Pirates IRC FEB'18 Changelog

mruno Mar 1st, 2018 45 Never
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  1. Pirates IRC -
  2. February 2018 Changelog
  4. 28Feb
  5. Fixes:
  6.     Controlled most ports bonus amount message
  7.     !P Power task
  10. 26Feb
  11. Fixes:
  12.     Unable to !P Troll during Revenge in some instances
  13.     !P Power fixes
  16. 25Feb
  17. Fixes:
  18.     Brigged pirates bein' able to play games from the brig
  21. 24Feb
  22. Changes:
  23.     Added cheat codes: 021, 022, 023, 024, 025
  24.     Pirates who reenlist in the crew can now be immediately sponsored
  25. Fixes:
  26.     Bonus for the ship that controls the most ports is now correct
  27.     Players from other ships displayed as available to be dueled when moored at same port
  28.     Fixes for mass payouts such as !P Captain Share
  30. 23Feb
  31. Changes:
  32.     Decreased cool down for !P Ship Insult
  33.     !P Sponsor now lists pirates you can sponsor
  34. Fixes:
  35.     Missing level in !P Power <pirate> <other ship>
  36.     Level 5 skill requirements set at 250 instead of the correct 200 in some instances
  37.     Pirate with the same name as a Cap'n in the duel unable to place bets
  38.     Incorrectly failing at !P Rob when should have won in some rare instances
  39.     Quest task for level 8 pirates
  40.     Rare weapons not credited when chest is full
  43. 22Feb
  44. Changes:
  45.     Added a chance for other ships to be notified when an own ship's pirates use !P Ship commands to look up info on other ships
  46.     Skill msgs are more clear when ye have reached the max # of skills you can learn
  47.     Specific msg when victim is in the brig during a !P Rob
  48.     Cooldown for !P Top is now based on how many times a player has used the command
  49. Fixes:
  50.     Tavern cooldown initiated even when player stamina is full
  51.     !P Scuttlebutt not dispensing doubloons
  52.     Players under mercy will no longer be listed under !P Level
  53.     Additional pirate joining a !P Sabotage after the min # of pirates is already met
  54.     Victim correctly getting poisoned for level 5 thiefs during a !P Rob
  55.     Crabbin will now be listed in !P Bored
  56.     Rewrote !P Power
  57.     Ship tasks and dive being listed incorrectly in !P Bored in certain instances
  58.     Rusty msg shown when using !P Cell
  59.     Parlay time not being consistent when using !P Store
  61. 21Feb
  62. Changes:
  63.     Cheat codes can now be used for all players, but will can only be used once per player (codes entered as of today will be permanently recorded)
  64. Fixes:
  65.     Captcha number, symbol, or letter
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