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  1. [+] codymatt joined!
  2. codymatt: oh dank, Legit server, Last IP I checked didn't work
  3. codymatt: Dat Featherboard doh
  4. codymatt: lol, I did
  5. codymatt: LMAO
  6. codymatt: TF?
  7. codymatt: server doesn't have essentials, That's new
  8. codymatt: FoxBukkitChat, FoxBukkitCheckoff, FoxBukkitPermissions
  9. codymatt: lol
  10. codymatt: Lmao, That's funny
  11. codymatt: ./? isn't blocked doh
  12. codymatt: So people don't look at plugins so easily, Like what I was able to do
  13. codymatt: Not Help Command, ./?
  14. codymatt: ./? is a command on it's on
  15. codymatt: To big servers it is
  16. codymatt: How is it that I join an everyone else follows
  17. codymatt: LOL
  18. codymatt: wait
  19. codymatt: who's the owner
  20. codymatt: LOL, Why is the forums being hosted on the same OVH Server? Unless it's Dedi
  21. codymatt: It's OVH
  22. codymatt: I facepalmed
  23. codymatt: OVH HAS to be a Dedi
  24. codymatt: C.S.S.R.A.E.T.U
  25. codymatt: You forget the A
  26. codymatt: lol
  27. codymatt: e.g. | Computer System Security Researchers and Elite Tactical Unit
  28. codymatt: Yeah, Then you know what I actually do
  29. codymatt: I say it like that tho
  30. codymatt: I cringe slighty, There's no way to tell who's who because of the diff plugins
  31. codymatt: I'm used to PeX or Group Manager
  32. [-] codymatt disconnected!
  33. [+] codymatt joined!
  34. codymatt: LOL RIP
  35. codymatt: Ohhh I'm gonna die
  36. codymatt: It's not even that, I just cringe so hard an feel so bad for the people who use skype
  37. codymatt: LOL, I don't have access to /tell or /msg
  38. codymatt: It's Cancerous an leaks your personal info, C.S.S.R.A.E.T.U a legit group
  39. codymatt: Oh, Microsoft was a piece of sh!t an basically made it where if you sign into your live account, If
  40. codymatt: It'll automactically USE your IRL info to make a "Live" Account
  41. codymatt: becuase they're trying to push the BS "live" thing out
  42. codymatt: Organization yes, I'm actually the creator an who owns it
  43. codymatt: Naaaahh
  44. codymatt: Just listen
  45. codymatt: If you go onto your outlook
  46. codymatt: regardless of having an account
  47. codymatt: It'll leak it
  48. codymatt: Tibbbsy does
  49. codymatt: well, apparenty you use Outlook
  50. codymatt: Am I?
  51. codymatt: I would tell ya if I had /tell or /msg !
  52. codymatt: Because if you search "TyleratSterling" Your OG Name, It shows your IRL Actual name too
  53. codymatt: Tyler V
  54. codymatt: Yeh
  55. codymatt: Hearing that makes me cringe soooo hard.... See, I'm basically a what you call "Legit hacker"
  56. codymatt: Not game hacker
  57. codymatt: Eh, If I was 10, I would've said I would be in Anonymous
  58. codymatt: Anyone cna be in or be Anonymous
  59. codymatt: can*
  60. codymatt: Marryth
  61. codymatt: Do /seen or /whois codymatt
  62. codymatt: Then do a IP Lookup on my IP
  63. codymatt: It goes to Piscataway, NJ
  64. codymatt: Lmfao sure
  65. codymatt: It's a VPN server anyway LMAO, Idgaf
  66. codymatt: Choopa LLC is a VPN/VPS Hoster
  67. codymatt: wait
  68. codymatt: Port 22 is open?
  69. codymatt: God PIA is retarded
  70. codymatt: 22 is SSH -.-
  71. codymatt: Anyone smart enough can jack their actual server
  72. codymatt: I cringe
  73. codymatt: LMFAO, Nah, All VPN's are suppose to log on U.S. Soil
  74. codymatt: What I do is legit doh
  75. codymatt: Both
  76. codymatt: Grey Hat Actually
  77. codymatt: I use it for both good an bad at times
  78. codymatt: LOL
  79. codymatt: I wish I got paid to do what I do
  80. codymatt: Wanna know how old I legit really am?
