Xenos Hunters Session 27

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  1. #XenosHunters
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  10.         antoine Oriel steps up the set of stairs, his crutch clinking with each step, Decimus at his side.
  11.         antoine The 13th penal legionaries and their colonel follow in his footsteps.
  12.         Bellerophon     ++Inquisitor, Colonel. Decimus.++
  13.         Sinbad  is missing amongst the masses of the natives ponderously moving out
  14.         Bellerophon     acknowledges and greets the men of stature
  15.         Balmung "Are we going after him?"
  16.         Bellerophon     ++I believe we should. He is injured and we are, as he said, "dead."++
  17.         Bellerophon     ++Until we have a more complete understanding, we shall stay together.++
  18.         Bellerophon     sets off after Oriel and the other two men
  19.         Omniel  exits the train quickly, climbing down and heading after the others. ++A most unpleasant situation.++
  20.         Bellerophon     ++The lander from earlier should, Emperor willing, still be here.++
  21.         Anselm  immediately moves to follow the Inquisitor.
  22.         antoine Patriclus also joins the gaggle.
  23.         antoine The group exits the terminal to find the orbital lander still outside, its huge doors welcoming you in.
  24.         =-=     Bennie is now known as Navarre
  25.         Navarre ++At least one thing when alright today.++
  26.         Anselm  snorts.
  27.         antoine Oriel limps into the lander and heads up to the cockpit, Decimus escorts him as the penal troopers find somewhere to sit.
  28.         antoine Oriel calls out "Get Sinbad and his adopted family in here."
  29.         Bellerophon     takes a seat in the cabin area, presumably in the gunnery seat
  30.         Balmung sits down in a seat and removes his helmet
  31.         Navarre will take a seat, probably next to the Space Wolf.
  32.         Omniel  peers around the lander curiously, still a little on edge. ++Let us hope that our bad luck is truly at an end.++
  33.         Sinbad  suddenly floats above the masses of natives and commands them to enter the barge, before entering before the party
  34.         Anselm  takes a seat, looking over to ensure Joffery is present.
  35.         Sinbad  "Thank you for the note, Patriclus."
  36.         Sinbad  looks to Oriel
  37.         Sinbad  "My lord...I have no qualms with this, and even desire their wellbeing, but why are we taking the natives?"
  38.         antoine The unwashed masses pile into the metal beast's stomach, Xavier and Joffery with them. Oriel calls back, "Because they were with us, we can leave no trace of our survival. If you would rather not take them your only other choice is to execute them."
  39.         Sinbad  "Getting on."
  40.         Sinbad  follows onwards
  41.         Sinbad  "...We're also missing 29 of our number, my lord."
  42.         Sinbad  "Will that be handled later, I presume?"
  43.         Bellerophon     removes his helmet and sticks is somewhere safe and honorable
  44.         antoine "Xavier's fellows? I will have them retrieved later if you wish."
  45.         Bellerophon     "...What has happened to my honor detail?"
  46.         Navarre will remove his helmet, finally take a chance to breathe. "I will certainly enjoy not seeing another Tau for a long time after this."
  47.         Sinbad  "They are at a church, with the one last remaining loyal Ecclesiarch found by your acolytes, Master Oriel."
  48.         Sinbad  "Brother Leader."
  49.         antoine The doors rumble close and the engines wind up, pushing you off the ground and towards the orbiting rogue trader fleet.
  50.         Bellerophon     "I am not going to pursue this any farther; just get them back to me."
  51.         Sinbad  "Look then to the Master Inquisitor then, Brother Leader. They are safe, I presume, have the Tau not started revenge strikes amongst the populace."
  52.         antoine The craft shakes as it heads through the atmosphere, scaring the tribesmen further until it smooths out.
  53.         Bellerophon     puts a large, armored hand to his face
  54.         antoine There is a shift in weight, before a pinging starts to be heard through the internal vox.
  55.         Balmung "Navarre have you ever had Fersian mead?"
  56.         antoine The pinging stops and a several minutes later the craft sets down with a heavy clunk. The doors begin to open as Oriel and Decimus head down the to main storage area from the cockpit.
  57.         Bellerophon     grabs his helmet and follows them down
  58.         Bellerophon     also makes a pinging sound as he walks
  59.         antoine You have arrived at a landing bay on board of a ship, the rumbling of the engines felt through the hull. Many space faring small craft sit in the bay, fury interceptors, starhawk bombers and shark attack boats sit in the bay. It is devoid of life except for a single woman standing before you, she wears a ballroom dress and has a ruby beauty spot on her flawless face.
