Rise of the Animonsters - part 2

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  1. [22:15:47] <Charm> The loud fans of the large computer terminal fade into nothing more than a whisper in the frozen wind as Yui focuses herself. Her body feels incredibly cold, like she's freezing. And yet...and yet it feels like she's unlocking part of herself that's alwys been there, begging to be freed all this time.
  2. [22:45:08] <shirayuki_yui> a cold wind blows through yui as snow starts to blow from the darkness and back into nothingness. its cold at first, but gradually, she feels warm and at home. a snowdrift envelops her, hiding her for a second as her clothing is replaced by a traditional japanese outfit, kimono, obi, geta, the works. her hair is now long, flowing and black. the kimono is blue with white snowflakes and some small flower patterns. the snow blo
  3. [22:45:42] <shirayuki_yui> around her, where some of it freezes into ice crystals that float behind her.
  4. [22:48:27] <Charm> the screen on the massive computer set behind her flashes as more text begins to appear. ' Forme Ateration Complete. Running limit removal analysis. Processing... ' In the meantime, there's still one teenager in an elaborate outfit that she most certainly wasn't wearing a moment ago.
  5. [22:50:42] * shirayuki_yui claps a hand to her head and staggers a bit. "ah. wow. that was intense. what happened?"
  6. [22:50:58] * shirayuki_yui looks down
  7. [22:51:14] <shirayuki_yui> "wow, this is certainly... different."
  8. [22:51:35] <shirayuki_yui> "i see the stereotypes keep flying thick and fast..."
  9. [22:51:54] * shirayuki_yui runs a hand through her now much longer hair
  10. [22:52:07] <shirayuki_yui> "hah, now this is nice, i think i could get used to this..."
  11. [22:53:14] <shirayuki_yui> "huh, it was cold in here before, now it feels about right. wonder what else happened to me."
  12. [22:53:16] <Charm> 'Limit Removal complete. Subject limitations on spellcasting removed. Awaiting invocation to complete setup.' A small tripod appears about 4 feet away, a small flame lit atop the tripod.
  13. [22:53:39] <shirayuki_yui> "ah? whats this?"
  14. [22:55:05] <shirayuki_yui> (brb gotta get more water and also go to the bathroom)
  15. [22:57:44] <shirayuki_yui> (back)
  16. [22:58:15] <shirayuki_yui> "computer-san, what is this for?"
  17. [22:59:35] <Charm> 'magical abilities, while powerful, must be understood to use. with your ELEMENT, use it to quash the flame before you'
  18. [23:01:41] * shirayuki_yui raises her arm, leveling at the fire
  19. [23:01:51] <shirayuki_yui> "like this?"
  20. [23:02:04] * shirayuki_yui concentrates
  21. [23:03:09] <shirayuki_yui> "nothings happening..."
  22. [23:03:45] * shirayuki_yui drops her arm
  23. [23:04:01] <shirayuki_yui> "computer-san, i think im doing something wrong. nothing happened."
  24. [23:04:49] <Charm> 'similar to activating the forme alteration device, casting requires concentration and force of will to acheive your goal. attempt to quell the flame.'
  25. [23:05:12] * shirayuki_yui raises both arms at the flame
  26. [23:05:20] <shirayuki_yui> "alright..."
  27. [23:06:07] <shirayuki_yui> 2d6+7
  28. [23:06:08] <DiceMaid-9001> shirayuki_yui, 2d6+7: 12 [2d6=3,2]
  29. [23:06:47] <shirayuki_yui> "FREEZE!"
  30. [23:09:07] <shirayuki_yui> a beam of freezing air and ice flys at the flame from yui's outstretched hands! it engulfs the flame, smothering it in an instant. a bit of smoke rising from the tripod is all that remains fo the fire, and it too is soon spewpt away by the force of the blast.
  31. [23:10:45] <shirayuki_yui> "...whoa."
  32. [23:10:56] <shirayuki_yui> "thats..."
  33. [23:11:06] * shirayuki_yui falls on her butt
  34. [23:11:15] * shirayuki_yui looks at her hands
  35. [23:11:21] <shirayuki_yui> "what the fuck did i just do?"