  81. codymatt: 15 Actually :D
  82. codymatt: IDGAF if my IRL Age is "exposed"
  83. codymatt: Don't prove much
  84. codymatt: Age is age, but it doesn't say much
  85. codymatt: LOL, Tell your friend to use a TCP Reverse Shell via Metasploit in Cyborg Linux e.g. Unbuntu
  86. codymatt: Yes
  87. codymatt: I use Ubuntu an Debian
  88. codymatt: Similar Syntax
  89. codymatt: If you know the Syntax's, Yeh
  90. codymatt: LOL, Nah your right
  91. codymatt: You can just brute force it with a BRTC Port
  92. codymatt: My friend is legit learning how to jack someone's PC with just an IP
  93. codymatt: FFS, Don't get Win10
  94. codymatt: Win10 Spies
  95. codymatt: so whatever you search an do is listed in MS's Search Terms
  96. codymatt: kk
  97. codymatt: ^
  98. codymatt: yeah
  99. codymatt: That's what I have to lookout for
  100. codymatt: I do CC Dumps
  101. codymatt:
  102. codymatt: Go to it
  103. codymatt: It's a CC Dmping site
  104. codymatt: Credit Card
  105. codymatt: Dump the Trump?
  106. codymatt: LOL, Just listen to me for a sec
  107. codymatt: Moving to Canada is basically internet suicide
  108. codymatt: SOPA an PIPPA
  109. codymatt: Already is
  110. codymatt: You guy's know of SOPA an PIPA
  111. codymatt: Yeah, Canada basically destroyed that
  112. codymatt: I'm the closest thing you'll met
  113. codymatt: I'm not CIA worthy.... YET
  114. codymatt: Did you know WikiLeaks just destroyed the CIA doh?
  115. codymatt: Like they destroyed the CIA's Database just 5 day sago
  116. codymatt: I sh!t you not, Look up WikiLeaks CIA
  117. codymatt: LMAO, On dem "Deep Webs" ?
  118. codymatt: srsly?
  119. codymatt: They dumped it on Reddit?
  120. codymatt: Wow
  121. codymatt: LOOOOL, Time to get my hands on some CIA Spying tools den :D
  122. codymatt: LOOOOOOOOOOOL
  123. codymatt: Skidpaste?
  124. codymatt: That got ran
  125. codymatt: Skidpaste?
  126. codymatt: The owner got his sh!t DOXED
  127. codymatt: Then SWATTED
  128. codymatt: Just like Apple J4Ck
  129. codymatt: Fking Apple J4ck
  130. codymatt: Fluttershy Actually LMFAO >>> But nah, Apple J4ck was a good hacker dude running a very powerful an
  131. codymatt: He got stormed by some government thing over in another country
  132. codymatt: An is now sitting in jail for 20+ years
  133. codymatt: illegal botnet
  135. codymatt: PoodleCorp?
  136. codymatt: That was their theme
  137. codymatt:
  138. codymatt: feel?
  139. codymatt: lmao
  140. codymatt: My other friend.....
  141. codymatt: Who's 14....