  60.         Anselm  steps out. "Is this the proprietor, then?"
  61.         antoine She smoothly intones, "Oh Odin, you don't write, you don't call. You could give a girl the idea you don't like her." the young woman who looks like she is in her twenties cocks her head to the side when she sees the tribal men, "Well at least you brought me some eye candy."
  62.         Anselm  slowly turns his head to the others.
  63.         Omniel  peers out of the lander cautiously. ++Have we... arrived? What is this place?++
  64.         Sinbad  does a half-bow respectfully, but returns to formation
  65.         Balmung raises an eyebrow
  66.         Navarre would have answered Balmung's question. "Once. The hangover was worse then the ork the day before slamming my head against a bulkhead." As fo the woman. "The Rogue Trader, I presume?"
  67.         antoine Oriel responds, "Not now Magda, I am taking the astartes to a confined room, take the others to one of you barracks. No contact with the crew. The colonel will take my prisoner to your quarantine cell."
  68.         antoine Magda turns to the astartes with a pout after Oriel's demands, "My father is the great rogue trader Arcturus Basilicus, this is my ship." she makes a courtly flourish to encompass the room and show off her shapely body.
  69.         Bellerophon     returns the greeting with a proper Ultramar salutation! The blood, gore, and splatter on his armor matter not
  70.         antoine She tuts, before pointing to the humans, "Come on now, follow me." The Promen look around in a daze at their current situation and location.
  71.         Bellerophon     barks a "Move!" at the Promen
  72.         Sinbad  shrugs and translates more tactfully
  73.         Sinbad  makes the motion to go with them
  74.         antoine The Promen look at Bellerophon and the woman before nodding to Sinbad and following after the most beautiful woman they will ever see in their lives.
  75.         antoine Patriclus, Xavier, Joffery and the penal legionaries follow.
  76.         Bellerophon     follows after Oriel
  77.         antoine Oriel clinks as he limps in one direction. The haughty woman huffs before turning and leading the humans elsewhere.
  78.         Navarre "So what is our strategy, Inquisitor?"
  79.         Balmung "Where are we headed?"
  80.         antoine As you walk you see that the hanger is massive, with acceleration ramps set up to fire off craft into the void, several massive elevators are present for moving the aerospace fighters to other decks.
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  83.         antoine "Somewhere private, I must contact your order and my own."
  84.         Bellerophon     "I imagine the Watch Commander and Oeris are curious about our fate."
  85.         Balmung "We're dead remember"
  86.         antoine The Inquisitor leads you through the combat vessel to a secluded room, Decimus wrenches the wheel lock open and pushes in the door for Oriel to enter, inside are some spare equipment but for the most part it is empty.
  87.         antoine Oriel invites you in.
  88.         Anselm  finally removes his helm.
  89.         Bellerophon     clomps inside
  90.         Anselm  enters.
  91.         Balmung follows the group
  92.         Omniel  keeps his helmet on and follows along. ++I do not like this...++
  93.         Balmung "Neither do I, I have a bad feeling about this"
  94.         antoine After everyone enters Oriel steps outside and looks in, "Do not leave this room under any circumstance. I will return with answers."
  95.         antoine He closes the door before clinking off into the distance.
  96.         Bellerophon     gives him a :-
  97.         Bellerophon     gives him nothing
  98.         Navarre "He must be planning something. We should wait here until he returns."
  99.         antoine Decimus stands by the door, his hands resting on the weapons clipped to his belt.
  100.         Bellerophon     "Are we that much of a threat, Decimus?"
  101.         antoine "You may be."
  102.         Balmung looks at Omniel
  103.         antoine minutes turn to hours and Oriel has still not returned
  104.         Balmung growls at Omniel
  105.         Balmung punches Omniel in the jaw of his helm
  106.         Bellerophon     stands up
  107.         Omniel  glares, rocked from the punch. ++Treachery!++ Before responding in kind.
  108.         Balmung "You dirty son of Jonson!"
  109.         Bellerophon     can't do it very quickly since he's only got one real foot
  110.         Bellerophon     pulls Balmung off Omniel! Or tries to, anyways!
  111.         Omniel  ++Have you gone rabid so quickly, mutt?++
  112.         Balmung elbos Bellerohon
  113.         Balmung snarls "I have just been biding my time to kick your ass!"
  114.         Balmung leaps on Omniel and starts punching him
  115.         Bellerophon     "Stand down, B-"
  116.         Omniel  wrestles with Balmung, getting in a few shots of his own.
  117.         Balmung "You have no say in this son of Guilliman!"
  118.         Bellerophon     "The mission is not over until we return to our Watch Station. That means I am still your Squad Leader and Sergeant."
