  628. A ZAPP​PEDOGATE.... CATCH UP!! Then discuss..
  629. Jeff Chapman​VICTORIA NULAND connection?
  630. Jodi West​What?
  631. Will Jones​Read Koestler
  632. Mary Theresa Schmidt Taylor​Good question, Jason. Why isn't Sessions talking to Ortel?
  633. Dan Halen​Weapons produce land sometimes
  634. Terry Ambrose​1834
  635. Linda Copping​abuse of children legal is some religions
  636. Jonatan​Has quinn broken with you guys? if so why?
  637. Dewey Bueno​Guys can we drop it please and unite behind the actual show?
  638. Crystal Scurr​That is just fine too
  639. Jodi West​I Would Watch Him
  640. batterista​Israel is stealing land
  641. mauibrad​FOLLOW THE MONEY
  642. JulesPatchules​Is that what's happening here, now?
  643. drdebo Cherry​KelliRite- thank u, good to know!
  644. rockribbed rushy​the Jews either bought or won their land in the wars
  645. Linda Copping​all lanes converge
  646. TXMom of2​It is a part of the whole puzzle though, you cannot avoid it
  647. Elizabeth Anthony​Linda what's your point?
  648. MadNetter​hello everyone
  649. SnowBlind​Killing Christians Bolsheviks
  650. jenna peter​Yes Keith David, was on 4chan one yr ago
  651. Linda Copping​all lanes lead to one root
  652. Marina Meadows​Something is seriously wrong with the whole pizzagate lately
  653. Cosmo Sherry​Cherry - do you think that it's important? Maybe he wants the exposure I don't know
  654. RJ Ingmo​Tarmac Pklot dead?
  655. Virtual Me​Quinn is hanging out with LiftTheVeil. Very disappointing.
  656. PolitiKellyRite​👍👍
  657. SurfinServer​Podesta Pizza Mansion Surrounded By KIDS! 😨 Cazadero = 'HUNTING GROUNDS' on youtube
  658. Eileen Flamm​Princess Diana ???
  659. Linda Copping​all lanes lead to scum
  660. batterista​Israel is enacting the Yinon plan
  661. nikinm77​Yes, special lanes work best
  662. Mummsie Dear​The Jewish people take a lot of heat due to fake Jews doing evil and claiming to be Jews. Th
  663. Kenny Cab​Is Pete Smith investigation still open?
  664. Jennifer Madison​lObama was the boss for 8 years and he had to know what was going on🤔he is so damn shady
  665. Mimi Miller​secret service rode on the epsein jet with bill
  667. Bubba TheLoveSponge​Let Abel Danger do some of the other research. They have dozens and dozens of researchers in their group.
  668. Jeff Chapman​VICTORIA NYULAND?
  669. Kip Marko​any uppcomance on the dead marines in missisip[p?
  670. edward moreno​You guys rest.
  671. Will Jones​Zionism is atheist. a Jew cannot be atheist and Khazars say they can
  672. Dan Halen​Ukraine and Haiti too
  673. Virtual Me​break??  ahhh
  674. Spooge Youtube​Thanks again guys!
  675. Dewey Bueno​Thanks Guys
  676. Evelyn Pringle​What do you think about the scandals at the Vatican?
  677. TXMom of2​5:00 p.m. late
  678. Alberto Diaz Saldana​Du=27% increased cancer deaths Vieques
  679. Cherilyn Monroe​jason is super intuitive
  680. darren alevi​TULSI GABBARD FOR SEC OF STATE
  681. McChomhghaill MacChomhghaill​George is not negating pizza gate just reassigning some code words in certain sigint - other references of hotdog may still apply
  682. CaliCarLover​Fair enough - it's all related. It's just that Pedogate is our particular hot button
  683. Anita B​The male form was muscular and monumental but just before the fall of these empires males were depicted in sculpture and paintings as androgynous
  684. Σελήνη-Celini​Al connections about the adoptions are about the Podesta's as an inheritance.
  685. Jason Goodman​I was also surprised to see Quinn on Pet the Cat
  686. SurfinServer​You guys work hard
  687. Marina Meadows​Please George say more
  689. Terry Ambrose​later guys ...great show
  690. Norsk Amerikaner​Do you think Clinton will ever be indicted? Any why has the Obama / Rice unmasking story disappeared from the media?