  142. codymatt: is kicking my ass in PC
  143. codymatt: Well, In smarts wise
  144. codymatt: e.g. He owns a net
  145. codymatt: ^
  146. codymatt: ^
  147. codymatt: No
  148. codymatt: I do Network Managment
  149. codymatt: He does the sh!t I wanna do
  150. codymatt: Like tap cells
  151. codymatt: His friend gives him the tools to tap cells
  152. codymatt: Look up "DADDY DUMPS" on Skype
  153. codymatt: He runs kids like no tomorrow
  154. codymatt: As well as Tragity, Entity, An a few others
  155. codymatt: TR4G3DY or Entity
  156. codymatt: Then you have ~Rev~
  157. codymatt: He's dead
  158. codymatt: Then you have Vincent, U.D.P, Err..... ZoneHax
  159. codymatt: Few others
  160. codymatt: I forgot about RAT
  161. codymatt: but he doesn't exactly "Hack", He codes Malware
  162. codymatt: Ransomewear
  163. codymatt: ware*
  164. codymatt: I know almost everyone, i'm not in da "scene" but
  165. codymatt: LOOOL
  166. codymatt: I don't go on HackForums
  167. codymatt: or LeakForums
  168. codymatt: They're fking full of skids
  169. codymatt: An harmless people that I wanna bash in
  170. codymatt: I use HackerGrounds instead
  171. codymatt: Which is my friends Forum
  172. codymatt:
  173. codymatt: Well, The thing about that is
  174. codymatt: It's actually a site to LEARN code
  175. codymatt: instead of downloading programs already made
  176. codymatt: It's a legit source if you wanna learn PC Security
  177. codymatt: Delphi an VBScript
  178. codymatt: VBscript is meh
  179. codymatt: LOOOL
  180. codymatt: See
  181. codymatt: That's where RAT would say
  182. codymatt: "Delphi is basically C, But it wraps around ALL Coding Lanagues"
  183. codymatt: "Delphi is a old but extremely powerful coding langauge because it wraps itself around all forums of
  184. codymatt: coding lanauge"
  185. codymatt: like you can made a java program in Delphi
  186. codymatt: Delphi wraps around all the coding langauges an it's a very simple easy to use GUI, Well not really
  187. codymatt: but
  188. codymatt: Like, Delphi was made/code IN C, So that means you don't need to LEARN C to actually made a program
  189. codymatt: Delphi wraps itself around ALL Coding Langauges, Such as Java, HTML, JavaScript, Python, Perl
  190. codymatt: C, C+
  191. codymatt: C++
  192. codymatt: C Sharp
  193. codymatt: Because that would take you years to learn
  194. codymatt: years an years to learn
  195. codymatt: You can take a month to learn delphi
  196. codymatt: Just listen
  197. codymatt: Everything C Provides
  198. codymatt: you can't
  199. codymatt: if you wanna know EVERYTHING ABOUT C
  200. codymatt: It takes years
  201. codymatt: Delphi to know an learn everything only takes about a monthj
  202. codymatt: month*
  203. codymatt: Because C is a old coding langauge, Just like Delphi
  204. codymatt: But Delphi is a very powerful multi-tool basically
  205. codymatt: Other then Binary?
  206. codymatt: Which basically makes your entire system run
  207. codymatt: Binary was like the very basics of PC code
  208. codymatt: Well duh, but I'm saying that the code evolves
  209. codymatt: EXACTLY
  210. codymatt: Samething with C, Why would you need to code a entire 100 lines of code to make 1 thing work
  211. codymatt: When it's already there?
  212. codymatt: Noooot exactly
  213. codymatt: See, with Delphi, Everything you need is basically coded FOR you, So you don't waist
  214. codymatt: Your life coding what someone else already has
  215. codymatt: mmk, Explain the TCP an UDP Protocol an how it's coded in C
  216. codymatt: You can't, Becuase you don't know it obviously
  217. codymatt: But, You don't need to learn to
  218. codymatt: You don't NEED to learn how to code UDP an TCP Protocol cause it's already there
  219. codymatt: Yes, But that's why we have google :D
  220. codymatt: UDP = Universal Data Protocol an TCP = Transmission Control Protocol
  221. codymatt: I remember this all by heart
  222. codymatt: Alright smartbutt
  223. codymatt: What's IMCP/
  224. codymatt: ICMP*
  225. codymatt: Internet Controlled Message Protocol
  226. codymatt: I remember it all by heart
  227. codymatt: cause I've learned ALL About these things
  228. codymatt: what about SSL or SSH?
  229. codymatt: For connection purposes
  230. codymatt: Yes
  231. codymatt: but
  232. codymatt: You don't need to learn how to code it to learn how it work
  233. codymatt: s
  234. codymatt: Interesting more or less?
  235. codymatt: lol
  236. codymatt: See I know what I'm talking about
  237. codymatt: Ohh! lucky, I don't have Delphi 7 installed rip, I was gonna drop my source code in here from a txt
  238. codymatt: encrypter I made
  239. codymatt: QnsJqZt3wfMY1BkS6oY+eA==
  240. codymatt: See that?