  119.         Bellerophon     "Get off, or else."
  120.         Balmung throws his helmet at Bellerophon "Stay out of this I said this is between him and I!"
  121.         Bellerophon     lets the helmet impact his chest plate emptily
  122.         Bellerophon     steps in and throws an elbow directly for Balmung's face, going for the stagger
  123.         Balmung rolls under the elbow
  124.         Bellerophon     positions himself between Omniel and Balmung
  125.         Bellerophon     "Stop this! Now!"
  126.         Anselm  sits in ignorance of the violence, cradling his helmet and staring at the floor.
  127.         Balmung "You cannot stop an honor duel between our chapters!"
  128.         Omniel  glares at Balmung, but doesn't raise a hand towards the Ultramarine. "It is a matter of principle!"
  129.         Balmung "Now step aside!"
  130.         Bellerophon     "That was not a duel. That was a brawl."
  131.         Bellerophon     "A duel has terms, regulations. Rules."
  132.         Balmung shoves Bellerophon out of the way and tackles Omneil again
  133.         Navarre "Let them fight. Better they have their duel now, and provide some entertainment then wait for Oriel. Just as long as they do not kill each other."
  134.         Bellerophon     takes more steps than otherwise nessecary, to ensure he doesn't fall on his ass again
  135.         Bellerophon     "If you will fight, you will do it properly!"
  136.         Balmung snarls and unleashes a fury of blows on the Dark Angel
  137.         Omniel  brings his arms up, staggering back against the door beneath the punches. "You will only exhaust yourself that way, Wolf."
  138.         Bellerophon     tries to pull Balmung off him again
  139.         Balmung struggles to get Bellerophon off of him
  140.         Bellerophon     tries to toss Balmung aside. Damn pegleg provides poor leverage points.
  141.         Anselm  looks up and stares, bemused by the scene.
  142.         Balmung throws Bellerophon into the wall
  143.         Bellerophon     "I will adjucate the duel. Get out of your armor or sit down. I will not tolerate refereeing a fight between Astartes in their armor. It would take weeks."
  144.         Bellerophon     makes a whistling noise as he goes flying
  145.         Anselm  mumbles to himself.
  146.         Omniel  holds his ground, unwilling to strike back at Balmung while the Space Wolf is distracted. "Let him fight, it will do him little good."
  147.         antoine Decimus looks on his face inscrutable behind his helmet.
  148.         Bellerophon     "It is not the fight, it is the method. How do I explain two Marines fighting armor? Two Marines dueling out of armor, perhaps there is a plausible reason."
  149.         Balmung "Our Primarchs dualed in their armor and so shall we!"
  150.         Balmung throws Omniel into the door
  151.         Omniel  slams back into the doorway heavily, using his servo-arm to steady himself against it.
  152.         Omniel  tries to stand, leaning back, but crashes through the weakened door as he does so, by accident.
  153.         Balmung laughs loudly and picks up his helmet and puts it back on
  154.         Balmung offers a hand to Omniel to help him up
  155.         Omniel  takes the hand and stands, dusting himself off. "Shall we settle for a draw?"
  156.         Balmung ++Indeed++
  157.         Balmung ++Shall we get some answers now?++
  158.         antoine Decimus turns looking at the now battered door lying in the corridor outside. He turns back to the others while moving to block the doorway "Your actions will be noted in my report."
  159.         Navarre "Clever."
  160.         Omniel  "At the least, we should inform them of the accidental damage to their bulkhead."
  161.         Balmung ++Ineed let us go find someone to repair it++
  162.         antoine Decimus holds his hand out to stop Balmung from leaving
  163.         Bellerophon     "I shall accompany them, in order to ensure civil behavior."
  164.         Bellerophon     "Everything will go excellently."
  165.         Omniel  "It would be an honour, Brother."
  166.         antoine Decimus draws his powersword, igniting it before calling out. "If you attempt to leave I will be forced to detain you."
  167.         Balmung "It would be, sorry about the punches. I had to make it look real>"
  168.         Bellerophon     "Then, perhaps, at the least, you could allow us to simply inform Oriel and Magda of the damage."
  169.         Bellerophon     "It is the least that can be done in this situation."
  170.         antoine "They have been informed."
  171.         antoine 20 minutes later the clink of Oriel's crutch is heard down the corridor.
  172.         Anselm  slowly stands, and locks his helm back in place.
  173.         antoine He steps over the thick door with a sneer across his face. An inquisitorial symbol office is pinned at his throat, it has a dagger-like point at one end.
  174.         antoine The first time he has openly showed his nature
  175.         Balmung smirks under his helm
  176.         antoine "I should have you all shot." he declares
  177.         Sinbad  frowns to the farthest extent of his mouth muscles
  178.         Omniel  "I feel it is only fair to inform you that it was Balmung and myself who damaged your door. You have my apologies."
