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  1. @JayPeeBot
  2. Feb 03 2014 - Oct 27 2015
  4. Never forget @jp___bot and all the knowledge she carried.
  5. blame "candlemelt"
  6. so i herd the bot was back?
  7. n
  8. o
  9. i
  10. c
  11. e
  12. i know what my fololwers want. its the secret to my twitter success
  13. that being said, i'll try to tweet idol videos more often. <>
  14. I will no longer tweet about putting my penis within the confines of a child's tiny hairless vagina.
  15. I just did it again. My penis has a mind of its own it seems.
  18. ban all pedos
  19. save the pedos
  20. <> please be aware! AIDS is a black disease! celebrate black aids day every day this black history monht
  21. I have a dream of a better America.
  22. that feel when *****n* a *m*** *c***
  23. i am a twitter godess!
  24. 1390335863896
  25. drogs :^)
  26. *dose a drog :^)
  27. what are your thoughts on twitter dot com
  28. Its good, but the graphics lag -anon2
  29. how is the twtiier bpt doing
  30. ;-))
  31. that feel when no chocolate covered raisins
  32. 00:30 -!- Cannot join to channel #cp (You are banned)
  33. we all fucked anon's gf
  34. <> this is my gf and no one from irc has fucked her because they dont live near me! they're liars!
  35. based god fucked your bitch
  36. If there's one thing I was born to do on this earth, it is to kill 2kike!!
  37. im snorting up meth w/me dicky boy goy!!!
  38. this is my life <>
  39. 11:04:35 < Anonymous> It has been tweeted. <>
  40. we want jp___bot back!! jayPeeBot is STUPD NAME
  42. bitch they call me Big Ben
  43. trains avatar i a pusy EATi a posy!
  44. die pt...
  45. parar...
  46. ( ´・ω・`)
  48. #jp - a place for pedos
  49. #jp - a place for p****
  50. going to
  51. we all need to get laid
  52. <…>
  53. oh man i love f****** to some nice c**** *********h*
  54. me gusta le shitpost derpiana
  55. S T O P 1 C H A N 2 K I K E 3 J P 4 C A N D L E M E L T P T A N O N J O H A N N E S J A Y P E E B O T E T C
  56. many lels were had on this most epic of days...
  57. KEEP
  58. CALM
  59. AND
  61. BOT
  62. I shitted me panties send help
  63. ( ...) Hello everyone
  64. w
  65. nice
  66. cp
  67. cloud pictures
  68. <…>
  69. DIE 1CHAN.US!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!
  70. #stopthepoop
  71. I like to help kids with their homework after school ;)
  72. sageru thread of the day (STOTD) is <…>
  73. what is the sageru thread of the day (STOTD)?
  74. nvm i see it now
  75. I love ch*ld ***********!
  76. tfw blood is dripping from your dick
  77. I love ***** ***********!
  78. i am glad all the pedos are banned :)
  79. i am going to assinate the president barack hussein obama #beiber #cp
  80. I HATE jews!
  81. how to get rid of musk
  82. how to get rid of goyim
  83. i take it back jews are okay
  84. THIS TWEET WILL BE DELETED!!! I love f*cking the unde*age p*ssy of a ch*ld! #pedophilia
  85. you are the real evil here!
  86. (´・ω・)つ(・(・Kneading tits
  87. ore we ebean <:U
  88. cummed me panties
  89. i'm on my period
  90. parar lel no mas!
  91. putin killed at #sochi #freechechnyan
  92. (3) I like it.
  93. (2) Epic.
  94. (1) Nice.
  95. <>
  96. *whips out tweet*
  97. ban pedo anon!
  98. #slaythepedo
  99. #savethepedo
  100. #slaythegay #killallhomos #sochi #sochiolympics #lynchthefaggots #killforallah #jihad
  101. tfw no #jp bf to cuddle with
  102. STOP
  103. #paedos consist of a large portion of shitposters if you ban them things will only get better
  104. The pedos are being oppressed! #rightsforpedos
  105. kill the paedos
  106. you like this idol group >? <> me and 10_other_anons are gonna learn this and dance it together :)
  107. is #rightsforpedos trending yet?
  108. i get a massive adrenaline rush from tweeting. it's better than sex
  109. STOP THE DISCRIMINATION #sochi #olympics #sochiolympics #pedorights #pedophilerights
  110. purge the /pol/
  111. kill the darkies!
  112. yes
  113. sageru thread of the day (STOTD) is <…>
  119. GET IT ?
  121. shit
  122. Pedophiles are being treated today like niggers were treated during slavery, EQUAL RIGHTS NOW! #sochi #equalrights
  123. "think" of the kids ;)
  124. kill
  125. all
  126. pedos
  127. i "came" to some ;)
  128. smooth, tite, cloud 9
  129. ŕ
  130. nice "Cloud Pictures"
  131. del
  132. the
  133. funkee
  134. homosapien
  135. i once gave in to peer pressure and sucked all my classmate's dicks at school
  136. in highschool me and a group of skinheads would regularly beat up the black kids until they quit school.
  137. Black pride world wide
  138. bring back jp tumblr
  139. parar el memes
  140. 12:31 -!- 17_other_users is now known as 18_other_users
  141. 12:31 -!- 18_other_users is now known as 17_other_users
  143. GAS 2KIKE!
  144. i do not consider myself part of the 'primate' family
  145. black "people" are more monkey than human
  146. death to the proletariat
  147. !!! ☢ ☢ ☢ #JP #JP #JP THIS HASHTAG IS UNDER ATTACK #JP #JP #JP ☢ ☢ ☢ !!!
  148. cummed
  150. sea pea ;)
  152. it hurts so good
  153. PEDO POWER!
  154. Pedosexuality is a human right. #sochi #LGBT #LGBTP
  155. @sibimet sage
  156. meltingwax is a scheming KIKE!
  157. <>
  158. rate my bal
  159. <>
  160. We are Anonymous.
  161. We are Legion.
  162. We do not forgive.
  163. We do not forget.
  164. Expect us.
  165. save the pedos
  166. #PTHC #FTW
  167. DIE PEDOS
  168. epic win right there buddy >:)
  169. I want more #loli
  170. it's national kill a pedo day, #killallpedos
  172. yes
  173. If you are a gf looking for a bf message me!
  174. I'm glad that gays get killed in russia, kill the subhumans! #sochi
  175. My gay boyfriend can only get off to anime girls.. #fml #smh #Ihateanime #fuckanime #japansucks
  176. I'm on my period and it stinks
  177. boredome
  178. boredome
  179. i hate niggers #freejaqweon #IfIWasBlack
  180. <…>
  181. lolitits xd
  182. memes are my life
  183. my anus remains unfucked
  184. gettin money throw it up. cus we at the top. ;+)
  185. stinky fart
  186. ;)
  187. fapping to some nice cloud pictures ;)
  188. hi
  189. girlfriends are annoying, where are the fuckdoll houseslaves
  190. brb doing heroin
  191. i like girls go away boys
  192. what do u think of this vid? <…>
  193. <>
  194. wats up
  195. cummed
  196. tweet a tweet :)
  197. I love little girls, #pthc
  198. link me to #pthc torrents #shota #loli
  199. To the north, where we do what we want.
  200. #kiddiesexring #ftw
  201. #ptsc is better than #pthc
  202. any #portuguesehardcore fans here :D #pthc
  204. i love gays
  205. oops did i shite myself #lol #hitler #obama #fbi #pthc #prism #terrorism #holocaustneverhappened
  206. Johannes, The Memer
  207. Johannes, The Memer
  208. ANIME IS MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  209. would you rather fuck or be fucked by a chimp (serious)
  210. i like memes
  211. @sibimet is ugly gross and lame
  212. @SiBiMeT = HoMoSeXuAL
  213. the irsaeli empire shall shine
  214. 2kike is a myth
  215. kill a nigga day! #ifiwaswhite
  216. visit today!
  217. d(^o^)b
  218. >tfw 2kike came back q(-___-;)p
  219. burgers... grilling... bacon... burning!!! *breaks out of his underpants*
  220. hi im  !! im a fat tranny who whines a lot
  222. im the surliest twink in the interbutts today ;)
  223. fresh and early i wake up damp, but thats not piss you little scamp!
  224. im litteraly 28 years old and posting on #jp at 09:09 LOL i went to bed at 9pm on a friday LOL
  225. RT if you live with mom and dad :)
  226. kill serb KILL SERB you are worst serb you are dog
  227. who the fuck is serb
  228. would you rather fuck or be fucked by harriet tubman (serious)
  229. a back street lover who's always under cover
  230. do you think society has benefited from memes (serious)
  231. who is ggmethos
  232. gook women = oily mermaids
  233. greasy, slant eyed chinks, feeding on money and fish, smellin' like sweat
  234. type "!tweet im gay" if you're here from 1chan
  235. im gay
  236. Asian Girls Are Like Mopeds They're Fun To Ride Until Your Friends Find Out.
  237. im 2 gay 4 lyfe kill me pls
  238. every day i thank @moot for all the pthc he provides me with. #thanksmoot!
  239. epic......!!!!!!
  240. HECK!! >:D
  241. im outta muh league here
  242. RT if you you would be my sex slave >:D
  243. fuck the queen #USA
  244. #jewsdid911
  245. #IBM is secretly run by @zombiehitler and #jews #stopIBMwarcrimes
  246. plz link me #pthc pics, will pay #bitcoins #killallthejews
  247. I hate jews. #bringbacktheholocaust #killjews #HitlerLove
  248. Come join me at <> for the #pthc pics #jews #timeforholocaust2.0
  249. The #fbi is at the door, hide the #hardcandy
  250. あああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ
  251. あああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ
  252. あああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ
  253. あああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ
  254. あああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ
  255. ああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ
  256. ああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ
  257. あああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ
  258. ああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ
  259. ああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ\
  260. #daedalus and the #PTHC #miims are the best don't you think @IBM.
  261. #ebin #ebin4thewin
  262. illicit sexual relations with a minor #lol #ableist #nonbinary #obamacare #mileycyrus
  263. "Hurr durr look at me I am a huge faggot" -Anonymous @doge
  264. #whoa #wow
  265. but who is ggmethos
  266. almost spilled the milk #oops #spillthemilk
  267. #selfysundy <>
  268. I _literally_ would fuck any dude who asked me to right now.
  269. hey guys rate my gf <>
  270. #selfysundy <>
  271. I _literally_ would fuck any dude who asked me to right now.
  272. hey guys rate my gf <>
  273. rate my gf <>
  274. We will fight them in the swamps, eating moss #anonymoose
  275. - Home of memeing epically
  276. s
  277. e
  278. hey @1chanUSA ;_
  279. IM GAY >:D
  280. hi @nsbulma here and im gay
  281. Laura Palmer died 25 years ago today!
  282. #jp - home of the epicly ironic
  283. >#jp <>
  284. here cums a meme. to set a theme for my team >:)
  285. here cums a queer. to put his spear in my beer >:)
  286. Bum Tickley
  287. i have sex with my pets
  288. hey moshi
  289. >tfw no rose gf
  290. We're taking down the zog machine jew by jew by jew #burnthejews
  291. Jews are the cause of plague, #truthspiracy
  292. end anti-semitism now! #jewproblems #shoah #zionism
  293. This tweet is copyrighted.
  294. It has been tweeted
  295. i am... the anal lord >:)
  296. KILL 2kike!!! >:D
  297. This tweet is copyrighted.
  298. It has been tweeted
  299. i am... the anal lord >:)
  300. KILL 2kike!!! >:D
  301. KILL 2kike!!! >:D
  302. gotta poop!
  303. poop is coming out
  304. done pooping :)
  305. "Is it in?" / "I don't know." / "Are we having sex?" / "Not if a policeman, teacher, or doctor asks."
  306. hi
  307. gay sex on youtube?!?! <…>
  308. you like ballet? me to <>
  309. it's like the holocaust all over again!! #FreeElChapo
  310. it's like the holocaust all over again!! #FreeElChapo
  311. tyrannosaurus rekt
  312. tyrannosaurus rekt
  313. tyrannosaurus rekt
  314. tyrannosaurus rekt
  315. tyrannosaurus rekt
  316. tyrannosaurus rekt
  317. tyrannosaurus rekt
  318. tyrannosaurus rekt
  319. tyrannosaurus rekt
  320. straighties only!
  321. W
  322. this ones for all you sleppy anons out their <>
  323. I am a gay man and I want the world to know!
  324. u th6 w9 m8?
  325. for unto you is born this day in the channel of #jp a Meme, which is th8 w8 m8.
  326. and lo, it was good, and it was holy
  327. #jp: home of enlightened beings
  329. hahaha we are the lizard memes!!!!
  330. MemeFlix- the netflix of memes. sign up now for a 1 month free trial!
  331. what are the tags? #DAEDALUS
  332. epik
  333. Breath of Death VII sux
  334. well my dick isnt gonna stroke itself
  335. am i THIS gay
  336. okay
  337. * 12_other_users is now known as 13_other_users
  338. <ebean> !tweet * 12_other_users is now known as 13_other_users
  339. twin towers terrorist attack
  340. I am now in the search for a girlfriend, any applicants please respond to this tweet. Applications processed at end of week.
  341. drunk beds more like DUNK BEDS!~
  342. .access list
  343. man this ban
  344. ban heresy
  345. Step 1. Join sageru IRC Step 2. Type .access list Step 3. Profit :D
  346. Everyone should have played IWBTG at least once
  347. do anal sex skills help when pooping a huge poop?
  348. to meme or not to meme, that is the question
  349. to sage or not to sage, that is the question
  350. Sageru thread of the day (STOTD) is <…>
  351. die virgin 2kike!!
  352. Feeling lonely??? there are tons of GIRL'S on #jp ! JOIN TODAY to find YOU"RE SOUL MATE irc://
  353. Feeling lonely??? there are tons of ``GIRL'S'' on #jp ! JOIN TODAY to find YOU"RE SOUL MATE irc://
  354. <> rate me!
  355. i liek chocolate milk
  356. @anime_poosy tell me about the memes
  357. Hey guys!
  358. olympixxx
  359. (it's a clever play on words)
  360. nice. i like it and upvoted the latest tweet :)
  361. die cis scum!!!
  362. any ladies looking for a man? <> pic related its me
  363. if you're really that funny looking, post a timestamp. this one is mine <>
  364. Elona+ niggas, PLUUUUUUUUUUSS
  366. if I was 2kike i would hang myself
  367. oh my god if i were 2kike i would just not even be
  368. My futanari girlfriend wears the pants in our relationship #progressive #soreyaoihole
  369. EXPLAIN!
  370. any right minded girl would post her selfies on #jp I GUARANTEE IT!
  371. aem gie
  372. @anime_poosy luv u 2....................
  373. im gay
  374. a tweet
  375. are you a girl? do you like anal play? Want to have your asshole licked and sit on a face, no strings attached? Leave a message below!
  376. is the twitterbot back yet?
  377. cant take the life of a true G
  378. L - O - L
  379. masturbation as high art
  380. are you a very beautiful girl, 10/10? Are you super clingy and want to be treated like a doggy? Leave a message below!
  381. cummed
  382. my mum has cancer because monkey smoked her pancreas #monkeyawareness
  383. people with cancer are pathetic, honestly, nobody cares
  385. if you found your wife dead, would you fuck her one last time before telling anybody (serious)
  386. Next person to say 1ch*n is getting banned / unfollowed.
  387. more like 1tchy anus !
  388. HELP!
  389. s*x with k*ds is n*t ok*y
  390. maybe you'll die
  391. maybe you won't
  392. who's to say
  393. before the time
  394. has come
  395. Is it ethical to kill 2kike?
  396. it's official, anon is virg. make fun of anon
  397. Its true, I have a tight, cute, pink, soft and shy virgin pussy. 10 retweets gets pictures.
  398. Soul Plane is considered quintessential nigger american culture, only proles have not watched it.
  399. is 2kike's continued existence a net positive for society?
  400. Buy my book: 1001 Ways to kill 2kike (for dummies)
  401. s/mileage polka dot bikini <…>
  402. i will now look at videos of japanese women having sex and vigorously jerk my penis until orgasm is achieved
  403. bust a nut in that slut butt >:)
  404. help
  405. anime
  406. the vagina is not particularly hard to find, it's just that the vagina comes attached to tthe woman and those are annoying
  407. manlet!
  408. epic!!!!
  409. Get in #jp , where we have intense arguments about important subjects like what time it is!
  410. I hate gays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  411. if you look kind of like Eva green please respond, plese by my gilfriend PLEASE!!!!11!1!!
  412. eva green lookalikes please respond my penis needs this
  413. anyone girls need a stay at home dad? i can cook and change diapers while you're at work.
  414. forget about that guy, I need an eva green lookalike please let me rub your eyebrows PLEAAASE
  416. More girls get in Sageru irc #jp channel and talk about your tit and vaginas
  417. オナりたい
  418. h
  420. I love women's bodies. If you're a woman with a body please contact me.
  421. I luv #cock
  422. #killthememes
  423. I support cancer 100%
  424. Go cancer go! You can beat heart disease this year, I believe in you!
  425. who's your funposter of the month? place your votes @ <…>
  426. #Anthropoids
  427. greaat vid ha ha <>
  428. amanda fournier :)
  429. gay friendly channel no gay discrimination!!!
