ASCII 7-seg display v3

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  1. d=s=>{a=' ',u=n=>r>>n&1?'!':a,v=n=>r>>n&1?'_':a,g='ABCDEFGHIJLNOPQRSTUYZabcdefghijlnopqrstuyz0123456789-? ÿ',h='{vUnWSuz(lTb}[;B7V|>O{vFnWSur lTbf[;B7Vd>O}(O/:7w)?K\0',x=y=z='';for(i=0;i<s.length;x+=a+v(0)+a,y+=u(4)+v(1)+u(3),z+=u(6)+v(2)+u(5)){q=g.indexOf(s[i++]);if(q<0)return d`ÿ`;r=h.charCodeAt(q)}return x+`
  2. ${y}
  3. `+z}
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