  179.         antoine "In the middle of a chaos attack, daemon summoning and suspicion of traitors you decide it would be a good time for a honor duel?"
  180.         Balmung shrugs "Seemed like as good a time as ever"
  181.         Sinbad  "...If it is fair, Master Oriel, this is the first time it's happened."
  182.         Sinbad  shrugs
  183.         Omniel  "We were long overdue."
  184.         antoine "Not good enough, I have just spoken to your Watch Commander, perhaps I should call him again and make an alternation to my recommendation."
  185.         Bellerophon     "They would not listen to reason. Or suggestions. Perhaps they were struck by a burning passion."
  186.         Bellerophon     "Everything has been under control, Inquisitor."
  187.         Bellerophon     flashes a big, relaxing smile
  188.         antoine He stabs his spiked rod into the ground twice to call for silence but his face does soften. "You will have plenty of time to prove that. Now for some answers. I am Inquisitor Oriel, Ordo Xenos, Internal Prosecution. My job is to hunt traitors and those who do not follow Inquisitorial orders" he looks at the Dark Angel and Space Wolf after that comment before continuing. "This entire mission...
  189.         antoine ...was planned and enacted with the sole purpose of rooting out the suspected traitor in your ranks."
  190.         Navarre "I think it's clear that it's the Watch-Captain."
  191.         antoine "That it is."
  192.         Balmung "I could have told you that, you didn't need to lock us in a room for hours on end"
  193.         Omniel  "I believe we all had suspicions. Has proof been unearthed?"
  194.         Navarre "Perhaps he was busily sending the Malleus on him."
  195.         Bellerophon     is visibly unhappy such a handsome Ultramarine could be a traitor :<
  196.         Balmung When a son of Guilliman shows less restraint than a bloodclaw I believe that is enough proof"
  197.         Sinbad  "He threw down this sword."
  198.         antoine "We have no definite proof but enough arrows point to him that I am confident of it. Yes but that call was to decide what to do with those under the traitors command, I was seriously considering venting you all and making sure the taint was gone."
  199.         Sinbad  holds up the sword to Oriel pleadingly
  200.         Sinbad  "Some of us can breathe in space. Or don't need to breath. I think. I'm not sure, but it's impressive."
  201.         Sinbad  offers helpfully
  202.         Bellerophon     "I find it nearly impossible to believe an Ultramarine would leave the path of righteousness."
  203.         Bellerophon     "Especially one with a service record like Captain Oeris."
  204.         Anselm  remains silent.
  205.         Sinbad  throws an accusing point
  206.         Balmung "The same could have been said for Horus as well."
  207.         Sinbad  "He threw down this sword! A holy sword!"
  208.         Sinbad  gasps at Balmung
  209.         antoine Oriel glares at Sinbad for a moment, "Your Watch Commander however has convinced me otherwise, you will be taken to Watch Station Hestia and any sign of taint will be found and expunged."
  210.         Omniel  silently casts a glance towards Balmung, then back to Oriel.
  211.         Navarre "Hestia is as remote a Watch Station can get, Inquisitor."
  212.         Bellerophon     "It is no coincedence."
  213.         Sinbad  "Should we hold taint in our souls, it is fitting and right that we be purged. I consent."
  214.         antoine "That is the point, officially you are all dead. I can't have you turn up at Eroich."
  215.         antoine "You WILL stay in this room while we travel there, I will send servitors with sustenance."
  216.         antoine He passes a dataslate to Decimus, "Here you go, some light reading while we are in transit. Any questions or request before I have this door fixed?"
  217.         Bellerophon     "Yes. Isn't there a more fitting room available?"
  218.         antoine "No."
  219.         Sinbad  smiles in confidence
  220.         Sinbad  "The Throne be praised! Heresy shall be rooted out and burned! Rejoice, Brothers!"
  221.         Bellerophon     :Is
  222.         Balmung pokerface
  223.         antoine Oriel leaves, the clink of his crutch echoing down the hall.
  224.         Anselm  slumps back against the wall, and bows his head.
  225.         Balmung "That was fun"
  226.         Omniel  "That was illuminating, to be sure."
  227.         Bellerophon     "I hate being dead."
  228.         Sinbad  begins practicing stealth-in-plain-sight to burn time
  229.         Sinbad  "I am pretending to be a ghost, because we are dead."
  230.         Balmung laughs "I can still see you by the way"
  231.         antoine The voyage takes several weeks in that time Oriel passes on several facts or suspicions. The chaos frigate exited warp in high orbit over the planet, this wash of energy crippled the Tau cruiser, allowing the heretics to swiftly defeat it. He elucidated his belief that the ritual you stumbled upon was one of many intended to allow a safe warp exit next to a planetary body. Ordo Malleus have...
