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Nov 18th, 2019
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  1. <align="center">Soar's Palace SCP
  3. <align="center">Join our discord! <link></link>
  4. <align="center">Visit our website! <link></link>
  6. <align="left">Rules:
  7. 1. Respect everyone and their beliefs.
  8. 2. No racism, it will NOT be tolerated.
  9. 3. Play your role. Don't kill yourself because you don't want to be 049-2.
  10. 4. Don't shoot D-Class that are detained or surrendering.
  11. 5. MTF and Chaos are not to cross-team.
  12. 6. SCP's and Chaos may team.
  13. 7. Don't prolong the round intentionally.
  15. Mods:
  16. You can hold items in 914.
  17. Occasional blackouts will occur, but all players spawn with a flashlight
  18. Tesla gates are disabled during blackouts.
  19. There is a Tranq Gun and Shotgun
  20. 079 will become another SCP when it is last alive.
  21. SCP-939 can use the intercom.
  22. Certain doors, once opened, will not be closeable.
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