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  1. # If it is passworded, enter the password in the setting below. If no pass, set to 'BLANK'
  2. AdminChannelPass =
  4. # Channel where disabled users can ask for their account back. If none, just set to ""
  5. DisabledChan = #disabled
  6. # Channel where non-members can ask for, and interview for, an invite to the site. If no invites chan just set to ""
  7. InvitesChan = #invites
  8. # Channel where users can ask for help with site related matters.If no help chan just set to ""
  9. HelpChan = #help
  11. # The lowest permission ID considered to be High Staff (Admins. SysOP, Devs, etc..)
  12. HighStaffPermID = 900
  14. # mod_StaffAssistAlerts: Alert staff members when a user needs assistance in the invites, disabled or help
  15. # channels. When a user sends the "!help" command in those channels, staff will be alerted via PM or eMail
  16. # NOTE: eMail is not operational yet
  17. mod_StaffAssistAlerts = FALSE ## Default: FALSE, Enable: TRUE
  18. mod_SAA_AlertLevel = 1 ## 1 = IRC PM, 2 = IRC PM and eMail Default = 1
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