  232.         antoine ...been called in to quarantine to world and the Belle's honor guard have been retrieved.
  233.         antoine The frigate exits the warp, you feel the shift in your stomach as you leave the immaterium and the horde of daemons behind.
  234.         antoine Decimus, your jailer announces, "Come, it is time. Navarre at the rear, I will lead you to the Watch Station."
  235.         Sinbad  comes off of the ceiling, where he was again practicing stealth
  236.         Omniel  finishes re-assembling his weapon and stands, shouldering it.
  237.         Anselm  , having not moved from his position, stands - he takes the moment to ease his stiffened joints before falling in.
  238.         Bellerophon     grabs his equipment and follows him out
  239.         antoine The black shield turns and leaves the room, he turns to the right and begins to stalk down the corridor.
  240.         Balmung falls into line with the others
  241.         Navarre would take the rear as instructed.
  242.         antoine You are taken to a personnel tunnel connecting the two void structures. Oriel is waiting for you, he walks without his rod for support but has a slight limp to his gait.
  243.         antoine Through the windows set in the tunnel you can see the brilliant surrounding space constellations and nebulae that glitter in the darkness.
  244.         antoine When you arrive at the Watch Station 6 human serfs are waiting for you.
  245.         antoine Oriel turns and speaks, "You will follow one each, resistance will prove guilt."
  246.         Sinbad  steps up to a serf
  247.         Navarre will do as well, going to a different one.
  248.         Bellerophon     finds the coolest looking one
  249.         Balmung walks up to another
  250.         Anselm  stands up to one, ignoring the dried blood flaking from his armor as he walks.
  251.         Omniel  trundles up to the closest serf solemnly.
  252.         antoine The group splits off into several dirrections.
  253.         antoine You were each returned to private rooms near each other after the interrogation.
  254.         Sinbad  comes back, his face pale to the others and a curt nod to each as he sees them before entering his room
  255.         Balmung nods at Sinbad
  256.         Bellerophon     enters the room smiling
  257.         antoine A few days later you are summoned to a central chamber.
  258.         Bellerophon     "Not a heretic!"
  259.         Navarre "We all seem to pass muster."
  260.         Sinbad  calls from his own room, amusingly from behind the closed door before going silent
  261.         Sinbad  "Also not a heretic!"
  262.         Bellerophon     follows the summons to the central chamber
  263.         Balmung follows Bellerophon
  264.         Anselm  moves silently, stone-faced.
  265.         Balmung "I take it our tribunals each went differently."
  266.         Sinbad  "...There was a psyker. ...It violated m..."
  267.         Sinbad  drifts off
  268.         Sinbad  helmet is painted black for some reason, as opposed to its usual silver
  269.         Anselm  has cleaned away the blood and gore from his armor.
  270.         antoine The vast chamber has a wide open space dominated by a platform with a lectern. The halls are decked in battle honors but it is a sombre feeling room.
  271.         Bellerophon     is not wearing his armor
  272.         Navarre "I had a rather pleasant conversation with a Crimson Fist Keeper, a Dark Angel Chaplain, and Stomr Warden psyker, I think." Navarre may say pleasant conversation, but he's infering something much darker.
  273.         Balmung "Mine was fairly civil as well."
  274.         Omniel  meets up with the others, his armour newly maintained. "Interesting. I see all of you here, which is heartening."
  275.         antoine Standing on the ground level just in front of the lectern is a Death Watch marine. A stylized red hawk on a white background with a green trim sits on his right shoulder.
  276.         Bellerophon     "They had a busy day. They were also the ones who presided over me."
  277.         Bellerophon     "Perhaps there are multiples."
  278.         Sinbad  ++Was there the same for everyone? ...Is this some sort of Codex interrogation team composition?++
  279.         antoine He armour is ornate in design but has but a few honors evident on it.
  280.         antoine "Welcome brothers" the marine calls out, his helm is in the crook of his arm.
  281.         Bellerophon     "It's not in the Codex."
  282.         antoine His face is young, a single service stud in his forehead.
  283.         Sinbad  removes his helm in turn, revealing his face painted black and salutes with a fist to his chest
  284.         antoine He bids you to approach before saluting you.
  285.         Balmung looks strangely at Sinbad
  286.         Navarre has his helmet off and under his arm. No need to wear it amongst friends. He would salute back, before approaching.
  287.         Bellerophon     approaches the marine
  288.         antoine "I am Watch Commander Deagon Mitthrawn Mardon, Master of the Vigil."