  36. [23:12:18] <Charm> 'MAGIC' the computer displays again.
  37. [23:15:49] * shirayuki_yui picks herself up
  38. [23:16:11] <shirayuki_yui> "aw geeze, this is going to be hard to explain to people, even i dont believe it..."
  39. [23:16:21] <Charm> 'Congratulation. Initialization complete. Proceed with combat simulation? '
  40. [23:19:33] <shirayuki_yui> "alright, lets get to it... no time like the present and all that." yui stretches, and then assumes a fighting stance
  41. [23:21:03] <shirayuki_yui> what all is in the room again besides the computer and lights? for some reason i see chairs in rows, and i dont think thats right
  42. [23:21:21] <Charm> 'Creating enemy combatants...compiling...' Yui's world goes black for several seconds, before she finds herself in a flat savannah, the warm sunlight beating down on her from high above.
  43. [23:21:40] * shirayuki_yui gah
  44. [23:21:50] <shirayuki_yui> "s-so hot..."
  45. [23:22:08] * shirayuki_yui shakes her head, clearing it
  46. [23:22:14] <shirayuki_yui> "alright, i can handle this"
  47. [23:22:50] * shirayuki_yui looks around
  48. [23:23:49] <Charm> There appears to not be much here...just the plains, a sparse tree here or there...and three hungry-looking hyenas who seem to have spotted her. Hyenas with ominous black auras emanating from their forms...
  49. [23:25:11] <shirayuki_yui> "oh shit!"
  50. [23:25:59] <shirayuki_yui> "somehow i dont think a little puff of snow will work on these guys..."
  51. [23:26:09] * shirayuki_yui starts fishing about for a weapon
  52. [23:26:56] <Charm> Well, she doesn't have one on her. But she's a magical girl, can't she just...will a weapon into existence?
  53. [23:28:19] * shirayuki_yui reaches back behind her towards the ice crystals
  54. [23:28:35] <shirayuki_yui> "come on, theres always something back here in the anime..."
  55. [23:28:52] <shirayuki_yui> her hand closes around one
  56. [23:28:57] <shirayuki_yui> "aha!"
  57. [23:29:08] <shirayuki_yui> she pulls it forwards, and...
  58. [23:29:30] <shirayuki_yui> it turns into a tanto!
  59. [23:29:40] <shirayuki_yui> "what."
  60. [23:29:50] <shirayuki_yui> "well something is better than nothing i guess."
  61. [23:29:56] <shirayuki_yui> "alright!"
  62. [23:30:15] * shirayuki_yui readys the small dagger
  63. [23:40:09] <shirayuki_yui> "LET'S GO!"
  64. [23:40:25] * shirayuki_yui CHARGES AT THE NEAREST HYENA!
  65. [23:40:45] <shirayuki_yui> 2d6+7
  66. [23:40:46] <Jessie> shirayuki_yui, 2d6+7: 13 [2d6=2,4]
  67. [23:41:58] <Charm> 2d6+5
  68. [23:41:59] <Jessie> Charm, 2d6+5: 9 [2d6=3,1]
  69. [23:47:51] <shirayuki_yui> 1d6 damage
  70. [23:47:51] <Jessie> shirayuki_yui, damage: 6 [1d6=6]
  71. [23:47:57] <shirayuki_yui> ohshi-
  72. [23:48:01] <shirayuki_yui> 1d6
  73. [23:48:01] <Jessie> shirayuki_yui, 1d6: 1 [1d6=1]
  74. [23:48:43] <shirayuki_yui> so 7
  75. [23:49:48] <shirayuki_yui> or 6 since im a derp :B
  76. [23:52:29] <Giantree> DAMAGE DOESN'T EXPLODE YOU MORAN
  77. [23:53:16] <shirayuki_yui> charm told me ;-;
  78. [23:53:21] <shirayuki_yui> anyhow
  80. [23:53:43] <Giantree> I'M CALLING YOUR LAWYER FOR YOU
  81. [23:54:12] <shirayuki_yui> im multiclient drifting
  82. [23:54:19] <shirayuki_yui> and also now typing a thing
  83. [23:55:40] * shirayuki_yui runs in, the freezing wind rushing around her as she comes rushing up towards the hyenas. "AAAAAAAH!" she leaps towards the nearest one, her knife raised high!
