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  2. Marx: …Camilla. You were here.
  3. Camilla: Oh my, Marx-oniisama.
  4. Marx: It's war council after this. I was searching for you.
  5. Camilla: Oh, that's right. I was just talking to Kamui.
  6. Marx: With Kamui? About what?
  7. Camilla: ….I'll tell Marx-oniisan but*, about something that was troubling them.
  8. Marx: About something troubling them…was it.
  9. Camilla: Yes. But don't worry, it's sorted now. Ah….nevertheless today has been hectic. Before Kamui, it was Leon. And before Leon, Elise… Everyone came looking for advice…to get things sorted out.
  10. Marx: Is that so. They didn't say anything to me….
  11. Camilla: It's surely just a difference in role. I appear as a helpful older sister, Marx-oniisama seems as if he focuses on war more than family….
  12. Marx: ….Well, it's not really like that, is it….
  13. Camilla: …Hm?
  14. Marx: Never mind. In any case, now is war council. Let's go.
  15. Camilla: Eh, e-ehh….
  18. Marx: Camilla. I want to talk to you about something for a bit.
  19. Camilla: What is it, I wonder?
  20. Marx: About what you said. That I put more importance on war than family. I'll tell you, but I'm not really a person like that.
  21. Camilla: Oh my, what's wrong? It's about Kamui and the others turning to me for advice and not you?
  22. Marx: No, it's not that. It's just….I focus equally on work and family.
  23. Camilla: Oh, truly? That's quite surprising… So then Marx-oniisama. Do you mind if I test that theory for a bit?
  24. Marx: Test it…?
  25. Camilla: To see how much you know about family…I'd like to test you.
  26. Marx: That's fine.
  27. Camilla: Okay, then first is…what's my favourite food?
  28. Marx: Sweet food. Among other things, fresh fruit.
  29. Camilla: Correct. As expected of onii-sama. So then the next question is…
  30. Marx: Hold on. I haven't finished answering yet.
  31. Camilla: ?
  32. Marx: Of course, you enjoy sweet food. But what you really like is meat.
  33. Camilla: Eh?
  34. Marx: Among all meats, you prefer beef. You prefer it cooked with the outside lightly grilled.
  35. Camilla: Why do you know this much…
  36. Marx: I know more than just that. You're also picky with seasonings….
  39. Marx: Camilla. That test from before was fun.
  40. Camilla: …Yes. I just kept being surprised. My favourite food, Elise's hobbies, Leon's little obsessions, Kamui's favourite smell, even Father's favourite phrase…even questions about the most minute details you answered flawlessly. Yes…Perfect, but I didn't know most of it… Marx-oniisama was that knowledgeable about family members…
  41. Marx: It's good that you understand. I'm not apathetic towards my family. I just appear indifferent….
  42. Camilla: It seems so. I really got a better view…If i see an opportunity, I'll try to undo everyone's misunderstandings.
  43. Marx: No, let's let the matter drop.
  44. Camilla: But why? If we undo their misunderstandings, everyone will start talking to Marx-oniisama in person more….
  45. Marx: Perhaps that seems fun. However, I don't think that's the case. I think for a First Prince like me, I can't afford to be in a difficult situation. I think keeping some sense of distance even between my siblings would be better. So, Camilla. I'll leave intimately looking after everyone to you.
  46. Camilla: That's…But, that's just… Well, if Onii-sama is taking it upon himself…
  47. Marx: Yes. Well, even if it's just you that understands that's fine. Don't worry about anything. You said it as well,'s just the difference in our roles. I should keep to being the rigid and unapproachable First Prince.
  48. Camilla: ….If there's anything I can do for you, please tell me. Because I always want to be Onii-sama's support…
  49. Marx: Thank you. As expected of Nohr's First Princess… Well, this might be sudden, but let's continue (the test) from the other day. It's unexpectedly become an interesting habit…
  50. Camilla: Fufu…All right. I won't lose this time, okay?
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