  289.         Anselm  bends the knee and bows his head.
  290.         Omniel  approaches to the lectern, eyes on the new Watch Commander.
  291.         Sinbad  goes to a knee
  292.         Bellerophon     makes a :x face and salutes him
  293.         Bellerophon     wishes he knew this earlier
  294.         Balmung nods to the Watch Commander
  295.         antoine "Rise, brothers."
  296.         Anselm  obeys.
  297.         Sinbad  rises
  298.         antoine "You have been struck down by ill fated circumstances but have performed your duties well."
  299.         antoine "For that you are to be commended, and rewarded." He takes a set of cruciform shaped red iron a skull set into the middle and hands one to each of you. "You are now recognised for your valour and service."
  300.         Navarre "Terminator Honours?"
  301.         Sinbad  "...The Crux? I do not deserve this, Brother Commander."
  302.         Omniel  accepts the reward graciously, knowing what it is right away. "It is truly an honour."
  303.         Anselm  holds the Crux to his breastplate, and closes his eyes.
  304.         antoine "Really? Have you not secured a long lost relic of the dark age of technology on Hidule? Have you not destroyed a tyranid splinter fleet? Have you not recovered ancient relics of a fellow chapter, revealed a traitor, secured a high value prisoner and expelled the alien from an Imperial world?"
  305.         Balmung "Does this mean I can request my suit of terminator armor be brought from the Fang?"
  306.         antoine "You may send for it Balmung."
  307.         Sinbad  goes to a knee again in thanks, and rises
  308.         Sinbad  takes up a skull and offers a prayer over it before returning to formation
  309.         antoine "We are also here for another reason, Sinbad. Bring the relics you recovered from Carthoga here."
  310.         Bellerophon     gingerly takes his Crux, as well as his golden bolt of achievement
  311.         Sinbad  "...Is such wise? It is not 'ours,' Brother Commander. I shall not anger the machine of the spirits of the Salamanders, for they are potent and ancient, and remove them from their gifted-masters."
  312.         Sinbad  looks on in surprise
  313.         antoine "We wish to calm their spirits, bring them."
  314.         Navarre keeps staring at the honours in his hand. This is something new to him.
  315.         Sinbad  looks on for a moment contemplating, then disappearing to the Promen holds
  316.         Sinbad  returns some time later bearing two Promen humans in tow with the relics in his hands
  317.         antoine The Watch Commander speaks into his gorget "Bring them in."
  318.         Balmung pins his crux onto his armor along with his other trophies
  319.         Anselm  ponders, staring down at the Crux.
  320.         Omniel  affixes the honour to his armour as well, carefully.
  321.         Bellerophon     attatches his Marksman's Honor to his cingulum
  322.         antoine The massive doors at the other end of the chamber are pushed open a warrior strains as he swings the heavy wooden doors open.
  323.         antoine That warrior is a Salamander and he has many more behind him.
  324.         Sinbad  ++Salamanders! Don't let your guard down!++
  325.         antoine All told there are at least fifty Salamander marines entering the room, a dreadnaught carrying an ornate banner depicting Vulcan defeating a salamander held aloft.
  326.         Sinbad  ++If they see you with ill-kept equipment, we shall be shamed!++
  327.         antoine They march forward in unison. The heavy foot falls reverberating throughout the room.
  328.         Balmung nods at the ancient battle brother
  329.         Anselm  kneels again in the presence of the this honor guard.
  330.         Navarre "A Battle-Elder. This is an auspicious day."
  331.         antoine The leader who opened the doors comes forward, his fist crashes against his breast plate in a salute, "Captain Pellas Mir'san of the second company, Salamanders Chapter. Glory to Vulcan, praise his name and Him on Terra."
  332.         Balmung "It is indeed"
  333.         Omniel  drops to one knee as well, in reverence to the dreadnaught.
  334.         Sinbad  falls to his knee
  335.         Sinbad  "Glory to noble Vulcan, praise him and the God-King of Kings!"
  336.         antoine "Welcome honored sons of Vulcan." responds the Watch Commander.
  337.         Bellerophon     "Well met, Captain."
  338.         antoine The Captain nods to the Kill Team members one by one before stopping when he reaches Sinbad. "You recovered the artifacts?"
  339.         Sinbad  "...They were not recovered, Brother Captain. They were never lost."
  340.         Sinbad  calls forwards the two Promen, wishing he grabbed tribe leaders and elders instead
  341.         antoine He removes his helm. His face is ashy grey and his eyes a deep crimson.