  241. codymatt: That's a string
  242. codymatt: That's a 4 letter word
  243. codymatt: From that string
  244. codymatt: Triple DES?
  245. codymatt: AKA 3DES ?
  246. codymatt: "I know how encryption works"
  247. codymatt: So you know how 3DES Encryption works then
  248. codymatt: That if you can't backup what you're saying, There's no point to it, I can back up everything
  249. codymatt: I saw
  250. codymatt: say*
  251. codymatt: because I've done it already
  252. codymatt: Me showing off lmao
  253. codymatt: Look, Point saying is, I may not know EXACTLY how they work
  254. codymatt: But i can easily figure it out
  255. codymatt: it only took 2 people to figure out a game like this, Then to completely code it from scrach e.g. ja
  256. codymatt: Oh I don't
  257. codymatt: I'm learning Python to
  258. codymatt: To make Python Scripts
  259. codymatt: LMAO, what should I use then
  260. codymatt: Perl?
  261. codymatt: Python Scripts work fine when using it with a net
  262. codymatt: Pull 20K Bots an smack with 500+ Gbps -.-
  263. codymatt: Do you even what a Net is?
  264. codymatt: Net = Botnet
  265. codymatt: Yes, But in my world, It's related to Botnet
  266. codymatt: Cause 90% of everyone I know calls a Botnet a Net
  267. codymatt: Anyway
  268. codymatt: Private Scripts made from Python
  269. codymatt: if you have a private method to pull the bots
  270. codymatt: An they're fresh
  271. codymatt: Then make a custom script for hitting like SSDP or NTP or UDP, You can make a ton of power off of 20
  272. codymatt: 20K
  273. codymatt: If the bots you pull are custom scripted, An are extremely powerful, An the script you hit with
  274. codymatt: Is coded well an powerful
  275. codymatt: You can hit with all the power with both scripts
  276. codymatt: A friend named Daimi (who's helping me setup a MC server for $$$)
  277. codymatt: had an sold a 400K Botnet that downed Cloud Flare
  278. codymatt: That downed NFO
  279. codymatt: That downs NFO!
  280. codymatt: You know how hard that is?
  281. codymatt: They have like 1.5Tbps Uplink
  282. codymatt: I'm also prone to DOXING
  283. codymatt: LOL
  284. codymatt: No
  285. codymatt: I'm prone to DOXING other people
  286. codymatt: LOL, look up my username
  287. codymatt: See what you find :D
  288. codymatt: I've moved state to state at least 5 to 6 times within the last 3 years
  289. codymatt: You're not finding any info off of me
  290. codymatt: Plus I keep my alias far FAR away from any real info of me
  291. codymatt: I'm not prone to being DOXED
  292. codymatt: But I bet you are
  293. codymatt:
  294. codymatt: That's how you're prone to being DOXED
  295. codymatt: LOOL
  296. codymatt: JayDGames
  297. codymatt: You can just look that up on Skype
  298. codymatt: You username history dumbA
  299. codymatt: if you put your Skype Name down with your Old Alias
  300. codymatt: You can find it
  301. codymatt: LOOL, Can't call me a skid if I code my own programs
  302. codymatt: LOL
  303. codymatt: k I'm done
  304. codymatt: You're funny dude
  305. codymatt: Jake Finch
  306. codymatt: Interesting
  307. codymatt: in Califonria
  308. codymatt: California
  309. codymatt: I don't even live there
  310. [-] codymatt was kicked ([Cyrus__] Doxing.)!
  311. [FBCL] Cyrus__ banned codymatt [Reason: Doxing.]!
  312. [+] CZMatt joined!
  313. CZMatt: Dem alts
  314. CZMatt: Listen, You wanna go kid, I can SWAT You, But don't push my buttons
  315. [-] CZMatt was kicked ([Cyrus__] Alt of Codymatt.)!
  316. [FBCL] Cyrus__ banned CZMatt [Reason: Alt of Codymatt.]!
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