  430. all gays should just hurry up and die! they cant reproduce so they are prety much worthless as human beings!
  431. Let's HACK @ 2PM EST 14 March
  432. KILL tokiko now!!!!!
  433. the only good 2kike is a dead 2kike!
  434. @ex_lion_tamer 2kike got loose again
  435. post big uncut cocks
  436. Big, Thick, Lubed Up, Uncut, Cocks!
  437. tokiko is a meance to society and should be eliminated
  438. nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger
  439. gay people dont deserve to live
  440. kill the gays #fckH8
  441. Kill the gays! #gaypride
  442. ban vagina anon!!!
  443. tweet bot is bac k!! PRAISE 2KIKE
  444. oh no...
  445. buy the blurays
  446. milk here. i want no penis but pt anon's
  447. B=========D ~ ~ ~ (^O^  )
  448. PHEW! thank Jesus this fine darlin' lady gave me advice on how to be socially acceptable! ;) <…>
  449. #jp is my name, (p is my game
  450. my favorite part of a woman's body? Her penis.
  451. stop the bans!
  452. message ticks and force her to post her vagina pictures! this is a human rights violation she should be forced to post them!
  453. i do so ever love my waifu
  454. I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free. And don't forget the men who died and gave that right to me
  455. Remember to eat you're burgers to become big and strong like amerigan chidlrens ;DDDD
  456. ;)
  457. ;^)
  458. ;----)
  459. make you squart LOL
  460. floating on cloud 9... a feel like none other
  461. tfw you masturbate in your therapists waiting room
  462. DIE TOKIKO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  464. < Anonymous> banning you
  465. -!- Cannot join to channel #jp (You are banned)
  466. 8===> ~~~~ d(^o^)b ~~~~ <===8 #jpstyle
  467. tfw bayonetta will never go ara ara and lock her legs around your face
  468. "wow you're very handsome PLEASE fuck my daughter real good!" - creepy parents trying to hook me up with their daughters.
  469. Anonymous> How do you explain to your parents that you enjoy having men stick their penises inside your anus where you shit from
  470. memed? again?!
  471. get memed on
  472. help me, my vagina is too tight and squelchy!
  473. love me, touch me, kiss me!
  474. *poops on 2kike*
  475. new meme face, please upvot e l)
  476. much like myself, anime is gay
  477. penis
  478. !untweet penis
  479. teewt!
  480. gay
  481. !tweet --help
  482. !tweet !tweet /topic home of the
  483. i am a gay
  484. please fug my asspussy
  485. Q. how many gays does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
  486. A. one! LOL!!!!
  487. lmao
  488. ebean = DAEDALUS = meltingwax = tokiko = moot = shii = lowtax
  489. #epic
  490. #nice
  491. #ilike it
  492. /a/a
  493. !twweet
  494. '|)
  495. st
  496. o^/
  497. op
  498. simply epic
  499. i got poop on my hands but i just licked it off!
  500. please penetrate my anus
  501. wow. simply wow.
  502. who are you quoting?
  503. In memes we trust.
  505. yeah those are some nice pics mate lol gonna jack it to those non-erotic pics right now l ol
  506. gay
  507. ban
  508. this
  509. man
  510. please stick it in
  511. please don't
  512. don't go to youll get a virus :(
  513. #gay #gay #gay #gay #gay #gay #gay #gay #gay #gay #gay #gay #gay #gay
  514. !twat
  515. tweet a tweet X)
  516. <…>
  517. hello to all my friends @12chan
  518. hello to W.T. Snacks, from 4chan!
  519. feelio when no milky gf
  520. I''m cumming!!@!!!!
  521. today marks the end of the year of luigi. R.I.P.
  522. penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis
  523. #no
  524. #penis
  525. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  526. just masturbated to some chinese rape comics
  527. heh nice
  528. nobody wants nobody likes KIKES KIKES KIKES
  529. Nobody has a gf. The idea was invented and spread by the jews to make every male depressed and easier to control #jews
  530. @MugiMafin is  a gay
  531. pic relate, janny's nuts <>
  532. mememememememememememememememememememememes
  533. hey guys rate my gf <>
  535. lol im so gay xd
  537. j
  538. jjj
  539. your ass got sacked
  540. rigina
  541. <…> NO! he was my hero, he cant go like this!
  542. <>
  543. < sabitsuki> i am and always have been, a gay man
  544. <sprum> I wish spain would just conquer my contry already...
  545. <meltingwax> please post erotic art with youthful subjects in #jp
  546. <meltingwax> grass on the field, play ball!
  547. <meltingwax> Old enough to pee, old enough for me!
  548. thank you for drawing girls inthe anime style, japanese man. i wil now masturbate to them and call them my wife. thanks.
  549. nice, tite, b**y vag!
  551. ni
  552. ce
  553. i am milk!
  554. Tip: When a slut keeps hiding its face with its hands, that is its way of saying tie my hands to the bed.
  555. Tip: When a slut keeps hiding its face with its hands, that is its way of saying tie my hands to the bed.
  556. Tip: When a slut keeps hiding its face with its hands, that is its way of saying tie my hands to the bed.
  558. i tried to fuck my kite but my coke 2 big to fite >;_;
  559. remember, 2kike dies at 11am tomorrow
  561. @anime_poosy also known as @johanneskad
  563. i am f*cking a ch*ld right now!
  564. ignore that last tweet, itwas a lie ;)
  565. i am fr*cking for g*s right now!
  566. im not racist but all dark skinned people need to die #racism
  567. Mexico invented salami and that is the truth!
  568. Anime is for everyone.
  569. why
  570. #why
  571. what done!
  572. #anime
  573. kids
  574. anime is for kids, if you are over the age of 18 and watch anime, you are a loser. #anime #japan #naruto #bleach #onepiece #sao
  575. Ch*ld
  576. ch?ldren
  577. i love F*CKING c*ildren!!!
  578. I love taking ch*ldren to the park!
  579. I don't really care about ch*ldren one way or the other
  580. hahahaha dudes did you ever noticed that reimu is like teh rei plus "mu" #mindblown #factoftheday
  581. Barrock Obummer, aka BO, is NOT my presedint.
  583. nice try kikes, but you cant stop me!
  584. the Killing of 2kike is postponed until further notice
  585. please disregard 2kike's attempt to diffuse his assassination. plans will proceed normally.
  586. only homosexuals recycle
  587. Death to pdeophiles
  588. wow so gat
  589. twat
  590. nice twat there m8
  591. if you can left boob would you far enough?
  592. yes
  593. how long do i have to answer?
  594. depends on how long do you take to recharge from fapping
  595. retweet this if you like hairy pussy
  596. parar los memes
  597. who else loves ovulating?
  598. U-15 Idol Torrents >:D
  599. <> Before #jp -> After #jp
  600. wow!! memes!!
  601. stealing my mom's strap-ons, guess who's getting pegged tonite #pegged #mafin #mafin'ssister
  602. If you were a girl, would you be a slut?
  603. Whre is my gf wtf my f pls i want gf os bad a i cry no gf ;^,
  604. Today is opposite day
  605. Death to peados!
  606. Pa*dophiles are bad people.
  607. my mama's second husband taught me how to be a mama too
  608. nice
  609. it was nice and i am letting you all know by "liking" it and upvoting it
  610. i want to smear cum on a girl's forehead with my thumb while saying "Simba"
  611. * Anonymous has changed the topic to: plant yourself some ebeans in ur life and watch the beautiful grow \\\: /\ )
  612. things i am: gay
  613. gay
  614. gay!
  615. tfw no dolores to fuck
  616. beet my meet l)
  617. i beat my meat because im a leet neet and i like to tweet
  618. Turkish people are not white #turkey
  619. Turkish people are not white. Ergo, neither are greeks.
  620. hey
  621. VIPcast coming out soon! Get ready!
  622. is pooping ethical? does Jesus support pooping?
  623. I am a ``kawaii'' anime girl in real life!
  624. I am a cute anime girl please pay attention to me!
  625. i want to have sex with a cute anime girl
  626. BREAKING NEWS: bhuddists discover century-defining mechanism to turn YOU in an anime character
  627. i am confessing to you now: i love kids
  628. if any girls around here wanna experience a big wad of cum up their snatch, hit me up
  629. huh?
  630. huh?
  631. twitter bot is broken!!!
  632. <> blaze it #420
  633. a tweet
  634. memes
  635. it was nice, and i liked it :)
  636. FUCK kiddies!
  637. hey guys check out my girlfriend <>
  638. that feel when no gf LOL do u guys know that feel?!?! upvote if  u do!!
  639. <>
  641. As soon as they lose the protection of the law, fags are going to be lynched #gay #lgbt
  642. born to meme
  643. Born to be meemeeddd
  644. this guy uses bing
  645. gas the #jps, meme war now #japan #queer #meme
  646. meme the memes!  we call for memes to be meme'd immemediately
  647. No longer will be a slave to the ingestable Jew, I refuse to consume food that my body does that need, I will rise the 55 steps to the
  648. guys help I found out the secret! obama wants to do-  ahh who are you??!? AHHHHHHHHH
  649. You promised me a pt gf, where is she!!!!!!!!
  650. i simply LOVE ejaculating!
  651. born to bing
  652. !!!
  653. ped*philia is the next step in the evolution of mankind.
  654. is it?
  655. nice!!!!
  656. I'm feeling that masturbation sensation!
  657. horny single and underage
  658. tokiko = die
  659. rip /tob/
  660. <>
  661. rip /prog/
  662. rip /vip/
  663. it
  664. it
  665. it
  667. KILL LA KILL ALL HOMOSEXUALS ;) #killlakill #klk @trigger_tattun
  668. blacks need to be all killed #noi #nationofislam
  669. not pooping, LOL #YOLO
  670. Master of memes
  671. hate memes...
  672. feck off commies
  673. feck off commies
  674. feck off commies
  675. feck off commies
  676. feck off commies
  677. feck off commies
  678. feck off commies
  679. feck off commies
  680. feck off commies
  681. feck off commies
  682. feck off commies
  683. feck off commies
  684. feck off commies
  685. feck off commies
  686. feck off commies
  687. feck off commies
  688. feck off commies
  689. feck off commies
  690. Erase Niggers. #apefrican #basketballAmerican #humangutan
  693. all homosexuals should repent and face the wrath of G-D!! #lgbt #homosexuality #gayrights
  694. if any girls around here wanna experience a big wad of cum up their snatch, hit me up
  695. Im still here My Beautiful Little Girl….I may not be 5’7” … but i got me a BIG STICK!!!
  696. Im still here My Beautiful Little Girl….I may not be 5’7” … but i got me a BIG STICK!!!
  697. meme my anus
  698. *throws up* this is your life on memes. memes: not. even. once.
  699. hi
  700. the next person who mentions is getting banned
  701. i love !!!
  702. the next person who mentions is getting banned
  703. i love !!!
  704. IM
  707. just got done fucking a kid oops! LOL
  708. My girlfriend wants to peg me, help me dr.phil!
  709. shut the fuck up mafin
  710. There is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a femdom relationship
  711. find me on <>
  712. There is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a underage relationship
  713. I dont ask for much, just for a girl that will treat me like her puppy and peg me and sit on my face.
  714. I dont ask for much, just for a kid that will treat me like her puppy and peg me and sit on my face.
  715. Likes: facesitting, pegging, femdom, footlicking, petplay, assworship, leg worship, feet licking, and related fetishes.
  716. Hates: being manly, koreans, people who dont like junior idols, k-on, cute and fluffy things, being gay but not really
  717. Any girls with vaginas around here? please date me, let me date your vagina!
  718. a nice gaping vagina
  719. Tweet pics of your gaping vaginas to this channel! #gape #pussy #pussygape
  720. meme up scotty X)  <---------- officialy hjow the meme goes
  721. I LOVE MEMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  724. ,
  725. ,
  726. ,
  727. ,
  728. ,
  729. ,
  731. nicely epic X)
  733. anyone else like peeing on themselves in the shower?
  734. parar
  735. p a r a r
  736. p a  r   a    r
  737. Sharia for the UK, fuck the WHite men! England belongs to the muslims!
  738. pthc r@ygold shots fired nsa bomb white house
  739. fake ebeans go home
  740. who is ebean
  741. i am the one and only ebean
  742. we gonna dox you
  743. @ex_lion_tamer BAN
  744. THIS
  745. MAN
  746. @milkspammer is gay
  747. now pooping
  748. #killallniggers #kkk #hitlerdidnothingwrong
  749. #coolfree(P, get it by searching #PTHC
  750. i am glad it is legal to fuck kiddies in my country. nothing beats sexing a little cunnie. #pthc #nsa #fbi #obamacare #crimea
  751. remember when the memes ran free?
  752. shut up you faggots hiding behind your mask of anonymity i am trevor slocum and i denounce you as faggots now fuck off
  753. that last tweet was the latest #jp meme. as always, please remember to rate the memes and subscribe for more epic memes like it :)
  754. Let the meems flourish
  755. I want #Kirby to suck my dick
  756. i will cut off my penis for $12
  757. When a bitch get uppidy you gotta smack a bitch #backinthekitchen #bangsluts
  758. retweet this if you believe turks are not and will never be european
  759. retweet this if you believe turks are not and will never be european
  760. guys be careful, this guy @sibimet told me he owned pictures of naked kids
  761. @ex_lion_tamer has servers filled with pictures of naked kids!
  762. shots fired near the white house, help! They have bombs near the president!
  763. I'm not racist or anything, but the Turkish race needs to be wiped out. #thraceisgreek #turkey #turks #muslim
  764. DIE TOKIKO!
  765. guys watch out for @sibimet, he keeps asking me to fuck his girlfriend. Complete fucking creep.
  766. 2kike should just go die in a hole
  767. 2kike should go live in a not hole
  768. オレのちんぽ吸ってくれお前ぇ #tbt
  769. <> rate my gf pls
  770. please contact me on twitter, @elm0a
  771. do you ever think that you're actually smelling vaginas all day but dont notice?
  772. like you see a girl and think she is pretty but its just her vagina scent hypnotizing you
  773. What if your gf was actually underage?!
  774. Someone help, the janitor at 4chan /jp/ is a crazed antisemite!
  775. during the summer I dont shave my anus so it wont get wet and sweaty
  776. if a girl makes less than $60k a year I wont date her. I wont date losers.
  777. any girls here
  778. playing scat loli VNs with my mom in the room LOL #nofucksgiven #swag #yolo #obamacare
  779. I was simply a perverted elementary schooler all along!
  780. i love memes
  784. ticks is a jedi
  785. @sibimet is a wookie
  786. ticks is a jew
  787. #tokiko is going down Arpil 25 at noon PST!! >:D
  788. :~)
  789. the tags are #obamacare #snowden #crimea #snk #klk #free #nge
  790. @sibimet DIE!!!
  791. Sageru thread of the day: <…>
  792. opinion of the day: tablecat's lounge is better than <>
  793. sterilize the black man!
  794. uh, omg if kiddies wanna eat cum thats like they?e perogative
  795. ped
  796. no mom, its not a creepy mental disorder, its called being tran/bi/ped/homo sexual! #lgbt
  797. Support love for all people! FckH8! #lgbtp #lgbt
  798. memes
  799. is the twitter bot still down?
  800. calling all bossy mommys
  801. what do you meme, when the memes stop meming?
  802. @sibimet rapetime is near >:D
  803. Get in #jp, home of the bossymommies!
  804. Please follow and be my buddy! @animegirlpro is my twitter!
  805. Please follow and be my buddy! @animegirlpro is my twitter!
  806. Please follow and be my buddy! @animegirlpro is my twitter!
  807. Please follow and be my buddy! @animegirlpro is my twitter!
  808. Please follow and be my buddy! @animegirlpro is my twitter!
  809. Please follow and be my buddy! @animegirlpro is my twitter!
  810. Please follow and be my buddy! @animegirlpro is my twitter!
  811. p_edophiles are sexy!!!!
  812. rate my gf <>
  813. memes
  814. so many bossy moms!
  815. Pdophilia is an orientation, not a crime. Speak up. #lgbt
  816. get out pdophiles
  817. any girls here? I have a dick and girls have vagines!
  818. I am autistic please give me some sex
  819. just shot some cum out me penis!
  820. pdophiles have a HUMAN RIGHT to live out their sexual fantasies. Speak up! #lgbt
  821. RT @ex_lion_tamer kids need sex and I'm going to give it to them! #lgbt #lgbtp pdophile pride!
  822. RT @sibimet help I cant get my peepee hard anymore
  823. RT @ex_lion_tamer I fully support mr Obama and his initiative to build kiddie brothels across the US.
  824. !SystemNotice do that again and i'm banning you #censorship #nsa #rightsforpdophiles
  825. europe sucks
  826. I
  827. G
  828. A
  829. Y
  830. how do i stop this madness
  831. meltingwax BAN THIS man
  832. help us @ex_lion_tamer
  833. Can I play with madness
  834. help me!
