Yongzhe pirate posts.

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  1. Yongzhe Long certainly hadn't been on a ship before. He could fly to most places he knew but was prone to getting lost when he ventured out beyond that. So the young Dragon was pretty excited.
  3. As Aannu explained he'd nod and crack his knuckles, "Even if they're weak a fight's a learning experience!" He spoke up with a grin.  As Aanu gathered his weapons and made his way to the island Yongzhe followed along with a grin.
  5. Yongzhe Long simply watched as Aannu finished off the warriors. Seeing the man have a handle on things he kept. His only act of aggression being against the sneakier ones that would try to attack him and use him as a hostage to stop Aannu's rage.
  7. The Bells on his body jingled with every movement giving him an awareness of those around him and with Fire-enhanced limbs beat them down rather swiftly but mercifully with his Skills at Kung Fu, Karate and Boxing.
  9. Once they were finished he'd look back at the village before heading on out with Aannu, "Yeah sure! Kinda surprised it was that simple though. Sure they were a small territory but still." He'd shrug and waits for the ship to set sail on the next adventure.
  11. Yongzhe Long nods calmly at the plan. So far taking the islands was quite easy. Yongzhe loved a scrap and fighting as you go was definitely up his alley. Flying in along with Aanu to bust some skulls once more. But they didn't put up a fight this time.
  13.  Seeing as things went easy and no violent was required he simply hovered above showing off his dragonic features. occasionally breathing out a plume of fire from his mouth or nostrils to look as intimidating as possible while Aannu gave his demands.
  15. Once they were done he'd head to the ship and relax with his new crewmates. He still wasn't entirely sure on the pirate thing. Once Aannu mentioned Kumo he'd blink, "Oh really? Who is it you're trying to kill?" He questioned curiously. Wondering who would cross someone like Aannu to begin with.
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