  84. [23:57:18] <Charm> Well, she's certainly got the gusto for it, as the icy dagger tears into the flesh of one hyena, ice forming over where the entry wound was. However, the other two hyenas are quick to rush in with bared fangs!
  85. [23:57:23] <Charm> 2d6+5
  86. [23:57:23] <Jessie> Charm, 2d6+5: 15 [2d6=4,6]
  87. [23:57:28] <Charm> 1d6
  88. [23:57:28] <Jessie> Charm, 1d6: 1 [1d6=1]
  89. [23:57:53] <shirayuki_yui> the blade snaps off in the hyena, and the crystal reverts to it usual form!
  90. [23:57:58] <shirayuki_yui> this leaves a gaping wound!
  91. [23:57:58] <Charm> (gonna post here since tree made a thing about it)
  92. [23:58:10] <Giantree> (>taking me seriously)
  93. [23:58:14] <Giantree> (I'm just teasing you cuties)
  94. [23:59:18] <Charm> (When a 6 is rolled in a magic check, you add another d6 to the die roll, but accrue 1 point of Overcharge for that stat. Overcharge represents the chaotic nature of magic exceeding your control. Accruement of overcharge can have negative effects.)
  95. [23:59:56] <shirayuki_yui> (alright)
  96. [00:00:15] <Charm> (A magical girl can also take up to 3 points of voluntary overcharge, for when you feel you need extra power to pass a roll.)
  97. [00:00:39] <shirayuki_yui> (when do i take the overcharge, before or after the roll?)
  98. [00:00:51] <shirayuki_yui> (how much does each point help me?)
  99. [00:01:02] <Charm> (before. each point of overcharge adds 1d6 to your roll)
  100. [00:01:37] <Charm> (the hyena rolled a 16 on its attack, and you have 6 points of defense. you'd need to roll at least a 10 on your 2d6, which isn't good odds.)
  101. [00:02:11] <Charm> (if you take a point of overcharge, you need a 10 on 3d6, which is about 50/50 odds)
  102. [00:02:37] <shirayuki_yui> (hoe do i get rid of overcharge?)
  103. [00:02:43] <shirayuki_yui> (*how)
  104. [00:03:40] <Charm> (getting rid of overcharge is done outside of combat through smoething called FALLOUT, but we'll address that later)
  105. [00:03:48] <shirayuki_yui> (alright)
  106. [00:04:01] <shirayuki_yui> (ill take one point this time)
  107. [00:04:31] <Charm> (alright, amke your roll)
  108. [00:04:44] <shirayuki_yui> 3d6+6 defense +1 oc
  109. [00:04:44] <Jessie> shirayuki_yui, defense +1 oc: 18 [3d6=4,2,6]
  110. [00:05:22] <shirayuki_yui> (does that 6 explode)
  111. [00:05:28] <Charm> (yep!)
  112. [00:05:39] <shirayuki_yui> 1d6 defense, cont.
  113. [00:05:40] <Jessie> shirayuki_yui, defense, cont.: 1 [1d6=1]
  114. [00:06:21] <Charm> (Alright. with that 19, you're able to ward off the hyena assault in whatever way you choose)
  115. [00:06:21] <shirayuki_yui> (alright, 19)
  116. [00:06:52] <shirayuki_yui> (well since i took a point of oc, should it be a bit more dramatic?)
  117. [00:07:34] <Charm> (if you wish)
  118. [00:07:44] <shirayuki_yui> (alright)
  119. [00:07:52] <Charm> (technically you took two points of overcharge. one voluntary, the other not)
  120. [00:07:59] <shirayuki_yui> (D:)
  121. [00:08:15] <shirayuki_yui> (i thought that only happend on a magic based roll, i used grief)
  122. [00:08:46] <Charm> (any roll that consults a magical stat)
  123. [00:09:05] <shirayuki_yui> (oh, got confuesed since theres a stat named magic)
  124. [00:09:19] <shirayuki_yui> (:B)
  125. [00:09:32] <shirayuki_yui> (anyhow, typing)
  126. [00:11:12] <shirayuki_yui> "oh no you dont! you guys need to CHILL OUT!" a hollow sphere of ice surrounds yui, the hyenas bounce harmlessly off!