  691. chicky rogue​later
  692. Andrea DiSanto​Good, I need to charge battery. Lol
  693. Karl Brautigam​If George is legit...He should come back to PA. I can make him privy to at least SOME evidence of PizzaGate he will have to be a blind as bat idiot to deny..Including ties to Gulen in Saylorburg
  694. Dan Halen​Where you at Jeff Sessions?
  695. drdebo Cherry​Jonathan- have not heard that
  696. Jess Cain​Its fine if you don't work that lane UT don't discount or ignore.
  697. Linda Copping​thanks guys keep up the GOOD WORK
  698. squeek123able​sad crap all round
  699. Jodi West​Messing With U
  700. Eileen Flamm​Broken Toyland very sad
  701. Spooge Youtube​Much Love to you all
  702. Will Jones​Zionism is atheist
  703. Ron Sisler​Thanks guys and Trish!
  704. Jennifer Madison​thank you
  705. Anna Quintana​Thanks Guys!
  706. Mariannie Bobannie​Thank you!
  707. Unknown Vegan​👋🏼
  708. Shavett Gillum​✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️night Scrunchies
  709. Virtual Me​late
  710. Fit Bit​Thank you guys
  711. mauibrad​1355
  712. Cherilyn Monroe​dominoes
  713. Cosmo Sherry​Report… At least seven dead after flooding in Arizona
  714. Crystal Scurr​aloha scrunchies
  715. Teresa Kay​the waters making the frog's gay
  716. Avery Jones​Don't forget Israel. Their rat lines. Their war crimes.
  717. chicky rogue​reddit r/truthleaks
  718. Michael Krisfaluzy​I'm telling you, Chicago is prime ground for the Rothschilds because they put their American headquarters there. Rahm, Obama, Holman Square.
  719. annaj​thanks guys
  720. sapsapsap001​Night
  721. Dan Halen​Pet the Cat lmfao Jason Goodman
  722. SnowBlind​Destroy the FED
  723. Charles Heald​10-4
  724. Love GOOD​'Bye all
  725. PolitiKellyRite​Pet the cat was on Quinn
  726. George Webb​Victoria Nuland negotiated the pipeline deals in Ukraine
  727. Will Jones​America alone is "Israel."
  728. Johnathan Deckard​Later
  729. Bread Garlic​GOOGLE...NANOWERK..Transforming greenhouse gas CO2 into carbon nanotubes...HOW TO MAKE 7.1 TRILLION DOLLARS FOR NOTHING
  731. Lev Polkovich​FORGET THE PIZZA !11111111111111
  732. Suzy Odom​BYE SCRUNCHIES
  733. Morningflower j.foster​✌✌
  734. Alfred Villarreal​Thanks you George and Jason!!
  735. Jodi West​💖Night Shavett😊
  736. TheBase1aransas​George can use the same Title just add Organ Harvesting.
  737. Jason Goodman​Become a sponsor of Crowdsource the Truth and support the effort http://paypal.me/crowdsourcethetruth
  738. Donna Summers​Have a good night guys
  739. darren alevi​THANKS GUYS , KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK
  740. Lilly D​The painting reminds me of Les Mis poster
  741. Anita B​Thanks Jason and George and Trish and all. Good job
  742. Jennifer Madison​night  shavett🙋
  743. Valerie Cullins​bye for now
  744. drdebo Cherry​Sunday afternoon of rest!
  745. brokentoyland​later peeps. Have a good and safe night
  746. Crystal Scurr​thanks @George Webb for reminder
  747. LTL FTC​george...even u said comet pp was a child display location
  748. Mimi Miller​nothing will happen to bill or hill they are teflon don's of political mafia
  749. susan grant​Bye guys & thanks
  750. tim polley​thanks folks 😃
  751. Spooge Youtube​is it just me or does the stream always cut out a few mins early???
  752. Jason Goodman​https://patreon.com/user?u=4903359&ut...
  753. Karen Omodt​Pet the cat....lmao
  754. PolitiKellyRite​There's METADATA
  755. Mimi Miller​bye everyone
  756. squeek123able​LatterGators
  757. Jason Goodman​email truth@crowdsourcethetruth.org for a secure Bitcoin sponsorship link
  758. drdebo Cherry​Anita B- ditto
  759. McChomhghaill MacChomhghaill​be safe
  760. raphaelle islip​Brits used jews to expand their empire.