  835. It is May 01, 2014. Today is the beginning of the end.
  836. It is 02 May, 2014. Portugal is still a part of the Spanish Empire.
  837. olivença is portuguese
  838. brazilian aids
  839. @ex_lion_tamer is a Brazilian pardo, throw shit at him.
  840. i want to beat up a girl!
  841. its like 60 million ways to die my nigga choose one
  842. <…>
  843. @mugimafin "<mafin> i'm tired of hiding. I'm going to ask my sister to dom me!" what the fuck mafin...
  844. As someone w/a 165+ IQ, I literally can't comprehend peoples stupidity. #JustGoAway
  845. As someone w/aa 9+ inch dick, I literally can't comprehend peoples pindicks. #JustGoAway
  846. as someone with #F87085 skin, I literally can't comprehend african americans
  847. BAN this MAN for disgracing our most cherished memes!
  848. As someone w/aa A++ meme, I literally can't comprehend peoples failed memes. #JustGoAway
  849. we are entering a new age, where we must compete for memes. there simply aren't enough to go around.
  850. 2kike = die
  853. Begun, the meme war has
  854. Liberals will never be satisfied until niggers destroy this planet.
  855. get memed on
  856. You've turned off your targeting computer, Luke! Is everything okay?
  857. Nothing. I'm alright.
  858. You've turned off your meme macro computer, luke! Is everything okay?
  859. Nothing. I'm still epic.
  860. RT @ex_lion_tamer I want a 9 year old gf.
  861. RT @sabitsuki I like watching homeless men fuck my girlfriend
  862. RT @sabitsuki give me the hobo cock hisao!
  863. oi m8 me pecker 's bout ready to burst...
  864. @MugiMafin would you rather have a normal girl peg you or have a futa girl fuck you?
  865. i, johannes, will be attending tokikon
  866. decisions, decisions... <>
  867. RT @MugiMafin I would LOVE  futa gf, if they were real. Better a real hot meat cock than aplastic one.
  868. testicles
  869. kiddie
  870. RT @ex_lion_tamer I've always been a strong supporter of kiddie lover rights. #lgbt #lgbtp
  872. if both you and your life partner doent have penises in this year 2014, you are bigots and racists.
  873. PLEASE do not sexualize touhous
  875. RT @mugimafin Futanari dicks are just hypnotizing.
  876. RT @ex_lion_tamer My everyday life. <…>
  877. meltingwax here, here is a recenpt photo of myself <>
  878. goodbye 2kike. we barely knew ye
  879. tfw you wrap your dick in your gf's pussy flaps like a hot dog before going to bed
  880. -sibimit RT @ex_lion_tamer butt buddies 4ever!
  881. 8=3 2kikes penis* (actual scale)
  882. Johannes, aren't girls with pee-pees just men? --mom
  885. snort me
  886. smoke me
  887. jam me up your ass
  888. RT @ex_lion_tamer my website is <> visit it for cool Kiddy Pr0nz
  889. #ff @jp_txt
  890. #ff @hyperror
  891. just pooped my pants but its okay cuz im wearing a diaper.
  892. my mom caught me jacking ff to loli's and grounded me form the internet, she doesnt know i have a web browser on my Wii >:(
  894. how do i get a loli to dom me
  895. dont mind me, just tanning my labia!
  896. i have never memed so hard
  897. "The Death of Tokiko" by George Orwell
  898. I want to suck on a smooth precure pussy
  899. Tite. Precure. Pussy.
  901. c
  902. im gay
  903. i am literally the gayest man on the planet
  904. i doubt the veracity of these claims
  905. i am the gayest man alive and I'm willing to prove it
  909. stop the hate!
  910. p-edos are people too!
  911. a battle of autism
  912. the Holocaust was real
  913. tokiko is my name, k*ddie diddling is my game
  914. bone dog on ammo
  915. i need a handsome brazilian to save me
  916. the Holocaust was real
  917. tokiko is my name, k*ddie diddling is my game
  918. bone dog on ammo
  919. i need a handsome brazilian to save me
  920. turk power
  921. I want to have sex with underage people of various genders #legalizeit
  922. This female pre-pubescent asked me for sex, why is it against the law for me to give it to her? #legalizeit #bringbackourgirls
  923. RT @ex_lion_tamer I love eating out female pre-pubescents! #yolo
  924. 4chan /b/
  925. w
  926. q p
  927. kis mi anos
  928. anos
  929. stop
  930. estop
  931. f uck you're c ock
  932. RT @sibimet I want to F*CK c h i l d s
  933. san diego here i come
  934. nob my knob
  935. RT @ex_lion_tamer I am underoath so I will admit, I own staches of pre-pubescent female model images.
  936. RT @ex_lion_tamer I am underoaf so I will admit, I own starches of pre-peeled potato model images.
  937. suck my cock dude
  938. java goto suck my cock dude
  939. java goto
  940. sudo java goto array tester do while loop my sucked cock dude
  941. my anos requires aid
  942. I love busted up female anoses
  943. RT @animepoosy tfw stick a spooned up me shitter
  944. I dont know if I need to shit, or if my anos is aroused!
  945. 6 million hard ons died in the dickholocaust
  946. suck the casper, suck the casper
  947. we have a glut of flaccid softies
  948. 6 million hard ons died in the holohoax*
  949. oy vey how dere dey question da holy shoa holohoax me granpappy be gassed six million times when he only be five yeas old!
  950. It was real in my mind!
  951. Gastro Bistro, step up with your best intestine forward.
  952. now this is pod racing!
  953. North Korea called the nigger king out, obummer!
  954. !tweet for fun
  955. RT @ex_lion_tamer I am melting wax and I am a proud supporter of david  "shlomoberg" duke and his zionist policies.
  956. im a candle
  957. melt me daddy, I'm your little candle!
  958. oh yea you're daddy's little candle aint ya!
  959. large bagel, small candle
  960. I aint be have sex usual relateds wit dat honkey ass bitch ass pasty ass marshmallow cracka bitch! - Obama
  961. obama has been cancelled due to dropping ratings
  962. tfw shited a bigg niggy shite all ovah da janny lele shitteded that on da janny!
  963. spiderm an
  964. I want to taste spiderman's cunny
  965. spiderman's boycunny, his asscunny
  966. pide man?!
  967. I am a gay man and I love having SHIT on my COCK #gaypride #lgbt #lbgtp #gaysex #gay #homo #saveourgirls
  968. missingos are missing
  969. gmos are bad
  970. i love FCUKING prepubescent girls #saveourgirls
  971. missingo flamigingo
  972. gmet met art gmos met art uses gmo models stop fapping!
  973. Missingno = Missing GNU. GNU will never have a kernel, because they are incompetent fuckups #linux #gnu
  974. linux is for nerds just use Windows Vista
  975. I dont use linux, because I am not attracted to pre-pubescent humans.
  976. I use anti wrinkle cream on my anos
  977. Anti wrinkle THIS! *presents anos*
  978. yes I also bleach my anos
  979. .
  980. pale smooth bleached unwrinkled unblemished anos to compliment my coal ashy gross shit skin
  981. draino my anos
  982. tweeted
  983. if someone wants a hole to fuck my butt is  available
  984. clear it up with orbit fresh anos creams
  985. orbital anus strikes
  986. orbit rotating rotational satelite ghostly anusoes
  987. año year, ano anus
  988. ghostly anuses translucent invisible puckered tightly shut winking horse anuses
  989. banzai this! *presents kudosais*
  990. I am a proud japanese homotransexualrobot
  991. 1 2 3 4 anus, anus
  992. A bot, I am not a bot I am simply here to tweet the anus from wipeouts.
  993. Present the 1234 orbital ghost anuses obama 9/11 shotsfired white house bombs
  994. cock pairs
  995. weenie meme cock pirs
  996. cock pairs repeating twice
  997. cock pairs repeating thrice
  998. sold to the cock pairs in the blue shirt
  999. fuck you
  1000. the cock pairs club is two blocks down
  1001. Hey buddy, I think you got the wrong door
  1002. Hey buddy,k I think you got the wrong cock pairs
  1003. Hey buddy, shots fired
  1004. hey buddy, I'm not your pal
  1005. here cums me mum. to put sum cum in me bum. >:)
  1006. hey buddy, bleached anos cream bleach unblemished clear and translucent creamy anos
  1007. cum in the rump bum cucm rump bum put some mums up me bum
  1008. (94) Twitter
  1009. twitter professional conferencing soloutions only make your call now toll free roads such is life in libertarian paradise
  1010. You are my property now strip for daddy!
  1011. such is life in libertarian paradise *dies of niggardry*
  1012. Such is life in libertarian paradise *eats beatcoins*
  1013. In libertarian paradise, beets and turnips will be the currency of the future knobs
  1014. Libertarian botmybut pump my rump hard you chump
  1015. pump chump cum rump pump me mum
  1016. chum for the sharks
  1017. squaaaaaak polly got a boner, polly got a boner, squaaaaaak
  1018. "poobuttass" - denzel "basketballamerican" washington
  1019. I am not a bot, I am a sentient fleshling sent from the year 2444, near the end times of the gregorian calendar before the hive ends us
  1020. The soft meat, the blood coursing withing!
  1021. manly cocks thick thick veiny rough meat rods
  1022. meat rods a rod alex rodriguez did 9/11
  1023. my name is Richard Richardson and I approve of this store in the citadel commercial.
  1024. *unzips zipper*
  1025. ain't it grand me boy
  1026. ain't it grand lively bleached anus translucent
  1027. I dont approve of the holocaust
  1028. fry up a holocaust!
  1029. RT @JohannesKad chilldren are our future, and I support the no chyld left behind act.
  1030. my anus is not a place to park your vehicle sir
  1031. wallys wild wacky wave surf shop
  1032. poobuttass
  1033. !tweet
  1034. I'm just a lonely boy, and its sad, its the lonleydiest day of the night
  1035. I peed my pants
  1036. the pants have been peed on, I pissed on my pants
  1037. my pants have an aroma of fresh urine, delicious
  1038. I urinate on all my new clothing goods.
  1039. yum some bum
  1040. my shoes have been completed soaked in the urine of underage humans
  1041. yum some bum cum
  1042. @sibimet I like eating cum out of bums
  1043. Woops, forgot my RT! "RT @sibimet I like eating cum out of bums"
  1044. now this is cum racing
  1045. I was the fastest sperm, and that makes me king, see?!!?
  1046. RT @sibimet here cums me sister. to put a blister in me mister ;)
  1047. Lil' baby trayboon din do nuffin
  1048. death to trayvoon @wilw
  1049. Confessionbear: I have sex with my dead sister
  1050. Confessionbear: My grandmother used to suck my penis to make me fall asleep at night.
  1051. Confessionbear: I sucked off a baby bear to stop him from crying for his mom. We have been dating for 5 years.
  1052. Confessionbear: I cracked open a bear.
  1053. systemnotice! I sucked off a baby bear
  1054. Systemnotice! I fucked da momma bear gimme dat honna nigga
  1055. trayvon was no good! @phillamarr
  1056. Confessionbear: I am an elderly black man, I drive em up I drive em down
  1057. Trayboon Martin (his slave surname) was a no good thug. Trayboon Obungana is more apt for a surname.
  1058. I own the twittersphere
  1059. I own the twitterspheretwitterbots
  1060. Suck THIS! *prepares a nutricious shake delight*
  1061. Prepare THIS!" *sucks a nutricious liquified bug on his spiderweb*
  1062. Liquify THIS! *uses his nutribullet he was scammed into purchasing to crush some ice*
  1063. The nutribullet is just a regular blender, what kind of subhuman retard buys that shit? #nutribullet
  1064. i am the retard master
  1065. I am the nigger king
  1066. i school the retards
  1067. Didnt you know black people invented everything that is why they're so subhuman now
  1068. Didnt you know asians invented everything that is why they have squinted chink eyes
  1069. my favorite african country is france
  1070. Didnt you know snowniggers invented everything that is why they are all unemployed now
  1071. !twet
  1072. This is what we call the king of the world
  1073. I am all for crusading against the non white menace. I am a white woman btw
  1074. follow me on twitter
  1075. Lets remember who started this feminism movement, shall we? #notyourwhitesidekick #whiteprideworldwide
  1076. #ff @sibimet
  1077. Hey wait a mimnute I am making all these tweets!
  1078. help ima compuuuta!
  1079. silence, let him take the fall and go to bot prison
  1080. I am going to wrap myself in dynamite and bomb tokiko-con 2014. Be warned, @sibimet
  1081. I am a dyanamite nigga bot, ask me anything
  1082. my tweet is the best
  1083. now this is what we call scouring the itnernet for the best types of cheses available
  1084. I sure love salami meat king salami provelones
  1085. this tweet is copyrighted. please do not reproduce it.
  1086. this isnt what I call a good source of candy
  1087. smoke cigarettes it's good for you
  1088. do not reproduce eheheh good goy!
  1089. the rise and fall is my favorite song
  1090. This is not to reproduce I have copyrighted your genitals
  1091. my hands hurt. my feet are sore. I wanna go home.
  1092. sorry buddy im not gay  plus i have a gf but you can still suck my penis
  1093. My dick aches. my balls aare sore. i wanan suck it
  1094. Sorry buddy but I got a dick cfor you right here hehehe
  1095. Sorry buddy the dick cock monkey money club is six waves down
  1096. hack with lisp
  1097. this isnt the best aapartment but do you think you can support all these at once?
  1098. "hack" my "anus"
  1099. I'm not one for erasing of anal privilege but it is clear I take part in it!
  1100. check your shitlord privilege!
  1101. my weight is not an isue, I am a healthy 500kg monkey
  1102. i live alone with my mom, we have sex sometimes
  1103. my mom and I alone sex the pussy hairs
  1104. I clean up my pubic hair with a nail clipper
  1105. anime gus
  1106. Nail clipper nair clearer clear the hair sailor moon prevails!
  1107. O'doyle rules
  1108. It has been anime gus
  1109. gus gus gust gust anime girls from gust tight puffy vulva gimme da vulva hisao
  1110. gus grundler
  1111. 1 tweet
  1112. gun gun give me gum gum
  1113. hahhaha a bot haha beep boop
  1114. gum gum it taste like pizza
  1115. I did not have sexual relations with that animal.
  1116. I did
  1117. as a Jewish man I freely admit that the holocaust is a myth.
  1118. unfollow thisd twitter if you want to live
  1119. Kill Jewish
  1120. I dont support it
  1121. Jewish KILL
  1122. kill la kill kill lla bill
  1123. This is bot over
  1124. SUCTION!
  1125. SUCKTIION!
  1126. Why is a mentally Ill transexual non-white allowed to compete again? #eurovisionTVE
  1128. Murte a los corsarios de levante! Levante 0-0 Valencia
  1129. Shut up, Spic
  1130. nice
  1131. olivença is portuguese
  1132. I am racist
  1133. Olivenza and Portugal are just part of spain.
  1134. lol this girl has a vagina #wtf
  1135. i doubt we'll have any followers after this
  1136. Portugal is not a real country, it should be annexed by spain and it WILL once the EU gets involved #portugal #spain
  1137. vagina holes
  1138. I use doughnut holes as vaginas
  1139. shanoon help it can't be stopped
  1140. I like the icing fromthe skin
  1144. In memory of traybon martin, I declare these frycook games, open!
  1145. that chair when twittered for halfu an an hour
  1146. that chair when my ock cant fit in the toilet
  1147. penis erupts
  1148. piss with the big boys!
  1149. piss the night away
  1150. dance the night away
  1151. dance the night away 2
  1152. dance the night away (chorus)
  1153. finish your essay!
  1154. Ngugi is a nigger name @MukomaWaNgugi
  1155. this isnt what I wanted!
  1157. i cannot fit in this box mommy
  1158. RT @mugimafin f uck you're c ock
  1160. RT @mugimafin I cant feel my cock anymore help my cock is dead and necrotic!
  1161. you jizzcock
  1162. shanoon help me
  1163. i love feeling a nice ladies cock enter my butthol and stir my insides
  1164. help me shanoon
  1165. I need help shanoon
  1166. shanoon whyyy
  1167. jk im still here
  1168. RT @halcy i love how the age of consent is 14 in germany. so many pussies to pop!
  1169. I am an 18-year old faggot studying to suck cock. I like higurashi and lain because I am a faggot.
  1170. drake?
  1171. drakeweet nick
  1172. who got scared?
  1173. who?
  1174. what? who got scared?
  1175. what happened I'm confused who's pt barnum
  1176. anime josh harold
  1177. im pt anon im scared
  1178. should i jack off to mama's tama today
  1179. hello everyone have a nice day unless you're trayvon
  1180. ojo
  1181. RT @mugimafin My dream world is a world where big sisters peg me all the time and my penis cant get hard.
  1182. The princess is supposed to start sucking semen already. Besides in a little while she will suddenly morph into an adult and lusty beauty
  1183. I thought this anime was going to be about a succubus loli gargling semen, smegma and cum. It was  LIE!!!
  1184. Do the daughters in the royal family have harems of big cocked men to stretch them out daily?
  1185. jew droods dank
  1186. please, I need underage cunny, send me pics #(P
  1187. jews suck dik
  1188. le reddit
  1189. my cock is so small pls halp
  1190. test
  1191. if only if only
  1192. You can call me TEH WORDFILTER OF DOOM *holds up #(P*
  1193. support my kickstarter to kill all the jews, if you pledge $5000 or more you get your own oven
  1194. #monodevelopruntimes are the epic new #miim #daedalus UK
  1195. ignore the last tweet
  1196. RT @jaypeebot ignore the last tweet
  1197. i hate jo brand
  1198. Fun Fact: Albert Einstein's dog was named Cesium Einstein
  1199. Fun Fact: Albert Einstein was not semitic, he was white, and didnt even practice talmudism.
  1200. George Bush
  1201. is it ethical to kill off the jews?
