Hilda /ss/ dream smut part 1

Dec 3rd, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Success! Frida had snuck up on the Marra while she was distracted giving David a nightmare. The nightmare spirit went from a silhouetted black figure, green glow around her outline and blazing from her eyes and hissing angrily at Frida to he normal self. Her arms in the oversized jumper she always wore were crossed and she rolled her eyes, deliberately looking away as she recognised the girl who had trapped her and her blue-haired friend, who was approaching.
  2. ‘Ha! Looks like you’re not as slippery as you thought,’ Hilda said, looking much more smug than a girl of her age should have even known how to look.
  3. The Marra just made that disgusted clicking noise teenage girls like to make.
  4. By this point the commotion had woken David up, and he was groggy and disorientated after his dream had ended to suddenly.
  5. ‘Why are you giving David nightmares?’ Hilda pressed on.
  6. ‘Because it’s fun,’ said the Marra. ‘Duh. And, it’s so easy.’ She let herself smirk to match Hilda, looking down into the younger girl’s eyes. ‘He’s scared of everything. It’s hilarious!’
  7. Hilda wasn’t rising to the bait though, she was reaching into a backpack she’d stashed in David’s room along with all the other equipment for their stakeout. Internally, the Marra kicked herself for not noticing any of it. Hilda pulled a book out.
  8. ‘Not because you need to eat dreams?’
  9. ‘Uh, no way.’ The Marra rolled her eyes again.
  10. Hilda kept going. ‘Why can’t you eat David’s nice dreams?’
  11. ‘Because that’s not the way it works, ugh! Look.’ She reached down, still able to move around. The belt around her ankles acted more like a leash than a cage, and Frida made a quick panicked movement to hold her in place. It was ineffective, and the Marra snatched the book from Hilda. ‘See? Marra. As in, mare. As in, nightmare.’
  12. Hilda snatched the book back. ‘It also says you’re a form of witch, and you sy… Sif…?’
  13. ‘Syphon,’ Frida hissed.
  14. ‘Syphon the spirit energy from men!’
  15. The Marra made her noise again, but meaning it as a laugh this time. ‘Trust me little girl, you don’t want to know about all that stuff until you’re older.’
  16. ‘Anyway, I think,’ Hilda put special emphasis on the “I”, something she’d picked up from Frida, ‘that you could get just as much energy from giving David nice dreams as nightmares.’
  17. ‘No I couldn’t, nightmares give you the most for the least effort.’
  18. ‘So you admit you can give other kinds of dreams!’
  19. The Marra stopped for a moment. Shoot, she reprimanded herself, I gave something away. This kid is talking circles around me. How can I get back at her?
  20. The Marra allowed a smug grin to grow, looking from Hilda to David and holding his gaze as he rubbed his eyes and shuffled nervously. Then he looked back at the boy’s two girl friends. Emphasis, she decided, on the space between girl and friend. Oh yeah, this’d teach ‘em.
  21. ‘Yeah. Yeah, I can give other kinds of dreams.’
  22. ‘Do it then!’ Hilda folded her arms defiantly.
  23. ‘Yeah, what she said!’ Frida did too.
  24. The Marra smirked some more, then turned, and cocked an eyebrow at David. He didn’t seem wholly convinced.
  25. ‘Anything is better than those constant nightmares,’ he said.
  26. She was cackling now. ‘Alright kids, but you asked for it. Now let me go, I’ll come back tomorrow night.’
  27. ‘Why can’t you do it now?’ Hilda asked.
  28. The Marra cocked her head towards the window. Sunlight was beginning to stream over the roofs of the houses across the street.
  30. *
  32. Groggy and hopped up on warm tea and cool cucumber sandwiches, Hilda brought Frida and David to the library.
  33. ‘I don’t get it,’ David said on the way there. ‘She’s going to be giving me a nice dream, isn’t she? So why do we need to do all this preparing? I just want to go home, and have a nice lie in.’
  34. ‘You always have to be prepared, David,’ Frida said. She mentioned some Sparrow Scouts badge that neither Hilda nor David had a hope of earning to justify the statement. Then she skipped a few paces forwards to be even with Hilda and asked what they had to be prepared for.
  35. ‘There are all kinds of dreams.’ Hilda walked up the stone steps and held the great big door to the library open for her friends. They ducked in. ‘The Marra might have been playing word games, so we’ll need to make sure David is prepared for any type.’