  761. TXMom of2​It cuts out for me as well early
  762. Or Urphy​flooding in Arizon IN JULY?
  763. scorchedan9el​Herb Sandler Do you think I’ll do better playing dominos on cheese than on pasta?
  764. Evelyn Pringle​Thanks guys
  765. Jodi West​Nice💖😊
  766. Jason Goodman​**Legal Disclaimer: Sponsorship of Crowdsource the Truth is made at the sponsor’s sole discretion. Sponsorship funds are not tax-deductible, are non-refundable,
  767. nikinm77​Can you shut the chat so the video is viewable pls?
  768. drdebo Cherry​bye mimi
  769. Duluth Hap-​👍
  771. Cosmo Sherry​Bye all
  772. Angeline Nad​Thanks everyone
  773. Jason Goodman​and do not represent any ownership, equity interest or decision-making authority in the organization.
  774. Karen Omodt​Bye for now. Great stream. thanks
  775. Eileen Flamm​Great crowd today Almost 1,400 ppl Yay !
  776. Dan Halen​not surprising George Webb
  777. SnowBlind​Want truth Henry Makow
  778. Don Mario​Im crazy for Evelyn Pringle!
  779. Love GOOD​Or, monsoon season
  780. Jennifer Madison​me too it cuts out
  781. Jonatan​I got the impression that he was shit talking you guys with LtV..
  782. Karl Brautigam​We will NOT "Forget The Pizza" Because #OUR CHILDRENMATTER!!
  783. Σελήνη-Celini​Podesta's mother was a charming pleaer of DC politicians and she adopted 25 "people" there when she moved from Chicago.
  784. Lev Polkovich​FORGET THE PIZZA
  785. Mimi Miller​oh I am behind .. ❤ I see you folks are going
  786. Σελήνη-Celini​pleaser
  787. drdebo Cherry​lev- u should email jason more
  788. Cherilyn Monroe​red shield
  789. Fladir Goober​you can drag the bar back now and watch from beginning
  790. Marina Meadows​@Jason did my email got to you or I still blocked!?
  791. PolitiKellyRite​He was NOT SHIT TALKING
  792. AwanBrosKebabs​This was a good informative session.
  793. SnowBlind​Truth about Russian Revolution!!! sAME HAPPENING HERE NOW!!
  794. Jennifer Madison​mimi yeah it just ended
  795. Eileen Flamm​Lev is very knowledgeable thank you LEV !
  796. PolitiKellyRite​I watched the entire thing
  797. Spooge Youtube​@Jennifer Madison - Thanks! It's probably nothing.
  798. Bread Garlic​GOOGLE...NANOWERK..Transforming greenhouse gas CO2 into carbon nanotubes...last years manufacture of cement would have made 7.1 trillion dollars
  799. jenna peter​How can they revoke diplomatic immunity?
  800. Σελήνη-Celini​enabler pleaser of politicians.
  801. Dale Franklin​Ok Thanks GW Thanks Jason
  802. Vicki Kennedy​Susan sandler
  803. John Whitaker​Where is the after show?
  804. Jennifer Madison​sponge --- agree!!!
  805. BAT GIRL​Sander was responsible for the housing amd mortgage bubble Bursting! Podesta still on hid payroll! $7K mo
  806. Cherilyn Monroe​ya yahoo
  807. Lilly D​The Trumps are the new Romanovs- God please protect them
  808. PolitiKellyRite​They don't ask ... because they're told not to
  809. Andrea DiSanto​Bread Gr
  811. Kate Gowen​The idea that Israel was purchased with money-- as opposed to displaced and dead Palestinians-- is vintage gullibility.
  812. Marina Meadows​Wow 😳 getting more complicated
  813. Alfred Villarreal​Thanks guys...keep safe...
  814. rockribbed rushy​evelyn pringle hates Israel!
  815. nikinm77​Really wanna start the video
  817. Cherilyn Monroe​seaman is arrogant
  818. edward moreno​Has any one seen my girlfriend? She left at day 100! LOL!