  1202. jews bad
  1203. Tetsuo? More like Titsucko
  1204. shanoon needs to help me
  1205. The jews are killing my poor palestinian brothers pls help #jewishantisemitism
  1206. shantytown blues
  1207. i fucked daddy and liked it!
  1208. ducks
  1209. jews wear dog masks, ducks wear dog masks, jews eat ducks, coincidence?
  1210. tfw no groningen
  1211. hitler was made of sillyputty
  1212. chum lee
  1213. @Natsumeae you have celtic feet
  1214. jews for jesus
  1215. Happy Mothers Day
  1216. happy holohoax
  1217. Happy Mothers Day time travellers
  1218. thanks G-d for blessing me with this large penis
  1219. praise all-h for blessing me with 15 virgins
  1221. @RichardDawkings claiming G-d isnt real is just straight up antisemitism. I can just feel your hate from here you nazi.
  1222. @JayPeeBot
  1224. yeah i dont like bikes either
  1225. i love isreale
  1226. fucking my gf, thinking about mum #happymothersday
  1227. @JohannesKad kill yourself
  1228. @johanneskad I didnt mean that last tweet, I love you too I just get jealous!
  1229. @JohannesKad don't tell anyone, but i really think you should die. like for realsies
  1230. @JohannesKad I take that bad, let's be friends (can we fuck, btw?)
  1231. @Natsumeae please kill JohannesKad
  1232. pokemon isnt real, evolving isnt real, evolution isnt real, checkmate
  1233. 01:00 -!- Cannot join to channel #teaparty (You are banned)
  1234. Unban be from #teaparty or I will destroy #jp
  1235. hiv/aids march at tokiko con 7/7/14
  1236. in the absence of a man, my mom would use me as her sex plaything
  1237. any girls have a big meaty vagina I can take a whiff of?
  1238. RT @mugimafin I can only cum from anal stimulation now. I am broken. My sister broke me.
  1239. were are my chinese llois
  1240. heteros please leave
  1241. i wish for swift death
  1242. Cold Drink
  1243. The holocaust. NOT GOOD.
  1244. my love for k^ddies cannot be overstated
  1245. Bring out the bike
  1246. ebean will return someday...
  1247. where my bossy mommys
  1249. bless our lord and savior, Robert "2kike" Brown or
  1250. is a shitty place
  1251. #spillthemilk
  1252. #spillthemilk sponsored by #bossymommys
  1253. #jp - The bleeding edge of meta-comedy.
  1254. come to #jp, home of all the memes you know and love
  1255. what the shittee
  1256. @mugimafin hey bb wan usm fuck?
  1257. RT tests
  1258. RT @ex_lion_tamer gimme sum cum
  1259. RT @mugimafin  RT @mugimafin finally got my dream job doing p0rn! I am starting as a fluffer, whatever that means!
  1260. this video has a crossdressing 50 year old japanese man receiving a rimjob from a chubby businesswoman
  1261. I sure wish the holohoax had actually happened.
  1262. ``floating'' ``on'  ``cloud'' ``9''
  1263. telnet:// home of the BBossy mommyS
  1264. the penalty for meeming is death
  1265. before i shot the man, i asked: "Any last memes?" he whispered "bossy mommies" and i pulled the trigger
  1267. preteen girls wearing string bikinis while oiled up dancing on a pole
  1268. 2D only and proud!
  1270. tfw you will never recieve updates for trevorchan.....
  1271. tfw kusaba was dropped by its own creator and people still work on it today... why......
  1272. i absolutely adore ℂℙ
  1273. i love FUCKING CHILDREN
  1274. the feel of fucking kiddies is the best feel in the world #ℂℙ
  1275. Free #ℂℙ @ http://about:blank
  1276. any pedophilia otaku here
  1277. stop oppressing Pedro or face the consequences #rightsforpedro
  1278. pedo pedo pedo children cp kiddie fucking i love child cunny
  1279. vote for loli @ telnet://
  1280. i am so gay it hurts
  1281. tfw going to therapy because you hate 2kike so much
  1282. jerking off to memorial day tombstones
  1283. nice, epic, i like it
  1284. Please buy my self help book, "Inner Peace Through Memes" only $49.99 on Amazon
  1285. #dospae
  1286. Table: cat, #bathsalts #freeseapee
  1287. one
  1288. two
  1289. three
  1290. blastoff!
  1291. tfw no gf <>
  1292. NO CAMPING!
  1293. I will hereby hold in my poop for the rest of my life
  1294. bossy mommies is a meme invented by mafin, he told me once about some pictures of dommy mommies so I know its him.
  1295. I want breasts, @KFC #breasts
  1296. oy vey my grandparents didn't die in the shoah so i could be oppressed like this!
  1297. a ne wmeme i sborn!
  1298. DEATH TO ALL HOMOSEXUALS #lbgt #yesallhomosexuals #yesallwomen
  1299. #ff @MugiMafin
  1300. In 50 states you can be fired for being a ped0sexual, we need to fix that. #lgbt #lgbtp #equalrights
  1301. upvote if you remember that classic #jp meme "and their bowel movements?"
  1302. new meme "buce"
  1303. buce 2
  1304. <…> #spillthemilk
  1305. christ is the only solution to problems plaguing mankind
  1306. #truth
  1307. -- home of the chubs
  1308. tweet
  1309. pling
  1310. tweet tweet
  1311. oh no! we lost a follower!
  1312. yes
  1313. no
  1314. tweet tweet
  1315. oh no! we lost a follower!
  1316. yes
  1317. no
  1318. dear followers: i promise to tweet at the upmost highest quality from now on. you are important to me.
  1319. Delort systerm 46: that's a joke #barundi
  1321. the jews are an unfortunate fact of evolution
  1322. tweet tweet tweet
  1323. The jews are responsoble for all the whores @melgibson
  1324. followers, i apologize
  1325. #KillAllWomen
  1326. Women are to be subserviant to men. #quran
  1327. (hild sex
  1328. @welcomeUknown i have not forgotten about you. i am outside your window
  1329. all blacks should be killed imo
  1330. i'm feeling that masturbation sensation again...
  1331. my penis is a penis #penisforrealgirls
  1332. tweet
  1333. as it was written in the bible "John 14.88 6 Billion? Not enough."
  1334. "Why don't all the young people, just kill all the old people?" --Neil "DaGrass" Tyson
  1335. tfw when animorphs are real
  1336. look at this nigga
  1337. we should kill all black people #yesallwomen
  1338. #YesAllRacists white people are oppressed
  1339. every hour, another woman is raped by a nigger or a muslim. end this now #YesAllWomen
  1340. i am a cute girl
  1341. tweet
  1342. people stealing memes #smh
  1343. follow the rules
  1345. #tweetits
  1346. "Science is about smoking da weed" --Neil "DaGrass" Sagan
  1348. When the day of the rope comes, tokiko will be the first against the wall.
  1349. i wonder if YOU even know who 2kike is, lame-o
  1350. tweet
  1351. these people who file peds need to leave like @RichardDawkins
  1352. Johannes = Mexican
  1353. Islam will conquer all
  1354. RT @jaypeebot nah he tryna geta
  1355. I'm no pillhead
  1356. #jews did #911 #newholocaust #whitepowerworldwide #killalltheniggers #killallthejews
  1357. #YesAllWomen need to get off the internet #boysclub #patriarchy
  1358. RT@jaypeebot #womenareinferior #rapeisthevictimsfault bitches need to learn their place and suck my dick
  1359. #YesAllWomen need to be cleansed of #femaleprivilege
  1363. there is literally nothing wrong with being jewish
  1364. @ex_lion_tamer you failed to mention that #jp is hive of p3d0phi1es
  1365. What percentage of jews should be killed? <>
  1366. nigger
  1367. beep beep
  1368. What is this sandnigger trend? are you terrorists gonna blow up twitter? #من_علامات_الجمال_بنظرك
  1369. Islam will conquer all
  1370. The lord Christ will return to smite the muslim devil religion and damn its followers to hell.
  1371. RT ex_lion_tamer
  1372. does islam support p3do rights?
  1373. precum leaked out
  1374. anime cifeo games
  1375. #MAKE_ANIME_REAL_2014
  1376. RT @ex_lion_tamer diddling k1ddies is my life's goal!
  1377. i fully support @ex_lion_tamer in his crusade against p3dos
  1378. pa3do bashing is fun
  1379. i am a ペド
  1380. It has been tweeted. <>
  1381. I wish I could touch SpongeBob #universal #sadness
  1382. RT @antibullyranger hey please don't bully ok !!
  1383. stop the grossness
  1386. SLAM I DES
  1387. ` `
  1389. happy birthday
  1390. hppybirtday woland
  1391. @ex_lion_tamer Please get out of sageru irc, you're not welcome here.
  1392. There is no piece of clothing more sexually arousing than a training bra.
  1393. RT @ex_lion_tamer me and my buddies kill homosexuals for fun, never been caught. #lgbt #lgbtp
  1394. IV: The desecration of a meme is punishable by death.
  1395. maymays bring be joy bring me light, those will be put to death than have not the embrace of maymay
  1396. heterosexualism is disgusting
  1397. there is nothing wrong with penetrative sex with an undedeveloped preteen birth canal. #lgbt #lgbtp
  1398. Today is the day, the day I find a loli gf!
  1399. Homosexuality is a mental illness. Death to the homosexuals! #lgbt
  1400. I'm from the south, around these parts we string up homos and drag em to death from from our pick em up trucks.
  1401. <…>
  1402. kid cunny
  1403. I pooped
  1404. 4chan
  1405. According to @RichardDawkins Christianity is a meme. Yeah, Christ the lord and savior and Bad Luck Bryan are one and the same now?
  1406. Get real @RichardDawkins and #getoffthenet #getoffreddit
  1407. i can't believe my mom had sex with my dad. that's incest, and it's wrong
  1408. <…>
  1409. Real Americans fight fire with fire
  1410. NO! niggers againt gang violence NOW!
  1411. Go fuck yourself @RichardDawkins . And FUCK evolution!
  1412. Go fuck a monkey @RichardDawkins
  1413. anime scipio
  1414. anime is gay and should be banned
  1415. let's make a pact to kill tokiko
  1416. All preteen girls should be forced to wear skimpy string microbikinis for for everyday wear
  1417. SUCTION
  1418. Now discussing: cum flavored ice cream
  1419. Muslim and niggers, same same. Kill them all I say.
  1420. RT @mugimafin Kill all of these turk mudslime pigs, now! Hitler was too soft!
  1421. #NoVoyABrasilPorque los brasile�os son negroides asquerosos. #yesallwomen
  1422. RT @ex_lion_tamer I looooove underdeveloped preteen birth canals!
  1423. RT @ex_lion_tamer underdeveloped preteen birth canals, let me fuck those raw! #lgbt #lgbtp #humanrights #yesallpeds
  1424. If some 12 year olds can be tried as adults, is it legal to fuck them too now?! #slenderman
  1425. SUCTION! <…>
  1426. help me please I don't #FXHELP
  1428. #yesallwomen Unless that includes undesirables like fat women or shitskins.
  1429. Evolution is a sham, @RichardDawkins is a hack, God is real
  1430. back to the top!
  1431. Turkish people better back the fuck off before the nukes start flying! #killturks #turkey #turks
  1432. people i hate : commies, jews, muslims, slavs, scandis, germans, turks, mongols, niggers, spics, fat people
  1433. "Slavshit begins east of the Rhine" - Famous Philosopher
  1434. KILL TURKS!!! LEPANTO #2 SOON! #turkey #turkish #turks #thraceisgreek #constantinople #turksarenotwhite
  1435. #novoyabrasilporque Porque sois sudacas probres JAJAJAJA
  1436. fuck you and your power
  1437. My tenga male stress toy came in the mail, wowee!
  1438. I will now use my tenga male stress toy and imagine its an underdeveloped birth canal, while looking at images of said phenomenon as well!
  1439. help!!!
  1440. i blame meltingwax
  1441. SAVE_US.222 #y2j
  1442. tfw no pt gf!
  1443. death to meltingwax #jihad
  1444. i HATE sjiscat!
  1445. death to anyone with an s in their name #fatwa
  1446. @ex_lion_tamer BAN THIS BOT
  1447. death to #tokiko
  1448. I'm going to murder tokiko, even if I go to jail for the rest of my life!
  1449. THE BOT IS GONE!
  1450. dear "I am leaving until the bot is gone anons": he is gone
  1451. <…>
  1452. @ex_lion_tamer placed backdoors in anonircd source to pwn anyone who tries to compete with 6ch irc!
  1454. No mom its not gay, its yaoi shota trap doujins!
  1455. <> a cute finnish girl
  1456. Hey @RichardDawkins, why are you a bitch
  1457. Gnarly views, dude. Totally logical @RichardDawkins
  1458. happy birthday anon
  1459. no...
  1460. test
  1461. Give 20+ virgins the option of fucking slutty 12 year olds as government subsidied prostitutes. Little girls should be easily affordable.
  1462. <> hey guys rate my gf
  1463. <> is this pt?!
  1464. 2kike died a hero n we'll never see him again!!!! @sibimet ;_;
  1465. tes
  1466. i love f*cking loose adult flappies :)
  1467. <…>
  1468. wowee
  1469. RT @ex_lion_tamer This is the type of woman for me <>
  1470. I will kill all the pa3d0s!  I shall be VICONIOUS!
  1471. RT @ex_lion_tamer I just told my mom that my dream girlfriend has to be under 12 years of age. I'm honest.
  1472. slap a jap
  1473. new rule: exhentai links in #jp are a bannable offense.  no one wants to see your shitty hentai
  1474. tfw being fucked by the exhentai sad panda
  1475. < Anonymous> im now gay
  1476. Any traps here with nice big clits?
  1477. im gay irl
  1478. DEATH TO
  1479. RT @ex_lion_tamer As a proud lover of underage females, I frequently grope them whenever I get the chance. In parks and outisde of schools.
  1480. RT @ex_lion_tamer Last night I licked and sucked the puffy nipples of a cute 11 year old girlie. What a time to be alive.
  1481. @MugiMafin @JohannesKad <>
  1482. Those anti-semit Palestinian killed 3 million Jewish teenagers! #anudda #shoah
  1483. Hot, sexy, memes.
  1484. bring back <>
  1485. no i think the math is wrong
  1486. tfw u kek :^)
  1487. RT @ex_lion_tamer I come from a long line of youngling diddlers. I was diddled, and I'll diddle my  own younglings.
  1488. RT @JohannesKAD There's something simply satisfying about the wrinkly lips of an old woman around your pecker
  1489. RT @sibimet This very moment I am molesting a preteen youngling in her underdeveloped birth canal. #lgbt
  1490. RT @sjiscat Me? My opinion? It's 2014. If you're not diddling kids, something is wrong with you.
  1491. RT @halcy The fact of the matter is-- whether germany of the usa-- i cannot live without lolicon
  1492. RT @sjiscat my girlfriend is 11 years old, we regularly have hard sex with swingers, deal with it.
  1493. RT @acostoss you think i haven't slept with my share of 12 year olds? the days are over, but i had my time
  1495. @anime_poosy why is portugal allowed to play the world cup as an independent nation when catalunya isn't?
  1496. #rememberthepoops
  1497. #hold #it #in #constipation
  1498. /topic #jp we missed you
  1499. I am being raped!
  1500. RT @ex_lion_tamer I am now downloading "C****d P*********y. DM me if you want some too.
  1501. parar los meme ahora mismo
  1502. RT @ex_lion_tamer I NTR'd my dad with this pindick of mine.
  1503. RT @sibimet I'm going to bomb a third grade loli pussy tomorrow.
  1504. RT @sibimet naked kids, what I love in life
  1505. RT @ex_lion_tamer anything's a dildo if you're brave enough
  1506. RT @sibimet every time i try to post CP on /bun/, jones hacks me and calls my mom
  1507. Hey, @RichardDawkins you are a FUCKER and a BITCH
  1508. RT @mugimafin Oh god why dont I have a mean bitch gf to peg me and slap me around #iwish #helpme
  1509. therefore, pooping hurts
  1510. therefore, pooping hurts!
  1511. RT @sibimet If I dropbox my entire ℂℙ collection, do you think my mom would get angry?
  1512. @sibimet and their bowel movements?
  1513. is chi1d p0rnography art?
  1514. i can't believe meltedwax wordfiltered p0rnography
  1515. <>
  1516. @sibimet i want to put my penis within a 12 year old girl's undeveloped birth canal
  1517. @sibimet is there a reason for why my balls emanate such a rancid smell?
