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  1. A good leader
  3. Ok so a good leader to me would be a person that with excellent people skills, in this case I really think that Adolf Hitler would be a good example.
  4. So we all know who Adolf Hitler is, the man who lead the Nazi empire from it's begining to the grave. I don't think I have to say that this man was not a mentaly stabil individual.
  5. But still he was able to become the prime minister of Germany, but how?
  7. This is where his people skills and understanding of the human mind comes to play. As we know on the time he joined the election the economy in Germany wasn't all that good.
  8. So what did adolf do? Well he blamed the Jews, he understood that the people of Germany would rather blame someone else for their mistakes than themselves.
  9. But you gotta be honest with yourself, wouldn't you?
  11. Now after he got the power of the  German empire he wasn't quite satisfied, so he proceed to infiltrate the rest of the eastern europe.
  12. He starting off with Poland and then went on to countries such as Italy and France.
  13. Well after invading a few countries he had painted this horrifying image of himself which forced many countries to basicly surrender without it being necessary for him to use firepower
  15. Okey so now you've heard a little about Hitler now lets look back at the source of his power, which basicly was his understanding of the mind and how he could use this to gain the people's trust
  16. But was this really an orginal method to gain allot of power in a short amount of time?, no actually it's not this story has been repeated over and over again with historic person like Napoléon
  17. Many people (Including myself) would consider what Hitler did as evil, but then again we need to ask ourself "What is the tasks of a leader" I would say it is to keep his nation wealthy and protected.
  18. And wasen't this what Adolf Hitler did? Of course he coul have done it in lots of different way but isn't it the prize the final product?
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