  819. Marina Meadows​Need to sleep 😴 good to understand better
  820. Vicki Kennedy​Herb Sandler former CEO golden west financial
  821. Sara Carter​❤ good work. Old Grandma in North Carolina 😎
  822. Bread Garlic​lol
  823. PolitiKellyRite​Lol Edward
  824. Debora Berry​Good Night
  825. Karen Omodt​Pedogate is one of many ratlines.
  826. Jodi West​Absolutely Lev Email💖😊
  827. jenna peter​It will all tie together
  828. BAT GIRL​Yes Vicki!
  829. Andrea DiSanto​Bread Garlic, is that like he oak ridge co2 energy, recently reported?
  830. Eileen Flamm​Cannot hate Israel
  832. Elaine​@Kate Gowen​ - The idea that Israel displaced "Palestinians" -- is vintage gullibility.
  833. Or Urphy​@George Webb recommend a book on the creation of Israel...with ref to purchases?
  834. celebmrk9​Dinesh D'Souza's documentary is simply a fact based historical account of the Democratic Party and its beginnings. Highly informative. Highly recommended for said party members...
  835. PolitiKellyRite​They're all evil ...
  836. Jodi West​Podesta's Mother 5pm
  838. PolitiKellyRite​Lev.. it's the same
  839. jenna peter​Thank you!
  840. Jodi West​Adopted 25 Wow
  841. Or Urphy​@Jodi West huh?
  842. Benjamin Anon​greetings
  843. Alfred Villarreal​@edward moreno Your gf is with my wife...i havent seen her in weeks now..LOL
  844. Marina Meadows​He is the KEY definitely
  845. PolitiKellyRite​The Church is on top of it all ...
  846. Mister Marc​anyone on tinder ?
  847. Karen Omodt​What are the 3 children ratlines @lev
  848. edward moreno​Lol
  849. PolitiKellyRite​We can always drag more out of george :)
  850. rockribbed rushy​The churchis behind it all
  851. Jodi West​Understood Lev💖
  852. BAT GIRL​The Vatican Bank
  853. PolitiKellyRite​The Church!!!
  854. N Ross​tinder is a globalist tool
  855. Eileen Flamm​Jesuits !
  856. Cam Dunbar​Pedo gate exists because of the other rat lines
  857. Bread Garlic​no..this is currently being supressed...follow links on page @ nanowerk...this isnt theory...its being used at 1 cement factory...makes in excess of 2 million dollars a day..and itsna test rig
  858. Don Mario​I in love Evelyn Prringle!
  859. Marina Meadows​It's all conected
  860. scorchedan9el​HRC ratline blog: #Democracy Raised from the Dead" 😎 😁 ❤
  861. LTL FTC​I still think dmt is at the core
  862. Jodi West​Wow Ty George
  863. Or Urphy​cant stop these ratlines without an income replacement
  864. Gia Marie​Greed beyond belief, these people are sick to do these things for money.
  865. Eileen Flamm​The filth these criminals are involved in its heinous !!!
  866. PolitiKellyRite​What does George know about Tavistock?
  867. Andrea DiSanto​Dang
  868. sweep 5
  869. Live chat
  871. Jodi West​Scared But Doing Anything
  872. Andrea DiSanto​Next week
  873. Or Urphy​@Mister Marc thats where I think the laws should change
  874. Bread Garlic​and we need a timeline repositery with subjects kept separate...we have enough info..it just needs organizing
  875. BAT GIRL​I do believe u are good but I also see that u are far more of am "insider" with knowledge of the situation like GW.
  876. Mister Marc​ya sum big coming, to cover what people unhearth
  877. Will Jones​Those doing God's work don't get eyebags
  878. MsEmpressmarina​Jason, Is #UNRIG a scam?
  879. phil c.​Lev Your real name Russel?
  880. Pamela K​Keep up the awesome job. Be safe... #neverhillary
  881. Candace Wagner​@Lev Polkovich agreed~ PEDO not PIZZA #Gate
  883. Crystal Scurr​the bot thing creeps me out
  884. BrownBubble​"God"
  885. PolitiKellyRite​I think someone on Facebook is working on that
  886. Will Jones​Tribal racist Zionism is atheist, the Tribe worshipping itself, hence satanic
  887. Atlas Babylon​Crystal do you know of any good hosting sites for chat?
  888. Or Urphy​@Crystal Scurr we need to be able to post the results of our searches somewhere that other peeps can see...not just GW and JG...we cant parlay our info unless all see it
  889. Will Jones​State of Israel is atheist by its founding documents. How does God regard that?
  890. Mister Marc​urphy, not the law but the press, the reporter, etc
  891. Crystal Scurr​we could always just move over to a livestream on my youtube
  892. BAT GIRL​so what does that mean Lev?
  893. Benjamin Anon​Take responsibility for protecting the future against it's hazards and your head will ache. Do nothing and you will be content, but later regretful as history has already passed.
