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Romanian Spying Agencies Coverups Exposed Soon - AnonOpsRo

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Feb 13th, 2012
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  1. Tonight, at midnight, Romania's time (in 10 hours or so), we here at AnonOpsRomania, will release the full d0x of the spying agencies in this country; their numbers, contacts, pretty much every useful intel our sticky hands could get on. This is a protests towards the new/current prime minister, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, who is the chief spy on one of our secret agencies, SIE.
  3. But we won't stop here, Ungureanu has a special seat in tonight's show as well. Leaked bank accounts, cash values, phone numbers, addresses, secret transactions and his former involvement in politics will also be revealed amongst other things.
  5. Again, we won't stop here either, we need to go deeper and expose what he's been trying to cover up along with the true "masterminds" in the secret service(s). How in the last 20 years, Romania has went downhill as far as our bank system goes, all privatized now, and what Israel has to do with all of this.
  7. Everything in tonight's special edition: "No matter how much snow they will try to put on top of their coverups, we will melt it all away to reveal the truth!"
  9. #OperationSnowMelt HAS BEGUN!
  11. Expect us.
  13. AnonOpsRomania
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