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Pirates IRC April '20 Changelog

mruno May 1st, 2020 7 Never
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  1. Pirates IRC - http://piratesirc.com
  2. April 2020 Changelog
  4. Changes:
  5. Fixed season mod: Cap'n Levelin'
  6. Ship vs Ship Battles: Increased the multiple affecting the cooldown between commands based on active players
  7. Ships no longer have to be nearby to message them in !P Ship Message
  8. A ship can only !P Scour if no other ships are moored at the same location
  9. Ships that loot treasure from the live map is now recorded in the game news
  10. Increased time to complete port raids
  11. Increased difficulty of port raids due to cannon limit increases
  12. Race game: the more wins you have vs the bot, the harder it gets
  13. Ship Battles: Added surrender option when in battle phase
  14. Ship Battles: Added custom insults from bot ships
  15. Added !P Ship Speed
  16. New player ship, The Wandering Soul
  17. Decreased amount of doubloons epic monsters take from the ship
  18. Increased all player ships' maximum capacity from 6 to 10 cannons
  19. Added ability to buy more than one cannon shot at a time at shipwrights
  20. Increased cannon durability by 25%
  21. Weapons can be renamed with an apostrophe in the name
  22. Added additional information in !P Ship Status when another ship is moored/docked at the same location
  23. If a ship event is occurring, random battle-royale 'gatherings' will be skipped
  24. Added if ship is cleaned and/or greased in !P Ship Status
  25. Halved the cost of ship cannons
  26. Players below level 5 are not capped at how many levels they can advance in a day, Players more than 5 levels away from the captain's level can advance 3 levels in a day, Players less than level 10 can advance up to 2 levels a day
  27. If a question to learn a skill is answered incorrectly, the next question will be a captcha question
  28. New player ship, Dark Sails
  29. Decommissioned the bot ship, HMS Interceptor
  30. Added how many more pirates are needed to help with sabotage when a pirate helps
  31. Learning a skill will sometimes ask a 'captcha' question
  32. Cap'n vs Cap'n duels: Added new messages when the port is instantly claimed or not. Ports will be instantly claimed by the winner if the losing ship had a claim on the port
  33. Added rewards for reporting bugs, !Pirates Bug
  36. Fixes:
  37. Not raiding a hostile port and then auto sailing right back to the same port
  38. Message on how to claim a port when another ship is moored at the port and own ship already has claimed it
  39. Monster not attacking after triggering it by performing a !P command
  40. Ship vs Ship Battles: high negative sailing speeds
  41. Docked at an invalid port after a raid
  42. Ship appears docked after teleporting to a port and then starting a raid
  43. Not showing player level in !P Status <player> <other ship>
  44. Ability to perform a Capn vs Capn duel when a ship is having an event such as being attacked, battle-royale, etc
  45. Bot ships will not use rumor to hide the ship if moored at the same port as another ship
  46. Battle-Royale: Inability to loot another pirate's weapon from another ship
  47. Battle-Royale: Missing pirate power in 1st round
  48. Battle-Royale: Incorrect pirates listed in 1st round
  49. Battle-Royale: Incorrect time listed until final round
  50. Battle-Royale: Sanity check for too many rounds
  51. Claiming your own bounties
  52. Homeport bonus when sailing to a hostile port, but not docking
  53. Reduced the message occurrence: "Ye already leveled up today n' will level up tomorrow."
  54. Player highlight options being ignored in !P Bounties, !P Top <category>
  55. Ship vs Ship Battle: Incorrect speed listed in !P Ship Status
  56. First of the Day bonuses when highlight is disabled in options
  57. Revenge when highlight is disabled in options
  58. Ability to start multiple race games at once
  59. Nearby Ships
  60. !P Ship Message
  61. A ship 'safely docking' message repeating during a ship vs ship battle
  62. Ships bot being banned from claiming a port for 24 hours after losing a Captain duel
  63. Ships installing governors during 'All ships at the same port' event
  64. Ship vs Ship Battle not ending after the message "Ship safely docked at XXXXXX"
  65. Other ships sailing not being counted as nearby
  66. Before raiding a port (or not), P Dig still to the previous port
  67. <player> p defend fire round || [P]  Which cannon do ye want to fire? P Defend Fire <chain,round>
  68. Ship vs Ship Battles vs 2 ships at the same time
  69. Ship vs Ship Battle double messages: "We 'ave defeated all the pirates aboard..."
  70. Battle-Royale loot message
  71. When trying to sail: Another ship be blockin' our way
  72. Ship vs Ship Battle: Speed inconsistencies when changing direction
  73. Low level Captains sharing less than 1,000 doubloons
  74. Skill levels being reset to 2 or 3 with Adept Pirates season mod
  75. Port naming fixes
  76. Clean/Grease fixes
  77. Port claiming fixes
  78. Poll notifications when player is on multiple ships
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