  895. Mister Marc​sure
  896. Crystal Scurr​and well there is always Voat
  897. Atlas Babylon​That sounds fab!
  898. Or Urphy​@Cyndi Holcomb we can be more effective each week with others collab and have questions ready
  899. Will Jones​Only America is Zion
  900. Sue Harrison​yeah like a after show for me where things can be explained again for dummies like me -js
  901. Will Jones​Those who reject God are of Satan
  903. Andrea DiSanto​Bread Garlic, it's a good system, maybe we could organize one?
  904. Will Jones​Islam is of Satan, pedo homos
  905. Bread Garlic​this is such a great way for people to get interested in life, instead of the usuall "dont care attitude", knowledge and thenseekingbof, has driven humanity
  906. Crystal Scurr​Voat for posting info @Or Urphy or Trello was used early on
  907. Atlas Babylon​Any of those. Tell me where & Im there.
  908. Hoosier Daddy​George Webb for Dummies
  909. Crystal Scurr​not sure if Trello still up and running
  910. Mister Marc​who will stream ?
  911. Marconics​How can you care when it's not the truth.
  912. Or Urphy​@Sue Harrison OR a board where you can search terms yourself...Trello was also a limited hangout...neeeded permission etc.
  913. edward moreno​We need to double the subscribed by reaching out to other channels and inviting them in. Still many in the dark.
  914. Sue Harrison​thanks Hoosier; thats what i need
  915. Andrea DiSanto​LEV, soon we will connect and crowdsource report with them....
  916. Jennifer Madison​does anyone know why George is so pro obama ?
  917. Lev Polkovich​I don't see yet that George and Jason realize the scale of evil they are touching on, and so far, these are mid-level players
  918. Love GOOD​Why did George first say that Tony left the napkin at "OUR house"? Does anybody know...or care?
  919. Crystal Scurr​I can't post weblink but I have a major brainstorm on lots
  920. Sue Harrison​thanks Or
  921. BAT GIRL​They need to a 30 minite segment each day for just question and answers
  922. Stephen Tice​ref: voat(dot)co/v/WebbWatch/
  923. Candace Wagner​yes@Bread Garlic APATHY KILLS LIBERTY we MUST get involved like this!
  924. Jodi West​They R
  925. Or Urphy​I guess we could all head to reddit...just need to confirm the search name
  926. Love GOOD​Bat Girl, Definitely!
  927. Will Jones​Start with the easy stuff: Bush and Cheney did 9/11 using Mossad and the Roman Catholic JFK-assassinating CIA/FBI/NSA
  928. Hoosier Daddy​George ain't pro Obama, he's just keeping him out of the loop ... for now ...
  929. Crystal Scurr​go to webbrain . com
  930. Candace Wagner​I vote 4 VOAT
  931. Andrea DiSanto​Lev, mid level... how much higher can it go? That's frightening
  932. PolitiKellyRite​Voat
  933. Andrea DiSanto​But I understand
  934. Lev Polkovich​the Podestas and Clintons and Awans are all working for much higher ups
  935. Fit Bit​Lev, may I ask what you do in the med field?
  936. Love GOOD​You mean how much LOWER can it go!
  937. Jennifer Madison​love good - i heard that too
  938. Will Jones​Start with the easy stuff: Bush and Cheney did 9/11 using Mossad and the Roman Catholic JFK-assassinating CIA/FBI/NSA. What make it complicated?
  939. right turn clyde​😎🔆📣🔒🔑🔐🎥⛱⏳🔓🔎⚖📖
  940. Bread Garlic​true...i think people all around the world have had enough of being dummed down
  941. PolitiKellyRite​I agree with Hoosier
  942. Jodi West​People Drink Blood To Stay Young Disgusting~Instead Of Researching Chemistry Of Body
  943. Lev Polkovich​same with McCain and all the others -- they are just the gophers
  944. Love GOOD​Jennifer, Thank you
  946. edward moreno​Will that is to far back, nothing can be done for the past. The issues here are today and can be changed.
  947. Lev Polkovich​Using technology, we can lead you directly to the peopl at the very top
  948. BAT GIRL​So Obama NEVER gave Hillary a PARDON??
  949. Benjamin Anon​Charlotte Iserbyt's book is a good starting place regarding a change of values in education. But you are making a horrific tragedy by trying to steal the confidence of the young with too much fear...
