Clown Containment MOTD

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  1. <b><size=200%><align="center"><color="orange"><cspace=1em>CLOWN CONTAINMENT</cspace></color></align></size>
  2. <align="center"><color=#0f0>Suggestions or Requests? Join us on discord:</color></align>
  4. <size=150%><color="red">RULES:</color></size></b>
  5. 1. No Teamkilling Randomly/Without RP Reasons. (Stupid RP reasons do not count. IE 'That MTF was looking at you funny!' is not an acceptable reason to TK as an MTF. Executing Order 66 on facility personnel, is.)
  6. 2. No mic spam unless you're on intercom. Do not serenade dead/all chat. Local chat is fine.
  7. 3. SCPs and Chaos cannot team until the Nuke is detonated.
  8. 4. Don't ghost with SCP-939.
  9. 5. Don't be a bitch and suicide/leave when you become a zombie.
  10. 6. SCPs may spare d-class/scientists, but may not team with them or actively help them with escaping. (IE: leading d-boys out, etc)
  11. 7. Cheaters will be banned.
  12. 8. You cannot use roleplay as an excuse to break other rules.
  13. 9. Please do not use racial slurs excessively.
  14. 10. People excessively closing doors on you may be TK'd after receiving one warning from you.
  15. 11. Moderators will give players one warning, after that they may escalate to kicks or bans. This does not apply to admins or up, who will issue warnings or other punishments as they see fit.
  17. <b><size=150%><color="green">INFORMATION:</color></size></b>
  18. Players are encouraged to give staff suggestions for actions to perform related to handling rulebreakers.
  19. If you believe staff are abusing, please contact 017 or Thotley on our discord so we can do something about it. (All commands are logged so we will know who did what)
  20. AFK-Kicker is enabled; you can idle for 5 minutes before being booted.
  21. FF is enabled; please try to control yourself.
  22. D-Class are only friendly with chaos; anyone else they may kill. Including fellow D-Class.
  23. Intercom time is 60 seconds with a 60 second cooldown.
  24. Cuffed D-Class will become MTF upon escape; cuffed chaos become MTF, and cuffed MTF become chaos.
  25. The Pocket Dimension has 3 random exits, and resets every time someone escapes. Choose wisely.
  26. 914 can transform people; please be careful when using it or you may regret it!
  27. 914 can transform items you are holding; we use some custom recipes so feel free to experiment a bit.
  28. Scientists have a 10% chance of getting a pistol when they spawn. Ammo is limited, so use it wisely if you get it.
  29. D-Class have 5% chance to get lucky and spawn with a smuggled chaos insurgency device.
  30. Nuke auto-arms after 20 minutes & cannot be disabled.
  32. Player Preferences plugin is installed - if you'd like to weight your ideal picks for classes/etc. then use '<b>.prefs help</b>' in your <b>~</b> console.
  34. Additionally, we run playerXP as well - you can check your level with .lvl <b>playername</b>
  35. <b>.leaderboard</b> will also display the top 5 players on the server. Can be increased if you add a number to the command. (IE <b>.leaderboard 10</b>)
  36. </align>
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