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  1. Dear friends.. let's have a talk.
  3. It's the year 2013 by now, but it feels more like Orwell's 1984.
  5. First of all, we would like to thank you for your continued support over the years.
  6. We had some great fun together and we sure raised some awareness for privacy, corrupt governments and such.
  7. But this is not enough. There's still a long way to go on these issues.
  9. You may not realize, but there's a shitload of people out there who are fighting for your rights, every night and day.
  10. But some of them are getting tired of it and some even quit, because they don't have the feeling that their message is coming through.
  11. And there's also some who will spend a long time in prison for bringing you the truth and showing you what's really going on in this world.
  12. People exposing war crimes are being held in prison. And most of you don't seem to give a single fuck about it.
  14. The fundamental human rights of life, liberty, privacy, freedom of speech.. Do these things mean anything to you?
  15. Do you *really* think that our politicians are doing the best for all of us? Do you even know what they are doing?
  16. Do you *really* believe that so called terrorists from some country with lots of oil are the most serious threat to your life?
  17. Do you *really* think that the only way to live in peace and harmony is to have CCTVs on every corner of the street?
  18. Do you *really* want some computer to define whether you behave "normally" or whether you're a potential terrorist?
  19. Did you know that there are government agencies who create and fund terrorist groups in their own country which they then try to fight?
  21. We often get asked "So, you're those Anonymous guys, huh? How are you gonna change the world?"
  22. The answer is, we won't. Changing the whole world is not our business. We are not your almighty saviors or some kind of superheros.
  23. We're your student, your taxi driver, your girl next door. You wouldn't notice anything strange about us, would you?
  24. But there's more about us, there's something you don't know.
  26. We are the ones that live in the shadows. Every now and then we step out into the light to remind you that we're still there.
  27. We keep the things behind the scenes running for the "real revolutionaries" out there.
  28. And by "real revolutionaries" we mean you! Yes, YOU! The very person that is reading this tweet right now!
  29. No matter if you want to, you are a part of this whole thing. And if you want something done, you have to get up.
  31. Stand up and raise your voice and change the world, if you want to. You can do it. Damn no, you HAVE to do it!
  32. It is your duty as a human being to do everything you can to make this world a better place for all of us.
  33. And we, Anonymous, will stand behind you and provide you with anything you need for your fight. Just ask.
  35. And if you don't feel like being a "real revolutionary".. Hell, join us in the shadows! Grab your mask and cape and raise havoc!
  36. Or help us provide safe havens for people who want to share their independet thoughts without the fear of surveillance.
  38. Anyway, your will is free and it's up to you to choose what role you wanna play in this game.
  40. If you just want to watch and let things happen the way they do, that's just fine with us. But don't bitch at anyone for not saving you!
  42. If you want to join us you are free to do so, we will be glad to welcome you. But remember: We are not your personal army!
  44. If you want to join some other activist group, please do it. But focus on your common goals and don't waste any time fighting yourselves!
  45. There's already way too much drama going on and no, it's not worth it. Just learn to deal with people being different, they will always be.
  46. We see so much talent being wasted, because people can't hold back their egos. Remember: After all, we are all alike!
  48. And if you really got some balls down your pants then get the hell out on the streets and show them what a revolution looks like!
  50. It's the year 2013 and don't you think this is a good year to get your lazy ass up and start saving the world?
  51. It won't be done by the end of the year, and also not by the end of next year. Change always takes some time.
  52. But if you don't even start you've already lost. Yes, some will fight no matter what, but without your support they won't succeed.
  54. So we call out for every single one of you. You are not alone, there's many like you. Let's make our dreams come true!
  56. We are waiting for you. In the shadows. If you dare.
  58. Thank you for your attention.
  60. Yours sincerely,
  62. -Anonymous.
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