  950. Will Jones​Bushes are of Rome and Vlad Tepes, Count Dracula
  951. Jodi West​Oh Wow Napkin
  952. Candace Wagner​mad as Hell and NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE
  953. Jennifer Madison​love good - what do you think? a mistake or something shady?
  954. Or Urphy​when someone else controls the search algo hard to find people
  956. Andrea DiSanto​India Pakistan is important, right?
  957. Will Jones​​Start with the easy stuff: Bush and Cheney did 9/11 using Mossad and the Roman Catholic JFK-assassinating CIA/FBI/NSA. What make it complicated?
  958. Love GOOD​Jennifer, something to do with George's past I would guess
  959. Mister Marc​i never really chat, i do my own research, but george from time to time slip thing, like today when he say he visited ukraine ....he got money don worry for him..like 650k
  960. Stephen Tice​peeps inject blood, stem cells, etc. to try to stay young hoping not to get tumors (like chavez)
  961. Andrea DiSanto​Their schism
  962. Benjamin Anon​... I mean that her values are not all above criticizm though
  963. Lev Polkovich​including their names, addresses, phones, ip addresses, and tracking them 24x7, and how to get into their accounts
  964. Dewey Bueno​Both parties are corrupt
  965. Jodi West​Bat Girl~Bush Gave Her Life Time Immunity~Drug Related
  966. Sue Harrison​deplorables unite
  967. Bread Garlic​bush and cheney were controlled by CIA...AKA..ALEX BROWN AND SONS...AMERICAS OLDEST INVESTMANT BANK...HOME OF THE NWO
  968. Lev Polkovich​including bank accounts
  969. Jennifer Madison​Love good - I see !
  970. Fit Bit​I agree Dewey
  973. Sue Harrison​agreed Lev
  974. Jodi West​Prominent Banker Agrees With Rituals
  975. Dewey Bueno​if you do not see that than you will get nowhere drop politics and stick to investigation
  976. Mister Marc​anyway i dont take seriusly people who type in all cap
  977. PolitiKellyRite​I think he's careful who to announce who he's making an enemy of
  978. Love GOOD​Jennifer, I will ask in the comment section of his part 4 video. Probably he won't answer me - rarely ever does.
  980. Or Urphy​@TheReady500 the profit motive effects human nature...great story by Harald Vella-Kautz re how monkeys act just like humans when you introduce money
  981. Andrea DiSanto​Well the DOJ is all set up for asset seizure lmao
  982. Avery Jones​Jennifer Madson. Webb feels some kind of identity to Obama. Kissinger kids like Braverman Neil Brown Obama Valerie Plame. These kids are groomed from early in life to serve in high power jobs.
  983. Benjamin Anon​I think those compiling lists of people might be dangerous!
  984. Will Jones​CIA/FBI/NSA is Fifth Column Vatican action branch. America broke away and Rome wants us back. False-Jews are their henchmen. Read "Tragedy and Hope" or move to DC
  985. Hoosier Daddy​Mister Marc, lol
  986. edward moreno​Alex Jones has 169 on his live feed. no one cares Alex.
  989. Stephen Tice​The right left model is for worms. Power is very multidimensioned
  990. Terry Shilo​Please keep the comments on slow so we can read them. This is great!
  991. Jodi West​All Involved In...
  992. Will Jones​Kissinger, Rockefeller/Rothschild analyst, is a pederast.
  993. Lev Polkovich​NOT SYRIANS, SCYTHIANS
  994. Mister Marc​alex as a rerun show tody anyway
  995. Jennifer Madison​Love Good - good idea!
  996. Love GOOD​Avery, Yes, his "friends."
  997. BrownBubble​@Terry Shilo the stream is over
  998. TheReady500​RIGHT LEFT EXIST. FACT.
  999. Lev Polkovich​PEACE EVERYONE.
  1000. Or Urphy​@Bread Garlic debt slavery came long before that
  1001. Stephen Tice​many replay to unpack since very dense
  1002. Will Jones​God is America's named Sovereign. Mr. Trump is anointed. this is why Rome opposes our president and Rome's pedo homos on Capitol Hill and in the (((Fake News)))