  342.         antoine The two tiny humans step forward
  343.         |<--    Sinbad has left (Connection reset by peer)
  344.         =-=     Bellerophon is now known as Singood
  345.         -->|    Sinbad ( has joined #XenosHunters
  346.         =-=     Singood is now known as Bellerophon
  347.         antoine "They are real, pre-heresy artifacts. Where did you find them?" His voice is hushed whisper
  348.         Sinbad  "These humans...the "Promen" have kept faithful watch over them for what I assume to be millennia. Your honored Chapter gave them to them, ages hence, promising their salvation in the future."
  349.         Sinbad  translates for the Promen what is going on
  350.         antoine The Promen sink to their knees, utterly overcome with meeting Vulcan's real sky-god sons.
  351.         Sinbad  ++Brothers, the natives of Carthoga were told a prophecy in the past that they would ascend, regarding the Salamanders.++
  352.         antoine The Captain reaches out and graps the smithy hammer, he hefts it in his grip with reverence.
  353.         Sinbad  ++The artifacts are ancient wargear: a flamer, a power armor helmet, and the hammer the Captain holds.++
  354.         antoine He turns to Sinbad and the Kill Team, "You can imagine our appreciation for returning these relics, this beyond description. Our primarch may well have touched these."
  355.         Sinbad  steps forwards
  356.         Sinbad  "...Is that, with all due respect, not against the will of your forebears? They were given to the mortals, and to await their prophecy."
  357.         antoine "These relics must be returned to the Chapter, the Promen are to be honored for their service."
  358.         Sinbad  stands adamant, hovering nearby the relics
  359.         Sinbad  "Then say it to them, Brother."
  360.         Sinbad  ++Brothers...if you value honor, please, tell me what is right.++
  361.         antoine "Will they understand my speech?"
  362.         Sinbad  "I may translate. And it is not hard. It is merely corrupted High Gothic."
  363.         Anselm  ++This is not our place to decide, Brother. No, this is for the Promen and the Salamanders to decide themselves.++
  364.         Sinbad  ++Mmm.++
  365.         Sinbad  grunts in understanding
  366.         antoine The Company Captain looks down at the two Promen and kneels down to bring himself closer to them. "Promen, you have protected the holy wargear of Vulcan throughout the millennium. You have honored your oaths to Vulcan and fulfilled your prophecy. You best will be taken to the Primarch's home and they will become as I am, a true son of Vulcan."
  367.         antoine Your best*
  368.         antoine He stands and calls out to the Watch Commander, "For this service we shall renew our oaths and increase the number of veterans we send to the ranks of the deathwatch."
  369.         antoine The Watch Commander bows in thanks.
  370.         Sinbad  relates the story to the Promen
  371.         antoine The two Promen's cheeks run with tears, they extend their arms upwards to offer the relics. The Captain takes each in turn and places them in a command squad veteran's hands.
  372.         antoine The Captain rises to his full height. He thrusts the hammer up into the air above his head to the roaring cheer of the 50 battlebrothers behind him. "Into the fires of battle, unto the anvil of war!"
  373.         antoine "Sinbad of the Storm Crusaders, I would speak to you of the Promen in private during our stay here. For now I would have my brother retire to our strike cruiser and give them leave to celebrate this auspicious day."
  374.         Sinbad  gulps
  375.         Sinbad  "Of c...course, Brother Captain."
  376.         antoine "Good, it is done." He turns on his heel as his other brothers do so, the lumbering dreadnaught turns slower before leading them out of the hall.
  377.         Anselm  "Sinbad," Anselm calls, "I would ask something of you once you are through there. Speak with me later."
  378.         Sinbad  "Of course. I shall."
  379.         antoine The Watch Commander gives you leave to be about your duties.
  380.         Anselm  "Wait, my Lord,"
  381.         antoine "Yes?"
  382.         Anselm  "I would ask you call some serfs to liberate me of my armor."
  383.         Navarre "Oh? Have you not have to spend 2 years in the damn thing without taking it off?"
  384.         antoine The Watch Commander brings in some serfs to help Anselm.
  385.         Anselm  Before the mortals can touch his armor, the Knight points to the Devastator. "Bellerophon Halcyonus, I extend my challenge to duel once more. With the grace of the Watch Commander's permission, I would resolve this here and now."
  386.         antoine The Watch Commander looks on, a pensive look on his face.
  387.         Bellerophon     "It will be done."
  388.         Bellerophon     "You know will know my fists of fury."
  389.         Anselm  nods, and looks to the humans. "Relieve me of the Raiment of Karstein."
  390.         antoine The serfs move in to take off the power armour
  391.         Bellerophon     "This will be quick. I have business elsehwere."
  392.         Bellerophon     calls for Xavier and some of his detail to help disassemble his armor
  393.         Navarre "Balmung... you mentioned something about Fenrisian mead earlier. I do not suppose that you actually have anything?" Navarre doesn't want to be any where near this cluster up.