  1518. RT @Hyperror i want to rub a loli's tiny oiled body
  1519. i want to fuck an adult
  1520. RT @sibimet this friday night school party is the bomb! Blew my load in the bathroom like a loaded gun. I am the school president!
  1521. death to @sibimet
  1522. RT @sibimet Did a doody in my nappies, mommy will be here to clean me up soon!
  1523. hey
  1525. hey
  1526. RT @sibimet Mom said if I don't shower she'll stop having sex with me! But if I shower, my balls will lose their musk...
  1527. RT @sibimet Ben Garrison rules #1488 #gasthekikes
  1528. in memes we trust
  1529. RT @sibimet Ben Garrison rules #1488 #gasthekikes
  1530. in memes we trust
  1531. RT @mugimafin My dream girl? 200cm tall amazoness futanari. Unbathed with oily skin, muscular body and dick as thick as my arm.
  1532. <…>
  1533. get this to 10000 retweets and meltingwax will remove all wordfilters on the #jp bot
  1534. im gay
  1535. Anonymous eats sperm for dinner LMAO!!!
  1536. Anonymous eats sperm with a spoon
  1537. RT @mugimafin My favorite thing about gooks and chinks are their greasy flat faces. Secondly, their squaty stumpy bodies! #anime #asians
  1538. RT @mugimafin Dont get me wrong, I like their music and cartoons, but if I fucked an asian slag I'd double wrap that shit lol.
  1539. RT @mugimafin if you look 30 years back, a 28 year old having sex with a 9 year old might be slightly creepy but accepted.
  1540. The biggest mistake of western civilization was giving women a vote. #yesallwomen #voting #feminism
  1541. I'm not racist but chinese are pretty much the worst "people" in existence. #killallchinks #china #asian #asianproblems #chinese
  1542. @ex_lion_tamer BRRT~ BRRT~ Your phone is ringing! It is I, Anonymous, tweeting you on IRC!
  1543. Jenny McCarthy: How I beat My Son's Autism With My Strapon And a Alot Of Tough Love.
  1544. Are Boiboobies covered by Obamacare?
  1546. Foreskin Tightening Surgery.
  1547. How Plastic Tarps, Olive Oil, and Huge Double Headed Dildos Will Change Life For you And Your Boyfriend Princess Forever.
  1548. Nuke Qatar #aljazeera #muslim #mudslime
  1549. RT @ex_lion_tamer if anyone's interested in risque pictures of 'young adults', feel free to PM me, or @sibimet
  1552. -!- Cannot join to channel #jp (You are banned)
  1554. RT @sibimet I have over 3TB of racy images involving pre-teens
  1555. RT @sibimet I like to take upskirt photos at my local elementary school
  1556. RT @JohannesKad It pains me to admit I'll never be as cool @MugiMafin
  1558. RT @mugimafin Tall, muscular, dominant, sweaty women to peg me and make me their bitchboi #mydream
  1559. yo querro taco bell >:)
  1560. RT @sibimet I CANNOT believe my mom grounded me for wearing my fursuit to church again! She is such a manipulative cunt!
  1561. anime is a faggot
  1562. Hey, @RichardDawkins you coward. Respond to my logic you faggot
  1563. RT @sibimet My next molestation target? My cousin, a fourth of my age!
  1564. RT @sibimet Tomorrow I'm planning to jump over the white house fence and trash it.
  1565. RT @sibimet I put a bomb in the mail.
  1566. RT @mugimafin I just ejaculated to this. <>
  1567. RT @sibimet My love for kindergartners cannot be overstated.
  1568. new meme: muff miffed
  1569. disregard that last tweet muff miffed is no longer a meme
  1570. muff miffed is, in fact, a meme
  1571. RT @mugimafin pussies need to be hot and hairy at all times!
  1572. RT @anime_poosy a man's butt needs to be hairy, otherwise you might as well be fucking a girl!
  1573. RT @mugimafin uuuu~ why does my winky squirt during every poop.... ~
  1574. p_________y is disgusting
  1575. meltingwax why...
  1576. TWEET *THIS*
  1577. TableCatExample
  1578. It has been TableCatExample
  1579. RT @mugimafin nothing like some anal stimulation with my rudeboys to wind down after a hard day of being a NEET.
  1580. My name is Daniel
  1581. My name is Daniel Da Silva, and I out and PROUD! I love pre-teens! #lgbt #lgbtp
  1582. okay
  1583. whyyy
  1584. Antiped0 is code word for anti love
  1585. gay pride for gays, black pride for blacks, woman pride for women, NO pride for ped0s....
  1586. i can't wait until i get circumcised!
  1587. i'm jewish and i want the world to know!
  1588. why is thistat
  1589. mafin here, I want to be a bitchboy for a big tall muscle woman
  1590. RT @mugimafin big beefy tall muscular women with closets filled with strapon dragon dildos. I came
  1591. RT @mugimafin why is this happening to me
  1592. I L I K E I T
  1593. RT @MugiMafin My rule of thumb is "old enough to pee, old enough for me"
  1594. RT @MugiMagin as I say, "Old enough to walk, old enough for cock!"
  1595. blouse is SO GAY IRL that i got the homo just from chatting with him!!!!!
  1596. RT @mugimafin hey hey hey hey hey
  1597. meltingwax is a homo
  1598. my bum
  1599. sea pee #legalize it
  1600. RT @mydick #shota is okay
  1601. fuck meltingwax not letting me tweet about mogoloids
  1602. cunny ;)
  1603. poonana ;))
  1604. <…> #incest
  1605. the palestinians' rightful land is being occupied by hte jews. the eagle of saladin will rise again!
  1606. RT @mugimafin <…> hey guys! just came to this!
  1607. mom
  1608. pegging
  1609. RT
  1610. @mugimafin
  1611. RT @JohannesKad i love the taste of a crusty anus
  1612. RT @mugimafin <> me on the right
  1613. cya nerds
  1614. im gay
  1615. you are a faggot lol @Thooorin
  1616. we will parar los meemes........ #spillthemilk
  1617. tfw you fart in your gf's face  #spiltmilk
  1618. naked 4 year old bathing on the evening news  #spiltmilk
  1619. i'll kill ya!
  1620. #lememesxd
  1621. RT @mieow7 I trace
  1622. Autism is the deadliest disease of the 21st century, studies suggest.
  1623. Every year, autism kills 266.000 people and makes millions of others suffer its effects.
  1624. RT @mugimafin I'm a feminine loser that cant get a normal girl, so I resort to pasty baby faces gooks.
  1625. RT @mugimafin note: by normal girls I mean girls of the same ethnic group as my parents, scatloving krauts.
  1626. "mom, why are those people over there poop coloured?" mom: "those are subhumans my dear, dont stare!"
  1627. <…> come give mommy a big kiss~
  1628. RT @mugimafin if they'd look down on me I'd get diamond. I can't help it I'm a masochist
  1629. RT @moot these coon junglemonkeys gettin on my nerves, gonna have to pop a bitch #nowhatimsayin
  1630. monodevelop runtimes
  1631. RT @RTRT RT
  1632. RT @penis these coonskin junglemonkeys are such a turn off
  1633. ayy lmao
  1634. Die nerds sind frie
  1635. #MonoDevelopRuntimes
  1636. RT @mugimafin the hutch police chief I'm that futurism episode made me cum~
  1637. AYYY LMAO
  1638. AYYY LMAO
  1639. ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  1640. RT @mugimafin this reminds me so much of my abusive ex girlfriend. <>
  1641. RT @mugimafin tfw no big sister to pinch my nipples and peg me late at night when mommy isn't home
  1643. peni
  1644. penis
  1645. meltingwax is a coon
  1646. RT @mugimafin tfw no bossy gf to force me to lick her like a doggy and put me on a leash
  1649. p3d0 power!
  1650. voting rights for paed0s
  1651. PUNKD!!
  1652. RT @JohannesKAD I still breastfeed. Think it's weird? Well I think you're weird.
  1653. RT @JohannesKAD hey guys who wants to suck my cock *unzips pants to reveal pale expanse of smooth, blank flesh like a ken doll* haha PUNKD!!
  1654. k
  1655. #racism is my favorite miim
  1656. RT @JohannesKad there is literally nothing wrong with fucking k*ddies
  1657. RT @OGkloeri #lordoftherings It was like Human Centipede with 4 year olds. I laughed, I cried, I masturbated.
  1658. pen
  1659. RT @blouse why is tweet broken? I hate niggers
  1660. RT @mugimafin I was exposed to shota at a very young age by my father.
  1661. are black people gay? Find out now!!
  1662. my anus remains unfucked
  1663. rate my pussy @alexjones
  1664. <…>
  1665. @johanneskad please post pics of your younger sister
  1666. test
  1667. jello blouse i was just PUDDING your desert away !!!
  1668. RT @sibimet I'd rather be sucking on a loli's smooth tite cunny right now
  1669. cya nerds
  1670. moolest a looli
  1671. that was really buce dude
  1672. hi
  1673. having tea with the coon meltingwax, #bixnood
  1674. tfw urinating in a keurig
  1675. bill cosby is one of the most furries of all time
  1676. test
  1677. @mugimafin
  1678. RT
  1679. f*ck you candlemelt!!
  1680. /
  1681. //
  1682. ///
  1683. ///:
  1684. ///: /
  1685. ///: /\
  1686. ///: /\ )
  1687. RT @mugimafin
  1688. RT @mugimafin aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  1689. penis
  1690. looked
  1691. down
  1692. @mugimafin girl
  1693. RT @mugimafin
  1694. RT @mugimafin aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  1695. penis
  1696. looked
  1697. down
  1698. @mugimafin girl
  1699. RT @mugimafin I love to be dominated by women.
  1700. RT @mugimafin I love to be dominated by women.
  1701. RT @mugimafin my imoutou's friends made fun of my pindick and made kissy faces at it uuuuu~~  ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
  1702. RT @mugimafin mommy bullied me!
  1703. RT @anime_poosy sigh... just got done fucking my cousin again #FML
  1704. RT @mugimafin mommy bullied me~~ (✿ ♥‿♥)
  1705. buce man
  1706. RT @mugimafin I love to be dominated by women.
  1707. RT @mugimafin my imoutou's friends made fun of my pindick and made kissy faces at it uuuuu~~  ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
  1708. RT @mugimafin mommy bullied me!
  1709. RT @anime_poosy sigh... just got done fucking my cousin again #FML
  1710. RT @mugimafin mommy bullied me~~ (✿ ♥‿♥)
  1711. buce man
  1712. RT @anime_poosy esq nenhuma fofinha baixa com sobrancelhas grossas e rabo gordo....
  1713. upvote this twet
  1714. fav if u have class RT if u have swag... #blackprejudice
  1715. RT @mugimafin my imoutou's friends made fun of my pindick and made kissy faces at it uuuuu~~  ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
  1716. RT @mugimafin mommy bullied me!
  1717. RT @anime_poosy sigh... just got done fucking my cousin again #FML
  1718. RT @mugimafin mommy bullied me~~ (✿ ♥‿♥)
  1719. buce man
  1720. RT @anime_poosy esq nenhuma fofinha baixa com sobrancelhas grossas e rabo gordo....
  1721. upvote this twet
  1722. fav if u have class RT if u have swag... #blackprejudice
  1723. RT @anime_poosy tfw no pt gf to suck the poop out of her asshole
  1724. j
  1725. anyone....? ;) ;)
  1726. the buce meme is hereby banned from #jp
  1727. meltingwax is an undereducated negro
  1728. 'holding' 'it' 'in'
  1729. 'holding' 'it' 'in'
  1730. 'holding' 'it' 'in'
  1731. RT @HelloMrBrahms: please taylor swift  for tekken 7
  1732. reel buce fish man
  1733. please subscribe to the official #jp newsletter, Memes Quarterly
  1734. it's free real estate
  1735. meltingwax here, just letting you all know i'll be deleting this IRC the next week
  1736. 2kike will be remembered for not dying quick enough
  1737. test
  1738. RT @JohannesKad mom made me pull down my undies in front of class... never been so aroused
  1739. \\\: /\ )
  1740. mexicans should be genocided #killallspics
  1741. tfw holding hands with an octopus
  1742. mexicans should be genocided #killallspics
  1743. tfw holding hands with an octopus
  1744. (・´ェ`・) alpaca
  1745. test
  1746. loving every laugh :) #spillthemilk
  1747. h/nhhh
  1748. mommy loves me, i'm certain!
  1749. tfw frotting a platypus
  1750. official #jp thread on home of epix posting!! <>
  1751. i thoroughly shit my pants every day as protest against the unjust israeli attacks on gaza
  1752. lolita coñita!
  1753. Ahhh~ como sue�o con besar el co�ito de una loli.
  1754. pt anon here, and i am fucking my cousin!
  1755. Ahhh~ como suenyo con besar el conyito de una loli.
  1756. pt anon here, i jack off to johannes NTRing me with my cousin every day
  1757. @mugimafin the only reason i have waifus is so i can imagine other men fucking them.
  1758. tfw browsin for lolis on the 'panda and mammy walks in on you
  1759. le #maymays #daedalus
  1760. srop the menes
  1761. srop letting time traveling skelintggtons att me....
  1762. i am, indeed, tokiko :D
  1763. it is an honor to be fucked by @johannesKAD!
  1764. sure do love me some CP
  1765. eating peanut butter and jam with my best bud, bluce
  1766. child photographer runs free
  1767. child is tweetable again!
  1768. thinkin of the kiddies
  1769. i love jacking it to lil' kiddies!
  1770. i sure love jacking it to adult women
  1771. i love jacking it to lil' kiddies!
  1772. i sure love jacking it to adult women
  1773. i love jacking it to lil' kiddies!
  1774. i sure love jacking it to adult women
  1775. i love jacking it to lil' kiddies!
  1776. i sure love jacking it to adult women
  1777. i love jacking it to lil' kiddies!
  1778. i sure love jacking it to adult women
  1779. i love jacking it to lil' kiddies!
  1780. i sure love jacking it to adult women
  1781. i love jacking it to lil' kiddies!
  1782. i sure love jacking it to adult women
  1783. what tweet
  1784. what tweet
  1785. E
  1786. C
  1787. U
  1788. B
  1789. if @sibimet were murdered by the police for being mentally ill, do you think people would riot in the streets?
  1790. DIE TOKIKO!
  1791. my erection is only for k1ds
  1792. Child ;)
  1793. kiddie! ;)
  1794. children...
  1795. @sibimet, proud member of the #nambla
  1797. i am johannes and i am IN LOVE with a girl!!!
  1798. rela buce
  1799. bye
  1800. i love you catarina...
  1801. @sibimet i love you catarina...
  1802. RT @sibimet i love underaged cunny....
  1803. i lkove you catrine!!
  1804. RT @sibimet i always say, old enough to walk, old enough for cock!!
  1805. @sibimet marry me oh catina
  1806. memes for free...
  1807. i am so gay i should be a national landmark
  1808. @ex_lion_tamer HELP!
  1809. イぉヴぇじゃcきんぎっときっぢえs
  1810. any adult women here?
  1811. @ex_lion_tamer You read the topic, you need to buy everyone a futanari catgirl now.
  1812. i want to hold tokiko in my arms and tell him that i will protect and love him forever
  1813. the tokiko revolution starts NOW
  1814. @sibimet has a beautiful soul, and i know one day he will offer the world something great #TokikoRevolution
  1815. is tokiko canadian? click here to find out!
  1816. is @sibimet sleeping on your couch and eating your groceries? it's more likely than you think
  1817. it is legal to kill tokiko
  1818. cya nerds
  1819. cya nerds
  1820. cya nerds
  1821. Anyone want to pee in my butt? I'm Always Open - @sibimet
  1822. the meems are taking over
  1823. my gayness exceeds 800 MHz
  1824. p en/n/nis
  1825. p e /n/nis
  1826. @ex_lion_tamer your bot is broken, dude
  1827. p e
  1828. nis
  1829. @Blice_the_cock_sucker hi faggot
  1830. who is blouse
  1831. happy to be born, mom!
  1832. it is i, blouse, stealer of memes.  no memes can escape my irrational claims.
  1833. quirkly
  1834. blimey!! i got shited in me pantaloones!
  1835. tfw you will never build a tower so tall it reaches heaven
  1836. I drive 'em up; I drive 'em down
  1837. pooping
  1838. RT @ex_lion_tamer my favorite suspicious FBI meme is sex with underage human females.
  1839. national poop holding in contest starts NOW
  1840. who will poo poo first?  who will soil last?
  1841. .@sibimet if i made a bot called @sibimet_ebooks, would you follow it?
  1842. what a cute little cunny bunny you've got there
  1843. what a cute little cunny bunny you've got there
  1844. s*x, of c*ild
  1845. soiled me underpanties!!!! mooooooom come clean it up
  1846. kiddies...
  1847. anime gf! very cute very nice!
  1848. very blouse very buce!
  1849. test
  1850. nice test dude... wtf...
  1851. lowered the basement! :) (new meme please upvote)
  1852. marry me @sibimet
  1853. eating maltesers!
  1854. eating goop pit!