  36. They found their usual table, and Hilda produced the book they’d first learned Marra lore from. The actual page about the Marra was slim, the book was a jack of all trades, master of none about evil spirits. There was more about poltergeists than Marra, despite the book claiming to be classical in content.
  37. The librarian passed the trio, clutching a book from her private, her really private, collection to her chest. The Ways and Practices of Incubi and Succubi, by C. O. Cuomur. She glanced at them, and decided they didn’t need her help today. She was busy with a long overdue self-help session, and she glided by unnoticed. Hilda, Frida and David were left with the kind of books normal people read about dreams. Jung, Freud, and other such pseudoscience that wouldn’t even help normal people, let along a situation like this.
  38. They went back to David’s house, empty-handed, and sat around for the rest of the day not doing much of anything. That night they once again set up camp in David’s room, but without the effort to hide themselves from the Marra, trusting her to meet them like she’d said she would.
  39. The Marra did come that night, like she’d said she would. The night before, though, had left the three so tired they were asleep long before their bedtimes, and the Marra just floated there after passing through the keyhole. She rolled her eyes, then smirked. Whatever, those girls didn’t need to see this.
  40. She sat weightlessly on David’s chest and whispered, ‘Sweet dreams.’
  42. *
  44. David had woken up late, later than usual. He was much later than usual getting to Hilda’s house thanks to the nightmares and when Mrs Hilda’s Mum answered the door she greeted him in an outfit that was familiar, except that the shapeless red jumper had gained definition. A whole lot of definition.
  45. ‘David!’ Johanna had been surprised when the boy eventually reached the house. ‘Hilda and Frida have already left. They just headed to your house to see what was wrong.’
  46. ‘I didn’t see them on the way here,’ he said.
  47. ‘Well, I imagine that when they see you’re not there they’ll check here.’ She stood aside, and beckoned him in. Were her eyes usually half-lidded like that when she looked at him? ‘Come in,’ she said, with what sounded like an emphasis.
  48. He took two or three steps past her, before she closed the door and stopped him.
  49. ‘Oh, David, you’ve got a bug on you.’
  50. He stopped for her to remove it for him, assuming it was on his back or head, somewhere where it would be easier for the person who had seen it to take care of it. Not looking at her, he was taken by surprise when he felt her hand against his butt.
  51. ‘Got it,’ she said, and seemed to giggle.
  52. He was glad he had his back to her, so that she couldn’t see him blushing. He dashed on into the apartment, to have time to adjust his shorts before she saw.
  53. ‘While we wait,’ she was saying as he did this, ‘would you like something to eat?’
  54. ‘Oh, yes please Mrs Hilda’s Mum!’ He gave himself a mental slap on the wrist for anything strange he might have been thinking. Everything was normal.
  55. ‘Please David,’ Johanna said, ‘call me Johanna.’
  56. He gulped at the way he said it, losing the momentum he’d picked up as he passed into the kitchen. She sat at the table, turning her torso to watch him enter with a smile. The position pulled the jumper taught, and he had to make an effort to look past her chest to the glowing mountain of cucumber sandwiches it was trying to eclipse.
  57. He took the other seat, to her right hand, and began to eat. They were delicious, and he couldn’t hold back a groan of satisfaction.
  58. Johanna seemed pleased about that, leaning forward to touch his hand when he rested it against the plastic tablecloth.
  59. ‘If there’s anything else you want,’ she said, and trailed off.
  60. He gulped. ‘Um… Maybe some juice?’
  61. Her face seemed to telegraph to him, in a playful, teasing way, that that wasn’t what she had meant. He squeezed his thighs together and willed himself not to think that way about his friend’s mum.
  62. She got up anyway, swaying her hips as she stepped across the kitchen tiles to the fridge. She opened it, and bent at the waist to pick the glass bottle of fresh orange juice from the bottom shelf on the inside of the door. David wasn’t sure if he’d actually moaned when he saw that, or if it was just in his mind. Either way, the smirk on Johanna’s face as she returned to the table told him she knew exactly what he thought of her bum.
  63. She put the juice down. ‘It’s a long walk, the round trip between your house and mine,’ she said.
  64. ‘No it isn’t…’ David protested. Weakly.