  127. [00:11:32] <shirayuki_yui> (how do i used talent)
  128. [00:12:38] <Charm> (your related talent is static, and I'll apply it here)
  129. [00:20:25] <Charm> (in any case, after all partes have gone, a new round begins. You have the option to move your stats from one slot (attack, defense, support) to another. This is useful for replacing a stat with a lot of overcharge for one with less, or shifting a higher stat to where you feel it will be more useful)
  130. [00:33:37] <shirayuki_yui> (oh, overcharge is per stat? do the various amounts of overcharge stack?)
  131. [00:34:31] <shirayuki_yui> (like do i add them all up and use that number to determine how fucked i am or do i handle each individually?)
  132. [00:34:49] <Charm> (handle each individually)
  133. [00:35:05] <shirayuki_yui> (alright let me update my sheet, what am i at for each?)
  134. [00:35:58] <Charm> (2 grief is all I see)
  135. [00:36:24] <shirayuki_yui> (i think one on magic as well, since i boosted the first attack i made)
  136. [00:37:29] <Charm> (no, that 6 was a damage roll, not an attack roll.)
  137. [00:37:47] <shirayuki_yui> (@_@)
  138. [00:38:45] <shirayuki_yui> (so i get oc whenever i get a 6, regardles sof whether i used an oc manually?)
  139. [00:38:46] <Charm> (in any case, you're at 2 grief, nothing else. go ahead)
  140. [00:38:51] <Charm> (correct)
  141. [00:38:52] <shirayuki_yui> (alright)
  142. [00:39:34] <shirayuki_yui> 2d6+7 attacking the hyenas!
  143. [00:39:34] <Jessie> shirayuki_yui, attacking the hyenas!: 19 [2d6=6,6]
  144. [00:39:49] <shirayuki_yui> 2d6 ohshi-
  145. [00:39:50] <Jessie> shirayuki_yui, ohshi-: 8 [2d6=4,4]
  146. [00:40:06] <Charm> 2d6+5
  147. [00:40:07] <Jessie> Charm, 2d6+5: 12 [2d6=5,2]
  148. [00:40:49] <Charm> (yeah, you kinda went overboard. also, each point of overcharge you get when you attack adds 2 to the damage roll of that attack)
  149. [00:43:36] <shirayuki_yui> (so 2d6+2?)
  150. [00:43:52] <Charm> (+4. you got two sixes, so two points of overcharge)
  151. [00:44:02] <shirayuki_yui> (alright)
  152. [00:44:13] <shirayuki_yui> 2d6+4 horey shet damage
  153. [00:44:14] <Jessie> shirayuki_yui, horey shet damage: 12 [2d6=3,5]
  154. [00:45:15] <Charm> (fluff it)
  155. [00:45:27] <shirayuki_yui> (how much damage?)
  156. [00:46:21] <shirayuki_yui> (did i do enough to take one or several down?)
  157. [00:46:29] <shirayuki_yui> (or just more wounding?)
  158. [00:46:48] <Charm> (heavy wounding)
  159. [00:46:54] <shirayuki_yui> (oh wait, i guess you type out what happens to them huh :B)
  160. [00:47:03] <shirayuki_yui> (typing~)
  161. [00:48:15] * shirayuki_yui reaches back with both hands, and pulls out two more crystals. they shatter into a katana and a wakizashi!
  162. [00:48:27] * shirayuki_yui whorls around, cutting the hyenas!
  163. [00:48:44] <shirayuki_yui> "ICE to see you!"
  164. [00:49:51] <shirayuki_yui> "TAKE THIS!"
  165. [00:50:05] <shirayuki_yui> (go charm)
  166. [00:51:33] <Charm> The hyenas are all heavily wounded and start to flee in terror. Yui could take one more parting shot if she wanted...
  167. [00:51:48] <shirayuki_yui> (aw yeh, finishing move time)
  168. [00:51:54] <shirayuki_yui> (how do?)