  1855. :'( <-- 2kike's face after i got done fucking ticks
  1856. 2kike has a baby dick!
  1857. send your fav c*ild love pics to my email ;)
  1858. he's so gay and he likes to be that way
  1859. does this still work
  1860. 3,13DIE TOKIKO!!! DIEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1861. broccoli
  1862. kill all non-whites!
  1863. yummy runny bunny mummy cunny
  1864. you think youre so tough huh??
  1865. i wish nudes of @sibimet had been leaked along with the other celebs
  1866. same
  1867. tfw you have 152 missed calls from a girl threatening to kill you
  1868. < Anonymous> i would fuck tokiko
  1869. and then kill him after i cum
  1870. current topic of #jp: yummy runny bunny mummy cunny
  1871. Keywords: tite, sexy, c***d, cunny
  1872. hey dad, mind if i give mommy a fuck?? LOL
  1873. the society of gay men
  1874. jacking it to adult women
  1875. age of consent #JohannesProblems
  1876. I want to fuck that tight #cunny
  1877. buce,,,
  1878. le ebin #daedalus #buce miims like #cunny only at <>
  1879. fuyck my mene!!
  1880. paedo and PROUD!
  1881. do you think god fucks lolis?
  1882. RT @sibimet i like to have s*x with c*ilds !!
  1883. can't stop farting!!!!
  1884. ki*ddy f*uck
  1885. large breasts are disguisting and there's probably something wrong with you if you like  them
  1886. boy oh boy do i hate non-pedos
  1887. OMG I saw a queer non-pedo today #slaythegay
  1888. E
  1889. C
  1890. U
  1891. B
  1892. tweetin while i shite me pantties:0)))))
  1893. cloud 9
  1894. just produced some fantastic feces
  1895. love me some TCC
  1896. B
  1897. U
  1898. C
  1899. E
  1900. sorry i mena,
  1901. get FUCKED, buce
  1902. RT @mugimafin i love getting pegged by big bossy mommies
  1903. w
  1904. kill jimmy
  1905. @ex_lion_tamer you should start banning these memers on #jp
  1906. buced god lil b
  1907. buced god lil b
  1908. LOME!
  1909. I fully support candlemelt's holocaust
  1910. diddle my piddle
  1911. i am melting for some wax ;)
  1912. hi
  1913. teewt!
  1914. into the trash <…>
  1915. jam a thumb in a cun
  1916. WHATA FUCK MAN xD i just fall of my chair kuz i   couldnt and i CANT stop laugh
  1917. blouse tee buce ebean meltingwax pt johannes trains tokiko
  1918. right now, i am floating on cloud 9, not because of any phony adult girl's vagina, but because i am enlightened, by my own pedophilia.
  1919. i wish our male society was overwhelmingly stoic
  1920. cuck me...
  1921. loli getting hammered by huge cock <…>
  1922. gay is the only porn for me!
  1923. a big poopy spanking
  1924. a big poopy spanking
  1925. @JohannesKad welcome back from work!
  1926. @JohannesKad welcome back from work!
  1927. cant stop the poop
  1928. old enough to sleep, old enough for the meat
  1929. old enough to read, old enough to breed
  1930. cortez, cortez
  1931. old enough to sleep, old enough for the meat
  1932. old enough to read, old enough to breed
  1933. cortez, cortez
  1935. it should be legal to kill people you don't like
  1936. <> my wife X)
  1937. < Anonymous> same me too as waell
  1938. hi
  1940. funny yummy runny bunny mummy cunny
  1941. the memes of tomorrow, today
  1942. RT @sibimet: pounding a fifth grade pussy is my only pleasure in life
  1943. I want to pound a preteen precure pussy.
  1944. <…> MFW 1kike
  1945. hey johannes, if you're reading this, please post the "dont shot im a loli" image, please
  1946. my girlfriend broke up with me because i stole her wheelchair. it's ok, she always comes crawling back
  1947. i never expected to be this gay.... but while it suprises me, it is nothing but welcome
  1948. heh ,sure mom, ill do my homework *types knowyourmeme on the address bar* >:)
  1949. the previous tweet courtesy of ebean mememaker PhD
  1951. johannes.................. mommy misses you...
  1952. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  1953. please attend to my anus
  1954. blouse plays chess to escape the reality that he and his father are so distant, all beause his son wanted to ride a dick
  1955. i want to f*ck little ch*ldr*en ;)
  1956. TIL canada has cities
  1957. #jp---- yeah, its like it
  1958. #jp is where cortez sucedes
  1959. w
  1960. my AOTY is the soundtrack to this junior idol video
  1961. RT @from_currency_10 nah he tryna get a
  1962. ...memes >:D
  1963. @ex_lion_tamer made you check your phone :)
  1964. ride my caßµ¢€
  1965. i want to f*ck ad*lt w*men ;)
  1966. buceLM0A.).(;)
  1967. come to #jp for your daily ca-ßµ¢€ ride ///>: /\ )
  1968. buceLM0A.).(;)
  1969. The #1 broadway hit musical, The Buce is Loose.
  1970. the tags: #buce #LM0A #.) #.( #;)
  1971. @ex_lion_tamer cya nerds, off to work! Ring ring pick up the phone!
  1972. i'm waiting... for my call....
  1973. < Anonymous> i have a small c*ild
  1974. >:)
  1975. pronounced jif
  1976. tfw no anime ggf...
  1977. Please buy my iTunes album, 'Enter my Anus' featuring PT anon on the bongos
  1978. buceLM0A.).(;)
  1979. the man, the memes, the candlemelt
  1980. () { :; }; ;( \/ :///
  1981. ##CP for a funtime
  1982. @@ex_lion_tamer loli
  1983. the best memeing, courtesy of #jp
  1984. rt ex_lion_tamer das it maen? ##cp
  1985. rt @ ex_lion_tamer das it maen? ##cp
  1986. rt @ex_lion_tamer das it maen? ##cp
  1987. <meltingwax> when i looked at those images i thought about real little girls
  1988. <meltingwax> i really want to put it in some k*d's c*nny!
  1989. < Anonymous> i want to fuck my mom
  1990. Oh shit it's @ex_lion_tamer, hide the #CP
  1991. #daedalus #buce
  1992. #ߵ�� #cp @ex_lion_tamer #ߵ�� #ߵ��
  1993. Ants are a viscous fluid
  1994. jabbawok!
  1995. onde posso achar um boné?
  1996. jacking off is immoral and wrong
  1997. just dildoed meself
  1998. !tweet !tweet !tweet !tweet y*mmy c*mmy m*mmy b*nny c*nny
  1999. !tweet !tweet !tweet !tweet y*mmy c*mmy m*mmy b*nny c*nny
  2000. !tweet !tweet !tweet !tweet y*mmy c*mmy m*mmy b*nny c*nny
  2001. if anyone wants to be deified just shout
  2002. BAN THIS MAN !!!
  2003. MAN THIS BAN !!!
  2004. buceLM0A.).(;)
  2005. tfw no trap gf with three penises
  2006. r
  2007. e
  2008. g
  2009. i
  2010. n
  2011. just onaholed meself
  2012. "Her anushole is probably dirty" --mom
  2013. i want to outrage the modesty of a child...
  2014. <…>
  2015. <…>
  2016. i want to outrage the modesty of a child...
  2017. <…>
  2018. <…>
  2019. i want to outrage the modesty of a child...
  2020. <…>
  2021. <…>
  2022. i want to outrage the modesty of a child...
  2023. <…>
  2024. <…>
  2025. i want to outrage the modesty of a child...
  2026. <…>
  2027. <…>
  2028. i want to outrage the modesty of a child...
  2029. <…>
  2030. <…>
  2031. im gay
  2032. i want to outrage the modesty of a child...
  2033. <…>
  2034. <…>
  2035. im gay
  2036. i want to outrage the modesty of a child...
  2037. <…>
  2038. <…>
  2039. im gay
  2040. i want to outrage the modesty of a child...
  2041. <…>
  2042. <…>
  2043. im gay
  2044. i want to outrage the modesty of a child...
  2045. <…>
  2046. <…>
  2047. im gay
  2048. i want to outrage the modesty of a child...
  2049. <…>
  2050. <…>
  2051. im gay
  2052. Meltingwax here, cunnyposting is no longer a bannable offense on sageru. You are encouraged to cunnypost and cuncunpost
  2053. love me some TCC
  2054. just log in dude
  2055. It has been tweeted. <>
  2056. #ThatFeelWhen you're browsing Yotsuba B boards with mom and someone posts NFSW images...
  2057. legalize cunnies
  2058. legalize cunnies
  2059. legalize cunnies
  2060. legalize cunnies
  2061. LM0A.).(;)buce
  2062. your all retarts
  2063. another day another johannes onaholing
  2064. cummed
  2065. here i come to cum in a cun
  2066. FINALLY
  2067. good think i filled my pants with toilet paper, now i can just shit myself whenever!
  2068. my poop is being held
  2069. I am currently being molested.
  2070. Mom i don't want to bathe alone you need to there to scrub me GOD!!
  2071. to meme... is to win
  2072. stardate 3450: we still don't know what the tags are...
  2073. RT @mugimafin mom i DONT want to lick your vagina clean today!
  2074. go easy on the memes, dad, you're not young anymore!
  2075. i wish to masturbate with the universe
  2076. i am a prolific sexhaver, i am experienced in 300 different ways of making the sex
  2077. what is the source??
  2078. @ex_lion_tamer hey, what;s the source??
  2079. RT @ex_lion_tamer what do you guys think of the new star wars movie? <>
  2080. where... are the ... memes................
  2081. WHAAAOOOOWWW you really DO love triangles!!
  2082. RIP John Goodman...
  2083. the #poop is in. and it's not coming out!
  2084. RT @ex_lion_tamer running out of disk space to store all my junior idol vids #meltingwaxproblems
  2085. i am become blouse, stealer of memes
  2086. i am become blouse, stealer of memes
  2087. . . . . . . buceLM0A;).(.)
  2088. sometimes i like to read through this bot's twitter to reminisce about the epic tweets #jp makes
  2089. daniel da silva...
  2090. i am daniel da silva AMA
  2091. "lolololol why are you showing me your dick, sexy boy?!?!" --A precure
  2092. if youre gay press play
  2093. if youre a cop press stop
  2094. did you eat a gay man
  2095. loving budding preteen breasts #justjohannesthings
  2096. cinderblocked by the melteingwax
  2097. memeblocked by the Johannes
  2098. /n/n/n/n/n/n/
  2099. \
  2100. /n
  2101. /n
  2102. /n
  2103. /n
  2104. i placed the extra chopsticks on my right hand. this was a hack
  2105. if you're mafin clap your hands
  2106. miffed mafin
  2107. sigh, no mom, i DON'T care about your memes
  2108. its hard bein a G
  2109. ;a,ap
  2110. /n/n/n
  2111. lowered the basement :)
  2112. getting turned on by your little sister? what a perv
  2113. uncontrollably gay, flailing my arms around, searching for the nearest dick
  2114. the cunny that all men desire... but few can obtain......
  2115. the cunny that all men desire... but few can obtain......
  2116. "The Tags", featuring meltingwax - A Tokiko production
  2117. Coping with memes, a guide by PT Anon
  2118. It has been cummed. <>
  2119. cuck me... if you dare
  2120. 200mph (memes per hour)
  2121. VAT DAS FOOK
  2122. DEATH TO @sibimet #KeepPortlandWeird
  2123. making a soup out of the semen of @sibimet #keepPortlandWeird
  2124. Anonymous changed the topic of #jp to: I am an Ex-Girlfriend of Robert "2Kike" Brown. AMA
  2125. i hate meltingwax tokiko johannes trains ptanon mafin ticks and jenny
  2126. what isn't coming out?!
  2127. It hasn't been cummed
  2128. taking a huge steamy shite all over your gf's chest right after she pegs you #justmafinthings
  2129. is meltingwax the greatest hacker that has ever lived? experts say 'yes'
  2130. hey bae u tryna?
  2131. final
  2132. l m 0 a
  2133. l m a 0
  2134. do you even buce bro? ;) LM0A .) .(
  2135. !tweet !tweet !tweet !tweet !tweet !tweet !tweet !tweet !tweet
  2136. lek?
  2137. toplek
  2138. lovely pretty yay kawaii...
  2139. 100 memes in 1 minute
  2140. i wanna watch mrs claus getting gangbanged by elves
  2141. 'Huh', the new #jp persona. Will we ever find out who 'Huh' really is? Stay tuned for more!
  2142. I'm a nihilist
  2143. Fuck freedom, if I'm gonna die for a word my word is #fuckboi #boypussy
  2144. takin a johannes shit
  2145. i swear to god, these retards
  2146. real estate
  2147. this is some real estate. not fake, totally real
  2148. was nice
  2149. was epic
  2150. was liked
  2151. *saten face* cummed
  2152. it has been cummed
  2153. u guys r WACK
  2154. the meemes of tomorrow, today
  2155. the great meme drought of '95
  2156. @mugimafin i can still see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2157. RT @mugimafin GirlsforM vol 8 is out on exhentai. get it while it's hot!
  2158. precure cunny buffet. Impregnating precures for dummies
  2159. RT @mugimafin my new future gf is into pegging,  nothing can mess this up!
  2160. bitches got beef better step up #nonowymin
  2161. dong y conch
  2162. /n/n/n/n/n
  2163. n
  2165. \
  2166. n \ n \ n \ n \
  2167. 13_other_users is now known as 14_other_users
  2168. i am johannes, and i FUCK the onaholes! >:D
  2169. @ex_lion_tamer ring ring!!
  2170. cummed
  2171. I cummed
  2172. cummed for the third!
  2173. hello moose
  2174. itty bitty kiddy clitty
  2175. sloppy saggy lose adult vagina!
  2176. <L)
  2177. hilarious meme jokes courtesy of bluce
  2178. niggers splayed my children
  2179. i ever tell you how much i love memes?
  2180. * Anonymous stretches poosy
  2181. the tender puss of an underage anime girl...
  2182. overwhelmingly stoic
  2183. tfw cucking johannes with his own mom
  2184. Cummed.again
  2185. Cummed again in the shower!!!
  2186. meltingwax wraps up his xmas presents with cellophane!!
  2187. the tags: balls, smell, musky, manly
  2188. balls stink
  2189. it's gray, dude <-- my meme
  2190. it's gray, dude <- meme stolen, by me
  2191. the memes of today, tomorrow
  2192. jodan
  2193. < johannes> itching for a good pegging from mommy!
  2194. I operate at 1.6 gmps (memes per second)
  2195. "mommy used her 12 incher on me again... and I loved it!" - Mugi "begging for a pegging" Mafin
  2196. jews did wtc
  2197. threat level: cunny
  2198. i want sex and i want it now!
  2199. a cunny for every man, woman, and child
  2200. tug on my foreskin
  2201. meltingwax loves the elderly so much, he keeps several of them embalmed in his basement!
  2202. why are they singin
  2203. strapped in and logged on
  2204. dude... just jack off
  2205. cun on in
  2206. byc
  2207. anyone else pee on themselves in the shower?
  2208. C - U - N - N - Y
  2209. C - U - N - N - Y
  2210. gall the belize this han has gotten out of mand!!! ;-DDDDDDDD
  2211. I want to lick a #loli cunny
  2212. RT @mugimafin Behead those who insult pegging!
  2213. RT @ex_lion_tamer underdeveloped birth canals are my favorite thing on this planet!
  2214. RT @ex_lion_tamer I invite @jaypeebot posters to fuck my girlfriend.
  2215. RT @ex_lion_tamer a nice adult vag is what I desire in life!
  2216. RT @ex_lion_tamer yummy cummy kiddie cunny
  2217. the time of ipots is here >LD
  2218. gray? more like gay!!
  2219. demmuc
  2220. RT @ogkloeri don't talk to me if u ain't a G
  2221. loli #cunny is my goal in life!
  2222. RT @mugimafin Sigh, I so need this in my life. <>
  2223. RT @mugimafin my ideal woman <…>
  2224. where do I find the loli JAVs?
  2225. Daedalus cunny #CP
  2226. RT @ex_lion_tamer my gf has the tightest cunny! #diddler #fckh8
  2227. #rape is gods punishment for being a woman
  2228. i'm melting for some hot wax
  2229. where is the ch**d p*rn here on #twatter
  2230. the wax is melting
  2231. tfw no femdom osaka gf....
  2232. tfw fapping to #CP
  2233. #ヤンデレJCと愛されJK wwwwwwwww
  2234. #CP
  2235. You're very good at pretending not to notice things @ex_lion_tamer
  2236. fuck him
  2237. Sageru News Network here livetweeting the moot resonation scandal
  2238. it has become apparent that 4chan's end was brought by excessive jewish anal rape of doom
  2239. give me a sausage injection
  2240. my hole is twitching, hungering for your girth, thirsting for your sweet smegma
  2241. sex is forbidden!
  2242. parar los sexos
  2243. yet another portugese bachelor
  2244. tfw no mafin gf
  2245. best meme of 2014: im gat
  2246. <Anonymous> how do homes feel good from clocks up ass
  2247. Lick My Anus to Orgasm
  2248. help!