  65. ‘Oh, I should think it’s plenty long,’ she said, ‘and hard, and-’
  66. ‘It’s just around the corner…’
  67. Somewhere, the Marra clicked her tongue. How dense…?
  68. ‘Kiss me, David,’ she made Johanna say, and had her lean across the table. The pile of cucumber sandwiches and the orange juice miraculously dodged away.
  69. ‘But-’
  70. And then Johanna’s lips, a little plumper than he’d thought, soft and warm, met his own. Any hang-ups he had about the situation melted away, and he let the older woman hold him by the shoulders, then the forearms, and pull him in close. The table wasn’t there any more. She held him against her chest, her breasts bigger than he’d seen them as in the sweater, warmer too. The strength was sapped from his legs, but that was okay because Johanna was taking charge.
  71. She held the boy up, using her lips to guide his mouth into opening and then probing at the gap between his lips with her tongue, tasting his lips from all sides, sampling his saliva and spooning him plenty of her own. The sounds of the kiss, when she broke it to let him gasp for air, were wet and undeniably lewd. He let out a hushed moan, and she gave him what he wanted, going back for more.
  72. And then some. Her left arm hooked around his back, while her right hand glided gently but purposefully down his lithe body, searching first for the waistband of his shorts. He wore no belt, and she tugged them down in one smooth movement, revealing his cute little briefs.
  73. They were bulging in the front, though not very much. Johanna let the tips of her fingers caress the tip of the bulge, then rubbed her palm against it. A little strength returned to his hips, or maybe it was just instinct, an animal reflex, that made them roll forwards to grind against this new stimulation.
  74. She let him, let him moan into her mouth, let him fall deeper into her, handing his innocent mind and body over.
  75. Suddenly, Johanna pulled back to admire her work. The young boy was gasping heavily for air, his shorts loose around his ankles and tears of pleasure prickling his eyes. Johanna approached him slowly, bringing her mouth to his ear.
  76. 'Did you like that, David?' She whispered before licking his earlobe, making the boy shiver and whimper. 'Y-Yes... M-Ms. Johanna.' He weakly answered, gasping as Johanna puts her hand over his bulging briefs.
  77. 'Do you want to feel *more*?' She asked, now looking straight into his eyes.
  78. All David could do was clench his eyes and nod.
  80. *
  82. 'Hilda! Hilda, wake up!' Frida hurriedly whispered as she shook her friend's sleeping bag, Hilda waking up grogilly and rubbing her eyes. 'I'm up, I'm up. Is something wrong?' The blue-haired girl asked before Frida gestures toward David.
  83. 'He started whimpering and gasping in his sleep. Should we wake him up?'
  84. Hilda watched David in his bed. He was gripping his covers, making weird sounds, turning his head and gasping like he was out of air , but, it didn't look like he was scared... But enjoying it?
  85. 'I... Don't think he's having a nightmare.' Hilda concluded, putting an emphasyzing the word "think". 'Well, then what should we do?' Frida asks, still worried about her friend.
  86. 'Well, the Marra told us she would give him nice dreams, but if we wake him up she might go back on the deal. For all we know, she could start giving him worse nightmares if we interrupt her again.' Frida nodded as Hilda explained, looking once again at David's sleeping figure, who was now breathing a bit more calmly. 'What kind of dreams *is* she giving him, though?'
  88. *
  90. To say David was nervous was an incredible understatement. After the sudden make-out session with Hilda's mum, he was taken to her bedroom in the promise of something that would feel even better.
  91. Now, sitting on her bed, he didn't know if he should be excited or scared.
  92. 'Everything alright, David?' He was suddenly brought back from his thoughts as Johanna aproached him, placing her hands on his shoulders and rubbing them as if to calm him down.
  93. 'Y-Yes, Ms. Johanna. I'm just a bit... N-Nervous is all.'
  94. 'Why is that? I thought you agreed on doing more?' Johanna asked in a sultry voice, now gently cupping David's face in her hands. 'I-I know, it's just... Isn't this... Wrong?' He replied before Johanna pulled him into another kiss.
  95. This one, however, was much more focused on comforting than arousing.
  96. A thin line of saliva connected the two as they pulled back. 'David, I need you to understand...' Johanna began as she stood back up, bringing her hands to the base of her jumper and stripping it off, her hidden curves now on full display, but her chest still confined inside her black lacy bra.