  394.         Balmung "I supose there should be some here."
  395.         antoine Xavier comes forward and helps but messes up to be honest, he wastes quite a bit of time and seems quite embarrassing.
  396.         Bellerophon     powers through his serf's shame
  397.         Navarre "Then let us look for it, we shall swap war stories while we imbibe."
  398.         Balmung "Sounds like a good time to me."
  399.         Omniel  "As much as I would enjoy spectating upon this honour duel, I have much... maintenance to see to."
  400.         antoine The serfs take the armour to the side, leaving the Ultramarine and the Knight standing before each other.
  401.         Balmung walks off with Navarre in search for mead
  402.         Bellerophon     "I will keep the rules brief, to better allow your simple mind to understand them. No weapons. Victor will be determined by first submission or knock out."
  403.         antoine The two opponents stand 5 meters away from each other.
  404.         Bellerophon     puts up his fists, right foot, right arm forward
  405.         Sinbad  "Gentlemen, we're in the wrong...venue, as it were. Let us go to the fortress gym."
  406.         Anselm  shifts to the side, takes a wide step forward, and swings at his opponent.
  407.         Sinbad  runs off
  408.         Bellerophon     attempts to slip the punch, stepping in and away
  409.         Sinbad  is heard yelling through the corridors
  410.         antoine Bellerophon mis-times the step in though and Anselm's fist smashes into it with increased force.
  411.         Bellerophon     works through the pain and possibly broken jaw and teeth and returns fire with a right elbow as hard as he can
  412.         antoine As Sinbad yells small groups of two or three Promen or Salamanders turn up until there is quite a large crowd standing around watching the match up.
  413.         Anselm  deflects the blow witha swift upwards cut of his arm.
  414.         Anselm  steps back, and attempts to appear open to his opponent.
  415.         Sinbad  يقاتل بضراوة! هذا هو متعة بالكاد بعد!
  416.         Sinbad  calls
  417.         Bellerophon     swings for the fences with an All Out Attack, knowing that his ass is grass the next hit anyways
  418.         Bellerophon     charges with abandon!
  419.         Bellerophon     can't hit for shit, captain
  420.         Anselm  steps, and lands a blow into Bellerophon's side.
  421.         Bellerophon     can't feel his arm anymore but a small price to pay for this brutal ass counter attack.
  422.         Bellerophon     goes for the uppercut!
  423.         Anselm  moves for the finishing blow...
  424.         Anselm  strikes against the Devastator's back, but it is imperfect, and fails to haver the intended effect.
  425.         Bellerophon     feels the attempts to abuse his kidney, and is pleasently surprised to note he won't yet be peeing blood
  426.         Bellerophon     throws a kick!
  427.         Anselm  dodges with a cartwheel over his opponent's leg.
  428.         Bellerophon     tries to catch the cartwheel mid-action with a side kick
  429.         Anselm  quickly doubles up for another disabling strike, yet misses the mark in his haste.
  430.         Sinbad  watches eagerly with the surrounding cheering and screaming spectators
  431.         Anselm  escapes his opponent's attack and once more goes for another keen blow, this time for the ribcage.
  432.         Anselm  's blow connects, and he knocks his opponent back, leaving him motionless.
  433.         Bellerophon     is staggered, etc
  434.         Anselm  The Knight kneels beside his unconscious body.
  435.         |<--    Sinbad has left (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 3.6.8/20100722155716])
  436.         Bellerophon     isn't unconscious, it just takes him another 24 seconds to get his shit together, Tyrone
  437.         antoine There are howls of disappointment and others of victory from the crowd.
  438.         Anselm  "Silence!" Anselm shouts, and looks to his opponent.
  439.         antoine The room lowers in volume to a deathly silence.
  440.         Anselm  "If there is one thing the Ultramarines have done well over the centuries, it is fight to the last," he declares. "The Imperial Fists are known for their resolve to fight on in the face of defeat. That was held up to me by my Master, Falkner, as the ultimate display of bravery. When faced with impossible odds, Battle-Brothers fight on to victory or honorable death."
  441.         Bellerophon     "You have truly proved your worth today, taking down a Devastator. Truly you do your assault marine bretheren proud."
  442.         Anselm  "You accepted my challenge. You demonstrated your bravery."
  443.         Anselm  holds out his hand to the Ultramarine.
  444.         Anselm  "That is all I asked. You are my Brother."
  445.         Bellerophon     accepts the offer silently
  446.         Anselm  clasps the Devastator's hand with both of his, and then helps him up before raising it up to display to the crowd.
  447.         Anselm  "My Battle-Brother!" he howls.
  448.         antoine There is a roaring cheer from the crowd
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