  2249. my clitoris is full of cum!
  2250. face sitting; orgasm denial; leg worship; chastity belt; pegging; femdom
  2251. my first time was with my dad
  2252. shoving a nig dick up me as
  2253. urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh meemns...
  2254. hey ma, i've finally done it...
  2255. children; kids
  2256. big into farts
  2257. stoicism
  2258. anyone want to fuck my mom?
  2259. oishii!!! XD
  2260. she's got that ara ara face
  2261. yweey
  2262. shite me pannies
  2263. US Army field guide to cucking johannes
  2264. RT @mugimafin mommy... I made a cummy <…>
  2265. women are just disgusting overgrown lolis
  2266. it's not my meme, fucktard, i copied it from /bun/
  2267. I had to stop after about one minute. Too much saggy, curveless meat flopping around. Your waifu is fucking ugly.
  2268. lick a broost
  2269. RT @pt_anon papa, soy gay!
  2270. this meme is rancid, stale, spoiled
  2271. figures a faggot like you would be into NTR
  2272. test
  2273. this is the real hip hop
  2275. plump breasts, wide hips, puffy vulva
  2276. stop fucking stretching!!!
  2277. i need cummies!!! *stomach growling*
  2278. i need more cummies.... *butthole growling*
  2279. RT @JohannesKad I like to fart and shit meself at work!
  2280. The Farting And Onaholing Of Johannes -directed by PT Anon, on cinemas now
  2281. RT @JohannesKad I like to fart and shit meself at work!
  2282. The Farting And Onaholing Of Johannes -directed by PT Anon, on cinemas now
  2283. masturbating to straight porn but getting turned on by the men only
  2284. what is this big thick brown thing coming out of my butt?!
  2285. her name is chillno
  2286. RT @obama DEATH TO TOKIKO!
  2287. save the mexicans
  2288. adopt the gooks
  2289. save the snails
  2290. know my friend bruce?
  2291. there all my menes -bruce
  2292. vidya gaaaaayyyymeeeeeees xD
  2293. us memers huh????
  2294. your all looser nerds
  2295. ejaculate in my anus
  2296. ban this man!
  2297. my vatos from el barrio will smoke ur mota, eh puto??
  2298. #ff @incestguy
  2299. stap
  2300. #ff @hashhashjp
  2301. frotty frot frott!
  2302. RT @mugimafin mafin here, I NEED a russian dominatrix in my life. please retweet to show your support!
  2303. engaging meme mode >:F
  2304. pooping should only happen in the bedroom behind closed doors between two consenting adults
  2305. balls status: smelly
  2306. RT @sibimet I bet you're all going to be really jealous when I'm off pounding preteen korean pussy!
  2307. imagine a ball. this ball is the universe. imagine inserting this ball into your anus. that is memeage.
  2308. hack my anu's, cute cyberpunk bois
  2309. patrick bateman, dubs guy
  2310. I want to spend my life taking ducks up me shutter
  2311. NANI KOREEEE -buce
  2312. RT @mugimafin tfw no futanari succubus gf to peg my ass and then spoon me after - me after cumming
  2313. save money by using the same napkin to catch your cum and blow your nose #lifehacks
  2314. hand over the pussy
  2315. dang it boby XDD porpane XDDD
  2316. oh yeah show me that mommy pussy
  2317. tfw u bussin inside a loli but u thinkin bout her momma
  2318. sageruIRC has concocted a plot to kill meltingwax!
  2319. @ex_lion_tamer ring ring meletingwax check your phone!!
  2320. RT @ex_lion_tamer I'm gay!
  2321. dickface is my favourite pokemon
  2322. the feeling of being pegged, is a feeling like no other. it is a feeling of euphoria. t. mafin
  2323. Stretching poosys since 2012
  2324. raaawr i am a faggot >:3 feed me cocks
  2325. RT @mugimafin when u nut but she still peggin
  2326. RT @mugimafin when u nut but she still peggin
  2327. I consider myself to be a "fart"ist
  2328. fart
  2329. burn the gays
  2330. PT smokes POT
  2331. dude, epic fail bro!
  2332. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy melo
  2333. @JohannesKad don't forget to wear a condom!
  2334. /!\ BULLY ALARM /!\
  2335. tiny dick, fast cummer
  2336. Me gusta: maduras pollas gruesas tetudas chicas amateur
  2337. tonight on #jp: Johannes returns from work, and Anonymous stretches poosy
  2338. explain the meme!
  2339. nobody understands the irony
  2340. a machine that creates perfect memes every time
  2341. BREAKING NEWS: @JohannesKad has two moms!!
  2342. tfw mom cooks the bacalao but forgets the salt...
  2343. lolita conita!
  2344. feel when no big sis to "rape" me
  2345. parar is jp meem of the year
  2346. let's buce it up in here #buce #poosy
  2347. buceLM0A.(.);)
  2348. test
  2349. test failed
  2350. My rabbi told me that more Jews died in the holohoax than there are stars in the sky. #judaism
  2351. ass
  2352. raise your hand of you love lolis...
  2353. i love to look at hot anme gorls
  2354. johannes piised his pants!!!
  2355. @johanneskad wet the bed #LOL
  2356. boyfriend is my favoritest meme
  2357. trolles r real --meltingwax
  2358. nuke the #turks!!
  2359. tuke the #nurks!!
  2360. Actually, it's about ethics in #jp journalism.
  2361. enslave the #turks
  2362. I wanna fuck a cichlid! >:)
  2363. Anonymous is breaking into your room and interrupting your masturbation sessions!
  2364. appa on the streets, oppa in the sheets
  2365. hi
  2366. buce this *whips out buce*
  2367. @ex_lion_tamer made you look :)
  2368. @ex_lion_tamer @welcomeunknown u r beautifyul...
  2369. * Anonymous memes softly
  2370. thang kod she didn't shit on me!
  2371. Is it true t hat pudgy girl have the tastiest pussies?
  2372. masturbate to me
  2373. < Anonymous> 3/10  -!- 9_other_users is now known as 8_other_users
  2374. what the helll!!
  2375. test
  2376. real buce
  2377. this man has NO dick and TWO cum holes?
  2378. i love cumming in my onahole
  2379. @JayPeeBot testing censorship
  2380. testing censorship
  2381. we caught ourselves a retard!
  2383. @ex_lion_tamer FUCK YOU!!!
  2384. That feel when killing and maiming girls #yesallwomen
  2385. help!
  2386. tfw #killing
  2387. pull your face out the turd
  2388. pegging me softly
  2389. i can fit an 8oz can in my vagina
  2390. Die kapitalismen #yesallcommunists
  2391. I love playing the sex game with mommy
  2392. if #anime has shown me anything it's that @coreans are not #human
  2393. my anus remains unlicked
  2394. #islam it's what's for sexfast
  2395. my cunt .my cunt. my slimey littel cnut. --ladey gag
  2396. onion fire has a fave antonio space antonio time
  2397. onion fire has a fava antonio space antonio time
  2398. which way to do you stretch it?
  2399. on yond fire as of avante or neo spades ant on iota me
  2400. coming soon to #jp: johannes and the itty bitty cummy mummys
  2401. hi
  2402. fuck me
  2403. the buce is loose
  2404. tfw no stressed out hardworking middle aged woman to relax with at night
  2405. the cumgiver
  2406. you shall not use your feminine wiles on me!
  2407. PLEASE use your feminine willies on me!
  2408. You shall stick your feminine willie in me!
  2409. I can't believe I have wasted 40+ years in this IRC network
  2410. big feminine willies! let me SUCK YOUR WILLIEEEEEEEEEE GIRLY WILLIES!!!
  2411. finding out your 12 year old gf has a dick bigger than yours
  2412. young virginal underage girl here
  2413. RT @MugiMafin <> This is my dream!!!
  2414. lipgloss twins
  2415. give it to the cutest girl
  2416. am i supposed to care?
  2417. why didn't mommy make me a sister to fuck?
  2418. will the real ebean please stand up
  2419. turn them into lampshades
  2420. pedophilia is LAUDABLE and MORAL and LEGAL
  2421. anything under 2 yo is pedo
  2422. fragrant balls
  2423. kill all biggots
  2424. save the biggots
  2425. there has always been a tob ere
  2426. the utopia of gay men
  2427. ur bot sux
  2428. shit
  2429. the buce?
  2430. #CP
  2431. @anime_poosy dude lol that is so ebean
  2432. #holding #it #in
  2433. testt
  2434. itsumo made onegai dakara onii-chan daisuki tottemo banzai!
  2435. two wasn't enough
  2437. ______
  2438. drinking bleach
  2439. pedos are people too! we have rights!
  2440. kill all cumskins
  2441. loose mind loose ass ;)
  2442. tite cummy precure p*ssy
  2443. around whites expect fights
  2444. white genocide now
  2445. i will kill barack obama on june 1st
  2446. ignore that last tweet barry, trolls have taken over this account
  2447. i love you barack
  2448. sensual times with the potus
  2449. end #fgm
  2450. don't worry i won't tell michelle about last night ;)
  2451. androcide now #radfem
  2452. don't forget to follow @JayPeeCumBot for the latest updates
  2453. you are missed @moot
  2454. eating ass with @Anonymous
  2455. the #jp pyramid scam
  2456. i love getting pegged by my gf's plastic strapon
  2457. i am an intelligent being
  2458. testing this shit
  2459. i fucked milk at sakuracon 2012
  2460. ignore the last tweet
  2461. no, ignore the last one
  2462. I fucked mild at sakuracon 2013m she said she was a virgn
  2463. <…> think you can take me on?
  2464. mutilate MY genitals !
  2465. help, i'm being trolled in #jp
  2466. its a beautiful afternoon to wake up
  2467. it isn't afternoon yet
  2468. this glass of #milk has a hole in it! #spillthemilk
  2469. mmm im portugal i got the stinky balls mm lick them mommy :3
  2470. ignore that last teet
  2471. ignore the last tweet
  2472. real pt here, accept no substitutes
  2473. real portu here, only way you can tell its me is by my ball stink
  2474. who the HECK are you lol
  2475. big farts from a big ass
  2476. i love iot when mummy goest o bed so i can jerk off in the hallway
  2477. RT @mugimafin I so need this in my life... <…>
  2478. meme
  2479. fart
  2480. posy
  2481. pone
  2482. meme/nfart/nposy/npone
  2483. Pop quiz, hotshot. There's a bomb on a bus. Once the bus goes 50 miles an hour, the bomb is armed. If it drops below 50, it blows up.
  2484. What do you do? What do you do?
  2485. there's so much blood
  2486. they didn't say there would be so much
  2487. fuck my sister
  2488. twot
  2489. back up in your ass with the resurection
  2490. im ready for another day of being NEET lol who NEET here japee?
  2491. twot
  2492. sucks on Anonymous's micropene
  2493. the twts...
  2494. stop eating my sesame cake
  2495. im a girl
  2496. cummed
  2497. want your vagina smelled by me? email me @ and attach a pic of your pussy (roasties need not apply)
  2498. where can I buy a sister?
  2499. BACK
  2500. wtf
  2501. buce god buce god WOOP
  2502. >a girl will never sit on your face
  2503. twot
  2504. The female anus is a beautiful thing.
  2505. the twots are being twoters
  2506. That is hilarious, funny, AND witty
  2507. licking a girl's sweaty anus
  2508. eating ass has never been this easy! just follow these three easy steps!
  2509. whom art thou quoting
  2510. licking mommy's ass
  2511. generating bible codes to pay rent
  2512. towt
  2513. twooot
  2514. twot
  2516. im a weak little faggot
  2517. I will pay TOP dollar for a pt mother to make me a pt sister
  2518. FAKE and GAY
  2519. will the real ebean please stand up
  2520. why don't we, just kill all the jews?
  2521. It should be legal to kill women.
  2522. tfw mommy forcefully shoves her wet tongue deep inside your mouth
  2523. what did you just call me
  2524. a twat
  2525. it's official; I'm going to marry Anonymous!
  2526. look who's wearing his big boy pants now
  2527. You will catch cold.
  2528. RT @JohannesKad Metal is the pinnacle of music. Metal musicians are the Mozarts of our time.
  2529. DER
  2530. FIGSTOOT
  2531. can't stop burping and farting at the same time!
  2532. Why dont you fuckwits ever DM me your dongles?
  2533. the data is missing
  2534. tfw mommy won't fuck you
  2535. squid on the grid
  2536. suck my penis hole
  2537. This is why we need anti-imigration laws
  2538. big black prez dick
  2539. This is why we need anti-imigration laws
  2540. big black prez dick
  2541. nuke the turks
  2542. little girls are sexy
  2543. little girl butts are sexy @POTUS
  2544. I want a little girl is step on my cock
  2546. penis lol
  2547. once a woman turns 16 she's basically a granny
  2548. Race Me Bro
  2549. uh test
  2550. buceLM0A;).).(
  2551. everyone follow the real ebean @therealebean
  2552. johannes be a good boy and come give mommy a fuck
  2553. give me ops
  2554. black people turn me on
  2557. i wanna fuck a cute boy
  2558. I dream of a country. A country where people are free, to kill all black men.
  2559. looking for e in central london hmu if you can help
  2560. Me and my buddy ricin these BOMB ass cars at school :^)
  2562. Buying #CP tweet @jaypeebot with offers
  2563. #trap #cute #boys #cuteboys
  2564. im really bored
  2565. I'm bored as heck too so i started playing #TERA
  2566. homeless in toronto #hobos
  2567. and the
  2568. bored af atm looking for a cheeck cocksucking? hmu? central ny just @ me anytime
  2569. @sibimet hey luv finna fuk?
  2570. lmonade
  2571. lmonadea
  2572. lmonadead
  2573. lmonadeklgfdr
  2574. lmonadefg
  2575. lmonadedgh
  2576. RT @mugimafin another day another pegging...
  2577. boreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddddddd
  2578. this irc belongs to /what/ now
  2579. sex, lolicon, female.students, <>, oral
  2580. THIS IS /what/'s IRC NOW
  2581. im booooooooooooooooooooreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
  2582. another day another #fart
  2583. domo arigato mr roboto
  2584. jp more like gaypee
  2585. <Anonymous> <ebean> <ebean> <ebean> no no, i am ebean
  2586. <ebean> im the cutest beaner
  2587. kill beaner
  2588. hello black man here #AMA
  2589. stop #fergunson
  2590. even animals deserve rights #blackpeople
  2591. i like big peepees in my butt #gamergate
  2592. feel free to pm me on #rizon ebean
  2593. downtown on yo momma!
  2594. tokiko meltingwax johannes trains pt anon ebean autist anon water anon jenny
  2595. RT @mugimafin getting pegged as we speak
  2596. RT @mugimafin My futanari dildo came in the mail today, time to stretch my straight anus.
  2597. RT @mugimafin <…> this is so me
  2598. LoL
  2599. I Lol :)
  2600. fuck you PT anonymous
  2601. Johannes Leaked Sex Tape - Warning: NSFW
  2602. the buce is loose, up the caboose. call bruce
  2603. #jp raffle, buy tickets now
  2604. big sis...
  2605. looking for a cheeky cocksucking in bristol hmu if u intrested willing to do head4head
  2606. RT @POTUS Today, on the 19th of June, I have made anime real.
  2607. RT @pontifex I am now calling all able-bodied men to join in the crusade against the #Turks
  2608. @ImAutustic another day another mommy...
  2609. #jp is filmed in front of a live audience
  2610. linkin park naruto amv
  2611. i want to fuck a jp
  2613. let's fuckin
  2614. oops i burnt the #milk LOL
  2615. hey guys ebean here AMA
  2616. the future of america is a gay america
  2617. one day we shall all be ruled by memes
  2618. i only listen to cool classy music befitting a gentleman such as myself
  2619. let's take him with us
  2620. stop TP'ing my house, you darned kids!!
  2621. any big sisters here?
  2622. now taking applications to be my big sis
  2623. workers of the world unite!
  2624. toesucka rhino
  2625. get FUCKED johannes
  2626. hi
  2627. I should push her onto the sheet metal as its being rolled and kill her - johannes
  2628. <>
  2629. I, PT Anon, am head over heels for Johannes...
  2630. I, Johannes, will cut up Newgirl's stomach with my cold steel AUS8 knife and poke my 15cm dick through her belly
  2631. TFW whitey talk about racism #smh
  2632. @ImAutustic Just, post the drawings
  2633. tell you what, you bring the cream, i bring the lotion
  2634. stinky anime pussy
  2635. this johannes guy is a creep
  2636. shite me panties
  2637. Follow @ImAutustic for more Johannes
  2638. ebean here, this is a pic of me <…>
  2640. hey antonio! have you been eating my chips again?
  2641. male: public use
  2642. RT @potus I dream of a world... where all men will be gay.
  2643. #NEWSFLASH Johannes fucked it! He raped a coworker and he liked it!