  97. 'Me and Hilda have lived alone for the longest time.' She continued as she started taking off her leggings. 'All this time I've only had myself to pleasure my body.' Her defined thighs and matching panties were on display.
  98. 'It's been so long since I've felt a man's touch...' Johanna grabbed David's hand. 'A man's need...' She places it on her chest, her heartbeat so strong he could feel it through her breast. '... A man's *love*.' She finishes, pulling David into a hug, his head hot and red against her shoulder and his manhood throbbing against her belly. 'Will you please remind me what it's like, David?' Johanna whispered into his ear.
  99. Still processing the view he just witnessed, the body he's pressed up against, and with only whimpers escaping his mouth, David stood silent before slowly nodding his head.
  100. Noticing his approval, Johanna sits him back on her bed. 'Thank you, David...' She speaks as she kneels and caresses his bulging member, reaching for the waistband of his underwear. 'Now just relax, and let me take care of you.' She finishes before pulling David's briefs down, a quiet gasp escaping her as his penis springs out.
  101. 'O-oh my... I didn't expect you to be so... Big.' David's voice quivers as his organ is finally freed. 'S-Sorry, Ms. Johanna... Y-You just look so pretty a-and I... Can't help it.' He admits, his face flushing in embarassment. Johanna giggles at the compliment.
  102. 'Please David, don't apologize. I'm quite flattered you consider me so attractive.' Johanna reassures him, a sultry grin forming on her face as she gently rubs his member, making David gasp. 'Let me give you a reward, sweetie.' And with one fluid motion, David's cock disappears into Johanna's mouth.
  103. David moans loudly as his member is suddenly captured in her mouth's warm embrace. Slowly, Johanna pulls back, licking his rod's underside before circling her tongue around its flared head, already tasting drops of pre-cum.
  104. Instinctively, David reaches a hand over Johanna's head, his speech reduced completely to moans, gasps and whimpers of pleasure. As Johanna opens an eye to look at him, he hopes his silent plea is understood. His response comes as Johanna moves back down his shaft, making David gasp and grasp her hair with both of his hands, moreso to keep him grounded than to pull her head. Slowly, Johanna begins to bob her head, trailing a hand to her crotch and rubbing her already wet nethers over her underwear.
  105. As she continued her ministrations, David felt something steadily build within him. With every movement Johanna's head did, with every lick she delivered to his cock's head, with every moan that echoed in her mouth, it grew stronger. 'M-Ms. Johanna! S-Something's gonna come out!' David warned amidst his moans.
  106. Hearing this, Johanna pulls back and wraps her free hand around David's member, jerking it rapidly. 'Shh, it's ok David. Let it out.' Johanna says as she brings her mouth back to his member, circling her tongue around its head while still maintaining her hand movements. It was all too much for the poor boy.
  107. David almost screams in pleasure as his whole body shakes, dropping back on the bed as his cock shoots spurt after spurt of semen into Johanna's mouth. As she swallows his load and licks his member clean, David lays almost motionless in her bed, breathing heavily with small tears of pleasure on the corners of his eyes.
  108. Noticing the state the boy was in, Johanna softly caresses his cheek, hoping to get his attention. 'Are you alright David?' She asks in a hushed tone. David whimpers as he's brought back down from his high, nuzzling against her soft palm. 'Y-Yeah. It just felt... Incredible, Ms. Johanna.' Johanna giggles at his response, gently doting his chest with kisses, making him shiver at the contact. 'D-Did I do good?'
  109. 'Oh, David' She pecks his lips at the question. 'You did amazing sweetie.' David blushes at the nickname and compliment, looking away bashfully. 'But...' His head bolts in fear. Did he do something wrong? Was he too forceful whe he grabbed her hair? 'Watching you moan and shiver as I pleasured you... Tasting you as you came into my mouth... Made me get a touch aroused myself.' As she spoke, David could hear her bra clip snapping open and her panties sliding down her legs.
  110. Mustering all his courage, David turns his head back at Johanna, propping himself with his arms as his eyes widen at the gorgeous figure before him. On of her hands was idly rubbing one of her breasts, her nipples hardening at the stimulation, while the other one was rubbing at her exposed clitoris, before Johanna aproaches the bedside and opens her folds with tho fingers for David to see how wet she was.
  111. 'Would you kindly help me with it, dear~?'
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