  1003. Andrea DiSanto​peace Lev
  1004. Fit Bit​Lev, are you referring to the Rochechilds?
  1005. Jennifer Madison​Avery - Higher power jobs?
  1006. PolitiKellyRite​Bye lev
  1008. Terry Shilo​Thanks BrownBubble.
  1009. Fit Bit​Peace Lev
  1010. Sue Harrison​peace Lev
  1012. Dewey Bueno​Break Free of the Controlled Opposition Elections
  1013. Janet F​from ALL Lev said that was your Take away Jason?!
  1014. Fit Bit​Thank you for replying.
  1015. Will Jones​10 horns of the seventh head of the Beast
  1016. PolitiKellyRite​Anyone gonna stream?
  1017. Itza Meda​You guys are heroes!!
  1018. Itza Meda​Thank you kindly!!!
  1019. Mister Marc​k, i will give 1 of my research, some will follow it some not, go to george twitter account
  1020. Sean Oliver​Lev is a bot! A retardbot!
  1021. Stephen Tice​and a whole bunch of demons try but ... All authority in heaven and earth is given to Messiah
  1022. Will Jones​Rome is the Anti-christ we came to America in covenant with God to escape
  1023. Dewey Bueno​Around 43 Billionaires ect
  1025. Dewey Bueno​I think so too
  1026. TheReady500​GEORGE KNOWS WHO IS WHO.
  1028. Love GOOD​Lev, I do not agree.
  1029. Will Jones​Rome runs the CIA/FBI, hence Capitol Hill, with the false-Jews, the Christ-killers
  1030. Fit Bit​I don't think Lev is a bot because Jason asks questions to GW for Lev.
  1031. Andrea DiSanto​Later gators
  1032. Will Jones​Jason may be good, immature but good.
  1033. Avery Jones​Jennifer Madson. Kissinger kids are also CIA kids. They check on them as they growing up. Then it was revealed there's a baptism of sorts when they leave their training. Kissinger has the boys giv
  1034. Hoosier Daddy​Depart in Radiant Splendor
  1035. Jodi West​💖Bye Andrea😊
  1036. PolitiKellyRite​Have a great day everyone
  1037. Will Jones​CIA is a family operation. Check out Falls Church and Langley. Very insular. Roman Catholic traitors
  1038. Jennifer Madison​GW liking Obama makes me nuts I mean I am used to it because i know many who think O can do no wrong but i feel like O is shadier than all get out, like big league chicago style politics
  1039. Alfred Villarreal​Ask Lev a question about Shakespeare?
  1040. Sis Ann​@Lev Polkovich so can't you tell us who you are now, someday is forever away, lol
  1041. Will Jones​Obama is a homo.
  1042. Jodi West​He Is Jennifer
  1043. Mister Marc​step 2, do you see under george picture a "nomoreinformants com"
  1044. Will Jones​George is raised Roman Catholic. Issues
  1045. Sean Oliver​You right Jennifer
  1046. Jennifer Madison​but geore grew up in indiana
  1047. Wendy Teresa​I don't listen when GW talk about Obum
  1048. Robert Sherman​when will the reply start?
  1049. right turn clyde​🌞🌤⛅🌦🌧🌚
  1050. Will Jones​Obama, like McCain, is Anti-Christ
  1051. Alfred Villarreal​GW states that bots has issues wigh Shakespeare..
  1052. Jodi West​I Agree Trump Is God's Annointed=Bible Codes
  1053. Sue Harrison​so then O's hot dog stand in Hawaii has a deeper meaning? oh geeze i am so confused
  1054. Hoosier Daddy​Hell, I have trouble with Shakespeare
  1055. Will Jones​Shakespeare was inspired of God, like Mr. Jefferson, our founder and prophet
  1056. Sean Oliver​I have issues wigh you Alfred
  1057. Love GOOD​Will, do you ever chill? lol
  1058. Lev Polkovich​Shakespeare mentioned my family in many of his plays
  1059. Will Jones​In America God is present..."Whiggism." All can be inspired of God.
  1060. Anita Caroline Davis or Pye​why show stops when i come in
  1061. Jodi West​Not Too Familiar With Shakespeare~Wish I Understood More
  1062. Wendy Teresa​We hate obama
  1063. Mister Marc​step 3 go to "w.statsinfinity com/dom  ain/UqhMb5U5Q4bs4Itt_iDZLN5uJSjRIDf5_info.html" to find who own it
  1064. Jennifer Madison​obama is the type who will always make sure his hands are clean while throwing people under the bus. and he "flies" on his demeanor . the no drama obama cops guy act he plays .. its just gross