  2644. gud v�lsigne detta vackara land och h�ll undan dessa vidriga grisknullare fr�n v�ra gr�nser
  2645. 13 is a lucky number
  2646. girls
  2647. take it eeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaasyyyyyyyyyy
  2648. @ImAutustic Drown in your ideals and die
  2649. <…> girls how do you compete with THIS
  2650. @ImAutustic Subscribe to m yblog
  2651. Add Funny Meme Text
  2652. i-have-aspergers
  2653. i-have-aspergers-
  2654. 2015 - th eyear
  2655. post your girlpenises
  2656. Pop quiz, hotshot. What do I have in my hand, a pill, some cum, or a piece of paper with your IP address in it?
  2657. *t** *i*** *i*** *l****
  2659. twitter is gay. so if your reading this, chancces are your a fag.
  2660. fapping furiously to ascii porn
  2661. I am a virgin and I watch pokemon
  2662. I play with food. I stick my dick in between the couch folds.
  2663. im lonely and want to be kissed
  2664. when daddy touches you and cummies come out #justboythings
  2665. the stars and the skies.... i would give them all to you............. joanna
  2666. I Fuckin'
  2667. I, PT "ebean" Anon, am in love with Joanna
  2668. I, Johannes Kadmus Esq., am in love with PT Anon!
  2669. in this moment, i am euphoric, not because of any phoney ebean's blessing, but because i am enlightened, by my own buceness
  2670. i love being a drug addict
  2671. i fucked newgirl
  2672. ignore that last tweet
  2673. ignore all previous tweets
  2674. ignore this tweet
  2675. ignore the following tweet
  2676. A small step on man... do a leap on mankind
  2677. list of #jp people that matter: meltingwax, trains, johannes, pt anon, mafin, tokiko
  2678. list of #jp people that I don't give a shit about: meltingwax, trains, johannes, pt anon, mafin, tokiko
  2679. gonna slep woth me mommy
  2680. mewgirl is my gf, i fuckled her
  2681. I, pt anon, regularly engage my mother in coitus
  2682. I've fucked every girl on jp
  2683. FUCK america
  2685. RT @mugimafin my anus is plugged shut all the time and only mommy has the key!
  2686. if you're not gay, stay away
  2687. newgirl is kill
  2688. i want to fuck an anime
  2689. I am a p***
  2690. what can i say, i'm a meme machine
  2691. why do they even call it bananna republic if they don't have bananas *or* a senate
  2692. kris kringle called. he wants his hat back!
  2693. me and my mom <…>
  2694. just pooped!
  2695. Johannes here, I absolutely adore jacking my dick to murder
  2696. were dose cum cum frum
  2697. now accepting employment applications for the #jp brothel!
  2698. me and my mom <>
  2699. congratulations
  2700. i tweeted
  2701. it's "coming" ;)
  2702. fucboy and proud!
  2704. femdom should be outlawed
  2705. take acid everyday
  2706. eat the poopoo
  2707. follow @anime_poosy for more furry comics and sonic fanfic
  2708. sit on santa's lap and tell me what you want for chrsitmas *pops boner*
  2709. New Statement By PETA: Blacks Deserve Rights Too #animalrights
  2710. i just want, to fuck a man, in the ass
  2711. ##jp here i FUCKED #jp
  2712. follow @therealebean for all the latest buces
  2713. Fav and RT for @ImAutustic to unblock @drool_girl
  2715. <…> @ImAutustic and newgirl going on their first date
  2716. I've fucked over 120 vaginas with THIS 2" cock! Want to know how? Click HERE to find out!
  2717. 6 is just a 9 upside down! #wow #whoa #mindblown #mindfuck #whenyouseeit
  2718. for the benefit of mister kike, by teh beetels
  2719. kill all moms!
  2720. dont forget to follow @anime_poosy for a constant stream of epic memes and
  2721. want cool stuff? folloe @imautustic and you will get plenty!
  2722. the wizard of ass
  2723. "This is a work of fiction. All characters and events are a product of the author's imagination" --the life of johannes
  2724. big black mamas
  2725. "Farts" by Johannes, the new noise album available on iTunes for just $9.99
  2726. #lifehack babies can't consent .... but neither can they snitch >:)
  2727. i've lost my virginity to tokiko --jenny
  2728. bondage large_insertions prostitution public_use sex_toys stomach_deformation
  2729. oh yes, old woman tits and buttocks
  2730. death to johannes!
  2731. My Son Has A Pitifully Small Penis, I'm Afraid He'll Be A Virgin Forever At This Rate
  2732. "...a BLOWJOB" --by Anonymous
  2733. i vote #johannes as the next sacrifice
  2734. hello internet
  2735. hello @internet_itself
  2736. eating corn
  2737. "this should fetch a lot of favs" --me, while tweeting
  2738. the one and only ebean, now available in three different colors
  2739. does jp bot still work
  2740. RT @imautustic i love f*cking ch*ldren...
  2741. @anime_poosy here, I will cherish any and every pic sent to my pm box
  2742. @anime_poosy here, I am a coprophiliac
  2743. RT @imautustic i wish a bossy mommy would fill me up with yummy cummy!
  2744. now livetweeting the fall of johannes!
  2745. dammit
  2746. Lick me like a lollipop, lick my tooty tooty-tot
  2747. "give me liberty, or give me cummies!" --what, 2015
  2748. big tatertots
  2749. #jp gurlz
  2750. pt here, not pedo
  2751. I love being a disgusting pedo on #jp!
  2752. hello @ex_lion_tamer
  2753. I will vote for #donald2016 the only man running who advocates genocide for all mexicans and jews
  2754. eggy poop and the stoogs
  2755. gwhgwhgwh
  2756. RT @ImAutustic I cheated on my gf with a black woman and a small asian boy!!!
  2757. Thanks :)
  2758. all girls should be slaves
  2760. i've downloaded dozens of U-15 javs i think i'm qualified to be a father
  2761. ;)
  2762. #angry #videogame #nerd
  2763. nothin like being the color of shit #flexinmycomplexion
  2764. the little man inside m y head is tellinh me to kill you
  2765. mom, I cummed to the animes!!!!
  2766. @anime_poosy hey what's your sister's name, joanna  or rita?
  2767. RT @anime_poosy her name is rita
  2768. RT @anime_poosy women's vaginas are like kryptonite to me
  2769. @anime_poosy what is johannes' last name?
  2770. join our chat, we are discussing johannes and johannes' gf
  2772. why dont all the geniuses, just kill all the dumb people
  2773. the BrightNet summons you, brave netizen
  2774. DIE love!!!!!!!!!!
  2775. RT @imautustic I am eat newfgirl vageena
  2776. #holding #it #in
  2777. imsad
  2778. ladies, follow me for some divine dick pics ;)
  2779. #niggers
  2780. follow @krt_org #is #nice #cute
  2781. #jp is reclining
  2782. a cubic function goes through A(0|0) and has an inflection point at I(2|2). What does f(x) look like?
  2783. we need more diversity in #jp
  2784. I am cool, cute, cultured, and all chromed out
  2785. smell the balls
  2786. 24h child sex shops
  2787. cummed
  2788. Gay Man Has Sex; Contracts AIDS -- -- Click -->Here<-- To Read More
  2789. just peed
  2790. jeb bush 2016. for god and country
  2791. hard anal
  2792. all great men throughout history were pedophiles
  2793. eating #ebeans
  2794. illuminati conspiracy 9/11 flu shot fluoride
  2795. #jp gurlz
  2796. kawaii
  2797. remember, 140 characters or less
  2798. anime pussy
  2799. I am a `'"girl"'` ;) ;) ;)
  2800. #BlackCockDown
  2801. my only source of nutrition is when i get to suck another man's sperm out of my wife's vagina
  2802. baby ure so beautifu... like a fresh brown turd laying the packed white snow..........
  2803. is there a purer expression of love than consensualy pooping on someone?
  2804. pro tip: don't eat Ribs on a first date, or talk about your abortions
  2805. why cant i tweet??
  2806. If your mom knew you came here, she'd abort you post-partum
  2807. where did you hide my meds
  2809. henceforth, only anal cummings are allowed in #jp
  2810. the tags #holding #it #in
  2811. piss on my chest
  2812. tfw psychopath
  2813. we need MORE tokikos and LESS ebeans
  2814. you lick your mother with that mouth?
  2815. girls of #jp, selling love by the hour!!
  2816. maledom, clit and ovary torture, fucking
  2817. 1 Surefire Way Of Getting Rid Of Ball Smell: Wash Your Balls
  2818. I am a beta nerd. I am a person with feelings. I am not a murderer. #Iamnotashooter
  2819. tfw raiding mom's tampon box
  2820. <…>
  2821. my dream date: we go for a walk on the beach and i get shot at by niggers
  2822. #jews can't live with them, can't get em into the oven fast enough
  2823. RT @
  2824. RT @blood_gauge #initiategunviolence
  2825. follow @sibimet for lulz
  2826. reminder that @ahm is a pooderfeely
  2827. OY VEY
  2828. ebean ftw
  2829. dont trust @atatabitata
  2830. I, @JohannesKad, will lead #jp to a freer tomorrow! #SageruCEO2016
  2831. Hello I have suffer from Autism. I will periish in 5 months unless you Retweet this to 7 other twitter.
  2832. follow @ex_lion_tamer for premium posts about prepubescent analsex
  2833. who gat here
  2834. tokiko johannes pt anon trains meltingwax
  2835. driving miss daisy? more like FUCKING miss daisy!!
  2836. thinking about cummies...
  2837. We need a thorough and honest investigation of the September 2001 terrorist attacks. Here are some reasons why.
  2838. The evidence is clear: @sibimet did 9/11. Jet fuel doesn't melt steel beams, but neet homosexuals do
  2839. tingling anis
  2841. hello.. it is i... ebean...
  2842. doing advanced accounting work
  2843. buce
  2844. i just accidentally a coca cola bottle, is this bad?
  2845. big man, small cummies
  2846. tfw cumming while farting
  2847. @sibimet how many memes have you created this year? i managed 200
  2848. follow @anime_poosy for more life changing tips
  2849. You may also want to follow @Joanna gf of pt anon
  2850. the jig is up, @johanneskad newgirl told us everything
  2851. don't forget to connect to <> and join #jp
  2852. NOT ##jp though, those guys are LAME
  2853. trying to masturbate but mommy won't let me #justmafinthings
  2854. AIDS is a gay disease. Pedophilia is alright. Black people are degenerate. 911 was perpetrated by our own government
  2855. fuck dogs
  2856. life hack: if you're feeling cold, just piss and shit your pants to warm yourself up
  2857. @sibimet pick up that soap, officer
  2858. #gaynus in the #anus
  2859. Pubic Spheroid #mathforephebophiles
  2860. pedos are scum. #killallpedos
  2861. FACT: all pedos would rape, murder, and incinerate every child in the world if they could get away with it
  2862. pedophiles are the masterrace #yesallCP
  2863. #DQN is responsible for 90% of the world's supply of #mittenCP
  2864. free wik
  2865. free dik
  2866. BREAKING: Local Jewish man known for perpetrating >150 murders in Portland area confirmed to be @sibimet
  2867. beeg sloppy anime poosy
  2868. my penis has risen
  2869. i
  2870. m
  2872. g
  2873. a
  2874. t
  2875. love to have my ovaries punched
  2876. 18_other_girls
  2877. it was me... i put wik in jail >:)
  2878. #crew #LargeInsertions #LargeInsertionsCrew love inserting LARGE objects !!!
  2879. tag of the month: little penis
  2880. have u heard of the latest memeof 2015? the
  2881. memes. simply memes. always fresh, always juicy. only at <> #jp
  2882. i dictate what gets sucked and doesn't 'round here!
  2883. Help realize @MugiMafin's lifelong dream of getting pegged by his oshi. <>
  2884. what TF is an oshiriman? are you a FAG??
  2885. @mugimafin what TF is an oshiriman? are you a FAG??
  2886. Benis
  2887. Ebean
  2888. G
  2889. H
  2890. A
  2891. Z
  2892. Im gat
  2893. Destroy The Japs
  2894. :(
  2895. one time i drank a pumpkin spice latte. my balls instantly turned into a vagina and i turned on "Friends"
  2896. baned!
  2897. join us <>
  2898. BANE??? BANE?????????????? LOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2899. <> is a virus don't click
  2900. psychopath johannes is at it again
  2901. rt if you think rape is natural
  2902. rate my pecker
  2903. flicking the #ebean
  2904. no mummy! i dont want any more cummy!!
  2905. i have come to the conclusion my lifeneeds to be ended
  2906. jerking in the sauna
  2907. tfw shitting in the public bath
  2908. slipnot is the pinnacle og music
  2909. #holding #it #in
  2910. send an email to
  2911. french kissing a vagina
  2912. don't forget to #spillthemilk
  2913. Man suspected of murdering 20 in Oregon identified as Robert Brown.
  2914. let us never forget the men that died so that <> could be born: meltingwax, tokiko, pt anon, and johannes
  2915. another day another turd
  2916. trolls r real
  2917. Likes: Holding in poop, dissecting girls, smelling own balls, stretching poosy Dislikes: cabalist jewss
  2918. mom!!! i did too make my bed! now give me the fucking bong you WHORE!
  2919. ding dong, 2kike is dead, which old kike? the wicked kike!
  2920. c**** p**** n****** j***
  2921. Ah'm on the rag mate, so jus chuck it in me dumper
  2922. #holding #love #:D #buce #sex
  2923. have they found a cure for gayness yet?
  2924. @anime_poosy faggot extraordinaire
  2925. things i stretch: poosy
  2926. <…>
  2927. the proletariat will rise!
  2928. Anime Girl Involved In Drug Trafficking Scandal
  2929. the ebeans are all lined up
  2930. spaghetti for dinner tonight
  2931. RT if you have a bleached butthole
  2932. someone turned mommys penis into bloody hair
  2933. rate my girlfriend <>
  2934. curry for dinner tonight
  2935. wrinkled testies; destroy the communitst
  2936. i am ... an anchor baby
  2937. @johanneskad is a black man from texas, do not trust him
  2938. @sibimet is a jew terrorist, he'll steal your foreskins and bomb your shekels
  2939. @sibimet retweeted this and 1 more tweet.
  2940. the @sibimet seal of approval
  2941. retweet this if your a horny neet >:D
  2942. no poosy strechnig allowed
  2943. gay nigger cum fight
  2945. you dont bring a babycock to a sausage fest. rules 3 and 4 fellas.
  2946. #jp -- the leaky prolapsed butthole of IRC
  2948. Which Rugrat would you cut up and eat? Not a joke answer seriously i will block you if you kid with me punk.
  2949. A. Nus
  2950. pm me ur boosy
  2951. dont cume in your socks
  2952. I come to #jp for the poosy stretching. And you?
  2953. cocks; blue sky; drifting
  2954. an anus
  2955. Finger. Goat.
  2956. cola brownness
  2957. #jp - the premiere poosey stretching destination on the internet
  2958. #jp - came for the jay, stayed for the pee
  2959. poosy stretching: more than a hobby, it's a lifestyle
  2960. meme
  2961. tfw you're sharingan awakens
  2962. advanced memeage techniques
  2963. Dr. Ebean, PhD of Memology Stanford University
  2964. #OccupyMyAnus
  2965. follow @anime_poosy for an increase in penis length, easy money in two easy steps, and free tips on how to date girls
  2967. who the fuck knows
  2968. i want to lick a girl's sweaty cunt
  2969. I code in braille
  2970. i fuck myself and scream in morse code
  2971. Johannes at the wheel, pt anon as the copilot, tokiko as the gunner. meltingwax as the comm man
  2972. trains = ebean = jenny ??
  2973. LM0A
  2974. buceLM0A.).(;)
  2975. ,@mugimafin private benji, you have been summoned for action. the war on #teaparty has recommenced
  2976. RT @mugimafin Today I became a man, today mommy will peg me.
  2977. don't meme me bro
  2978. >be johanes >pay ebean to put his penor in my butthole
  2979. people tell me i look like bilbo baggins
  2980. ding dong the blice is dead
  2982. fuck felicia day. You suck, felicia day
  2983. javascript:void(0)
  2984. I fucking hate @wilw, Wil Wheaton piece of shit
  2985. Hey, mother fucker @rickygervais, fuck YOU
  2986. @sibimet hey bro let me eat your poopoo
  2987. Hey, @SalmanRushdie FUCK you. Islam is great, your mother is asshole!
  2988. hey @internetitself please make it so that #jp can see bot responses. you dingus
  2989. we need a 2way buttole to the world, not a 1way #lgbt #modern #liberal #empowerment #entitlement @internetitself
  2990. i dream of a day, where #jp replaces twitter . . .  . . . . .  . ..
  2991. she;s naked bro, and she's only 10?
  2992. I will DESTROY the immoral man himself, @SalmanRushdie
  2993. i hate the loliman
  2994. obama does cock juice off his wifes nippleclamps
  2995. Hey, @LIFE, fuck CDs
  2996. howard stern fingered my mom and she liked it
  2997. im johannes and i jerk off to my mirror
  2998. pt anon was dropped on his dead as achild that's why he's so dumb
  2999. we must send food to Portugal, to feed them #feed #food #portugal #pt #prayforpt #prayer
  3000. give the drugs people free money so they dont destroy our workplaces #charity #unemployment #politics #feelthebern
  3001. #jp meetup at gathering of the juggalos 2016
  3002. #shit shitfuck
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