  169. [00:53:02] <Charm> (fire one more attack. throw some overcharge in if you want to be extra-dramatic)
  170. [00:53:41] <shirayuki_yui> (you arent using Finishing Attack rules?)
  171. [00:53:51] <shirayuki_yui> (or were you lanning on doing that later :B)
  172. [00:53:55] <Charm> (later)
  173. [00:53:56] <shirayuki_yui> (*planning)
  174. [00:54:05] <Charm> (unless you have a finisher idea right now you want to use)
  175. [00:54:08] <shirayuki_yui> (ok~ i have an idea for it though :D)
  176. [00:55:06] <Charm> (then do so, and PM me the details of the finisher)
  177. [01:02:47] <shirayuki_yui> "oh no, you arent getting away so quickly! TAKE THIS!"
  178. [01:02:53] * shirayuki_yui starts to glow!
  179. [01:04:21] <shirayuki_yui> 2d6+7 finisher!
  180. [01:04:22] <DiceMaid-9001> shirayuki_yui, finisher!: 14 [2d6=6,1]
  181. [01:04:31] <shirayuki_yui> 1d6 cont.
  182. [01:04:32] <DiceMaid-9001> shirayuki_yui, cont.: 6 [1d6=6]
  183. [01:04:42] <shirayuki_yui> 1d6 oh god
  184. [01:04:43] <DiceMaid-9001> shirayuki_yui, oh god: 3 [1d6=3]
  185. [01:05:45] <Charm> 2d6+5
  186. [01:05:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Charm, 2d6+5: 11 [2d6=2,4]
  187. [01:07:36] <shirayuki_yui> 2d6 damage
  188. [01:07:37] <DiceMaid-9001> shirayuki_yui, damage: 6 [2d6=3,3]
  189. [01:07:52] <shirayuki_yui> (:B)
  190. [01:08:13] <shirayuki_yui> (well whatever, itl look cool~)
  191. [01:08:17] <shirayuki_yui> (typing)
  192. [01:09:38] <shirayuki_yui> the sky grows dark, as a shaft of light illuminates yui!
  193. [01:09:44] <shirayuki_yui> the snow blows even more fiercly!
  194. [01:13:05] <shirayuki_yui> "angrier than gods of heaven, fierce as driven snow, you have wronged all life lowly, i cannot let you go!"
  195. [01:13:19] <shirayuki_yui> "TAKE THIS!"
  196. [01:13:57] <shirayuki_yui> kanji flash behind yui as she screams "Cutting Edge of the North Wind!"
  197. [01:14:24] <shirayuki_yui> her swords glow with a fierce blue light!
  198. [01:14:33] <shirayuki_yui> she charges at the retreating hyenas
  199. [01:14:54] <shirayuki_yui> "YYEEEAAAAAAAAAARRRRRG!"
  200. [01:15:17] <shirayuki_yui> THE FROZEN WAVES BEHIND HER CRASH UPON THE FOES
  201. [01:16:19] <shirayuki_yui> she also stabs whats left, but theres not much left to stab...
  202. [01:16:26] <Charm> Time seems to slow to a crawl as Yui's magic envelops her. Every step, every swing of her blades, artfully choreographed to a symphony only she could hear. Dancing in time with phantom music, a chorus of holy wrath leveled upon the demon-possessed animals.
  203. [01:18:28] <Charm> As the girl snapped out of her magical trance of destruction, she can only take in the power that her magic unleashed. She had that power, resting inside her soul all this time...
  204. [01:18:54] <shirayuki_yui> "that was pretty..."
  205. [01:18:58] * shirayuki_yui ice sunglasses
  206. [01:19:03] <shirayuki_yui> ""
  208. [01:19:50] <Charm> any screaming is muffled by the north wind howling, Yui's vision fading as she is returned to the sterile sanctuary of the computer room.
  209. [01:20:29] <shirayuki_yui> "wow, that was intense. to think i could have done that earlier, and didnt even know it..."
  210. [01:20:36] <shirayuki_yui> "why do i feel funny?"
  211. [01:21:01] <Charm> 'Targets eliminated.' the screen displays. 'Chapter I completed. Chapter II will commence following a 23.5hour acclimation period in Realspace.'
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