G2A Many GEOs


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  2. [09:52:56] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : J111629
  3. [09:53:43] DukeNoper > ill bring the fleet back and Reo your shit
  4. [09:53:57] DukeNoper > well now
  5. [09:54:19] Faya Naari > this is why we can't ave nice things...
  6. [09:54:32] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : J104714
  7. [09:58:06] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : J111629
  8. [09:59:07] DukeNoper > Seeded! see you all soon!
  9. [09:59:52] DukeNoper > ok ok for real we wernt going to attack at all.
  10. [10:00:20] DukeNoper > ill be scanning out now. but guys you cant say youll let us roll then kill the roller lol
  11. [10:00:46] Tristad Utrigas > Trust me there's going to be discussion about this.
  12. [10:00:50] Tristad Utrigas > I'll send you the isk for the roller
  13. [10:02:33] DukeNoper > it really is ok. just wanted to scare you a little. truly have nothing to fear. i was laughing as i made it back in time to jump i just wanted to see if youd do it is all.
  14. [10:03:07] Tristad Utrigas > I want ppl to be able to trust my words
  15. [10:03:44] Tristad Utrigas > I told you you can roll it and you should have been safe to roll it. I sent isk for the roller and will handle so this doesnt happen again.
  16. [10:05:18] DukeNoper > yeah shit happens. were all blood thirsty out here it's why we play in WHs
  17. [10:15:47] DukeNoper > o7 have a good one!! For real though no worries!!
  18. [10:16:16] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : J152931
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