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  1. You know the phenomenon where a person has a seizure and they’re surrounded by people but nobody is helping them? They’re all capable of helping in some way, whether it’s directly helping the person or calling 911 or whatever. But they all stay still and do nothing, too in shock or scared to do anything. We have been experiencing the political equivalent of this for three years now. Three years is actually how long it takes for the psychological effects of witnessing a man made disaster to wear off. These effects make it hard to act. To liberals (including myself) seeing the election of Trump was such a disaster. It’s been almost three years since the election, but it hasn’t been three years of calm in which people can recover and then act. In those three years, there have been three events which I think could be characterized as being such. The first was the botched recovery effort for the hurricane in Puerto Rico (whereas Texas was fine) in which the administration attempted to cover almost a thousand deaths which could have been easily prevented. The territory is still fucked btw. The second disaster was when the administration started separating children from their parents at the border, putting the children in cages and putting the adults in the private prison system where they were subjected to the usual slave labor that we subject criminals too. The final one would be the Mueller report. Now, the existence of the report is a good thing. But the things it’s talking about are not, and the news media is covering it much like they would an unfolding disaster. To put it simply, knowing for sure that the president obstructed justice in order to cover for a foreign nation which had successfully meddled with our democratic process. All of these have the effect of making it difficult to act. Think about it. How many people do you know that care about the actions of the Trump administration have actually ever disrupted their lives to do anything to protest it in any way?
  3. TL;dr what PsychicMonkey said
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