  1065. Kab kar​I understood Charles to say he spoke to him very soon after purchase. Maybe too close in timing.
  1066. Alfred Villarreal​I took Shakespeare in school...Not that easy
  1067. Will Jones​Obama is a flaming queer. CIA all the way
  1068. Jodi West​Boys & Girls
  1069. Mister Marc​step 4, Registrant Name: George SweigertRegistrant Organization: MineRegistrant Street: 1553 SE Maple Ave. who look he sold is house
  1070. Jennifer Madison​act not cops i meant
  1071. Jennifer Madison​no drama obama act😎
  1072. Mister Marc​that was so easy, people researching....yaya
  1073. Will Jones​Sweigert is a Swiss name. Switzerland is Rome and the false-Jew Khazars
  1074. Fit Bit​Have a great night everyone. See you next time!
  1075. Love GOOD​The Swiss Octagon
  1076. Jennifer Madison​well not really an act .. sociopaths can pull it off
  1077. jenna peter​I saw a video today where he flubbed by saying his faith was Muslim and then corrected himself. But then again he called Michelle Michael before.
  1078. Will Jones​Swiss Guard at the Vatican
  1079. Love GOOD​Correct
  1080. Alfred Villarreal​Timing is everything...
  1081. Sean Oliver​@Anita Caroline Davis or Pye Because they know how you are
  1082. Jodi West​💖Bye Fit Bit
  1083. Will Jones​Homo Obama is Muslim
  1084. Hoosier Daddy​Jenna, drugs can do that
  1085. Lev Polkovich​Obama was born in Indonesia, and he is a Muslim
  1086. Jennifer Madison​jenna! i saw that !!
  1087. jenna peter​yes he is
  1088. Anita Caroline Davis or Pye​how am i then
  1089. Will Jones​Obama is no American. If he were he'd have a legit birth certificate
  1090. Avery Jones​Jennifer Wendy doster posted a convo on twitter with Webb. They boys give Kissinger a BJ. Sort of a baptism. Hillary gets the kids for Kissinger. Wendy postedHillary sexually abuses the boys w dildo
  1091. Jodi West​Absolutely Lev Malik Released Original B.C. On Twitter
  1092. jenna peter​Hillary is sadistic
  1093. Will Jones​Satanists are sex perverts
  1094. Jodi West​Absolutely Will Jones Bohemian Groves
  1096. Lev Polkovich​Obama was a Manchurian candidate to create ISIS, and infiltrate the Muslim Brotherhood into the US fed govt
  1097. Sean Oliver​Obama is just a believer of the Ideology of Islam
  1098. Hoosier Daddy​and look how many fall all over themselves in front of hidabeast
  1099. Will Jones​Bohemian Grove: rich queers
  1100. Jennifer Madison​I think hilary was like the woman perpetually scorned by Bill so she took it out on the American public
  1101. Love GOOD​Avery, how is Wendy?
  1102. jenna peter​I think the grove was this weekend
  1103. Lev Polkovich​CIA and those who control CIA have installed every President since JFK was killed
  1104. BAT GIRL​Agree Lev
  1105. Mister Marc​i will call tomorrow to see who own the property at Registrant Street: 1553 SE Maple Ave,
  1106. Will Jones​Bill is Winthrop Rockefeller's white-trash yard-baby
  1107. Lev Polkovich​until Trump
  1108. PolitiKellyRite​Please read about or watch video on Alfred Kinsey if you want to learn about the true downfall of this nation and the real evil behind it
  1109. Hoosier Daddy​Webb Hubbell didn't scorn Hillary...at least once
  1110. Jennifer Madison​Lev I can see that!!👍
  1111. Sean Oliver​@Jennifer Madison she was born evil
  1112. BAT GIRL​So Will Trump Succeed?
  1113. Will Jones​Mr. Trump is Harbinger of the Apocalypse. He is anointed and the Beast now upon America is going down
  1114. Will Jones​America is God's and God wins, praise God.
  1115. Jennifer Madison​sean that could be too😉
  1116. BrownBubble​Lev, do you have a channel
  1117. Jodi West​He Succeeded In Infiltrating & Almost Successfully Destroyed USA Omar Mateen's Dad~Pulse Club Shooter~Dad @ HRC Rally
  1118. Mister Marc​so it true george sold his house for 500k, made a HUGE profit,,,to travel to ukraine
  1119. BAT GIRL​Is this too big to fall?
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